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samba-libs-4.20.1+git.339.cf6e153bb2-1.1 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for aarch64

Name: samba-libs Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 4.20.1+git.339.cf6e153bb2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Mon Jun 3 09:09:54 2024
Group: Development/Libraries/C and C++ Build host: reproducible
Size: 1283655 Source RPM: samba-4.20.1+git.339.cf6e153bb2-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Samba libraries
The samba-libs package contains the libraries needed by programs that
link against the SMB, RPC and other protocols provided by the Samba suite.






* Mon Jun 03 2024 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Fix non deterministic builds; (bsc#1225754); (bso#13213);
* Thu May 16 2024 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Update to 4.20.1
    * dns update debug message is too noisy; (bso#15630);
    * Do not fail PAC validation for RFC8009 checksums types; (bso#15635);
    * Improve performance of lookup_groupmem() in idmap_ad; (bso#15605);
    * Smbcacls incorrectly propagates inheritance with Inherit-Only flag; (bso#15636);
    * http library doesn't support 'chunked transfer encoding'; (bso#15611);
    * Provide a systemd service file for the background queue daemon; (bso#15600);
  - Update to 4.20.0
    New features:
    * samba-tool user getpassword / syncpasswords ;rounds= change
    * Group Managed service account client-side features
    * New Windows Search Protocol Client
    * Allow 'smbcacls' to save/restore DACLs to file
    * Samba-tool extensions for AD Claims, Authentication Policies and Silos
    * AD DC support for Authentication Silos and Authentication Policies
    * Conditional ACEs and Resource Attribute ACEs
    * Service Witness Protocol [MS-SWN]
    Removed features:
    * Get locally logged on users from utmp
    Fixed bugs:
    * Avoid null-dereference with bad claims; (bso#15606);
    * ndr_pull_security_ace can leave resource attribute ACE coda
      claim struct undefined; (bso#15613);
    * fd_handle_destructor() panics within an smbd_smb2_close() if
      vfs_stat_fsp() fails in fd_close(); (bso#15527);
    * set_nt_acl sometimes fails with NT_STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER -
      openat() EACCES; (bso#15583);
    * libgpo: Segfault in python bindings; (bso#15599);
    * Samba AD is missing some authentication policy tests;
    * samba-gpupdate: Correctly implement site support; (bso#15588);
    * Remove unsupported "Final" keyword missing from Python 3.6;
    * Additional witness backports for 4.20.0; (bso#15577);
    * Error output with wspsearch; (bso#15579);
    * Packet marshalling push support missing for
    * Performance regression for NDR parsing of security
      descriptors; (bso#15574);
    * Build and install man page for wspsearch client utility;
* Tue Feb 20 2024 Noel Power <>
  - Update to 4.19.5
    * Windows 2016 fails to restore previous version of a file from
      a shadow_copy2 snapshot; (bso#13688).
    * Symlinks on AIX are broken in 4.19 (and a few version before
      that); (bso#15549).
    * Fake directory create times has no effect; (bso#12421).
    * ctime mixed up with mtime by smbd; (bso#15550).
    * samba-gpupdate --rsop fails if machine is not in a site;
    * gpupdate: The root cert import when NDES is not available is
      broken; (bso#15557).
    * samba-gpupdate should print a useful message if cepces-submit
      can't be found; (bso#15552).
    * samba-gpupdate logging doesn't work; (bso#15558).
    * smbpasswd reset permissions only if not 0600; (bso#15555).
* Wed Jan 10 2024 Noel Power <>
  - Remove -x from bash shebang update-apparmor-samba-profile;
* Tue Jan 09 2024 Noel Power <>
  - Update to 4.19.4
    * net changesecretpw cannot set the machine account password if
      secrets.tdb is empty; (bso#13577).
    * For generating doc, take, if defined, env XML_CATALOG_FILES;
    * Trivial C typo in nsswitch/winbind_nss_netbsd.c; (bso#15541).
    * vfs_linux_xfs is incorrectly named; (bso#15542).
    * systemd stumbled over copyright-message at smbd startup;
    * Following intermediate abolute share-local symlinks is
      broken; (bso#15505).
    * ctdb RELEASE_IP causes a crash in release_ip if a connection
      to a non-public address disconnects first; (bso#15523).
    * shadow_copy2 broken when current fileset's directories are
      removed; (bso#15544).
    * smbd does not detect ctdb public ipv6 addresses for
      multichannel exclusion; (bso#15534).
    * 'force user = localunixuser' doesn't work if 'allow trusted
      domains = no' is set; (bso#15469).
    * smbget debug logging doesn't work; (bso#15525).
    * smget: username in the smburl and interactive password entry
      doesn't work; (bso#15532).
    * smbget auth function doesn't set values for password prompt
      correctly; (bso#15538).
    * Unable to copy and write files from clients to Ceph cluster
      via SMB Linux gateway with Ceph VFS module; (bso#15440).
    * Multichannel refresh network information; (bso#15547).
* Mon Nov 27 2023 Noel Power <>
  - Update to 4.19.3
    * sid_strings test broken by unix epoch > 1700000000;
    * smbd crashes if asked to return full information on close of
      a stream handle with delete on close disposition set;
    * smbd: fix close order of base_fsp and stream_fsp in
      smb_fname_fsp_destructor(); (bso#15521).
    * Improve logging for failover scenarios; (bso#15499).
    * Files without "read attributes" NFS4 ACL permission are not
      listed in directories; (bso#15093).
    * CVE-2018-14628 [SECURITY] Deleted Object tombstones visible
      in AD LDAP to normal users; (bso#13595).
    * Kerberos TGS-REQ with User2User does not work for normal
      accounts; (bso#15492).
    * vfs_gpfs stat calls fail due to file system permissions;
    * Samba doesn't build with Python 3.12; (bso#15513).
* Mon Oct 23 2023 David Mulder <>
  - packaging: samba-tool domain provision requires python3-Markdown;
* Mon Oct 16 2023 Noel Power <>
  - Update to 4.19.2
    * Use-after-free in aio_del_req_from_fsp during smbd shutdown
      after failed IPC FSCTL_PIPE_TRANSCEIVE; (bso#15423).
    * clidfs.c do_connect() missing a "return" after a
      cli_shutdown() call; (bso#15426).
    * macOS mdfind returns only 50 results; (bso#15463).
    * GETREALFILENAME_CACHE can modify incoming new filename with
      previous cache entry value; (bso#15481).
    * libnss_winbind causes memory corruption since samba-4.18,
      impacts sendmail, zabbix, potentially more; (bso#15464).
    * ctdbd: setproctitle not initialized messages flooding logs;
    * CVE-2023-5568 Heap buffer overflow with freshness tokens in
      the Heimdal KDC in Samba 4.19; (bso#15491).
    * The heimdal KDC doesn't detect s4u2self correctly when fast
      is in use; (bso#15477).
* Thu Oct 12 2023 Noel Power <>
  - packaging: Remove /etc/slp.reg.d from samba spec file;
* Thu Oct 12 2023 Noel Power <>
  - use systemd-logind rather than utmp for y2038 safety;
* Tue Oct 10 2023 Noel Power <>
  - CVE-2023-4091: samba: Client can truncate file with read-only
    permissions; (bsc#1215904); (bso#15439).
  - CVE-2023-42669: samba: rpcecho, enabled and running in AD DC,
    allows blocking sleep on request; (bso#1215905); (bso#15474).
  - CVE-2023-42670: samba:  The procedure number is out of range
    when starting Active Directory Users and Computers;
    (bsc#1215906); (bso#15473).
  - CVE-2023-3961: samba: Unsanitized client pipe name passed to
    local_np_connect(); (bsc#1215907); (bso#15422).
  - CVE-2023-4154: samba: dirsync allows SYSTEM access with only
    (bsc#1215908); (bso#15424).
* Tue Sep 26 2023 Noel Power <>
  - Update to 4.19.0
    * File doesn't show when user doesn't have permission if
      aio_pthread is loaded; (bso#15453).
    * ctdb_killtcp fails to work with --enable-pcap and libpcap ≥
      1.9.1; (bso#15451).
    * Logging to stdout/stderr with DEBUG_SYSLOG_FORMAT_ALWAYS can
      log to syslog; (bso#15460).
    * ‘samba-tool domain level raise’ fails unless given a URL;
    * reply_sesssetup_and_X() can dereference uninitialized tmp
      pointer; (bso#15420).
    * missing return in reply_exit_done(); (bso#15430).
    * TREE_CONNECT without SETUP causes smbd to use uninitialized
      pointer; (bso#15432).
    * Avoid infinite loop in initial user sync with Azure AD
      Connect when synchronising a large Samba AD domain;
    * Samba replication logs show (null) DN; (bso#15407).
    * 2-3min delays at reconnect with
      smb2_validate_sequence_number: bad message_id 2; (bso#15346).
    * CID 1539212 causes real issue when output contains only
      newlines; (bso#15438).
    * KDC encodes INT64 claims incorrectly; (bso#15452).
    * mdssvc: Do an early talloc_free() in _mdssvc_open();
    * Windows client join fails if a second container CN=System
      exists somewhere; (bso#9959).
    * regression DFS not working with widelinks = true;
    * Heimdal fails to build on 32-bit FreeBSD; (bso#15443).
    * samba-tool ntacl get segfault if aio_pthread appended;
* Mon Aug 21 2023 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Update to 4.18.6
    * reply_sesssetup_and_X() can dereference uninitialized tmp pointer;
    * Missing return in reply_exit_done(); (bso#15430);
    * post-exec password redaction for samba-tool is more reliable for fully
      random passwords as it no longer uses regular expressions containing the
      password value itself; (bso#15289);
    * Windows client join fails if a second container CN=System exists somewhere;
    * Spotlight sometimes returns no results on latest macOS; (bso#15342);
    * Renaming results in NT_STATUS_SHARING_VIOLATION if previously attempted to
      remove the destination; (bso#15417);
    * Spotlight results return wrong date in result list; (bso#15427);
    * "net offlinejoin provision" does not work as non-root user; (bso#15414);
    * rpcserver no longer accepts double backslash in dfs pathname; (bso#15400);
    * cm_prepare_connection() calls close(fd) for the second time; (bso#15433);
    * 2-3min delays at reconnect with smb2_validate_sequence_number: bad
      message_id 2; (bso#15346);
    * samba-tool ntacl get segfault if aio_pthread appended; (bso#15441);
    * DCERPC_PKT_CO_CANCEL and DCERPC_PKT_ORPHANED can't be parsed; (bso#15446);
    * Python tarfile extraction needs change to avoid a warning (CVE-2007-4559
      mitigation); (bso#15390);
    * Regression DFS not working with widelinks = true; (bso#15435);
    * mdssvc: Do an early talloc_free() in _mdssvc_open(); (bso#15449);
* Tue Aug 08 2023 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Move from samba-libs to samba-client-libs;
* Wed Jul 19 2023 Noel Power <>
  - Update to 4.18.5
    * CVE-2022-2127: lm_resp_len not checked properly in
      winbindd_pam_auth_crap_send; (bso#15072); (bsc#1213174).
    * CVE-2023-34966: Samba Spotlight mdssvc RPC Request Infinite
      Loop Denial-of-Service Vulnerability; (bso#15340); (bsc#1213173).
    * CVE-2023-34967: Samba Spotlight mdssvc RPC Request Type
      Confusion Denial-of-Service Vulnerability; (bso#15341); (bsc#1213172).
    * CVE-2023-34968: Spotlight server-side Share Path Disclosure;
      (bso#15388); (bsc#1213171).
    * CVE-2023-3347: Samba doesn't require SMB2+ signing if
      `server signing = mandatory` is set; (bso#15397); (bsc#1213170).
    * secure channel faulty since Windows 10/11 update 07/2023;
      (bso#15418); (bsc#1213384).
* Thu Jul 06 2023 Noel Power <>
  - Update to 4.18.4
    * Backport --pidl-developer fixes; (bso#15404).
    * Named crashes on DLZ zone update; (bso#14030).
    * smbcacls and smbcquotas do not check // before the server;
    * cli_list loops 100% CPU against pre-lanman2 servers;
    * smbclient leaks fds with showacls; (bso#15391).
    * smbd returns NOT_FOUND when creating files on a r/o
      filesystem; (bso#15402).
      and causes test timeouts; (bso#15355).
    * net ads lookup (with unspecified realm) fails; (bso#15384).
    * Register Samba processes with GPFS; (bso#15381).
    * Python tarfile extraction needs change to avoid a warning
      (CVE-2007-4559 mitigation); (bso#15390).
    * The winbind child segfaults when listing users with `winbind
      scan trusted domains = yes`; (bso#15398).
    * Remove comments about deprecated 'write cache size';
    * smbget memory leak if failed to download files recursively;
* Thu Jun 01 2023 Noel Power <>
  - Update to 4.18.3
    * Symlinks to files can have random DOS mode information in a
      directory listing; (bso#15375).
    * vfs_fruit might cause a failing open for delete; (bso#15378).
    * winbind recurses into itself via rpcd_lsad; (bso#15361).
    * wbinfo -u fails on ad dc with >1000 users; (bso#15366).
    * DS ACEs might be inherited to unrelated object classes;
    * a lot of messages: get_static_share_mode_data:
      get_static_share_mode_data_fn failed: NT_STATUS_NOT_FOUND;
    * aes256 smb3 encryption algorithms are not allowed in
      smb3_sid_parse(); (bso#15374).
    * Setting veto files = /.*/ break listing directories;
    * "samba-tool domain provision" does not run interactive mode
      if no arguments are given; (bso#15363).
    * dsgetdcname: assumes local system uses IPv4; (bso#15325).
  - Update to 4.18.2
    * Log flood: smbd_calculate_access_mask_fsp: Access denied:
      message level should be lower; (bso#15302).
    * Floating point exception (FPE) via cli_pull_send at
      source3/libsmb/clireadwrite.c; (bso#15306).
    * test_tstream_more_tcp_user_timeout_spin fails intermittently
      on Rackspace GitLab runners; (bso#15328).
    * Reduce flapping of ridalloc test; (bso#15329).
    * large_ldap test is unreliable; (bso#15351).
    * New filename parser doesn't check veto files smb.conf
      parameter; (bso#15143).
    * mdssvc may crash when initializing; (bso#15354).
    * large directory optimization broken for non-lcomp path
      elements; (bso#15313).
    * streams_depot fails to create streams; (bso#15357).
    * shadow_copy2 and streams_depot don't play well together;
    * Flapping tests in; (bso#15316).
    * winbindd idmap child contacts the domain controller without a
      need; (bso#15317).
    * idmap_autorid may fail to map sids of trusted domains for the
      first time; (bso#15318).
    * idmap_hash doesn't use ID_TYPE_BOTH for reverse mappings;
    * net ads search -P doesn't work against servers in other
      domains; (bso#15323).
    * Temporary smbXsrv_tcon_global.tdb can't be parsed;
    * Tests use depricated and removed methods like
      assertRegexpMatches; (bso#15343).
* Wed Mar 29 2023 Noel Power <>
  - Update to 4.18.1
    * CVE-2023-0225: AD DC "dnsHostname" attribute can be
      deleted by unprivileged authenticated users.
    * CVE-2023-0614: Access controlled AD LDAP attributes can be
      discovered  (bso#15270); (bsc#1209485).
    * CVE-2023-0922: Samba AD DC admin tool samba-tool sends
      passwords in cleartext(bso#15315);(bsc#1209481).
    * ldb wildcard matching makes excessive allocations;
    * large_ldap test is inefficient; (bso#15332).
* Fri Mar 17 2023 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Update to 4.18.0
    * SMB server performance improvements
    * More succinct samba-tool error messages
    * Color output with samba-tool --color
      The NO_COLOR environment variable will disable colour output
    * New samba-tool dsacl subcommand for deleting ACEs
    * New wbinfo option --change-secret-at
    * Net option to change the NT ACL default location
    * Azure AD / Office365 synchronization improvements
* Tue Feb 14 2023 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Update to 4.17.5
    * smbc_getxattr() return value is incorrect; (bso#14808);
    * Compound SMB2 FLUSH+CLOSE requests from MacOSX are not handled
      correctly; (bso#15172);
    * synthetic_pathref AFP_AfpInfo failed errors; (bso#15210);
    * samba-tool gpo listall fails IPv6 only - finddcs() fails to find DC
      when there is only an AAAA record for the DC in DNS; (bso#15226);
    * smbd crashes if an FSCTL request is done on a stream handle; (bso#15236);
    * DFS links don't work anymore on Mac clients since 4.17; (bso#15277);
    * vfs_virusfilter segfault on access, directory edgecase
      (accessing NULL value); (bso#15283);
    * CVE-2022-38023 [SECURITY] Samba should refuse RC4 (aka md5) based
      SChannel on NETLOGON (additional changes); (bso#15240);
    * %U for include directive doesn't work for share listing
      (netshareenum); (bso#15243);
    * Shares missing from netshareenum response in samba 4.17.4;
    * ctdb: use-after-free in run_proc; (bso#15269);
    * irpc_destructor may crash during shutdown; (bso#15280);
    * auth3_generate_session_info_pac leaks wbcAuthUserInfo; (bso#15286);
    * smbclient segfaults with use after free on an optimized build;
    * smbstatus leaking files in msg.sock and msg.lock; (bso#15282);
    * Leak in wbcCtxPingDc2; (bso#15164);
    * Access based share enum does not work in Samba 4.16+; (bso#15265);
    * Crash during share enumeration; (bso#15267);
    * rep_listxattr on FreeBSD does not properly check for reads off
      end of returned buffer; (bso#15271);
    * Avoid relying on C89 features in a few places; (bso#15281);
  - named crashes on DLZ zone update; (bso#14030); (bsc#1206996);
  - Drop libnsl build requirement; (bsc#1208220);
* Mon Jan 23 2023 Noel Power <>
  - libdsdb-module-samba4 should be packaged as part of samba-libs and
    not samba-ad-dc-libs. Additionally no need for it to be
    removed conditionally.
* Thu Jan 12 2023 Noel Power <>
  - Clean up logic for PAM migration settings in spec file.
* Wed Jan 04 2023 Stefan Schubert <>
  - Migration of PAM settings to /usr/lib/pam.d.
* Wed Dec 21 2022 Noel Power <>
  - Change with_dc default to 0 (for non TW builds).
* Thu Dec 15 2022 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Update to 4.17.4
    * CVE-2022-44640 Upstream Heimdal free of user-controlled
      pointer in FAST; (bsc#14929);
    * CVE-2021-20251 Bad password count not incremented atomically;
    * CVE-2022-42898 krb5_pac_parse() buffer parsing vulnerability;
    * CVE-2022-37966 rc4-hmac Kerberos session keys issued to
      modern servers; (bso#15237);
    * CVE-2022-37967 Kerberos constrained delegation ticket forgery
      possible against Samba AD DC; (bso#15231);
    * CVE-2022-38023 RC4/HMAC-MD5 NetLogon Secure Channel is weak
      and should be avoided; (bso#15240);
    * pam_winbind uses time_t and pointers assuming they are of the
      same size; (bso#15224);
    * Heimdal session key selection in AS-REQ examines wrong entry;
    * filter-subunit is inefficient with large numbers of
      knownfails; (bso#15258);
    * smbd allows setting FILE_ATTRIBUTE_TEMPORARY on directories;
    * The KDC logic arround msDs-supportedEncryptionTypes differs
      from Windows; (bso#13135);
    * libnet: change_password() doesn't work with
      dcerpc_samr_ChangePasswordUser4(); (bso#15206);
    * Heimdal session key selection in AS-REQ examines wrong entry;
    * Memory leak in snprintf replacement functions; (bso#15230);
    * RODC doesn't reset badPwdCount reliable via an RWDC
      (CVE-2021-20251 regression); (bso#15253);
    * Prevent EBADF errors with vfs_glusterfs; (bso#15198);
    * %U for include directive doesn't work for share listing
      (netshareenum); (bso#15243);
    * Stack smashing in net offlinejoin requestodj; (bso#15257);
    * Windows 11 22H2 and Samba-AD 4.15 Kerberos login issue;
    * Heimdal session key selection in AS-REQ examines wrong entry;
  - Remove deprecated if-{down,up} scripts; (bsc#1206444);
  - Adjust the systemd drop-in file for named service; (bsc#1201689);
    * Paths are additive so do not repeat paths from named.service
    * Prefix the samba DLZ directory with "-" to ignore this path
      if it does not exists
* Mon Dec 12 2022 Stefan Schubert <>
  - Migration PAM settings to /usr/etc: Saving user changed
    configuration files in /etc and restoring them while an RPM
* Thu Dec 01 2022 David Mulder <>
  - Introduce without-smb1-server spec flag; (bsc#1205104);
* Tue Nov 15 2022 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Update to 4.17.3
    * CVE-2022-42898: Samba buffer overflow vulnerabilities on 32-bit
      systems; (bsc#1205126); (bso#15203);
* Tue Nov 08 2022 Ben Greiner <>
  - Replace obsolete python-gpgme with python-gpg
    * Upstream replaced it in v4.9.5 -- bso#13728
* Tue Oct 25 2022 Noel Power <>
  - Update to 4.17.2
    * CVE-2022-3592 [SECURITY] samba: Wide links protection broken;
      (bso#15207); (bsc#1204499).
    * CVE-2022-3437 [SECURITY] samba: Buffer overflow in Heimdal
      unwrap_des3();(bso#15134); (bsc#1204254).
* Wed Oct 19 2022 Noel Power <>
  - Update to 4.17.1
    * CVE-2021-20251 [SECURITY] Bad password count not incremented
      atomically; (bso#14611).
    * smbXsrv_connection_shutdown_send result leaked; (bso#15174).
    * Flush on a named stream never completes; (bso#15182).
    * Permission denied calling SMBC_getatr when file not exists;
    * Samba 4.5 sometimes cannot be upgraded to Samba 4.6 or later
      over DRS: WERROR_DS_DRA_MISSING_PARENT due to faulty GET_ANC;
    * pytest: add file removal helpers for TestCaseInTempDir;
    * CVE-2021-20251 [SECURITY] Bad password count not incremented
      atomically; (bso#14611).
    * Samba 4.5 sometimes cannot be upgraded to Samba 4.6 or later
      over DRS: WERROR_DS_DRA_MISSING_PARENT due to faulty GET_ANC;
    * Flush on a named stream never completes; (bso#15182).
    * vfs_gpfs silently garbles timestamps > year 2106;
    * CVE-2021-20251 [SECURITY] Bad password count not incremented
      atomically; (bso#14611).
    * multi-channel socket passing may hit a race if one of the
      involved processes already existed; (bso#15200).
    * memory leak on temporary of struct imessaging_post_state and
      struct tevent_immediate on struct imessaging_context (in
      rpcd_spoolss and maybe others); (bso#15201).
    * Since popt1.19 various use after free errors using result of
      poptGetArg are now exposed; (bso#15205); (boo#1204279).
    * Remove special case for O_CREAT in SMB_VFS_OPENAT from
      vfs_glusterfs; (bso#15192).
    * GETPWSID in memory cache grows indefinetly with each NTLM
      auth; (bso#15169).
    * CVE-2021-20251 [SECURITY] Bad password count not incremented
      atomically; (bso#14611).
  - Install a systemd drop-in file for named service to allow
    read/write access to the DLZ directory; (bsc#1201689);
* Fri Oct 14 2022 Noel Power <>
  - Fix use after free errors resulting from using return of
    poptGetArg exposed since popt-1.19; (boo#1204279); (bso#15205).
* Mon Sep 26 2022 Noel Power <>
  - s3: smbd: Fix memory leak in
    smbd_server_connection_terminate_done(); (bso#15174).
* Mon Sep 26 2022 Noel Power <>
  - Disable SMB1 for tumbleweed builds.
* Fri Sep 23 2022 Noel Power <>
  - Update to 4.17.0
    * acl_xattr VFS module may unintentionally use filesystem
      permissions instead of ACL from xattr; (bso#15126).
    * Missing SMB2-GETINFO access checks from MS-SMB2;
    * assert failed: !is_named_stream(smb_fname)") at
      ../../lib/util/fault.c:197; (bso#15161).
    * acl_xattr VFS module may unintentionally use filesystem
      permissions instead of ACL from xattr; (bso#15126).
    * assert failed: !is_named_stream(smb_fname)") at
      ../../lib/util/fault.c:197; (bso#15161).
    * Cross-node multi-channel reconnects result in SMB2 Negotiate
      returning NT_STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED; (bso#15159).
    * winbind at info level debug can coredump when processing
      wb_lookupusergroups; (bso#15160).
    * Make use of glfs_*at() API calls in vfs_glusterfs;
    * Possible use after free of connection_struct when iterating
      smbd_server_connection->connections; (bso#15128).
    * `net usershare add` fails with flag works with --long but
      fails with -l; (bso#15145).
    * acl_xattr VFS module may unintentionally use filesystem
      permissions instead of ACL from xattr; (bso#15126).
    * Performance regression on contended path based operations;
    * Missing READ_LEASE break could cause data corruption;
    * libsamba-errors uses a wrong version number; (bso#15141).
    * SMB1 negotiation can fail to handle connection errors;
    * New filename parser doesn't check veto files smb.conf
      parameter; (bso#15143).
    * 4.17.rc1 still uses symlink-race prone unix_convert();
    * Backport fileserver related changed to 4.17.0rc2;
    * Manpage for smbstatus json is missing; (bso#15147).
    * Backport fileserver related changed to 4.17.0rc2;
    * Performance regression on contended path based operations;
    * Backport fileserver related changed to 4.17.0rc2;
    * Fix issues found by coverity in smbstatus json code;
    * Backport fileserver related changed to 4.17.0rc2;
* Thu Sep 01 2022 Stefan Schubert <>
  - Migration to /usr/etc: Saving user changed configuration files
    in /etc and restoring them while an RPM update.
* Thu Jul 28 2022 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Update to 4.16.4
    * CVE-2022-2031: Samba AD users can bypass certain restrictions
      associated with changing passwords; (bsc#1201495); (bso#15047);
    * CVE-2022-32744: Samba AD users can forge password change
      requests for any user; (bsc#1201493); (bso#15074);
    * CVE-2022-32745: Samba AD users can crash the server process
      with an LDAP add or modify request; (bsc#1201492); (bso#15008);
    * CVE-2022-32746: Samba AD users can induce a use-after-free in
      the server process with an LDAP add or modify request;
      (bsc#1201490); (bso#15009);
    * CVE-2022-32742: Server memory information leak via SMB1;
      (bsc#1201496); (bso#15085);
* Tue Jul 19 2022 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Update to 4.16.3
    * Using vfs_streams_xattr and deleting a file causes a panic;
    * Add support for bind 9.18; (bso#14986);
    * logging dsdb audit to specific files does not work;
    * Problem when winbind renews Kerberos; (bso#14979);
    * Samba with new lorikeet-heimdal fails to build on gcc 12.1 in
      developer mode; (bso#15095);
    * Crash in streams_xattr because fsp->base_fsp->fsp_name is
      NULL; (bso#15105);
    * Crash in rpcd_classic - NULL pointer deference in
      mangle_is_mangled(); (bso#15118);
    * smbclient commands del & deltree fail with
      NT_STATUS_OBJECT_PATH_NOT_FOUND with DFS; (bso#15100);
    * Fix check for chown when processing NFSv4 ACL; (bso#15120);
    * The pcap background queue process should not be stopped;
    * testparm: Fix typo in idmap rangesize check; (bso#15097);
    * net ads info returns LDAP server and LDAP server name as
      null; (bso#15106);
    * ldconfig: /lib64/ is not a symbolic link;
    * CTDB child process logging does not work as expected;
* Tue Jul 12 2022 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Update spec file to fix the optional Heimdal DC build
  - Fix external trusts with MIT Kerberos 1.20
  - Add missing samba-client requirement to samba-winbind package;
  - Move pdb backends from package samba-libs to package
    samba-client-libs and remove samba-libs requirement from
    samba-winbind; (bsc#1200964); (bsc#1198255);
  - Add sysuser-shadow requirement for packages using
  - Use the canonical realm name to refresh the Kerberos tickets;
    (bsc#1196224); (bso#14979);
* Tue Jun 21 2022 Stefan Schubert <>
  - Moved logrotate files from user specific directory /etc/logrotate.d
    to vendor specific directory /usr/etc/logrotate.d.
* Mon Jun 13 2022 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Update to 4.16.2
    * Use pathref fd instead of io fd in vfs_default_durable_cookie;
    * vfs_gpfs with vfs_shadowcopy2 fail to restore file if original
      file had been deleted; (bso#15069);
    * Reintroduce netgroups support; (bso#15087);
    * net ads info shows LDAP Server: depending on contacted
      server; (bso#14674);
    * Update from 4.15  to 4.16 breaks discovery of [homes] on
      standalone server from Win and IOS; (bso#15062);
    * waf produces incorrect names for python extensions with Python
      3.11; (bso#15071);
    * smbclient -E doesn't work as advertised; (bso#15075);
    * The samba background daemon doesn't refresh the printcap cache
      on startup; (bso#15081);
    * Out-by-4 error in smbd read reply max_send clamp; (bso#14443);
  - Fix samba4.blackbox.net_ads_dns_async test with bind9 >= 9.17.7
  - Support building with MIT Kerberos 1.20
  - Bronze bit and S4U support with MIT Kerberos 1.20 for Samba AD DC;
  - Resource Based Constrained Delegation (RBCD) for Samba AD DC
  - Support building with gcc 12.1
* Wed May 11 2022 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Use requires_eq macro to require the libldb2 version available at
    samba-dsdb-modules build time; (bsc#1199362);
* Tue May 03 2022 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Update to 4.16.1
    * Share and server swapped in smbget password prompt; (bso#14831);
    * Durable handles won't reconnect if the leased file is written to;
    * rmdir silently fails if directory contains unreadable files and
      hide unreadable is yes; (bso#15023);
    * SMB2_CLOSE_FLAGS_FULL_INFORMATION fails to return information
      on renamed file handle; (bso#15038);
    * Need to describe --builtin-libraries= better (compare with
    - -bundled-libraries); (bso#8731);
    * vfs_shadow_copy2 breaks "smbd async dosmode" sync fallback;
    * shadow_copy2 fails listing snapshotted dirs with shadow:fixinodes;
    * PAM Kerberos authentication incorrectly fails with a clock skew
      error; (bso#15046);
    * Username map - samba erroneously applies unix group memberships
      to user account entries; (bso#15041);
    * KVNO off by 100000; (bso#14951);
    * Uninitialized litemask in variable in vfs_gpfs module; (bso#15027);
    * vfs_gpfs recalls=no option prevents listing files; (bso#15055);
    * smbd doesn't handle UPNs for looking up names; (bso#15054);
* Wed Apr 20 2022 Noel Power <>
  - Update update-apparmor-samba-profile script, replace
    non-printable delimiter with more human readable separator as
    sed can accept separators that can appear in the input data.
* Wed Apr 13 2022 Noel Power <>
  - Fix update-apparmor-samba-profile script, sed doesn't like
    multibyte separators; (bsc#1198309).
* Thu Mar 24 2022 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Update to 4.16.0
    * New samba-dcerpcd binary to provide DCERPC in the member server
    * Certificate Auto Enrollment
    * Ability to add ports to dns forwarder addresses in internal DNS
    * No longer using Linux mandatory locks for sharemodes
    * SMB1 protocol has been deprecated, particularly older dialects
    * SMB1 protocol SMBCopy command removed
    * SMB1 server-side wildcard expansion removed
  - Add python3-dnspython to samba-ad-dc recommens; (bsc#1187101);
  - Use systemd-sysusers to create system users; (bsc#1182847);
* Tue Mar 15 2022 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Update to 4.15.6
    * Renaming file on DFS root fails with
    * Samba does not response STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER when opening 2
      objects with same lease key; (bso#14737);
    * NT error code is not set when overwriting a file during rename
      in libsmbclient; (bso#14938);
    * Fix ldap simple bind with TLS auditing; (bso#14996);
    * net ads info shows LDAP Server: depending on contacted
      server; (bso#14674);
    * Problem when winbind renews Kerberos; (bso#14979);
    * pam_winbind will not allow gdm login if password about to
      expire; (bso#8691);
    * virusfilter_vfs_openat: Not scanned: Directory or special file;
    * DFS fix for AIX broken; (bso#13631);
    * Solaris and AIX acl modules: wrong function arguments;
    * Function aixacl_sys_acl_get_file not declared / coredump;
    * Regression: Samba 4.15.2 on macOS segfaults intermittently
      during strcpy in tdbsam_getsampwnam; (bso#14900);
    * Fix a use-after-free in SMB1 server; (bso#14989);
    * smb2_signing_decrypt_pdu() may not decrypt with
      gnutls_aead_cipher_decrypt() from gnutls before 3.5.2;
    * Changing the machine password against an RODC likely destroys
      the domain join; (bso#14984);
    * authsam_make_user_info_dc() steals memory from its struct
      ldb_message *msg argument; (bso#14993);
    * Use Heimdal 8.0 (pre) rather than an earlier snapshot;
    * Samba autorid fails to map AD users if id rangesize fits in the
      id range only once; (bso#14967);
* Mon Mar 07 2022 David Mulder <>
  - Fix mismatched version of libldb2; (bsc#1196788).
  - Drop obsolete SuSEfirewall2 service files.
* Fri Mar 04 2022 David Disseldorp <>
  - Drop obsolete Samba fsrvp v0->v1 state upgrade functionality;
* Wed Feb 23 2022 Noel Power <>
  - Fix ntlm authentications with "winbind use default domain = yes";
    (bso#13126); (bsc#1173429); (bsc#1196308).
* Mon Feb 14 2022 David Mulder <>
  - Fix samba-ad-dc status warning notification message by disabling
    systemd notifications in bgqd; (bsc#1195896); (bso#14947).
* Mon Feb 07 2022 David Mulder <>
  - libldb version mismatch in Samba dsdb component; (bsc#1118508);
* Mon Jan 31 2022 Noel Power <>
  - Update to 4.15.5
    * CVE-2021-44141: UNIX extensions in SMB1 disclose whether the
      outside target of a symlink exists; (bso#14911);
    * CVE-2021-44142: Out-of-Bound Read/Write on Samba vfs_fruit
      module; (bso#14914); (bsc#1194859).
    * CVE-2022-0336:  Re-adding an SPN skips subsequent SPN
      conflict checks; bso#14950); (bsc#1195048).
* Wed Jan 26 2022 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - CVE-2021-44141: Information leak via symlinks of existance of
    files or directories outside of the exported share; (bso#14911);
  - CVE-2021-44142: Out-of-bounds heap read/write vulnerability
    in VFS module vfs_fruit allows code execution; (bso#14914);
  - CVE-2022-0336: Samba AD users with permission to write to an
    account can impersonate arbitrary services; (bso#14950);
* Fri Jan 21 2022 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Update to 4.15.4
    * Duplicate SMB file_ids leading to Windows client cache
      poisoning; (bso#14928);
    * Failed to parse NTLMv2_RESPONSE length 95 - Buffer Size Error -
      NT_STATUS_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL; (bso#14932);
    * kill_tcp_connections does not work; (bso#14934);
    * Can't connect to Windows shares not requiring authentication
      using KDE/Gnome; (bso#14935);
    * smbclient -L doesn't set "client max protocol" to NT1 before
      calling the "Reconnecting with SMB1 for workgroup listing"
      path; (bso#14939);
    * Cross device copy of the crossrename module always fails;
    * symlinkat function from VFS cap module always fails with an
      error; (bso#14941);
    * Fix possible fsp pointer deference; (bso#14942);
    * Missing pop_sec_ctx() in error path inside close_directory();
    * "smbd --build-options" no longer works without an smb.conf file;
* Tue Jan 18 2022 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Use pkgconfig(krb5) as dependency for the -devel package: allow
    OBS to pick the right flavor of krb5-devel (full vs mini).
  - Do not require the 'krb5' symbol by samba-client-libs: this
    package has an automatic dependency due to linkage on Automatic deps are always better.
  - Do not require the 'krb5' symbol from samba-libs: samba-libs
    requires samba-client-libs, which in turn requires krb5
    libraries. Samba-libs itself has no need for krb5 (but get it
    indirectly anyway).
* Thu Jan 13 2022 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Reorganize libs packages. Split samba-libs into samba-client-libs,
    samba-libs, samba-winbind-libs and samba-ad-dc-libs, merging samba
    public libraries depending on internal samba libraries into these
    packages as there were dependency problems everytime one of these
    public libraries changed its version (bsc#1192684). The devel
    packages are merged into samba-devel.
  - Rename package samba-core-devel to samba-devel
  - Add python-rpm-macros to build requirements
  - Update the symlink create by samba-dsdb-modules to private samba
    ldb modules following libldb2 changes from /usr/lib64/ldb/samba to
* Fri Dec 10 2021 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Update to 4.15.3
    * Recursive directory delete with veto files is broken in 4.15.0;
    * A directory containing dangling symlinks cannot be deleted by
      SMB2 alone when they are the only entry in the directory;
    * SIGSEGV in rmdir_internals/synthetic_pathref - dirfsp is used
      uninitialized in rmdir_internals(); (bso#14892);
    * MaxQueryDuration not honoured in Samba AD DC LDAP; (bso#14694);
    * The CVE-2020-25717 username map [script] advice has undesired
      side effects for the local nt token; (bso#14901); (bsc#1192849);
    * User with multiple spaces (eg Fred<space><space>Nurk) become
      un-deletable; (bso#14902);
    * Avoid storing NTTIME_THAW (-2) as value on disk; (bso#14127);
    * smbXsrv_client_global record validation leads to crash if existing
      record points at non-existing process; (bso#14882);
    * Crash in vfs_fruit asking for fsp_get_io_fd() for an XATTR call;
    * Samba process doesn't log to logfile; (bso#14897);
    * set_ea_dos_attribute() fallback calling get_file_handle_for_metadata()
      triggers locking.tdb assert; (bso#14907);
    * Kerberos authentication on standalone server in MIT realm broken;
    * Segmentation fault when joining the domain; (bso#14923);
    * Support for ROLE_IPA_DC is incomplete; (bso#14903);
    * rpcclient cannot connect to ncacn_ip_tcp services anymore;
    * winexe crashes since 4.15.0 after popt parsing; (bso#14893);
    * net ads status -P broken in a clustered environment; (bso#14908);
    * Memory leak if ioctl(FSCTL_VALIDATE_NEGOTIATE_INFO) fails before
      smbd_smb2_ioctl_send; (bso#14788);
    * winbindd doesn't start when "allow trusted domains" is off;
    * smbclient login without password using '-N' fails with
      NT_STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER on Samba AD DC; (bso#14883);
    * A schannel client incorrectly detects a downgrade connecting to
      an AES only server; (bso#14912);
    * Possible null pointer dereference in winbind; (bso#14921);
    * Fix -k legacy option for client tools like smbclient, rpcclient,
      net, etc.; (bso#14846);
    * Add Debian 11 CI bootstrap support; (bso#14872);
    * Crash in recycle_unlink_internal(); (bso#14888);
* Thu Nov 18 2021 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Fix dependency problem upgrading from libndr0 to libndr2 and
    from libsamba-credentials0 to libsamba-credentials1;
* Wed Nov 10 2021 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Fix regression introduced by CVE-2020-25717 patches, winbindd
    does not start when 'allow trusted domains' is off; (bso#14899);
  - Update to 4.15.2
    * CVE-2016-2124:  SMB1 client connections can be downgraded to
      plaintext authentication; (bso#12444); (bsc#1014440);
    * CVE-2020-25717: A user on the domain can become root on domain
      members; (bso#14556); (bsc#1192284);
    * CVE-2020-25718: Samba AD DC did not correctly sandbox Kerberos
      tickets issued by an RODC; (bso#14558); (bsc#1192246);
    * CVE-2020-25719: Samba AD DC did not always rely on the SID and
      PAC in Kerberos tickets; (bso#14561); (bsc#1192247);
    * CVE-2020-25721: Kerberos acceptors need easy access to stable
      AD identifiers (eg objectSid); (bso#14557); (bsc#1192505);
    * CVE-2020-25722: Samba AD DC did not do suffienct access and
      conformance checking of data stored; (bso#14564);
    * CVE-2021-3738: Use after free in Samba AD DC RPC server;
      (bso#14468); (bsc#1192215);
    * CVE-2021-23192: Subsequent DCE/RPC fragment injection
      vulnerability; (bso#14875); (bsc#1192214);
  - Update to 4.15.1
    * vfs_shadow_copy2: core dump in make_relative_path; (bso#14682);
    * Log clutter from filename_convert_internal; (bso#14685);
    * MacOSX compilation fixes; (bso#14862);
    * rodc_rwdc test flaps; (bso#14868);
    * Provide a fix for MS CVE-2020-17049 in Samba [SECURITY] 'Bronze
    bit' S4U2Proxy Constrained Delegation bypass in Samba with
    embedded Heimdal; (bso#14642);
    * Python ldb.msg_diff() memory handling failure; (bso#14836);
    * "in" operator on ldb.Message is case sensitive; (bso#14845);
    * Release LDB 2.4.1 for Samba 4.15.1; (bso#14848);
    * samldb_krbtgtnumber_available() looks for incorrect string;
    * Fix Samba support for UF_NO_AUTH_DATA_REQUIRED; (bso#14871);
    * Allow special chars like "@" in samAccountName when generating
    the salt; (bso#14874);
    * Correctly ignore comments in CTDB public addresses file;
    * Fix transit path validation; (bso#12998);
    * Fix that child winbindd logs to log.winbindd instead of
    log.wb-<DOMAIN>; (bso#14852);
    * SMB3 cancel requests should only include the MID together with
    AsyncID when AES-128-GMAC is used; (bso#14855);
    * Prepare to operate with MIT krb5 >= 1.20; (bso#14870);
    * Heimdal prefers RC4 over AES for machine accounts; (bso#14864);
* Wed Oct 13 2021 David Mulder <>
  - Enable samba-tool without ad dc.
* Thu Sep 30 2021 Noel Power <>
  -  Adjust spec to use pam macros; (bsc#1191046).
* Wed Sep 29 2021 Noel Power <>
  - Adjust spec for size
    * allow some Recommends instead Requires to be configured
      for cifs-utils, samba-libs-python3 & samba-gpupdate;
    * remove fam, undocumented and unneeded.
* Thu Sep 23 2021 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Add missing build dependency on bison when building with the
    embedded Heimdal Kerberos
* Mon Sep 20 2021 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Update to 4.15.0
    * Removed SMB development dialects SMB2_22, SMB2_24 and SMB3_10
    * VFS layer modernized.
    * Add the ability to set allow/deny lists for zone transfer clients
      in Bind DLZ plugin
    * Server multi-channel support no longer experimental
    * Improved command line user experience, unifying the options in
      different commands
    * Winbindd no longer scans trusted domains on startup and will use
      enterprise principals by default.
    * The net utility is now able to support the offline domain join feature
    * New options for 'samba-tool dns zoneoptions' for aging control
      and to mark old records as static or dynamic
    * DNS tombstones are now deleted as appropriate and use a consistent
      timestamp format
    * The 'samba-tool dns update' command validates and rejects now malformed
      IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
    * The 'samba-tool domain backup' command correctly takes out locks
      against concurrent modification during backup when using the LMDB
    * TruACL support has been removed
    * NIS support has been removed
* Thu Sep 16 2021 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Update to 4.14.7
    * smbd panic on force-close share during offload write; (bso#14769);
    * smbd should support copy_file_range() for FSCTL_SRV_COPYCHUNK;
    * Fix returned attributes on fake quota file handle and avoid hitting
      the VFS; (bso#14731);
    * vfs_shadow_copy2 fix inodes not correctly updating inode numbers;
    * Fix build on Solaris; (bso#14774);
    * Make dos attributes available for unreadable files; (bso#14654);
    * Work around special SMB2 READ response behavior of NetApp Ontap
      7.3.7; (bso#14607);
    * Start the SMB encryption as soon as possible; (bso#14793);
* Tue Aug 17 2021 David Mulder <>
  - Add Certificate Auto Enrollment Policy; (jsc#SLE-18457).
* Fri Jul 23 2021 David Mulder <>
  - Update to 4.14.6
    * s3: lib: Fix talloc heirarcy error in parent_smb_fname(); (bso#14722).
    * smbd: Fix pathref unlinking in create_file_unixpath(); (bso#14732).
    * s3: VFS: default: Add proc_fd's fallback for vfswrap_fchown(); (bso#14734).
    * s3: smbd: Remove erroneous TALLOC_FREE(smb_fname_parent) in
      change_file_owner_to_parent() error path; (bso#14736).
    * NT_STATUS_FILE_IS_A_DIRECTORY error messages when using
      glusterfs VFS module; (bso#14730).
    * s3/modules: fchmod: Fallback to path based chmod if pathref; (bso#14734).
    * Spotlight RPC service doesn't work with vfs_glusterfs; (bso#14740).
    * gensec_krb5: Restore ipv6 support for kpasswd; (bso#14750).
    * smbXsrv_{open,session,tcon}: protect
      smbXsrv_{open,session,tcon}_global_traverse_fn against invalid records;
    * samba-tool domain backup offline doesn't work against bind DLZ
      backend; (bso#14027).
    * netcmd: Use next_free_rid() function to calculate a SID for
      restoring a backup; (bso#14669).
* Tue Jun 01 2021 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Update to 4.14.5
    * s3: smbd: SMB1 SMBsplwr doesn't send a reply packet on success;
    * s3: smbd: Ensure POSIX default ACL is mapped into returned Windows
      ACL for directory handles; (bso#14708);
    * s3: smbd: Fix uninitialized memory read in process_symlink_open()
      when used with vfs_shadow_copy2(); (bso#14721);
    * docs: Expand the "log level" docs on audit logging; (bso#14689);
    * smbd: Correctly initialize close timestamp fields; (bso#14714);
    * Fix gcc11 compiler issues; (bso#14699);
    * docs-xml: Update smbcacls manpage; (bso#14718);
    * docs: Update list of available commands in rpcclient; (bso#14719);
    * ctdb: Fix a crash in run_proc_signal_handler(); (bso#14475);
    * s3:winbind: For 'security = ADS' require realm/workgroup to be set;
    * lib:replace: Do not build strndup test with gcc 11 or newer;
* Thu Apr 29 2021 Noel Power <>
  - Update to 4.14.4
    * CVE-2021-20254: Fix buffer overrun in sids_to_unixids();
      (bso#14571); (bsc#1184677).
  - Update to 4.14.3
    * s3:modules:vfs_virusfilter: Recent New_VFS changes break
      vfs_virusfilter_openat; (bso#14671).
    * build: Notice if flex is missing at configure time; (bso#14586).
    * Fix smbd panic when two clients open same file; (bso#14672).
    * Fix memory leak in the RPC server; (bso#14675).
    * s3: smbd: fix deferred renames; (bso#14679).
    * s3-iremotewinspool: Set the per-request memory context;
    * Fix memory leak in the RPC server; (bso#14675).
    * third_party: Update socket_wrapper to version 1.3.2;
    * third_party: Update socket_wrapper to version 1.3.3;
    * samba-gpupdate: Test that sysvol paths download in
      case-insensitive way; (bso#14665).
    * smbd: Ensure errno is preserved across fsp destructor;
    * idmap_rfc2307 and idmap_nss return wrong mapping for uid/gid
      conflict; (bso#14663).
    * build: Only add -Wl,--as-needed when supported; (bso#14288).
* Wed Mar 31 2021 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Update to 4.14.2
    * Release with dependency on ldb version 2.3.0.
  - Update to 4.14.1
    * CVE-2021-20277: Fix out of bounds read in ldb_handler_fold; (bso#14655);
    * CVE-2020-27840: Fix unauthenticated remote heap corruption via bad DNs;
  - Update to 4.14.0
    * VFS layer modernized.
    * Printers publishing in AD improved.
    * Client group policies support for sudoers configuration and
      cron jobs.
    * Improved consistency of samba-tool subcommands.
    * CTDB now uses the terms leader and follower instead of master and
      slave. Configuration options have changed accordingly.
    * The ctdb isnotrecmaster command is removed.
    * For details on all items see WHATSNEW.txt in samba-doc package.
* Mon Mar 01 2021 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Spec file fixes around systemd and requires; (bsc#1182830);
  - Align systemd service unit files with upstream provided ones.
* Tue Jan 26 2021 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Update to 4.13.4
    * Work around special SMB2 IOCTL response behavior of NetApp Ontap
      7.3.7; (bso#14607);
    * Temporary DFS share setup doesn't set case parameters in the same
      way as a regular share definition does; (bso#14612);
    * lib: Avoid declaring zero-length VLAs in various messaging functions;
    * Do not create an empty DB when accessing a sam.ldb; (bso#14579);
    * vfs_fruit may close wrong backend fd; (bso#14596);
    * Temporary DFS share setup doesn't set case parameters in the same way
      as a regular share definition does; (bso#14612);
    * vfs_virusfilter: Allocate separate memory for config char*; (bso#14606);
    * vfs_fruit may close wrong backend fd; (bso#14596);
    * Work around special SMB2 IOCTL response behavior of NetApp Ontap 7.3.7;
    * The cache directory for the user gencache should be created recursively;
    * Be more flexible with repository names in CentOS 8 test environments;



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