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libabsl2401_0_0-20240116.1-150600.17.7 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.6 for x86_64

Name: libabsl2401_0_0 Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 20240116.1 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 150600.17.7 Build date: Sat May 18 21:26:34 2024
Group: Unspecified Build host: h03-ch2c
Size: 1875289 Source RPM: abseil-cpp-20240116.1-150600.17.7.src.rpm
Summary: C++11 libraries which augment the C++ stdlib
Abseil is a collection of C++11 libraries which augment the C++
standard library. It also provides features incorporated into C++14
and C++17 standards.






* Thu Apr 11 2024
  - SLE-only: import upstream patch to fix build with gcc7 in C++17
    mode: hash-fix-gcc7-cpp17-build.patch (bsc#1222261)
    + Upstream commit bb83aceacb554e79e7cd2404856f0be30bd00303
* Sun Mar 03 2024
  - update to 20240116.1:
    * Add absl::NoDestructor<T> to simplify defining static types
      that do not need to be destructed upon program exit.
    * Add configurable verbose logging (also known as VLOG).
    * Added absl::Overload(), which returns a functor that provides
      overloads based on the functors passed to it. Note that this
      functionality requires C++17 or newer.
    * Breaking Change: AbslHashValue() no longer accepts C-style
      arrays as a parameter, caller need to wrap C-string literals in
    * Breaking Change: absl::weak_equality and absl::strong_equality
      have been removed. The corresponding std types were removed
      before C++20 was finalized
* Fri Jan 19 2024
  - fix build for non-SUSE distributions
* Fri Oct 06 2023
  - update to 20230802.1:
    * Add StdcppWaiter to the end of the list of waiter
* Thu Sep 07 2023
  - update to 20230802.0
    What's New:
    * Added the nullability library for designating the expected
      nullability of pointers. Currently these serve as annotations
      only, but it is expected that compilers will one day be able
      to use these annotations for diagnostic purposes.
    * Added the prefetch library as a portable layer for moving data
      into caches before it is read.
    * Abseil's hash tables now detect many more programming errors
      in debug and sanitizer builds.
    * Abseil's synchronization objects now differentiate absolute
      waits (when passed an absl::Time) from relative waits (when
      passed an absl::Duration) when the underlying platform supports
      differentiating these cases. This only makes a difference when
      system clocks are adjusted.
    * Abseil's flag parsing library includes additional methods that
      make it easier to use when another library also expects to be
      able to parse flags.
    * absl::string_view is now available as a smaller target,
      @com_google_absl//absl/strings:string_view, so that users may
      use this library without depending on the much larger
      @com_google_absl//absl/strings target.
* Wed Aug 09 2023
  - Fix build on older systems by requiring C++17 compliant compiler
  - Added patch:
    * cmake.patch
      + lower the cmake requirement to 3.5 in order to be able to
      build on SLE12SP5
* Thu Jun 29 2023
  - Add baselibs.conf to make protobuf happy. Hopefully temporary.
* Thu May 25 2023
  - update to 20230125.3
    Details can be found on:
* Mon Apr 24 2023
  - update to 20230125.2
    What's New:
      The Abseil logging library has been released. This library
      provides facilities for writing short text messages about the
      status of a program to stderr, disk files, or other sinks
      (via an extension API). See the logging library documentation
      for more information.
      An extension point, AbslStringify(), allows user-defined types
      to seamlessly work with Abseil's string formatting functions
      like absl::StrCat() and absl::StrFormat().
      A library for computing CRC32C checksums has been added.
      Floating-point parsing now uses the Eisel-Lemire algorithm,
      which provides a significant speed improvement.
      The flags library now provides suggestions for the closest
      flag(s) in the case of misspelled flags.
      Using CMake to install Abseil now makes the installed artifacts
      (in particular absl/base/options.h) reflect the compiled ABI.
    Breaking Changes:
      Abseil now requires at least C++14 and follows Google's Foundational
      C++ Support Policy. See this table for a list of currently supported
      versions compilers, platforms, and build tools.
      The legacy spellings of the thread annotation macros/functions
      (e.g. GUARDED_BY()) have been removed by default in favor of the
      ABSL_ prefixed versions (e.g. ABSL_GUARDED_BY()) due to clashes with
      other libraries. The compatibility macro ABSL_LEGACY_THREAD_ANNOTATIONS
      can be defined on the compile command-line to temporarily restore these
      spellings, but this compatibility macro will be removed in the future.
    Known Issues
      The Abseil logging library in this release is not a feature-complete
      replacement for glog yet. VLOG and DFATAL are examples of features
      that have not yet been released.
  - obsolete Fix-maes-msse41-leaking-into-pkgconfig.patch
* Sat Sep 24 2022
  - update to 20220623.1:
    * minor warning fix
* Mon Jul 11 2022
  - Add Fix-maes-msse41-leaking-into-pkgconfig.patch
    * Do not make programs compiled with abseil require new-ish CPUs (boo#1203379)
* Sun Jul 03 2022
  - Update to version 20220623.0
    What's New:
    * Added absl::AnyInvocable, a move-only function type.
    * Added absl::CordBuffer, a type for buffering data for eventual inclusion an
      absl::Cord, which is useful for writing zero-copy code.
    * Added support for command-line flags of type absl::optional<T>.
    Breaking Changes:
    * CMake builds now use the flag ABSL_BUILD_TESTING (default: OFF) to control
      whether or not unit tests are built.
    * The ABSL_DEPRECATED macro now works with the GCC compiler. GCC users that
      are experiencing new warnings can use -Wno-deprecated-declatations silence
    the warnings or use -Wno-error=deprecated-declarations to see warnings but
    not fail the build.
    * ABSL_CONST_INIT uses the C++20 keyword constinit when available. Some
      compilers are more strict about where this keyword must appear compared to
    the pre-C++20 implementation.
    * Bazel builds now depend on the bazelbuild/bazel-skylib repository.
      See Abseil's WORKSPACE file for an example of how to add this dependency.
    * This will be the last release to support C++11. Future releases will require at least C++14.
  - run spec-cleaner
* Wed Jun 29 2022
  - Remove obsolete 0%{suse_version} < 1500 conditions
* Wed Jun 29 2022
  - Add options-old.patch, options-cxx17.patch (boo#1203378)
    * Ensure ABI stability regardless of compiler settings per instruction in the header.
* Mon Apr 04 2022
  - Implement shlib packaging policy
* Fri Mar 04 2022
  - Fix build on SLE-12-SP5
* Tue Jan 04 2022
  - update to 20211102.0:
    * absl::Cord is now implemented as a b-tree. The new implementation offers
      improved performance in most workloads.
    * absl::SimpleHexAtoi() has been added to strings library for parsing
      hexadecimal strings
* Wed Jun 30 2021
  - Update to version 20210324.2 (LTS):
    * No user visible changes, only build system related
* Sun Apr 25 2021
  - Update to LTS version 20210324.1
    * Fixed missing absl::Cleanup
    * Fixed pkgconfig install path
  - Dropped upstream merged Correctly-install-pkgconfig.patch
* Tue Apr 13 2021
  - Update to LTS version 20210324.0
    * Breaking: The empty absl::container target has been removed from
      the CMake build. This target had no effect and references to
      this target in user code can safely be removed.
    * New: The cleanup library has been released. This library contains
      the control-flow-construct-like type absl::Cleanup which is used
      for executing a callback on scope exit.
    * New: The numeric library now includes bits.h, a polyfill header
      containing implementations of C++20's bitwise math functions.
    * New: Abseil now installs pkg-config files to make it easier to
      use Abseil with some other build systems.
    * New: Abseil now respects the default CMake installation paths.
      Standard CMake variables like CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX can be used
      to change the installation path.
  - Added Correctly-install-pkgconfig.patch from upstream to fix
    installation of pkgconfig files
  - Call ldconfig on post and postun
* Tue Dec 29 2020
  - Update to version 20200923.2
    What's New:
    * absl::StatusOr<T> has been released. See our blog
      post for more information.
    * Abseil Flags reflection interfaces have been released.
    * Abseil Flags memory usage has been significantly optimized.
    * Abseil now supports a "hardened" build mode. This build mode enables
      runtime checks that guard against programming errors that may lead
      to security vulnerabilities.
    Notable Fixes:
    * Sanitizer dynamic annotations like AnnotateRWLockCreate that are
      also defined by the compiler sanitizer implementation are no longer
      also defined by Abseil.
    * Sanitizer macros are now prefixed with ABSL_ to avoid naming collisions.
    * Sanitizer usage is now automatically detected and no longer requires
      macros like ADDRESS_SANITIZER to be defined on the command line.
    Breaking Changes:
    * Abseil no longer contains a dynamic_annotations library. Users
      using a supported build system (Bazel or CMake) are unaffected by
      this, but users manually specifying link libraries may get an error
      about a missing linker input.
* Fri Nov 06 2020
  - Drop source package, was only used by grpc which was switched
    over to use the shared library
* Tue Oct 27 2020
  - Build shared libraries of abseil for use by grpc
    (related to
* Sat Sep 05 2020
  - Switch the package to noarch.
* Fri Jul 24 2020
  - Update to version 20200225.2
    * This release fixes the list of dependencies of absl::Cord in the CMake build.
    * bug fix for absl::Status::ErasePayload
* Thu Jan 16 2020
  - Remove all packages except source.
* Tue Jan 14 2020
  - Set ExcludeArch: %ix86: bazel is required to build which in turn
    is not supported on ix86.
* Wed Dec 18 2019
  - Update to version 20190808
* Sat Nov 23 2019
  - Sort find output to make build reproducible (boo#1041090)
* Thu Oct 17 2019
  - Remove obsolete Groups tag (fate#326485)
* Mon Sep 23 2019
  - Update to version 20190605:
    * avoid use of undefined ABSL_HAVE_ELF_MEM_IMAGE
    * Avoid undefined behavior when nullptr is passed to memcpy with size 0
    * CMake: Set correct flags for clang-cl
    * Adding linking of CoreFoundation to CMakeLists in absl/time as includes CoreFoundation
    * Implement Span::first and Span::last from C++20
    * Changed HTTP URLs to HTTPS where possible
    * Fix GCC8 warnings
    * Fix library order for Conan package
    * _umul128 is not available on Windows ARM64
    * Add note at top that this is supported best-effort
    * Update Conan author
    * Add Conan topics
    * Remove cctz as external dependency
    * Add Conan recipe
* Thu Sep 19 2019
  - Add source package.
* Wed Jul 24 2019
  - Use bazel0.19 as build fails with the latest bazel (0.26)
* Thu Mar 07 2019
  - Add soname to all *.so* files.
* Thu Feb 28 2019
  - Fix build with Bazel 0.22.0.
  - Add optflags.
* Fri Jan 18 2019
  - Fix aarch64 and ppc64 builds
* Wed Dec 12 2018
  - Trim redundancies from description.
* Thu Nov 29 2018
  - Update to version 20181127:
    * Export of internal Abseil changes. -- 15d7bcf28220750db46930f4d8c090b54e3ae5fe by Jon Cohen <>:
    * Export of internal Abseil changes. -- 5278e56bd7d322ecf161eaf29fd7fa3941d7431b by Greg Falcon <>:
  - Switch from CMake to Bazel
* Mon Nov 19 2018
  - Update to version 20181116:
    * Export of internal Abseil changes. -- da04b8cd21f6225d71397471474d34a77df0efd6 by Jon Cohen <>:
    * Export of internal Abseil changes. -- 5f1ab09522226336830d9ea6ef7276d37f536ac5 by Abseil Team <>:
    * Export of internal Abseil changes. -- 07575526242a8e1275ac4223a3d2822795f46569 by CJ Johnson <>:
    * Export of internal Abseil changes. -- 178e7a9a76fc8fcd6df6335b59139cbe644a16b9 by Jon Cohen <>:
    * Export of internal Abseil changes. -- ee19e203eca970ff88e8f25ce4e19c32e143b988 by Jon Cohen <>:
    * Export of internal Abseil changes. -- 4e224c85c3730398919fc5195cb1fc7a752e6e4f by Mark Barolak <>:
    * Export of internal Abseil changes. -- 9e8aa654630015ea8221703b0ea10dd1a47a848f by Abseil Team <>:
    * Export of internal Abseil changes. -- ba4dd47492748bd630462eb68b7959037fc6a11a by Abseil Team <>:
    * Fix compilation of generic byteswap routines
    * Fix absl::container on VS2017 v15.8 (#192)



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