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389-ds-base-libs- RPM for aarch64

From CentOS 8-stream AppStream for aarch64 / Packages

Name: 389-ds-base-libs Distribution: CentOS
Version: Vendor: CentOS
Release: 2.module_el8.5.0+835+5d54734c Build date: Tue Jun 15 00:56:55 2021
Group: System Environment/Daemons Build host:
Size: 2584227 Source RPM: 389-ds-base-
Packager: CentOS Buildsys <>
Summary: Core libraries for 389 Directory Server
Core libraries for the 389 Directory Server base package.  These libraries
are used by the main package and the -devel package.  This allows the -devel
package to be installed with just the -libs package and without the main package.






* Sun May 30 2021 Mark Reynolds <> -
  - Bump version to
  - Resolves: Bug 1812286 - RFE - Monitor the current DB locks ( nsslapd-db-current-locks )
  - Resolves: Bug 1748441 - RFE - Schedule execution of "compactdb" at specific date/time
  - Resolves: Bug 1938239 - RFE - Extend DNA plugin to support intervals sizes for subuids
* Fri May 14 2021 Mark Reynolds <> -
  - Bump version to
  - Resolves: Bug 1947044 - Rebase 389 DS with 389-ds-base- for RHEL 8.5
  - Resolves: Bug 1850664 - RFE - Add an option for the Retro Changelog to ignore some attributes
  - Resolves: Bug 1903221 - Memory leak in 389ds backend (Minor)
  - Resolves: Bug 1898541 - Changelog cache can upload updates from a wrong starting point (CSN)
  - Resolves: Bug 1889562 - client psearch with multiple threads hangs if nsslapd-maxthreadsperconn is under sized
  - Resolves: Bug 1924848 - Negative wtime on ldapcompare
  - Resolves: Bug 1895460 - RFE - Log an additional message if the server certificate nickname doesn't match nsSSLPersonalitySSL value
  - Resolves: Bug 1897614 - Performance search rate: change entry cache monitor to recursive pthread mutex
  - Resolves: Bug 1939607 - hang because of incorrect accounting of readers in vattr rwlock
  - Resolves: Bug 1626633 - [RFE] DS - Update the password policy to support a Temporary Password with expiration
  - Resolves: Bug 1952804 - CVE-2021-3514 389-ds:1.4/389-ds-base: sync_repl NULL pointer dereference in sync_create_state_control()



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