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rawtherapee-5.8-bp153.1.22 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for aarch64

Name: rawtherapee Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP3
Version: 5.8 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp153.1.22 Build date: Tue May 11 00:00:47 2021
Group: Productivity/Graphics/Other Build host: obs-arm-2
Size: 106087317 Source RPM: rawtherapee-5.8-bp153.1.22.src.rpm
Summary: Cross-platform raw image processing program
RawTherapee is a cross platform image processing software equipped with the essential tools for high quality and efficient RAW photo development.

Latest stable build from "releases" branch.






* Thu Feb 06 2020 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to 5.8
  - Automatically recover detail lost to lens blur (diffraction)
    using the new Capture Sharpening tool, located in the “Raw” tab.
    It takes place right after demosaicing, and as it works in
    linear space it is not prone to haloing. Capture Sharpening in
    combination with Post-Resize Sharpening allows for detailed
    and crisp results.
  - CR3 support: image data is decoded so you can process your raw files,
    but metadata is not supported yet. If you have an ICC or DCP input
    profile for your CR3-producing camera, you will need to point
    RawTherapee to it manually
    (Color tab > Color Management > Input Profile > Custom).
  - Improvements of various camera models (new DCP dual-illuminant
    input profiles, raw crops, white levels, etc.), speedups and
    optimizations to various tools, better memory management,
    various bug fixes. See the git log for details.
  - Remove shared libs from spec because it was building just a couple
    of .a libs
  - Switched from -O2 to -O3, as suggested in the release notes
* Wed Sep 11 2019 Marcin Bajor <>
  - Update to 5.7
  - Film Negative tool, for easily developing raw photographs of film negatives.
  - Support for reading “rating” tags from Exif and XMP, shown in the File Browser/Filmstrip using RawTherapee’s star rating system.
  - Hundreds of bug fixes, speed optimizations and raw format support improvements
* Sat Apr 20 2019 Marcin Bajor <>
  - Update to 5.6
  - New features since 5.5
    * Pseudo-HiDPI support, for a smooth and sharp user interface regardless of screen size.
    Pseudo-HiDPI mode is disabled by default, enable it in Preferences > General > Appearance.
    Scaling in RawTherapee depends on font size, DPI and display scaling.
    While scaling has been tested to work well in Windows, Linux and macOS,
    there are some macOS display modes which are incompatible with it,
    specifically those modes suffixed by "(HiDPI)" in macOS Display settings.
    Some versions of macOS (10.14.*) seem to not list any modes, in which case the user must just give it a try.
    * Ability to move tools to a new Favorites tab,
    * "Unclipped" processing profile, to make it easy to save an image while
    preserving data across the whole tonal range,
    * User-adjustable tiles-per-thread settings in Preferences > Performance,
    for users who want to find optimal values for their system. The default value of 2 tiles-per-thread performs best overall.
    * Hundreds of speed optimizations, bug fixes, and overall improvements.
* Mon Dec 17 2018 Marcin Bajor <>
  - Update to 5.5
  - New features since 5.4
    * Filter to remove striping artifacts caused by Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) as seen in Sony cameras,
    and to remove banding artifacts caused by Nikon's too-aggressive in-camera PDAF correction.
    These are available for any camera which has a PDAF entry in camconst.json, currently:
    Nikon Z 6, Nikon Z 7, Sony DSC-RX1RM2, Sony ILCE-6000, Sony ILCE-6300, Sony ILCE-6500, Sony ILCE-7M3,
    Sony ILCE-7RM2, Sony ILCE-7RM3, Sony ILCE-9
    * Ability to specify custom working color spaces through the workingspaces.json file.
    * Unbounded processing - allows you to decide whether out-of-gamut colors should get clipped.
    * Improved support for Canon mRaw format variants.
    * New Shadows/Highlights tool (replaced previous one).
    * Contrast threshold mask which divides an image into areas of high and low detail,
    allowing the effect of certain tools to be focused where it matters most and to mitigate the effect
    on areas where it would be undesirable, for example having the Sharpening tool affect only the in-focus
    subject without affecting the out-of-focus background. Available for:
    Sharpening, Post-Resize Sharpening, Microcontrast, Demosaicing
    * Dual-demosaic algorithms, making use of the new contrast threshold mask, allowing one to use a combination
    of demosaicing algorithms where one is best for details and the other best for plain areas.
    * New color toning methods:
    Grid, allowing you to separately tone the shadows and highlights using two points on a simple color grid.
    Regions, allowing you to tone based on any number of masks. Supports functions from the American Society of Cinematographers
    Color Decision List (ASC CDL).
    * Resizable main histogram with scaling modes: Linear, Log, Log-Log
    The log scales can be adjusted by click-dragging the mouse sideways inside the histogram area.
    * Support for Blackmagic and Canon Magic Lantern lj92 encoded files.
    * Allows you to specify how many border rows/columns to discard during demosaicing - those who shoot raw video at a standard resolution
    such as 1920x1080 will appreciate being able to preserve the dimensions.
    * New Soft Light tool which enhances contrast and saturation by emulating the effect of blending an image with a copy of itself in "soft light" blending mode in GIMP.
    * The Resize tool allows you to specify whether you want it to upscale or only downscale.
    * New icon and cursor theme.
    * ICC
    * The bundled ICC profiles have been re-generated, and now include ICC v2 and v4 variants.
    * If your screen's resolution is such that not all icons fit in a toolbar, you can now scroll the toolbar using the mouse scroll-wheel.
    * New "Flexible" tone curve type. A characteristic of the cubic spline curve (renamed from "Custom" to "Standard")
    is that editing one node could have a huge impact on what happens to the curve in relation to the other nodes.
    The new "Flexible" centripetal Catmull–Rom spline curve allows you to make adjustments to any part of the curve with little impact on the other parts.
    * Allow saving both floating-point and integer type files at both 16-bit and 32-bit precision from RawTherapee GUI and CLI.
    * Improved lensfun chromatic aberration correction.
    * The raw chromatic aberration correction tool can now run in several iterations, and gained a feature to avoid introducing a color shift which could result from correcting chromatic aberration before demosaicing.
    * Certain sliders now operate on a logarithmic scale, allowing for a meaningful response over large ranges.
    * Dedicated "Reset" button in Crop tool.
    * Support for new cameras, and new input color profiles.
    * Speed enhancements and bug fixes, for a total of over 1300 commits.
* Wed Mar 21 2018
  - Update to 5.4
  - New features since 5.3
    * New default processing profiles, now the default look for raw photos closely matches the out-of-camera look with regard to tones and includes lens distortion and vignetting correction.
    * New histogram matching tool, to have RawTherapee automatically adjust the image for you to match the out-of-camera look with a single click of a button.
    * New HDR Tone Mapping tool to compress the light in scenes with a high dynamic range, allowing you to show details in both shadows and highlights in a realistic way.
    * New Local Contrast tool to boost clarity using a simple interface.
    * New color toning method L*a*b* Color Correction Grid.
    * New RCD demosaicing algorithm to minimize artifacts even with artificial lighting and strong chromatic aberration.
    * New thumbnail overlay icons in the File Browser and Filmstrip to help you distinguish normal images from HDR and Pixel Shift ones.
    * Added support for showing out-of-gamut areas based on the output profile.
    * Added support for reading and writing metadata and ICC profiles to and from PNG images.
    * Added support for processing Sony Pixel Shift ARQ raw files - make sure that the ARQ extension is enabled in Preferences > File Browser > Parsed Extensions.
    * Create Sony ARQ raw files using
    * Added support for saving 32-bit floating-point TIFFs clamped to [0;1].
    * Added profiled chromatic aberration correction support using Lensfun.
    * More tools now have an on/off switch.
    * The user interface is cleaner, with all power-house tools moved into a new "Advanced" tab to prevent slider-shock to newcomers.
    * The Metadata tab now lets you choose whether you want to copy metadata unchanged, edit metadata or strip metadata when saving images. Now you can also make metadata changes in batch mode.
    * The choice of whether the main histogram should display information using the working profile or the output profile is now available from the Editor tab's top toolbar.
    * The Crop tool's aspect ratio now defaults to that of the image, and RawTherapee automatically zooms-to-fit the crop once it's placed.
    * RGB input-type ICC profiles can now be used as output profiles.
    * The saved reference image for profiling (created from within the Color Management tool) now contains metadata.
    * PNG and compressed TIFF images make use of better compression.
    * Shortcut key changes: Zoom-to-fit the crop using "f", fit the whole image using "Alt+f".
* Sat Sep 30 2017
  - Update to 5.3
  - New features since 5.2
    * CIECAM02 enhanced with control over the scene and viewing conditions.
    * CIECAM02-friendly "Average Surround" color theme and L* middle gray preview background color, takes into account human vision and color appearance with regard to the surrounding color.
    * Manually save the collapsed/expanded state of tools.
    * Lensfun support, for automatic (and manual) profiled lens correction.
    * ACES, DCI-P3 Theater and DCI-P3 D65 output color profiles.
    * Numerous speed optimizations and bug fixes.
* Sun Jul 23 2017
  - Update to 5.2
  - New Features since 5.1
    * GIMP plugin to open raw images in GIMP using RawTherapee - see RawPedia.
    * "Remote" mode (-R command line option) to allow opening images ("Open with" or passed as arguments) in a full-fledged instance. The -R mode allows you to open an image in an already-running instance of RawTherapee, if that instance was also started using -R. Opening an image without the -R option will open RawTherapee in "no-File-Browser" mode which lacks the File Browser and Queue tabs, and the Preferences button.
    * Added DCP profiles for accurate color for: FUJIFILM X-T20
  - Most significant improvements
    * 4x speedup of the Microcontrast tool.
    * CIECAM02 curves no longer cause a sudden jump in brightness.
    * Improved stability in METM (Multiple Editor Tabs Mode) in Windows.
    * Improvement to the MEOW (Multiple Editor Tabs in Own Window) mode.
    * LCP files lead to better results.
    * Large speedup and stability improvement when opening folders containing hundreds or thousands of images.
    * Many memory leaks fixed.
    * Pixel Shift speedups, reduction of memory requirements, and motion mask preview accuracy improved.
    * The preview of the Tone Mapping tool is now much more accurate at any zoom level.
* Thu Jul 13 2017
  - Build with gccN, fix build failure for Leap
* Tue May 16 2017
  - Update to 5.1
  - Pentax Pixel Shift support, to automatically combine sub-images from a Pentax Pixel Shift raw file into one high quality image.
  - Support for processing any sub-image from raw formats which support multiple images. Currently up to 4 sub-images supported.
  - Dynamic Profile Creator to automatically generate per-image custom processing profiles by merging existing processing profiles based on image metadata (Exif).
  - New command-line executable "rawtherapee-cli(.exe)" to reduce startup time for command-line operations.
  - HaldCLUT paths are now relative to the HaldCLUT folder as set in Preferences. This enables you to share PP3 files easier.
  - Auto White Balance now has a Temperature Bias, letting you make the automatic temperature warmer or cooler.
  - LCP correction works for raw and non-raw files.
  - LCP distortion correction support for fisheye lenses.
  - Certain tools are now hidden or disabled if the loaded image does not support them, e.g. the tools in the Raw tab are disabled when working with a non-raw file.
  - New zoom levels for the main preview in the Editor tab.
  - New Fast Export option to downscale the image before processing, to increase speed.
  - Custom crop ratio.
  - Automatic monitor profile detection also in Linux.
  - Lens information support added for Panasonic cameras.
  - Support for lossy DNG files.
  - Support for compressed Fujifilm Bayer raw files.
  - Support for compressed X-Trans raw files.
  - Support for Sigma sd Quattro DNG raw files.
  - Added DCP profiles for accurate color for:
    * FUJIFILM X100S
    * LG Mobile LG-H815 (LG G4)
    * NIKON D300
    * NIKON D300
    * NIKON D5600
    * NIKON D80
    * NIKON D810
    * OLYMPUS E-M1MarkII
    * Panasonic DMC-GX85
* Fri Feb 03 2017
  - Update to version 5.0-r1
  - astyle'd rtgui/ to help merge
  - Updated splash screen SVG + PNG.
  - Revision of CMake and related files to support meaningful git versions within our extensive use of branches and development builds. #3628
  - Fix deprecated Glib::RecMutex on Windows + remove useless GThreadEnter
  - Removed "std=c++11" from release notes.
  - Fix call to `abs()` with `unsigned int` (fixes #3339, #3652)
  - Added back the TooWaBlue theme + images for GTK+ 3.16-3.18.
  - TooWaBlue theme bumped to 2.42, closes #3651
  - Added newline into tooltip PREFERENCES_OUTDIRTEMPLATEHINT
  - Translation files updated.
* Mon Jan 23 2017
  - Update to version 5.0.0
  - Fix issue #3590
  - Generated new DCP input profiles using dcamprof 1.0.4
  - Update Czech Translation
  - External editor polished and implements ShellExecute, closes #3522
  - Added FUJIFILM X-Pro2 DCP, #3269
  - Added OLYMPUS E-M10 DCP from
  - Added PENTAX K-1 dual-illuminant DCP from Hombre
  - Added NIKON D750 and YI TECHNOLOGY M1 daylight DCPs, dual-illuminant to follow,
  - Added RICOH PENTAX K-1 dual-illuminant DCP, no issue, raw files from Hombre
  - Removed "rtdata/dcpprofiles/PENTAX K-1.dcp" as it had an incorrect filename and was replaced by a better DCamProf 1.0.4 version "RICOH PENTAX K-1.dcp"
  - Removed NIKON D750.dcp and Nikon D750.dcp, #3615
  - Added new NIKON D750.dcp, #3615
  - Segfault when selecting GIMP installation directory in Preferences (Windows), fixes #3534
  - issue 3598 and 2289 - util functions to determine file types by ending
  - Clean-ups for #3616
  - Updated French strings + bugfix in rtgui/ (no issue)
  - Solving issue #3506 (bugfix from mmmtok)
  - Better translation of DCP's LUT in French
  - Added NIKON D600 dual-illuminant DCP,
  - Added NIKON D810 D65 WL=15700 DCP,
  - Updated FUJIFILM X-Pro2 dual-illuminant DCP, closes #3269
  - Minimum crop size 1x1, closes #3619, closes #3620
  - Added SONY SLT-A99V daylight DCP, no issue.
  - Added Canon EOS 20D daylight DCP, no issue.
  - Added Canon EOS 40D daylight DCP, no issue.
  - Added Canon EOS 50D daylight DCP, no issue.
  - Added Canon EOS 7D daylight DCP, no issue.
  - Added Canon EOS 7D Mark II daylight DCP, no issue.
  - Small bugfix in rtgui/, no issue
  - Themes updated including stuck-scrollbar workaround by TooWaBoo, closes #3605
  - Fix #3619 and some minor clean-ups
* Fri Jan 13 2017
  - Crash on reading floating point demosaiced DNG files, fixes #3600
  - Crash when opening JPEG file with corrupted metadata, fixes #3602
  - Limited exif user comment to 65535 chars
  - Pentax K1 file in APS-C mode has wrong raw crop, fixes #3519
  - Build on Linux broken due DCP profile filename typo, fixes #3603
* Sun Jan 08 2017
  - Fixed wrong tooltip in IPTC panel, fixes #3569
  - Deutsch updated by TooWaBoo, closes #3584
  - Updated SONY ILCE-6000.dcp, closes #3220
  - Turn icon buttons into label buttons, language strings updated. #3571 (#3580)
  - Translation updates
  - macOS fix from #3589
  - IPTC strings updated to version 1.2
  - Update language strings after merge with IPTC Core 1.2 changes, #3581
  - Prevent TravisCI spamming join/part in IRC.
  - Guard `processor` in `` (#3578)
  - Deutsch translation updated by TooWaBoo, closes #3596
  - Segfault when opening a folder which contains a 13229 x 57812 jpeg, fixes #3599
  - When opening a folder with a lot of files (about 1000) progress bar in rt and tab label of filebrowser (percentage) are not updated frequently, fixes #3592
  - Crash on reading floating point demosaiced DNG files, fixes #3600
* Mon Jan 02 2017
  - RawTherapee crashed after opening linear DNG from Sigma SD H Quattro camera in editor. fixes #3559
  - Swedish update by mks9000, closes #3564
  - Deutsch update by TooWaBoo, closes #3561
  - Revamped IPTC tab (issue #3554)
  - Printer profile added in Preferences for soft-proofing
  - Bugfix backported from gtk3 branch, related to OSX printer profile
* Thu Dec 29 2016
  - camconst.json updates by IliasG #3298 2016-12-26
* Tue Dec 27 2016
  - Fix crash with Canon m-raw files when raw crop in camconst.json is defined, #3533
  - CbDL before black and white no preview when changing exposure, fixes #3539
  - Remove intrusive tooltips, issue #3537 (#3538)
  - Review of thumb size defaults, closes #3535
  - Speedup Vignette and Graduated Filter
  - Experiment to prevent var-tracking warning (#3543)
  - Constify `Wavelet` (#3543)
  - Prune unnecessary `Wavelet` members (#3543)
  - Translation strings update.
  - Fix off-by-(-1) in checkRawImageThumb() (#3553)
  - JPEG IJG add missing README, #3549 (#3555)
  - Backporting patch from issue #3446
  - Fix issue #3532 + a memory leak
* Wed Dec 14 2016
  - Bugfix: RT could crash while displaying Color Pickers (no issue)
  - Fully check thumb data size (#3529)
* Wed Dec 07 2016
  - Fixes #3517, build fails when using libcairo 1.15
  - Make `ImageIO` load grayscale JPGs and TIFFs (#3515)
  - Removed some debug message left in code
* Mon Nov 28 2016
  - rt_splash_5 licence changed to CC-BY-SA 3.0, closes #3511
  - Tone curve histogram ignores DCP tone curve, fixes #3512
* Sun Nov 13 2016
  - camconst.json updated by iliasg, #3298
  - Formatting, spelling, grammar and structural changes to camconst.json
  - better support for Pentax K-70 and XiaoYI M1
  - Fixes Preferences > Color Management layout, #3488
  - Fixing issue #3497: "Lockable color picker interacts with info text on image area"
  - Added rtdata/rt_splash_5.svg and png
  - Fix Clang warnings and build failure on OSX 10.12
  - Enabled property of a tool shoot be first in tool group of pp3 file. Was not the case for Retinex. Fixed. No Issue
  - Pentax: ISO > 65535 was reported as 65535 in info dialog
  - Fix some Clang warnings reported by @Partha1b
  - Improve support for Pentax K-1, Olympus E-M1MarkII and Canon G7 X
  - camconst.json formatting fix
* Sun Oct 30 2016
  - Fix non SSE build failure reported by Marcin, no Issue
* Sun Oct 30 2016
  - Cppcheck: some fixes
  - Enhanced ConnectionBlocker class, now used in ToolBar class
  - `clang-tidy` cleanups
  - Czech translation update by mkyral, #3466
  - Removed 3 Noise Reduction tooltips as they were intrusive and/or incorrect, no issue - IRC
  - CbDL badly interacts with Graduated and Vignetting Filter if CbDL is set to 'before Black-and-White', fixes #3473
  - Removed printf relicts from softproofing branch
  - Segfault on EAHD, fixes #3474, kudos to Floessie
  - Fix a bug I introduced some commits ago. Fixes #3476
  - Hotfix for issue #3480.
  - Small fix to Preferences > Default Theme frame, no issue.
  - hphd demosaic : left quarter is not demosaiced correctly, fixes #3485
* Thu Oct 13 2016
  - Sets Wavelet sub-tools to "off" by default, #3386
  - Deleted
  - Removed rtengine/
  - Fixed RT.ico path in
* Tue Oct 11 2016
  - Removed non-ASCII characters from code files, closes #3445
  - Moved RT.ico from rtgui into rtdata/icons/
  - Use `get_parse_name()` in `rtgui/` (#3444)
    This will print the full path and is consistent with the gtk3 branch.
  - Fix non-ASCII characters, fixes #3445
  - Fixes for a lot of issues reported by Cppcheck
  - Lockable color picker
  - Travis Continuous Integration support, using the Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr environment.
  - Fix crash when toggling Before|After view, by Flössie, fixes #3454
* Mon Oct 03 2016
  - Fix use-after-free of `ImageArea::mainCropWindow` (#3048)
  - Use same logic to auto select darkframe in gui and engine also for darkframe hotpixels detection
  - Deutsch translation updated by TooWaBoo, closes #3442
  - Fix buffer overflow in dcraw
  - Fix incompatibility with glibmm 2.50 (#3440)
* Thu Sep 29 2016
  - Fix "FocusDistance*"-EXIF for Canon (#3422)
  - About 15% speedup for function lab2rgb16 which is used when saving 16 bit output
  - camconst.json updated by IliasG, closes #3298
  - Fix Canon EXIF
  - Use full range in `ImageDatas::convertTo<>` (#3429)
  - Added attributions in median.h
  - Fix Denoise - Median tooltip
  - Fix remaining Denoise - Median tooltips (#3360)
  - Reworked Median (NR) wording, updated RawPedia accordingly.
  - Regenerated translation files.
  - Replaced "x" with Floessie's "×".
  - Syncing translation files with gtk3 branch.
* Tue Sep 13 2016
  - Speedups for B&W conversion
  - Speedups for denoise, fixes #3418
  - Added Canon EOS 5D Mark IV to camconst.json, kudos to IliasG
  - Add full support of c++11 to the Eclipse IDE
  - fixes #3425, A combination of settings in Wavelet's Edge Sharpnes too…
* Fri Sep 09 2016
  - Updated links
    Added link to RawTherapee forum at
    Removed dead link to Michael's code documentation.
  - Avoid possible buffer underrun in ImProcFunctions::Mad and ImProcFunctions::MadRgb
  - Fixing a small glitch in the main cmakefile
  - Fix a crash in denoise
* Thu Sep 01 2016
  - Bugfix: Options::readFromFile should not reset the options values. They are initialy set in the constructor then should only be updated by each call to this method.
  - RGB Curves Luminosity mode: ~ 40% speedup. Also changed behaviour of r and g curve
  - Enable whole area of magnification windows for moving, fixes #3378
  - Adding new units for the RGB and HSV values in the Navigator tool (below Histogram). Click on one of thes two columns to cycle to a new unit independantly, between [0-1], [0-255], [%]  (Hue stays in degree instead of percent). The current unit is saved in Options for new Editor tabs or between sessions.
* Wed Aug 24 2016
  - fixes #3395, unrelated bulk changes cause saturation setting to double its value
  - Fix some ciecam02 issues, fixes ##3380, fixes #3396, fixes #3397
  - Fixed wrong transition curve in ciecam02, fixes #3398
  - Serbian translation updated by gpopac, closes #3402
  - camconst.json updated by IliasG, closes #3298
  - Colourtoning: Speedup and improvement for Automatic Saturation Protection
* Thu Aug 11 2016
  - Prevents thumbnail race condition, from Floessie in #3304 and fixes #3384
  - Adust buffers to fix potential buffer overruns
* Tue Aug 02 2016
  - Create
  - Fixes "CIECAM02 causes blue to become black"
* Fri Jul 29 2016
  - Simplified OS X GIMP and Photoshop calling code.
  - Simplified OS X GIMP and Photoshop calling code.
  - Nederlands updated by wim ter meer, closes #3390
  - Fixes #3389 - CbDL memleak.
* Tue Jul 12 2016
  - Add missing #ifdef __SSE2__, fixes #3382
* Tue Jul 12 2016
  - Fix cppcheck performance hints
  - Improve processing time to read camconst.json by almost factor 2. Additionally make it future-proof by reducing O(n²) copying amount in reallocate phase to O(n)
  - Median revision
  - Fix OOB access in ImProcFunctions::MadRgb, fixes #3379
  - Made post-resize sharpening RL radius minimum size consistent with RL radius from main sharpening - 0.40. Removed redundant guiutils.h include.
  - Updated defaults for crop, sharpening and post-resize sharpening.
* Thu Jul 07 2016
  - Exif lost when saving compressed tiff from raw on windows builds, fix…
  - Fix segfault when adding files to the currently watched folder
  - Canon EOS-1D mkII raw files are rendered as flat black, fixes #3373
  - Updated help and man page, #3369
* Tue Jul 05 2016
  - Fix a warning and a crash
  - Fix buffer overrun writing uncompressed tiff
  - Add RT version to 'Software' tag for uncompressed tiff
  - Disable wrong warning for non Windows builds
  - Remove some top level tags when saving to uncompressed tiff, also simplified generation of 'Software' tag
* Sat Jul 02 2016
  - Add milliseconds to queue params file, fixes #3363
  - Preprocess speedup
  - Updated all lens interpreters with data from exiftool-10.20
  - Updated all in /rtexif/ with info from exiftool-10.20
* Fri Jun 24 2016
  - Fix broken decode for files from Sony DSC-RX1RM2, fixes #3358
* Sat Jun 18 2016
  - Speedup for Flat-Field correction, fixes #3253, also introduces changed formatting to switch statements caused by new astyle profile
  - Fix segfault when Flatfield blur radius == 0
  - Fix some compiler warnings
  - Disabled StopWatch
  - Speedup for cr2 decode
  - Speedup for save to 8bit formats (mainly for 8bit tiff and j…
* Sun Jun 12 2016
  - Fix dcp race and store
  - Rawtherapee forgets checked Autofill-option, fixes #3332
  - Minor changes to docs, testing something.
  - Fix compile bug, fixes #3340
  - astyle - indent switch blocks.
  - Add some omitted `std::` prefixes in ``
  - Dcp speedup
* Sat Jun 04 2016
  - Fix missing return value in LensGeometry::doDisableAutoFillIfActive()
* Sat Jun 04 2016
  - Fix broken dcp tonecurve and lookup table
* Fri Jun 03 2016
  - Disable #pragma omp simd statement for clang builds, fixes #3324
  - RGB curve speedup
  - Fixed special handling of chroma=-100
  - Automatically disable Auto-Fill when enabling LCP Disortion Correction, #1791
* Wed Jun 01 2016
  - Update to dcraw 9.27
  - Update for camconst.json, kudos to Ilias
  - Fix minor spelling & capitalization
* Tue May 24 2016
  - Fix wrong crop for Samsung NX1 and NX500
  - Deutsch update
  - Fix build on Arch 32bit non SSE using gcc-6.6.1, fixes #3305, kudos to mbajor for reporting and to Floessie for providing a fix for the bug
* Mon May 23 2016
  - Regenerated translation files.
  - Updated camconst.json, #3298
  - Copied poke255_uc implementation from gtk3 into master
  - Small correction to Deutsch file, thanks to hi-tower for the hint
* Fri May 20 2016
  - Use "find_program" to search for git executable
  - Fix build warnings
* Tue May 17 2016
  - Fix wrong condition in Color::transitred
  - Fix std::out_of_range exception with empty HaldCLUT basename
* Sun May 15 2016
  - Histogram of working space does not show 'gray2C' for gray regions, fixes #3283, fixes #3213, kudos to mmmtok for providing the patch
* Sat May 14 2016
  - Fix crash caused by uninitialized variables when using ciecam02 on files without exif data, fixes #3084
  - Retinexgain
  - HaldCLUT cleanups after the dust (#3154) has settled
* Fri May 06 2016
  - Fix crashes caused by aligned access to unaligned memory in CLUT code, fixes #3154, fixes #3278, fixes #3277
* Fri May 06 2016
  - HaldCLUT revision and speedup (kudos to Floessie for this great work)
  - astyle'd rtengine/
  - Fix buffer overrun in rgbProc()
  - Fix buffer overrun in
  - Fix buffer overrun when applying HaldCLUT (#3154)
* Sun May 01 2016
  - Unstable output w/ same PP3 and RAW CA auto-correction when image height % 2 == 1
  - Updated Deutsch by TooWaBoo, #3247
  - Added DCPs: Sony ILCE-6000 #3220, Nikon D7200 #3236, Fujifilm X-T1 #3243.
  - Recreated GNU GPL v3 license file, hopefully fixes #3218
  - Fix #3259, RT fails with ASan
  - Reduce default strength of raw ca-auto-correction
  - small speedup for lut += operator
  - Updated Sony ILCE-6000.dcp, #3220
  - Add working profile Rec2020
* Thu Apr 21 2016
  - Allow lcp distortion correction for lenses without focal length information (e.g. lenses without chip)
  - Allow lcp vignetting correction for lenses without focal length information (e.g. lenses without chip)
* Mon Apr 11 2016
  - Extend the limit of the tint slider to 10 for IR
  - Solving issue #3249: "Fit crop to screen doesn't work as expected anymore"
  - Fix crash and freeze opening files with GMCY cfa (e.g. Canon Powershot G1)
* Fri Apr 08 2016
  - correction for LUT += operator, fixes #3245
* Thu Apr 07 2016
  - xtrans speedups
  - Speedup for getAutoExpHistogram and getAutoWBMultipliers. += operator for lookup tables (handy to sum up per thread built histograms)
* Sun Apr 03 2016
  - Fix possible buffer overrun in raw ca correction
  - Try to fix #3132 by making sure every file chooser dialog is given an appropriate parent window.
  - Added DCP profiles for Fujifilm X-E1, X-E2, X-T1 and X-T10 with permission from user cack
* Sun Mar 20 2016
  - Enhanced edit mecanism
  - Regenerated translation files.
  - Crop borders detection area has been enlarged from 6px to 9px, and the 800% limit bug has been fixed.  Fix issue #3205.
  - Use fabs instead of fabsf in LinEqSolve
  - The pipette mechanism was broken: the created point was not dragged. (no issue)
  - Increased Fast Export's max resize width and height to 10000, closes #3212
  - Speedups for raw false colour suppression
  - Don't demosaic again when changing 'False Colour Suppression Steps
  - Fix uninitialized variable in
  - Fix issue #3182: "Preview image jumps around on canvas while zooming"
  - Deutsch updated by TooWaBoo, closes #3227
  - RT won't read width of toolpanel on startup
  - Fix #2388: "Partial Paste still buggy, quite impartial"
  - Speedup for xtrans demosaic
* Thu Mar 10 2016
  - buildRT script updated in due to project migration to GitHub
  - Enhanced edit mecanism
  - Added Canon EOS 6D DCP
  - About 3x speed for raw false colour suppression
  - Shortened DMG image filename, closes #3162
* Sat Mar 05 2016
  - Remove unused and uninitialized key 'ThumbImageOffset' from cache
  - Fix #3711 by using the method to clear a combo box which is correct in version 2 and 3 of Gtk+.
  - Reduce start time and memory usage by removing redundant lookup tables and filling remaining lookup tables in parallel. Also replaced all x^(1/3) with std::cbrt
  - Fix #3181 by store the filename which will be unset when the entry is deleted and hence cannot be bound by reference.
  - Added DCPs, closes issue #2989
  - Added new DCPs
  - Adapt Cbdl to B&W tools
  - Speedup and code review for raw ca correction
  - Fix #3191 which was due to a typo when calling atan2 during polar coordinate conversion.
* Wed Feb 24 2016
  - Updated OS X scripts and moved OS X and Windows files from rtdata/ to tools/
  - Fix clang compile issue in without losing omp in sharpenHaloCtrl
  - Modified Preview Canvas. Now the image can be shifted off the borders and the 'on preview' geometry can be manipulated outside of the image's domain. This will prepare future enhancement or new features.
  - Added patch for libiconv 1.14 needed for OS X, see issue #3161
  - Fix typo in safe_build_subdir_list, fixes #3160
  - Fix broken windows build
  - Solving issue #3163: "Detail window centres to whole image instead of centre of preview"
  - Fixed old paths in osx scripts and quoted some variables
  - Re-formatted tools/osx/
  - Add a build-time option to easily enable run-time sanitizers
  - Add build option to enable gprof-based profiling instrumentation.
  - Fix broken build without OpenMP
  - Remove SafeGtk and SafeKeyFile modules
  - Add commented-out line for inclusion of gdb.exe in debug builds, issue #3060
  - Fix Sony LensID issue
  - Fix LensId Issue with Fuji DNG files
  - Clean up the Coord and PolarCoord helper class for the GUI to follow standard practice for values types.
* Sat Feb 20 2016
  - Fix wrong initialization in xtrans demosaic 3-pass
  - Fix wrong condition which leads to uninitialized memory access for xtrans files, fixes #3156
* Tue Feb 16 2016
  - Recalculate XTrans matrix after cropping by camconst settings, fixes #3110
  - Deutsch translation update by TooWaBoo, closes #3149
  - Fix aligned access to misaligned stack, fixes #3152
* Fri Feb 12 2016
  - Try to solve issues found in iplab2rgb, ipwavelet, partialpastedialog and retinex during Coverity scan.
  - Retinex, fix wrong usage of omp
  - Retinex, removed benchmark code
  - Shadows/Highlights Sparmpask, speedup using SSE4 for native builds
  - Retinex, fix calculation of iterative gaussian blur
  - Fix crash opening X-Trans files generated using new firmware, fixes #3137
* Sun Feb 07 2016
  - Try to fix #3131 by opening the batch queue CSV file in binary mode to prevent any unwanted implicit text codec conversion on Windows.
  - Fix border und highlight reconstruction issues for Nikon D1x files
  - Remove freeArray2 helper function
* Thu Feb 04 2016
  - Fix typo in, fixes #3128
  - limit number of file attributes
  - Fix crash when opening a folder containing dng files with corrupted thumbs, fixes #3129
* Sun Jan 31 2016
  - Fixed display Transmission in Retinex
  - Made TP_FILMSIMULATION_SLOWPARSEDIR more clear after user feedback.
  - Amaze speedup
  - Fix #3113 by changing the destruction order in the batch queue
  - Fix #3122 by properly splitting out the MD5 part of the data file name
  - Fix some aligned access to unaligned memory
  - Improve handling of slow CLUT parsing
  - Simplify the multiple language manager for better maintainability
  - Updated interface translation files.
  - Clean up thread utilities
  - Added Keywords= to desktop file, closes #3107
  - Added <keywords> section to appdata file, closes #3107 even more than before
* Sat Jan 23 2016
  - Newretinex - new features and bug fixes
* Wed Jan 20 2016
  - Solving issue 3092: "Profile file names containing german Umlaute are not shown"
  - Cleaned gauss code and included some speedups for RL Deconvolution, Impulse Noise Reduction and Defringe
  - Fix slow parsing of CLUT directory
* Sun Jan 17 2016
  - Fix #3104, i.e. the batch queue context menu, by binding a reference instead of the initial value of the  vector.
  - Prevent treeview background color from being changed by the system theme, pull 3102
* Tue Jan 12 2016
  - Added Phase One IQ3 backs
  - Close #3064 by fixing an uninitialized pointer in RawImageSource::MSR.
* Sat Jan 09 2016
  - Fix a shadowed indirect header dependency in the batch queue to close #3074.
  - Interface language files updated - Retinex is work in progress, do not translate yet.
  - Fix one more usage of the deprecated std::auto_ptr that slipped through due to the order merging pull requests.
  - Issue 3054: apply color management to file browser view
* Fri Jan 08 2016
  - Changed adjusterMinDelay, issue #3068
  - Make the compiler require an error instead of a warning during build configuration to close #3070.
  - Added initial support for IQ3 MP100 and 16 bit IIQ files (RawFormat 8)
  - Add some example code using C++11 language features and fix some deprecation warnings
  - Merge use signals and slots instead of listeners
* Thu Jan 07 2016
  - Fix enforcing the cache size limit and modernize the cache manager
  - Fix #3067 by including the memory header directly into the cache manager.
* Mon Jan 04 2016
  - Retinex add tone-mapping
  - History message fixed for Wavelet's "'After' contrast curve", closes #2992
* Sat Jan 02 2016
  - Build failure on ARM and PowerPC architectures, fixes #3053
  - Add easy selection of monitor profile and rendering intent, closes #2744
  - Implement post-resize sharpening in the partial paste dialog, fixes #3051
  - "Apply white balance" off by default, closes #2953
* Sat Jan 02 2016
  - Use the LOCAL_SISO* constants to determine the language name on Windows to support systems older than Vista.
  - Fix issue #2905 by using the file chooser's selected instead of the current folder.
  - Also change the currently Windows-specific code path for selecting the output folder in the batch queue.
  - Always enable C++11 support and warn if GCC older than 4.9 is used.
* Tue Dec 22 2015
  - Updated all interface translations
* Mon Dec 21 2015
  - Expose force the old C++ ABI as a build time flag.
  - Delete COMPILE.txt
  - Update
  - Delete WindowsEnvironmentSetup.html
  - Updating the path of Inkscape/64 on Windows
  - Fixes #3003 Detect pango-querymodules version from Homebrew on OS X
  - Close #2964: Fix Segmentation fault in rtengine::processImage due to crop
  - Factor out the three thumbnail browser selection modes without changing their behaviour.
  - Try to refactor the behaviour of the thumb browser selection modes adding support for shift-and-control range-selection to select several independent ranges.
  - Fix the number of files displayed in the file browser tab title being wrong after removal of a file by an external actor.
* Sat Dec 19 2015
  - Close #3025 by fixing the fully defining the original selection function.
* Fri Dec 18 2015
  - Segfault in Denoise Auto Multizone mode when smoothing set to max in preferences, fixes #3022
  - Extend the file browser so that it will only show the original image if several files of different formats are present.
  - Add a button to filter the original files to the file browser.
  - Add buttons to the file browser preferences to make the list of extensions user-sortable.
  - Import icons provided by Beep6581 into source tree.
  - Use the provided images for the filter-original button and the parsed extensions list and extend the filer-original tool tip.
* Sun Dec 13 2015
  - Added SSE2 flags for x86 build
* Wed Dec 09 2015
  - Fix Win32 Debug build
  - Prevent segfault when invalid theme in options file, fixes #2991
* Sat Dec 05 2015
  - Updated Deutsch interface translation by TooWaBoo
  - Remove two unused labels from the color toning tool that were always hidden when not in batch mode.
* Tue Dec 01 2015
  - Fix trying to dereference invalid iterator in ExifPanel::editTag.
  - Build with '-std=c++11' if libsigc++ version 2.5.1 is used as it does require it.
* Sat Nov 28 2015
  - Changed Exposure tool button from Neutral to Reset, fixes #2952
  - Fixed tools/generateTranslationDiffs
  - Optimized generateTranslationDiffs, 5x faster, changed from parameter expansion to grep.
  - Updated all interface translations files.
  - Added MAIN_BUTTON_SENDTOEDITOR language string
  - Simlified use of StopWatch and included example into amaze demosaic
  - Fix leaking the axis adjusters in the coordinate adjuster.
  - Replace a dubious manual return-value-optimization by a standard named-return-value-optimization to simplify leak detection.
  - Remove apparently unused additional preview handler also fixing a memory leak.
  - Fix usage of the double-checked locking (anti-)pattern in the cache manager singleton.
  - Simplify the DCLP singleton instances found by searching for methods named 'getInstance'.
  - Simplify the EditWindow singleton using an instance wrapper.
  - Regularize the camera constant store singleton to use a function local static like most other singletons.
* Tue Nov 24 2015
  - Added Exif to list of affected metadata standards in PREFERENCES_TUNNELMETADATA
  - Fix Sony 12 bit uncompressed bug
  - Updated Czech and Nederlands interface translation files
* Thu Nov 12 2015
  - RT crashes when using wavelet on completely overexposed image, fixes #2971
  - Change type of src to 'signed char' as it contains negative numbers. Background is that 'char' is considered 'unsigned' on some architectures which causes a compliation error with C++11
  - Add explicit type conversions to satisfy C++11 requirements. (cherry picked from commit b93c730)
  - Updated dcraw.patch file
* Wed Nov 11 2015
  - SSE code for vertical part of boxblur
  - Add SSEFUNCTION header to boxblur
  - generateTranslationDiffs
  - Fix bug for Nikon files with ISO > 12800
  - Fix bug for non Nikon files with ISO > 65535
* Tue Nov 03 2015
  - Use iterated boxblur to approximate gaussian blur for retinex
  - Fix inconsistent preview in retinex when Colour Propagation is active
  - Fix wrong behaviour of retinex in combination with Colour propagation when zooming in
* Sun Nov 01 2015
  - Removed text so the appdata.xml file validates
  - Better chroma subsampling explanation and correct
  - Fixes Retinex Method not read from PP3 (issue 2833)
  - Fixes Retinex Hue Equalizer not reapplying effect when changing Method (issue 2833)
  - Small fix to Retinex tooltips
* Tue Oct 20 2015
  - Fixed language error in Retinex Gamma label (no issue)
* Sat Oct 17 2015
  - New Restinex Tool
  - Improved quality of Colour Propagation for some cases
  - Use default theme if options file sets theme to nothing, "Theme=" (fixes #2937)
* Wed Oct 14 2015
  - Sometimes getimage is not called after demosaic (fixes #2932)
  - Fix for build with sigc++ >= 2.5.2
  - Fix for build with C++11 flags
  - Updated dcraw.patch file
* Sun Oct 11 2015
  - Segfault when curve black point is moved below white point (fixes #2923)
  - Speedup and reduced memory usage for Colour Propagation
* Tue Oct 06 2015
  - Speeduo for Hot/Dead pixel detection
  - Reduced updates to progress bar for amaze demosaic
  - Removed Stopwatches
  - Color propagation highlight reconstruction causes crash on some files (fixes #2928)
* Thu Oct 01 2015
  - Enable DCP options regardless of DCP source. Neutral profile disables DCP curve and look table (fixes #2922)
* Sun Sep 27 2015
  - Changed Noise Reduction method string
  - Updated French strings
* Sat Sep 26 2015
  - Wavelet contrast and chroma interfere #2894
  - Added Canon EOS 100D/Canon EOS Rebel SL1/Canon EOS Kiss X7 daylight DCP made using DCamProf 0.9.11
  - Added Canon PowerShot G7 X dual-illuminant DCP made using DCamProf 0.9.11
  - Added Pentax K10D dual-illuminant DCP made using DCamProf 0.9.11
  - Wrong naming of snapshots in SETM, fixes #2915
  - Added better Canon PowerShot G7 X dual-illuminant DCP made using DCamProf 0.9.11
  - Added Pentax K-5 II dual-illuminant DCP made using DCamProf 0.9.11
  - Removed USM sharpening Threshold selector's background gradient and switched its place with Amount (fixes 2906)
* Tue Sep 22 2015
  - Changed default delay for adjusters from 0 to 200 ms
  - Updated instructions compile on OSX
  - Wavelet contrast and chroma interfere #2894
* Sun Sep 20 2015
  - Update package conflicts
* Wed Sep 09 2015
  - Fixes #2892 - tone curve node spinbutton range
  - Updated Deutsch translation closing (issue #2896)
  - Added TooWaBoo, thanks for translating the Deutsch file :-)
  - Fixed "HISTORY_MSG_167;Demosaicing method" string
* Tue Sep 01 2015
  - crash when first two curve points are at x=0 (issue #2888)
* Sat Aug 29 2015
  - Don't replace focal_len from Exif by focal_len from Makernotes if Makernotes focal_len is 0 (issue #2877)
  - Added tools/generateLensList Bash4 script to make updating lens ID from exiftool for rtexif/* easy
  - Update lens IDs from exiftool-10.00 (issue #2879)
  - Fixed octal issue
  - Updated generateLensList to handle Nikon cameras
  - Updated generateLensList to make aperture notation consistent: f/
  - Wrong handling of MakerNotes in dng files created with HDRMerge from Nikon NEF files (issue #2885)
* Fri Aug 28 2015
  - Speedup for gauss when sigma >= 70
* Wed Aug 26 2015
  - Fixed a bug in perceptual curve speedup
* Tue Aug 25 2015
  - Update
  - Speedup for Wavelet/Final Touchup/Final local contrast curve (issue #2874)
* Fri Aug 21 2015
  - Add some new features to the On Preview Objects mechanism
  - More meaningful processor info
  - Speedup for perceptual curve (issue #2817)
* Tue Aug 18 2015
  - Fixed "Unknown git option: -C" for git<1.8.5 (issue #2871)
  - Fixed formatting in rtengine/helpersse2.h and rtengine/opthelper.h
* Tue Aug 18 2015
  - Crash when saving to uncompressed tiff using a huge output profile
  - Fix Canon dual ISO problem
  - Fix CMake and AboutThisBuild with git (see issue #2860)
  - Adding Gcc 5 support for backard compatibility with Mingw/Gtkmm2 (windows related)
  - Code cleanup
* Wed Aug 12 2015
  - Crash in openSuSe when using Avoid Color Shift in Wavelet Tab (issue 2876)
  - Formatted all .cc and .h code in rtengine, rtexif and rtgui using astyle
  - Line endings
* Tue Aug 11 2015
  - Issue 2826: USM threshold slider lacks history entry or undo
  - Updated all interface language files for translation
  - Updated Swedish translation on behalf of Johan (issue 2875)
  - Updated camconst.json on behalf of Ilias (issue 2348)
* Sun Aug 09 2015
  - Removed unused files
  - Issue 2873: Next/Previous Image buttons should not clear active filters.
  - Issue 2872: Fixed Wavelet defects reported by Coverity
* Sat Aug 08 2015
  - Fixed possible issue with #pragma directive
  - Compile error in (issue 2871)
* Wed Aug 05 2015
  - Issue 2869: further removal of unnecessary re-demosicing
  - Possibly fixes some compile errors when using gcc 5.x on windows (no issue)
  - Issue 2869: don't re-demosaic when changing ICC/DNG profile
  - Too saturated greens when using CIACAM02
* Fri Jul 31 2015
  - Issue 2863: fixed batch mode perceptual curve bug
  - Issue 2844: Wavelet improvements to Edge Sharpness and Denoise and Refine, also some language file fixes.
  - Added tooltip to Save Reference Image for Profiling's Apply white balance checkbox (no issue).
  - Issue 2855: Changed straighten and crop tool mouse cursor icons from GDK::CROSSHAIR to cHand so that they will be visible when used over both light and dark images.
  - Issue 2837: Fixed CIECAM02 clipping issues
* Mon Jul 27 2015
  - Issue 2837: added 'Perceptual' tone curve
* Sun Jul 26 2015
  - Issue 2854: reverted recent highlight behavior
* Sat Jul 25 2015
  - Issue 2850: make it truly srgb (was wrong curve segment gamma before)
  - Issue 2850: updated ppversion due to slight curve behavior change
  - Issue 2850: normalized RGB-pipeline curve gammas to sRGB, make curve algorithms operate on linear image data
  - Solving issue 2846: "Wavelet - expanding a sub-tool adds a history item"
* Thu Jul 23 2015
  - Issue 2842: Fix by Ingo to prevent black square artifacts from appearing when using Post-Resize Sharpening - RL Deconvolution and a non-zero value for the Black slider.
  - Japanese interface translation updated by firefly  (issue 2848)
  - Update all language files for translation
  - Issue 2739: DCP settings in Color Management panel moved into own frame.
* Thu Jul 16 2015
  - Wavelet zero-out unwated levels bug fixed, (issue 2702 #369)
  - Issue 2843: fixed newly introduced highlight clipping issue
  - Issue 2843: Hl compression function restored (restored some bad changes caused by new DCP look table code)
* Wed Jul 15 2015
  - Added Wavelet sub-tool enable/disable buttons, and some bug fixes (issue 2831)
* Mon Jul 13 2015
  - Fixed missing code for new DCP parameters
  - Fixes a bug when compiling with gcc < 4.9.x, using OpenMP and aligned memory and -O3
* Fri Jul 10 2015
  - 4.2.245 - Linux, segfault (issue 2835)
  - Issue 2134: removed obsolete raw highlight preservation setting from GUI (still left in procparams for backwards compatilibility)
  - Issue 2803: adjusted clipping behavior of raw image
  - Removed obsolete raw parameters from convertcolorspace; cleaned up dcp; support Adobe DNG profiles which expect ACR standard curve
* Thu Jul 09 2015
  - Cleaned up unnecessary #include <iomanip>
  - Added tools/generateDirtyFiles Bash script to help find unnecessary header includes
  - The Wavelet sub-tools are now foldable using right-click and memorized upon restart, and the Wavelet main tool is expanded by default
* Wed Jul 08 2015
  - Compilation fails on GCC-4.7.2 (issue 2832)
  - clipping fix for (issue 2739)
  - Exposure and Contrast by Detail Levels buttons made to stretch and fit (no issue)
  - Wavelet Levels improvements and cleanup (issue 2702 #359)
* Wed Jul 08 2015
  - CIECAM02 speedup
  - DCP looktable and curve now applied after exposure, plus fixed some premature clipping issues
  - Wavelet levels improvements (issue 2702)
  - Added Post-Resize Sharpening tool with some code cleanups, optimizations and language file consistency improvements (issue 2825)
* Wed Jul 01 2015
  - Ciecam02 artifacts (issue 2819)
  - Added astyle options file to format source code, so we can all commit consistently formatted code. Usage: astyle --options=rawtherapee.astylerc
  - Added Ctrl+s keyboard shortcut to start/stop the queue when the Queue tab is focused (issue 2822)
* Fri Jun 26 2015
  - Fixed endless loop in chromiluminancecurve (issue 2821), Fixed some ciecam02 bugs (issue 2819)
* Thu Jun 25 2015
  - Don't prefetch camera icc profiles (issue 2818)
  - reduce number of file system accesses to load icon files (issue 2816)
  - Make sure output from HueSatMap is used as input for LookTable (if both exist). No visible difference in most cases, but now it's made in the right order anyway.
  - Fixed typo causing rendering errors of some gamma-encoded DCPs
* Sat Jun 20 2015
  - Don't allow focus on reset buttons when using keyboard (issue 2814)
  - Japanese interface translation updated by firefly (issue 2811)
  - block 'a' to 'z', '+' and '-' for numeric input fields (issue 2808)
* Thu Jun 11 2015
  - Avoid division by zero crash when options file contains 0 for 'Performance/nrhigh' (no issue)
* Wed Jun 10 2015
  - Wavelet edge sharpness: change of default.for the 1-st level.
  - Re-generated all interface language files for Wavelet translation
  - Final Wavelet language string revision, and made hue slider and threshold selector order consistent between tools (issue 2702)
  - 2702wave3
  - Moved wavelet to its own tab
  - Added File Browser and Filmstrip toolbar button to show only non-deleted images, patch from Adam Reichold (issue 2178)
  - Explicitly set default for crop/fixratio to false (no issue)
* Sun Jun 07 2015
  - Multiple editor tabs in own window mode: Opening second tab expands complete tools tree in first tab (issue 2802)
  - Added crop orientation 'As Image' (issue 2577); fixed 'Crop Lock Ratio gets disabled when crop size larger than image size' (issue 992)
  - Disable nested parallelism when compiled with clang (issue 2731)
  - Wavelet improvements (issue 2702)
  - Fixed input profile handling for non-raw images (issue 2801)
* Mon Jun 01 2015
  - fixed wrong white level scaling for sony arw files (no issue)
  - Japanese interface translation updated by firefly (issue 2799)
* Fri May 29 2015
  - Solving issue 2794: "Tone curves" ; The weighted standard could not be read from pp3 file...
  - Crash on Win64 when embedded jpeg thumb is corrupted (issue 2795)
  - Open editor for highlighted image in filmstrip and file browser with enter key (issue 2791)
  - Preferences dialog shows wrong GIMP (Wimdows) and PS (Windows and Apple) directory after restart (issue 2793)
  - P45 IIQ issues (issue 2792)
* Tue May 26 2015
  - Use sRGB for jpg files containing a non RGB profile (no issue)
  - Setting the default thumbnail size to 250px, to save quite a lot of disck space (for fresh install)
  - Save recent folders in options file (issue 2790)
  - g-key-file-error-quark occures rather often and freezes RT (issue 807)
  - Crash when loading jpg file with corrupted embedded profile, no Issue
  - 'Navigator preview is blurred for small images (issue 2785) and 'Navigator panel does not update when switching RT between full screen & windowed (issue 2424)
  - Fixed an endless loop when using camconst entry without white level (no issue)
  - reverted my last two commits because they contain an unsolved bug...
  - small correction to last patch to avoid a warning during compile, no Issue
  - g-key-file-error-quark occures rather often and freeze RT (issue 807)
  - Correction for Issue 2776, ' does not respect the Illuminant tags in DNG files'
* Thu May 21 2015
  - Solving issue 2610: "Display curve node input/output values" + add a new tone curve mode (Luminance)
  - Added x3f to list of parsed extensions (no issue)
  - Removed "Preferences > General > Show processing profile selector" (issue 2571)
  - Fix profile saving to respect the user's choice - in the cache, alongside the source image, or not at all (issue 1873)
* Tue May 19 2015
  - States of tools are lost when closing rt without opening an image in SETM (issue 2779)
  - image processing 1000 times slower if image in portrait orientation (issue 2783)
  - Wavelet Denoise & Refine levels not saved to PP3 correctly (issue 2784)
  - Speedup for ImProcFunctions::chromiLuminanceCurve (issue 2772)
  - High quality Noise Reduction produces tiling pattern (issue 2774)
  - Bugfix for '24 and 32 bit hdr dng images are not shown, Issue 2780', ' does not respect the Illuminant tags in DNG files, Issue 2776' and 'camconst.json support for raw files of various bit depths from the same camera model (12-bit, 14-bit) (issue 2778)
  - When opening an empty folder, file browser shows image count from previous non-empty folder (issue 606)
* Sat May 16 2015
  - Reverting my own mess; buffer overrun patch from Mar 16 was bad or has become bad, don't know why. But now it goes. Let's pretend it never happened.
  - dcraw imput sanitization errors, CVE-2015-3885, (issue 2773)
  - Updated camconst.json (issue 2348 #51)
  - Issue 2766: Luminance Detail default slider value set to 0
  - Segfault when moving control points of parametric curves (issue 590 #10)
  - Speedup when 'Preferences/Use working profile for main histogran and Navigator' is disabled (issue 2767)
* Fri May 08 2015
  - Remove resize method from 'Fast Export' (issue 2768)
  - Two small fixes to generateUnusedKeys: numbering and flow
  - Issue 2765:Added CMake support for finding gtkmacintegration so CMake works with gtk-osx-application >2.0.5_2
  - RT crashes when a CMYK profile is selected as output profile (issue 2764)
  - Made svg2png.bash match both "msys" and "MSYS"
  - Fixed Nikon D750 black levels, and fixed line ending style consistency
  - Bugfix : 'msys' has to be lowercase
  - Interface translation files cleaned (issue 2756)
  - Interface translation files updated
  - Japanese interface translation updated by firefly (issue 2746)
  - Issue 2756:Clean up interface translation files
  - Issue 2755:Add color profile file type filter for Monitor Color Profile chooser
* Wed Apr 29 2015
  - Bugfix: if located in a subdirectory, the default raw or image profile couldn't be found in command line mode.
  - Update to dcraw 9.25, Revision: 1.475
  - Bugfix: RT coudn't be built anymore due to fixed initialization of an array of dynamic length.
  - The svg2png.bash script didn't work on Windows through MSYS, now it should
  - .badpixels file support for foveon and monochrome sensors (issue 2729 #109)
  - Apply rotation parameters to reference image for profiling (issue 2748)
  - Issue 2743:Disable vignetting correction LCP checkbox when working on non-raw images
* Sat Apr 18 2015
  - enhancements to Tone Mapping (issue 1714)
  - Fixed encoding so rtgui/ is no longer identified as binary (no issue)
  - New Threshold slider for Hot/Dead Pixel Filters to suppress false positives which lead to artifacts (issue 2738)
  - Basic support for some foveon cams (SD1, SD1 Merrill, DP1 Merrill, DP2 Merrill, DP3 Merrill, SD14) (issue 2729)
  - Resize algorithm cleanup (issue 994)
  - Wavelet levels - some small optimizations nopatch
* Sun Apr 12 2015
  - Wavelet levels - contrast residual and levels (issue 2702)
  - Solving issue 2735: "Apply/paste partial profile broken in build 4.2.147 - applies full parameters"
  - Improved rendering of Navigator preview (issue 2733)
  - Solving issue 2732: "Command-line option to use default (non)raw PP3 does not work"
* Tue Mar 31 2015
  - Wavelet levels Improvments (issue2702)
  - RawTherapee crashes in c:\users\{username} (issue 2727)
  - Fixed an unitialized variable (no issue)
  - Serialze read of tiff files (issue 2722)
  - Put two lines inside p tags in rawtherapee.appdata.xml
* Mon Mar 23 2015
  - Hald CLUT files in png format are opened with wrong gamma (issue 2720)
  - Added possibility to export profiling reference image without WB to make it possible to generate DNG profiles; also apply transform and scaling on profiling reference image
  - Remember zoom % and pan offset when opening another image (issue 2435)
* Fri Mar 20 2015
  - Sortable tree in File Browser, gc (issue 2678)
  - Undid 413c3eb60f17 (issue 2678#c22)
  - Prevent segfault when locale invalid (issue 2717)
  - Don't display arrow for File Browser's item if doesn't contains subfolders (issue 1390 and issue 2678 #5)
  - DCP: added support for sRGB-gamma-encoded LUTs (issue 2718)
* Tue Mar 17 2015
  - Fixed the fix to issue 2713
  - Enhance usability of the Tools' Enable/Disable button.
  - Apply crop parameters to reference image for profiling (Argyll workflow becomes much easier)
  - Spot white balance tool's square does not get drawn under the cursor (issue 2714)
  - Segfault on opening TIFFs with empty Make and Model tags (issue 2713)
  - Bring back the remembering feature of the expanded/collapsed status of the tools. See issue 2648. Additionnally, correct a GUI bug of the B&W tool: the display wasn't initialized correctly when opening a new editor.
* Fri Mar 13 2015
  - Fixed buffer overrun bug in parallel dcb demosaic
  - Choose where the curve copypasta buttons should appear relative to the flat/diagonal curves (issue 2654)
  - Solving wrong behavior of the MyExpander's Enable button.
  - Crop guides are displayed incorrectly when image is zoomed in (issue 2666)
  - Added fit-crop-to-screen Editor button (issue 2706)
  - Added Nikon D750 DCP (issue 2700)
  - Nederlands interface translation updated by wim ter meer (issue 2707)
  - Japanese interface translation updated by firefly (issue 2703)
  - Fix to CMake process when the user does not want to use a suffix for the cache and config folders (issues 2427 and 2602)
  - Small safety improvement for buildRT
  - Fixed segfault when opening Panasonic DMC-TZ60 raws which used cropping (issue 2711)
  - First patch for issue 2648: "Improvements related to the GUI" ; now RT uses the new MyExpander class that integrates the Enabled button.
  - Reverted some Win64 gcc 4.8 related stuff as we are on gcc4.9 now (issue 2708)
* Fri Mar 06 2015
  - Fixed a bug in Noise Reduction Median type 3x3 (no issue)
* Thu Mar 05 2015
  - Automatic fall back to IGV demosaic if there's not enough memory for LMMSE demosaic (issue 2665)
  - Artifacts in ciecam02 when using ProPhoto working space (issue 2690)
  - Temporary file has wrong filename when switching to another image while 'Edit current image in external editor' is processing (issue 2699)
* Mon Mar 02 2015
  - small speedup for median pass of LMMSE demosaic (issue 2665 #82)
  - Bugfix for myfile (issue 1303 #11)
  - Abort compile when -ffast-math flag is set (issue 2698)
* Fri Feb 27 2015
  - Added ability to open images for editing from the Batch Queue tab. Patch by Leanid (prizzrak), (issue 2689)
  - Removed an unused and uninitialized variable in cacheimagedata.*
  - x-trans: Improved interpolation for red/blue pixels at blue/red locations (issue 2415 #233)
  - DCP: make chromatic adaptation of color matrix (as the DNG spec mandates) (issue 2691)
  - Updated compareRT for easy patched-vs-unpatched comparison.
  - Czech interface translation updated by mkyral (issue 2688)
* Sun Feb 22 2015
  - 16-bit tiff and png saving broken on big endian (issue 2675)
  - Speedup and reduced memory usage for lmmse demosaic (issue 2665)
  - Japanese interface translation updated by firefly (issue 2686)
  - Updated language files
  - My kingdom for more wavelets - various speedups, memory reductions, GUI changes and level numbering PP3 change. (issue 2594)
  - DCBEnhance default=true (issue 2680)
  - DCBEnhance now enabled per default (issue 2680)
* Wed Feb 18 2015
  - Preference UI for filmstrip toolbar visibility (issue 2672)
  - Japanese interface translation updated by firefly (issue 2673)
  - Speedup and reduced memory usage for lmmse demosaic (issue 2665)
  - Demosaicing method used for the preview at <100% zoom (issue 2664)
* Fri Feb 13 2015
  - Default Luminance noise reduction (issue 2647)
  - Fixed Hasselblad CFV-50c model identification
* Thu Feb 05 2015
  - Fixed some bugs in Noise Reduction (issue 2557 #254)
* Tue Feb 03 2015
  - Wavelet levels - pp3 contrast expanders (issue 2594)
  - Peak memory usage of Wavelet Tool reduced by width*height bytes (no issue)
  - Speedup for Noise Reduction in case Luma Noise Reduction is not used (issue 2557)
* Thu Jan 29 2015
  - Some small corrections to latest patch (issue 2594 #207)
* Thu Jan 29 2015
  -  Wavelet Levels - bad cut and paste for HSV Equalizer and CBDL (no issue)
  - Wavelet Levels - My kingdom for more wavelets (issue 2594)
  - Division by zero in ciecam02 (issue 2646)
  - Reduced peak memory usage of Noise Reduction (issue 2557)
  - Improvements to Preferences tabs (issue 2642)
* Sun Jan 25 2015
  - bugfix for non-SSE builds (no issue)
* Sun Jan 25 2015
  - Noise Reduction improved by using untiled processing with automatic fall back to tiled processing when not enough memory is available for untiled processing (issue 2557)
  - buildRT version number bumped to 4.2
  - Updated buildRT to version 4.2, now it performs safety checks on the entered menu choice numbers and the build folders use lowercase build type names like "release"
* Sun Jan 18 2015
  - Speedup und reduced memory usage for Noise Reduction (issue 2557 #132)
  - Fixed a crash using NR auto chroma mode in combination with rotation/distortion correction (no issue)
* Tue Jan 13 2015
  - Segfault switching between JPEG images in SETM (issue 2636)
  - Fixed Samsung NX3000 raw crop (issue 2637)
* Sun Jan 11 2015
  - Added lens info for Sigma 70mm f/2.8 EX DG Macro and minor correction for description of Sigma 105 mm
  - Updated dependencies in COMPILE.txt to include gtk2-engines so widgets look amiable
  - Small grammatical fixes in default interface language file
  - Japanese interface translation updated by firefly (issue 2628)
  - Added Hasselblad model identification in rtexif
  - ensure consistent behaviour of hlCurve and shCurve (issue 2626)
  - Added fix for Hasselblad H5D-50c 3FR parsing
  - Added Marcin Bajor to AUTHORS.txt
* Wed Jan 07 2015
  - build failed when using -Werror=format-security (no issue)
  - Start rt maximized when it was closed in minimized (iconified) state before, (issue 2627)
  - Make sure both green autowb multipliers are the same for RGB sensors
* Sun Jan 04 2015
  - Fixed whitelevel bug in 3FR calibration data handling
  - Reduced peak memory usage of Noise Reduction, Issue 2557 #119 and #123
* Sun Jan 04 2015
  - Add Sony ILCE-3500 to camconst.json and correct a typo (issue 2620)
  - Artifacts when using highlight compression with a threshold of 0 (issue 2621 #14 and #15)
  - Solving issue 2619: "RawTherapee crashes with SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault when closed"
* Tue Dec 30 2014
  - Fixed a bug in noise reduction when build with gcc 4.7.x
  - reverted some aligned memory access, which seems not to work correctly on some systems
* Tue Dec 30 2014
  - two small changes to allow debugsource packages for rpm based distros build with more strict options (no issue)
* Mon Dec 29 2014
  - Added Hasselblad 3FR calibration data parser.
  - Fixed a bug in Noise Reduction
  - Case insensitive search for maker and model of dark frame shots (issue 2472)
  - Partly solving issue 1490: "Comparator Tab / Light Table / Inspector" with the addition of an "Inspect" tab to the File Browser panel.
  - Crash when opening unsupported raw image from Sony DSC-F828, (issue 2599)
  - Speedup for Noise Reduction (issue 2557#100)
  - same order for zoom symbols in Editor and Detail Window (no issue)
  - Strange new rendering in Rt 4.2.42 when one or more channels are blown and using NR or ciecam02 (issue 2614)
  - Added code to corretly identify Hasseblad H4D-31, H4D-40 and H4D-50
* Sun Dec 14 2014
  - Speedup and some bugfixes for Noise Reduction (issue 2557 #60)
  - camconst.json updates and some small changes to (issue 2348 #49)
  - removed misplaced omp statement which led to increased processing time for HL blend mode on Windows (no issue)
  - Correction to last commit (issue 2598)
  - segfault applying LCP to Image without focal length information (issue 2598)
  - Added two lenses to (no issue)
  - Preview does not match output when using BW with a* and b* toning with chromaticity -100 - (issue 2567)
  - Array out of bounds access when using parametric curve (no issue)
* Sun Nov 30 2014
  - Array out of bounds access when using parametric curve (no issue)
  - Memory leak when using NR mode 'Auto chroma preview' (no issue)
* Sat Nov 29 2014
  - Stop the queue if error saving, Issue 2257 and Segfault on indexed PNG (issue 2556)
* Thu Nov 27 2014
  - Multiple Editor Tabs in separate window: crash when closing tab while (image update) processing is running (issue 2587)
* Sun Nov 23 2014
  - B&W + channel mixer + color filter = maximum brightness too low, whites turn gray (issue 2583)
  - Bugfix and Enhancement for Clut, (issue 2584), Kudos to Flössie
  - Updated Japanese interface translation thanks to firefly (issue 2579)
  - Batch conversion of large format images (17000px by 11000px) will crash RT (issue 2582)
* Mon Nov 17 2014
  - Some fixes for Noise Reduction (issue 2557 #50)
* Thu Nov 13 2014
  - Some fixes for Noise Reduction (issue 2557 #23)
  - Chroma denoising alter colour (issue 2568)
  - Scrollbars in Partial Paste window (issue 2332)
  - Updated Japanese interface translation(issue 2562), and re-generated the other language files.
* Thu Nov 06 2014
  - .badpixels file support for X-Trans sensor (issue 2543)
* Thu Nov 06 2014
  - Fixed a crash when enabling Noise Reduction in before/after mode, no Issue
  - Compile fails on architectures other than x86_64 (issue 2558)
* Thu Nov 06 2014
  - Fixed two crashes when working with parametric curves (issue 590)
  - Noise Reduction - auto chroma (issue 2495)
  - Difference in brightness with CIECAM02 (issue 2510)
  - Stay at queue panel when queue panel was active while closing an editor panel
  - Restored old behaviour when closing Editor Panel, (no issue)
  - Fixed another race condition in raw auto ca correction, (issue 2554)
  - Changed RELEASE_NOTES.txt to development mode.
* Mon Nov 03 2014
  - Bugfix for two crashes and some window title issues (see issue 1493 for details)
  - Solving issue 2161: "Hide Filmstrip elements"
* Sun Nov 02 2014
  - Changed inactive text color so that you can see the values of inactive sliders when using an automated mode, e.g. NR auto chroma
  - 851automonprofile1
* Thu Oct 30 2014
  - Uninitialized memory access in lmmse demosaic (no issue)
  - Race condition in raw auto ca correction (no issue)
  - Clang compile fix in DNG float code
  - Race condition when using Denoise Luminance curve (issue 2549)
  - Added Brighten.pp3 to brighten up non-raw images (issue 2409)
  - Fix race condition involving version.h. So far affects Debian Testing and OpenBSD using Ninja (issue 2446)
* Fri Oct 24 2014
  - Added tag 4.2 for changeset c81d9026d25c
  - Updated RELEASE_NOTES.txt for 4.2
  - Updated Chinese (Simplified) interface translation (issue 2545)
  - Updated Czech interface translation (issue 2546)
  - Updated splash screen to 4.2
  - Update to defaults and re-generated some bundled profiles to make better use of modern tools
  - Camconst.json updates, (issue 2348)
* Wed Oct 22 2014
  - Added %{_datadir}/appdata/rawtherapee.appdata.xml to filelist
* Wed Oct 22 2014
  - CACHE_NAME_SUFFIX might be empty for releases.
  - Added AppData file for better integration with package managers: rawtherapee.appdata.xml. (issue 2512)
  - Updated Japanese interface translation on behalf of firefly (issue 2541)
  - Added option to choose output file bit depth 8-bit/16-bit from command-line, see --help (issue 2525)
  - Removed tiling pattern caused by race conditions in Highlight Reconstruction method Color propagation (issue 2481)
  - White Balance Blue/Red Equalizer hangs RT or quirks when Method = Auto, (issue 2500)
  - Shortened strings used by the Black-and-White tool (issue 2010#c174)
  - Speedup for Tone Mapping (issue 2528)
  - Reduce peak memory usage of queue processing (issue 2527)
  - Updated Nederlands (Dutch) interface translation file on behalf of wim ter meer (issue 2540)
* Sun Oct 19 2014
  - Fixes a crash in METM when closing an Editor tab while File browser tab is active (no issue)
* Sat Oct 18 2014
  - Fixes undefined behaviour in (no issue)
  - Regenerated remaining interface language files
  - Changed L a b to L* a* b* (issue 2539)
  - Updated Polish interface translation files (issue 2492)
  - Revised default interface language file (issue 2539)
  - Updated Spanish (Espanol) interface translation file (issue 2538)
  - Issue 2456, revert to embedded thumb when profile is removed
* Wed Oct 15 2014
  - Let hot pixel filter work at all zoom levels so Auto Levels works correctly (issue 2535)


/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Canon EOS 100D.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Canon EOS 1300D.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Canon EOS 20D.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Canon EOS 400D.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Canon EOS 40D.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Canon EOS 450D.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Canon EOS 50D.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Canon EOS 550D.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Canon EOS 5D Mark III.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Canon EOS 5D.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Canon EOS 600D.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Canon EOS 60D.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Canon EOS 650D.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Canon EOS 6D Mark II.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Canon EOS 6D.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Canon EOS 7D Mark II.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Canon EOS 7D.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Canon EOS D60.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Canon EOS RP.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Canon EOS-1D Mark III.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Canon PowerShot G10.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Canon PowerShot G12.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Canon PowerShot G7 X.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Canon PowerShot S110.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/FUJIFILM FinePix F600EXR.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/FUJIFILM GFX 50R.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/FUJIFILM X-Pro2.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/FUJIFILM X-S1.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/FUJIFILM X-T1.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/FUJIFILM X-T10.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/FUJIFILM X-T2.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/FUJIFILM X-T20.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/FUJIFILM X-T30.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/FUJIFILM X100S.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/FUJIFILM X100T.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Fujifilm FinePix S9500.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Fujifilm X-E1.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Fujifilm X-E2.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/LG Mobile LG-H815.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Leaf Aptus 75.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/MINOLTA DYNAX 7D.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/NIKON COOLPIX P7800.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/NIKON D300.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/NIKON D50.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/NIKON D5000.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/NIKON D5600.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/NIKON D600.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/NIKON D700.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/NIKON D70s.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/NIKON D7200.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/NIKON D750.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/NIKON D80.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/NIKON D800E.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/NIKON D810.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Nikon D200.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Nikon D3000.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Nikon D3100.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Nikon D3S.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Nikon D5100.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Nikon D7000.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/OLYMPUS E-510.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/OLYMPUS E-M10.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/OLYMPUS E-M1MarkII.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Olympus E-1.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Olympus E-520.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Olympus E-M5.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Olympus E-P2.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Olympus XZ-1.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/PENTAX K-5 II.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/PENTAX K-5.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/PENTAX K10D.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Panasonic DC-G9.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Panasonic DC-GX9.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Panasonic DC-S1.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Panasonic DC-TZ91.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Panasonic DMC-FZ1000.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Panasonic DMC-FZ150.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Panasonic DMC-FZ35.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Panasonic DMC-FZ38.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Panasonic DMC-G1.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Panasonic DMC-G3.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Panasonic DMC-G5.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Panasonic DMC-GH1.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Panasonic DMC-GH2.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Panasonic DMC-GX7.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Panasonic DMC-GX85.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Pentax K-r.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Pentax K200D.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/RICOH GR III.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/RICOH PENTAX K-1.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/RICOH PENTAX K-3.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/SONY DSLR-A580.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/SONY ILCE-6000.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/SONY ILCE-6300.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/SONY ILCE-6500.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/SONY ILCE-7M2.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/SONY ILCE-7M3.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/SONY ILCE-7RM3.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/SONY SLT-A99V.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Sony DSLR-A700.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Sony DSLR-A900.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Sony NEX-5N.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/Sony SLT-A55V.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/YI TECHNOLOGY M1.dcp
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/input/Canon EOS 20D.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/input/Canon EOS 40D.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/input/Canon EOS 450D.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/input/Canon EOS 550D.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/input/Canon EOS 5D.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/input/Canon EOS-1D Mark III.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/input/Canon PowerShot G10.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/input/Canon PowerShot G12.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/input/Nikon D200.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/input/Nikon D3000.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/input/Nikon D3100.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/input/Nikon D3S.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/input/Nikon D700.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/input/Nikon D7000.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/input/Olympus E-P2.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/input/Panasonic DMC-FZ150.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/input/Panasonic DMC-FZ35.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/input/Panasonic DMC-FZ38.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/input/Panasonic DMC-G1.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/input/Panasonic DMC-G3.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/input/Panasonic DMC-GH1.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/input/Panasonic DMC-GH2.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/input/Pentax K200D.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/input/Sony DSLR-A700.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/input/Sony DSLR-A900.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/input/Sony SLT-A55V.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/output/DCI-P3 D65.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/iccprofiles/output/DCI-P3 Theater.icc
/usr/share/rawtherapee/languages/Chinese (Simplified)
/usr/share/rawtherapee/languages/English (UK)
/usr/share/rawtherapee/languages/English (US)
/usr/share/rawtherapee/languages/Portugues (Brasil)
/usr/share/rawtherapee/languages/Serbian (Cyrilic Characters)
/usr/share/rawtherapee/profiles/Auto-Matched Curve - ISO High.pp3
/usr/share/rawtherapee/profiles/Auto-Matched Curve - ISO Low.pp3
/usr/share/rawtherapee/profiles/Auto-Matched Curve - ISO Medium.pp3
/usr/share/rawtherapee/profiles/Pixel Shift
/usr/share/rawtherapee/profiles/Pixel Shift/PS ISO High.pp3
/usr/share/rawtherapee/profiles/Pixel Shift/PS ISO Low.pp3
/usr/share/rawtherapee/profiles/Pixel Shift/PS ISO Medium.pp3
/usr/share/rawtherapee/profiles/Pixel Shift/PS No Motion.pp3
/usr/share/rawtherapee/profiles/Pop/Pop 1.pp3
/usr/share/rawtherapee/profiles/Pop/Pop 2 Lab.pp3
/usr/share/rawtherapee/profiles/Pop/Pop 3 Skin.pp3
/usr/share/rawtherapee/profiles/Pop/Pop 4 Black-and-White.pp3
/usr/share/rawtherapee/profiles/Standard Film Curve - ISO High.pp3
/usr/share/rawtherapee/profiles/Standard Film Curve - ISO Low.pp3
/usr/share/rawtherapee/profiles/Standard Film Curve - ISO Medium.pp3
/usr/share/rawtherapee/themes/TooWaBlue - Bright-GTK3-20_.css
/usr/share/rawtherapee/themes/TooWaBlue - Dark-GTK3-20_.css
/usr/share/rawtherapee/themes/TooWaGrey - Average Surround-GTK3-20_.css
/usr/share/rawtherapee/themes/TooWaGrey - Bright-GTK3-20_.css
/usr/share/rawtherapee/themes/TooWaGrey - Dark-GTK3-20_.css

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