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libblockdev-2.29-1.fc38 RPM for i686

From Fedora 38 updates for x86_64 / Packages / l

Name: libblockdev Distribution: Fedora Project
Version: 2.29 Vendor: Fedora Project
Release: 1.fc38 Build date: Tue Mar 26 10:36:51 2024
Group: Unspecified Build host:
Size: 328789 Source RPM: libblockdev-2.29-1.fc38.src.rpm
Packager: Fedora Project
Summary: A library for low-level manipulation with block devices
The libblockdev is a C library with GObject introspection support that can be
used for doing low-level operations with block devices like setting up LVM,
BTRFS, LUKS or MD RAID. The library uses plugins (LVM, BTRFS,...) and serves as
a thin wrapper around its plugins' functionality. All the plugins, however, can
be used as standalone libraries. One of the core principles of libblockdev is
that it is stateless from the storage configuration's perspective (e.g. it has
no information about VGs when creating an LV).






* Tue Mar 26 2024 Vojtech Trefny <> - 2.29-1
  - lvm-dbus: Fix passing size for pvresize over DBus (vtrefny)
  - tests: Remove ext fs_check tests on mounted filesystem (tbzatek)
  - Disable LVM devices config file when running tests (vtrefny)
  - tests: Replace deprecated unittest assert calls (vtrefny)
  - Add part plugin to the plugin config files (vtrefny)
  - tests: Require BlockDev 2.0 in the tests (vtrefny)
  - s390: Do not try to close an unopened stream (vtrefny)
  - tests: Skip test_ext4_check on rawhide (vtrefny)
  - Allow resizing of inactive LVs with latest LVM (vtrefny)
  - fs/xfs: Open device read-only for xfs_info (mvollmer)
  - part: Fix segfault when adding a partition too big for MSDOS (vtrefny)
  - tests: XFS no longer needs to be mounted to get info (vtrefny)
  - fs: Don't require XFS filesystem to be mounted when getting info (mvollmer)
  - tests: Skip lvm_dbus_tests.LvmTestLVcreateRemove on CentOS 8 (vtrefny)
  - spec: Stop building dm plugin with dmraid support on Fedora >= 38 (vtrefny)
  - spec: Remove dependency on dmraid (vtrefny)
  - fs: Add support for exFAT filesystem (vtrefny)
  - tests: Remove rules for skipping tests on old/unsupported releases (vtrefny)
  - tests: Skip DDF RAID tests on rawhide (vtrefny)
  - btrfs: Fix parsing snapshot info without valid otime (vtrefny)
  - crypto: Fix double free in write_escrow_data_file (vtrefny)
  - crypto: Fix GError overwrite from libvolume_key (vtrefny)
  - spec: Change license string to the SPDX format required by Fedora (vtrefny)
  - tests: Use BlockDev.utils_get_linux_version instead of os.uname (vtrefny)
  - tests: Use packaging.version instead of distutils.version (vtrefny)
  - tests: Use shutil.which instead of distutils.spawn.find_executable (vtrefny)
  - Do not use distutils to get Python library path (vtrefny)
* Fri Mar 17 2023 Vojtech Trefny <> - 2.28-5
  - Stop building dm plugin with dmraid support on Fedora >= 38
* Thu Jan 19 2023 Vojtech Trefny <> - 2.28-4
  - Remove dependency on dmraid
* Fri Nov 11 2022 Vojtech Trefny <> - 2.28-3
  - Change license string to the SPDX format required by Fedora
* Thu Sep 15 2022 Kevin Fenzi <> - 2.28-2
  - Change Requires on mpath subpackage for device-mapper-multipath back to Recommends.
  - This breaks rawhide compose/livecd's.
  - See
* Wed Sep 14 2022 Vojtech Trefny <> - 2.28-1
  - mpath: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference (vtrefny)
  - ci: Add GitHub actions for running rpmbuilds and csmock (vtrefny)
  - ci: Add .lgtm.yaml config for LGTM (vtrefny)
  - mdraid: Fix use after free (vtrefny)
  - dm: Fix comparing DM RAID member devices UUID (vtrefny)
  - tests: Make smaller images for test_lvcreate_type (vtrefny)
  - tests: Wait for raid and mirrored LVs to be synced before removing (vtrefny)
  - mdraid: Fix copy-paste error when checking return value (vtrefny)
  - mdraid: Try harder to get container UUID in bd_md_examine (vtrefny)
  - mdraid: Do not ignore errors from bd_md_canonicalize_uuid in bd_md_examine (vtrefny)
  - Add a test case for DDF arrays/containers (vtrefny)
  - mdraid: Try harder to get container UUID in bd_md_detail (vtrefny)
  - Fix mismatched functions return value type (zhanghongtao22)
  - spec: Require the same version utils from plugins (vtrefny)
  - mpath: Memory leak fix (vtrefny)
  - tests: Use ext instead of xfs in MountTestCase.test_mount_ro_device (vtrefny)
  - tests: Create bigger devices for XFS tests (vtrefny)
  - lvm: Fix bd_lvm_get_supported_pe_sizes in Python on 32bit (vtrefny)
  - Fix typos (biebl)
* Thu Jul 21 2022 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.27-3
  - Rebuilt for
* Mon Jun 13 2022 Python Maint <> - 2.27-2
  - Rebuilt for Python 3.11
* Wed Jun 01 2022 Vojtech Trefny <> - 2.27-1
  - crypto: Remove unused and leaking error in write_escrow_data_file (vtrefny)
  - kbd: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference in bd_kbd_bcache_create (vtrefny)
  - kbd: Fix leaking error in bd_kbd_bcache_detach (vtrefny)
  - kbd: Add missing progress reporting to bd_kbd_bcache_create (vtrefny)
  - boilerplate_generator: Remove unused variable assignment (vtrefny)
  - crypto: Remove useless comparison in progress report in luks_format (vtrefny)
  - lvm: Use correct integer type in for comparison (vtrefny)
  - lvm: Do not include duplicate entries in bd_lvm_lvs output (vtrefny)
  - lvm: Do not set global config to and empty string (vtrefny)
  - tests: Fix expected extended partition flags with new parted (vtrefny)
  - tests: Skip test_lvcreate_type on CentOS/RHEL 9 (vtrefny)
  - lvm-dbus: Add support for changing compression and deduplication (vtrefny)
  - s390: Remove double fclose in bd_s390_dasd_online (#2045784) (vtrefny)
  - fs: Return BD_FS_ERROR_UNKNOWN_FS on mounting unknown filesystem (tbzatek)
  - tests: Use losetup to create 4k sector size loop device for testing (vtrefny)
  - tests: Fix creating loop device for CryptoTestLuksSectorSize (vtrefny)
  - lvm: Fix reading statistics for VDO pools with VDO 8 (vtrefny)
  - vdo_stats: Default to 100 % savings for invalid savings values (vtrefny)
  - tests: Remove test for NTFS read-only mounting (vtrefny)
  - tests: Lower expected free space on newly created Ext filesystems (vtrefny)
  - tests: Do not check that swap flag is not supported on DOS table (vtrefny)
  - overrides: Fix translating exceptions in ErrorProxy (vtrefny)



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