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p11-kit-0.24.1-3.fc37 RPM for i686

From Fedora 37 for x86_64 / p

Name: p11-kit Distribution: Fedora Project
Version: 0.24.1 Vendor: Fedora Project
Release: 3.fc37 Build date: Fri Jul 22 04:41:01 2022
Group: Unspecified Build host:
Size: 1725653 Source RPM: p11-kit-0.24.1-3.fc37.src.rpm
Packager: Fedora Project
Summary: Library for loading and sharing PKCS#11 modules
p11-kit provides a way to load and enumerate PKCS#11 modules, as well
as a standard configuration setup for installing PKCS#11 modules in
such a way that they're discoverable.






* Fri Jul 22 2022 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.24.1-3
  - Rebuilt for
* Thu Jan 20 2022 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.24.1-2
  - Rebuilt for
* Mon Jan 17 2022 Packit Service <> - 0.24.1-1
  - Release 0.24.1 (Daiki Ueno)
  - common: Support copying attribute array recursively (Daiki Ueno)
  - common: Add assert_ptr_cmp (Daiki Ueno)
  - gtkdoc: remove dependencies on custom target files (Eli Schwartz)
  - doc: Replace occurrence of black list with blocklist (Daiki Ueno)
  - build: Suppress cppcheck false-positive on array bounds (Daiki Ueno)
  - ci: Use Docker image from the same repository (Daiki Ueno)
  - ci: Integrate Docker image building to GitHub workflow (Daiki Ueno)
  - rpc: Fallback to version 0 if server does not support negotiation (Daiki Ueno)
  - build: Port e850e03be65ed573d0b69ee0408e776c08fad8a3 to meson (Daiki Ueno)
  - Link libp11-kit so that it cannot unload (Emmanuel Dreyfus)
  - trust: Use dngettext for plurals (Daiki Ueno)
  - rpc: Support protocol version negotiation (Daiki Ueno)
  - rpc: Separate authentication step from transaction (Daiki Ueno)
  - Meson: p11_system_config_modules instead of p11_package_config_modules (Issam E. Maghni)
  - shell: test -a|o is not POSIX (Issam E. Maghni)
  - Meson: Add libtasn1 to trust programs (Issam E. Maghni)
  - meson: optionalise glib's development files for gtk_doc (Đoàn Trần Công Danh)
* Sat Jan 08 2022 Miro Hrončok <> - 0.23.22-5
  - Rebuilt for
* Thu Jul 22 2021 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.23.22-4
  - Rebuilt for
* Tue Jan 26 2021 Daiki Ueno <> - 0.23.22-3
  - Suppress intentional memleak in getprogname emulation (#1905581)
* Tue Jan 26 2021 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.23.22-2
  - Rebuilt for
* Fri Dec 11 2020 Packit Service <> - 0.23.22-1
  - Release 0.23.22 (Daiki Ueno)
  - Follow-up to arithmetic overflow fix (David Cook)
  - Check for arithmetic overflows before allocating (David Cook)
  - Check attribute length against buffer size (David Cook)
  - Fix bounds check in p11_rpc_buffer_get_byte_array (David Cook)
  - Fix buffer overflow in log_token_info (David Cook)
  - common: Don't assume __STDC_VERSION__ is always defined (Daiki Ueno)
  - compat: getauxval: correct compiler macro for FreeBSD (Daiki Ueno)
  - compat: fdwalk: add guard for Linux specific local variables (Daiki Ueno)
  - meson: Add missing libtasn1 dependency (Daiki Ueno)
  - travis: Add freebsd build (Daiki Ueno)
  - anchor: Prefer persistent format when storing anchor (Daiki Ueno)
  - travis: Run "make check" along with "make distcheck" for coverage (Daiki Ueno)
  - travis: Use python3 as the default Python interpreter (Daiki Ueno)
  - travis: Route to Ubuntu 20.04 base image (Daiki Ueno)
  - meson: Set -fstack-protector for MinGW64 cross build (Daiki Ueno)
  - meson: expand ternary operator in function call for compatibility (Daiki Ueno)
  - meson: Use custom_target for generating external XML entities (Daiki Ueno)
  - meson: Allow building manpages without gtk-doc (Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig))
  - Rename is_path_component to is_path_separator (Alexander Sosedkin)
  - Use is_path_component in one more place (Alexander Sosedkin)
  - Remove more duplicate separators in p11_path_build (Alexander Sosedkin)
  - common: Fix infloop in p11_path_build (Daiki Ueno)
  - proxy: C_CloseAllSessions: Make sure that calloc args are non-zero (Daiki Ueno)
  - build: Use calloc in a consistent manner (Daiki Ueno)
  - meson: Allow override of default bashcompdir. Fixes meson regression (issue #322).  Pass -Dbashcompdir=/xxx to meson. (John Hein)
  - common: Check for a NULL locale before freeing it (Tavian Barnes)
  - p11_test_copy_setgid: Skip setgid tests on nosuid filesystems (Anders Kaseorg)
  - unix-peer: replace incorrect include1 (Rosen Penev)
  - test-compat: Skip getprogname test if BUILDDIR contains a symlink (Daiki Ueno)
  - add trust-extract-compat into EXTRA-DIST (Xℹ Ruoyao)
  - meson: install trust-extract-compat (Xℹ Ruoyao)
  - rename to trust-extract-compat (Xℹ Ruoyao)
* Thu Nov 12 2020 Alexander Sosedkin <> - 0.23.21-3
  - Add an explicit build dependency on xsltproc
* Tue Aug 18 2020 Packit Service <> - 0.23.21-2
  - new upstream release: 0.23.21
* Tue Jul 28 2020 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.23.20-2
  - Rebuilt for



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