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pcre2-10.40-3.el9 RPM for aarch64

From CentOS Stream 9 BaseOS for aarch64

Name: pcre2 Distribution: CentOS
Version: 10.40 Vendor: CentOS
Release: 3.el9 Build date: Tue Oct 31 10:03:09 2023
Group: Unspecified Build host:
Size: 664186 Source RPM: pcre2-10.40-3.el9.src.rpm
Summary: Perl-compatible regular expression library
PCRE2 is a re-working of the original PCRE (Perl-compatible regular
expression) library to provide an entirely new API.

PCRE2 is written in C, and it has its own API. There are three sets of
functions, one for the 8-bit library, which processes strings of bytes, one
for the 16-bit library, which processes strings of 16-bit values, and one for
the 32-bit library, which processes strings of 32-bit values. There are no C++
wrappers. This package provides support for strings in 8-bit and UTF-8
encodings. Install pcre2-utf16 or pcre2-utf32 packages for the other ones.

The distribution does contain a set of C wrapper functions for the 8-bit
library that are based on the POSIX regular expression API (see the pcre2posix
man page). These can be found in a library called libpcre2posix. Note that
this just provides a POSIX calling interface to PCRE2; the regular expressions
themselves still follow Perl syntax and semantics. The POSIX API is
restricted, and does not give full access to all of PCRE2's facilities.






* Tue Oct 17 2023 Lukas Javorsky <> - 10.40-3
  - Fix issue in the backtracking optimization of character in JIT
* Wed May 18 2022 Lukas Javorsky <> - 10.40-2
  - Explicitly require uft subpackages in tools subpackage
* Fri May 13 2022 Lukas Javorsky <> - 10.40-1
  - Rebase to the 10.40
  - Resolves multiple Out-of-bounds read errors
* Fri May 13 2022 Lukas Javorsky <> - 10.39-1
  - Rebase to the 10.39
* Fri May 13 2022 Lukas Javorsky <> - 10.38-1
  - Rebase to the 10.38
  - Patch 1 upstreamed



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