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d2x - Descent 2 game and shareware data files (d2x-rebirth version)

Website: https://www.dxx-rebirth.com/
License: non-commercial
Vendor: RPM Fusion
D2X is a modification of the Descent 2 source that was released by Parallax.
It's mostly compatible with the original Descent 2, both in multi-player and
on the local machine.

This package comes with the shareware version of the game. If you want to
play the full (registered/commercial) version of the game, place the
alien1.pig, alien2.pig, fire.pig, groupa.pig, ice.pig, water.pig, descent2.hog,
descent2.ham, descent2.s11 and descent2.s22 data-files from your registered
descent version in /usr/share/d2x/full; or in $HOME/.d2x-rebirth.

If you want to have the movies also add the intro-h.mvl, other-h.mvl and
robots-h.mvl files to the dir.


d2x-1.43-28.rebirth.20210126git1afd0ee.fc34.x86_64 [3.9 MiB] Changelog by Hans de Goede (2021-02-06):
- Upstream no longer does regular releases, instead they release weekly snapshots
- Update to 20210126 snapshot

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