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larabie-decorative-fonts-0-0.23.20011216.fc40 Larabie TrueType Decorative Fonts linux/noarch
larabie-fonts-common-0-0.23.20011216.fc40 Common files for larabie-fonts linux/noarch
larabie-straight-fonts-0-0.23.20011216.fc40 Larabie TrueType Straight Fonts linux/noarch
larabie-uncommon-fonts-0-0.23.20011216.fc40 Larabie TrueType Uncommon Fonts linux/noarch
lha-1.14i-42.20161015git6f6cbc1.fc39 Archiving and compression utility for LHarc/lha/lzh archives linux/x86_64
libCg-3.1.0013-20.fc40 NVIDIA Cg Toolkit shared support library linux/i686
libCg-3.1.0013-20.fc40 NVIDIA Cg Toolkit shared support library linux/x86_64linux/i686
libcapsimage-2.0.0-29.fc40 Provides IPF support, primarily for UAE/E-UAE linux/x86_64
libcapsimage-devel-2.0.0-29.fc40 Development files for libcapsimage linux/x86_64
libndi-sdk-5.6.0-2.fc40 Libraries files for ndi-sdk linux/x86_64
libreoffice-Mendeley-1.19.8-3.fc40 Insert citations and generate bibliography from Mendeley linux/x86_64
libunrar-7.0.7-1.fc41 Decompress library for RAR v3 archives linux/x86_64
libunrar-devel-7.0.7-1.fc41 Development files for libunrar linux/x86_64
lpf-cleartype-fonts-1.0-5.fc40 Bootstrap package building cleartype-fonts using lpf linux/noarch
lpf-mscore-fonts-2.2-6.fc37 Bootstrap package building ms-core-fonts using lpf linux/noarch
lpf-mscore-tahoma-fonts-1.0-4.fc39 Bootstrap package building mscore-tahoma-fonts using lpf linux/noarch
lpf-spotify-client- Spotify music player native client package bootstrap linux/x86_64New

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