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Packages beginning with letter D

d1x-1.43-28.rebirth.20210126git1afd0ee.fc34 Descent 1 game and shareware data files (d1x-rebirth version) linux/x86_64
d2x-1.43-28.rebirth.20210126git1afd0ee.fc34 Descent 2 game and shareware data files (d2x-rebirth version) linux/x86_64
dega-sdl-1.12-19.fc35 Dega is a Sega Master System emulator linux/i686
dfhack-0.47.04-5.r1.fc35 Memory hacking library for Dwarf Fortress and a set of tools that use it linux/x86_64
dfhack-devel-0.47.04-5.r1.fc35 Development files and headers for dfhack linux/x86_64
dfhack-doc-0.47.04-5.r1.fc35 DFHack documentation linux/noarch
dfhack-plugin-stonesense-0.47.04-5.r1.fc35 A retro isometric visualizer for Dwarf Fortress linux/x86_64
dgen-sdl-1.33-14.fc35 A Sega Genesis (MegaDrive outside the US) emulator linux/x86_64
discord-0.0.16-1.fc35 All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers linux/x86_64
doc-2.2.3-17.fc35 Diagnose unhealthy DNS domains linux/noarch
dolphin-megasync- Extension for Dolphin to interact with Megasync linux/x86_64
doom-shareware-1.9-21.s.fc35 Official shareware game files for DOOM linux/noarch
dptfxtract-1.4.3-4.fc35 Utility to generate a thermald configuration from DPTF linux/x86_64
dropbox-2020.03.04-3.fc35 Client for Linux linux/noarch
dwarffortress-0.47.04-4.fc35 A single-player procedurally generated fantasy game linux/x86_64
dwarftherapist-41.1.7-4.fc35 Management tool designed to run side-by-side with Dwarf Fortress linux/x86_64
dwarftherapist-data-41.1.7-4.fc35 Architecture independent data files for Dwarf Therapist linux/noarch
dynamips-0.2.21-5.fc35 Cisco Router Emulator linux/x86_64

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