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bind-utils-9.18.20-1.1 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for x86_64

Name: bind-utils Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 9.18.20 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Fri Nov 17 21:36:17 2023
Group: Productivity/Networking/DNS/Utilities Build host: h02-ch2b
Size: 4718722 Source RPM: bind-9.18.20-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Libraries for "bind" and utilities to query and test DNS
This package includes the utilities "host", "dig", and "nslookup" used to
test and query the Domain Name System (DNS) and also the libraries rquired
for the base "bind" package. The Berkeley Internet
Name Domain (BIND) DNS server is found in the package named bind.






* Wed Nov 15 2023 Jorik Cronenberg <>
  - Update to release 9.18.20
    Feature Changes:
    * The IP addresses for B.ROOT-SERVERS.NET have been updated to and 2801:1b8:10::b.
    Bug Fixes:
    * If the unsigned version of an inline-signed zone contained
      DNSSEC records, it was incorrectly scheduled for resigning.
      This has been fixed.
    * Looking up stale data from the cache did not take local
      authoritative data into account. This has been fixed.
    * An assertion failure was triggered when lock-file was used at
      the same time as the named -X command-line option. This has
      been fixed.
    * The lock-file file was being removed when it should not have
      been, making the statement ineffective when named was started
      three or more times. This has been fixed.
* Fri Oct 13 2023 Thorsten Kukuk <>
  - Disable SLP by default for Factory and ALP (bsc#1214884)
* Tue Sep 19 2023 Jorik Cronenberg <>
  - Update to release 9.18.19
    Security Fixes:
    * Previously, sending a specially crafted message over the
      control channel could cause the packet-parsing code to run out
      of available stack memory, causing named to terminate
      unexpectedly. This has been fixed. (CVE-2023-3341)
    * A flaw in the networking code handling DNS-over-TLS queries
      could cause named to terminate unexpectedly due to an assertion
      failure under significant DNS-over-TLS query load. This has
      been fixed. (CVE-2023-4236)
    Removed Features:
    * The dnssec-must-be-secure option has been deprecated and will
      be removed in a future release.
    Feature Changes:
    * If the server command is specified, nsupdate now honors the
      nsupdate -v option for SOA queries by sending both the UPDATE
      request and the initial query over TCP.
    Bug Fixes:
    * The value of the If-Modified-Since header in the statistics
      channel was not being correctly validated for its length,
      potentially allowing an authorized user to trigger a buffer
      overflow. Ensuring the statistics channel is configured
      correctly to grant access exclusively to authorized users is
      essential (see the statistics-channels block definition and
      usage section).
    * The Content-Length header in the statistics channel was lacking
      proper bounds checking. A negative or excessively large value
      could potentially trigger an integer overflow and result in an
      assertion failure.
    * Several memory leaks caused by not clearing the OpenSSL error
      stack were fixed.
    * The introduction of krb5-subdomain-self-rhs and
      ms-subdomain-self-rhs UPDATE policies accidentally caused named
      to return SERVFAIL responses to deletion requests for
      non-existent PTR and SRV records. This has been fixed.
    * The stale-refresh-time feature was mistakenly disabled when the
      server cache was flushed by rndc flush. This has been fixed.
    * BIND’s memory consumption has been improved by implementing
      dedicated jemalloc memory arenas for sending buffers. This
      optimization ensures that memory usage is more efficient and
      better manages the return of memory pages to the operating
    * Previously, partial writes in the TLS DNS code were not
      accounted for correctly, which could have led to DNS message
      corruption. This has been fixed.
* Mon Sep 11 2023 Pedro Monreal <>
  - Enable crypto-policies support: [bsc#1211301]
    * Rebase vendor-files/config/named.conf
* Wed Aug 16 2023 Jorik Cronenberg <>
  - Update to release 9.18.18
    Feature Changes:
    * When a primary server for a zone responds to an SOA query, but
      the subsequent TCP connection required to transfer the zone is
      refused, that server is marked as temporarily unreachable. This
      now also happens if the TCP connection attempt times out,
      preventing too many zones from queuing up on an unreachable
      server and allowing the refresh process to move on to the next
      configured primary more quickly.
    * The dialup and heartbeat-interval options have been deprecated
      and will be removed in a future BIND 9 release.
    Bug Fixes:
    * Processing already-queued queries received over TCP could cause
      an assertion failure, when the server was reconfigured at the
      same time or the cache was being flushed. This has been fixed.
    * Setting dnssec-policy to insecure prevented zones containing
      resource records with a TTL value larger than 86400 seconds (1
      day) from being loaded. This has been fixed by ignoring the TTL
      values in the zone and using a value of 604800 seconds (1 week)
      as the maximum zone TTL in key rollover timing calculations.
* Wed Jul 19 2023 Jorik Cronenberg <>
  - Update to release 9.18.17
    Feature Changes:
    * If a response from an authoritative server has its RCODE set to
      FORMERR and contains an echoed EDNS COOKIE option that was
      present in the query, named now retries sending the query to
      the same server without an EDNS COOKIE option.
    * The relaxed QNAME minimization mode now uses NS records. This
      reduces the number of queries named makes when resolving, as it
      allows the non-existence of NS RRsets at non-referral nodes to
      be cached in addition to the normally cached referrals.
    Bug Fixes:
    * The ability to read HMAC-MD5 key files, which was accidentally
      lost in BIND 9.18.8, has been restored.
    * Several minor stability issues with the catalog zone
      implementation have been fixed.
* Thu Jul 13 2023 Jorik Cronenberg <>
  - Enable dnstap support
* Thu Jul 06 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - rebuild bind-utils on libuv updates (bsc#1212090)
* Thu Jun 22 2023 Jorik Cronenberg <>
  - Update to release 9.18.16
    Security Fixes:
    * The overmem cleaning process has been improved, to prevent the
      cache from significantly exceeding the configured
      max-cache-size limit. (CVE-2023-2828)
    * A query that prioritizes stale data over lookup triggers a
      fetch to refresh the stale data in cache. If the fetch is
      aborted for exceeding the recursion quota, it was possible for
      named to enter an infinite callback loop and crash due to stack
      overflow. This has been fixed. (CVE-2023-2911)
    New Features:
    * The system test suite can now be executed with pytest (along
      with pytest-xdist for parallel execution).
    Removed Features:
    * TKEY mode 2 (Diffie-Hellman Exchanged Keying) is now
      deprecated, and will be removed in a future release. A warning
      will be logged when the tkey-dhkey option is used in
    Bug Fixes:
    * BIND could get stuck on reconfiguration when a listen-on
      statement for HTTP is removed from the configuration. That has
      been fixed.
    * Previously, it was possible for a delegation from cache to be
      returned to the client after the stale-answer-client-timeout
      duration. This has been fixed.
    * BIND could allocate too big buffers when sending data via
      stream-based DNS transports, leading to increased memory usage.
      This has been fixed.
    * When the stale-answer-enable option was enabled and the
      stale-answer-client-timeout option was enabled and larger than
      0, named previously allocated two slots from the
      clients-per-query limit for each client and failed to gradually
      auto-tune its value, as configured. This has been fixed.
* Wed May 17 2023 Jorik Cronenberg <>
  - Update to release 9.18.15
    Bug Fixes:
    * The max-transfer-time-in and max-transfer-idle-in statements
      have not had any effect since the BIND 9 networking stack was
      refactored in version 9.16. The missing functionality has been
      re-implemented and incoming zone transfers now time out
      properly when not progressing.
    * The read timeout in rndc is now 60 seconds, matching the
      behavior in BIND 9.16 and earlier. It had previously been
      lowered to 30 seconds by mistake.
      error code is returned by libuv, it is now treated as a network
      failure: the server for which that error code is returned gets
      marked as broken and is not contacted again during a given
      resolution process.
    * When removing delegations from an opt-out range,
      empty-non-terminal NSEC3 records generated by those delegations
      were not cleaned up. This has been fixed.
    * Log file rotation code did not clean up older versions of log
      files when the logging channel had an absolute path configured
      as a file destination. This has been fixed.
    Known Issues:
    * Sending NOTIFY messages silently fails when the source port
      specified in the notify-source statement is already in use.
      This can happen e.g. when multiple servers are configured as
      NOTIFY targets for a zone and some of them are unresponsive.
      This issue can be worked around by not specifying the source
      port for NOTIFY messages in the notify-source statement; note
      that source port configuration is already deprecated and will
      be removed altogether in a future release.
* Fri Apr 21 2023 Jorik Cronenberg <>
  - Update to release 9.18.14
    Removed Features:
    * Zone type delegation-only, and the delegation-only and
      root-delegation-only statements, have been deprecated. A
      warning is now logged when they are used.
    * These statements were created to address the SiteFinder
      controversy, in which certain top-level domains redirected
      misspelled queries to other sites instead of returning NXDOMAIN
      responses. Since top-level domains are now DNSSEC-signed, and
      DNSSEC validation is active by default, the statements are no
      longer needed.
    Bug Fixes:
    * Several bugs which could cause named to crash during catalog
      zone processing have been fixed.
    * Previously, downloading large zones over TLS (XoT) from a
      primary could hang the transfer on the secondary, especially
      when the connection was unstable. This has been fixed.
    * Performance of DNSSEC validation in zones with many DNSKEY
      records has been improved.
* Wed Mar 15 2023 Jorik Cronenberg <>
  - Update to release 9.18.13
    New Features:
    * RPZ updates are now run on specialized “offload” threads to
      reduce the amount of time they block query processing on the
      main networking threads. This increases the responsiveness of
      named when RPZ updates are being applied after an RPZ zone has
      been successfully transferred.
    Feature Changes:
    * Catalog zone updates are now run on specialized “offload”
      threads to reduce the amount of time they block query
      processing on the main networking threads. This increases the
      responsiveness of named when catalog zone updates are being
      applied after a catalog zone has been successfully transferred.
    * libuv support for receiving multiple UDP messages in a single
      recvmmsg() system call has been tweaked several times between
      libuv versions 1.35.0 and 1.40.0; the current recommended libuv
      version is 1.40.0 or higher. New rules are now in effect for
      running with a different version of libuv than the one used at
      compilation time. These rules may trigger a fatal error at
    - Building against or running with libuv versions 1.35.0 and
      1.36.0 is now a fatal error.
    - Running with libuv version higher than 1.34.2 is now a
      fatal error when named is built against libuv version
      1.34.2 or lower.
    - Running with libuv version higher than 1.39.0 is now a
      fatal error when named is built against libuv version
      1.37.0, 1.38.0, 1.38.1, or 1.39.0.
    * This prevents the use of libuv versions that may trigger an
      assertion failure when receiving multiple UDP messages in a
      single system call.
    Bug Fixes:
    * named could crash with an assertion failure when adding a new
      zone into the configuration file for a name which was already
      configured as a member zone for a catalog zone. This has been
    * When named starts up, it sends a query for the DNSSEC key for
      each configured trust anchor to determine whether the key has
      changed. In some unusual cases, the query might depend on a
      zone for which the server is itself authoritative, and would
      have failed if it were sent before the zone was fully loaded.
      This has now been fixed by delaying the key queries until all
      zones have finished loading.
* Thu Feb 16 2023 Jorik Cronenberg <>
  - Update to release 9.18.12
    Removed Features:
    * Specifying a port when configuring source addresses (i.e., as
      an argument to query-source, query-source-v6, transfer-source,
      transfer-source-v6, notify-source, notify-source-v6,
      parental-source, or parental-source-v6, or in the source or
      source-v6 arguments to primaries, parental-agents, also-notify,
      or catalog-zones) has been deprecated. In addition, the
      use-v4-udp-ports, use-v6-udp-ports, avoid-v4-udp-ports, and
      avoid-v6-udp-ports options have also been deprecated.
      Warnings are now logged when any of these options are
      encountered in named.conf. In a future release, they will be
      made nonfunctional.
    Bug Fixes:
    * A constant stream of zone additions and deletions via rndc
      reconfig could cause increased memory consumption due to
      delayed cleaning of view memory. This has been fixed.
    * The speed of the message digest algorithms (MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2),
      and of NSEC3 hashing, has been improved.
    * Pointing parental-agents to a resolver did not work because the
      RD bit was not set on DS requests. This has been fixed.
    * Building BIND 9 failed when the --enable-dnsrps switch for
      ./configure was used. This has been fixed.
  - Updated keyring and signature
* Tue Jan 24 2023 Jorik Cronenberg <>
  - Update to release 9.18.11
    Security Fixes:
    * An UPDATE message flood could cause named to exhaust all
      available memory. This flaw was addressed by adding a new
      update-quota option that controls the maximum number of
      outstanding DNS UPDATE messages that named can hold in a queue
      at any given time (default: 100). (CVE-2022-3094)
    * named could crash with an assertion failure when an RRSIG query
      was received and stale-answer-client-timeout was set to a
      non-zero value. This has been fixed. (CVE-2022-3736)
    * named running as a resolver with the
      stale-answer-client-timeout option set to any value greater
      than 0 could crash with an assertion failure, when the
      recursive-clients soft quota was reached. This has been fixed.
    New Features:
    * The new update-quota option can be used to control the number
      of simultaneous DNS UPDATE messages that can be processed to
      update an authoritative zone on a primary server, or forwarded
      to the primary server by a secondary server. The default is
      100. A new statistics counter has also been added to record
      events when this quota is exceeded, and the version numbers for
      the XML and JSON statistics schemas have been updated.
    Removed Features:
    * The Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) feature in BIND
      has been non-operational since the new Network Manager was
      introduced in BIND 9.16. It is now marked as obsolete, and
      vestigial code implementing it has been removed. Configuring
      DSCP values in named.conf now causes a warning to be logged.
    Feature Changes:
    * The catalog zone implementation has been optimized to work with
      hundreds of thousands of member zones.
    Bug Fixes:
    * A rare assertion failure was fixed in outgoing TCP DNS
      connection handling.
    * Large zone transfers over TLS (XoT) could fail. This has been
    * In addition to a previously fixed bug, another similar issue
      was discovered where quotas could be erroneously reached for
      servers, including any configured forwarders, resulting in
      SERVFAIL answers being sent to clients. This has been fixed.
    * In certain query resolution scenarios (e.g. when following
      CNAME records), named configured to answer from stale cache
      could return a SERVFAIL response despite a usable, non-stale
      answer being present in the cache. This has been fixed.
    * When an outgoing request timed out, named would retry up to
      three times with the same server instead of trying the next
      available name server. This has been fixed.
    * Recently used ADB names and ADB entries (IP addresses) could
      get cleaned when ADB was under memory pressure. To mitigate
      this, only actual ADB names and ADB entries are now counted
      (excluding internal memory structures used for “housekeeping”)
      and recently used (<= 10 seconds) ADB names and entries are
      excluded from the overmem memory cleaner.
    * The “Prohibited” Extended DNS Error was inadvertently set in
      some NOERROR responses. This has been fixed.
    * Previously, TLS session resumption could have led to handshake
      failures when client certificates were used for authentication
      (Mutual TLS). This has been fixed.
    [bsc#1207471, bsc#1207473, bsc#1207475]
* Wed Jan 04 2023 Thiago Macieira <>
  - Declare that named.service depends on, otherwise named
    may start too early and thus fail (time out) when resolving some
    domains. This happens easily in containers.
* Thu Dec 22 2022 Jorik Cronenberg <>
  - Update to release 9.18.10
    Feature Changes:
    * To reduce unnecessary memory consumption in the cache, NXDOMAIN
      records are no longer retained past the normal negative cache
      TTL, even if stale-cache-enable is set to yes.
    * The auto-dnssec option has been deprecated and will be removed
      in a future BIND 9.19.x release. Please migrate to
    * The coresize, datasize, files, and stacksize options have been
      deprecated. The limits these options set should be enforced
      externally, either by manual configuration (e.g. using ulimit)
      or via the process supervisor (e.g. systemd).
    * Setting alternate local addresses for inbound zone transfers
      has been deprecated. The relevant options (alt-transfer-source,
      alt-transfer-source-v6, and use-alt-transfer-source) will be
      removed in a future BIND 9.19.x release.
    * The number of HTTP headers allowed in requests sent to named’s
      statistics channel has been increased from 10 to 100, to
      accommodate some browsers that send more than 10 headers by
    Bug Fixes:
    * named could crash due to an assertion failure when an HTTP
      connection to the statistics channel was closed prematurely
      (due to a connection error, shutdown, etc.).
    * When a catalog zone was removed from the configuration, in some
      cases a dangling pointer could cause the named process to
    * When a zone was deleted from a server, a key management object
      related to that zone was inadvertently kept in memory and only
      released upon shutdown. This could lead to constantly
      increasing memory use on servers with a high rate of changes
      affecting the set of zones being served.
    * TLS configuration for primary servers was not applied for zones
      that were members of a catalog zone.
    * In certain cases, named waited for the resolution of
      outstanding recursive queries to finish before shutting down.
    * host and nslookup command-line options setting the custom
      TCP/UDP port to use were ignored for ANY queries (which are
      sent over TCP).
    * The zone <name>/<class>: final reference detached log message
      was moved from the INFO log level to the DEBUG(1) log level to
      prevent the named-checkzone tool from superfluously logging
      this message in non-debug mode.
* Mon Nov 21 2022 Jorik Cronenberg <>
  - Update to bind release 9.18.9
    Bug Fixes:
    * A crash was fixed that happened when a dnssec-policy zone that
      used NSEC3 was reconfigured to enable inline-signing.
    * In certain resolution scenarios, quotas could be erroneously
      reached for servers, including any configured forwarders,
      resulting in SERVFAIL answers being sent to clients.
    * rpz-ip rules in response-policy zones could be ineffective in
      some cases if a query had the CD (Checking Disabled) bit set to
    * Previously, if Internet connectivity issues were experienced
      during the initial startup of named, a BIND resolver with
      dnssec-validation set to auto could enter into a state where it
      would not recover without stopping named, manually deleting the
      managed-keys.bind and managed-keys.bind.jnl files, and starting
      named again.
    * The statistics counter representing the current number of
      clients awaiting recursive resolution results (RecursClients)
      could overflow in certain resolution scenarios.
    * Previously, the port in remote servers such as in primaries and
      parental-agents could be wrongly configured because of an
      inheritance bug.
    * Previously, BIND failed to start on Solaris-based systems with
      hundreds of CPUs.
    * When a DNS resource record’s TTL value was equal to the
      resolver’s configured prefetch “eligibility” value, the record
      was erroneously not treated as eligible for prefetching.
* Mon Nov 07 2022 Jorik Cronenberg <>
  - Update to bind release 9.18.8
    New Features:
    * Support for parsing and validating the dohpath service
      parameter in SVCB records was added.
    * named now logs the supported cryptographic algorithms during
      startup and in the output of named -V.
    * The recursion not available and query (cache) '...' denied log
      messages were extended to include the name of the ACL that
      caused a given query to be denied.
    Bug Fixes:
    * An assertion failure was fixed in named that was caused by
      aborting the statistics channel connection while sending
      statistics data to the client.
    * Changing just the TSIG key names for primaries in catalog
      zones’ member zones was not effective. This has been fixed.
    Known Issues:
    * Upgrading from BIND 9.16.32, 9.18.6, or any older version may
      require a manual configuration change. The following
      configurations are affected:
    - type primary zones configured with dnssec-policy but without
      either allow-update or update-policy,
    - type secondary zones configured with dnssec-policy.
      In these cases please add inline-signing yes; to the individual
      zone configuration(s). Without applying this change, named will
      fail to start. For more details, see
    * BIND 9.18 does not support dynamic update forwarding (see
      allow-update-forwarding) in conjuction with zone transfers over
      TLS (XoT).
    This obsoletes the following patch:
    * fix_documentation-Sphinx.patch
* Wed Oct 05 2022 Matej Cepl <>
  - Add fix_documentation-Sphinx.patch to fix building with the
    current Sphinx
  - Reapply bind-ldapdump-use-valid-host.patch
* Wed Sep 21 2022 Jorik Cronenberg <>
  - Update to bind release 9.18.7
    Security Fixes:
    * Previously, there was no limit to the number of database lookups
      performed while processing large delegations, which could be
      abused to severely impact the performance of named running as a
      recursive resolver. This has been fixed. (CVE-2022-2795)
    * When an HTTP connection was reused to request statistics from the
      stats channel, the content length of successive responses could
      grow in size past the end of the allocated buffer.
      This has been fixed. (CVE-2022-2881)
    * Memory leaks in code handling Diffie-Hellman (DH) keys were fixed
      that could be externally triggered, when using TKEY records in DH
      mode with OpenSSL 3.0.0 and later versions. (CVE-2022-2906)
    * named running as a resolver with the stale-answer-client-timeout
      option set to 0 could crash with an assertion failure, when there
      was a stale CNAME in the cache for the incoming query.
      This has been fixed. (CVE-2022-3080)
    * Memory leaks were fixed that could be externally triggered in the
      DNSSEC verification code for the EdDSA algorithm. (CVE-2022-38178)
    Feature Changes:
    * Response Rate Limiting (RRL) code now treats all QNAMEs that are
      subject to wildcard processing within a given zone as the same
      name, to prevent circumventing the limits enforced by RRL.
    * Zones using dnssec-policy now require dynamic DNS or
      inline-signing to be configured explicitly.
    * When reconfiguring dnssec-policy from using NSEC with an NSEC-only
      DNSKEY algorithm (e.g. RSASHA1) to a policy that uses NSEC3,
      BIND 9 no longer fails to sign the zone; instead, it keeps using
      NSEC until the offending DNSKEY records have been removed from the
      zone, then switches to using NSEC3.
    * A backward-compatible approach was implemented for encoding
      internationalized domain names (IDN) in dig and converting the
      domain to IDNA2008 form; if that fails, BIND tries an IDNA2003
    Bug Fixes:
    * A serve-stale bug was fixed, where BIND would try to return stale
      data from cache for lookups that received duplicate queries or
      queries that would be dropped. This bug resulted in premature
      SERVFAIL responses, and has now been resolved.
    This obsoletes the following patch:
    * bind-fix-mysql-bindings.patch
    [bsc#1203614, bsc#1203615, bsc#1203616, bsc#1203618, bsc#1203620]
* Thu Aug 18 2022 Jorik Cronenberg <>
  - Fix typo in contrib/dlz/modules/{mysql,mysqldyn} that references
    LDAP_LIBS instead of MYSQL_LIBS.
    [bsc#1202149, bind.spec, bind-fix-mysql-bindings.patch]
* Thu Aug 18 2022 Jorik Cronenberg <>
  - Update to bind release 9.18.6
    Bug Fixes:
    * When running as a validating resolver forwarding all queries
      to another resolver, named could crash with an assertion failure.
      These crashes occurred when the configured forwarder sent
      a broken DS response and named failed its attempts to find
      a proper one instead. This has been fixed.
    * Non-dynamic zones that inherit dnssec-policy from the view
      or options blocks were not marked as inline-signed
      and therefore never scheduled to be re-signed. This has been fixed.
    * The old max-zone-ttl zone option was meant to be superseded
      by the max-zone-ttl option in dnssec-policy; however,
      the latter option was not fully effective. This has been corrected:
      zones no longer load if they contain TTLs greater than the limit
      configured in dnssec-policy. For zones with both the old
      max-zone-ttl option and dnssec-policy configured,
      the old option is ignored, and a warning is generated.
    * rndc dumpdb -expired was fixed to include expired RRsets,
      even if stale-cache-enable is set to no and the cache-cleaning
      time window has passed.
    For a complete list of changes, see
    * Bind Release Notes
    * The CHANGES file in the source RPM
    [bind.spec bind-9.18.6.tar.xz bind-9.18.6.tar.xz.sha512.asc]
* Wed Aug 03 2022 Jorik Cronenberg <>
  - When enabling query_logging by un-commenting an example in
    bind.conf, named attempts to create a file in /var/log which
    fails due to missing credentials. This also applies to the
    "dump-file" and the "statistics-file".
    This is solved by having systemd-tmpfiles create a subdirectory
    "/var/log/named" owned by named:named and changing the file
    paths accordingly:
    /var/log/named_querylog -> /var/log/named/querylog
    /var/log/named_dump.db -> /var/log/named/dump.db
    /var/log/named.stats -> /var/log/named/stats
    Also, in "named.service", the ReadWritePath was changed to
    include "/var/log/named" rather than just "var/log".
    [bsc#1200685, bind.conf, vendor-files/config/named.conf,
* Mon Aug 01 2022 Jorik Cronenberg <>
  - Add systemd drop-in directory for named service
    [bsc#1201689, bind.spec]
* Thu Jul 21 2022 Josef Möllers <>
  - Update to bind release 9.18.5
    Bugs fixed:
    * When resolving a name, don't give up immediately if an
      authoritative server returns FORMERR; try the other servers first.
    * When synth-from-dnssec generated a response using records from a
      higher zone, it could unexpectedly prove non-existance of
      records in a subordinate grafted-on namespace.
    * Update HTTP listener settings on reconfiguration.
    * Fix a crash in dig NS search mode when one of the NS server
      queries fail.
    * Changed dnssec-signzone -H default to 0 additional NSEC3
    * When processing a catalog zone member zone make sure that there
      is no configured pre-existing forward-only forw]ard zone with
      that name.
    [bind-9.18.5.tar.xz bind-9.18.5.tar.xz.sha512.asc]
* Wed Jun 15 2022 Josef Möllers <>
  - Upgrade to 9.18.4:
    Bugs fixed:
    * Only write key files if the dnssec-policy keymgr has
      changed the metadata.
    * When the fetches-per-server quota was adjusted
      because of an authoritative server timing out more
      or less frequently, it was incorrectly set to 1
      rather than the intended value.
    Notable functional changes:
    * Key timing options for `dnssec-keygen` and
      `dnssec-settime` now accept times as printed by
      `dnssec-settime -p`.
    * Key timing options for `dnssec-settime` and related
      utilities now accept "UNSET" times as printed by
      `dnssec-settime -p`.
    This obsoletes the following patch:
    [bind-9.18.4.tar.xz, bind-9.18.4.tar.xz.sha512.asc,
* Thu May 19 2022 Josef Möllers <>
  - Upgrade to 9.18.3:
    Bugs fixed:
    * Fix a crash in DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) code caused by premature
      TLS stream socket object deletion.
    * RPZ NSIP and NSDNAME rule processing didn't handle stub and
      static-stub zones at or above the query name. This has now
      been addressed.
    * Fixed a deadlock that could occur if an rndc connection arrived
      during the shutdown of network interfaces.
    * Refactor the fctx_done() function to set fctx to NULL after
      detaching, so that reference counting errors will be easier to
    * udp_recv() in dispatch could trigger an INSIST when the
      callback's result indicated success but the response was
      canceled in the meantime.
    * Work around a jemalloc quirk which could trigger an
      out-of-memory condition in named over time.
    * If there was a pending negative cache DS entry, validations
      depending upon it could fail.
    * dig returned a 0 exit status on UDP connection failure.
    * Fix an assertion failure when using dig with +nssearch and
      +tcp options by starting the next query in the send_done()
      callback (like in the UDP mode) instead of doing that
      recursively in start_tcp(). Also ensure that queries
      interrupted while connecting are detached properly.
    * Don't remove CDS/CDNSKEY DELETE records on zone sign when
      using 'auto-dnssec maintain;'.
    This obsoletes the following patch:
    [CVE-2022-1183, bsc#1199619]
* Tue May 17 2022 Josef Möllers <>
  - An assertion failure can be triggered if a TLS connection to a
    configured http TLS listener with a defined endpoint is destroyed too
    [CVE-2022-1183, bsc#1199619, CVE-2022-1183.patch]
* Mon May 16 2022 Martin Liška <>
  - Add upstream patch bind-prevent-buffer-overflow.patch.
* Thu May 12 2022 Josef Möllers <>
  - The named-checkconf had been moved from /usr/sbin to /usr/bin
    but that had not been reflected in scripts that called this,
    eg named.prep. So these scripts failed.
    Some installations still have "createNamedConfInclude" in the
    NAMED_INITIALIZE_SCRIPTS in /etc/sysconfig/named. The named.prep
    will now report this but continue.
    [bsc#1199044, vendor-files.tar.bz2]
* Mon Apr 25 2022 Josef Möllers <>
  - Upgrade to 9.18.2:
    Most important bugs fixed:
    * The "starting maxtime timer" message related to outgoing
      zone transfers was incorrectly logged at the ERROR level
      instead of DEBUG(1).
    * Ensure that zone maintenance queries have a retry limit.
    * When using both the `+qr` and `+y` options `dig` could
      crash if the connection to the first server was not
    * dig could hang in some cases involving multiple servers
      in a lookup, when a request fails and the next one
      refuses to start for some reason, for example if it was
      an IPv4 mapped IPv6 address.
    * dig +nssearch was hanging until manually interrupted.
    * When an UPDATE targets a zone that is not configured,
      the requested zone name is now logged in the "not
      authoritative" error message, so that it is easier to
      track down problematic update clients.
    * Quote the dns64 prefix in error messages that complain
      about problems with it, to avoid confusion with the
      following dns64 ACLs.
    * When encountering socket error while trying to initiate
      a TCP connection to a server, dig could hang
      indefinitely, when there were more servers to try.
    * When timing-out or having other types of socket errors
      during a query, dig wasn't trying to perform the lookup
      using other servers, in case they exist.
    * Resending a UDP request in the result of a timeout
      could cause an assertion failure when the resent
      query's result was SERVFAIL.
    * Replace single TCP write timer with per-TCP write
    * Invalid dnssec-policy definitions were being accepted
      where the defined keys did not cover both KSK and ZSK
      roles for a given algorithm.  This is now checked for
      and the dnssec-policy is rejected if both roles are
      not present for all algorithms in use.
    * Fix query context management issues in the TCP part
      of dig.
    Noteworthy functional changes:
    * Add new "reuseport" option to enable/disable load
      balancing of sockets.
    * Set the minimum MTU on UDPv6 and TCPv6 sockets and
      limit TCP maximum segment size (TCP_MAXSEG) to (1220)
      for both TCPv4 and TCPv6 sockets.
    Needed to define two macros in contrib code:
    FALLTHOUGH is a copy of how it is defined in <isc/util.h>
    UNREACHABLE follows the model used in MacOS /usr/include/c++/v1/cstdlib
    to determine if __builtin_ureachable is available
    [bind-9.18.2.tar.xz, bind-9.18.2.tar.xz.sha512.asc,
* Thu Mar 17 2022 Josef Möllers <>
  - * When using forwarders, bogus NS records supplied by, or via, those
      forwarders may be cached and used by named if it needs to recurse
      for any reason, causing it to obtain and pass on potentially
      incorrect answers. [CVE-2021-25220]
    * TCP connection slots may be consumed for an indefinite time frame
      via a specifically crafted TCP stream sent from a client.
      This issue can only be triggered on BIND servers which have
      keep-response-order enabled, which is not the default configuration.
      The keep-response-order option is an ACL block, and as such, any
      hosts specified within it will be able to trigger this issue on
      affected versions. [CVE-2022-0396]
    * The RFC 8198 Aggressive Use of DNSSEC-Validated Cache feature
      (synth-from-dnssec) had been refactored and the default has been
      changed so that is now automatically enabled for dnssec-validating
      resolvers. Subsequently it was found that repeated patterns of
      specific queries to servers with this feature enabled could cause
      an INSIST failure in query.c:query_dname which causes named to
      terminate unexpectedly.
      The vulnerability affects BIND resolvers running 9.18.0 that have
      both dnssec-validation and synth-from-dnssec enabled. (Note that
      dnssec-validation auto; is the default setting unless configured
      otherwise in named.conf and that enabling dnssec-validation
      automatically enables synth-from-dnssec unless explicitly disabled)
    * The refactoring of the recursive client code introduced a
      "backstop lifetime timer."
      While BIND is processing a request for a DS record that needs to be
      forwarded, it waits until this processing is complete or until the
      backstop lifetime timer has timed out. When the resume_dslookup() function
      is called as a result of such a timeout, the function does not test
      whether the fetch has previously been shut down. This introduces the
      possibility of triggering an assertion failure, which could cause the BIND
      process to terminate. [CVE-2022-0667]
    * Reset client TCP connection when data received cannot
      be parsed as a valid DNS request.
    For a complete list of changes, see
    * Bind Release Notes
    * The CHANGES file in the source RPM
    This obsoletes bind-define-missing-threads.patch
    Also, removed bind-python3 from the spec file as it is not build
    any longer.
    [bind.spec, bind-9.18.1.tar.xz, bind-9.18.1.tar.xz.sha512.asc,
* Mon Jan 31 2022 Josef Möllers <>
  - Update to new MAJOR VERSION 9.18.0.
    This has many enhnancements, bug fixes and changes.
    The spec file also has mechanisms to run the integrated test suite.
    * Support for securing DNS traffic using Transport Layer Security (TLS).
      TLS is used by both DNS-over-TLS (DoT) and DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH).
    * Support for zone transfers over TLS (XFR-over-TLS, XoT) for both
      incoming and outgoing zone transfers.
    * The dig tool is now able to send DoT queries (+tls option).
    * Support for OpenSSL 3.0 APIs was added.
    A number of utilities have been removed: dnssec-checkds,
    dnssec-coverage, dnssec-keymgr, which have been deprecated in
    favor of dnssec-policy feature, as well as python support
    (package python3-bind).
    A number of utilities have been moved from (/usr)/sbin to (/usr)/bin
    The DLZ modules have been put into seperate sub-packages
    to keep unwanted dependencies out of the main package:
    * bind-modules-perl:
    * bind-modules-mysql:,
    * bind-modules-ldap:
    * bind-modules-bdbhpt:
    * bind-modules-sqlite3:
    * bind-modules-generic:,
    For a complete list of changes, see
    * Bind Release Notes
    * The CHANGES file in the source RPM
    [bind.spec, bind-9.18.0.tar.xz, bind-9.18.0.tar.xz.sha512.asc,
    bind-contrib-pthread.patch, named-bootconf.diff, bind-define-missing-threads.patch]
* Mon Jan 24 2022 Josef Möllers <>
  - Old-style DLZ drivers have been deprecated in favor of
    DLZ modules. The DLZ drivers configuration option will
    be removed from the next major BIND 9 release.
    The option to use the DLZ modules is already available
    in BIND 9; please see the ARM section on DLZ modules.
    The dynamically lodable driver modules are stored in
    Example configurations for ldap and mysql are provided in
    [bind.spec, vendor-files/config/named.conf]
* Fri Jan 21 2022 Callum Farmer <>
  - Add now working CONFIG parameter to sysusers generator
* Thu Jan 20 2022 Josef Möllers <>
  - Upgrade to release 9.16.25
    This upgrade fixes the following bugs:
    * Enforce enqueuing TCP resumeread to prevent the next read
      callback from being executed before the current read callback
      has finished, and the worker receive buffer has been marked as
    * Allow replacing expired zone signatures with signatures created
      by the KSK.
    * An assertion could occur if a catalog zone event was scheduled
      while the task manager was being shut down.
    * Defer detaching from zone->raw in zone_shutdown() if the zone
      is in the process of being dumped to disk, to ensure that the
      unsigned serial number information is always written in the
      raw-format header of the signed version on an inline-signed
    * named could leak memory when two dnssec-policy clauses had the
      same name. named failed to log this error.
    * Add a missing isc_condition_destroy() for nmsocket condition
      variable and add missing isc_mutex_destroy() for nmworker lock.
    [bind-9.16.25.tar.xz, bind-9.16.25.tar.xz.sha512.asc]
* Wed Jan 19 2022 Josef Möllers <>
  - Added /var/log to the ReadWritePaths as some log files are
    written there:
    * dump-file "/var/log/named_dump.db"
    * statistics-file "/var/log/named.stats"
    [bsc#1194721, vendor-files.tar.bz2]
* Wed Dec 15 2021 Josef Möllers <>
  - Upgrade to release 9.16.24
    This upgrade fixes the following bugs:
    * mdig now honors the operating system's preferred ephemeral port
    * Fix a "named" crash related to removing and restoring a
      `catalog-zone` entry in the configuration file and running
      `rndc reconfig`.
    * dns_sdlz_putrr failed to process some valid resource records.
    * dnssec-dsfromkey failed to omit revoked keys.
    Functional change:
    * Change the message when accepting TCP connection has failed to
      say "Accepting TCP connection failed" and change the log level
      codes from ERROR to INFO.
* Fri Dec 03 2021 Josef Möllers <>
  - Upgrade to 9.16.23
    Security issues fixed:
    The "lame-ttl" option is now forcibly set to 0. This
    effectively disables the lame server cache, as it could
    previously be abused by an attacker to significantly
    degrade resolver performance. (CVE-2021-25219)
    Bugs fixed:
    In 9.16.21:
    * When a dynamic zone was made available in another view
      using the "in-view" statement, running "rndc freeze"
      always reported an "already frozen" error even though
      the zone was successfully frozen.
    * Stale data in the cache could cause named to send
      non-minimized queries despite QNAME minimization being
    * When a DNSSEC-signed zone which only has a single
      signing key available is migrated to use KASP, that key
      is now treated as a Combined Signing Key (CSK).
    * When a member zone was removed from a catalog zone,
      journal files for the former were not deleted.
    * named-checkconf failed to detect syntactically invalid
      values of the "key" and "tls" parameters used to define
      members of remote server lists.
    * Fixed a regression which caused the EDNS TCP Keepalive option to be
      ignored inadvertently in client requests. It has now
      been fixed and this option is handled properly again.
    * Fixed a regression which altered the internal memory structure of
      zone databases, but neglected to update the MAPAPI value
      for zone files in "map" format. This caused named to
      attempt to load incompatible map files, triggering an
      assertion failure on startup. The MAPAPI value has now
      been updated, so named rejects outdated files when
      encountering them.
    * The thread-local isc_tid_v variable was not properly
      initialized when running BIND 9 as a Windows Service,
      leading to a crash on startup.
    * "map" files exceeding 2GB in size failed to load due to
      a size comparison that incorrectly treated the file size
      as a signed integer.
    In 9.16.22:
    * Remove the "adjust interface" mechanism which was
      responsible for setting up listeners on interfaces when
      the "*-source(-v6)" address and port were the same as
      the "listen-on(-v6)" address and port. Such a
      configuration is no longer supported; under certain
      timing conditions, that mechanism could prevent named
      from listening on some TCP ports. This has been fixed.
    * Multiple library names were mistakenly passed to the
      krb5-config utility when ./configure was invoked with
      the --with-gssapi=[/path/to/]krb5-config option. This
      has been fixed by invoking krb5-config separately for
      each required library.
    * Fixed a regression which broke backward compatibility for the
      "check-names master ..." and "check-names slave ..."
      options. This has been fixed.
    * Address a potential deadlock when checking zone content
    In 9.16.23:
    * Address Coverity warning in lib/dns/dnssec.c.
    * Fix a bug when comparing two RSA keys. There was a typo
      which caused the "p" prime factors to not being
    * Fix an assertion failure caused by missing member zones
      during a reload of a catalog zone.
    This obsoletes bind-CVE-2021-25219.patch and
    Other issues:
    A compile time waring about fall through in a switch statement
    has been averted by marking the cases as FALLTHROUGH.
    [bind-9.16.23.tar.xz, bind-9.16.23.tar.xz.sha512.asc,
    bind-CVE-2021-25219.patch, bind-fix-build-with-older-sphinx.patch,
* Mon Nov 08 2021 Josef Möllers <>
  - Aligned SLE15-SP4 and Factory spec files.
* Thu Nov 04 2021 Josef Möllers <>
  - Fixed CVE-2021-25219:
    The lame-ttl option controls how long named caches certain types
    of broken responses from authoritative servers (see the security
    advisory for details). This caching mechanism could be abused by
    an attacker to significantly degrade resolver performance. The
    vulnerability has been mitigated by changing the default value of
    lame-ttl to 0 and overriding any explicitly set value with 0,
    effectively disabling this mechanism altogether. ISC's testing has
    determined that doing that has a negligible impact on resolver
    performance while also preventing abuse.
    Administrators may observe more traffic towards servers issuing
    certain types of broken responses than in previous BIND 9 releases.
    [bsc#1192146, CVE-2021-25219, bind-CVE-2021-25219.patch]
* Mon Oct 18 2021 Josef Möllers <>
  - Just specifying "geoip-directory;" in /etc/named.conf is not
    correct syntax. Must either put a path name or the string
    "none". Appended the work "none" to make it correct syntax.
* Fri Oct 08 2021 Josef Möllers <>
  - Added build requirement of libmaxminddb to the spec file
    Also added an entry for "geoip-directory" with the default path
    to /etc/named.conf.
    [bsc#1190884, vendor-files/config/named.conf, bind.spec]
* Thu Aug 19 2021 Josef Möllers <>
  - Upgrade to 9.16.20
    Bugs fixed:
    * An assertion failure occurred when named attempted to send a
      UDP packet that exceeded the MTU size, if Response Rate
      Limiting (RRL) was enabled.  (CVE-2021-25218)
    * Zones using KASP and inline-signed zones failed to apply
      changes from the unsigned zone to the signed zone under
      certain circumstances.
    * "rndc reload <zonename>" could trigger a redundant reload for
      an inline-signed zone whose zone file was not modified since
      the last "rndc reload".
    * named failed to check the opcode of responses when performing
      zone refreshes, stub zone updates, and UPDATE forwarding.
    * Some changes to "zone-statistics" settings were not properly
      processed by "rndc reconfig".
    * The "check DS" code failed to release all resources upon
      named shutdown when a refresh was in progress.
    * Authentication of rndc messages could fail if a "controls"
      statement was configured with multiple key algorithms for
      the same listener.
    More changes see CHANGES in the source package.
    [bsc#1189460, CVE-2021-25218]
* Thu Jul 29 2021 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to 9.16.19
    * A race condition could occur where two threads were
      competing for the same set of key file locks, leading to
      a deadlock. This has been fixed. [GL #2786]
    * create_keydata() created an invalid placeholder keydata
      record upon a refresh failure, which prevented the
      database of managed keys from subsequently being read
      back. This has been fixed. [GL #2686]
    * KASP support was extended with the "check DS" feature.
      Zones with "dnssec-policy" and "parental-agents"
      configured now check for DS presence and can perform
      automatic KSK rollovers. [GL #1126]
    * Rescheduling a setnsec3param() task when a zone failed
      to load on startup caused a hang on shutdown. This has
      been fixed. [GL #2791]
    * The configuration-checking code failed to account for
      the inheritance rules of the "dnssec-policy" option.
      This has been fixed. [GL #2780]
    * If nsupdate sends an SOA request and receives a REFUSED
      response, it now fails over to the next available
      server. [GL #2758]
    * For UDP messages larger than the path MTU, named now
      sends an empty response with the TC (TrunCated) bit set.
      In addition, setting the DF (Don't Fragment) flag on
      outgoing UDP sockets was re-enabled. [GL #2790]
    * Views with recursion disabled are now configured with a
      default cache size of 2 MB unless "max-cache-size" is
      explicitly set. This prevents cache RBT hash tables from
      being needlessly preallocated for such views. [GL #2777]
    * Change 5644 inadvertently introduced a deadlock: when
      locking the key file mutex for each zone structure in a
      different view, the "in-view" logic was not considered.
      This has been fixed. [GL #2783]
    * Increasing "max-cache-size" for a running named instance
      (using "rndc reconfig") did not cause the hash tables
      used by cache databases to be grown accordingly. This
      has been fixed. [GL #2770]
    * Signed, insecure delegation responses prepared by named
      either lacked the necessary NSEC records or contained
      duplicate NSEC records when both wildcard expansion and
      CNAME chaining were required to prepare the response.
      This has been fixed. [GL #2759]
    * A bug that caused the NSEC3 salt to be changed on every
      restart for zones using KASP has been fixed. [GL #2725]
* Wed Jul 21 2021 Josef Möllers <>
  - Since BIND 9.9, it has been easier to use tsig-keygen and
    ddns-confgen to generare TSIG keys. In 9.13, TSIG support was
    removed from dnssec-keygen, so now it is just for DNSKEY (and KEY
    for obscure cases). tsig-keygen is now used to generate DDNS keys.
    [bsc#1187921, vendor-files.tar.bz2]
* Thu Jun 24 2021 Hans-Peter Jansen <>
  - Add patch bind-fix-build-with-older-sphinx.patch and sed fix
    in order to build with older distributions.
* Wed Jun 23 2021 Josef Möllers <>
  - Upgrade to 9.16.18
    * The configuration-checking code failed to account for the
      inheritance rules of the "key-directory" option.
    * When preparing DNS responses, named could replace the letters
      'W' (uppercase) and 'w' (lowercase) with '\000'.
      This has been fixed.
      [bind-9.16.18.tar.xz, bind-9.16.18.tar.xz.sha512.asc]
* Sat Jun 19 2021 Callum Farmer <>
  - Add now working CONFIG parameter to sysusers generator
* Thu Jun 17 2021 Josef Möllers <>
  - Upgrade to 9.16.17
    Major changes (bug fixes):
    * A copy-and-paste error caused the IP_DONTFRAG socket option to
      be enabled instead of disabled. This has been fixed.
    * The calculation of the estimated IXFR transaction size in
      dns_journal_iter_init() was invalid.
    * Fix a race condition in reading and writing key files for zones
      using KASP and configured in multiple views.
    * Zones which are configured in multiple views with different
      values set for "dnssec-policy" and with identical values set
      for "key-directory" are now detected and treated as a
      configuration error.
    * Address a potential memory leak in dst_key_fromnamedfile().
    * Check that the first and last SOA record of an AXFR are
    * Improvements related to network manager/task manager
    [bind-9.16.17.tar.xz, bind-9.16.17.tar.xz.sha512.asc]
* Fri May 21 2021 Josef Möllers <>
  - vendor-files/system/named.prep was missing a $
    [bsc#1186278, vendor-files.tar.bz2]
* Thu May 20 2021 Josef Möllers <>
  - Upgrade to bind 9.16.16
    * Feature Changes
      + DNSSEC responses containing NSEC3 records with iteration counts
      greater than 150 are now treated as insecure. [GL #2445]
      + The maximum supported number of NSEC3 iterations that can be
      configured for a zone has been reduced to 150. [GL #2642]
      + The default value of the max-ixfr-ratio option was changed to
      unlimited, for better backwards compatibility in the stable
      release series. [GL #2671]
      + Zones that want to transition from secure to insecure mode
      without becoming bogus in the process must now have their
      dnssec-policy changed first to insecure, rather than none. After
      the DNSSEC records have been removed from the zone, the
      dnssec-policy can be set to none or removed from the
      configuration. Setting the dnssec-policy to insecure causes CDS
      and CDNSKEY DELETE records to be published. [GL #2645]
      + The implementation of the ZONEMD RR type has been updated to
      match RFC 8976. [GL #2658]
      + The draft-vandijk-dnsop-nsec-ttl IETF draft was implemented:
      NSEC(3) TTL values are now set to the minimum of the SOA MINIMUM
      value or the SOA TTL. [GL #2347]
    * Bug Fixes
      + It was possible for corrupt journal files generated by an earlier
      version of named to cause problems after an upgrade. This has been
      fixed. [GL #2670]
      + TTL values in cache dumps were reported incorrectly when
      stale-cache-enable was set to yes. This has been fixed.
      [GL #389] [GL #2289]
      + A deadlock could occur when multiple rndc addzone, rndc delzone,
      and/or rndc modzone commands were invoked simultaneously for
      different zones. This has been fixed. [GL #2626]
      + named and named-checkconf did not report an error when multiple
      zones with the dnssec-policy option set were using the same zone
      file. This has been fixed. [GL #2603]
      + If dnssec-policy was active and a private key file was temporarily
      offline during a rekey event, named could incorrectly introduce
      replacement keys and break a signed zone. This has been fixed.
      [GL #2596]
      + When generating zone signing keys, KASP now also checks for key
      ID conflicts among newly created keys, rather than just between
      new and existing ones. [GL #2628]
* Tue May 18 2021 Josef Möllers <>
  - In /usr/libexec/bind/named.prep the order of arguments for
    "ln -s" was wrong.
    [vendor-files/system/named.prep, bsc#1186057]
* Mon May 17 2021 Josef Möllers <>
  - "systemctl reload named" does not work:
    * the "kill" command is in /usr/bin, not in /sbin,
    * the order of the options/arguments was wrong, and
    * the "-p" option is wrong (it's not like strace's "-p").
    [bsc#1186046, vendor-files/system/named.service]
* Mon May 10 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - SPEC file: Fixed outdated URL and use secured SourceURLs
* Mon May 03 2021 Josef Möllers <>
  - Upgrade to bind 9.16.15
    Major changes:
    * A specially crafted GSS-TSIG query could cause a buffer
      overflow in the ISC implementation of SPNEGO.
    * named crashed when a DNAME record placed in the ANSWER
      section during DNAME chasing turned out to be the final
      answer to a client query. (CVE-2021-25215)
    * Insufficient IXFR checks could result in named serving a
      zone without an SOA record at the apex, leading to a
      RUNTIME_CHECK assertion failure when the zone was
      subsequently refreshed. This has been fixed by adding an
      owner name check for all SOA records which are included
      in a zone transfer. (CVE-2021-25214)
    More changes see CHANGES in the source package.
* Thu Apr 08 2021 Josef Möllers <>
  - Rewrite of named service handling to better cope with systemd
    protection (see change from Thu Jan 21) by introducing a
    separate script "named.prep" which runs without restrictions
    prior to starting named.
    Removed all references to "lwresd" as "The lightweight resolver
    daemon and library (lwresd and liblwres) have been removed."
    (See CHANGES, item 4707)
    [bind.spec, vendor-files.tar.bz2]
* Tue Mar 23 2021 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Modernize specfile, and declare /bin/bash as required buildshell
    (use of {a,b} style expansion).
* Fri Mar 12 2021 Matthias Gerstner <>
  - pass PIE compiler and linker flags via environment variables to make
    /usr/bin/delv in bind-tools also position independent (bsc#1183453).
  - drop pie_compile.diff: no longer needed, this patch is difficult to
    maintain, the environment variable approach is less error prone.
* Thu Feb 18 2021 Josef Möllers <>
  - *** MAJOR CHANGES ***
    * The libraries shipped with bind are now named after the bind
      version (eg, not some kind of artificial
      number (eg!
    * For the time being (ie until the next upgrade),
      new BIND option "stale-answer-client-timeout"
      will be disabled (in /etc/named.conf): "stale-answer-enable no;"
    * All libraries are now in bind-utils as they are used by bind
      and bind-utils only and bind requires bind-utils.
      This affects libdns, libirs, libisc, libisccc, libisccfg,
    * Dropped the devel packages as the libraries are used
      internally only.
    * Update to 9.16.12
      Bugs fixed:
    - KASP incorrectly set signature validity to the value of
      the DNSKEY signature validity.
    - Fix off-by-one bug in ISC SPNEGO implementation.
    - Dig now reports unknown dash options while pre-parsing
      the options. This prevents "-multi" instead of "+multi"
      from reporting memory usage before ending option parsing
      with "Invalid option: -lti".
    - Fixed a crash in "dnssec-keyfromlabel" when using ECDSA
    - Emit useful error message when "rndc retransfer" is
      applied to a zone of inappropriate type.
    - Improve performance of the DNSSEC verification code by
      reducing the number of repeated calls to
    - named failed to start when its configuration included a
      zone with a non-builtin "allow-update" ACL attached.
    - Address potential double free in generatexml().
    - When migrating to KASP, BIND 9 considered keys with the
      "Inactive" and/or "Delete" timing metadata to be
      possible active keys.
    - Fix the "three is a crowd" key rollover bug in KASP by
      correctly implementing Equation (2) of the "Flexible and
      Robust Key Rollover" paper.
    * dnssec-keygen can no longer generate HMAC keys.
      Use tsig-keygen instead.
      genDDNSkey script was modified to reflect this.
    [vendor-files/tools/bind.genDDNSkey, bsc#1180933, CVE-2020-8625,
    bsc#1182246, bsc#1182483]
* Thu Jan 21 2021 Josef Möllers <>
  - Upgrade to version 9.16.11
    * Bug fixing (please check CHANGES file in the source RPM)
    * Functional change:
      policy none;", named now
      permits a safe transition to insecure mode and publishes
      the CDS and CDNSKEY DELETE records, as described in RFC 8078.
    Remove useless Makefiles and Makefile skeleton files in
    [bind.spec, bsc#1179040]
    * ** MAJOR CHANGE ***
    Changed protection of/against "named" from chroot jail to
    systemd protection. This obsoletes subpackage named-chrootenv.
    Kudos to Matthias Gerstner <>
    [bind.spec, bind-chrootenv.conf, vendor-files.tar.bz2, bsc#1180294]
* Tue Dec 29 2020 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 9.16.10:
    New Features:
    * NSEC3 support was added to KASP. A new option for dnssec-policy,
    nsec3param, can be used to set the desired NSEC3 parameters. NSEC3 salt
    collisions are automatically prevented during resalting. [GL #1620]
    * A new configuration option, stale-refresh-time, has been introduced. It allows
    a stale RRset to be served directly from cache for a period of time after a
    failed lookup, before a new attempt to refresh it is made. [GL #2066]
    Feature Changes:
    * The default value of max-recursion-queries was increased from 75 to 100.
    Since the queries sent towards root and TLD servers are now included in the
    count (as a result of the fix for CVE-2020-8616), max-recursion-queries has
    a higher chance of being exceeded by non-attack queries, which is the main
    reason for increasing its default value. [GL #2305]
    The default value of nocookie-udp-size was restored back to 4096 bytes. Since
    max-udp-size is the upper bound for nocookie-udp-size, this change relieves the
    operator from having to change nocookie-udp-size together with max-udp-size in
    order to increase the default EDNS buffer size limit. nocookie-udp-size can
    still be set to a value lower than max-udp-size, if desired. [GL #2250]
    Bug Fixes:
    Handling of missing DNS COOKIE responses over UDP was tightened by falling
    back to TCP. [GL #2275]
    The CNAME synthesized from a DNAME was incorrectly followed when the QTYPE was
    CNAME or ANY. [GL #2280]
    Building with native PKCS#11 support for AEP Keyper has been broken since BIND
    9.16.6. This has been fixed. [GL #2315]
    named could crash with an assertion failure if a TCP connection were closed
    while a request was still being processed. [GL #2227]
    named acting as a resolver could incorrectly treat signed zones with no DS
    record at the parent as bogus. Such zones should be treated as insecure. This
    has been fixed. [GL #2236]
    After a Negative Trust Anchor (NTA) is added, BIND performs periodic checks
    to see if it is still necessary. If BIND encountered a failure while creating a
    query to perform such a check, it attempted to dereference a NULL pointer,
    resulting in a crash. [GL #2244]
    A problem obtaining glue records could prevent a stub zone from functioning
    properly, if the authoritative server for the zone were configured for minimal
    responses. [GL #1736]
    UV_EOF is no longer treated as a TCP4RecvErr or a TCP6RecvErr. [GL #2208]
* Wed Nov 11 2020 Josef Möllers <>
  - Added special make instruction for the "Administrator Reference
    Manual" which is built using python3-Sphinx
    [bsc#1177983, bind.spec]
  - Removed "" from named.service as that
    leads to a systemd ordering cycle
    [bsc#1177491, bsc#1178626, bsc#1177991, vendor-files.tar.bz2]
* Wed Oct 28 2020 Josef Möllers <>
  - Upgrade to version 9.16.8
    New Features:
    * Add a new rndc command, "rndc dnssec -rollover", which triggers a
      manual rollover for a specific key.
    * Add a new rndc command, "rndc dumpdb -expired", which dumps the
      cache database, including expired RRsets that are awaiting
      cleanup, to the dump-file for diagnostic purposes.
    Bug Fixes:
    * named reported an invalid memory size when running in an environment
      that did not properly report the number of available memory pages
      and/or the size of each memory page.
    * With multiple forwarders configured, named could fail the
      REQUIRE(msg->state == (-1)) assertion in lib/dns/message.c,
      causing it to crash. This has been fixed.
    * named erroneously performed continuous key rollovers for KASP
      policies that used algorithm Ed25519 or Ed448 due to a mismatch
      between created key size and expected key size.
    * Updating contents of an RPZ zone which contained names spelled
      using varying letter case could cause some processing rules in
      that RPZ zone to be erroneously ignored.
    Local changes:
    * Add /usr/lib64/named to the files and directories in
      bind-chrootenv.conf. This directory contains plugins loaded
      after the chroot().
* Fri Oct 23 2020 Josef Möllers <>
  - Removed "dnssec-enable" from named.conf as it has been obsoleted.
    Added a comment for reference which should be removed
    in the future.
  - Added a comment to the "dnssec-validation" in named.conf
    with a reference to forwarders which do not return signed responses.
  - Replaced named's dependency on time-sync with a dependency on time-set
    in named.service.
* Wed Oct 21 2020 Josef Möllers <>
  - Upgrade to version 9.16.7
    * Fix (non-)publication of CDS and CDNSKEY records.
    * 'dig +bufsize=0' failed to disable EDNS.
    * Address a TSAN report by ensuring each rate limiter
      object holds a reference to its task.
    * With query minimization enabled, named failed to
      resolve names that had extra labels to the
      left of the IPv6 part.
    * Silence the EPROTO syslog message on older systems.
    * Fix off-by-one error when calculating new hash table size.
    * Tighten LOC parsing to reject a period (".") and/or "m"
      as a value. Fix handling of negative altitudes which are
      not whole meters.
    * rbtversion->glue_table_size could be read without the
      appropriate lock being held.
    * Named erroneously accepted certain invalid resource
      records that were incorrectly processed after
      subsequently being written to disk and loaded back, as
      the wire format differed. Such records include: CERT,
    * NTA code needed to have a weak reference on its
      associated view to prevent the latter from being deleted
      while NTA tests were being performed.
    * replace an INSIST() (which calls abort()) with a check and
      an error message.
    [bsc#1177913, bind-9.16.7.tar.xz]
* Fri Sep 18 2020 Josef Möllers <>
  - Removed "-r /dev/urandom" from all invocations of rndc-confgen
    (init/named system/lwresd.init system/named.init in vendor-files)
    as this option is deprecated and causes rndc-confgen to fail.
    [bsc#1173311, bsc#1176674, bsc#1170713, vendor-files.tar.bz2]
* Tue Sep 15 2020 Josef Möllers <>
  - /usr/bin/genDDNSkey: Removing the use of the -r option in the call
    of /usr/sbin/dnssec-keygen as BIND now uses the random number
    functions provided by the crypto library (i.e., OpenSSL or a
    PKCS#11 provider) as a source of randomness rather than /dev/random.
    Therefore the -r command line option no longer has any effect on
    dnssec-keygen. Leaving the option in genDDNSkey as to not break
    compatibility. Patch provided by Stefan Eisenwiener.
    [bsc#1171313, vendor-files.tar.bz2]
* Fri Sep 04 2020 Reinhard Max <>
  - Put libns into a separate subpackage to avoid file conflicts
    in the libisc subpackage due to different sonums (bsc#1176092).
* Fri Aug 28 2020 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Require /sbin/start_daemon: both init scripts, the one used in
    systemd context as well as legacy sysv, make use of start_daemon.
* Tue Aug 18 2020 Josef Möllers <>
  - Upgrade to version 9.16.6
    Fixes five vilnerabilities:
    5481.   [security]      "update-policy" rules of type "subdomain" were
      incorrectly treated as "zonesub" rules, which allowed
      keys used in "subdomain" rules to update names outside
      of the specified subdomains. The problem was fixed by
      making sure "subdomain" rules are again processed as
      described in the ARM. (CVE-2020-8624) [GL #2055]
    5480.   [security]      When BIND 9 was compiled with native PKCS#11 support, it
      was possible to trigger an assertion failure in code
      determining the number of bits in the PKCS#11 RSA public
      key with a specially crafted packet. (CVE-2020-8623)
      [GL #2037]
    5479.   [security]      named could crash in certain query resolution scenarios
      where QNAME minimization and forwarding were both
      enabled. (CVE-2020-8621) [GL #1997]
    5478.   [security]      It was possible to trigger an assertion failure by
      sending a specially crafted large TCP DNS message.
      (CVE-2020-8620) [GL #1996]
    5476.   [security]      It was possible to trigger an assertion failure when
      verifying the response to a TSIG-signed request.
      (CVE-2020-8622) [GL #2028]
    For the less severe bugs fixed, see the CHANGES file.
    [bsc#1175443, CVE-2020-8624, CVE-2020-8623, CVE-2020-8621,
    CVE-2020-8620, CVE-2020-8622]
* Thu Aug 06 2020 Josef Möllers <>
  - Added "/etc/bind.keys" to NAMED_CONF_INCLUDE_FILES in
    /etc/sysconfig/named to suppress warning message re
    missing file.
    [vendor-files.tar.bz2, bsc#1173983]
* Tue Jul 21 2020 Josef Möllers <>
  - Upgrade to version bind-9.16.5
    * The "primary" and "secondary" keywords, when used
      as parameters for "check-names", were not
      processed correctly and were being ignored.
    * 'rndc dnstap -roll <value>' did not limit the number of
      saved files to <value>.
    * Add 'rndc dnssec -status' command.
    * Addressed a couple of situations where named could crash
    For the full list, see the CHANGES file in the source RPM.
* Tue Jun 30 2020 Josef Möllers <>
  - Changed /var/lib/named to owner root:named and perms rwxrwxr-t
    so that named, being a/the only member of the "named" group
    has full r/w access yet cannot change directories owned by root
    in the case of a compromized named.
    [bsc#1173307, bind-chrootenv.conf]
* Thu Jun 18 2020 Josef Möllers <>
  - Upgrade to version bind-9.16.4
    Fixing two security problems:
    * It was possible to trigger an INSIST when determining
      whether a record would fit into a TCP message buffer.
    * It was possible to trigger an INSIST in
      lib/dns/rbtdb.c:new_reference() with a particular zone
      content and query patterns. (CVE-2020-8619)
    Also the following functional changes:
    * Reject DS records at the zone apex when loading
      master files. Log but otherwise ignore attempts to
      add DS records at the zone apex via UPDATE.
    * The default value of "max-stale-ttl" has been changed
      from 1 week to 12 hours.
    * Zone timers are now exported via statistics channel.
      Thanks to Paul Frieden, Verizon Media.
    Added support for idn2 to spec file (Thanks to Holger Bruenjes
    More internal changes see the CHANGES file in the source RPM
    This update obsoletes
    [bsc#1172958, CVE-2020-8618, CVE-2020-8619,
* Fri May 15 2020 Josef Möllers <>
  - Upgrade to version bind-9.16.3
    Fixing two security problems:
    * Further limit the number of queries that can be triggered from
      a request.  Root and TLD servers are no longer exempt
      from max-recursion-queries.  Fetches for missing name server
      address records are limited to 4 for any domain. (CVE-2020-8616)
    * Replaying a TSIG BADTIME response as a request could trigger an
      assertion failure. (CVE-2020-8617)
    * Add engine support to OpenSSL EdDSA implementation.
    * Add engine support to OpenSSL ECDSA implementation.
    * Update PKCS#11 EdDSA implementation to PKCS#11 v3.0.
    * Warn about AXFR streams with inconsistent message IDs.
    * Make ISC rwlock implementation the default again.
    For more see CHANGS file in source RPM.
    [CVE-2020-8616, CVE-2020-8617, bsc#1171740, bind-9.16.3.tar.xz]
* Fri May 08 2020 Josef Möllers <>
  - bind needs an accurate clock, so wait for the
    to be reached before starting bind.
    [bsc#1170667, bsc#1170713, vendor-files.tar.bz2]
* Sat Mar 21 2020 Thorsten Kukuk <>
  - Use sysusers.d to create named user
  - Have only one package creating the user
* Fri Mar 20 2020 Thorsten Kukuk <>
  - coreutils are not used in %post, remove Requires.
  - Use systemd_ordering instead of hard requiring systemd
* Fri Mar 20 2020 Josef Möllers <>
  - Upgrade to version 9.16.1
    * UDP network ports used for listening can no longer simultaneously
      be used for sending traffic.
    * The system-provided POSIX Threads read-write lock implementation
      is now used by default instead of the native BIND 9 implementation.
    * Fixed re-signing issues with inline zones which resulted in records
      being re-signed late or not at all.
* Sat Feb 22 2020 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Update download urls
  - Do not enable geoip on old distros, the geoip db was shut down
    so we need to use geoip2 everywhere
* Thu Feb 20 2020 Josef Möllers <>
  - Upgrade to version 9.16.0
    Major upgrade, see
    CHANGES file in the source tree.
    Major functional change:
    * What was set with --with-tuning=large option in older BIND9
      versions is now a default, and a --with-tuning=small option was
      added for small (e.g. OpenWRT) systems.
    * A new "dnssec-policy" option has been added to named.conf to
      implement a key and signing policy (KASP) for zones.
    * The command (and manpage) bind9-config have been dropped as the
      BIND 9 libraries are now purely internal.
    No patches became obsolete through the upgrade.
* Wed Jan 08 2020 Josef Möllers <>
  - Upgrade to bind-9.14.9
    bug fixes and feature improvements



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