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stow-2.3.1-1.4 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for noarch

Name: stow Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 2.3.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.4 Build date: Sun Sep 26 02:17:27 2021
Group: System/Packages Build host: goat15
Size: 321179 Source RPM: stow-2.3.1-1.4.src.rpm
Summary: Manage the installation of software packages from source
GNU Stow is a symlink farm manager which takes distinct packages of
software and/or data located in separate directories on the
filesystem, and makes them appear to be installed in the same place.
For example, /usr/local/bin could contain symlinks to files within
/usr/local/stow/emacs/bin, /usr/local/stow/perl/bin etc., and
likewise recursively for any other subdirectories such as .../share,
.../man, and so on.

This is particularly useful for keeping track of system-wide and
per-user installations of software built from source, but can also
facilitate a more controlled approach to management of configuration
files in the user's home directory, especially when coupled with
version control systems.

Stow is implemented as a combination of a Perl script providing a CLI
interface, and a backend Perl module which does most of the work.






* Fri Apr 09 2021
  - A few more minor spec tweaks.  Thanks to Dirk Mueller for some
    of these.
* Sat Feb 22 2020 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Some spec clean-up.
* Sun Aug 04 2019 Andreas Stieger <>
  - stow 2.3.1:
    * New --dotfiles option for handling dotfiles
    * Shell-like expansion in .stowrc files
    * chkstow now honours the $STOW_DIR environment variable
    * License changed to GPL 3
* Sun Nov 15 2015
  - stow 2.2.2
    * @VERSION@ substitution was set up for the Stow::Util module.
  - includes changes from unreleased 2.2.1:
    * various bug fixes
    * Correctly handle the stow/target directories as non-canonical paths
    * Fix stowing of relative links when --no-folding is used.
  - verify tarball signature
* Wed Aug 06 2014
  - Rename rpmlintrc as per pkg guideline to %{name}-rpmlintrc
    (SR #243198)
  - Remove old, unused stow.spec.quux
* Thu Sep 12 2013
  - Use %configure and %perl_requires macros.
  - Don't rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT.
* Wed Sep 11 2013
  - Run "osc service localrun format_spec_file" on spec file.
* Tue Jan 08 2013
  - split off HTML/PDF docs into -doc subpackage
  - fix some rpmlint warnings
* Thu Mar 01 2012
  - improve Description
  - fix License field
* Wed Feb 29 2012
  - update to 2.2.0



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