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python39-flake8-3.9.2-2.1 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for noarch

Name: python39-flake8 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 3.9.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Sun Sep 26 21:59:55 2021
Group: Unspecified Build host: build83
Size: 594197 Source RPM: python-flake8-3.9.2-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: Modular source code checker: pep8, pyflakes and co
Flake8 is a modular extensible source code checker including wrappers
around these tools:

- PyFlakes
- pep8
- Ned Batchelder's McCabe script

Flake8 runs all the tools by launching the single ``flake8`` script.






* Fri Sep 24 2021 Steve Kowalik <>
  - Add ignore-selectable-groups-warning.patch:
    * Ignore unfixed warning.
* Sun Jun 06 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 3.9.2:
    * Fix codes being ignored by plugins utilizing ``extend_default_ignore``
    * Fix error message for ``E111`` in ``pycodestyle``
    * ``indent_size_str`` is deprecated, use ``str(indent_size)`` instead
* Tue Mar 16 2021 John Vandenberg <>
  - Update to v3.9.0
    * Pyflakes has been updated to >= 2.3.0
    * pycodestyle has been updated to >= 2.7.0
    * Drop support for python 3.4
    * Add --no-show-source option to disable --show-source
    * Fix handling of crlf line endings when linting stdin
* Sat Oct 10 2020 Arun Persaud <>
  - specfile:
    * update patch lines numbers
    * removed pytest6.patch (included upstream)
  - update to version 3.8.4:
    * Fix multiprocessing errors on platforms without sem_open syscall.
      (See also GitLab!448)
    * Fix skipping of physical checks on the last line of a file which
      does not end in a newline (See also GitLab!451)
* Mon Aug 31 2020 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Add patch to fix build with pytest 6:
    * pytest6.patch
* Sat Jul 11 2020 Arun Persaud <>
  - update to version 3.8.3:
    * Also catch SyntaxError when tokenizing (See also GitLab!433,
    * Fix --jobs default display in flake8 --help (See also GitLab!434,
* Wed Jun 03 2020 Arun Persaud <>
  - update to version 3.8.2:
    * Improve performance by eliminating unncessary sort (See also
    * Improve messaging of --jobs argument by utilizing argparse (See
      also GitLab!428, GitLab#567)
    * Fix file configuration options to be relative to the config passed
      on the command line (See also GitLab!431, GitLab#651)
    * Fix incorrect handling of --extend-exclude by treating its values
      as files (See also GitLab!432, GitLab#653)
* Thu May 14 2020 Benjamin Greiner <>
  - Update to 3.8.1
    * Fix --output-file (regression in 3.8.0) (See also GitLab!427,
  - Update notes for 3.8.0
    * Fix logical checks which report positions out of bounds (See also
      GitLab!422, GitLab#635)
    * Fix --exclude=.* accidentally matching . and .. (See also GitLab!424,
    * Add deprecation message for vcs hooks (See also GitLab!420, GitLab#568)
  - Update notes for 3.8.0a2
    * Fix type="str" optparse options (See also GitLab!419)
  - Update notes for 3.8.0a1
    New Dependency Information
    * Remove dependency on entrypoints and add dependency on importlib-metadata
      (only for python<3.8) (See also GitLab!388, GitLab#569)
    * Pyflakes has been updated to >= 2.2.0, < 2.3.0 (See also GitLab!417)
    * pycodestyle has been updated to >= 2.6.0a1, < 2.7.0 (See also GitLab!418)
    * Add --extend-exclude option to add to --exclude without overwriting (See
      also GitLab!315, GitLab#535)
    * Move argument parsing from optparse to argparse (See also GitLab!341
    * Group plugin options in --help (See also GitLab!342, GitLab#565)
    * Remove parsing of verbose from configuration files as it was not
      consistently applied (See also GitLab!360, GitLab#439)
    * Remove parsing of output_file from configuration files as it was not
      consistently applied (See also GitLab!361)
    * Resolve configuration files relative to cwd instead of common prefix of
      passed filenames. You may need to change flake8 subproject to cd subproject
      && flake8 . (See also GitLab!363)
    * Officially support python3.8 (See also GitLab!377)
    * --disable-noqa now also disables # flake8: noqa (See also GitLab!380,
    * Ensure that a missing file produces a E902 error (See also GitLab!404,
    * # noqa comments now apply to all of the lines in an explicit \ continuation
      or in a line continued by a multi-line string (See also GitLab!413, GitLab#375)
    Bugs Fixed
    * Fix --exclude=./ to only match at the top level (See also
      GitLab!311, GitLab#382)
    * Fix --show-source when a file is indented with tabs (See also GitLab!339,
    * Fix crash when --max-line-length is given a non-integer (See also
      GitLab!341, GitLab#541)
    * Prevent flip-flopping of indent_char causing extra E101 errors (See also
      GitLab!357, pycodestyle#886)
    * Only enable multiprocessing when the method is fork fixing issues on macos
      with python3.8+ (See also GitLab!366, GitLab#587) (note: this fix also
      landed in 3.7.9)
    * noqa is now only handled by flake8 fixing specific-noqa. Plugins requesting
      this parameter will always receive False (See also GitLab!331, GitLab#552)
    * Fix duplicate loading of plugins when invoked via python -m flake8 (See also
    * Fix early exit when --exit-zero and --diff are provided and the diff is
      empty (See also GitLab!391)
    * Consistently split lines when \f is present when reading from stdin
      (See also GitLab!406, GitLab#270)
    * python flake8 (setuptools integration) is now deprecated and will
      be removed in a future version (See also GitLab!330, GitLab#544)
    * type='string' (optparse) types are deprecated, use type=callable (argparse)
      instead. Support for type='string' will be removed in a future version (See
      also GitLab!341)
    * %default in plugin option help text is deprecated, use %(default)s instead.
      Support for %default will be removed in a future version (See also
    * optparse-style action='callback' setting for options is deprecated,
      use argparse action classes instead. This will be removed in a future
      version (See also GitLab!341)
  - remove remove_mock_dependency.patch
  - remove pyflakes-version.patch
* Mon May 04 2020 Matej Cepl <>
  - Skip failing test_all_pyflakes_messages_have_flake8_codes_assigned test
  - Add pyflakes-version.patch to make the package work with
    the pyflakes in Factory now.
* Wed Nov 20 2019 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Update to 3.7.9:
    * Disable multiprocessing when the multiprocessing method is spawn
      (such as on macos in python3.8) (See also GitLab!367, GitLab#587)
* Fri Jul 19 2019 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Update to 3.7.8:
    * Fix handling of Application.parse_preliminary_options_and_args when
      argv is an empty list (See also GitLab!310, GitLab#518)
    * Fix crash when a file parses but fails to tokenize (See also GitLab!314,
    * Log the full traceback on plugin exceptions (See also GitLab!317)
    * Fix # noqa: ... comments with multi-letter codes (See also GitLab!326,
  - Rebase remove_mock_dependency.patch
* Sun Mar 03 2019 John Vandenberg <>
  - Create doc sub package with rst files, and README.rst
  - Replace main package %doc README.rst with manpage.rst
  - Simplify dependency on python-typing, which is provided by
    python3-base when it isnt a separate dependency
* Sat Mar 02 2019 Arun Persaud <>
  - update to version 3.7.7:
    * Fix crahes in plugins causing flake8 to hang while unpickling
      errors (See also GitLab!308, GitLab#505)
* Thu Feb 21 2019 John Vandenberg <>
  - Update to v3.7.6
    * Fix ``--per-file-ignores`` for multi-letter error codes
    * Improve flake8 speed when only 1 filename is passed
* Wed Feb 06 2019 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add missing dependency on python3-typing when python3 < 3.5
  - Add fix-mock-patch-with-python3.4.patch to fix building the package in
    Leap 42.3. In python 3.5, mock.patch uses create=True automatically if
    you are patching builtins in a module, but in python 3.4 the argument
    is still needed.
* Tue Feb 05 2019 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Enable tests
  - Add allow-bytes-filenames.patch to fix some tests that fail because
    they pass bytes objects as filenames.
  - Update remove_mock_dependency.patch to fix another test that used mock
* Tue Feb 05 2019 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 3.7.5:
    * Bugs Fixed
      + Fix reporting of pyflakes "referenced before assignment" error
      (See also GitLab!301, GitLab#503)
  - Update to version 3.7.4:
    * Bugs Fixed
      + Fix performance regression with lots of per-file-ignores and errors
      (See also GitLab!299, GitLab#501)
  - Update to version 3.7.3:
    * Bugs Fixed
      + Fix imports of typing in python 3.5.0 / 3.5.1 (See also GitLab!294,
      + Fix flake8 --statistics (See also GitLab!295, GitLab#499)
      + Gracefully ignore flake8-per-file-ignores plugin if installed
      (See also GitLab!297, GitLab#495)
      + Improve error message for malformed per-file-ignores
      (See also GitLab!298, GitLab#489)
  - Update to version 3.7.2:
    * Bugs Fixed
      + Fix broken flake8 --diff (regressed in 3.7.0) (See also GitLab!292,
      + Fix typo in plugin exception reporting (See also GitLab!275, GitLab#491)
      + Fix AttributeError while attempting to use the legacy api
      (regressed in 3.7.0) (See also GitLab!293, GitLab#497)
  - Update to version 3.7.1:
    * Bugs Fixed
      + Fix capitalized filenames in per-file-ignores setting (See also GitLab!290, GitLab#488)
  - Update to version 3.7.0:
    * New Dependency Information
      + Add dependency on entrypoints >= 0.3, < 0.4
      (See also GitLab!264, GitLab!288)
      + Pyflakes has been updated to >= 2.1.0, < 2.2.0
      (See also GitLab!283, GitLab!285)
      + pycodestyle has been updated to >= 2.5.0, < 2.6.0
      (See also GitLab!287)
    * Features
      + Add support for per-file-ignores (See also GitLab!259, GitLab#156,
      GitLab!281, GitLab#471)
      + Enable use of float and complex option types (See also GitLab!261,
      + Improve startup performance by switching from pkg_resources to
      entrypoints (See also GitLab!264)
      + Add metadata for use through the pre-commit git hooks framework
      (See also GitLab!268, GitLab!284)
      + Allow physical line checks to return more than one result
      (See also GitLab!269)
      + Allow # noqa:X123 comments without space between the colon and codes list
      (See also GitLab!273, GitLab#470)
      + Remove broken and unused flake8.listen plugin type
      (See also GitLab!274, GitLab#480)
  - Remove pyflakes21.patch which is already included upstream
  - Rebase remove_mock_dependency.patch
* Tue Jan 29 2019 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Add patch to build with pyflakes-2.1.0:
    * pyflakes21.patch
* Thu Nov 01 2018 Arun Persaud <>
  - specfile:
    * be more specific in %files section
    * remove two patches that got included upstream:
      + fix_pycodestyle_240.patch
      + python-flake8-3.5.0-pyflakes-2.0.0.patch
  - update to version 3.6.0:
    * New Dependency Information
      + pycodestyle has been updated to >= 2.4.0, < 2.5.0 (See also
      GitLab#381, GitLab#415, GitLab!212, GitLab!230, GitLab!231)
      + Pyflakes has been updated to >= 2.0.0, < 2.1.0 (See also
      GitLab#422, GitLab!239)
      + flake8 requires python 2.x >= 2.7 or python 3.x >= 3.4 (See also
    * Features
      + Add paths to allow local plugins to exist outside of sys.path
      (See also GitLab#379, GitLab!211)
      + Copy setup.cfg files to the temporary git hook execution
      directory (See also GitLab!215)
      + Only skip a file if # flake8: noqa is on a line by itself (See
      also GitLab#453, GitLab!219)
      + Provide a better user experience for broken plugins (See also
      + Report E902 when a file passed on the command line does not
      exist (See also GitLab#405, GitLab!227)
      + Add --extend-ignore for extending the default ignore instead of
      overriding it (See also GitLab#365, GitLab!233)
    * Bugs Fixed
      + Respect a formatter's newline setting when printing (See also
      + Fix leaking of processes in the legacy api (See also GitLab#410,
      + Fix a SyntaxWarning for an invalid escape sequence (See also
      + Fix DeprecationWarning due to import of abc classes from the
      collections module (See also GitLab!249)
      + Defer setuptools import to improve flake8 startup time (See also
      + Fix inconsistent line endings in FileProcessor.lines when
      running under python 3.x (See also GitLab#457, GitLab!255)
* Wed Sep 05 2018 Matěj Cepl <>
  - Add remove_mock_dependency.patch patch providing independence from the
    external mock package.
* Wed Aug 08 2018
  - Add patch to build with pyflakes-2.0.x:
    * python-flake8-3.5.0-pyflakes-2.0.0.patch
* Sun Apr 15 2018
  - add fix_pycodestyle_240.patch to fix compatibility with pycodestyle
    version 2.4.0. fixes boo#1089438
  - use %license macro for license file
* Thu Jan 11 2018
  - Fix build with python3 only, add condition for the py2 only deps
* Tue Oct 24 2017
  - update to 3.5.0:
    - Start using new PyCodestyle checks for bare excepts and ambiguous identifier
    drop 0001-Update-pyflakes-range-and-include-doc-links.patch: upstream
* Wed Oct 18 2017
  - update to 3.4.1
  - Add 0001-Update-pyflakes-range-and-include-doc-links.patch from upstream
    in order to allow using pyflakes >= 1.6.0
* Fri Mar 24 2017
  - update for singlespec
  - update to 3.3.0
    * fix setuptools integration
    * drop python 2.6 and python < 3.4 support
    * nonzero exit on problems
    * python 3.6 support
    * performance improvements
  - switch requirement from pep8 to pycodestyle
  - switch test runner from nose to pytest
* Mon Aug 15 2016
  - Fix update-alternatives implementation.
* Wed Jan 13 2016
  - Update to 2.5.1
    * Bug Properly look for .flake8 in current working directory
    * Bug Monkey-patch pep8.stdin_get_value to cache the actual value
      in stdin. This helps plugins relying on the function when run
      with multiprocessing.
  - Update to 2.5.0
    * Improvement Raise cap on PyFlakes for Python 3.5 support
    * Improvement Avoid deprecation warnings when loading extensions
    * Improvement Separate logic to enable “off-by-default” extensions
    * Bug Properly parse options to setuptools Flake8 command
    * Bug Fix exceptions when output on stdout is truncated before
      Flake8 finishes writing the output
    * Bug Fix error on OS X where Flake8 can no longer acquire or
      create new semaphores
  - Update to 2.4.1
    * Bug Do not raise a SystemError unless there were errors in the
      setuptools command.
    * Bug Do not verify dependencies of extensions loaded via
    * Improvement Blacklist versions of pep8 we know are broken
  - Update to 2.4.0
    * Bug Print filenames when using multiprocessing and -q option.
    * Bug Put upper cap on dependencies. The caps for 2.4.0 are:
      > pep8 < 1.6 (Related to GitLab#35)
      > mccabe < 0.4
      > pyflakes < 0.9
    * See also GitLab#32
    * Bug Files excluded in a config file were not being excluded
      when flake8 was run from a git hook.
    * Improvement Print warnings for users who are providing
      mutually exclusive options to flake8.
    * Feature Allow git hook configuration to live in .git/config.
      See the updated VCS hooks docs for more details.
  - Remove upstream-included flake8-fix-tests-using-new-mock.patch
  - Implement update-alternatives
* Mon Aug 10 2015
  - Add upstream patch flake8-fix-tests-using-new-mock.patch
    * Fix tests using mock 1.1.x and above
* Thu Feb 26 2015
  - update to 2.3.0
    - Add ``--output-file`` option to specify a file to write to
      instead of ``stdout``.
    - Fix interleaving of output while using multiprocessing
    - Flush standard out when using multiprocessing
    - Make the check for "# flake8: noqa" more strict
    - Fix bugs triggered by turning multiprocessing on by default (again)
    - Passing something in via stdin
    - Analyzing a diff
    - Using windows
    - Fix --install-hook when there are no config files present for pep8 or
    - Fix how the setuptools command parses excludes in config files
    - Fix how the git hook determines which files to analyze (Thanks Chris
* Mon Sep 15 2014
  - update to 2.2.3:
    * Actually turn multiprocessing on by default
  - Update Requires for pyflakes, pep8 and mccabe
* Thu Jul 10 2014
  - Update to 2.2.2
    - Re-enable multiprocessing by default while fixing the issue
      Windows users were seeing.
  - Update to 2.2.1
    - Turn off multiple jobs by default. To enable automatic use
      of all CPUs, use --jobs=auto. Fixes #155 and #154.
* Fri Jun 27 2014
  - update to 2.2.0:
    - New option ``doctests`` to run Pyflakes checks on doctests too
    - New option ``jobs`` to launch multiple jobs in parallel
    - Turn on using multiple jobs by default using the CPU count
    - Add support for ``python -m flake8`` on Python 2.7 and Python 3
    - Fix Git and Mercurial hooks: issues #88, #133, #148 and #149
    - Fix crashes with Python 3.4 by upgrading dependencies
    - Fix traceback when running tests with Python 2.6
    - Fix the setuptools command ``python flake8`` to read
      the project configuration
* Mon Jan 13 2014
  - update to 2.1.0:
    - Add FLAKE8_LAZY and FLAKE8_IGNORE environment variable support to git and
      mercurial hooks
    - Force git and mercurial hooks to repsect configuration in setup.cfg
    - Only check staged files if that is specified
    - Fix hook file permissions
    - Fix the git hook on python 3
    - Ignore non-python files when running the git hook
    - Ignore .tox directories by default
    - Flake8 now reports the column number for PyFlakes messages
* Thu Oct 24 2013
  - Require python-setuptools instead of distribute (upstreams merged)
* Wed Apr 24 2013
  - Spec file cleanup
  - Run testsuite
  - Add LICENSE (for legal)
* Sun Apr 21 2013
  - Initial package (2.0)



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