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RPM of Group System/GUI/KDE

breeze5-cursors-5.22.5-1.2 Plasma Desktop artwork, styles and assets linux/noarch
breeze5-icons-5.86.0-1.2 Breeze icon theme linux/noarch
breeze5-icons-rcc-5.86.0-1.2 Breeze icon theme - rcc file linux/noarch
breeze5-wallpapers-5.22.5-1.2 Plasma Desktop artwork, styles and assets linux/noarch
gtk2-metatheme-breeze-5.22.5-1.2 GTK+ theme matching KDE's Breeze -- GTK+ 2 Support linux/noarch
gtk3-metatheme-breeze-5.22.5-1.2 GTK+ theme matching KDE's Breeze -- GTK+ 3 Support linux/noarch
kapidox-5.86.0-1.2 Scripts and data for building API documentation linux/noarch
kdeedu-data-21.08.1-1.2 Data files for KDE Education Applications linux/noarch
kdegames-carddecks-default-21.08.1-1.3 Default Card Decks for KDE Games linux/noarch
kdegames-carddecks-other-21.08.1-1.3 Further Card Decks for KDE Games linux/noarch
oxygen5-cursors-5.22.5-2.2 The KDE Plasma Workspace Cursors linux/noarch
oxygen5-icon-theme-5.86.0-1.2 Oxygen Icon Theme linux/noarch
oxygen5-icon-theme-large-5.86.0-1.2 Oxygen Icon Theme linux/noarch
oxygen5-icon-theme-scalable-5.86.0-1.2 Oxygen Icon Theme linux/noarch
oxygen5-sounds-5.22.5-2.2 The KDE Plasma Workspace Sounds linux/noarch
palapeli-data-21.08.1-1.2 Palapeli's standard puzzle files linux/noarch
plasma5-applet-suse-prime-1.1-2.2 Plasma 5 applet for controlling SUSE Prime linux/noarch
plasma5-defaults-openSUSE-84.87~git20190606T185118~3d37a0c-42.2 Default settings for KDE Plasma 5 linux/noarch
plasma5-session-5.22.5-3.1 KDE Plasma 5 X11 Session linux/noarch
plasma5-theme-openSUSE-84.87~git20190606T185118~3d37a0c-42.2 Plasma 5 theme for openSUSE linux/noarch
plasma5-workspace-branding-openSUSE-84.87~git20190606T185118~3d37a0c-42.2 openSUSE branded KDE settings linux/noarch
plasma5-workspace-wallpapers-5.22.5-1.2 Additional Plasma Wallpapers linux/noarch
sddm-theme-openSUSE-84.87~git20190606T185118~3d37a0c-42.2 SDDM theme for openSUSE linux/noarch

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