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RPM of Group System/Fhs

branding-upstream-16.0-1.3 SUSE Brand File Supplementing Upstream Look and Feel linux/noarch
filesystem-media-0.1-1.6 Polyinstantiated /media Directory linux/noarch
grub2-snapper-plugin-2.06-7.1 Grub2's snapper plugin linux/noarch
grub2-systemd-sleep-plugin-2.06-7.1 Grub2's systemd-sleep plugin linux/noarch
lsb-release-3.1-1.5 Linux Standard Base Release Tools linux/noarch
makedev-2.6-564.13 Script for Creating Device Files in /dev linux/noarch
read-only-root-fs-1.0+git20200730.1243fd0-2.4 Files and Scripts for a RO root fileystem linux/noarch
read-only-root-fs-volatile-1.0+git20200730.1243fd0-2.4 Dracut Module to mount a tmpfs overlay on a RO root linux/noarch
system-group-hardware-20170617-23.2 Hardware related system groups linux/noarch
system-group-kvm-20170617-23.2 System group kvm linux/noarch
system-group-libvirt-20170617-23.2 System group libvirt linux/noarch
system-group-obsolete-20170617-23.2 Obsolete system groups linux/noarch
system-group-wheel-20170617-23.2 System group 'wheel' linux/noarch
system-user-bin-20170617-23.2 System user and group 'bin' linux/noarch
system-user-daemon-20170617-23.2 System user and group 'daemon' linux/noarch
system-user-ftp-20170617-23.2 System user and group ftp linux/noarch
system-user-games-20170617-23.2 System user and group games linux/noarch
system-user-lp-20170617-23.2 System user lp linux/noarch
system-user-mail-20170617-23.2 System user and group mail linux/noarch
system-user-man-20170617-23.2 System user and group 'man' linux/noarch
system-user-news-20170617-23.2 System user and group 'news' linux/noarch
system-user-nobody-20170617-23.2 System user and group nobody linux/noarch
system-user-ntp-20170617-23.2 System user ntp and group linux/noarch
system-user-qemu-20170617-23.2 System user and group qemu linux/noarch
system-user-root-20190513-1.36 System user and group root linux/noarch
system-user-tftp-20170617-23.2 System user and group tftp linux/noarch
system-user-tss-20170617-23.2 System user and group tss linux/noarch
system-user-upsd-20170617-23.2 System user upsd linux/noarch
system-user-uucp-20170617-23.2 System user and group uucp linux/noarch
system-user-uuidd-20170617-23.2 System user and group uuidd linux/noarch
system-user-vscan-20170617-23.2 System user vscan linux/noarch
system-user-wwwrun-20170617-23.2 System user wwwrun and group www linux/noarch

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