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RPM of Group Productivity/Text/Utilities

ack-3.5.0-1.4 Grep-Like Text Finder linux/noarch
anki-2.1.13-1.18 Spaced-Repetition Memory Training Program linux/noarch
dtdinst-20181222-1.2 XML DTD to XML instance format converter linux/noarch
guilt-0.35-5.17 quilt on top of git linux/noarch
jc-1.17.0-1.1 JSON CLI output utility linux/noarch
jing-20181222-1.2 RELAX NG validator in Java linux/noarch
jo-bash-completion-1.4-2.3 Bash Completion for jo linux/noarch
neofetch-7.1.0-1.5 CLI system information tool written in BASH linux/noarch
nfoview-1.28-1.5 Simple Viewer for NFO Files linux/noarch
python3-presagemate-0.9.1-12.2 Universial predictive text companion linux/noarch
scat-0.0.1-2.5 Syntax highlight for terminal linux/noarch
tdiff-bash-completion-0.8.5-3.8 Bash Completion for tdiff linux/noarch
tkdiff-4.3.5-1.9 2 and 3-way diff/merge tool linux/noarch
tkxcd-1.1.0-950.14 Graphical frontend for diff linux/noarch
trang-20181222-1.2 Multi-format schema converter based on RELAX NG linux/noarch
transifex-client-0.13.9-2.2 Transifex Command-line Client linux/noarch
words-british-2015.02.15-2.10 A British words dictionary linux/noarch
words-canadian-2015.02.15-2.10 A Canadian words dictionary linux/noarch

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