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RPM of Group Productivity/File utilities

bleachbit-4.4.0-1.2 Tool for removing unnecessary files, freeing space, and maintaining privacy linux/noarch
caja-extension-folder-color-0.0.88-2.4 Caja extension for changing directory color linux/noarch
caja-extensions-common-lang-1.26.0-1.4 Languages for Caja extensions linux/noarch
catfish-4.16.3-1.1 Versatile File Searching Tool linux/noarch
convmv-2.05-2.10 Utility to convert file names between encodings linux/noarch
deepin-file-manager-dbus-5.2.24-2.2 Deepin File DBus profiles linux/noarch
deepin-file-manager-polkit-5.2.24-2.2 Deepin File polkit profiles linux/noarch
fasd-1.0.1-1.10 Command-line productivity booster, offers quick access to files and directories linux/noarch
file-magic-5.40-1.14 Database for libmagic to help identify files linux/noarch
folder-color-common-0.0.88-2.4 Auxiliary files for the folder-color file browser extension linux/noarch
fzf-bash-completion-0.27.3-1.1 Bash completion for fzf linux/noarchNew
fzf-fish-completion-0.27.3-1.1 Fish completion for fzf linux/noarchNew
fzf-tmux-0.27.3-1.1 Tmux integration for fzf linux/noarchNew
fzf-zsh-completion-0.27.3-1.1 ZSH completion for fzf linux/noarchNew
git-subrepo-bash-completion-0.4.3-1.4 Bash completion for git-subrepo linux/noarch
git-subrepo-zsh-completion-0.4.3-1.4 ZSH completion for git-subrepo linux/noarch
gnome-commander-doc-1.12.2-2.1 A file manager for the GNOME desktop environment -- Documentation files linux/noarch
gnu_parallel-20210922-1.1 Shell tool for executing jobs in parallel linux/noarchNew
gprename-5.0.20140325-3.15 A GTK2 batch renamer for files and directories linux/noarch
homeshick-2.0.0-1.5 Dotfile synchronizer based on Git and Bash linux/noarch
nautilus-extension-folder-color-0.0.88-2.4 Nautilus extension for changing directory color linux/noarch
nemo-extension-folder-color-0.0.88-2.4 Nemo extension for changing directory color linux/noarch
python3-dfVFS-0~20200920-2.3 Digital Forensics Virtual File System linux/noarch
ranger-1.9.3-1.8 Console File Manager linux/noarch
rcm-1.3.4-1.3 An rc file (dotfile) management tool linux/noarch
thunar-sendto-clamtk-0.06-1.10 Adds a right-click, context menu to scan files or folders in Thunar linux/noarch
unoconv-0.9.0-1.5 Tool to convert between any document format supported by LibreOffice linux/noarch
vim-fzf-0.27.3-1.1 Vim plugin for fzf linux/noarchNew

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