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RPM of Group Productivity/Clustering/HA

crmsh-4.3.1+20211012.4e74e9d1-1.1 High Availability cluster command-line interface linux/noarchNew
crmsh-scripts-4.3.1+20211012.4e74e9d1-1.1 Crm Shell Cluster Scripts linux/noarchNew
crmsh-test-4.3.1+20211012.4e74e9d1-1.1 Test package for crmsh linux/noarchNew
ha-cluster-bootstrap-0.5-5.8 Pacemaker HA Cluster Bootstrap Tool linux/noarch
linstor-common-1.11.1-2.2 Common files shared between controller and satellite linux/noarch
linstor-controller-1.11.1-2.2 Linstor controller specific files linux/noarch
linstor-satellite-1.11.1-2.2 Linstor satellite specific files linux/noarch
monitoring-plugins-metadata-4.9.0+git10.8dc8b40b-1.1 Metadata for Monitoring plugins linux/noarch
pacemaker-cts-2.1.0+20210816.c6a4f6e6c-1.1 Test framework for cluster-related technologies linux/noarch
sapstartsrv-resource-agents-0.9.0+git.1619681975.ad20a04-1.2 Resource agent for SAP instance specific sapstartsrv service linux/noarch

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