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RPM of Group Development/Tools/Other

RBTools-1.0.3-1.2 Command line tools for interacting with review board linux/noarch
accerciser-3.38.0-2.1 Accessibility debugging tool linux/noarch
accerciser-plugin-IPython-3.38.0-2.1 Accessibility debugging tool - IPython console widget linux/noarch
antlr-java-2.7.7-121.7 ANother Tool for Language Recognition (Manual) linux/noarch
antlr-manual-2.7.7-121.7 ANother Tool for Language Recognition (Manual) linux/noarch
apparmor-rpm-macros-1.0-6.6 RPM macros used to setup apparmor profiles linux/noarch
avocado-examples-69.0-6.3 Avocado Test Framework Example Tests linux/noarch
b4-0.8.0+0-1.2 Helper scripts for patches linux/noarch
bats-1.3.0-1.3 Bash Automated Testing System linux/noarch
bootiso-4.2.0-2.3 A bash script to securely create a bootable USB device from one image file linux/noarch
bootiso-bash-completion-4.2.0-2.3 Bash Completion for bootiso linux/noarch
bootiso-zsh-completion-4.2.0-2.3 ZSH Completion for bootiso linux/noarch
bugzilla-5.0.6-4.2 Bug tracker for software development linux/noarch
bugzilla-lang-de-5.0.6-4.2 German language files for bugzilla linux/noarch
codespell-2.1.0-1.2 Source code checker for common misspellings linux/noarch
deepin-gettext-tools-1.0.8-3.2 Deepin wrapper for gettext linux/noarch
dumpzilla-0.0.0+git.20180324-1.4 Firefox browser forensic tool linux/noarch
dumpzilla-bash-completion-0.0.0+git.20180324-1.4 Bash Completion for dumpzilla linux/noarch
elementary-cmake-modules-0.1.0.bzr.25-1.12 Elementary CMake modules linux/noarch
flawfinder-2.0.19-1.2 C/C++ source code security flaw examination tool linux/noarch
gcovr-5.0-1.2 A code coverage report generator using GNU gcov linux/noarch
gnome-video-effects-devel-0.5.0-3.1 Collection of GStreamer effects -- Development Files linux/noarch
gnu-compilers-hpc-1.4-7.1 SUSE HPC GNU Compiler Toolchain environment linux/noarchNew
gnu-compilers-hpc-devel-1.4-7.1 Devel package for HPC GNU compiler environment linux/noarchNew
gnu-compilers-hpc-macros-devel-1.4-7.1 Macro package for HPC GNU compiler environment linux/noarchNew
holodev-0.9-1.10 Tool for creating Debian Linux containers linux/noarch
i18nspector-0.26-1.5 Tool for Checking gettext POT/PO/MO Files linux/noarch
icon-naming-utils-0.8.90-23.9 Icon Name Specification Mapping Script linux/noarch
ikvm-8.0.5449.1-1.14 A JVM Based on the Mono Runtime linux/noarch
intel-SINIT-2.3-88.4 Intel SINIT AC (Secure Inititalization Authenticated Code) modules linux/noarch
intelhex-2.2.1-2.4 Library for Intel HEX Files Manipulations linux/noarch
intltool-0.51.0-7.9 Internationalization Tool Collection linux/noarch
ipxe-bootimgs-1.20.1+git20210614.bf4ccd42-2.2 Network boot loader images in bootable USB, CD, floppy and GRUB formats linux/noarch
itstool-2.0.6-2.6 Tool to translate XML documents using PO files linux/noarch
jefferson-0.3+git.20160616-1.5 JFFS2 filesystem extraction tool linux/noarch
jeos-firstboot- Simple text based JeOS first boot wizard linux/noarch
ketchup-1.0.1-110.14 Tool for downloading and updating Linux kernel source trees linux/noarch
lcov-1.15+git.20200812.d100e6c-2.4 A Graphical GCOV Front-end linux/noarch
live-kiwi-hook-1.0-3.5 KIWI Hook for Checking and Renaming the Live Images linux/noarch
meld-3.21.0-3.1 Visual diff and merge tool linux/noarch
mozaddon-devel-1-2.2 RPM macros for building Mozilla extensions under openSUSE linux/noarch
okteta-data-0.26.6-1.11 Hex Editor data files linux/noarch
openQA-4.6.1634224259.e820fe5b6-1.1 The openQA web-frontend, scheduler and tools linux/noarchNew
openQA-auto-update-4.6.1634224259.e820fe5b6-1.1 Automatically upgrade and reboot the system when required linux/noarchNew
openQA-bootstrap-4.6.1634224259.e820fe5b6-1.1 Automated openQA setup linux/noarchNew
openQA-client-4.6.1634224259.e820fe5b6-1.1 Client tools for remote openQA management linux/noarchNew
openQA-common-4.6.1634224259.e820fe5b6-1.1 The openQA common tools for web-frontend and workers linux/noarchNew
openQA-devel-4.6.1634224259.e820fe5b6-1.1 Development package pulling in all build+test dependencies linux/noarchNew
openQA-doc-4.6.1634224259.e820fe5b6-1.1 The openQA documentation linux/noarchNew
openQA-local-db-4.6.1634224259.e820fe5b6-1.1 Helper package to ease setup of postgresql DB linux/noarchNew
openQA-python-scripts-4.6.1634224259.e820fe5b6-1.1 Additional scripts in python linux/noarchNew
openQA-single-instance-4.6.1634224259.e820fe5b6-1.1 Convenience package for a single-instance setup linux/noarchNew
openQA-worker-4.6.1634224259.e820fe5b6-1.1 The openQA worker linux/noarchNew
openSUSE-release-tools-20211012.2f5f796d-1.1 Tools to aid in staging and release work for openSUSE/SUSE linux/noarchNew
openSUSE-release-tools-abichecker-20211012.2f5f796d-1.1 ABI review bot linux/noarchNew
openSUSE-release-tools-announcer-20211012.2f5f796d-1.1 Release announcer linux/noarchNew
openSUSE-release-tools-check-source-20211012.2f5f796d-1.1 Check source review bot linux/noarchNew
openSUSE-release-tools-maintenance-20211012.2f5f796d-1.1 Maintenance related services linux/noarchNew
openSUSE-release-tools-metrics-20211012.2f5f796d-1.1 Ingest relevant data to generate insightful metrics linux/noarchNew
openSUSE-release-tools-metrics-access-20211012.2f5f796d-1.1 Ingest access logs to generate metrics linux/noarchNew
openSUSE-release-tools-obs-operator-20211012.2f5f796d-1.1 Server used to perform staging operations linux/noarchNew
openSUSE-release-tools-origin-manager-20211012.2f5f796d-1.1 Package origin management tools linux/noarchNew
openSUSE-release-tools-pkglistgen-20211012.2f5f796d-1.1 Generates package lists in 000product linux/noarchNew
openSUSE-release-tools-repo-checker-20211012.2f5f796d-1.1 Repository checker service linux/noarchNew
openSUSE-release-tools-staging-bot-20211012.2f5f796d-1.1 Staging bot services linux/noarchNew
os-autoinst-distri-opensuse-deps-1.1621516512.d2de45c99-1.2 Metapackage that contains the dependencies of os-autoinst-distri-opensuse linux/noarch
osc-0.174.0-1.2 Open Build Service Commander linux/noarch
osc-collab-server-0.104+17-1.1 Server component for osc collab linux/noarch
osc-plugin-collab-0.104+17-1.1 Plugin to make collaboration easier with osc linux/noarch
osc-plugin-cycle-20211012.2f5f796d-1.1 OSC plugin for cycle visualization linux/noarchNew
osc-plugin-install-0.27-1.3 Plugin to make package installation easier linux/noarch
osc-plugin-origin-20211012.2f5f796d-1.1 OSC plugin for origin management linux/noarchNew
osc-plugin-staging-20211012.2f5f796d-1.1 OSC plugin for the staging workflow linux/noarchNew
osclib-20211012.2f5f796d-1.1 Supplemental osc libraries linux/noarchNew
patterns-rpm-macros-1.0-7.2 RPM macros for building of patterns modules linux/noarch
pkgdiff-1.7.2-2.4 Package Changes Analyzer linux/noarch
po4a-0.64-1.3 Framework to translate documentation and other materials linux/noarch
python3-avocado-69.0-6.3 Avocado Test Framework linux/noarch
python36-bmap-tools-3.6-1.1 Tools to generate block map (AKA bmap) and flash images using bmap linux/noarchNew
python36-lit-0.6.0-3.3 A portable tool for executing test suites linux/noarch
python36-python-subunit-1.4.0+git.1584197985.0e9f67b-5.3 Streaming protocol for test results linux/noarch
python38-bmap-tools-3.6-1.1 Tools to generate block map (AKA bmap) and flash images using bmap linux/noarchNew
python38-lit-0.6.0-3.3 A portable tool for executing test suites linux/noarch
python38-python-subunit-1.4.0+git.1584197985.0e9f67b-5.3 Streaming protocol for test results linux/noarch
python39-bmap-tools-3.6-1.1 Tools to generate block map (AKA bmap) and flash images using bmap linux/noarchNew
python39-lit-0.6.0-3.3 A portable tool for executing test suites linux/noarch
python39-python-subunit-1.4.0+git.1584197985.0e9f67b-5.3 Streaming protocol for test results linux/noarch
redminecli-1.3.0-1.6 Command line interface for Redmine linux/noarch
redminecli-bash-completion-1.3.0-1.6 Bash completion for redminecli linux/noarch
rfcdiff-1.47-1.8 Draft Diff Tool linux/noarch
rpmdevtools-8.10-7.5 RPM Development Tools linux/noarch
sblim-testsuite-1.3.0-6.10 SBLIM Testsuite linux/noarch
shlomif-cmake-modules-8f5acb6450c1-1.6 Shlomi Fish's CMake Modules linux/noarch
subunit-filters-1.4.0+git.1584197985.0e9f67b-5.3 Command line filters for processing subunit streams linux/noarch
ubi_reader-0.6.3-2.3 Extract files from UBI and UBIFS images linux/noarch
update-checker-1.1+git20200430.2de8b55-1.8 Scripts to check for new updates and migration targets linux/noarch
virtme-0.1.1-2.6 Tools for virtualize the running distro or a rootfs linux/noarch
wine-gecko-2.47.2-3.4 The Wine specific Gecko HTML rendering engine linux/noarch
yaffshiv-0.1+git.20160105-1.5 A YAFFS file system parser and extractor linux/noarch
yelp-tools-41.0-1.1 Collection of utilities to help create documentation linux/noarch

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