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RPM of Group Development/Libraries/Java

adaptx-0.9.13-135.7 XSLT Processor Written in Java linux/noarch
adaptx-doc-0.9.13-135.7 Documentation for adaptx linux/noarch
adaptx-javadoc-0.9.13-135.7 Javadoc for adaptx linux/noarch
aelfred-7.0-7.10 Java-based XML parser linux/noarch
aelfred-javadoc-7.0-7.10 Java-based XML parser (documentation) linux/noarch
ant-contrib-1.0b3-9.15 Collection of tasks for Ant linux/noarch
ant-proguard-6.2.0-1.9 Ant task for proguard linux/noarch
ant-scala-2.10.7-6.2 Development files for Scala linux/noarch
antlr-maven-plugin-2.2-1.12 Maven plugin that generates files based on grammar file(s) linux/noarch
antlr3-java-3.5.2-2.8 Java run-time support for ANTLR-generated parsers linux/noarch
antlr3-tool-3.5.2-2.9 ANother Tool for Language Recognition linux/noarch
aopalliance-1.0-1.9 Java/J2EE AOP standards linux/noarch
apache-commons-chain-1.2-1.9 An implementation of the GoF Chain of Responsibility pattern linux/noarch
apache-commons-cli-1.4-4.3 Command Line Interface Library for Java linux/noarch
apache-commons-codec-1.15-1.4 Apache Commons Codec Package linux/noarch
apache-commons-collections-3.2.2-6.9 Commons Collections Package linux/noarch
apache-commons-collections-testframework-3.2.2-6.9 Test framework for apache-commons-collections linux/noarch
apache-commons-collections4-4.1-1.9 Extension of the Java Collections Framework linux/noarch
apache-commons-compress-1.21-1.2 Java API for working with compressed files and archivers linux/noarch
apache-commons-configuration-1.10-3.7 Commons Configuration Package linux/noarch
apache-commons-csv-1.6-1.11 A library to read and write files in variations of the Comma Separated Value (CSV) format linux/noarch
apache-commons-dbcp-2.1.1-6.10 Jakarta Commons DataBase Pooling Package linux/noarch
apache-commons-dbcp-javadoc-2.1.1-6.10 Javadoc for apache-commons-dbcp linux/noarch
apache-commons-dbcp1-1.4-3.10 Jakarta Commons DataBase Pooling Package linux/noarch
apache-commons-dbcp1-javadoc-1.4-3.10 Javadoc for jakarta-commons-dbcp linux/noarch
apache-commons-digester-2.1-3.3 Jakarta Commons Digester Package linux/noarch
apache-commons-digester-javadoc-2.1-3.3 Javadoc for apache-commons-digester linux/noarch
apache-commons-el-1.0-2.4 The Apache Commons Extension Language linux/noarch
apache-commons-el-javadoc-1.0-2.4 API documentation for apache-commons-el linux/noarch
apache-commons-email-1.5-3.10 Apache Commons Email Package linux/noarch
apache-commons-exec-1.3-1.9 Java library to reliably execute external processes from within the JVM linux/noarch
apache-commons-fileupload-1.4-1.9 API to work with HTML file upload linux/noarch
apache-commons-httpclient-3.1-13.4 Feature rich package for accessing resources via HTTP linux/noarch
apache-commons-httpclient-demo-3.1-13.4 Demonstration files for apache-commons-httpclient linux/noarch
apache-commons-httpclient-javadoc-3.1-13.4 Developer documentation for apache-commons-httpclient linux/noarch
apache-commons-httpclient-manual-3.1-13.4 Manual for apache-commons-httpclient linux/noarch
apache-commons-imaging-1.0~alpha2-1.4 Apache Commons Imaging linux/noarch
apache-commons-io-2.9.0-1.2 Utilities to assist with developing IO functionality linux/noarch
apache-commons-jexl-2.1.1-1.9 Java Expression Language (JEXL) linux/noarch
apache-commons-jxpath-1.3-9.9 Simple XPath interpreter linux/noarch
apache-commons-lang-2.6-15.7 Apache Commons Lang Package linux/noarch
apache-commons-lang3-3.9-1.2 Apache Commons Lang Package linux/noarch
apache-commons-net-3.6-2.6 Internet protocol suite Java library linux/noarch
apache-commons-parent-52-1.4 Apache Commons Parent Pom linux/noarch
apache-commons-pool-1.6-5.9 Apache Commons Pool linux/noarch
apache-commons-pool-javadoc-1.6-5.9 Javadoc for apache-commons-pool linux/noarch
apache-commons-pool2-2.4.2-5.9 Apache Commons Pool 2.x series linux/noarch
apache-commons-pool2-javadoc-2.4.2-5.9 Javadoc for apache-commons-pool2 linux/noarch
apache-commons-text-1.8-1.9 A library focused on algorithms working on strings linux/noarch
apache-commons-validator-1.5.0-2.9 Apache Commons Validator linux/noarch
apache-commons-vfs2-2.2-1.9 Commons Virtual File System linux/noarch
apache-commons-vfs2-ant-2.2-1.9 Development files for Commons VFS linux/noarch
apache-commons-vfs2-examples-2.2-1.9 Commons VFS Examples linux/noarch
apache-parent-21-3.2 Parent POM file for Apache projects linux/noarch
apache-pdfbox-2.0.23-1.3 Java PDF Library linux/noarch
apache-portlet-1_0-api-1.0-113.10 Portlet API 1.0 from Jetspeed2 linux/noarch
apache-portlet-1_0-api-javadoc-1.0-113.10 Portlet API 1.0 from Jetspeed2 linux/noarch
apache-resource-bundles-2-1.8 Apache Resource Bundles linux/noarch
apiguardian-1.0.0-1.8 API Guardian Java annotation linux/noarch
appframework-1.03-28.10 Swing Application Framework linux/noarch
appframework-javadoc-1.03-28.10 Swing Application Framework linux/noarch
aqute-bnd-5.1.1-1.1 BND Tool linux/noarchNew
aqute-bndlib-5.1.1-1.1 BND library linux/noarchNew
args4j-2.33-1.7 Java command line arguments parser linux/noarch
args4j-tools-2.33-1.7 Development-time tool for generating additional artifacts linux/noarch
asm3-3.3.2-3.6 Java bytecode manipulation framework linux/noarch
asm3-examples-3.3.2-3.6 Java bytecode manipulation framework linux/noarch
asm3-javadoc-3.3.2-3.6 Java bytecode manipulation framework linux/noarch
asm5-5.2-3.9 Java bytecode manipulation framework linux/noarch
asm5-examples-5.2-3.9 Java bytecode manipulation framework linux/noarch
asm5-javadoc-5.2-3.9 Java bytecode manipulation framework linux/noarch
assertj-core-3.8.0-1.13 Library of assertions similar to fest-assert linux/noarch
assertj-core-javadoc-3.8.0-1.13 API documentation for assertj-core linux/noarch
atinject-1+20100611git1f74ea7-1.9 Dependency injection specification for Java (JSR-330) linux/noarch
atinject-tck-1+20100611git1f74ea7-1.9 TCK for testing atinject compatibility with JSR-330 linux/noarch
auto-1.5.4-1.10 A collection of source code generators for Java linux/noarch
auto-common-1.5.4-1.10 Auto Common Utilities linux/noarch
auto-service-1.5.4-1.10 Provider-configuration files for ServiceLoader linux/noarch
auto-value-1.5.4-1.10 Auto Value linux/noarch
avalon-framework-4.3-3.7 Java components interfaces linux/noarch
avalon-logkit-2.1-22.7 Java logging toolkit linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-1.11.3-2.10 AWS SDK for Java linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-acm-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS Certificate Manager linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-api-gateway-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon API Gateway linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-applicationautoscaling-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS Application Auto Scaling linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-autoscaling-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Auto Scaling linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-bom-1.11.3-2.10 AWS SDK for Java - BOM linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-cloudformation-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS CloudFormation linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-cloudfront-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon CloudFront linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-cloudhsm-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for the AWS CloudHSM linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-cloudsearch-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon CloudSearch linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-cloudtrail-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS CloudTrail linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-cloudwatch-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon CloudWatch linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-cloudwatchmetrics-1.11.3-2.10 CloudWatch Metrics for AWS Java SDK linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-codecommit-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS CodeCommit linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-codedeploy-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS CodeDeploy linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-codepipeline-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS CodePipeline linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-cognitoidentity-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon Cognito Identity linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-cognitoidp-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon Cognito Identity Provider Service linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-cognitosync-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon Cognito Sync linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-config-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS Config linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-core-1.11.3-2.10 AWS SDK for Java - Core linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-datapipeline-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS Data Pipeline linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-devicefarm-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS Device Farm linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-directconnect-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS Direct Connect linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-directory-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS Directory Service linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-discovery-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS Application Discovery Service linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-dms-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS Database Migration Service linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-dynamodb-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon DynamoDB linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-ec2-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon EC2 linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-ecr-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for the Amazon EC2 Container Registry linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-ecs-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for the Amazon EC2 Container Service linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-efs-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon Elastic File System linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-elasticache-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon ElastiCache linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-elasticbeanstalk-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS Elastic Beanstalk linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-elasticloadbalancing-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Elastic Load Balancing linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-elasticsearch-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon Elasticsearch Service linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-elastictranscoder-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon Elastic Transcoder linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-emr-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon EMR linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-events-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon CloudWatch Events linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-gamelift-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS GameLift linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-glacier-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon Glacier linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-iam-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS IAM linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-importexport-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS Import/Export linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-inspector-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon Inspector Service linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-iot-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS IoT linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-javadoc-1.11.3-2.10 Javadoc for aws-sdk-java linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-kinesis-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon Kinesis linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-kms-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS KMS linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-lambda-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS Lambda linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-logs-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon CloudWatch Logs linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-machinelearning-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon Machine Learning linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-marketplacecommerceanalytics-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS Marketplace Commerce Analytics linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-marketplacemeteringservice-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS Marketplace Metering Service linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-opsworks-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS OpsWorks linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-pom-1.11.3-2.10 AWS SDK for Java - Parent POM linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-rds-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon RDS linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-redshift-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon Redshift linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-route53-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon Route53 linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-s3-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon S3 linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-ses-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon SES linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-simpledb-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon SimpleDB linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-simpleworkflow-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon SWF linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-sns-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon SNS linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-sqs-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon SQS linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-ssm-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for the AWS Simple Systems Management (SSM) Service linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-storagegateway-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS Storage Gateway linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-sts-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS STS linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-support-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS Support linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-test-utils-1.11.3-2.10 AWS SDK for Java - Test Utils linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-waf-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for AWS WAF linux/noarch
aws-sdk-java-workspaces-1.11.3-2.10 AWS Java SDK for Amazon WorkSpaces linux/noarch
axis-1.4-302.6 Apache implementation of the SOAP linux/noarch
base64coder-20101219-2.9 Base64 encoder/decoder Java library linux/noarch
bcel-5.2-36.8 Byte Code Engineering Library linux/noarch
bcel5_3-5.3-20.10 Byte Code Engineering Library linux/noarch
bcel5_3-javadoc-5.3-20.10 Javadoc for bcel5_3 linux/noarch
bea-stax-1.2.0-37.9 Streaming API for XML linux/noarch
bea-stax-api-1.2.0-37.9 The StAX API linux/noarch
beansbinding-1.2.1-29.4 Beans Binding (JSR 295) reference implementation linux/noarch
beansbinding-javadoc-1.2.1-29.4 Beans Binding (JSR 295) reference implementation linux/noarch
berkeleydb-5.0.58-12.9 Berkeley DB Java Edition linux/noarch
berkeleydb-demo-5.0.58-12.9 Berkeley DB Java Edition linux/noarch
berkeleydb-javadoc-5.0.58-12.9 Berkeley DB Java Edition linux/noarch
berkeleydb-manual-5.0.58-12.9 Berkeley DB Java Edition linux/noarch
berkeleylm-1.1.6-1.6 Berkeley Language Model library linux/noarch
beust-jcommander-1.71-2.9 Java framework for parsing command line parameters linux/noarch
beust-jcommander-javadoc-1.71-2.9 API documentation for beust-jcommander linux/noarch
bnd-maven-plugin-5.1.1-1.1 BND Maven plugin linux/noarchNew
bnd-maven-plugin-javadoc-5.1.1-1.1 Javadoc for bnd-maven-plugin linux/noarchNew
bouncycastle-1.68-3.2 Bouncy Castle Cryptography APIs for Java linux/noarch
bouncycastle-javadoc-1.68-3.2 Javadoc for bouncycastle linux/noarch
bouncycastle-mail-1.68-3.2 Bouncy Castle S/MIME API linux/noarch
bouncycastle-pg-1.68-3.2 Bouncy Castle OpenPGP API linux/noarch
bouncycastle-pkix-1.68-3.2 Bouncy Castle PKIX, CMS, EAC, TSP, PKCS, OCSP, CMP, and CRMF APIs linux/noarch
bouncycastle-tls-1.68-3.2 Bouncy Castle JSSE provider and TLS/DTLS API linux/noarch
bsf-2.4.0-17.6 Bean Scripting Framework linux/noarch
bsf-javadoc-2.4.0-17.6 Javadoc for bsf linux/noarch
bsh2-2.0.0.b6-9.10 Scripting for Java (BeanShell Version 2.x) linux/noarch
bsh2-bsf-2.0.0.b6-9.10 BSF support for bsh2 linux/noarch
bsh2-classgen-2.0.0.b6-9.10 ASM support for bsh2 linux/noarch
bsh2-demo-2.0.0.b6-9.10 Demonstrations and samples for bsh2 linux/noarch
bytelist-1.0.15-1.2 A java library for lists of bytes linux/noarch
c3p0- JDBC DataSources/Resource Pools linux/noarch
cal10n-0.7.7-4.11 Compiler assisted localization library (CAL10N) linux/noarch
cal10n-javadoc-0.7.7-4.11 Javadoc for cal10n linux/noarch
cbi-plugins-1.1.5-3.6 A set of helpers for Eclipse CBI linux/noarch
cbi-plugins-javadoc-1.1.5-3.6 Javadoc for cbi-plugins linux/noarch
cdi-api-1.2-3.9 Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE linux/noarch
cglib-3.2.4-1.10 Code Generation Library linux/noarch
checkstyle-8.0-2.3 Java source code checker linux/noarch
codehaus-parent-4-1.8 Parent pom file for codehaus projects linux/noarch
codemodel-2.6-1.9 Java library for code generators linux/noarch
concurrent-1.3.4-294.9 Utility Classes for Concurrent Java Programming linux/noarch
cpptasks-1.0b5-7.7 Compile and link task linux/noarch
decentxml-1.4-3.10 XML parser optimized for round-tripping and code reuse linux/noarch
dom2-core-tests-0.0.1-30.9 DOM Conformance Test Suite linux/noarch
dom4j-1.6.1-33.6 JarJar of dom4j for JBoss linux/noarch
dom4j-demo-1.6.1-33.6 XML, XPath and XSLT library for Java linux/noarch
dom4j-javadoc-1.6.1-33.6 XML, XPath and XSLT library for Java linux/noarch
dom4j-manual-1.6.1-33.6 JarJar of dom4j for JBoss linux/noarch
easymock-3.6-2.12 Mock objects for interfaces in JUnit tests linux/noarch
ecj-4.18-1.1 Eclipse Compiler for Java linux/noarchNew
eclipse-anyedit-2.7.1-1.6 AnyEdit plugin for eclipse linux/noarch
eclipse-anyedit-javadoc-2.7.1-1.6 Javadoc for eclipse-anyedit linux/noarch
eclipse-ecf-runtime-3.14.8-2.1 Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF) Eclipse plug-in linux/noarchNew
eclipse-ecf-sdk-3.14.8-2.1 Eclipse ECF SDK linux/noarchNew
eclipse-egit-5.11.0-1.2 Eclipse Git Integration linux/noarch
eclipse-emf-runtime-2.22.0-1.7 Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) Eclipse plug-in linux/noarch
eclipse-emf-sdk-2.22.0-1.7 Eclipse EMF and XSD SDK linux/noarch
eclipse-emf-xsd-2.22.0-1.7 XML Schema Definition (XSD) Eclipse plug-in linux/noarch
eclipse-jdt-4.15-4.1 Eclipse Java Development Tools linux/noarchNew
eclipse-jgit-5.11.0-1.2 Eclipse JGit linux/noarch
eclipse-license1-1.0.1-2.7 Shared EPL v1.0 license feature for Eclipse linux/noarch
eclipse-license2-2.0.1-2.7 Shared EPL v2.0 license feature for Eclipse linux/noarch
eclipse-p2-discovery-4.15-4.1 Eclipse p2 Discovery linux/noarchNew
exec-maven-plugin-1.6.0-1.13 Maven plugin to allow execution of system and Java programs linux/noarch
extra166y-1.7.0-1.10 Concurrency JSR-166 - Collections supporting parallel operations linux/noarch
fasterxml-oss-parent-38-1.9 FasterXML parent pom linux/noarch
felix-gogo-command-1.0.2-2.9 Apache Felix Gogo command line shell for OSGi linux/noarch
felix-gogo-parent-4-1.8 Parent pom for Apache Felix Gogo linux/noarch
felix-gogo-runtime-1.1.0-2.9 Apache Felix Gogo command line shell for OSGi linux/noarch
felix-gogo-runtime-javadoc-1.1.0-2.9 Javadoc for felix-gogo-runtime linux/noarch
felix-gogo-shell-1.1.0-3.10 Apache Felix Gogo command line shell for OSGi linux/noarch
felix-parent-6-2.8 Parent POM file for Apache Felix Specs linux/noarch
felix-scr-2.1.16-1.9 Apache Felix Service Component Runtime (SCR) linux/noarch
felix-shell-1.4.3-3.9 Apache Felix Shell Service linux/noarch
felix-utils-1.11.4-1.6 Utility classes for OSGi linux/noarch
findbugs-bcel-6.0~20140707svn1547656-1.10 Byte Code Engineering Library with findbugs extensions linux/noarch
flexdock-1.2.4-5.9 Swing windowing and docking framework linux/noarch
flute-1.3.0-5.14 Java CSS parser using SAC linux/noarch
fmpp-0.9.16-1.9 FreeMarker-based text file PreProcessor linux/noarch
forge-parent-38-1.8 Sonatype Forge Parent Pom linux/noarch
freemarker-2.3.28-2.11 The Apache FreeMarker Template Engine linux/noarch
fusesource-pom-1.11-1.8 Parent POM for FuseSource Maven projects linux/noarch
geronimo-specs-pom-1.6-2.6 Parent POM files for geronimo-specs linux/noarch
glassfish-annotation-api-1.3.2-2.8 Common Annotations API Specification (JSR 250) linux/noarch
glassfish-dtd-parser-1.4-4.9 Library for parsing XML DTDs linux/noarch
glassfish-el-3.0.1~b08-1.11 J2EE Expression Language Implementation linux/noarch
glassfish-el-api-3.0.1~b08-1.11 Expression Language 3.0 API linux/noarch
glassfish-fastinfoset-1.2.15-1.9 Fast Infoset linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxb-2.3.1-1.9 JAXB Reference Implementation linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxb-api-2.4.0-2.9 Java Architecture for XML Binding linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxb-bom-2.3.1-1.9 JAXB BOM linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxb-bom-ext-2.3.1-1.9 JAXB BOM with all dependencies linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxb-codemodel-2.3.1-1.9 Codemodel Core linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxb-codemodel-annotation-compiler-2.3.1-1.9 Codemodel Annotation Compiler linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxb-codemodel-parent-2.3.1-1.9 Codemodel parent POM linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxb-external-parent-2.3.1-1.9 JAXB External parent POM linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxb-jxc-2.3.1-1.9 JAXB schema generator linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxb-parent-2.3.1-1.9 JAXB parent POM linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxb-relaxng-datatype-2.3.1-1.9 RelaxNG Datatype linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxb-rngom-2.3.1-1.9 RELAX NG Object Model/Parser linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxb-runtime-2.3.1-1.9 JAXB Runtime linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxb-runtime-parent-2.3.1-1.9 JAXB Runtime parent POM linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxb-txw-parent-2.3.1-1.9 JAXB TXW parent POM linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxb-txw2-2.3.1-1.9 TXW2 Runtime linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxb-txwc2-2.3.1-1.9 TXW2 Compiler linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxb-xjc-2.3.1-1.9 JAXB XJC linux/noarch
glassfish-jaxb-xsom-2.3.1-1.9 XSOM linux/noarch
glassfish-jsp-2.3.4-1.9 Glassfish J2EE JSP API implementation linux/noarch
glassfish-jsp-api-2.3.3-3.8 Glassfish J2EE JSP API specification linux/noarch
glassfish-jsp-api-javadoc-2.3.3-3.8 API documentation for glassfish-jsp-api linux/noarch
glassfish-master-pom-8-1.6 Master POM for Glassfish Maven projects linux/noarch
glassfish-servlet-api-3.1.0-2.11 Java Servlet API linux/noarch
gluegen2-devel-2.3.2-8.12 Tool for automatic generation the Java and JNI code linux/noarch
gmavenplus-plugin-1.5-2.11 Integrates Groovy into Maven projects linux/noarch
gnu-getopt-1.0.14-1.7 Java getopt Implementation linux/noarch
gnu-getopt-javadoc-1.0.14-1.7 Javadoc for gnu.getopt linux/noarch
gnu-inetlib-1.1-252.9 Library of clients for common internet protocols linux/noarch
gnu-jaf-1.1.1-25.9 GNU implementation of the JavaBeans Activation Framework linux/noarch
gnu-regexp-1.1.4-293.7 Java NFA regular expression engine linux/noarch
gnu-regexp-demo-1.1.4-293.7 Java NFA regular expression engine (demo and samples) linux/noarch
gnu-regexp-javadoc-1.1.4-293.7 Java NFA regular expression engine (documentation) linux/noarch
google-guice-4.1-3.2 Dependency injection framework for Java 5 and above linux/noarch
google-http-java-client-1.22.0-2.11 Google HTTP Client Library for Java linux/noarch
google-http-java-client-findbugs-1.22.0-2.11 Google HTTP Client Findbugs plugin linux/noarch
google-http-java-client-gson-1.22.0-2.11 Google HTTP Client GSON extensions linux/noarch
google-http-java-client-jackson-1.22.0-2.11 Google HTTP Client Jackson extensions linux/noarch
google-http-java-client-jackson2-1.22.0-2.11 Google HTTP Client Jackson 2 extensions linux/noarch
google-http-java-client-jdo-1.22.0-2.11 Google HTTP Client JDO extensions linux/noarch
google-http-java-client-parent-1.22.0-2.11 Google HTTP Client Parent POM linux/noarch
google-http-java-client-protobuf-1.22.0-2.11 Google HTTP Client Protocol Buffer extensions linux/noarch
google-http-java-client-test-1.22.0-2.11 Google HTTP Client Test support linux/noarch
google-http-java-client-xml-1.22.0-2.11 Google HTTP Client XML extensions linux/noarch
google-oauth-java-client-1.22.0-2.9 Google OAuth Client Library for Java linux/noarch
google-oauth-java-client-java6-1.22.0-2.9 Google OAuth Client Java 6 extensions linux/noarch
google-oauth-java-client-parent-1.22.0-2.9 Google OAuth Client Parent POM linux/noarch
google-oauth-java-client-servlet-1.22.0-2.9 Google OAuth Client Servlet and JDO extensions linux/noarch
groovy-2.4.21-2.3 Dynamic language for the Java Platform linux/noarch
groovy-ant-2.4.21-2.3 The ant module for groovy linux/noarch
groovy-bsf-2.4.21-2.3 The bsf module for groovy linux/noarch
groovy-console-2.4.21-2.3 The console module for groovy linux/noarch
groovy-docgenerator-2.4.21-2.3 The docgenerator module for groovy linux/noarch
groovy-groovydoc-2.4.21-2.3 The groovydoc module for groovy linux/noarch
groovy-groovysh-2.4.21-2.3 The groovysh module for groovy linux/noarch
groovy-jmx-2.4.21-2.3 The jmx module for groovy linux/noarch
groovy-json-2.4.21-2.3 The json module for groovy linux/noarch
groovy-jsr223-2.4.21-2.3 The jsr223 module for groovy linux/noarch
groovy-lib-2.4.21-2.3 Groovy JAR artifact linux/noarch
groovy-nio-2.4.21-2.3 The nio module for groovy linux/noarch
groovy-servlet-2.4.21-2.3 The servlet module for groovy linux/noarch
groovy-sql-2.4.21-2.3 The sql module for groovy linux/noarch
groovy-swing-2.4.21-2.3 The swing module for groovy linux/noarch
groovy-templates-2.4.21-2.3 The templates module for groovy linux/noarch
groovy-test-2.4.21-2.3 The test module for groovy linux/noarch
groovy-testng-2.4.21-2.3 The testng module for groovy linux/noarch
groovy-xml-2.4.21-2.3 The xml module for groovy linux/noarch
groovy18-1.8.9-4.9 Dynamic language for the Java Platform linux/noarch
groovy18-lib-1.8.9-4.9 Groovy JAR artifact linux/noarch
guava-30.1.1-1.2 Google Core Libraries for Java linux/noarch
guava-testlib-30.1.1-1.2 The guava-testlib artifact linux/noarch
guice-assistedinject-4.1-3.2 AssistedInject extension module for Guice linux/noarch
guice-bom-4.1-3.2 Bill of Materials for Guice linux/noarch
guice-extensions-4.1-3.2 Extensions for Guice linux/noarch
guice-grapher-4.1-3.2 Grapher extension module for Guice linux/noarch
guice-jmx-4.1-3.2 JMX extension module for Guice linux/noarch
guice-jndi-4.1-3.2 JNDI extension module for Guice linux/noarch
guice-multibindings-4.1-3.2 MultiBindings extension module for Guice linux/noarch
guice-parent-4.1-3.2 Guice parent POM linux/noarch
guice-servlet-4.1-3.2 Servlet extension module for Guice linux/noarch
guice-testlib-4.1-3.2 TestLib extension module for Guice linux/noarch
guice-throwingproviders-4.1-3.2 ThrowingProviders extension module for Guice linux/noarch
hamcrest-1.3-15.4 Library of matchers for building test expressions linux/noarch
hamcrest-core-1.3-15.4 Core API of hamcrest matcher framework linux/noarch
hamcrest-demo-1.3-15.4 Demo files for hamcrest linux/noarch
hppc-0.7.1-1.10 High Performance Primitive Collections for Java linux/noarch
hppc-templateprocessor-0.7.1-1.10 HPPC Template Processor linux/noarch
hsqldb-demo-2.4.1-4.1 Demo for hsqldb linux/noarch
httpcomponents-asyncclient-4.1.4-1.7 Apache components to build asynchronous client side HTTP services linux/noarch
httpcomponents-asyncclient-cache-4.1.4-1.7 Apache HttpAsyncClient Cache linux/noarch
httpcomponents-asyncclient-parent-4.1.4-1.7 Apache HttpAsyncClient Parent POM linux/noarch
httpcomponents-client-4.5.12-1.8 HTTP agent implementation based on httpcomponents HttpCore linux/noarch
httpcomponents-client-cache-4.5.12-1.8 Cache module for httpcomponents-client linux/noarch
httpcomponents-core-4.4.13-1.6 Set of low level Java HTTP transport components for HTTP services linux/noarch
httpcomponents-core-javadoc-4.4.13-1.6 API documentation for httpcomponents-core linux/noarch
httpcomponents-project-9-1.8 Common POM file for HttpComponents linux/noarch
icu4j-67.1-1.6 International Components for Unicode for Java linux/noarch
icu4j-charset-67.1-1.6 Charset converter library of icu4j linux/noarch
icu4j-localespi-67.1-1.6 Locale SPI library of icu4j linux/noarch
import-properties-plugin-3.0.7-1.9 Istack-commons import properties plugin linux/noarch
indriya-1.3-2.2 Next Generation Units of Measurement Implementation linux/noarch
ini4j-0.5.1-26.16 Java API for handling Windows ini file format linux/noarch
ini4j-javadoc-0.5.1-26.16 Java API for handling Windows ini file format linux/noarch
isorelax-0.1-29.9 Public interfaces useful for applications to support RELAX Core linux/noarch
istack-commons-3.0.7-1.9 Common code for some Glassfish projects linux/noarch
istack-commons-buildtools-3.0.7-1.9 Istack-commons buildtools linux/noarch
istack-commons-maven-plugin-3.0.7-1.9 Istack-commons Maven Mojo linux/noarch
istack-commons-runtime-3.0.7-1.9 Istack-commons runtime linux/noarch
istack-commons-soimp-3.0.7-1.9 Istack-commons soimp linux/noarch
istack-commons-test-3.0.7-1.9 Istack-commons test linux/noarch
istack-commons-tools-3.0.7-1.9 Istack-commons tools linux/noarch
itext-parent-1.0.0-1.5 iText Parent POM linux/noarch
itextpdf- A Free Java-PDF library linux/noarch
jackson-1.9.13-2.9 Jackson Java JSON-processor linux/noarch
jackson-annotations-2.13.0-1.1 Core annotations for Jackson data processor linux/noarchNew
jackson-bom-2.13.0-1.1 Bill of materials POM for Jackson projects linux/noarchNew
jackson-core-2.13.0-1.1 Core part of Jackson linux/noarchNew
jackson-core-javadoc-2.13.0-1.1 Javadoc for jackson-core linux/noarchNew
jackson-dataformat-cbor-2.13.0-1.1 Support for reading and writing Concise Binary Object Representation linux/noarchNew
jackson-dataformat-smile-2.13.0-1.1 Support for reading and writing Smile encoded data using Jackson abstractions linux/noarchNew
jackson-dataformats-binary-2.13.0-1.1 Jackson standard binary data format backends linux/noarchNew
jackson-parent-2.13-1.1 Parent pom for all Jackson components linux/noarchNew
jaf-1.2.0-2.9 JavaBeans Activation Framework linux/noarch
jafama-2.3.1-1.9 A (Strict) FastMath class with 1e-15ish accuracy linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-discovery-0.4-135.2 Jakarta Commons Discovery linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-discovery-javadoc-0.4-135.2 Javadoc for jakarta-commons-discovery linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-launcher-1.1-24.13 A Cross-Platform Java Application Launcher linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-launcher-javadoc-1.1-24.13 Javadoc for jakarta-commons-launcher linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-modeler-2.0-306.13 Jakarta Commons Modeler Package linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-modeler-javadoc-2.0-306.13 Javadoc for jakarta-commons-modeler linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-transaction-1.1-26.6 Commons Transaction linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-vfs-1.0-30.4 Commons Virtual Filesystem linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-vfs-javadoc-1.0-30.4 Commons Virtual Filesystem linux/noarch
jakarta-slide-webdavclient-2.1-26.17 Slide WebDAV client linux/noarch
jakarta-slide-webdavclient-javadoc-2.1-26.17 Slide WebDAV client linux/noarch
jakarta-slide-webdavclient-repolib-2.1-26.17 Slide WebDAV client linux/noarch
jakarta-taglibs-standard-1.1.1-258.13 Open Source Implementation of the JSP Standard Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-taglibs-standard-javadoc-1.1.1-258.13 Javadoc for jakarta-taglibs-standard linux/noarch
janino-2.7.8-1.11 An embedded Java compiler linux/noarch
janino-javadoc-2.7.8-1.11 Javadoc for janino linux/noarch
jansi-1.17.1-3.7 Java library for generating and interpreting ANSI escape sequences linux/noarch
jarjar-1.4-4.2 Tool to repackage Java libraries linux/noarch
jarjar-javadoc-1.4-4.2 Tool to repackage Java libraries linux/noarch
jatl-0.2.2-2.9 Java Anti-Template Language linux/noarch
jatl-javadoc-0.2.2-2.9 Javadoc for jatl linux/noarch
java-cup-0.11-29.8 LALR Parser Generator in Java linux/noarch
java-cup-manual-0.11-29.8 LALR Parser Generator in Java linux/noarch
java-jwt-3.8.3-1.9 Java JWT linux/noarch
javacc-7.0.4-2.9 A Parser and Scanner Generator for Java linux/noarch
javacc-demo-7.0.4-2.9 Examples for javacc linux/noarch
javacc-maven-plugin-2.6-1.14 Maven Plugin for processing JavaCC grammar files linux/noarch
javaewah-1.1.6-1.9 A word-aligned compressed variant of the Java bitset class linux/noarch
javaewah-javadoc-1.1.6-1.9 Javadoc for javaewah linux/noarch
javahelp2-2.0.05-30.9 Java online help system linux/noarch
javahelp2-javadoc-2.0.05-30.9 Java online help system linux/noarch
javahelp2-manual-2.0.05-30.9 Java online help system linux/noarch
javamail-1.5.2-2.9 Java Mail API linux/noarch
javapoet-1.7.0-1.14 A Java API for generating .java source files linux/noarch
javassist-3.23.1-5.6 Java Programming Assistant: bytecode manipulation linux/noarch
javazic-1.6.0-23.11 A time zone compiler for Java linux/noarch
jawn-ast-0.14.1-1.9 A small AST linux/noarch
jawn-json4s-0.14.1-1.9 Support to parse to json4s AST linux/noarch
jawn-parser-0.14.1-1.9 A generic JSON parser linux/noarch
jawn-util-0.14.1-1.9 A few helpful utilities linux/noarch
jaxen-1.1.6-35.3 The jaxen project is a Java XPath Engine linux/noarch
jboss-annotations-1.2-api-1.0.2-1.6 Java EE Annotations 1.2 API linux/noarch
jboss-interceptors-1.2-api-1.0.0-1.9 Java EE Interceptors 1.2 API linux/noarch
jboss-logmanager-2.0.4-1.11 JBoss Log Manager linux/noarch
jboss-modules-1.5.2-1.9 A Modular Classloading System linux/noarch
jboss-parent-20-1.9 JBoss Parent POM linux/noarch
jboss-websocket-1.0-api-1.0.0-1.9 JSR-356: Java WebSocket 1.0 API linux/noarch
jcasgen-maven-plugin-2.8.1-1.9 Apache UIMA Maven JCasGen Plugin linux/noarch
jcifs-1.3.19-2.7 Common Internet File System Client in 100% Java linux/noarch
jcifs-demo-1.3.19-2.7 Common Internet File System Client in 100% Java linux/noarch
jcip-annotations-1.0-20.14 Java Concurrency in Practice linux/noarch
jcip-annotations-javadoc-1.0-20.14 Javadoc for jcip-annotations linux/noarch
jcl-over-slf4j-1.7.30-2.5 JCL 1.1.1 implemented over SLF4J linux/noarch
jcodings-1.0.12-2.10 Java-based codings helper classes for Joni and JRuby linux/noarch
jcsp-1.1~rc5-2.9 Communicating Sequential Processes for Java (JCSP) linux/noarch
jcuber-4.4.1-2.6 Java Cube Reader Library linux/noarch
jcuber-doc-4.4.1-2.6 Documentation for for jcuber linux/noarch
jdepend-2.9.1-95.9 Java Design Quality Metrics linux/noarch
jdepend-demo-2.9.1-95.9 Demonstration and sample files for jdepend linux/noarch
jdependency-1.2-3.9 An API to analyse class dependencies linux/noarch
jdo2-api-2.2-1.12 Implementation of JSR 243: Java Data Objects 2.0 linux/noarch
jdom-1.1.3-35.3 JDOM is a Java Representation of an XML Document linux/noarch
jdom2-2.0.6-3.2 Java manipulation of XML linux/noarch
jemmy- Java UI testing library linux/noarch
jetbrains-annotations-15.0-1.9 IntelliJ IDEA Annotations linux/noarch
jettison-1.3.7-2.9 A JSON StAX implementation linux/noarch
jetty-artifact-remote-resources-1.2-1.11 Jetty toolchain artifact remote resources linux/noarch
jetty-build-support-1.5-1.9 Jetty build support files linux/noarch
jetty-distribution-remote-resources-1.2-1.9 Jetty toolchain artifact for distribution remote resources linux/noarch
jetty-parent-25-1.9 Jetty parent POM file linux/noarch
jetty-toolchain-1.7-1.9 Jetty Toolchain main POM file linux/noarch
jetty-version-maven-plugin-1.0.10-1.9 Jetty version management Maven plugin linux/noarch
jeuclid-3.1.3-11.6 MathML rendering solution linux/noarch
jflex-1.4.3-29.12 Lexical Analyzer Generator for Java linux/noarch
jflex-doc-1.4.3-29.12 Documentation and examples for jflex linux/noarch
jformatstring-0.10~20131207-2.7 Java library for format string checks linux/noarch
jgit-5.11.0-1.2 Eclipse JGit linux/noarch
jgoodies-looks-2.3.1-6.10 JGoodies Windows l&f and Plastic l&f family linux/noarch
jgoodies-looks-demo-2.3.1-6.10 JGoodies Windows l&f and Plastic l&f family linux/noarch
jgoodies-looks-javadoc-2.3.1-6.10 Javadoc for jgoodies-looks linux/noarch
jgraphx-3.9.2-1.9 Java-based Diagram Component and Editor linux/noarch
jgroups-2.6.10-31.9 Toolkit for reliable multicast communication linux/noarch
jgroups-javadoc-2.6.10-31.9 Javadoc for jgroups linux/noarch
jgroups-manual-2.6.10-31.9 Manual for jgroups linux/noarch
jgroups-repolib-2.6.10-31.9 Artifacts to be uploaded to a repository library linux/noarch
jhighlight-1.0.1-1.13 An embeddable pure Java syntax highlighting library linux/noarch
jisp2-2.5.1-27.13 The Java Indexed Serialization Package linux/noarch
jisp2-demo-2.5.1-27.13 The Java Indexed Serialization Package linux/noarch
jisp2-javadoc-2.5.1-27.13 The Java Indexed Serialization Package linux/noarch
jlex-1.2.6-282.10 A Lexical Analyzer Generator for Java linux/noarch
jline-2.14.6-3.7 Java library for reading and editing user input in console applications linux/noarch
jmock-1.2.0-29.10 Test Java code using mock objects linux/noarch
jmock-demo-1.2.0-29.10 Test Java code using mock objects linux/noarch
jmock-javadoc-1.2.0-29.10 Test Java code using mock objects linux/noarch
jnr-a64asm-1.0.0-1.2 AArch64 assembler for the Java Native Runtime linux/noarch
jnr-a64asm-javadoc-1.0.0-1.2 Javadocs for jnr-a64asm linux/noarch
jnr-constants-0.10.2-1.2 Java Native Runtime constants linux/noarch
jnr-constants-javadoc-0.10.2-1.2 Javadocs for jnr-constants linux/noarch
jnr-enxio-0.32.6-1.2 Native I/O access for java linux/noarch
jnr-enxio-javadoc-0.32.6-1.2 Javadocs for jnr-enxio linux/noarch
jnr-ffi-2.2.4-2.2 Java Abstracted Foreign Function Layer linux/noarch
jnr-ffi-javadoc-2.2.4-2.2 Javadocs for jnr-ffi linux/noarch
jnr-netdb-1.2.0-1.2 Network services database access for java linux/noarch
jnr-netdb-javadoc-1.2.0-1.2 Javadoc for jnr-netdb linux/noarch
jnr-posix-3.1.7-1.2 Java Posix layer linux/noarch
jnr-posix-javadoc-3.1.7-1.2 Javadoc for jnr-posix linux/noarch
jnr-process-0.4.5-1.2 A ProcessBuilder look-alike based entirely on native POSIX APIs linux/noarch
jnr-process-javadoc-0.4.5-1.2 Javadocs for jnr-process linux/noarch
jnr-unixsocket-0.38.8-1.2 Unix sockets for Java linux/noarch
jnr-unixsocket-javadoc-0.38.8-1.2 Javadocs for jnr-unixsocket linux/noarch
jnr-x86asm-1.0.2-2.2 Pure java x86 and x86_64 assembler linux/noarch
joda-convert-1.9.2-2.2 Java library for conversion to and from standard string formats linux/noarch
joda-time-2.10.1-1.9 Java date and time API linux/noarch
jrosetta-1.0.4-5.13 API and graphical components for console linux/noarch
jsch-0.1.55-1.6 Pure Java implementation of SSH2 linux/noarch
jsch-agent-proxy-connector-factory-0.0.7-3.7 Connector factory for jsch-agent-proxy linux/noarch
jsch-agent-proxy-core-0.0.7-3.7 jsch-agent-proxy core module linux/noarch
jsch-agent-proxy-jsch-0.0.7-3.7 JSch connector for jsch-agent-proxy linux/noarch
jsch-agent-proxy-pageant-0.0.7-3.7 Pageant connector for jsch-agent-proxy linux/noarch
jsch-agent-proxy-sshagent-0.0.7-3.7 ssh-agent connector for jsch-agent-proxy linux/noarch
jsch-agent-proxy-svnkit-trilead-ssh2-0.0.7-3.7 trilead-ssh2 connector for jsch-agent-proxy linux/noarch
jsch-agent-proxy-usocket-jna-0.0.7-3.7 USocketFactory implementation using JNA linux/noarch
jsch-agent-proxy-usocket-nc-0.0.7-3.7 USocketFactory implementation using Netcat linux/noarch
jsch-demo-0.1.55-1.6 Pure Java implementation of SSH2 linux/noarch
jsch-javadoc-0.1.55-1.6 Pure Java implementation of SSH2 linux/noarch
jsoup-1.14.2-1.2 Java library for working with HTML linux/noarch
jsr-305-3.0.2-1.2 Correctness annotations for Java code linux/noarch
jsr-311-1.1.1-2.9 JAX-RS: Java API for RESTful Web Services linux/noarch
jtidy-8.0-29.10 HTML syntax checker and pretty printer linux/noarch
jtidy-javadoc-8.0-29.10 HTML syntax checker and pretty printer linux/noarch
jtidy-scripts-8.0-29.10 HTML syntax checker and pretty printer linux/noarch
jul-to-slf4j-1.7.30-2.5 JUL to SLF4J bridge linux/noarch
junit-4.13-1.6 Java regression test package linux/noarch
junit5-5.5.2-1.10 Java regression testing framework linux/noarch
junitperf-1.9.1-25.13 JUnit extension for performance and scalability testing linux/noarch
junitperf-demo-1.9.1-25.13 JUnit extension for performance and scalability testing linux/noarch
junitperf-javadoc-1.9.1-25.13 JUnit extension for performance and scalability testing linux/noarch
jvnet-parent-4-1.8 parent POM file linux/noarch
jvyamlb-0.2.5-19.10 YAML processor for JRuby linux/noarch
jython-demo-2.2.1-24.2 Demonstration and samples for jython linux/noarch
jython-javadoc-2.2.1-24.2 Javadoc for jython linux/noarch
jython-manual-2.2.1-24.2 Manual for jython linux/noarch
jzlib-1.1.3-4.7 Re-implementation of zlib in pure Java linux/noarch
jzlib-demo-1.1.3-4.7 Examples for jzlib linux/noarch
kohsuke-pom-14-1.8 Kohsuke parent POM linux/noarch
kryo-4.0.2-2.9 Object graph serialization framework for Java linux/noarch
kxml-2.3.0-17.12 Small XML pull parser linux/noarch
laf-plugin-1.0-6.14 Generic plugin framework for Java look-and-feels linux/noarch
language-detector-0.6-2.3 Language Detection Library for Java linux/noarch
libbase-1.1.3-5.14 JFree Base Services linux/noarch
libbluray-bdj-1.3.0-1.3 Library to access Blu-Ray disk - BD-J support linux/noarch
libfonts-1.1.3-6.15 TrueType Font Layouting linux/noarch
libformula-1.1.3-5.14 Formula Parser linux/noarch
liblayout-0.2.10-5.11 CSS based layouting framework linux/noarch
libloader-1.1.3-5.14 Resource Loading Framework linux/noarch
librepository-1.1.3-5.14 Hierarchical repository abstraction layer linux/noarch
libserializer-1.1.2-5.13 JFreeReport General Serialization Framework linux/noarch
libsvm-java-3.24-2.3 Java bindings for libsvm linux/noarch
log4j-over-slf4j-1.7.30-2.5 Log4j implemented over SLF4J linux/noarch
lucene-analyzers-common-8.5.0-1.5 Analyzers-common module for lucene linux/noarch
lucene-analyzers-smartcn-8.5.0-1.5 Analyzers-smartcn module for lucene linux/noarch
lucene-analyzers-stempel-8.5.0-1.5 Analyzers-stempel module for lucene linux/noarch
lucene-backward-codecs-8.5.0-1.5 Backward-codecs module for lucene linux/noarch
lucene-classification-8.5.0-1.5 Classification module for lucene linux/noarch
lucene-codecs-8.5.0-1.5 Codecs module for lucene linux/noarch
lucene-core-8.5.0-1.5 Text search engine linux/noarch
lucene-grouping-8.5.0-1.5 Grouping module for lucene linux/noarch
lucene-highlighter-8.5.0-1.5 Highlighter module for lucene linux/noarch
lucene-join-8.5.0-1.5 Join module for lucene linux/noarch
lucene-memory-8.5.0-1.5 Memory module for lucene linux/noarch
lucene-monitor-8.5.0-1.5 Spatial module for lucene linux/noarch
lucene-queries-8.5.0-1.5 Queries module for lucene linux/noarch
lucene-queryparser-8.5.0-1.5 Queryparser module for lucene linux/noarch
lucene-sandbox-8.5.0-1.5 Sandbox module for lucene linux/noarch
lucene-spatial3d-8.5.0-1.5 Spatial3d module for lucene linux/noarch
lwjgl3-3.2.3-1.3 Lightweight Java Game Library 3 linux/noarch
mathjax-2.6.0-3.2 JavaScript library to render math in the browser linux/noarch
maven-ant-plugin-2.4-2.10 Apache Maven Ant Plugin linux/noarch
maven-antrun-plugin-1.8-2.11 Maven AntRun Plugin linux/noarch
maven-archiver-3.5.0-1.8 Maven Archiver linux/noarch
maven-artifact-2.2.1-1.11 Compatibility Maven artifact artifact linux/noarch
maven-artifact-manager-2.2.1-1.11 Compatibility Maven artifact manager artifact linux/noarch
maven-artifact-resolver-1.0-2.9 Maven Artifact Resolution API linux/noarch
maven-artifact-resolver-javadoc-1.0-2.9 Javadoc for maven-artifact-resolver linux/noarch
maven-artifact-transfer-0.11.0-3.3 Apache Maven Artifact Transfer linux/noarch
maven-assembly-plugin-3.3.0-1.6 Maven Assembly Plugin linux/noarch
maven-checkstyle-plugin-3.0.0-1.10 Plugin that generates a report regarding the code style used by the developers linux/noarch
maven-clean-plugin-3.1.0-3.12 Maven plugin to remove generated files linux/noarch
maven-common-artifact-filters-3.0.1-1.11 Maven Common Artifact Filters linux/noarch
maven-common-artifact-filters-javadoc-3.0.1-1.11 Javadoc for maven-common-artifact-filters linux/noarch
maven-compiler-plugin-3.8.1-2.8 Maven Compiler Plugin linux/noarch
maven-dependency-analyzer-1.10-2.3 Maven dependency analyzer linux/noarch
maven-dependency-plugin-3.1.2-1.6 Plugin to manipulate, copy and unpack local and remote artifacts linux/noarch
maven-dependency-tree-3.0.1-2.3 Maven dependency tree artifact linux/noarch
maven-deploy-plugin-2.8.2-2.9 Maven Deploy Plugin linux/noarch
maven-doxia-core-1.9.1-3.3 Core module for maven-doxia linux/noarch
maven-doxia-logging-api-1.9.1-3.3 Logging-api module for maven-doxia linux/noarch
maven-doxia-module-apt-1.9.1-3.3 APT module for maven-doxia linux/noarch
maven-doxia-module-confluence-1.9.1-3.3 Confluence module for maven-doxia linux/noarch
maven-doxia-module-docbook-simple-1.9.1-3.3 Simplified DocBook module for maven-doxia linux/noarch
maven-doxia-module-fml-1.9.1-3.3 FML module for maven-doxia linux/noarch
maven-doxia-module-fo-1.9.1-3.3 FO module for maven-doxia linux/noarch
maven-doxia-module-latex-1.9.1-3.3 Latex module for maven-doxia linux/noarch
maven-doxia-module-rtf-1.9.1-3.3 RTF module for maven-doxia linux/noarch
maven-doxia-module-twiki-1.9.1-3.3 TWiki module for maven-doxia linux/noarch
maven-doxia-module-xdoc-1.9.1-3.3 XDoc module for maven-doxia linux/noarch
maven-doxia-module-xhtml-1.9.1-3.3 XHTML module for maven-doxia linux/noarch
maven-doxia-module-xhtml5-1.9.1-3.3 XHTML5 module for maven-doxia linux/noarch
maven-doxia-sink-api-1.9.1-3.3 Sink-api module for maven-doxia linux/noarch
maven-doxia-sitetools-1.9.2-2.3 Doxia content generation framework linux/noarch
maven-doxia-sitetools-javadoc-1.9.2-2.3 Javadoc for maven-doxia-sitetools linux/noarch
maven-doxia-test-docs-1.9.1-3.3 Test-docs module for maven-doxia linux/noarch
maven-enforcer-1.4.1-2.11 A build rule execution framework linux/noarch
maven-enforcer-api-1.4.1-2.11 Enforcer API linux/noarch
maven-enforcer-javadoc-1.4.1-2.11 Javadoc for maven-enforcer linux/noarch
maven-enforcer-plugin-1.4.1-2.11 Enforcer Rules linux/noarch
maven-enforcer-rules-1.4.1-2.11 Enforcer Rules linux/noarch
maven-failsafe-plugin-2.22.0-4.3 Maven plugin for running integration tests linux/noarch
maven-file-management-3.0.0-1.11 Maven File Management API linux/noarch
maven-filtering-3.1.1-2.3 Shared component providing resource filtering linux/noarch
maven-install-plugin-2.5.2-2.11 Maven Install Plugin linux/noarch
maven-invoker-3.0.1-1.8 An API for firing a maven build in a clean environment linux/noarch
maven-invoker-plugin-3.2.1-1.11 Maven Invoker Plugin linux/noarch
maven-jar-plugin-3.2.0-1.11 Maven JAR Plugin linux/noarch
maven-jarsigner-plugin-3.0.0-3.10 Plugin to sign/verify a project artifact and attachments using jarsigner linux/noarch
maven-javadoc-plugin-3.1.1-3.3 Maven plugin for creating javadocs linux/noarch
maven-jaxb2-plugin-0.14.0-1.9 Provides the capability to generate java sources from schemas linux/noarch
maven-jlink-plugin-3.0.0~alpha1-2.10 Apache Maven JLink Plugin linux/noarch
maven-jmod-plugin-3.0.0~alpha1-2.11 Apache Maven JMod Plugin linux/noarch
maven-mapping-3.0.0-2.9 Apache Maven Mapping linux/noarch
maven-model-2.2.1-1.11 Compatibility Maven model artifact linux/noarch
maven-monitor-2.2.1-1.11 Compatibility Maven monitor artifact linux/noarch
maven-native-1.0~alpha11-2.2 Maven plugin to compile C and C++ source linux/noarch
maven-native-components-1.0~alpha11-2.2 Maven Native Components linux/noarch
maven-osgi-0.2.0-2.9 Library for Maven-OSGi integration linux/noarch
maven-parent-27-1.8 Apache Maven parent POM linux/noarch
maven-plugin-annotations-3.6.0-2.3 Maven Plugin Java 5 Annotations linux/noarch
maven-plugin-bundle-3.5.1-2.11 Maven Bundle Plugin linux/noarch
maven-plugin-descriptor-2.2.1-1.11 Maven Plugin Description Model linux/noarch
maven-plugin-plugin-3.6.0-2.3 Maven Plugin Plugin linux/noarch
maven-plugin-plugin-javadoc-3.6.0-2.3 Javadoc for maven-plugin-plugin linux/noarch
maven-plugin-registry-2.2.1-1.11 Compatibility Maven plugin registry artifact linux/noarch
maven-plugin-testing-3.3.0-4.3 Maven Plugin Testing linux/noarch
maven-plugin-testing-harness-3.3.0-4.3 Maven Plugin Testing Mechanism linux/noarch
maven-plugin-testing-tools-3.3.0-4.3 Maven Plugin Testing Tools linux/noarch
maven-plugin-tools-annotations-3.6.0-2.3 Maven Plugin Tool for Annotations linux/noarch
maven-plugin-tools-ant-3.6.0-2.3 Maven Plugin Tool for Ant linux/noarch
maven-plugin-tools-api-3.6.0-2.3 Maven Plugin Tools APIs linux/noarch
maven-plugin-tools-beanshell-3.6.0-2.3 Maven Plugin Tool for Beanshell linux/noarch
maven-plugin-tools-generators-3.6.0-2.3 Maven Plugin Tools Generators linux/noarch
maven-plugin-tools-java-3.6.0-2.3 Maven Plugin Tool for Java linux/noarch
maven-plugin-tools-javadoc-3.6.0-2.3 Javadoc for maven-plugin-tools linux/noarch
maven-plugin-tools-model-3.6.0-2.3 Maven Plugin Metadata Model linux/noarch
maven-plugins-pom-28-1.8 Maven Plugins POM linux/noarch
maven-profile-2.2.1-1.11 Compatibility Maven profile artifact linux/noarch
maven-project-2.2.1-1.11 Compatibility Maven project artifact linux/noarch
maven-remote-resources-plugin-1.5-4.11 Maven Remote Resources Plugin linux/noarch
maven-reporting-api-3.0-1.11 API to manage report generation linux/noarch
maven-reporting-api-javadoc-3.0-1.11 Javadoc for maven-reporting-api linux/noarch
maven-reporting-exec-1.4-4.10 Classes to manage report plugin executions with Maven 3 linux/noarch
maven-reporting-impl-3.0.0-2.8 Abstract classes to manage report generation linux/noarch
maven-resolver-1.6.2-2.3 Apache Maven Artifact Resolver library linux/noarch
maven-resolver-api-1.6.2-2.3 Maven Artifact Resolver API linux/noarch
maven-resolver-connector-basic-1.6.2-2.3 Maven Artifact Resolver Connector Basic linux/noarch
maven-resolver-impl-1.6.2-2.3 Maven Artifact Resolver Implementation linux/noarch
maven-resolver-spi-1.6.2-2.3 Maven Artifact Resolver SPI linux/noarch
maven-resolver-test-util-1.6.2-2.3 Maven Artifact Resolver Test Utilities linux/noarch
maven-resolver-transport-classpath-1.6.2-2.3 Maven Artifact Resolver Transport Classpath linux/noarch
maven-resolver-transport-file-1.6.2-2.3 Maven Artifact Resolver Transport File linux/noarch
maven-resolver-transport-http-1.6.2-2.3 Maven Artifact Resolver Transport HTTP linux/noarch
maven-resolver-transport-wagon-1.6.2-2.3 Maven Artifact Resolver Transport Wagon linux/noarch
maven-resolver-util-1.6.2-2.3 Maven Artifact Resolver Utilities linux/noarch
maven-resources-plugin-3.1.0-2.10 Maven Resources Plugin linux/noarch
maven-scm-1.11.2-2.8 Common API for doing SCM operations linux/noarch
maven-scm-test-1.11.2-2.8 Tests for maven-scm linux/noarch
maven-script-ant-3.6.0-2.3 Maven Ant Mojo Support linux/noarch
maven-script-beanshell-3.6.0-2.3 Maven Beanshell Mojo Support linux/noarch
maven-script-interpreter-1.2-2.3 Maven Script Interpreter linux/noarch
maven-settings-2.2.1-1.11 Compatibility Maven settings artifact linux/noarch
maven-shade-plugin-3.2.1-1.12 Capability to package the artifact in an uber-jar linux/noarch
maven-shared-22-1.8 Maven Shared Components linux/noarch
maven-shared-incremental-1.1-1.11 Maven Incremental Build support utilities linux/noarch
maven-shared-io-3.0.0-1.11 API for I/O support like logging, download or file scanning linux/noarch
maven-shared-io-javadoc-3.0.0-1.11 Javadoc for maven-shared-io linux/noarch
maven-shared-jarsigner-3.0.0-2.9 Component to assist in signing Java archives linux/noarch
maven-shared-utils-3.2.1-1.10 Maven shared utility classes linux/noarch
maven-source-plugin-3.0.1-2.9 Plugin for creating source JARs linux/noarch
maven-surefire-2.22.0-4.3 Test framework project linux/noarch
maven-surefire-plugin-2.22.0-4.3 Surefire plugin for maven linux/noarch
maven-surefire-plugins-javadoc-2.22.0-4.3 Javadoc for maven-surefire-plugins linux/noarch
maven-surefire-provider-junit-2.22.0-4.3 JUnit provider for Maven Surefire linux/noarch
maven-surefire-provider-junit5-2.22.0-4.3 JUnit 5 provider for Maven Surefire linux/noarch
maven-surefire-provider-testng-2.22.0-4.3 TestNG provider for Maven Surefire linux/noarch
maven-surefire-report-parser-2.22.0-4.3 Parses report output files from surefire linux/noarch
maven-surefire-report-plugin-2.22.0-4.3 Surefire reports plugin for maven linux/noarch
maven-test-tools-3.3.0-4.3 Maven Testing Tool linux/noarch
maven-toolchain-2.2.1-1.11 Compatibility Maven toolchain artifact linux/noarch
maven-verifier-1.6-2.12 Test harness for Maven integration tests linux/noarch
maven-verifier-javadoc-1.6-2.12 Javadoc for maven-verifier linux/noarch
maven-wagon-file-3.4.3-1.3 The file module for maven-wagon linux/noarch
maven-wagon-ftp-3.4.3-1.3 The ftp module for maven-wagon linux/noarch
maven-wagon-http-3.4.3-1.3 The http module for maven-wagon linux/noarch
maven-wagon-http-lightweight-3.4.3-1.3 The http-lightweight module for maven-wagon linux/noarch
maven-wagon-http-shared-3.4.3-1.3 The http-shared module for maven-wagon linux/noarch
maven-wagon-provider-api-3.4.3-1.3 The provider-api module for maven-wagon linux/noarch
maven-wagon-ssh-3.4.3-1.3 The ssh module for maven-wagon linux/noarch
maven-wagon-ssh-common-3.4.3-1.3 The ssh-common module for maven-wagon linux/noarch
maven-wagon-ssh-external-3.4.3-1.3 The ssh-external module for maven-wagon linux/noarch
maven-war-plugin-3.2.2-2.11 Maven WAR Plugin linux/noarch
mchange-commons-0.2.20-2.2 A collection of general purpose utilities for c3p0 linux/noarch
minlog-1.3.0-1.9 Minimal overhead Java logging linux/noarch
mockito-1.10.19-3.9 A Java mocking framework linux/noarch
modello-1.11-1.3 Modello Data Model toolkit linux/noarch
modello-javadoc-1.11-1.3 Javadoc for modello linux/noarch
modello-maven-plugin-1.11-1.3 Modello Maven Plugin linux/noarch
mojo-executor-2.3.1-1.9 Mojo Executor linux/noarch
mojo-parent-40-1.8 Codehaus MOJO parent project pom file linux/noarch
msv-demo-2013.6.1-2.9 Samples for Multi-Schema Validator linux/noarch
msv-msv-2013.6.1-2.9 Multi-Schema Validator Core linux/noarch
msv-rngconv-2013.6.1-2.9 Multi-Schema Validator RNG Converter linux/noarch
msv-xmlgen-2013.6.1-2.9 Multi-Schema Validator Generator linux/noarch
msv-xsdlib-2013.6.1-2.9 Multi-Schema Validator XML Schema Library linux/noarch
multiverse-0.7.0-2.9 A software transactional memory implementation for the JVM linux/noarch
munge-maven-plugin-1.0-1.9 Trivial Java preprocessor linux/noarch
mx4j-3.0.2-34.6 Open Source Implementation of JMX Java API linux/noarch
nailgun-0.9.1-2.9 Framework for running Java from the cli without the JVM startup overhead linux/noarch
nanoxml-2.2.3-3.9 Small non-validating XML parser for Java linux/noarch
nanoxml-lite-2.2.3-3.9 Lite version of nanoxml linux/noarch
native-maven-plugin-1.0~alpha11-2.2 Native Maven Plugin linux/noarch
nekohtml-1.9.22-1.9 HTML scanner and tag balancer linux/noarch
nekohtml-demo-1.9.22-1.9 Demo for nekohtml linux/noarch
netbeans-javaparser-6.8-20.11 NetBeans Java Parser linux/noarch
netbeans-resolver-6.7.1-19.10 Resolver subproject of xml-commons patched for NetBeans linux/noarch
netbeans-svnclientadapter-6.7.1-21.10 Subversion Client Adapter linux/noarch
netcomponents-1.3.8-300.11 Internet Protocol Suite Java Library linux/noarch
netcomponents-javadoc-1.3.8-300.11 Javadoc for netcomponents linux/noarch
objectweb-asm-7.2-1.8 Java bytecode manipulation framework linux/noarch
objectweb-pom-1.5-1.8 Objectweb POM linux/noarch
objenesis-3.1-1.7 A library for instantiating Java objects linux/noarch
opentest4j-1.2.0-1.6 Open Test Alliance for the JVM linux/noarch
oro-2.0.8-296.9 Full regular expressions API linux/noarch
oro-javadoc-2.0.8-296.9 Javadoc for oro linux/noarch
osgi-annotation-7.0.0-1.6 Annotations for use in compiling OSGi bundles linux/noarch
osgi-compendium-7.0.0-1.6 Interfaces and Classes for use in compiling OSGi bundles linux/noarch
osgi-core-7.0.0-1.6 OSGi Core API linux/noarch
paperclips-javadoc-1.0.4-2.15 Javadoc for paperclips linux/noarch
parboiled-1.1.6-4.7 Java/Scala library providing parsing of input text based on PEGs linux/noarch
parboiled-scala-1.1.6-4.6 Parboiled for Scala linux/noarch
pegdown-1.4.2-1.9 Java library for Markdown processing linux/noarch
pentaho-libxml-1.1.3-5.14 Namespace aware SAX parser utility library linux/noarch
pentaho-reporting-flow-engine-0.9.4-5.11 Pentaho Flow Reporting Engine linux/noarch
picocli-4.0.4-1.9 Tiny Command Line Interface linux/noarch
plexus-archiver-4.2.1-2.2 Plexus Archiver Component linux/noarch
plexus-bsh-factory-1.0~a7-1.9 Plexus Bsh component factory linux/noarch
plexus-build-api-0.0.7-2.8 Plexus Build API linux/noarch
plexus-cipher-1.7-1.11 Plexus Cipher: encryption/decryption Component linux/noarch
plexus-cipher-javadoc-1.7-1.11 Javadoc for plexus-cipher linux/noarch
plexus-classworlds-2.5.2-2.9 Plexus Classworlds Classloader Framework linux/noarch
plexus-cli-1.6-2.2 Command Line Interface facilitator for Plexus linux/noarch
plexus-compiler-2.8.2-1.9 Compiler call initiators for Plexus linux/noarch
plexus-compiler-extras-2.8.2-1.9 Extra compiler support for plexus-compiler linux/noarch
plexus-component-api-1.0~alpha15-1.9 Plexus Component API linux/noarch
plexus-component-factories-pom-1.0~alpha11-1.12 Plexus Component Factories POM linux/noarch
plexus-component-metadata-2.1.0-2.3 Component metadata from plexus-containers linux/noarch
plexus-components-pom-1.3.1-1.8 Plexus Components POM linux/noarch
plexus-containers-component-annotations-2.1.0-2.3 Component API from plexus-containers linux/noarch
plexus-containers-container-default-2.1.0-2.3 Default Container from plexus-containers linux/noarch
plexus-i18n-1.0~beta10-2.2 Plexus I18N Component linux/noarch
plexus-interactivity-api-1.0~alpha6-1.9 API for plexus-interactivity linux/noarch
plexus-interactivity-jline-1.0~alpha6-1.9 jline module for plexus-interactivity linux/noarch
plexus-interpolation-1.26-1.7 Plexus Interpolation API linux/noarch
plexus-io-3.2.0-2.2 Plexus IO Components linux/noarch
plexus-languages-1.0.3-2.3 Plexus Languages linux/noarch
plexus-metadata-generator-2.1.0-2.3 Component metadata from plexus-containers linux/noarch
plexus-pom-5.1-1.8 Root Plexus Projects POM linux/noarch
plexus-resources-1.0~a7-1.10 Plexus Resource Manager linux/noarch
plexus-sec-dispatcher-1.4-2.7 Plexus Security Dispatcher Component linux/noarch
plexus-utils-3.3.0-1.7 Plexus Common Utilities linux/noarch
plexus-velocity-1.2-2.2 Plexus Velocity Component linux/noarch
powermock-api-easymock-1.6.5-1.9 PowerMock EasyMock API module linux/noarch
powermock-api-mockito-1.6.5-1.9 PowerMock Mockito API module linux/noarch
powermock-api-support-1.6.5-1.9 PowerMock API support module linux/noarch
powermock-common-1.6.5-1.9 Common files for PowerMock linux/noarch
powermock-core-1.6.5-1.9 Core module of PowerMock linux/noarch
powermock-junit4-1.6.5-1.9 JUnit4 common module of PowerMock linux/noarch
powermock-reflect-1.6.5-1.9 Reflection module of PowerMock linux/noarch
powermock-testng-1.6.5-1.9 PowerMock module for TestNG linux/noarch
proguard-6.2.0-1.9 Java class file shrinker, optimizer, obfuscator and preverifier linux/noarch
proguard-gui-6.2.0-1.9 GUI for proguard linux/noarch
qdox-2.0.0-1.3 Tool to extract class/interface/method definitions from sources linux/noarch
qdox-javadoc-2.0.0-1.3 Javadoc for qdox linux/noarch
rabbitmq-java-client-3.5.0-2.11 Java AMQP client library linux/noarch
reflectasm-1.11.0-2.9 High performance Java library that provides reflection by using code generation linux/noarch
regexp-1.5-22.9 Simple regular expressions API linux/noarch
relaxngcc-1.12-2.3 RELAX NG Compiler Compiler linux/noarch
replacer-1.6-2.12 Replacer Maven Mojo linux/noarch
rhino- JavaScript for Java linux/noarch
rhino-demo- Examples for rhino linux/noarch
sac-1.3-10.5 Java standard interface for CSS parser linux/noarch
sat4j-2.3.5-1.9 A library of SAT solvers written in Java linux/noarch
saxpath-1.0_FCS-35.3 SAXPath is an event-based API for XPath parsers linux/noarch
sbinary-0.4.2-3.6 Library for describing binary formats for Scala types linux/noarch
sblim-cim-client2-2.2.5-6.12 Java CIM Client library linux/noarch
sblim-cim-client2-javadoc-2.2.5-6.12 Javadoc for sblim-cim-client2 linux/noarch
sblim-cim-client2-manual-2.2.5-6.12 Manual and sample code for sblim-cim-client2 linux/noarch
sbt-launcher-1.1.2-1.9 Launcher Implementation linux/noarch
sbt-launcher-interface-1.1.2-1.9 Launcher Interface linux/noarch
scala-2.10.7-6.2 A hybrid functional/object-oriented language for the JVM linux/noarch
scala-stm-0.7-2.1 Software Transactional Memory for Scala linux/noarchNew
scala-stm-javadoc-0.7-2.1 Javadoc for scala-stm linux/noarchNew
scala-swing-2.10.7-6.2 The swing library for the Scala programming languages linux/noarch
scirenderer-1.1.0-5.12 A Java rendering library based on JoGL linux/noarch
scirenderer-javadoc-1.1.0-5.12 Javadoc for scirenderer linux/noarch
segment-2.0.1-1.9 Split text into segments linux/noarch
serialization-0.1.2-1.9 Sbt wrapper around Scala pickling linux/noarch
servletapi4-4.0.4-299.14 Java servlet and JSP implementation classes linux/noarch
servletapi4-javadoc-4.0.4-299.14 Javadoc for servletapi4 linux/noarch
servletapi5-5.0.18-287.1 Java servlet and JSP implementation classes linux/noarchNew
sisu-inject-0.3.3-1.11 Sisu inject linux/noarch
sisu-plexus-0.3.3-1.11 Sisu Plexus linux/noarch
skinlf-6.7-7.11 Allows developers to write skinnable application using the Swing toolkit linux/noarch
slf4j-1.7.30-2.5 Simple Logging Facade for Java linux/noarch
slf4j-ext-1.7.30-2.5 SLF4J Extensions Module linux/noarch
slf4j-jcl-1.7.30-2.5 SLF4J JCL Binding linux/noarch
slf4j-jdk14-1.7.30-2.5 SLF4J JDK14 Binding linux/noarch
slf4j-log4j12-1.7.30-2.5 SLF4J LOG4J-12 Binding linux/noarch
slf4j-sources-1.7.30-2.5 SLF4J Source JARs linux/noarch
snakeyaml-1.28-2.2 YAML parser and emitter for the Java programming language linux/noarch
sonatype-oss-parent-7-2.8 Sonatype OSS Parent linux/noarch
sonatype-plugins-parent-8-1.12 Sonatype Plugins Parent POM linux/noarch
spec-version-maven-plugin-1.2-1.13 Spec Version Maven Plugin linux/noarch
spice-parent-26-1.8 Sonatype Spice Components linux/noarch
stax-ex-1.8-1.9 StAX API extensions linux/noarch
stax2-api-4.0.0-2.9 Experimental API extending basic StAX implementation linux/noarch
string-template-maven-plugin-1.1-1.11 StringTemplate Maven Plugin linux/noarch
stringtemplate-3.2.1-1.7 A Java template engine linux/noarch
stringtemplate4-4.3-1.6 A Java template engine linux/noarch
swing-worker-1.2-25.13 UI updates support for long running tasks linux/noarch
swing-worker-demo-1.2-25.13 UI updates support for long running tasks linux/noarch
swing-worker-javadoc-1.2-25.13 UI updates support for long running tasks linux/noarch
swingx-0.9.4-24.10 A collection of Swing components linux/noarch
swtchart-javadoc-0.10.0-4.6 Javadoc for swtchart linux/noarch
template-resolver-0.1-1.7 Contract API for template resolvers linux/noarch
test-interface-1.0-1.9 Uniform interface to Scala and Java test frameworks linux/noarch
testng-6.14.3-1.12 Java-based testing framework linux/noarch
tiger-types-2.2-3.9 Type arithmetic library for Java5 linux/noarch
time-api-0.6.4-3.9 JSR-310 - Date and Time API linux/noarch
tomcat-el-3_0-api-9.0.43-1.1 Expression Language v3.0 API linux/noarchNew
treelayout-1.0.3-2.9 Efficient and customizable Tree Layout Algorithm in Java linux/noarch
treelayout-demo-1.0.3-2.9 TreeLayout Core Demo linux/noarch
treelayout-javadoc-1.0.3-2.9 Javadoc for treelayout linux/noarch
trilead-ssh2-217.8-1.10 SSH-2 protocol implementation in pure Java linux/noarch
truth-0.24-2.6 An assertion framework for Java unit tests linux/noarch
typesafe-config-1.4.1-2.2 Configuration library for JVM languages linux/noarch
tzdb-1.8-3.11 Time zone rules compiler Java linux/noarch
uima-parent-pom-10-1.9 Apache UIMA Parent POM linux/noarch
uima-pear-maven-plugin-2.8.1-1.9 Apache UIMA Maven Pear Plugin linux/noarch
unit-api-1.0-1.9 JSR 363 - Units of Measurement API linux/noarch
univocity-parsers-2.5.5-1.10 Collection of parsers for Java linux/noarch
uom-lib-1.2-1.9 Java Unit of Measurement Libraries (JSR 363) linux/noarch
uom-lib-assertj-1.2-1.9 Java Units of Measurement AssertJ Library linux/noarch
uom-lib-common-1.2-1.9 Java Units of Measurement Common Library linux/noarch
uom-parent-1.3-1.9 Units of Measurement Project Parent POM linux/noarch
velocity-1.7-9.3 Java-based template engine linux/noarch
velocity-demo-1.7-9.3 Demo for velocity linux/noarch
velocity-manual-1.7-9.3 Manual for velocity linux/noarch
weld-parent-34-1.8 Parent POM for Weld linux/noarch
werken-xpath-0.9.4-27.14 XPath implementation using JDOM linux/noarch
woodstox-core-6.2.6-1.2 XML processor linux/noarch
ws-jaxme-0.5.2-6.6 Open source implementation of JAXB linux/noarch
ws-jaxme-javadoc-0.5.2-6.6 Open source implementation of JAXB linux/noarch
ws-jaxme-manual-0.5.2-6.6 Open source implementation of JAXB linux/noarch
wsdl4j-1.6.3-9.14 Web Services Description Language Toolkit for Java linux/noarch
wsdl4j-javadoc-1.6.3-9.14 Javadoc for wsdl4j linux/noarch
xalan-j2-2.7.2-10.2 Java XSLT processor linux/noarch
xalan-j2-demo-2.7.2-10.2 Demonstration and samples for xalan-j2 linux/noarch
xalan-j2-manual-2.7.2-10.2 Manual for xalan-j2 linux/noarch
xalan-j2-xsltc-2.7.2-10.2 Java XSLT compiler linux/noarch
xbean-4.5-5.7 Java plugin based web server linux/noarch
xerces-j2-2.12.0-4.11 Java XML parser linux/noarch
xerces-j2-demo-2.12.0-4.11 Demonstrations and samples for xerces-j2 linux/noarch
xgboost-predictor-0.3.3-1.9 Pure Java implementation of Xgboost predictor for online prediction tasks linux/noarch
xml-commons-apis-1.4.01-3.9 APIs for DOM, SAX, and JAXP linux/noarch
xml-commons-resolver-1.2-3.9 Resolver subproject of xml-commons linux/noarch
xml-im-exporter-1.1-28.11 XML Im-/Exporter linux/noarch
xml-im-exporter-javadoc-1.1-28.11 XML Im-/Exporter linux/noarch
xml-maven-plugin-1.0.2-1.9 Maven XML Plugin linux/noarch
xml-maven-plugin-javadoc-1.0.2-1.9 Javadocs for xml-maven-plugin linux/noarch
xml-security-2.1.3-1.8 Apache XML Security for Java linux/noarch
xmlbeans-2.6.0-10.13 XML-Java binding tool linux/noarch
xmlbeans-mini-2.6.0-10.10 XML-Java binding tool linux/noarch
xmlbeans-scripts-2.6.0-10.13 XML-Java binding tool linux/noarch
xmldb-api-0.1-26.13 XML:DB API for Java linux/noarch
xmldb-api-sdk-0.1-26.13 SDK for XML:DB API linux/noarch
xmldb-common-0.1-26.13 XML:DB API for Java linux/noarch
xmlgraphics-commons-2.6-1.3 XML Graphics Commons linux/noarch
xmlstreambuffer-1.5.4-1.9 XML Stream Buffer linux/noarch
xmlunit-1.5-9.10 Provides classes to do asserts on XML linux/noarch
xpp2-2.1.10-29.2 XML Pull Parser linux/noarch
xpp2-demo-2.1.10-29.2 XML Pull Parser linux/noarch
xpp2-javadoc-2.1.10-29.2 XML Pull Parser linux/noarch
xpp2-manual-2.1.10-29.2 XML Pull Parser linux/noarch
xpp3-1.1.4c-5.11 XML Pull Parser linux/noarch
xpp3-javadoc-1.1.4c-5.11 XML Pull Parser linux/noarch
xpp3-minimal-1.1.4c-5.11 XML Pull Parser linux/noarch
xsom-0~20140925-1.13 XML Schema Object Model (XSOM) linux/noarch
xstream-1.4.18-1.1 Java XML serialization library linux/noarch
xstream-benchmark-1.4.18-1.1 The benchmark module for xstream linux/noarch
xstream-parent-1.4.18-1.1 Parent POM for xstream linux/noarch
xz-java-1.8-3.9 Pure Java implementation of XZ compression linux/noarch

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