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libostree-1-1-2022.6-1.1 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for i586

Name: libostree-1-1 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 2022.6 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Wed Oct 12 18:46:22 2022
Group: System/Libraries Build host: hurricane3
Size: 997827 Source RPM: libostree-2022.6-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Git for operating system binaries
OSTree is a tool for managing bootable, immutable, versioned
filesystem trees. While it takes over some of the roles of tradtional
"package managers" like dpkg and rpm, it is not a package system; nor
is it a tool for managing full disk images. Instead, it sits between
those levels, offering a blend of the advantages (and disadvantages)
of both.






* Mon Oct 10 2022 Andreas Stieger <>
  - Update to version 2022.6:
    + Finalize-staged now better supports automounted partitions and
      skips waiting for termination signal.
    + A file descriptor leak has been fixed in the commit logic.
    + Add basic support for handling overlayfs whiteouts on checkout
      through a new --process-passthrough-whiteouts flag.
    + Ostree rev-parse command gained a new --single flag to better
      support repositories containing exactly one commit.
  - Drop ostree-glibc_2.36.patch: Fixed upstream.
* Thu Sep 01 2022 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Use curl as http backend, stop depending on soup2:
    Drop pkgconfig(libsoup-2.4) and add pkgconfig(libcurl)
    BuildRequires, and pass with-curl=yes and --with-soup=no to
* Wed Aug 10 2022 Andreas Stieger <>
  - fix build with glibc 2.36 (boo#1202300) ostree-glibc_2.36.patch
* Sat Jul 23 2022 Andreas Stieger <>
  - update to 2022.5:
    + Greatly improved performance for ostree prune on large repositories
    + Support for in-place kargs changes
    + includes a fix for ed25519: Invalid out of bound reads
      Did not affect previous openSUSE packages [boo#1201800]
  - includes changes from 2022.4:
    + A new repository option bls-append-except-default intended to
      help with enabling GRUB password locking
    + Further fixes for s390x SE
    + Several API additions and fixes to the Rust bindings
  - includes changes from 2022.3:
    + GLib requirement to 2.66
    + documentation for using IMA with ostree
    + A few static analyzer fixes
    + refcounting fix in OstreeRepoAutoTransaction
    + close longstanding conflict between ostree and per-machine
      SELinux policy customizations
    + ostree learned how to use bubblewrap to create a container
      targeting the pending deployment to re-build the policy if
  - includes changes from 2022.2:
    + improve reliability of pulls with static deltas
    + new ostree prune --commit-only
  - includes changes from 2022.1:
    + add transparent support for external sub-commands on the ostree
      binary. Custom binaries present in PATH in the form of
      ostree-<subcmd> will be now used as a fallback for sub-
      commands that are not natively implemented.
    + address some static analysis warnings
    + The git submodule for bsdiff has been updated to latest
      upstream revision, picking up additional bound-checks and
      fixing CVE-2014-9862 boo#1201770
  - enable ed25519 support with libsodium, introduced with 2020.4
  - switch to upstream tarball
* Sat Jul 16 2022 Andreas Stieger <>
  - fix packaging warnings from missing systemd service macros
    for pre/post/preun/postun scripts for ostree-finalize-staged
* Sat Jul 02 2022 Andreas Stieger <>
  - fix incorrect preun scriptlet leading to ostree-remount.service
    message upon package removal boo#1036208
* Fri Dec 10 2021 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 2021.6:
    + Most of the fixes are related to warnings highlighted by gcc
    - fanalyzer static source analysis.
    + Performance of pruning logic has been improved, avoiding
      unnecessary trips through redundant serialization.
    + A regression has been fixed so that ostree is properly behaving
      again when used from the initramfs, at a point where /sysroot
      may not be mounted yet.
    + A race condition related to sysroot.readonly has been addressed
      by directly setting up sysroot readonly in initramfs.
  - Changes from version 2020.8 to 2021.5 please see upstreams list
  - Switch to obs_scm from tar_scm, and use obscpio instead of
    generated tarball. Also stop autogeneration of .changes, upstream
    now have proper release notes that should be used.
  - Use ldconfig_scriptlets macro for post(un) handling for shared
    library, modernize spec.
* Tue Dec 15 2020 Martin Liška <>
  - Enable LTO (boo#1133120) as it works now.
* Thu Nov 19 2020
  - Update to version 2020.8:
    + This release mostly contains scalability improvements and
    + Caching-related HTTP headers are now supported on summaries and
      signatures, so that they do not have to be re-downloaded if not
      changed in the meanwhile.
    + Summaries and delta have been reworked to allow more
      fine-grained fetching.
    + Finally, this fixes several bugs related to atomic variables,
      HTTP timeouts, and 32-bit architectures.
  - Changes from version 2020.7:
    + Static deltas can now be signed to more easily support offline
    + There's now support for multiple initramfs images; the idea
      here is that one can have a "main" initramfs image and a
      secondary one which represents local configuration.
    + The documentation is now moved to
    + Lot of preparatory cleanups to the pull code landed for
      upcoming work on indexing deltas outside of the summary.
    + On the bugfix side, the biggest one is a fix for an assertion
      failure when upgrading from systems before ostree supported
    + Also notable is that ostree no longer hardlinks zero sized
      files to avoid hitting filesystem maximum link counts.
  - Changes from version 2020.6:
    + One notable feature: ostree now supports / and /boot being on
      the same filesystem.
    + Other than that it's mostly bugfixes; there is one quite
      important one for anyone using the readonly=true for /sysroot
      (which is still just Fedora CoreOS I suspect).
    + There's some improvements to the GObject Introspection
      metadata, some (cosmetic) static analyzer fixes, a fix for the
      immutable bit on s390x, dropping a deprecated bit in the
      systemd unit file, etc.
  - Changes from version 2020.5:
    + This release primarily fixes a regression in 2020.4 where the
      "readonly sysroot" changes incorrectly left the sysroot
      read-only on systems that started out with a read-only / (most
      of them, e.g. Fedora Silverblue/IoT at least).
    + There's some additions to the pull API to aid flatpak.
    + There were a few fixes to the man pages, and ostree show now
      displays the parent commit.
    + The default dracut config now enables reproducibility.
    + On the "feature" side, there is a new ostree admin unlock
    - -transient. We expect this to be a foundation for further
    support for "live" updates.
  - Changes from version 2020.4:
    + By far the biggest change in this release is new ed25519
      signing support, powered by libsodium.
    + stree commit gained a new --base argument, which significantly
      simplifies constructing "derived" commits, particularly for
      systems using SELinux.
    + Handling of the read-only sysroot was reimplemented to run in
      the initramfs and be more reliable. Enabling the readonly=true
      flag in the repo config is recommended.
    + Several bugs were fixed in locking for the temporary "staging"
      directories OSTree creates, particularly on NFS.
    + lib: Coerce flags enums to GIR bitfields changed some values to
      be (correctly) flags - this may show up as incompatible for
      GObject Introspection consumers (but not C).
    + A new timestamp-check-from-rev option was added for pulls,
      which makes downgrade protection more reliable and will be used
      by Fedora CoreOS.
    + Several fixes and enhancements were made for "collection" pulls
      including a new --mirror option.
    + The ostree commit command learned a new --mode-ro-executables
      which enforces W^R semantics on all executables.
    + A new commit metadata key (OSTREE_COMMIT_META_KEY_ARCHITECTURE)
      was added to help standardize the architecture of the OSTree
      commit. This could be used on the client side for example to
      sanity-check that the commit matches the architecture of the
      machine before deploying.
* Thu Apr 30 2020 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Stop invalid usage of %_libexecdir:
    + Use %{_prefix}/lib where appropriate.
    + Use _systemdgeneratordir for the systemd-generators.
    + Define _dracutmodulesdir based on dracut.pc. Add
      BuildRequires(dracut) for this to work.
* Mon Apr 06 2020
  - Update to version 2020.3:
    * A quick followup to 2020.2, which introduced support for
      read-only sysroot ended up breaking some of the Fedora CoreOS
      tests in coreos-assembler which in turn holds back ostree
      going into FCOS
    * Now that gap has been closed and more of those tests are being
      run on the new CI.
  - Update to version 2020.2:
    * lib: Fix Since versions for 2020.1
    * Post-release version bump
    * "Brown paper bag" release that actually sets the
      is_release_build=yes flag and also fixes the Since: on a few
      new functions.
  - Update to version 2020.1:
    * There is now support for making the /sysroot mount point
      read-only to start. This protects against a lot of accidental
      damage, and also generalizes and improves the previous special
      case handling of having /boot read-only. One known issue is
      that ostree pull is broken with this enabled, and this will be
    * Error-handling around GPG verification has had an overhaul.
      Specifically, libostree now has more specific error codes to
      distinguish between different verification failures. This
      should allow apps to have more fine-grained control over how
      to respond to errors. Do note that the error messages
      themselves have changed, and we strongly suggest that anyone
      relying on a specific error message string to migrate to using
      the API directly.
    * The original "archive" (split up objects) format didn't make it
      easy for a client system to know how much data it would be
      downloading. Later, static deltas were added which addressed
      this problem, but there are situations in which object fetches
      still occur. Later then support for optional sizes metadata in
      commit objects was added but was never really
      stabilized/publicized. There were also some bugs in it. That is
      now completed - the sizes data is now stable. and new API was
      added to read it.
    * This release adds initial fs-verity support; it doesn't do too
      much today. Bigger picture it's important to understand that
      the vision of OSTree is to enable Linux systems that feel like
      they're "image based" (transactional, versioned updates, no
      dependency resolution client side), but also to enable things
      like doing commits on the client side. Today rpm-ostree
      supports replacing the kernel client side as a first class
      operation. This is crucially important to make it feel truly
      like a Linux system that you own.
    * A small tweak was made to have OSTree create repo structure
      directories and files (such as objects/ or .lock) with group
      write permissions. This is useful for managing OSTree remote
      servers from multiple UIDs. For systems with the default umask
      of 0022, this should have no effect.
    * We've extensively reworked CI for the upstream repo. In
      addition to Travis, testing is now done on top of Fedora
      CoreOS. Not all tests have been carried over, but expect to see
      more coming. This rework will also allow us to have more
      comprehensive tests previously not possible.
    * Several fixes were made to the test suite to handle the cases
      of systemd vs no-systemd, and systemd is now advertised in the
      list of features in ostree --version if present.
* Tue Jan 14 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 2019.6:
    * Nothing major in this release, but there is some bigger stuff
      outstanding and ready to merge, so this version was released
      so that work will have time to stabilize.
    * A few build/CI fixes. A new progress API which will be used by
      flatpak (and can be used by others). Finally, we also avoid
      reordering kernel arguments.
  - Update to version 2019.5:
    * We discovered that CLang has a static analyzer scan-build;
      it found some small memory leaks so far, otherwise mostly
      noise, but we haven't dug through all the errors yet.
    * Gained a new zipl (s390x bootloader) backend
    * Install the .hmac files needed for FIPS mode in /boot too
    * This is also the first release where we switched to using
      the OpenShift Prow as a merge bot, though a lot more CI work
      is pending.
  - Update to version 2019.4:
    * This is mostly a bugfix release. Notably, the 2019.3 release
      caused some issues related to the gpg-agent code spewing
      messages on the terminal. Additionally, Fedora 31 users have
      hit upon issues with ostree-finalize-staged.service running too
      late to be able to write back its logs to the journal. This
      then confused rpm-ostree after reboot, because it looks at the
      previous boot's journal for this message.
    * The biggest feature-ish change is support for a partial commit
      "reason" so that after ostree fsck --delete was used,
      subsequent ostree fsck will continue to report an error. This
      should be used by higher level tools that want to do "fsck and
      repair". It's likely at some point that "fsck and repair"
      logic will move down into the libostree core as well.
    * There are ongoing efforts to port Fedora CoreOS to s390x: one
      fix landed here to add the deployment prefix to BLS entries
      since it's what the zipl bootloader expected.
  - Update to version 2019.3:
    * A lot of changes since the last release. On the feature side,
      probably the biggest is we've made public the internal API
      for kernel arguments, which rpm-ostree now uses.
    * Other things include a new --modern switch for init-fs,
      better support in pull for downgrade protection, better
      use of mmap, support for committing archives (tarballs)
      from stdin, etc.
    * Finally, libostree now supports being built without GPG,
      which is an important preparatory piece for introducing
      an alternative signature system.
  - Update to version 2019.2:
    + It's been some time since the last release, so this is a
      slightly larger one! There's lots of new features, and a few
      bug fixes.
    + New features:
    * A new sysroot.bootloader key was added to be more explicit
      about which bootloader OSTree should use. Notably a none
      value is supported, in which OSTree is solely responsible
      for writing the BLS entries. This can then be used by
      bootloaders like GRUB2, which now supports BLS natively.
    * ostree config now supports the unset command to unset a key
      from the OSTree repo config
    * ostree remote add now supports the --force flag to replace a
      remote of the same name if it exists
    * ostree-prepare-root now logs a structured journal message
      after finding the deployment to which to pivot. This can be
      used by higher-level apps like RPM-OSTree to build a history
      of the deployments the machine was booted into.
    * The staging API now supports a lockfile which prevents
      finalization at shutdown. This is intended to be used in
      systems that need more fine-tuned control between staging a
      deployment, and setting it as the default deployment on
    * ostree static-delta show now prints the From and To commits
      for which the delta was generated
    + Bug fixes:
    * Make looking up collection-refs similar to how regular refs
      are looked up, i.e. first in the transaction, then in the
      current repo, and then in the parent repo
    * Don't include the OSTree commit version number twice in the
      boot menu title. This affected at least Fedora-based systems
      composed with RPM-OSTree's mutate-os-release.
    * Activate ostree-finalize-staged earlier; this should
      hopefully make deployment finalization more reliable by
      running it later in the shutdown sequence, when less services
      are running
    * Run grub2-mkconfig on the filesystem tree of the pending
      deployment, rather than the previously deployed tree. This
      was a corner case where the deployment failed if a previous
      deployment did not exist, on systems where grub.cfg is used.
* Wed Apr 24 2019 Martin Liška <>
  - Disable LTO (boo#1133120).
* Mon Jan 28 2019
  - Update to version 2019.1:
    + This is the first libostree release of 2019; no big changes,
      just a collection of smaller features and bugfixes.
    + On the features side, a good example is:
      lib/repo: Search a list of paths in gpgkeypath for gpg keys.
    + Another feature is grub2: add support for devicetree.
    + lib/kargs: allow empty-list arguments i.e it ensures libostree
      supports "empty list" kernel arguments.
    + There's also some ongoing work to have libostree be a "backend"
      for OCI/Docker container storage; checkout: honor opaque
    + If built with --disable-http2, allow enabling via http2=1 will
      allow people to more easily play with HTTP2 if it's disabled by



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