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Packages beginning with letter O

o2scl-devel-0.926-3.4 Source and header files for O2scl linux/i586
o2scl-doc-0.926-3.4 Documentation for o2scl linux/i586
oaml-devel-1.3.4-1.14 Development files for OAML, the Open Adaptive Music library linux/i586
oath-toolkit-2.6.7-3.2 Toolkit for one-time password authentication systems linux/i586
obby-0.4.8-11.25 Synced document buffers linux/i586
obby-devel-0.4.8-11.25 Synced document buffers linux/i586
obconf-2.0.4-8.29 Openbox Configuration Tool linux/i586
obconf-qt-0.16.2-1.4 OpenBox window manager configuration tool linux/i586
obex-data-server-0.4.6-15.28 Obex DBus API linux/i586
obexd-0.48-5.32 D-Bus service for Obex Client access linux/i586
obexd-client-0.48-5.32 D-Bus service for Obex Server access linux/i586
obexd-server-0.48-5.32 D-Bus service for Obex Server service linux/i586
obexfs-0.12-3.5 FUSE based filesystem using ObexFTP linux/i586
obexftp-0.24.2-1.20 ObexFTP Implements the Object Exchange (OBEX) Protocol's File Transfer Feature linux/i586New
obexftp-devel-0.24.2-1.20 Development package for obexftp linux/i586New
obfs4-0.0.13-1.7 Pluggable transport proxy for Tor linux/i586
ocaml-4.14.0-2.2 OCaml Compiler and Programming Environment linux/i586
ocaml-astring-0.8.5-1.12 Alternative String module for OCaml linux/i586
ocaml-astring-devel-0.8.5-1.12 Development files for ocaml-astring linux/i586
ocaml-base64-3.5.0-1.12 Base64 encoding and decoding in OCaml linux/i586
ocaml-base64-devel-3.5.0-1.12 Development files for ocaml-base64 linux/i586
ocaml-benchmark-1.6-1.24 Benchmarking module for OCaml linux/i586
ocaml-benchmark-devel-1.6-1.24 Development files for ocaml-benchmark linux/i586
ocaml-bigarray-compat-1.1.0-1.6 Expose Stdlib.Bigarray linux/i586
ocaml-bigarray-compat-devel-1.1.0-1.6 Development files for ocaml-bigarray-compat linux/i586
ocaml-bisect_ppx-2.8.1-1.5 Code coverage for OCaml and Reason linux/i586
ocaml-bisect_ppx-devel-2.8.1-1.5 Development files for ocaml-bisect_ppx linux/i586
ocaml-brlapi-6.5-1.4 Library to use BRLTTY from applications -- OCaml Bindings linux/i586
ocaml-cairo-0.6.3-1.2 Binding to Cairo, a 2D Vector Graphics Library. linux/i586
ocaml-cairo-devel-0.6.3-1.2 Development files for ocaml-cairo linux/i586
ocaml-calendar-2.04-5.13 Objective Caml library for managing dates and times linux/i586
ocaml-calendar-devel-2.04-5.13 Development files for ocaml-calendar linux/i586
ocaml-camlp-streams-5.0.1-1.2 Stream and Genlex libraries for use with Camlp5 linux/i586
ocaml-camlp-streams-devel-5.0.1-1.2 Development files for ocaml-camlp-streams linux/i586
ocaml-camlp5-8.00.03-1.6 Preprocessor-Pretty-Printer for Objective Caml linux/i586
ocaml-camlp5-devel-8.00.03-1.6 Development files for ocaml-camlp5 linux/i586
ocaml-camomile-1.0.2-3.23 Unicode library for OCaml linux/i586
ocaml-camomile-data-1.0.2-3.23 Data files for ocaml-camomile linux/i586
ocaml-camomile-devel-1.0.2-3.23 Development files for ocaml-camomile linux/i586
ocaml-cmdliner-1.1.1-1.6 Declarative definition of command line interfaces for OCaml linux/i586
ocaml-cmdliner-devel-1.1.1-1.6 Development files for ocaml-cmdliner linux/i586
ocaml-compiler-libs-4.14.0-2.2 Libraries used internal to the OCaml Compiler linux/i586
ocaml-compiler-libs-devel-4.14.0-2.2 Libraries used internal to the OCaml Compiler linux/i586
ocaml-cppo-1.6.9-1.2 The C preprocessor written in OCaml linux/i586
ocaml-cppo-devel-1.6.9-1.2 Development files for ocaml-cppo linux/i586
ocaml-csexp-1.5.1-3.4 Parsing and printing of S-expressions in Canonical form linux/i586
ocaml-csexp-devel-1.5.1-3.4 Development files for ocaml-csexp linux/i586
ocaml-ctypes-0.20.1-1.4 Combinators for binding to C libraries without writing any C linux/i586
ocaml-ctypes-devel-0.20.1-1.4 Development files for ocaml-ctypes linux/i586
ocaml-cudf-0.9-2.13 Ocaml CUDF library linux/i586
ocaml-cudf-devel-0.9-2.13 Development files for ocaml-cudf linux/i586
ocaml-curses-1.0.10-1.5 OCaml bindings for ncurses linux/i586
ocaml-curses-devel-1.0.10-1.5 Development files for ocaml-curses linux/i586
ocaml-dose-7.0.0-1.10 An OCaml dependency toolkit linux/i586
ocaml-dose-devel-7.0.0-1.10 An OCaml dependency toolkit -- Development files linux/i586
ocaml-dune-3.4.1-1.2 A composable build system for OCaml linux/i586
ocaml-dune-devel-3.4.1-1.2 Various libraries linux/i586
ocaml-easy-format-1.3.4-1.2 Data pretty printing made easy linux/i586
ocaml-easy-format-devel-1.3.4-1.2 Development files for ocaml-easy-format linux/i586
ocaml-extlib-1.7.9-2.1 OCaml ExtLib additions to the standard library linux/i586
ocaml-extlib-devel-1.7.9-2.1 Development files for ocaml-extlib linux/i586
ocaml-facile-1.1.4-2.6 Ocaml Constraint Programming Library linux/i586
ocaml-facile-devel-1.1.4-2.6 Development files for ocaml-facile linux/i586
ocaml-fileutils-0.6.3-3.6 OCaml library for common file and filename operations linux/i586
ocaml-fileutils-devel-0.6.3-3.6 Development files for ocaml-fileutils linux/i586
ocaml-findlib-1.9.5-1.2 Objective CAML package manager and build helper linux/i586
ocaml-findlib-devel-1.9.5-1.2 Development files for ocaml-findlib linux/i586
ocaml-fmt-0.9.0-1.5 Format pretty-printer combinators linux/i586
ocaml-fmt-devel-0.9.0-1.5 Development files for ocaml-fmt linux/i586
ocaml-fpath-0.7.3-2.6 File paths for OCaml linux/i586
ocaml-fpath-devel-0.7.3-2.6 Development files for ocaml-fpath linux/i586
ocaml-gen-1.0-1.5 Simple, efficient iterators for OCaml linux/i586
ocaml-gen-devel-1.0-1.5 Development files for ocaml-gen linux/i586
ocaml-gettext-0.4.2-3.5 OCaml library for i18n linux/i586
ocaml-gettext-devel-0.4.2-3.5 Development files for ocaml-gettext linux/i586
ocaml-graphics-5.1.2-2.4 The OCaml graphics library linux/i586
ocaml-graphics-devel-5.1.2-2.4 Development files for ocaml-graphics linux/i586
ocaml-hivex-1.3.21-3.10 OCAML bindings for libhivex linux/i586
ocaml-hivex-devel-1.3.21-3.10 OCAML bindings development files for libhivex linux/i586
ocaml-integers-0.7.0-1.6 Various signed and unsigned integer types for OCaml linux/i586
ocaml-integers-devel-0.7.0-1.6 Development files for ocaml-integers linux/i586
ocaml-jsonm-1.0.1-4.9 Non-blocking streaming JSON codec for OCaml linux/i586
ocaml-jsonm-devel-1.0.1-4.9 Development files for ocaml-jsonm linux/i586
ocaml-lablgtk2-2.18.12-1.5 An Objective Caml Interface to gtk2+ linux/i586
ocaml-lablgtk2-devel-2.18.12-1.5 An Objective Caml interface to gtk2+ linux/i586
ocaml-lablgtk3-3.1.2-1.5 Binding to Cairo, a 2D Vector Graphics Library. linux/i586
ocaml-lablgtk3-devel-3.1.2-1.5 Development files for ocaml-lablgtk3 linux/i586
ocaml-libvirt- OCaml binding for libvirt linux/i586
ocaml-libvirt-devel- Development files for ocaml-libvirt linux/i586
ocaml-logs-0.7.0-3.2 Logging infrastructure for OCaml linux/i586
ocaml-logs-devel-0.7.0-3.2 Development files for ocaml-logs linux/i586
ocaml-luv-0.5.11-1.6 Binding to libuv cross-platform asynchronous I/O linux/i586
ocaml-luv-devel-0.5.11-1.6 Development files for ocaml-luv linux/i586
ocaml-mccs-1.1+14-1.3 Stripped-down version of mccs with OCaml bindings linux/i586
ocaml-mccs-devel-1.1+14-1.3 Development files for ocaml-mccs linux/i586
ocaml-menhir-20220210-1.6 LR(1) parser generator for the OCaml programming language linux/i586
ocaml-menhir-devel-20220210-1.6 Development files for ocaml-menhir linux/i586
ocaml-ocaml-compiler-libs-0.12.4-1.9 Compiler libraries repackaged linux/i586
ocaml-ocaml-compiler-libs-devel-0.12.4-1.9 Development files for ocaml-ocaml-compiler-libs linux/i586
ocaml-ocamlbuild-0.14.1-1.4 Generic build tool for building OCaml library and programs linux/i586
ocaml-ocamlbuild-devel-0.14.1-1.4 Development files for ocaml-ocamlbuild linux/i586
ocaml-ocamldoc-4.14.0-2.2 Documentation generator for OCaml linux/i586
ocaml-ocamlgraph-2.0.0-1.12 Graph library for OCaml linux/i586
ocaml-ocamlgraph-devel-2.0.0-1.12 Development files for the OcamlGraph graph library linux/i586
ocaml-ounit-2.2.6-1.6 Ocaml OUnit test framework linux/i586
ocaml-ounit-devel-2.2.6-1.6 Development files for ocaml-ounit linux/i586
ocaml-parmap-1.2.4-1.5 Multicore architecture exploitation for OCaml programs with minimal modifications linux/i586
ocaml-parmap-devel-1.2.4-1.5 Development files for ocaml-parmap linux/i586
ocaml-pcre-7.5.0-2.5 Perl compatibility regular expressions (PCRE) for OCaml linux/i586
ocaml-pcre-devel-7.5.0-2.5 Development files for ocaml-pcre linux/i586
ocaml-pp-1.1.2-3.4 Pretty-printing library linux/i586
ocaml-pp-devel-1.1.2-3.4 Development files for ocaml-pp linux/i586
ocaml-ppx_derivers-1.2.1-4.6 Deriving plugin registry linux/i586
ocaml-ppx_derivers-devel-1.2.1-4.6 Development files for ocaml-ppx_derivers linux/i586
ocaml-ppxlib-0.25.0-1.5 Base library and tools for ppx rewriters linux/i586
ocaml-ppxlib-devel-0.25.0-1.5 Development files for ocaml-ppxlib linux/i586
ocaml-ptmap-2.0.5-1.15 Maps over integers implemented as Patricia trees linux/i586
ocaml-ptmap-devel-2.0.5-1.15 Development files for ocaml-ptmap linux/i586
ocaml-pyml-20220615-1.2 Stdcompat: compatibility module for OCaml standard library linux/i586
ocaml-pyml-devel-20220615-1.2 Development files for ocaml-pyml linux/i586
ocaml-qcheck-0.18.1-1.5 QuickCheck inspired property-based testing for OCaml linux/i586
ocaml-qcheck-devel-0.18.1-1.5 Development files for ocaml-qcheck linux/i586
ocaml-qtest-2.11.2-1.11 Inline (Unit) Tests for OCaml linux/i586
ocaml-qtest-devel-2.11.2-1.11 Development files for ocaml-qtest linux/i586
ocaml-re-1.10.4-1.3 Pure OCaml regular expressions linux/i586
ocaml-re-devel-1.10.4-1.3 Development files for ocaml-re linux/i586
ocaml-result-1.5-3.4 Compatibility OCaml Result module linux/i586
ocaml-result-devel-1.5-3.4 Development files for the Compatibility OCaml Result module linux/i586
ocaml-rope-0.6.2-3.24 Ropes ("heavyweight strings") for OCaml linux/i586
ocaml-rope-devel-0.6.2-3.24 Development files for ocaml-rope linux/i586
ocaml-rpm-macros-20220707-1.2 RPM macros for building OCaml source packages linux/i586
ocaml-runtime-4.14.0-2.2 OCaml runtime environment linux/i586
ocaml-sedlex-2.5-1.8 Unicode-friendly lexer generator linux/i586
ocaml-sedlex-devel-2.5-1.8 Development files for ocaml-sedlex linux/i586
ocaml-sexplib0-0.15.0-1.6 Library containing the definition of S-expressions and some base converters linux/i586
ocaml-sexplib0-devel-0.15.0-1.6 Development files for ocaml-sexplib0 linux/i586
ocaml-sha-1.15.2-1.6 Binding to the SHA cryptographic functions linux/i586
ocaml-sha-devel-1.15.2-1.6 Development files for ocaml-sha linux/i586
ocaml-source-4.14.0-2.2 Source code for OCaml libraries linux/i586
ocaml-stdcompat-19-1.2 Stdcompat: compatibility module for OCaml standard library linux/i586
ocaml-stdcompat-devel-19-1.2 Development files for ocaml-stdcompat linux/i586
ocaml-stdlib-shims-0.3.0-1.11 Shim to substitute Pervasives with Stdlib before 4.08 linux/i586
ocaml-stdlib-shims-devel-0.3.0-1.11 Development files for ocaml-stdlib-shims linux/i586
ocaml-uutf-1.0.3-1.6 Non-blocking streaming Unicode codec for OCaml linux/i586
ocaml-uutf-devel-1.0.3-1.6 Development files for ocaml-uutf linux/i586
ocaml-xml-light-2.4.20191104.4615265-1.25 Minimal XML parser and printer for OCaml linux/i586
ocaml-xml-light-devel-2.4.20191104.4615265-1.25 Development files for ocaml-xml-light linux/i586
ocaml-zarith-1.12-1.12 Arbitrary precision integers linux/i586
ocaml-zarith-devel-1.12-1.12 Development files for ocaml-zarith linux/i586
occt-DRAWEXE-7.6.3-1.2 Development files for occt linux/i586
occt-devel-7.6.3-1.2 Development files for occt linux/i586
oce-0.18.3-3.1 OpenCASCADE Community Edition linux/i586New
oce-DRAWEXE-0.18.3-3.1 Scripting interface to the OpenCASCADE libraries linux/i586New
oce-devel-0.18.3-3.1 Development files for openCASCADE linux/i586New
ocfs2-tools-1.8.7-7.1 Oracle Cluster File System 2 Core Tools linux/i586
ocfs2-tools-devel-1.8.7-7.1 Oracle Cluster File System 2 Development files linux/i586
ocfs2-tools-devel-static-1.8.7-7.1 Oracle Cluster File System 2 static libraries linux/i586
ocfs2-tools-o2cb-1.8.7-7.1 Oracle Cluster File System 2 tools for the native o2cb stack linux/i586
ocl-icd-devel-2.3.1-1.9 Development files of ocl-icd linux/i586New
ocli-0.9.0-5.1 OwnTracks command line interface publisher linux/i586
oclock-1.0.5-1.1 Simple round analog clock linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-hpc-1.0.1-5.8 Open Community Runtime (OCR) for shared memory linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-hpc-devel-1.0.1-5.8 Headers and development files for the Open Community Runtime linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-hpc-doc-1.0.1-5.8 Documentation for ocr_1_0_1-gnu-hpc linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-hpc-examples-1.0.1-5.8 Examples for ocr_1_0_1-gnu-hpc linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-mpich-hpc-1.0.1-5.8 Open Community Runtime (OCR) for shared memory linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-mpich-hpc-devel-1.0.1-5.8 Headers and development files for the Open Community Runtime linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-mpich-hpc-doc-1.0.1-5.8 Documentation for ocr_1_0_1-gnu-mpich-hpc linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-mpich-hpc-examples-1.0.1-5.8 Examples for ocr_1_0_1-gnu-mpich-hpc linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-mvapich2-hpc-1.0.1-5.8 Open Community Runtime (OCR) for shared memory linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-mvapich2-hpc-devel-1.0.1-5.8 Headers and development files for the Open Community Runtime linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-mvapich2-hpc-doc-1.0.1-5.8 Documentation for ocr_1_0_1-gnu-mvapich2-hpc linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-mvapich2-hpc-examples-1.0.1-5.8 Examples for ocr_1_0_1-gnu-mvapich2-hpc linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi1-hpc-1.0.1-5.7 Open Community Runtime (OCR) for shared memory linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi1-hpc-devel-1.0.1-5.7 Headers and development files for the Open Community Runtime linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi1-hpc-doc-1.0.1-5.7 Documentation for ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi1-hpc linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi1-hpc-examples-1.0.1-5.7 Examples for ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi1-hpc linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi2-hpc-1.0.1-5.7 Open Community Runtime (OCR) for shared memory linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi2-hpc-devel-1.0.1-5.7 Headers and development files for the Open Community Runtime linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi2-hpc-doc-1.0.1-5.7 Documentation for ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi2-hpc linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi2-hpc-examples-1.0.1-5.7 Examples for ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi2-hpc linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi3-hpc-1.0.1-5.7 Open Community Runtime (OCR) for shared memory linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi3-hpc-devel-1.0.1-5.7 Headers and development files for the Open Community Runtime linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi3-hpc-doc-1.0.1-5.7 Documentation for ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi3-hpc linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi3-hpc-examples-1.0.1-5.7 Examples for ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi3-hpc linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi4-hpc-1.0.1-5.8 Open Community Runtime (OCR) for shared memory linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi4-hpc-devel-1.0.1-5.8 Headers and development files for the Open Community Runtime linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi4-hpc-doc-1.0.1-5.8 Documentation for ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi4-hpc linux/i586
ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi4-hpc-examples-1.0.1-5.8 Examples for ocr_1_0_1-gnu-openmpi4-hpc linux/i586
ocrad-0.28-1.4 Optical Character Recognition Program linux/i586
ocrad-devel-0.28-1.4 Development files for GNU ocrad linux/i586
ocserv-1.1.6-1.3 OpenConnect VPN Server linux/i586New
octant-0.24.0-1.9 A platform to better understand the complexity of Kubernetes clusters linux/i586
octave-7.3.0-2.1 A High Level Programming Language linux/i586New
octave-cli-7.3.0-2.1 Command-line user interface for Octave linux/i586New
octave-devel-7.3.0-2.1 Development files for Octave linux/i586New
octave-forge-communications-1.2.4-1.4 Digital Communications for Octave linux/i586
octave-forge-control-3.4.0-1.4 Computer-Aided Control System Design (CACSD) Tools linux/i586
octave-forge-database-2.4.4-2.1 Octave plugin interfacing PostgreSQL linux/i586
octave-forge-econometrics-1.1.2-1.13 Econometrics functions including MLE and GMM based techniques for Octave linux/i586
octave-forge-fits-1.0.7-2.20 Octave functions for reading and writing FITS files linux/i586
octave-forge-general-2.1.2-2.2 General tools for Octave linux/i586
octave-forge-geometry-4.0.0-2.5 Computational Geometry for Octave linux/i586
octave-forge-gsl-2.1.1-1.23 Octave bindings to the GNU Scientific Library linux/i586
octave-forge-image-2.14.0-1.3 Image Processing for Octave linux/i586
octave-forge-image-acquisition-0.2.2-1.32 Image Acquisition functions for Octave linux/i586
octave-forge-instrument-control-0.8.0-1.1 Instrument Control for Octave linux/i586
octave-forge-interval-3.2.1-1.4 Real-valued interval arithmetic for Octave linux/i586
octave-forge-io-2.6.4-1.3 Input/Output in external formats from Octave linux/i586
octave-forge-lssa-0.1.4-1.10 Least squares spectral analysis for Octave linux/i586
octave-forge-ltfat-2.5.0-1.1 The Large Time-Frequency Analysis Toolbox for Octave linux/i586
octave-forge-mapping-1.4.2-1.5 Octave mapping functions linux/i586New
octave-forge-miscellaneous-1.3.0-1.16 Miscellaneous functions for Octave linux/i586
octave-forge-nan-3.7.0-1.2 A statistics and machine learning toolbox linux/i586
octave-forge-netcdf-1.0.16-1.1 NetCDF interface for Octave linux/i586
octave-forge-nurbs-1.4.3-1.1 Routines for Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines for Octave linux/i586
octave-forge-octclip-2.0.3-1.1 Octave clipping polygons tool linux/i586
octave-forge-optim-1.6.2-1.3 Non-linear optimization toolkit for Octave linux/i586
octave-forge-parallel-4.0.1-1.8 Parallel Computing for Octave linux/i586
octave-forge-quaternion-2.4.0-1.27 Quaternion class with overloaded operators for Octave linux/i586
octave-forge-signal-1.4.3-1.1 Signal processing tools for Octave linux/i586
octave-forge-sockets-1.4.0-1.1 Socket Octave functions for networking linux/i586
octave-forge-statistics-1.5.0-1.1 Additional statistics functions for Octave linux/i586
octave-forge-stk-2.7.0-1.1 Small Octave Toolbox for Kriging linux/i586
octave-forge-strings-1.3.0-1.2 Additional manipulation functions for Octave linux/i586
octave-forge-struct-1.0.18-1.3 Additional Structure manipulations functions for Octave linux/i586
octave-forge-tisean-0.2.3-1.37 Nonlinear Time Series Analysis linux/i586
octave-forge-vrml-1.0.13-1.23 3D graphics using VRML for Octave linux/i586
octave-mathgl-8.0.1-2.5 Octave interface for the MathGL library linux/i586
octave-nlopt_optimize-2.7.1-3.7 Octave interface to nonlinear optimization libray linux/i586
octave-openEMS-0.0.35-5.39 Octave interface for openEMS linux/i586New
oddjob-0.34.7-1.4 A D-Bus service which runs odd jobs on behalf of client applications linux/i586
oddjob-gpupdate-0.2.0+git.5.ed70836-1.4 An oddjob helper which applies group policy objects linux/i586
oddjob-mkhomedir-0.34.7-1.4 An oddjob helper which creates and populates home directories linux/i586
ode-devel-0.16.2-1.10 Open Dynamics Engine Library development files linux/i586
odt2txt-0.5-1.28 Converter from OpenDocument Text to plain text linux/i586
ofl-20221120-1.1 Open File Lister from hxtools linux/i586New
ofono-1.34-1.5 Mobile telephony application development framework linux/i586
ofono-devel-1.34-1.5 Development files for ofono, a mobile telephony framework linux/i586
ofono-tests-1.34-1.5 Test Scripts for oFono linux/i586
oggz-tools-1.1.1-15.32 A library that provides parsing and seeking of Ogg-files linux/i586
ogmtools-1.5-168.7 Tools for OGG Media Streams linux/i586
ogre-demos-13.5.3-1.1 Ogre demo programs linux/i586New
ogre-demos-devel-13.5.3-1.1 Sources for the Ogre demo programs linux/i586New
ogre-devel-13.5.3-1.1 Development files for the Ogre Engine linux/i586New
ogre-docs-13.5.3-1.1 Documentation for the Ogre 3D engine linux/i586New
ogre-media-13.5.3-1.1 Required media files for OGRE linux/i586New
ogre-mono-13.5.3-1.1 Mono bindings OGRE linux/i586New
ogre-python-13.5.3-1.1 Python bindings for OGRE linux/i586New
ogre-tools-13.5.3-1.1 Additional utilities for working with the Ogre 3D engine linux/i586New
ohcount-4.0.0-2.14 The Ohloh source code line counter linux/i586
oidentd-3.0.0-2.1 Configurable IDENT Server That Supports NAT/IP Masquerading linux/i586
okteta-0.26.9-1.2 Hex Editor linux/i586
okteta-devel-0.26.9-1.2 Development files for the Okteta Hex Editor linux/i586
okteta-part-0.26.9-1.2 Hex Editor KParts plugin linux/i586
okteto-2.10.1-1.1 Develop your applications directly in your Kubernetes Cluster linux/i586New
okular-22.08.3-1.1 Document Viewer linux/i586
okular-devel-22.08.3-1.1 Development files for the Okular document viewer linux/i586
okular-mobile-22.08.3-1.1 Document Viewer, Mobile UI linux/i586
okular-spectre-22.08.3-1.1 PostScript support for the Okular document viewer linux/i586
olm-devel-3.2.13-1.1 Development files for olm linux/i586
omemo-utils-1.0.0-2.1 Utilities for OMEMO media sharing linux/i586
omniORB-4.3.0-2.3 A robust high performance CORBA ORB for C++ and Python linux/i586
omniORB-devel-4.3.0-2.3 Development libraries, header files and utilities for omniORB linux/i586
omniORBpy-4.3.0-1.6 Python bindings for the omniORB CORBA implementation linux/i586
omniORBpy-devel-4.3.0-1.6 Header files for omniORBpy linux/i586
omping-0.0.5-2.7 Utility to test IP multicast functionality linux/i586
onboard-1.4.1-7.2 Simple on-screen Keyboard linux/i586
onedrive-2.4.21-1.1 Client for One Drive Service for Linux linux/i586
onedrive-completion-bash-2.4.21-1.1 OneDrive Bash completition linux/i586
onedrive-completion-fish-2.4.21-1.1 OneDrive fish completition linux/i586
onedrive-completion-zsh-2.4.21-1.1 OneDrive zsh completition linux/i586
onefetch-2.14.2~0-1.1 Git repository summary on your terminal linux/i586New A Cat Catches Your Mouse linux/i586
oniguruma-devel-6.9.8-1.4 Regex Library Supporting Different Character Encodings - Development Files linux/i586
onioncat-0.3.9-1.5 VPN adapter for Tor and I2P linux/i586
onnx-backend-test-1.12.0-2.2 Test data linux/i586
onnx-devel-1.12.0-2.2 Header files of onnx linux/i586
ooRexx-4.2.0-18.6 Open Object Rexx linux/i586
ooRexx-devel-4.2.0-18.6 Open Object Rexx development files linux/i586
opam-2.1.3-1.2 Source-based package manager for OCaml linux/i586
opam-devel-2.1.3-1.2 Development files for opam linux/i586
opam-file-format-2.1.4-1.4 Parser and printer for the opam file syntax linux/i586
opam-file-format-devel-2.1.4-1.4 Development files for the opam file syntax parser linux/i586
opam-installer-2.1.3-1.2 Standalone tool for opam install files linux/i586
open-iscsi-2.1.8-94.1 Linux iSCSI Software Initiator linux/i586
open-iscsi-devel-2.1.8-94.1 The iSCSI User-level Library Development Library and Include files linux/i586
open-isns-0.102-1.1 Partial Implementation of iSNS iSCSI registration linux/i586
open-isns-devel-0.102-1.1 Development files for open-isns linux/i586
open-lldp-1.1+58.8ca361bab766-1.1 Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) Agent linux/i586
open-lldp-devel-1.1+58.8ca361bab766-1.1 Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) Agent linux/i586
open-vm-tools-12.1.0-1.3 Open Virtual Machine Tools linux/i586
open-vm-tools-desktop-12.1.0-1.3 User experience components for Open Virtual Machine Tools linux/i586
open-vm-tools-sdmp-12.1.0-1.3 Service Discovery Plugin linux/i586
openCryptoki-3.19.0-2.1 An Implementation of PKCS#11 (Cryptoki) v2.11 for IBM Cryptographic Hardware linux/i586New
openCryptoki-32bit-3.19.0-2.1 An Implementation of PKCS#11 (Cryptoki) v2.11 for IBM Cryptographic Hardware linux/i586New
openCryptoki-devel-3.19.0-2.1 Development files for openCryptoki, a PKCS#11 implementation for IBM hardware linux/i586New
openEMS-0.0.35-5.39 Electromagnetic field solver using the EC-FDTD method linux/i586New
openEMS-devel-0.0.35-5.39 openEMS development files linux/i586New
openEMS-matlab-0.0.35-5.39 MATLAB interface for openEMS linux/i586New
openSUSE-appstream-process-0.8.2-1.1 Appstream processor employed by kiwi linux/i586New
openSUSE-build-key-1.0-46.1 The public gpg keys for rpm package signature verification linux/i586
openSUSE-release-20221204-1974.1 openSUSE Tumbleweed linux/i586New
openSUSE-release-appliance-custom-20221204-1974.1 openSUSE Tumbleweed linux/i586New
openSUSE-release-appliance-docker-20221204-1974.1 openSUSE Tumbleweed linux/i586New
openSUSE-release-appliance-hyperv-20221204-1974.1 openSUSE Tumbleweed linux/i586New
openSUSE-release-appliance-kvm-20221204-1974.1 openSUSE Tumbleweed linux/i586New
openSUSE-release-appliance-openstack-20221204-1974.1 openSUSE Tumbleweed linux/i586New
openSUSE-release-appliance-vagrant-20221204-1974.1 openSUSE Tumbleweed linux/i586New
openSUSE-release-appliance-vmware-20221204-1974.1 openSUSE Tumbleweed linux/i586New
openSUSE-release-appliance-wsl-20221204-1974.1 openSUSE Tumbleweed linux/i586New
openSUSE-release-ftp-20221204-1974.1 openSUSE Tumbleweed linux/i586New
openSUSE-repos-MicroOS-20221116.d3d7bc7-1.1 openSUSE package repositories linux/i586
openSUSE-repos-Tumbleweed-20221116.d3d7bc7-1.1 openSUSE package repositories linux/i586
openafs-1.8.9~pre1-1.8 OpenAFS Distributed File System linux/i586New
openafs-authlibs-1.8.9~pre1-1.8 OpenAFS authentication shared libraries linux/i586New
openafs-authlibs-devel-1.8.9~pre1-1.8 OpenAFS shared library development linux/i586New
openafs-client-1.8.9~pre1-1.8 OpenAFS File System Client linux/i586New
openafs-devel-1.8.9~pre1-1.8 OpenAFS Static Libraries and Header Files linux/i586New
openafs-fuse_client-1.8.9~pre1-1.8 OpenAFS FUSE File System Client linux/i586New
openafs-kernel-source-1.8.9~pre1-1.8 OpenAFS Kernel Module source tree linux/i586New
openafs-kmp-default-1.8.9~pre1_k6.0.10_1-1.8 OpenAFS Distributed File System - kernel module linux/i586New
openafs-server-1.8.9~pre1-1.8 OpenAFS File System Server linux/i586New
openal-soft-devel-1.22.2-1.2 Development headers for OpenAL Soft linux/i586
openal-soft-makemhr-1.22.2-1.2 OpenAL Soft HRTF generation utility linux/i586
openal-soft-tools-1.22.2-1.2 OpenAL Soft tools linux/i586
openamp-devel-2020.01-1.13 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/i586
openamp-examples-2020.01-1.13 Example applications for OpenAMP linux/i586
openbabel-3.1.1-1.2 A chemistry toolbox linux/i586
openbabel-devel-3.1.1-1.2 Development files for Open Babel linux/i586
openbabel-gui-3.1.1-1.2 Graphical User Interface for Open Babel, a chemical toolbox linux/i586
openblas-common-devel-0.3.21-1.1 Development headers and libraries for OpenBLAS linux/i586New
openblas-pthreads_0_3_21-gnu-hpc-devel-static-0.3.21-1.1 Static version of OpenBLAS linux/i586New
openblas_0_3_21-gnu-hpc-devel-static-0.3.21-1.1 Static version of OpenBLAS linux/i586New
openblas_openmp-devel-static-0.3.21-1.1 Static version of OpenBLAS linux/i586New
openblas_pthreads-devel-static-0.3.21-1.2 Static version of OpenBLAS linux/i586New
openblas_serial-devel-static-0.3.21-1.1 Static version of OpenBLAS linux/i586New
openbox-3.6.1-3.32 ICCCM and EWMH Compliant Window Manager with Very Few Dependencies linux/i586
openbox-devel-3.6.1-3.32 Includes and static libraries for openbox linux/i586
openbox-gnome-3.6.1-3.32 Openbox GNOME integration linux/i586
openbox-kde-3.6.1-3.32 Openbox KDE integration linux/i586
openbsc-1.4.1-1.7 Base station controller for a GSM stack linux/i586
openbsc-bs11-utils-1.4.1-1.7 Command line utilities for Siemens BS-11 BTS linux/i586
openbsc-bsc-sccplite-1.4.1-1.7 GSM Base Station Controller linux/i586
opencc-1.1.4-1.3 Open Chinese Convert linux/i586
opencc-data-1.1.4-1.3 Dictionaries for Open Chinese Convert linux/i586
opencc-devel-1.1.4-1.3 Open Chinese Convert linux/i586
openconnect-8.20-1.4 Client for Cisco AnyConnect VPN linux/i586
openconnect-devel-8.20-1.4 Development files and headers for openconnect linux/i586
opencsg-devel-1.5.1-1.1 Development files for opencsg, a CSG rendering library linux/i586
opencv-4.6.0-2.3 Collection of algorithms for computer vision linux/i586New
opencv-devel-4.6.0-2.3 Development files for using the OpenCV library linux/i586New
opencv3-3.4.18-2.1 Collection of algorithms for computer vision linux/i586New
opencv3-devel-3.4.18-2.1 Development files for using the OpenCV library linux/i586New
opencv3-doc-3.4.18-2.1 Documentation and examples for OpenCV linux/i586New
opendkim-2.11.0-7.9 Milter based implementation of DKIM linux/i586
opendkim-devel-2.11.0-7.9 Development files to develop with opendkim linux/i586
openexr-3.1.5-2.1 Utilities for working with HDR images in OpenEXR format linux/i586
openexr-devel-3.1.5-2.1 Development files for the 16-bit FP EXR picture handling library linux/i586
openexr-doc-3.1.5-2.1 Documentation for the 16-bit FP EXR picture handling library linux/i586
openfortivpn-1.19.0-1.1 Client for PPP+SSL VPN tunnel services linux/i586
opengreedy-0.6-2.8 A Pacman clone linux/i586
openhpi-3.8.0.ge4631e8a-2.1 Implementation of SA Forum's Hardware Platform Interface (HPI) linux/i586
openhpi-clients-3.8.0.ge4631e8a-2.1 HPI Command-line Applications linux/i586
openhpi-daemon-3.8.0.ge4631e8a-2.1 Implementation of SA Forum's Hardware Platform Interface (HPI) linux/i586
openhpi-devel-3.8.0.ge4631e8a-2.1 Development Files for HPI linux/i586
openjade-1.3.2-373.4 DSSSL Engine for SGML Documents linux/i586
openjade-devel-1.3.2-373.4 DSSSL Engine (development package) linux/i586
openjfx8-8.0.202-7.3 Rich client application platform for Java linux/i586
openjfx8-devel-8.0.202-7.3 OpenJFX development tools and libraries linux/i586
openjfx8-src-8.0.202-7.3 OpenJFX Source Bundle linux/i586
openjpeg2-2.5.0-2.3 Opensource JPEG 2000 Codec Implementation linux/i586
openjpeg2-devel-2.5.0-2.3 Development files for openjpeg2 linux/i586
openjpeg2-devel-doc-2.5.0-2.3 API documentation for openjpeg2 linux/i586
openkim-models-2021.08.11-1.4 Open Knowledgebase of Interatomic Models linux/i586
openldap2-2.6.3-2.1 An open source implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol linux/i586
openldap2-back-meta-2.6.3-2.1 OpenLDAP Meta Back-End linux/i586
openldap2-back-perl-2.6.3-2.1 OpenLDAP Perl Back-End linux/i586
openldap2-back-sock-2.6.3-2.1 OpenLDAP Socket Back-End linux/i586
openldap2-back-sql-2.6.3-2.1 OpenLDAP SQL Back-End linux/i586
openldap2-client-2.6.3-2.1 OpenLDAP client utilities linux/i586
openldap2-contrib-2.6.3-2.1 OpenLDAP Contrib Modules linux/i586
openldap2-devel-2.6.3-2.1 Libraries, Header Files and Documentation for OpenLDAP linux/i586
openldap2-devel-static-2.6.3-2.1 Static libraries for the OpenLDAP libraries linux/i586
openlibm-devel-0.7.1-2.5 Development files for openlibm linux/i586
openlierox-0.58_rc5-2.3 A real-time, excessive clone of Worms linux/i586
openmpi1-1.10.7-7.2 A powerful implementation of MPI linux/i586
openmpi1-config-1.10.7-7.2 Runtime configuration files for openMPI version 1.10.7 linux/i586
openmpi1-devel-1.10.7-7.2 SDK for openMPI version 1.10.7 linux/i586
openmpi1-docs-1.10.7-7.2 Documentation for Open MPI/SHMEM version 1.10.7 linux/i586
openmpi1-gnu-hpc-1.10.7-7.2 Dependency package for openmpi_1_10_7-gnu-hpc linux/i586
openmpi1-gnu-hpc-devel-static-1.10.7-7.2 Dependency package for openmpi_1_10_7-gnu-hpc-devel-static linux/i586
openmpi1-libs-1.10.7-7.2 OpenMPI runtime libraries for OpenMPI version 1.10.7 linux/i586
openmpi1-macros-devel-1.10.7-7.2 Macros for openMPI version 1.10.7 linux/i586
openmpi2-2.1.6-14.1 An implementation of MPI/SHMEM linux/i586
openmpi2-config-2.1.6-14.1 Runtime configuration files for openMPI version 2.1.6 linux/i586
openmpi2-devel-2.1.6-14.1 SDK for openMPI version 2.1.6 linux/i586
openmpi2-docs-2.1.6-14.1 Documentation for Open MPI/SHMEM version 2.1.6 linux/i586
openmpi2-gnu-hpc-2.1.6-14.1 Dependency package for openmpi_2_1_6-gnu-hpc linux/i586
openmpi2-gnu-hpc-devel-static-2.1.6-14.1 Dependency package for openmpi_2_1_6-gnu-hpc-devel-static linux/i586
openmpi2-libs-2.1.6-14.1 OpenMPI runtime libraries for OpenMPI version 2.1.6 linux/i586
openmpi2-macros-devel-2.1.6-14.1 Macros for openMPI version 2.1.6 linux/i586
openmpi3-3.1.6-7.1 An implementation of MPI/SHMEM linux/i586
openmpi3-config-3.1.6-7.1 Runtime configuration files for openMPI version 3.1.6 linux/i586
openmpi3-devel-3.1.6-7.1 SDK for openMPI version 3.1.6 linux/i586
openmpi3-docs-3.1.6-7.1 Documentation for Open MPI/SHMEM version 3.1.6 linux/i586
openmpi3-gnu-hpc-3.1.6-7.1 Dependency package for openmpi_3_1_6-gnu-hpc linux/i586
openmpi3-gnu-hpc-devel-static-3.1.6-7.1 Dependency package for openmpi_3_1_6-gnu-hpc-devel-static linux/i586
openmpi3-libs-3.1.6-7.1 OpenMPI runtime libraries for OpenMPI version 3.1.6 linux/i586
openmpi3-macros-devel-3.1.6-7.1 Macros for openMPI version 3.1.6 linux/i586
openmpi4-4.1.4-2.1 An implementation of MPI/SHMEM (Version 4) linux/i586
openmpi4-config-4.1.4-2.1 Runtime configuration files for openMPI version 4.1.4 linux/i586
openmpi4-devel-4.1.4-2.1 SDK for openMPI version 4.1.4 linux/i586
openmpi4-docs-4.1.4-2.1 Documentation for Open MPI/SHMEM version 4.1.4 linux/i586
openmpi4-gnu-hpc-4.1.4-2.1 Dependency package for openmpi_4_1_4-gnu-hpc linux/i586
openmpi4-gnu-hpc-devel-static-4.1.4-2.1 Dependency package for openmpi_4_1_4-gnu-hpc-devel-static linux/i586
openmpi4-libs-4.1.4-2.1 OpenMPI runtime libraries for OpenMPI version 4.1.4 linux/i586
openmpi4-macros-devel-4.1.4-2.1 Macros for openMPI version 4.1.4 linux/i586
openmpi5-5.0.0-2.1 An implementation of MPI/SHMEM (Version 5) linux/i586
openmpi5-config-5.0.0-2.1 Runtime configuration files for openMPI version 5.0.0 linux/i586
openmpi5-devel-5.0.0-2.1 SDK for openMPI version 5.0.0 linux/i586
openmpi5-docs-5.0.0-2.1 Documentation for Open MPI/SHMEM version 5.0.0 linux/i586
openmpi5-gnu-hpc-5.0.0-2.1 Dependency package for openmpi_5_0_0-gnu-hpc linux/i586
openmpi5-gnu-hpc-devel-static-5.0.0-2.1 Dependency package for openmpi_5_0_0-gnu-hpc-devel-static linux/i586
openmpi5-libs-5.0.0-2.1 OpenMPI runtime libraries for OpenMPI version 5.0.0 linux/i586
openmpi5-macros-devel-5.0.0-2.1 Macros for openMPI version 5.0.0 linux/i586
openmpi_1_10_7-gnu-hpc-1.10.7-7.2 A powerful implementation of MPI linux/i586
openmpi_1_10_7-gnu-hpc-devel-1.10.7-7.2 SDK for openMPI HPC version 1.10.7 linux/i586
openmpi_1_10_7-gnu-hpc-devel-static-1.10.7-7.2 Static libraries for openMPI HPC version 1.10.7 linux/i586
openmpi_1_10_7-gnu-hpc-docs-1.10.7-7.2 Documentation for Open MPI/SHMEM HPC version 1.10.7 linux/i586
openmpi_1_10_7-gnu-hpc-macros-devel-1.10.7-7.2 Macros for openMPI version 1.10.7 linux/i586
openmpi_2_1_6-gnu-hpc-2.1.6-14.1 An implementation of MPI/SHMEM linux/i586
openmpi_2_1_6-gnu-hpc-devel-2.1.6-14.1 SDK for openMPI HPC version 2.1.6 linux/i586
openmpi_2_1_6-gnu-hpc-devel-static-2.1.6-14.1 Static libraries for openMPI HPC version 2.1.6 linux/i586
openmpi_2_1_6-gnu-hpc-docs-2.1.6-14.1 Documentation for Open MPI/SHMEM HPC version 2.1.6 linux/i586
openmpi_2_1_6-gnu-hpc-macros-devel-2.1.6-14.1 Macros for openMPI version 2.1.6 linux/i586
openmpi_3_1_6-gnu-hpc-3.1.6-7.1 An implementation of MPI/SHMEM linux/i586
openmpi_3_1_6-gnu-hpc-devel-3.1.6-7.1 SDK for openMPI HPC version 3.1.6 linux/i586
openmpi_3_1_6-gnu-hpc-devel-static-3.1.6-7.1 Static libraries for openMPI HPC version 3.1.6 linux/i586
openmpi_3_1_6-gnu-hpc-docs-3.1.6-7.1 Documentation for Open MPI/SHMEM HPC version 3.1.6 linux/i586
openmpi_3_1_6-gnu-hpc-macros-devel-3.1.6-7.1 Macros for openMPI version 3.1.6 linux/i586
openmpi_4_1_4-gnu-hpc-4.1.4-2.1 An implementation of MPI/SHMEM (Version 4) linux/i586
openmpi_4_1_4-gnu-hpc-devel-4.1.4-2.1 SDK for openMPI HPC version 4.1.4 linux/i586
openmpi_4_1_4-gnu-hpc-devel-static-4.1.4-2.1 Static libraries for openMPI HPC version 4.1.4 linux/i586
openmpi_4_1_4-gnu-hpc-docs-4.1.4-2.1 Documentation for Open MPI/SHMEM HPC version 4.1.4 linux/i586
openmpi_4_1_4-gnu-hpc-macros-devel-4.1.4-2.1 Macros for openMPI version 4.1.4 linux/i586
openmpi_5_0_0-gnu-hpc-5.0.0-2.1 An implementation of MPI/SHMEM (Version 5) linux/i586
openmpi_5_0_0-gnu-hpc-devel-5.0.0-2.1 SDK for openMPI HPC version 5.0.0 linux/i586
openmpi_5_0_0-gnu-hpc-devel-static-5.0.0-2.1 Static libraries for openMPI HPC version 5.0.0 linux/i586
openmpi_5_0_0-gnu-hpc-docs-5.0.0-2.1 Documentation for Open MPI/SHMEM HPC version 5.0.0 linux/i586
openmpi_5_0_0-gnu-hpc-macros-devel-5.0.0-2.1 Macros for openMPI version 5.0.0 linux/i586
openmpt123-0.6.6-1.1 Command line module player linux/i586
openmw-0.47.0-2.4 Reimplementation of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind linux/i586New
openobex-apps-1.7.2-3.3 Open Source Implementation of the Object Exchange (OBEX) Protocol linux/i586
openobex-devel-1.7.2-3.3 Development package for openobex linux/i586
openocd-0.11.0-1.9 Debugging, in-system programming and boundary-scan testing for embedded devices linux/i586
openomf-0.6.5+git.20190205-3.14 Open Source remake of "One Must Fall 2097" linux/i586
openpgm-devel-5.2.122-10.7 Development files for the OpenPGM Reliable Multicast Protocol library linux/i586
openqa-mon-0.25-1.9 CLI monitoring utility for openQA linux/i586
openrct2-0.4.2-1.2 An open source re-implementation of Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 linux/i586
openrct2-titlesequences-0.4.2-1.2 Titlesequences for openRCT2 linux/i586
opensaml-bin-3.2.1-1.8 Utilities for OpenSAML library linux/i586
opensaml-schemas-3.2.1-1.8 OpenSAML schemas and catalog linux/i586
opensc-0.23.0-1.1 Smart Card Utilities linux/i586New
openscad-2021.01-5.4 Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller linux/i586New
openscap-1.3.6-4.1 A Set of Libraries for Integration with SCAP linux/i586
openscap-content-1.3.6-4.1 SCAP content linux/i586
openscap-devel-1.3.6-4.1 Development Files for OpenSCAP linux/i586
openscap-docker-1.3.6-4.1 Docker plugin for OpenSCAP linux/i586
openscap-utils-1.3.6-4.1 Openscap utilities linux/i586
openslide-tools-3.4.1-2.19 Command line tools for openslide linux/i586
openslp-2.0.0-21.1 An Implementation of Service Location Protocol V2 linux/i586
openslp-devel-2.0.0-21.1 Header files for OpenSLP linux/i586
openslp-server-2.0.0-21.1 The OpenSLP Implementation of the Service Location Protocol V2 linux/i586
opensm-3.3.24-3.6 Infiniband Subnet Manager linux/i586
opensm-devel-3.3.24-3.6 Development files for OpenSM linux/i586
opensp-1.5.2-201.32 The OpenJade Group's SGML and XML Parsing Tools linux/i586
opensp-devel-1.5.2-201.32 SGML parser tools (development package) linux/i586
openspecfun-devel-0.5.3-1.10 A collection of special mathematical functions linux/i586
openssh-8.9p1-5.1 Secure Shell Client and Server (Remote Login Program) linux/i586
openssh-askpass-gnome-8.9p1-5.1 A GNOME-Based Passphrase Dialog for OpenSSH linux/i586
openssh-cavs-8.9p1-5.1 OpenSSH FIPS crypto module CAVS tests linux/i586
openssh-clients-8.9p1-5.1 SSH (Secure Shell) client applications linux/i586
openssh-common-8.9p1-5.1 SSH (Secure Shell) common files linux/i586
openssh-fips-8.9p1-5.1 OpenSSH FIPS crypto module HMACs linux/i586
openssh-helpers-8.9p1-5.1 OpenSSH AuthorizedKeysCommand helpers linux/i586
openssh-server-8.9p1-5.1 SSH (Secure Shell) server linux/i586
openssh-server-config-rootlogin-8.9p1-5.1 Config to permit root logins to sshd linux/i586
openssl-1_0_0-1.0.2u-10.1 Secure Sockets and Transport Layer Security linux/i586
openssl-1_0_0-cavs-1.0.2u-10.1 CAVS testing framework and utilities linux/i586
openssl-1_1-1.1.1s-1.1 Secure Sockets and Transport Layer Security linux/i586
openssl-3-3.0.7-1.1 Secure Sockets and Transport Layer Security linux/i586
openssl-engine-libp11-0.4.12-1.1 Library Implementing a Small Layer on Top of PKCS#11 API linux/i586
openssl-ibmpkcs11-1.0.1-1.18 OpenSSL Dynamic PKCS #11 Engine linux/i586
openssl_tpm2_engine-3.1.2-1.1 OpenSSL TPM 2.0 interface engine plugin linux/i586New
openssl_tpm_engine-0.4.2-8.19 OpenSSL TPM interface engine plugin linux/i586
opensurge- Game based on Sonic the Hedgehog Universe linux/i586
opensuse-welcome-0.1.9+git.0.66be0d8-1.1 Welcome utility for openSUSE linux/i586
opentoonz-1.6.0-1.7 2D animation software linux/i586
opentracing-cpp-devel-1.6.0-1.9 Development files for the OpenTracing C++ API linux/i586
openttd-12.2-3.4 A clone of Chris Sawyer's Transport Tycoon Deluxe linux/i586
openttd-dedicated-12.2-3.4 OpenTTD Dedicated Server binary (without SDL) linux/i586
opentyrian-2.1.20221123-1.1 An arcade-style vertical scrolling shooter linux/i586New
openvas-smb-1.0.5-1.97 SMB module for OpenVAS Scanner linux/i586
openvdb-devel-9.0.0-3.1 Development files for openvdb linux/i586
openvdb-tools-9.0.0-3.1 OpenVDB command line tools linux/i586
openvpn-2.5.8-1.1 Full-featured SSL VPN solution using a TUN/TAP Interface linux/i586New
openvpn-auth-pam-plugin-2.5.8-1.1 OpenVPN auth-pam plugin linux/i586New
openvpn-devel-2.5.8-1.1 OpenVPN plugin header linux/i586New
openvpn-down-root-plugin-2.5.8-1.1 OpenVPN down-root plugin linux/i586New
openvswitch-2.17.2-4.3 A multilayer virtual network switch linux/i586New
openvswitch-devel-2.17.2-4.3 Development files for Open vSwitch linux/i586New
openvswitch-ipsec-2.17.2-4.3 Open vSwitch IPsec tunneling support linux/i586New
openvswitch-pki-2.17.2-4.3 Open vSwitch public key infrastructure dependency package linux/i586New
openvswitch-test-2.17.2-4.3 Open vSwitch test package linux/i586New
openvswitch-vtep-2.17.2-4.3 Open vSwitch VTEP emulator linux/i586New
openwsman-java-2.7.0-4.4 Java bindings for OpenWSMAN client API linux/i586
openwsman-perl-2.7.0-4.4 Perl bindings for OpenWSMAN client API linux/i586
openwsman-ruby-2.7.0-4.4 Ruby bindings for OpenWSMAN client API linux/i586
openwsman-server-2.7.0-4.4 OpenWSMAN server and service libraries linux/i586
openwsman-server-plugin-ruby-2.7.0-4.4 OpenWSMAN Server Plugin for Ruby extensions linux/i586
openxcom- An open source reimplementation of the original X-Com game linux/i586
opera-uget-integrator-1.0.0-2.12 Integration of uGet with Opera linux/i586
opie-2.4-732.7 Support for One-Time Passwords linux/i586
oping-1.10.0-1.17 Multiple Host Ping that supports ICMPv4 and ICMPv6 linux/i586
opmsg-1.78s-1.11 File encryption, sign and verify utility linux/i586
oprofile-1.4.0-1.12 System-Wide Profiler for Linux Systems linux/i586
oprofile-devel-1.4.0-1.12 Development files for oprofile, a system-wide profiler for Linux linux/i586
optee-client-3.9.0-1.12 A Trusted Execution Environment client linux/i586
optee-client-devel-3.9.0-1.12 Files for Developing with libtee linux/i586
optipng-0.7.7-3.3 A PNG File Compressor linux/i586
opus-tools-0.2-1.19 A set of tools for the opus audio codec linux/i586
opusfile-devel-0.12-1.11 Development package for opusfile linux/i586
oqs-provider-0.3.0-1.1 Quantum-safe crypto provider for OpenSSL linux/i586
orage-4.16.0-2.4 Time-managing Application for the Xfce Desktop Environment linux/i586
orc-0.4.33-1.1 The Oil Runtime Compiler linux/i586New
orc-doc-0.4.33-1.1 The Oil Runtime Compiler Library - Documentation linux/i586New
orcania-devel-2.3.1-1.1 Header files for orcania linux/i586
orthanc-1.11.2-2.1 RESTful DICOM server for healthcare and medical research linux/i586
orthanc-devel-1.11.2-2.1 Header and source files for creating Orthanc plugins linux/i586
orthanc-dicomweb-1.10-1.1 WebViewer plugin for Orthanc linux/i586
orthanc-gdcm-1.5-2.1 GDCM plugin for Orthanc linux/i586
orthanc-indexer-1.0-1.7 Folder plugin indexer for Orthanc linux/i586
orthanc-mysql-4.3-1.11 Database plugin for Orthanc linux/i586
orthanc-neuro-1.0-1.5 Neuroimaging plugin for Orthanc linux/i586
orthanc-postgresql-4.0-1.12 Database plugin for Orthanc linux/i586
orthanc-python-3.4-1.10 Python plugin for Orthanc linux/i586
orthanc-source-1.11.2-2.1 This package includes the source files for Orthanc linux/i586
orthanc-tcia-1.0-1.8 TCIA plugin for Orthanc linux/i586
orthanc-webviewer-2.8-1.1 Web Viewer plugin for Orthanc linux/i586
orthanc-wsi-1.1-2.5 Whole Slide Imaging for Orthanc linux/i586
ortp-5.1.64-1.1 Real-time Transport Protocol Stack linux/i586
ortp-devel-5.1.64-1.1 Headers, libraries and docs for the oRTP library linux/i586
os-prober-1.79-1.7 Probes disks on the system for installed operating systems linux/i586
osdlyrics-0.5.12-2.1 A third-party lyrics display program linux/i586
osinfo-db-tools-1.10.0-2.1 Tools for managing the osinfo database linux/i586
osmo-bsc-1.8.0-1.7 OsmoBSC: Osmocom's Base Station Controller for 2G CS mobile networks linux/i586
osmo-bsc-abisip-find-1.8.0-1.7 CLI utility to find ip.access compatible BTS linux/i586
osmo-bsc-bs11-utils-1.8.0-1.7 Command line utilities for Siemens BS-11 BTS linux/i586
osmo-bsc-ipaccess-utils-1.8.0-1.7 Command line utilities for ip.access nanoBTS linux/i586
osmo-bsc-meas-utils-1.8.0-1.7 Command line utilities for OsmoBSC's measurement reports linux/i586
osmo-bts-1.4.0-1.7 Osmocom BTS-Side code (Abis, scheduling) linux/i586
osmo-bts-omldummy-1.4.0-1.7 Osmocom CI: Bring up only OML without RSL linux/i586
osmo-bts-virtual-1.4.0-1.7 Virtual Osmocom GSM BTS (no RF hardware; GSMTAP/UDP) linux/i586
osmo-e1d-0.4.0-1.2 Osmocom E1 Daemon linux/i586
osmo-e1d-devel-0.4.0-1.2 Header files for the Osmocom E1 daemon protocol library linux/i586
osmo-fl2k-0.1.1+git.20200602-1.12 SDR driver for FL2000 based USB 3.0 to VGA adapters linux/i586
osmo-fl2k-devel-0.1.1+git.20200602-1.12 Development files for osmo-fl2k linux/i586
osmo-fl2k-udev-0.1.1+git.20200602-1.12 Udev rules for osmo-fl2k linux/i586
osmo-ggsn-1.9.0-1.2 GPRS Support Node linux/i586
osmo-gtphub-1.8.0-1.7 Osmocom GTP Hub: Proxy for GTP traffic between multiple SGSNs and GGSNs linux/i586
osmo-hlr-1.4.0-1.7 Osmocom Home Location Register for GSUP protocol towards OsmoSGSN and OsmoCSCN linux/i586
osmo-mgw-1.9.0-1.7 Osmocom's Media Gateway for 2G and 3G circuit-switched mobile networks linux/i586
osmo-msc-1.8.0-1.7 Osmocom's MSC for 2G and 3G circuit-switched mobile networks linux/i586
osmo-mslookup-client-1.4.0-1.7 Standalone program using libosmo-mslookup linux/i586
osmo-pcap-0.1.3-1.7 Osmocom's PCAP client and server linux/i586
osmo-pcu-1.0.0-1.7 Osmocom GPRS Packet Control Unit (PCU) linux/i586
osmo-remsim-bankd-0.2.2-1.19 Osmocom Remote SIM Bank Daemon linux/i586
osmo-remsim-client-0.2.2-1.19 Osmocom Remote SIM Client linux/i586
osmo-remsim-server-0.2.2-1.19 Osmocom Remote SIM Central Server linux/i586
osmo-sgsn-1.8.0-1.7 Osmocom's SGSN for 2G and 3G packet-switched mobile networks linux/i586
osmo-sip-connector-1.6.0-1.7 MNCC to SIP bridge for osmo-nitb linux/i586
osmo-smlc-0.2.2-1.2 Osmocom Serving Mobile Location Centre linux/i586
osmo-stp-1.6.0-1.2 Osmocom SIGTRAN STP (Signaling Transfer Point) linux/i586
osmo-trx-1.4.0-1.12 SDR transceiver that implements Layer 1 of a GSM BTS linux/i586
osmo-trx-lms-1.4.0-1.12 SDR transceiver that implements Layer 1 of a GSM BTS (LimeSuite) linux/i586
osmo-trx-uhd-1.4.0-1.12 SDR transceiver that implements Layer 1 of a GSM BTS (UHD) linux/i586
osmo-trx-usrp1-1.4.0-1.12 SDR transceiver that implements Layer 1 of a GSM BTS (USRP1) linux/i586
osmosdr-0.1+git.20151211-1.19 SDR (Software Defined Radio) project linux/i586
osmosdr-devel-0.1+git.20151211-1.19 Development files for OsmoSDR linux/i586
ossim-2.11.1-1.20 Open Source Software Image Map (OSSIM) linux/i586
ossim-devel-2.11.1-1.20 Header files for the Open Source Software Image Map linux/i586
ossim-sample-data-2.11.1-1.20 OSSIM data samples files linux/i586
osslsigncode-2.3.0-1.4 Platform-independent tool for Authenticode signing of EXE/CAB files linux/i586
ossp-uuid-1.6.2-19.47 OSSP's Universally Unique Identifier generator linux/i586
oto-0.5-1.13 Open Type Organizer linux/i586
otpclient-2.6.4-1.1 Simple GTK+ client for managing TOTP and HOTP linux/i586New
otter-browser-1.0.03-1.4 Web browser with aspects of Opera linux/i586
ovn-21.09.1-1.3 Open Virtual Network diagnostic utilities linux/i586
ovn-central-21.09.1-1.3 Open Virtual Network support for Open vSwitch linux/i586
ovn-devel-21.09.1-1.3 Development files for Open Virtual Network linux/i586
ovn-docker-21.09.1-1.3 Docker network plugins for OVN linux/i586
ovn-host-21.09.1-1.3 Open Virtual Network support for Open vSwitch linux/i586
ovn-vtep-21.09.1-1.3 Open Virtual Network VTEP controller for Open vSwitch linux/i586
owncloud-client-2.11.1-1.1 The ownCloud synchronization client linux/i586
owncloud-client-caja-2.11.1-1.1 Caja overlay icons linux/i586
owncloud-client-dolphin-2.11.1-1.1 Dolphin overlay icons linux/i586
owncloud-client-nautilus-2.11.1-1.1 Nautilus overlay icons linux/i586
owncloud-client-nemo-2.11.1-1.1 Nemo overlay icons linux/i586
owntone-28.5-1.1 DAAP server for iTunes and Chromecast with MPD and RSP support linux/i586
oxygen5-5.26.4-1.1 Oxygen style, KWin decoration and cursors linux/i586New
oxygen5-decoration-5.26.4-1.1 Oxygen's KWin decoration linux/i586New
oxygen5-style-5.26.4-1.1 Oxygen style linux/i586New

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