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coreutils-8.25-5.1 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 42.3 updates for ppc64le

Name: coreutils Distribution: openSUSE Leap 42.3
Version: 8.25 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 5.1 Build date: Thu Nov 30 20:14:41 2017
Group: System/Base Build host: obs-power8-03
Size: 10308313 Source RPM: coreutils-8.25-5.1.src.rpm
Summary: GNU Core Utilities
These are the GNU core utilities.  This package is the union of
the GNU fileutils, sh-utils, and textutils packages.

  [ arch base32 base64 basename cat chcon chgrp chmod chown chroot cksum comm
  cp csplit cut date dd df dir dircolors dirname du echo env expand expr
  factor false fmt fold groups head hostid id install join
  link ln logname ls md5sum mkdir mkfifo mknod mktemp mv nice nl nohup
  nproc numfmt od paste pathchk pinky pr printenv printf ptx pwd readlink
  realpath rm rmdir runcon seq sha1sum sha224sum sha256sum sha384sum sha512sum
  shred shuf sleep sort split stat stdbuf stty sum sync tac tail tee test
  timeout touch tr true truncate tsort tty uname unexpand uniq unlink
  uptime users vdir wc who whoami yes






* Mon Nov 06 2017
  - coreutils-no_stat_for_dummy_fs.patch also contains the fix for
* Mon Oct 23 2017
  - Hardcode package name.
* Fri Oct 20 2017
  - Add coreutils-no_stat_for_dummy_fs.patch so that df -l no longer interacts
    with dummy file system types, so for example no longer hangs with
    problematic nfs mounted via system.automount(5).  [bug introduced in
    df also no longer interacts with excluded file system types, so for example
    specifying -x nfs no longer hangs with problematic nfs mounts.
    [bug introduced in coreutils-8.21] (bsc#1043059).
* Tue Mar 21 2017
  - Add coreutils-df_hash_in_filter.patch from to
    speed up df significantly (bsc#965780).
* Tue Feb 02 2016
  - Update to 8.25 based on the work of Bernhard Voelker
    (for changes since 8.22 see included NEWS file) (fate#319365).
  - coreutils.spec (%description): Add base32, a new utility.
  - Remove now-upstream patch:
    * coreutils-tests-avoid-FP-of-ls-stat-free-color.patch
  - Refresh/merge all other patches:
    * coreutils-build-timeout-as-pie.patch
    * coreutils-disable_tests.patch
    * coreutils-i18n.patch
    * coreutils-invalid-ids.patch
    * coreutils-misc.patch
    * coreutils-ocfs2_reflinks.patch
    * coreutils-remove_hostname_documentation.patch
    * coreutils-remove_kill_documentation.patch
    * coreutils-skip-gnulib-test-tls.patch
    * coreutils-test_without_valgrind.patch
    * coreutils-tests-shorten-extreme-factor-tests.patch
  - Patches removed because the fix is included upstreams
    * coreutils-df_improve_mount_point_selection_with_inaccurate_mount_list.patch
    * coreutils-df-doc-df-a-includes-duplicate-file-systems.patch
    * coreutils-improve_df_--human_and_--si,_help_and_man_page.patch
    * coreutils-modify_sparse_test.patch
    * coreutils-df-show-all-remote-file-systems.patch
    * coreutils-shuf-repeat-avoid-crash-when-input-empty.patch
    * coreutils-avoid_sizeof_charPP__static_analysis_warning.patch
    * coreutils-df-total-suppress-separate-remotes.patch
    * coreutils-ln-avoid-segfault-for-empty-target.patch
    * coreutils-test-avoid-FP-when-no-ACL-support.patch
    * coreutils-date-avoid-crash-in-TZ-parsing.patch
    * coreutils-copy-fix-selinux-existing-dirs.patch
    * coreutils-fix_handling_of_symlinks_in_mount_list.patch
    * coreutils-gnulib-tests-ppc64le.patch
    * coreutils-fix_false_du_failure_on_newer_xfs.patch
    * coreutils-avoid_an_inconsequential_mem_leak.patch
    * coreutils-look_for_accessible_mount_points_for_specified_devices.patch
    * coreutils-doc-adjust-reference-to-info-nodes-in-man-pages.patch
    * coreutils-avoid_clang_-Wtautological-constant-out-of-range-compare_warning.patch
    * coreutils-use_all_of_the_last_device_details_provided.patch
    * coreutils-avoid_compiler_warnings_with_some_assert_implementations.patch
    * coreutils-tests-avoid-FP-cp-cpuinfo.patch
    * coreutils-output_placeholder_values_for_inaccessible_mount_points.patch
    * coreutils-also_deduplicate_virtual_file_systems.patch
    * coreutils-use_the_last_device_name_provided_by_the_system.patch
    * coreutils-df-fix-local-hanging-with-inaccessible-remote-mounts.patch
    * coreutils-ignore_non_file_system_entries_in_proc_mounts.patch
    * coreutils-report_correct_device_in_presence_of_eclipsed_mounts.patch
* Fri Dec 18 2015
  - Add coreutils-df-fix-local-hanging-with-inaccessible-remote-mounts.patch
    that fixes hanging df when remount mounts are inaccessible (bsc#954222).
* Wed Jun 03 2015
  - coreutils-doc-adjust-reference-to-info-nodes-in-man-pages.patch:
    add upstream patch:
    doc: adjust reference to info nodes in man pages (boo#933396)
  - coreutils-i18n.patch: Use a later version of the previous patch
    to fix the sort I18N issue (boo#928749, CVE-2015-4041) to also
    avoid CVE-2015-4042.
* Tue May 12 2015
  - Fix memory handling error with case insensitive sort using UTF-8
    (boo#928749): coreutils-i18n.patch
    src/sort.c (keycompare_mb): Ensure the buffer is big enough
    to handle anything output from wctomb().  Theoretically any
    input char could be converted to multiple output chars,
    and so we need to multiply the storage by MB_LEN_MAX.
* Mon Mar 16 2015
  - Add upstream patches for df(1):
    * doc: mention that df -a includes duplicate file systems (deb#737399)
    - coreutils-df-doc-df-a-includes-duplicate-file-systems.patch
    * df: ensure -a shows all remote file system entries (deb#737399)
    - coreutils-df-show-all-remote-file-systems.patch
    * df: only suppress remote mounts of separate exports with --total
      (deb#737399, rh#920806, boo#866010, boo#901905)
    - coreutils-df-total-suppress-separate-remotes.patch
    (bnc#921559, bnc#907290, bnc#930565).
* Thu Sep 18 2014
  - Add coreutils-df_improve_mount_point_selection_with_inaccurate_mount_list.patch
    which was missed in the last update.
  - Add coreutils-modify_sparse_test.patch to fix the test for sparse handling.
  - Add coreutils-fix_false_du_failure_on_newer_xfs.patch that fixes a false
    negative in the testsuite.
  - Add coreutils-disable_tests.patch to not run a tests that fail inside the OBS.
  - Add coreutils-test_without_valgrind.patch to not use valgrind in shuf-reservoir.
* Fri Jul 25 2014
  - Incorporate 9 bugfixes, one documentation update and two maintenance
    patches that won't harm (bnc#888215) for df(1), See NEWS for specifics:
* Tue Mar 18 2014
  - Apply three patches from openSUSE factory:
    - Add upstream patch (gnu#16855):
    * coreutils-shuf-repeat-avoid-crash-when-input-empty.patch: Add
      patch for shuf: with -r, don't dump core if the input is empty.
    - Add upstream patch (gnu#16872):
    * coreutils-date-avoid-crash-in-TZ-parsing.patch: Add patch for
      date: fix crash or infinite loop when parsing a malformed TZ="".
    - Add upstream patch (gnu#17010):
    * coreutils-ln-avoid-segfault-for-empty-target.patch: Add patch
      to avoid that ln(1) segfaults for an empty, relative target.
* Mon Feb 24 2014
  - Add coreutils-test-avoid-FP-when-no-ACL-support.patch from openSUSE
    factory together with its changelog entry.
* Thu Feb 20 2014
  - Add three patches from SLE11 that aren't upstream:
    coreutils-misc.patch (fixes for tests)
    coreutils-getaddrinfo.patch (fake success as there's no network
      in the build system)
    coreutils-ocfs2_reflinks.patch (support for reflinks on ocfs2)
* Thu Jan 09 2014
  - Add upstream patch (coreutils-copy-fix-selinux-existing-dirs.patch):
    cp -a: set the correct SELinux context on already existing
    destination directories (rh#1045122).
  - Merge I18n fixes from Fedora (coreutils-i18n.patch):
    * sort: fix sorting by non-first field (rh#1003544)
    * cut: avoid using slower multi-byte code in non-UTF-8 locales
      (rh#1021403, rh#499220).
  - Testsuite: skip some tests:
    * coreutils-skip-some-sort-tests-on-ppc.patch: Add patch to
      skip 2 valgrind'ed sort tests on ppc/ppc64.
    * coreutils-skip-gnulib-test-tls.patch: Add patch to skip
      the gnulib test 'test-tls' on i586, x86_64, ppc and ppc64.
    * coreutils-tests-avoid-FP-cp-cpuinfo.patch: Add patch to skip a
      test when cp fails for /proc/cpuinfo which happens on aarch64.
    * coreutils-tests-shorten-extreme-factor-tests.patch: Add patch
      to skip most of the extreme-expensive factor tests.
* Sun Jan 05 2014
  - Refresh patches to match the new version.
    * coreutils-build-timeout-as-pie.patch: Update line number.
    * coreutils-gnulib-tests-ppc64le.patch: Likewise.
    * coreutils-invalid-ids.patch: Likewise.
    * coreutils-remove_hostname_documentation.patch: Likewise.
    * coreutils-remove_kill_documentation.patch: Likewise.
    * coreutils-sysinfo.patch: Likewise.
    * coreutils-i18n.patch: Likewise.
  - Additional changes in coreutils-i18n.patch:
    * Accommodate to upstream changes in cut.c and uniq.c.
    * Fix some compiler warnings.
    * Fix 145-mb test in tests/misc/
    * Skip sort's "2[01]a" test cases for now
      to avoid a test failure on i586/x86_64.
  - Remove now-upstream and therefore obsolete patches.
    * Remove, upstream is latest.
    * coreutils-gnulib-tests-fix-nap-race-obs.patch:
      Remove, now upstream.
    * coreutils-gnulib-tests-fix-nap-race.patch: Likewise.
    * longlong-aarch64.patch: Likewise.
  - Update to 8.22 (2013-12-13) [stable]
    * * Bug fixes
    df now processes the mount list correctly in the presence of unstatable
    mount points.  Previously it may have failed to output some mount points.
    [bug introduced in coreutils-8.21]
    df now processes symbolic links and relative paths to special files containing
    a mounted file system correctly.  Previously df displayed the statistics about
    the file system the file is stored on rather than the one inside.
    [This bug was present in "the beginning".]
    df now processes disk device nodes correctly in the presence of bind mounts.
    Now df shows the base mounted file system rather than the last one mounted.
    [This bug was present in "the beginning".]
    install now removes the target file if the strip program failed for any
    reason.  Before, that file was left behind, sometimes even with wrong
    [This bug was present in "the beginning".]
    ln --relative now updates existing symlinks correctly.  Previously it based
    the relative link on the dereferenced path of an existing link.
    [This bug was introduced when --relative was added in coreutils-8.16.]
    ls --recursive will no longer exit with "serious" exit code (2), if there
    is an error reading a directory not specified on the command line.
    [Bug introduced in coreutils-5.3.0]
    mkdir, mkfifo, and mknod now work better when creating a file in a directory
    with a default ACL whose umask disagrees with the process's umask, on a
    system such as GNU/Linux where directory ACL umasks override process umasks.
    [bug introduced in coreutils-6.0]
    mv will now replace empty directories in the destination with directories
    from the source, when copying across file systems.
    [This bug was present in "the beginning".]
    od -wN with N larger than 64K on a system with 32-bit size_t would
    print approximately 2*N bytes of extraneous padding.
    [Bug introduced in coreutils-7.0]
    rm -I now prompts for confirmation before removing a write protected file.
    [Bug introduced in coreutils-6.8]
    shred once again uses direct I/O on systems requiring aligned buffers.
    Also direct I/O failures for odd sized writes at end of file are now handled.
    [The "last write" bug was introduced in coreutils-5.3.0 but masked
    by the alignment bug introduced in coreutils-6.0]
    tail --retry -f now waits for the files specified to appear.  Before, tail
    would immediately exit when such a file is initially inaccessible.
    [This bug was introduced when inotify support was added in coreutils-7.5]
    tail -F has improved handling of symlinks.  Previously tail didn't respond
    to the symlink target (re)appearing after being (re)created.
    [This bug was introduced when inotify support was added in coreutils-7.5]
    * * New features
    cp, install, mkdir, mknod, mkfifo and mv now support "restorecon"
    functionality through the -Z option, to set the SELinux context
    appropriate for the new item location in the file system.
    csplit accepts a new option: --suppressed-matched, to elide the lines
    used to identify the split points.
    df --output now accepts a 'file' field, to propagate a specified
    command line argument through to the output.
    du accepts a new option: --inodes to show the number of inodes instead
    of the blocks used.
    id accepts a new option: --zero (-z) to delimit the output entries by
    a NUL instead of a white space character.
    id and ls with -Z report the SMACK security context where available.
    mkdir, mkfifo and mknod with -Z set the SMACK context where available.
    id can now lookup by user ID, in addition to the existing name lookup.
    join accepts a new option: --zero-terminated (-z). As with the sort,uniq
    option of the same name, this makes join consume and produce NUL-terminated
    lines rather than newline-terminated lines.
    uniq accepts a new option: --group to print all items, while separating
    unique groups with empty lines.
    shred accepts new parameters to the --remove option to give greater
    control over that operation, which can greatly reduce sync overhead.
    shuf accepts a new option: --repeat (-r), which can repeat items in
    the output.
    * * Changes in behavior
    cp --link now dereferences a symbolic link as source before creating the
    hard link in the destination unless the -P,--no-deref option is specified.
    Previously, it would create a hard link of the symbolic link, even when
    the dereferencing options -L or -H were specified.
    cp, install, mkdir, mknod and mkfifo no longer accept an argument to the
    short -Z option.  The --context equivalent still takes an optional argument.
    dd status=none now suppresses all non fatal diagnostic messages,
    not just the transfer counts.
    df no longer accepts the long-obsolescent --megabytes option.
    stdbuf now requires at least one buffering mode option to be specified,
    as per the documented interface.
    * * Improvements
    base64 encoding throughput for bulk data is increased by about 60%.
    md5sum can use libcrypto hash routines where allowed to potentially
    get better performance through using more system specific logic.
    sha1sum for example has improved throughput by 40% on an i3-2310M.
    This also affects sha1sum, sha224sum, sha256sum, sha384sum and sha512sum.
    stat and tail work better with EFIVARFS, EXOFS, F2FS, HOSTFS, SMACKFS, SNFS
    and UBIFS.  stat -f --format=%T now reports the file system type, and tail -f
    now uses inotify for files on all those except SNFS, rather than the default
    (for unknown file system types) of issuing a warning and reverting to polling.
    shuf outputs subsets of large inputs much more efficiently.
    Reservoir sampling is used to limit memory usage based on the number of
    outputs, rather than the number of inputs.
    shred increases the default write block size from 12KiB to 64KiB
    to align with other utilities and reduce the system call overhead.
    split --line-bytes=SIZE, now only allocates memory as needed rather
    than allocating SIZE bytes at program start.
    stty now supports configuring "stick" (mark/space) parity where available.
    * * Build-related
    factor now builds on aarch64 based systems [bug introduced in coreutils-8.20]
* Fri Dec 20 2013
  - coreutils-gnulib-tests-ppc64le.patch: Fix imported gnulib long double
    math tests for little-endian PowerPC.
* Thu Dec 19 2013
  - Fix issue with binary input in non-C locale (rh#1036289)
    (coreutils-i18n.patch): Initialize memory for some edge cases
    in the i18n patch for uniq and join.
* Wed Dec 11 2013
  - Avoid false sort test failure (coreutils-i18n.patch):
    As for the C locale, skip the multi-byte test case
* Sat Dec 07 2013
  - Require valgrind only when it exists
* Sun Dec 01 2013
  - Update I18N patch from Fedora:
    * sort: fix multibyte incompabilities (rh#821264)
    * pr -e, with a mix of backspaces and TABs, could corrupt the
      heap in multibyte locales (analyzed by J.Koncicky)
    * path in the testsuite to cover i18n regressions
    * Enable cut and sort-merge perl tests for multibyte as well
  - Refresh longlong-aarch64.patch.
* Wed Aug 07 2013
  - Remove "BuildRequires: help2man" as it is included.
* Tue Aug 06 2013
  - Remove the the unnecessary povision of itself as rpmbuild takes
    care of that.
  - Remove all traces of coreutils-8.9-singlethreaded-sort.patch in
    the spec file.
* Tue Jul 23 2013
  - Undo the previous change.
    Remove configure options gl_cv_func_printf_directive_n and
    gl_cv_func_printf_infinite_long_double again because of constant
    factory build failures on x86_64 and i586.  The argument for
    adding them was that the fortify checks would be bypassed
    by the gnulib "reimplementation of printf", but that is not
    the case: instead, gnulib just adds some wrapping code to ensure
    a consistent behaviour on all supported platforms.
* Mon Jul 08 2013
  - Override broken configure checks
  - coreutils-gl_printf_safe.patch: remove unused patch
* Mon Jun 17 2013
  - Explicitly list libattr-devel as BuildRequires
  - More robust make install call
* Fri Jun 07 2013
  - longlong-aarch64.patch: fix build on aarch64
* Fri Jun 07 2013
  - Remove su(1) and kill(1) - both are provided by util-linux now.
    * su.pamd, su.default, coreutils-su.patch: Remove patch and PAM
      config files related to su(1).
    * coreutils-remove_kill_documentation.patch: Add patch to remove
      kill from the texinfo manual.
    * coreutils.spec: Remove above, su-related patch and sources.
      Remove Requires:pam and BuildRequires:pam-devel.
      Remove Provides:/bin/{su,kill}.
      Remove paragraph mentioning su(1) and kill(1) in %description.
      Remove `moving su trickery` and other left-overs from %install,
      %post and %files.
      Remove %posttrans and %verifyscript sections (as these contained
      su-related stuff).
      Add code to %install to remove kill's program and man page.
* Mon May 20 2013
  - Try to fix nap() races in gnulib-tests.
    (coreutils-gnulib-tests-fix-nap-race.patch: add upstream patch)
    (coreutils-gnulib-tests-fix-nap-race-obs.patch: add openSUSE patch for OBS)
* Wed May 15 2013
  - Provides: /bin/{kill,su}
    * for compatibility with programs requiring these (like lsb) until these will
      be provided by util-linux
* Fri Apr 05 2013
  - Fix source url for coreutils-testsuite.
* Thu Mar 21 2013
  - Added url as source.
    Please see
* Thu Mar 21 2013
  - Fix multibyte issue in unexpand (rh#821262)
    (coreutils-i18n.patch: patch by Roman Kollár <>)
  - Fix cut to terminate mbdelim string
    Otherwise, cut might do an unbounded strdup of the delimiter string
    in i18n mode (
    (coreutils-i18n.patch, from Mark Wielaard <>)
  - Add su(1) again
    Now, su(1) will be provided via a symlink trick
    to the file installed with a ".core" suffix.
    By this, we can upgrade to 8.21 without having to wait
    for a util-linux version providing it.
    * coreutils-su.patch: Add cumulative su patch from previous Base:System
      version 8.17, ported to 8.21 build structure. This supersedes the
      following partial patches:
    * pam, pam-devel: Add as requirements, also during build.
    * coreutils.spec (%description): Clarify that su is included although removed
      (%install): Install su+kill files with suffix ".core".
      (%post): Move setting permissions on su from %posttrans to %install.
      (%posttrans): Create symlinks to files with ".core" suffix unless already
  - Install kill(1) with the same symlink trick.
  - Remove now-obsolete patches and files:
    * coreutils-8.17.tar.xz:
      Remove sources + translation of previous version
    * coreutils-acl-nofollow.patch:
    * coreutils-basename_documentation.patch:
    * coreutils-cp-corrupt-fragmented-sparse.patch:
    * coreutils-df-always-hide-rootfs.patch:
    * coreutils-skip-du-slink-test.patch:
      Fixed upstream.
    * coreutils-getaddrinfo.patch:
    * coreutils-misc.patch:
    * coreutils-no_silent-rule.patch:
      Remove test and build related patches.
    * coreutils-ptr_int_casts.patch:
      Remove because merged into coreutils-i18n.patch.
  - Add files:
    * coreutils-8.21.tar.xz:
      Add tarball of the new upstream version
      Add language file.
  - Update patches:
    * coreutils-i18n.patch
      Merge some Fedora changes to keep the i18n patch like theirs.
      Fix and cleanup sort's multibyte test with incorporated test data.
    * coreutils-remove_hostname_documentation.patch
  - Add patch to build 'timeout' as PIE (OBS requires it).
    This patch actually was included in one of the old su patches.
    * new patch name: coreutils-build-timeout-as-pie.patch
  - Temporary disable some questionable patches (by commenting in the spec file):
    * coreutils-gl_printf_safe.patch
    * coreutils-8.9-singlethreaded-sort.patch
  - Change build / spec file:
    * Bump version from 8.17 to 8.21.
    * Fix macro invocation in "Provides" for stat.
    * Remove ancient "Obsoletes" entries.
    * Remove/add the above removed/added sources and patches.
    * Temporarily comment the code for statically linking LIB_GMP
      (as it does not work).
    * Remove -Wall from CFLAGS as it is already included in OBS' default options.
    * Remove the --without-included-regex option to use
      coreutils' regex implementation.
    * Remove custom gl_cv_func_printf_directive_n and gl_cv_func_isnanl_works.
    * Touch "man/*.x" to force the rebuild of the man pages.
    * Make sort's multi-byte test script executable in %check section.
    * Hardcode package name for "%find_lang" and "%files lang -f" lines.
    * In the %files section, add the COPYING and THANKS files.
      Furthermore, fix the path to the LC_TIME files.
    * Change package description to accomodate to added programs
      (hostid, nproc, realpath, stdbuf, truncate)
      and mention the hacky installation of programs to move (kill, su).
  - Update to 8.21 (2013-02-14) [stable]
    * * New programs
    numfmt: reformat numbers
    * * New features
    df now accepts the --output[=FIELD_LIST] option to define the list of columns
    to include in the output, or all available columns if the FIELD_LIST is
    omitted.  Note this enables df to output both block and inode fields together.
    du now accepts the --threshold=SIZE option to restrict the output to entries
    with such a minimum SIZE (or a maximum SIZE if it is negative).
    du recognizes -t SIZE as equivalent, for compatibility with FreeBSD.
    * * Bug fixes
    cp --no-preserve=mode now no longer exits non-zero.
    [bug introduced in coreutils-8.20]
    cut with a range like "N-" no longer allocates N/8 bytes.  That buffer
    would never be used, and allocation failure could cause cut to fail.
    [bug introduced in coreutils-8.10]
    cut no longer accepts the invalid range 0-, which made it print empty lines.
    Instead, cut now fails and emits an appropriate diagnostic.
    [This bug was present in "the beginning".]
    cut now handles overlapping to-EOL ranges properly.  Before, it would
    interpret "-b2-,3-" like "-b3-".  Now it's treated like "-b2-".
    [This bug was present in "the beginning".]
    cut no longer prints extraneous delimiters when a to-EOL range subsumes
    another range.  Before, "echo 123|cut --output-delim=: -b2-,3" would print
    "2:3".  Now it prints "23".  [bug introduced in 5.3.0]
    cut -f no longer inspects input line N+1 before fully outputting line N,
    which avoids delayed output for intermittent input.
    [bug introduced in TEXTUTILS-1_8b]
    factor no longer loops infinitely on 32 bit powerpc or sparc systems.
    [bug introduced in coreutils-8.20]
    install -m M SOURCE DEST no longer has a race condition where DEST's
    permissions are temporarily derived from SOURCE instead of from M.
    pr -n no longer crashes when passed values >= 32.  Also, line numbers are
    consistently padded with spaces, rather than with zeros for certain widths.
    [bug introduced in TEXTUTILS-1_22i]
    seq -w ensures that for numbers input in scientific notation,
    the output numbers are properly aligned and of the correct width.
    [This bug was present in "the beginning".]
    seq -w ensures correct alignment when the step value includes a precision
    while the start value does not, and the number sequence narrows.
    [This bug was present in "the beginning".]
    seq -s no longer prints an erroneous newline after the first number, and
    outputs a newline after the last number rather than a trailing separator.
    Also seq no longer ignores a specified step value when the end value is 1.
    [bugs introduced in coreutils-8.20]
    timeout now ensures that blocking of ALRM signals is not inherited from
    its parent, which would cause timeouts to be ignored.
    [the bug dates back to the initial implementation]
    * * Changes in behavior
    df --total now prints '-' into the target column (mount point) of the
    summary line, accommodating the --output option where the target field
    can be in any column.  If there is no source column, then df prints
    'total' in the target column.
    df now properly outputs file system information with bind mounts present on
    the system by skipping duplicate entries (identified by the device number).
    Consequently, df also elides the early-boot pseudo file system type "rootfs".
    nl no longer supports the --page-increment option, which has been
    deprecated since coreutils-7.5.  Use --line-increment instead.
    * * Improvements
    readlink now supports multiple arguments, and a complementary
    - z, --zero option to delimit output items with the NUL character.
    stat and tail now know about CEPH.  stat -f --format=%T now reports the file
    system type, and tail -f uses polling for files on CEPH file systems.
    stty now supports configuring DTR/DSR hardware flow control where available.
    * * Build-related
    Perl is now more of a prerequisite.  It has long been required in order
    to run (not skip) a significant percentage of the tests.  Now, it is
    also required in order to generate proper man pages, via help2man.  The
    generated man/*.1 man pages are no longer distributed.  Building without
    perl, you would create stub man pages.  Thus, while perl is not an
    official prerequisite (build and "make check" will still succeed), any
    resulting man pages would be inferior.  In addition, this fixes a bug
    in distributed (not from clone) that could cause parallel
    build failure when building from modified sources, as is common practice
    for a patched distribution package.
    factor now builds on x86_64 with x32 ABI, 32 bit MIPS, and all HPPA systems,
    by avoiding incompatible asm.  [bug introduced in coreutils-8.20]
    A root-only test predicate would always fail.  Its job was to determine
    whether our dummy user, $NON_ROOT_USERNAME, was able to run binaries from
    the build directory.  As a result, all dependent tests were always skipped.
    Now, those tests may be run once again.  [bug introduced in coreutils-8.20]
  - Update to 8.20 (2012-10-23) [stable]
    * * New features
    dd now accepts 'status=none' to suppress all informational output.
    md5sum now accepts the --tag option to print BSD-style output with GNU
    file name escaping.  This also affects sha1sum, sha224sum, sha256sum,
    sha384sum and sha512sum.
    * * Bug fixes
    cp could read from freed memory and could even make corrupt copies.
    This could happen with a very fragmented and sparse input file,
    on GNU/Linux file systems supporting fiemap extent scanning.
    This bug also affects mv when it resorts to copying, and install.
    [bug introduced in coreutils-8.11]
    cp --no-preserve=mode now no longer preserves the original file's
    permissions but correctly sets mode specified by 0666 & ~umask
    du no longer emits a "disk-corrupted"-style diagnostic when it detects
    a directory cycle that is due to a bind-mounted directory.  Instead,
    it detects this precise type of cycle, diagnoses it as such and
    eventually exits nonzero.
    factor (when using gmp) would mistakenly declare some composite numbers
    to be prime, e.g., 465658903, 2242724851, 6635692801 and many more.
    The fix makes factor somewhat slower (~25%) for ranges of consecutive
    numbers, and up to 8 times slower for some worst-case individual numbers.
    [bug introduced in coreutils-7.0, with GNU MP support]
    ls now correctly colors dangling symlinks when listing their containing
    directories, with orphaned symlink coloring disabled in LS_COLORS.
    [bug introduced in coreutils-8.14]
    rm -i -d now prompts the user then removes an empty directory, rather
    than ignoring the -d option and failing with an 'Is a directory' error.
    [bug introduced in coreutils-8.19, with the addition of --dir (-d)]
    rm -r S/ (where S is a symlink-to-directory) no longer gives the invalid
    "Too many levels of symbolic links" diagnostic.
    [bug introduced in coreutils-8.6]
    seq now handles arbitrarily long non-negative whole numbers when the
    increment is 1 and when no format-changing option is specified.
    Before, this would infloop:
      b=100000000000000000000; seq $b $b
    [the bug dates back to the initial implementation]
    * * Changes in behavior
    nproc now diagnoses with an error, non option command line parameters.
    * * Improvements
    factor's core has been rewritten for speed and increased range.
    It can now factor numbers up to 2^128, even without GMP support.
    Its speed is from a few times better (for small numbers) to over
    10,000 times better (just below 2^64).  The new code also runs a
    deterministic primality test for each prime factor, not just a
    probabilistic test.
    seq is now up to 70 times faster than it was in coreutils-8.19 and prior,
    but only with non-negative whole numbers, an increment of 1, and no
    format-changing options.
    stat and tail know about ZFS, VZFS and VMHGFS.  stat -f --format=%T now
    reports the file system type, and tail -f now uses inotify for files on
    ZFS and VZFS file systems, rather than the default (for unknown file
    system types) of issuing a warning and reverting to polling.  tail -f
    still uses polling for files on VMHGFS file systems.
    * * Build-related
    root-only tests now check for permissions of our dummy user,
    $NON_ROOT_USERNAME, before trying to run binaries from the build directory.
    Before, we would get hard-to-diagnose reports of failing root-only tests.
    Now, those tests are skipped with a useful diagnostic when the root tests
    are run without following the instructions in README.
    We now build most directories using non-recursive make rules.  I.e.,
    rather than running make in man/, lib/, src/, tests/, instead, the top
    level includes a $dir/ that describes how to build
    the targets in the corresponding directory.  Two directories remain
    unconverted: po/, gnulib-tests/.  One nice side-effect is that the more
    accurate dependencies have eliminated a nagging occasional failure that
    was seen when running parallel "make syntax-check".
  - Update to 8.19 (2012-08-20) [stable]
    * * Bug fixes
    df now fails when the list of mounted file systems (/etc/mtab) cannot
    be read, yet the file system type information is needed to process
    certain options like -a, -l, -t and -x.
    [This bug was present in "the beginning".]
    sort -u could fail to output one or more result lines.
    For example, this command would fail to print "1":
    (yes 7 | head -11; echo 1) | sort --p=1 -S32b -u
    [bug introduced in coreutils-8.6]
    sort -u could read freed memory.
    For example, this evokes a read from freed memory:
    perl -le 'print "a\n"."0"x900'|valgrind sort --p=1 -S32b -u>/dev/null
    [bug introduced in coreutils-8.6]
    * * New features
    rm now accepts the --dir (-d) option which makes it remove empty directories.
    Since removing empty directories is relatively safe, this option can be
    used as a part of the alias rm='rm --dir'.  This improves compatibility
    with Mac OS X and BSD systems which also honor the -d option.
  - Update to 8.18 (2012-08-12) [stable]
    * * Bug fixes
    cksum now prints checksums atomically so that concurrent
    processes will not intersperse their output.
    [the bug dates back to the initial implementation]
    date -d "$(printf '\xb0')" would print 00:00:00 with today's date
    rather than diagnosing the invalid input.  Now it reports this:
    date: invalid date '\260'
    [This bug was present in "the beginning".]
    df no longer outputs control characters present in the mount point name.
    Such characters are replaced with '?', so for example, scripts consuming
    lines output by df, can work reliably.
    [This bug was present in "the beginning".]
    df --total now exits with an appropriate diagnostic and error code, when
    file system --type options do not lead to a processed file system.
    [This bug dates back to when --total was added in coreutils-7.0]
    head --lines=-N (-n-N) now resets the read pointer of a seekable input file.
    This means that "head -n-3" no longer consumes all of its input, and lines
    not output by head may be processed by other programs.  For example, this
    command now prints the final line, 2, while before it would print nothing:
      seq 2 > k; (head -n-1 > /dev/null; cat) < k
    [This bug was present in "the beginning".]
    ls --color would mis-color relative-named symlinks in /
    [bug introduced in coreutils-8.17]
    split now ensures it doesn't overwrite the input file with generated output.
    [the bug dates back to the initial implementation]
    stat and df now report the correct file system usage,
    in all situations on GNU/Linux, by correctly determining the block size.
    [df bug since coreutils-5.0.91, stat bug since the initial implementation]
    tail -f no longer tries to use inotify on AUFS or PanFS file systems
    [you might say this was introduced in coreutils-7.5, along with inotify
    support, but even now, its magic number isn't in the usual place.]
    * * New features
    stat -f recognizes the new remote file system types: aufs, panfs.
    * * Changes in behavior
    su: this program has been removed.  We stopped installing "su" by
    default with the release of coreutils-6.9.90 on 2007-12-01.  Now,
    that the util-linux package has the union of the Suse and Fedora
    patches as well as enough support to build on the Hurd, we no longer
    have any reason to include it here.
    * * Improvements
    sort avoids redundant processing in the presence of inaccessible inputs,
    or unwritable output.  Sort now diagnoses certain errors at start-up,
    rather than after potentially expensive processing.
    sort now allocates no more than 75% of physical memory by default,
    to better share system resources, and thus operate more efficiently.
    [The default max memory usage changed from 50% to 100% in coreutils-8.16]
* Sun Jan 27 2013
  - do not require texinfo for building, texlive is a bit too heavy
* Sun Jan 20 2013
  - Avoid segmentation fault in "join -i" with long line input
    (bnc#798541, VUL-1, CVE-2013-0223)
    * src/join.c: Instead of usig unreliable alloca() stack allocation,
      use heap allocation via xmalloc()+free().
      (coreutils-i18n.patch, from Philipp Thomas <>)
  - Avoid segmentation fault in "sort -d" and "sort -M" with long line input
    (bnc#798538, VUL-1, CVE-2013-0221)
    * src/sort.c: Instead of usig unreliable alloca() stack allocation,
      use heap allocation via xmalloc()+free().
      (coreutils-i18n.patch, from Philipp Thomas <>)
  - Avoid segmentation fault in "uniq" with long line input
    (bnc#796243, VUL-1, CVE-2013-0222)
    * src/cut.c: Instead of usig unreliable alloca() stack allocation,
      use heap allocation via xmalloc()+free().
  - Fix test-suite errors (bnc#798261).
    * tests/cp/fiemap-FMR: Fix path to src directory and declare
      require_valgrind_ function.
    * tests/misc/cut:
      Fix src/cut.c to properly pass output-delimiter tests.
      Synchronize cut.c related part of the i18n patch with Fedora's.
      Merge coreutils-i18n-infloop.patch into coreutils-i18n.patch.
      Merge coreutils-i18n-uninit.patch into coreutils-i18n.patch.
      In tests/misc/cut, do not replace the non-i18n error messages.
    * tests/rm/ext3-perf:
      This test failed due to heavy parallel CPU and/or disk load because it
      is based on timeouts. Do not run the test-suite with 'make -jN.
      (coreutils.spec, coreutils-testsuite.spec)
    * tests/du/slink:
      This test fails on OBS infrastructure and will be removed upstreams
      in coreutils-8.21 anyway. Skip the test until we upgrade.
      Upstream discussion:
    * Further spec changes:
      Run more tests: also run "very expensive" tests; add acl, python-pyinotify,
      strace and valgrind to the build requirements.
      Remove patch5 and patch6 as they are now merged into coreutils-i18n.patch
      (see above).
      (coreutils.spec, coreutils-testsuite.spec)
  - Maintenance changes:
    (coreutils.spec, coreutils-testsuite.spec)
    * Add perl and texinfo to the build requirements as they are needed to
      re-generate the man pages and the texinfo documentation.
    * Remove already-active "-Wall" compiler option from CFLAGS variable.
    * Install the compressed test-suite.log into the documentation directory
      of the coreutils-testsuite package (section %check and %files).
    * Properly guard the spec sections for the coreutils and the
      coreutils-testsuite package.
    * Update patches to reflect new line numbers.
* Thu Jan 10 2013
  - Hardcode the name passed to find_lang so that it works for
    coreutils-testsuite too.
* Thu Jan 10 2013
  - Don't call autoreconf on distributions older then 12.0
    because their autoconf is too old, so also patch
    in addition to where needed.
* Tue Dec 04 2012
  - Update default posix version to 200112 (bnc#783352).
  - Add coreutils-df-always-hide-rootfs.patch:
    Hide rootfs in df (df not using yet /proc/self/mountinfo).
* Mon Nov 19 2012
  - Statically link to gmp otherwise expr depends on gmp and gmp
    configure script depends on expr which creates a build cycle.
* Thu Nov 08 2012
  - Add the missing parts in coreutil.spec so that the testsuite is
    only run when coreutils-testsuite is built. Also add additional
    BuildRequires for the testsuite.
* Tue Nov 06 2012
  - Add script that creates spec and changes for
    coreutils-testsuite from their coreutils counterparts.
* Sun Oct 28 2012
  - Add upstream patch:
    * cp could read from freed memory and could even make corrupt copies.
      This could happen with a very fragmented and sparse input file,
      on GNU/Linux file systems supporting fiemap extent scanning.
      This bug also affects mv when it resorts to copying, and install.
      [bug introduced in coreutils-8.11] (bnc#788459 gnu#12656)
* Fri Sep 21 2012
  - fix coreutils-8.9-singlethreaded-sort.patch to
    respect OMP_NUM_THREADS again.
* Tue Jun 19 2012
  - Update to 8.17:
    * * Bug fixes
    * stat no longer reports a negative file size as a huge positive
      number.  [bug present since 'stat' was introduced in
    * * New features
    * split and truncate now allow any seekable files in situations
      where the file size is needed, instead of insisting on regular
    * fmt now accepts the --goal=WIDTH (-g) option.
    * stat -f recognizes new file system types: bdevfs, inodefs, qnx6
    * * Changes in behavior
    * cp,mv,install,cat,split: now read and write a minimum of 64KiB at
      a time.  This was previously 32KiB and increasing to 64KiB was
      seen to increase throughput by about 10% when reading cached
      files on 64 bit GNU/Linux.
    * cp --attributes-only no longer truncates any existing destination
      file, allowing for more general copying of attributes from one
      file to another.
  - Bring german message catalog up-to-date
* Tue May 15 2012
  - Build factor with gmp support
* Mon May 07 2012
  - Two new upstream patches:
    * id and groups, when invoked with no user name argument, would
      print the default group ID listed in the password database, and
      sometimes that ID would be neither real nor effective.  For
      example, when run set-GID, or in a session for which the default
      group has just been changed, the new group ID would be listed,
      even though it is not yet effective.
    * 'cp S D' is no longer subject to a race: if an existing D were
      removed between the initial stat and subsequent
      open-without-O_CREAT, cp would fail with a confusing diagnostic
      saying that the destination, D, was not found.  Now, in this
      unusual case, it retries the open (but with O_CREAT), and hence
      usually succeeds.  With NFS attribute caching, the condition was
      particularly easy to trigger, since there, the removal of D could
      precede the initial stat.  [This bug was present in "the
      beginning".] (bnc#760926).
* Fri Apr 27 2012
  - Make stdbuf binary find by looking in the right
    path (bnc#741241).
* Mon Apr 16 2012
  - Update to 8.16:
    - Improvements:
    * As a GNU extension, 'chmod', 'mkdir', and 'install' now accept
      operators '-', '+', '=' followed by octal modes;
    * Also, ordinary numeric modes with five or more digits no longer
      preserve setuid and setgid bits, so that 'chmod 00755 FOO' now
      clears FOO's setuid and setgid bits.
    * dd now accepts the count_bytes, skip_bytes iflags and the
      seek_bytes oflag, to more easily allow processing portions of a
    * dd now accepts the conv=sparse flag to attempt to create sparse
      output, by seeking rather than writing to the output file.
    * ln now accepts the --relative option, to generate a relative
      symbolic link to a target, irrespective of how the target is
    * split now accepts an optional "from" argument to
    - -numeric-suffixes, which changes the start number from the
      default of 0.
    * split now accepts the --additional-suffix option, to append an
      additional static suffix to output file names.
    * basename now supports the -a and -s options, which allow
      processing of more than one argument at a time.  Also the
      complementary -z option was added to delimit output items with
      the NUL character.
    * dirname now supports more than one argument. Also the complementary
      z option was added to delimit output items with the NUL character.
    - Bug fixes
    * du --one-file-system (-x) would ignore any non-directory
      specified on the command line. For example, "touch f; du -x f"
      would print nothing. [bug introduced in coreutils-8.15]
    * mv now lets you move a symlink onto a same-inode destination
      file that has two or more hard links.
    * "mv A B" could succeed, yet A would remain.
    * realpath no longer mishandles a root directory.
    - Improvements
    * ls can be much more efficient, especially with large directories
      on file systems for which getfilecon-, ACL-check- and XATTR-
      check-induced syscalls fail with ENOTSUP or similar.
    * 'realpath --relative-base=dir' in isolation now implies
      '--relative-to=dir' instead of causing a usage failure.
    * split now supports an unlimited number of split files as default
    For a detaild list se NEWS in the documentation.
  - Add up-to-date german translation.
* Mon Apr 16 2012
  - Add two upstream patches that speed up ls (bnc#752943):
    * Cache (l)getfilecon calls to avoid the vast majority of the failing
      underlying getxattr syscalls.
    * Avoids always-failing queries for whether a file has a nontrivial
      ACL and for whether a file has certain "capabilities".
* Fri Mar 09 2012
  - Update to 8.15:
    * * New programs
      realpath: print resolved file names.
    * * Bug fixes
      du --one-file-system (-x) would ignore any non-directory specified on
      the command line.  For example, "touch f; du -x f" would print nothing.
      [bug introduced in coreutils-8.14]
      du -x no longer counts root directories of other file systems.
      [bug introduced in coreutils-5.1.0]
      ls --color many-entry-directory was uninterruptible for too long
      [bug introduced in coreutils-5.2.1]
      ls's -k option no longer affects how ls -l outputs file sizes.
      It now affects only the per-directory block counts written by -l,
      and the sizes written by -s.  This is for compatibility with BSD
      and with POSIX 2008.  Because -k is no longer equivalent to
    - -block-size=1KiB, a new long option --kibibyte stands for -k.
      [bug introduced in coreutils-4.5.4]
      ls -l would leak a little memory (security context string) for each
      nonempty directory listed on the command line, when using SELinux.
      [bug probably introduced in coreutils-6.10 with SELinux support]
      split -n 1/2 FILE no longer fails when operating on a growing file, or
      (on some systems) when operating on a non-regular file like /dev/zero.
      It would report "/dev/zero: No such file or directory" even though
      the file obviously exists.  Same for -n l/2.
      [bug introduced in coreutils-8.8, with the addition of the -n option]
      stat -f now recognizes the FhGFS and PipeFS file system types.
      tac no longer fails to handle two or more non-seekable inputs
      [bug introduced in coreutils-5.3.0]
      tail -f no longer tries to use inotify on GPFS or FhGFS file systems
      [you might say this was introduced in coreutils-7.5, along with inotify
      support, but the new magic numbers weren't in the usual places then.]
    * * Changes in behavior
      df avoids long UUID-including file system names in the default listing.
      With recent enough kernel/tools, these long names would be used, pushing
      second and subsequent columns far to the right.  Now, when a long name
      refers to a symlink, and no file systems are specified, df prints the
      usually-short referent instead.
      tail -f now uses polling (not inotify) when any of its file arguments
      resides on a file system of unknown type.  In addition, for each such
      argument, tail -f prints a warning with the FS type magic number and a
      request to report it to the bug-reporting address.
  - Bring german message catalog up to date.
  - Include upstream fix for du.
  - Include upstream patch fixing basename documentation.
* Mon Feb 06 2012
  - keep binaries in /usr (UserMerge project)
* Mon Dec 19 2011
  - Adjust license for coreutils-8.6-honor-settings-in-etc-default-su-resp-etc-login.defs.diff
* Fri Dec 02 2011
  - license update: GPL-3.0+
    Consolidate to GPL-3.0+ and use SPDX format
    ( More or less compatible to Fedora package
    (who don^t use full SPDX implementation)
* Wed Nov 30 2011
  - add automake as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
* Mon Oct 17 2011
  - Add upstream patch that fixes three bugs in tac:
    - remove sole use of sprintf in favor of stpcpy
    - don't misbehave with multiple non-seekable inputs
    - don't leak a file descriptor for each non-seekable input
* Fri Oct 14 2011
  - Uniformly use german quotes not french ones in german messages.
* Thu Oct 13 2011
  - Update to 8.14. Changes since 8.12:
    Bug fixes:
    - ls --dereference no longer outputs erroneous "argetm" strings for
      dangling symlinks when an 'ln=target' entry is in $LS_COLORS.
      [bug introduced in fileutils-4.0]
    - ls -lL symlink once again properly prints "+" when the referent has
      an ACL.  [bug introduced in coreutils-8.13]
    - sort -g no longer infloops for certain inputs containing NaNs [bug
      introduced in coreutils-8.5]
    - chown and chgrp with the -v --from= options, now output the correct
      owner.  I.E.  for skipped files, the original ownership is output,
      not the new one.  [bug introduced in sh-utils-2.0g]
    - cp -r could mistakenly change the permissions of an existing
      destination directory.  [bug introduced in coreutils-6.8]
    - cp -u -p would fail to preserve one hard link for each up-to-date
      copy of a src-hard-linked name in the destination tree.  I.e., if
      s/a and s/b are hard-linked and dst/s/a is up to date, "cp -up s
      dst" would copy s/b to dst/s/b rather than simply linking dst/s/b
      to dst/s/a.  [This bug appears to have been present in "the
    - fts-using tools (rm, du, chmod, chgrp, chown, chcon) no longer use
      memory proportional to the number of entries in each directory they
      process.  Before, rm -rf 4-million-entry-directory would consume
      about 1GiB of memory.  Now, it uses less than 30MB, no matter how
      many entries there are.  [this bug was inherent in the use of fts:
      thus, for rm the bug was introduced in coreutils-8.0.  The prior
      implementation of rm did not use as much memory.  du, chmod, chgrp
      and chown started using fts in 6.0.  chcon was added in
      coreutils-6.9.91 with fts support.  ]
    - pr -T no longer ignores a specified LAST_PAGE to stop at.  [bug
      introduced in textutils-1.19q]
    - printf '%d' '"' no longer accesses out-of-bounds memory in the
      diagnostic.  [bug introduced in sh-utils-1.16]
    - split --number l/... no longer creates extraneous files in certain
      cases.  [bug introduced in coreutils-8.8]
    - timeout now sends signals to commands that create their own process
      group.  timeout is no longer confused when starting off with a
      child process.  [bugs introduced in coreutils-7.0]
    - unexpand -a now aligns correctly when there are spaces spanning a
      tabstop, followed by a tab.  In that case a space was dropped,
      causing misalignment.  We also now ensure that a space never
      precedes a tab.  [bug introduced in coreutils-5.3.0]
    New features:
    - date now accepts ISO 8601 date-time strings with "T" as the
      separator.  It has long parsed dates like "2004-02-29 16:21:42"
      with a space between the date and time strings.  Now it also parses
      "2004-02-29T16:21:42" and fractional-second and time-zone-annotated
      variants like "2004-02-29T16:21:42.333-07:00"
    - md5sum accepts the new --strict option.  With --check, it makes the
      tool exit non-zero for any invalid input line, rather than just warning.
      This also affects sha1sum, sha224sum, sha384sum and sha512sum.
    - split accepts a new --filter=CMD option.  With it, split filters
      output through CMD.  CMD may use the $FILE environment variable,
      which is set to the nominal output file name for each invocation of
      CMD.  For example, to split a file into 3 approximately equal
      parts, which are then compressed:
      split -n3 --filter='xz > $FILE.xz' big
      Note the use of single quotes, not double quotes.  That creates
      files named xaa.xz, xab.xz and xac.xz.
    - timeout accepts a new --foreground option, to support commands not
      started directly from a shell prompt, where the command is
      interactive or needs to receive signals initiated from the
    - md5sum --check now supports the -r format from the corresponding
      BSD tool.  This also affects sha1sum, sha224sum, sha384sum and
    - pwd now works also on systems without openat.  On such systems, pwd
      would fail when run from a directory whose absolute name contained
      more than PATH_MAX / 3 components.  The df, stat and readlink
      programs are also affected due to their use of the canonicalize_*
    - join --check-order now prints "join: FILE:LINE_NUMBER: bad_line"
      for an unsorted input, rather than e.g., "join: file 1 is not in
      sorted order".
    - shuf outputs small subsets of large permutations much more
      efficiently.  For example `shuf -i1-$((2**32-1)) -n2` no longer
      exhausts memory.
    - stat -f now recognizes the GPFS, MQUEUE and PSTOREFS file system
    - timeout now supports sub-second timeouts.
    Changes in behavior:
    - chmod, chown and chgrp now output the original attributes in
      messages, when -v or -c specified.
    - cp -au (where --preserve=links is implicit) may now replace newer
      files in the destination, to mirror hard links from the source.
* Sun Sep 18 2011
  - Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
* Tue Aug 02 2011
  - file-has-acl: use acl_extended_file_nofollow if available to
    avoid triggering unwanted AutoFS mounts (bnc#701659).
* Tue May 03 2011
  - Remove services.
* Tue May 03 2011
  - delete coreutils-testsuite.spec
* Thu Apr 28 2011
  - Update to 8.12:
    * Bug fixes
      tail's --follow=name option no longer implies --retry on systems
      with inotify support.  [bug introduced in coreutils-7.5]
    * Changes in behavior
      cp's extent-based (FIEMAP) copying code is more reliable in the face
      of varying and undocumented file system semantics:
    - it no longer treats unwritten extents specially
    - a FIEMAP-based extent copy always uses the FIEMAP_FLAG_SYNC flag.
      Before, it would incur the performance penalty of that sync only
      for 2.6.38 and older kernels.  We thought all problems would be
      resolved for 2.6.39.
    - it now attempts a FIEMAP copy only on a file that appears sparse.
      Sparse files are relatively unusual, and the copying code incurs
      the performance penalty of the now-mandatory sync only for them.
  - Add complete german meesage catalogue.
* Thu Apr 14 2011
  - Update to 8.11:
    * Bug fixes
      cp -a --link would not create a hardlink to a symlink, instead
      copying the symlink and then not preserving its timestamp.
      [bug introduced in coreutils-8.0]
      cp now avoids FIEMAP issues with BTRFS before Linux 2.6.38,
      which could result in corrupt copies of sparse files.
      [bug introduced in coreutils-8.10]
      cut could segfault when invoked with a user-specified output
      delimiter and an unbounded range like "-f1234567890-".
      [bug introduced in coreutils-5.3.0]
      du would infloop when given --files0-from=DIR
      [bug introduced in coreutils-7.1]
      sort no longer spawns 7 worker threads to sort 16 lines
      [bug introduced in coreutils-8.6]
      touch built on Solaris 9 would segfault when run on Solaris 10
      [bug introduced in coreutils-8.8]
      wc would dereference a NULL pointer upon an early out-of-memory error
      [bug introduced in coreutils-7.1]
    * * New features
      dd now accepts the 'nocache' flag to the iflag and oflag options,
      which will discard any cache associated with the files, or
      processed portion thereof.
      dd now warns that 'iflag=fullblock' should be used,
      in various cases where partial reads can cause issues.
    * * Changes in behavior
      cp now avoids syncing files when possible, when doing a FIEMAP copy.
      The sync is only needed on Linux kernels before 2.6.39.
      [The sync was introduced in coreutils-8.10]
      cp now copies empty extents efficiently, when doing a FIEMAP copy.
      It no longer reads the zero bytes from the input, and also can
      efficiently create a hole in the output file when --sparse=always
      is specified.
      df now aligns columns consistently, and no longer wraps entries
      with longer device identifiers, over two lines.
      install now rejects its long-deprecated --preserve_context option.
      Use --preserve-context instead.
      test now accepts "==" as a synonym for "="
* Tue Apr 05 2011
  - Adapt coreutils-testsuite.spec to changes in patches.
* Tue Apr 05 2011
  - Remove unneeded split_suffix patch.
* Mon Apr 04 2011
  - Remove the last patch as it isn't needed. It was an old patch
    that removed the documentation for both hostname and hostid.
    I've modified that to only remove the hostname documentation.
* Fri Apr 01 2011
  - Readd documentation of hostname and hostid to texinfo
  - Remove obsolete and unused german translation.
* Thu Feb 10 2011
  - Update to 8.10:
    * Bug fixes
    - du would abort with a failed assertion when two conditions are
      met: part of the hierarchy being traversed is moved to a higher
      level in the directory tree, and there is at least one more
      command line directory argument following the one containing
      the moved sub-tree.  [bug introduced in coreutils-5.1.0]
    - join --header now skips the ordering check for the first line
      even if the other file is empty.  [bug introduced in
    - rm -f no longer fails for EINVAL or EILSEQ on file systems that
      reject file names invalid for that file system.
    - uniq -f NUM no longer tries to process fields after end of
      line.  [bug introduced in coreutils-7.0]
    * New features
    - cp now copies sparse files efficiently on file systems with
      FIEMAP support (ext4, btrfs, xfs, ocfs2).  Before, it had to
      read 2^20 bytes when copying a 1MiB sparse file.  Now, it
      copies bytes only for the non-sparse sections of a file.
      Similarly, to induce a hole in the output file, it had to
      detect a long sequence of zero bytes.  Now, it knows precisely
      where each hole in an input file is, and can reproduce them
      efficiently in the output file.  mv also benefits when it
      resorts to copying, e.g., between file systems.
    - join now supports -o 'auto' which will automatically infer the
      output format from the first line in each file, to ensure the
      same number of fields are output for each line.
    * Changes in behavior
    - join no longer reports disorder when one of the files is empty.
      This allows one to use join as a field extractor like:
      join -a1 -o 1.3,1.1 - /dev/null
  - Add upstream patch that fixes a segfault in cut.
  - Add upstream patch to fix sparse fiemap tests.
  - Fix i18n patch for join.
* Fri Jan 14 2011
  - sort threading still broken, it deadlocks occasionally; set
    default number of threads to 1 as a workaround
* Wed Jan 05 2011
  - Update to 8.9:
    Bug fixes
    split no longer creates files with a suffix length that
    is dependent on the number of bytes or lines per file.
    [bug introduced in coreutils-8.8]
* Mon Jan 03 2011
  - Update to 8.8. Changes since 8.6:
    Bug fixes:
    cp -u no longer does unnecessary copying merely because the source
    has finer-grained time stamps than the destination.
    od now prints floating-point numbers without losing information, and
    it no longer omits spaces between floating-point columns in some cases.
    sort -u with at least two threads could attempt to read through a
    corrupted pointer. [bug introduced in coreutils-8.6]
    sort with at least two threads and with blocked output would busy-loop
    (spinlock) all threads, often using 100% of available CPU cycles to
    do no work.  I.e., "sort < big-file | less" could waste a lot of power.
    [bug introduced in coreutils-8.6]
    sort with at least two threads no longer segfaults due to use of pointers
    into the stack of an expired thread. [bug introduced in coreutils-8.6]
    sort --compress no longer mishandles subprocesses' exit statuses,
    no longer hangs indefinitely due to a bug in waiting for subprocesses,
    and no longer generates many more than NMERGE subprocesses.
    sort -m -o f f ... f no longer dumps core when file descriptors are limited.
    csplit no longer corrupts heap when writing more than 999 files,
    nor does it leak memory for every chunk of input processed
    [the bugs were present in the initial implementation]
    tail -F once again notices changes in a currently unavailable
    remote directory [bug introduced in coreutils-7.5]
    Changes in behavior:
    sort will not create more than 8 threads by default due to diminishing
    performance gains.  Also the --parallel option is no longer restricted
    to the number of available processors.
    cp --attributes-only now completely overrides --reflink.
    Previously a reflink was needlessly attempted.
    stat's %X, %Y, and %Z directives once again print only the integer
    part of seconds since the epoch.  This reverts a change from
    coreutils-8.6, that was deemed unnecessarily disruptive.
    To obtain a nanosecond-precision time stamp for %X use %.X;
    if you want (say) just 3 fractional digits, use %.3X.
    Likewise for %Y and %Z.
    stat's new %W format directive would print floating point seconds.
    However, with the above change to %X, %Y and %Z, we've made %W work
    the same way as the others.
    New features:
    split accepts the --number option to generate a specific number of files.
  - Add a complete german translation.
  - Add upstreams patch for suffix calculation in split.
* Wed Dec 22 2010
  - Use software services.
  - Remove coreutils tarball.
  - Don't use version specific patches as it breaks automatic
* Wed Nov 17 2010
  - remove the prerequire on permissions - this will create a bad
    cycle, coreutils is just too core
* Tue Nov 16 2010
  - split pam patch into separate independent files so the main
    feature can be shared with other distros
  - don't hard require coreutils-lang
* Thu Nov 11 2010
  - Update to 8.6:
    o bugfixes
    * du no longer multiply counts a file that is a directory or whose
      link count is 1.
    * du -H and -L now consistently count pointed-to files instead of
      symbolic links, and correctly diagnose dangling symlinks.
    * du --ignore=D now ignores directory D even when that directory is
      found to be part of a directory cycle.
    * split now diagnoses read errors rather than silently exiting.
    * tac would perform a double-free when given an input line longer
      than 16KiB.
    * tail -F once again notices changes in a currently unavailable
      directory, and works around a Linux kernel bug where inotify runs
      out of resources.
    * tr now consistently handles case conversion character classes.
    o New features
    * cp now accepts the --attributes-only option to not copy file data.
    * du recognizes -d N as equivalent to --max-depth=N
    * sort now accepts the --debug option, to highlight the part of the
      line significant in the sort, and warns about questionable options.
    * sort now supports -d, -f, -i, -R, and -V in any combination.
    * stat now accepts the %m format directive to output the mount point
      for a file.  It also accepts the %w and %W format directives for
      outputting the birth time of a file, if one is available.
    o Changes in behavior
    * df now consistently prints the device name for a bind mounted file,
      rather than its aliased target.
    * du now uses less than half as much memory when operating on trees
      with many hard-linked files.
    * ls -l now uses the traditional three field time style rather than
      the wider two field numeric ISO style in locales where a style has
      not been specified.
    * rm's -d now evokes an error;  before, it was silently ignored.
    * sort -g now uses long doubles for greater range and precision.
    * sort -h no longer rejects numbers with leading or trailing ".", and
      no longer accepts numbers with multiple ".".  It now considers all
      zeros to be equal.
    * sort now uses the number of available processors to parallelize
      the sorting operation.
    * stat now provides translated output when no format is specified.
    * stat no longer accepts the --context (-Z) option.
    * stat no longer accepts the %C directive when the --file-system
      option is in effect.
    * stat now outputs the full sub-second resolution for the atime,
      mtime, and ctime values since the Epoch, when using the %X, %Y, and
      %Z directives of the --format option.
    * touch's --file option is no longer recognized.  Use --reference=F
      (-r) instead.
    * truncate now supports setting file sizes relative to a reference
      file. Also errors are no longer suppressed for unsupported file
      types, and relative sizes are restricted to supported file types.
    See NEWS in the package documentation for more verbose description.
  - Add a man page for [ (a link to test1).
  - Fix assignment of a char to a char * in join.c
  - Add permissions verifying for su.
  - Use RELRO for su.
* Tue Aug 31 2010
  - Recommend instead of require lang package since it's not mandatory.
* Thu Jul 01 2010
  - Use %_smp_mflags
* Tue Jun 29 2010
  - Fix 'sort -V' not working because the i18n (mb handling) patch
    wasn't updated to handle the new option (bnc#615073).
* Mon Jun 28 2010
  - Fix typo in spec file (% missing from version).
* Fri Jun 18 2010
  - Last part of fix for [bnc#533249]: Don't run account part of
    PAM stack for su as root. Requires pam > 1.1.1.
* Fri May 07 2010
  - Update to 8.5:
    Bug fixes
    * cp and mv once again support preserving extended attributes.
    * cp now preserves "capabilities" when also preserving file ownership.7
    * ls --color once again honors the 'NORMAL' dircolors directive.
      [bug introduced in coreutils-6.11]
    * sort -M now handles abbreviated months that are aligned using
      blanks in the locale database.  Also locales with 8 bit characters
      are handled correctly, including multi byte locales with the caveat
      that multi byte characters are matched case sensitively.
    * sort again handles obsolescent key formats (+POS -POS) correctly.
      Previously if -POS was specified, 1 field too many was used in the
      sort. [bug introduced in coreutils-7.2]
    New features
    * join now accepts the --header option, to treat the first line of
      each file as a header line to be joined and printed
    * timeout now accepts the --kill-after option which sends a kill
      signal to the monitored command if it's still running the specified
      duration after the initial signal was sent.
    * who: the "+/-" --mesg (-T) indicator of whether a user/tty is
      accepting messages could be incorrectly listed as "+", when in
      fact, the user was not accepting messages (mesg no).  Before, who
      would examine only the permission bits, and not consider the group
      of the TTY device file.  Thus, if a login tty's group would change
      somehow e.g., to "root", that would make it unwritable (via
      write(1)) by normal users, in spite of whatever the permission bits
      might imply.  Now, when configured using the
    - -with-tty-group[=NAME] option, who also compares the group of the
      TTY device with NAME (or "tty" if no group name is specified).
    Changes in behavior
    * ls --color no longer emits the final 3-byte color-resetting escape
      sequence when it would be a no-op.
    * join -t '' no longer emits an error and instead operates on each
      line as a whole (even if they contain NUL characters).
    For other changes since 7.1 see NEWS.
  - Split-up coreutils-%%{version}.diff as far as possible.
  - Prefix all patches with coreutils-.
  - All patches have the .patch suffix.
  - Use the i18n patch from Archlinux as it fixes at least one test
    suite failure.
* Tue May 04 2010
  - Fix security bug in distcheck (bnc#564373).
  - refresh patches to apply cleanly.
* Tue Mar 02 2010
  - enable hostid (bnc#584562)
* Sat Dec 12 2009
  - add baselibs.conf as a source
* Mon Mar 23 2009
  - Add .ogv to dircolors (bnc#487561).



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