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vim-7.4.326-13.4.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 42.3 updates for armv7hl

Name: vim Distribution: openSUSE Leap 42.3
Version: 7.4.326 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 13.4.1 Build date: Tue Jun 11 12:20:53 2019
Group: Productivity/Editors/Vi Build host: obs-arm-6
Size: 2390132 Source RPM: vim-7.4.326-13.4.1.src.rpm
Summary: Vi IMproved
Vim (Vi IMproved) is an almost compatible version of the UNIX editor
vi. Almost every possible command can be performed using only ASCII
characters. Only the 'Q' command is missing (you do not need it). Many
new features have been added: multilevel undo, command line history,
file name completion, block operations, and editing of binary data.

Vi is available for the AMIGA, MS-DOS, Windows NT, and various versions
of UNIX.

For SUSE Linux, Vim is used as /usr/bin/vi.






* Thu Jun 06 2019 Ismail Dönmez <>
  - Add source-check-sandbox.patch to fix CVE-2019-12735
* Fri Jun 23 2017
  - Add CVE-2017-6349.patch to fix a possible overflow bsc#1027057
* Wed Jun 21 2017
  - Add CVE-2017-6350.patch to fix a possible overflow bsc#1027053
* Fri Feb 10 2017
  - Add CVE-2017-5953.patch to fix possible overflow with corrupted
    spell file CVE-2017-5953 bsc#1024724
* Tue Jan 24 2017
  - Add vim-speedup-yaml.patch to speed up YAML syntax higlighting
* Wed Nov 23 2016
  - Add CVE-2016-1248.patch to fix a arbitrary command execution
    vulnerability (bsc#1010685 CVE-2016-1248)
* Thu Jul 14 2016
  - Add vim-python35.patch to fix build with Python 3.5 boo#988903
* Fri Aug 29 2014
  - Update license tag to use SPDX 1.2.
* Wed Jul 09 2014
  - Don't link non-gui version against X11, we don't need it [bnc#886237]
* Mon Jun 16 2014
  - Updated to revision 326, fixes the following problems
    * When using ":diffsplit" on an empty file the cursor is displayed
      on the command line.
    * When increasing the size of the lower window, the upper window
      jumps back to the top. (Ron Aaron)
    * getpos()/setpos() don't include curswant.
    * Can't use winrestview to only restore part of the view.
    * Cannot figure out what argument list is being used for a window.
    * Changing the return value of getpos() causes an error. (Jie Zhu)
    * Completion messages can get in the way of a plugin.
    * Fixes for computation of topline not tested.
    * Warning from 64-bit compiler.
    * Crash when starting gvim.  Issue 230.
    * Check for whether a highlight group has settings ignores fg and bg
      color settings.
    * Crash when putting zero bytes on the clipboard.
    * Possible crash when an BufLeave autocommand deletes the buffer.
    * Using "msgfmt" is hard coded, cannot use "gmsgfmt".
    * Substitute() with zero width pattern breaks multi-byte character.
    * In Ex mode, cyrillic characters are not handled. (Stas Malavin)
    * When starting the gui and changing the window size the status line
      may not be drawn correctly.
    * Can't build Tiny version. (Elimar Riesebieter)
* Mon May 26 2014
  - Updated to revision 307, fixes the following problems
    * Setting 'langmap' in the modeline can cause trouble.  E.g. mapping
      ":" breaks many commands. (Jens-Wolfhard Schicke-Uffmann)
    * When 'relativenumber' is set and deleting lines or undoing that,
      line numbers are not always updated. (Robert Arkwright)
    * Error messages are inconsistant. (ZyX)
    * When 'spellfile' is set the screen is not redrawn.
    * Pattern with repeated backreference does not match with new regexp
      engine. (Urtica Dioica)
    * A non-greedy match followed by a branch is too greedy. (Ingo
    * Searching for "a" does not match accented "a" with new regexp
      engine, does match with old engine. (David Bürgin)
      "ca" does not match "ca" with accented "a" with either engine.
    * It is not possible to ignore composing characters at a specific
      point in a pattern.
    * Memory leak from result of get_isolated_shell_name().
    * Can't have a funcref start with "t:".
    * When running configure twice DYNAMIC_PYTHON_DLL may become empty.
    * Still a scrolling problem when loading a session file.
    * Signs placed with 'foldcolumn' set don't show up after filler
    * When using double-width characters the text displayed on the
      command line is sometimes truncated.
    * Cannot always use Python with Vim.
    * Making 'ttymouse' empty after the xterm version was requested
      causes problems. (Elijah Griffin)
    * getchar(0) does not return Esc.
    * Can't build without the +termresponse feature.
* Tue May 13 2014
  - minor tweaks of spec.skeleton
* Mon May 12 2014
  - Updated to revision 283, fixes the following problems
    * Smack support detection is incomplete.
    * Configure check for smack doesn't work with all shells. (David
    * Using systemlist() may cause a crash and does not handle NUL
      characters properly.
    * Compiler warning, possibly for mismatch in parameter name.
    * Configure fails if $CC contains options.
    * Warning for misplaced "const".
    * It is possible to define a function with a colon in the name.  It
      is possible to define a function with a lower case character if a
      "#" appears after the name.
    * When updating the window involves a regexp pattern, an interactive
      substitute to replace a "\n" with a line break fails. (Ingo
    * Duplicate code in regexec().
    * GCC 4.8 compiler warning for hiding a declaration (Francois Gannaz)
    * Can't define a function starting with "g:".  Can't assign a
      funcref to a buffer-local variable.
    * Can't call a global function with "g:" in an expression.
    * Test 62 fails.
    * The '[ mark is in the wrong position after "gq". (Ingo Karkat)
    * Using exists() on a funcref for a script-local function does not
    * CTRL-U in Insert mode does not work after using a cursor key.
      (Pine Wu)
    * Comparing pointers instead of the string they point to.
    * Using just "$" does not cause an error message.
    * "make autoconf" and "make reconfig" may first run configure and
      then remove the output.
    * When doing ":update" just before running an external command that
      changes the file, the timestamp may be unchanged and the file
      is not reloaded.
    * When changing the type of a sign that hasn't been placed ther is
      no error message.
    * The fish shell is not supported.
    * Using ":sign unplace *" may leave the cursor in the wrong position
      (Christian Brabandt)
    * globpath() returns a string, making it difficult to get a list of
      matches. (Greg Novack)
    * When using a session file the relative position of the cursor is
      not restored if there is another tab. (Nobuhiro Takasaki)
    * When a session file has more than one tabpage and 'showtabline' is
      one the positions may be slightly off.
    * Compiler warning about unused variable. (Charles Cooper)
* Mon Apr 07 2014
  - Updated to revision 253, fixes the following problems
    * Crash for "vim -u NONE -N  -c '&&'".
    * Configure message for detecting smack are out of sequence.
    * When passing input to system() there is no way to keep NUL and
      NL characters separate.
    * Cannot distinguish between NL and NUL in output of system().
    * Some test files missing from distribution.
    * Crash when BufAdd autocommand wipes out the buffer.
    * Critical error in GTK, removing timer twice.
    * Crash when using cpp syntax file with pattern using external
      match. (Havard Garnes)
* Thu Apr 03 2014
  - Updated to revision 244, fixes the following problems
    * ":tjump" shows "\n" as "\\n".
    * The string returned by submatch() does not distinguish between a
      NL from a line break and a NL that stands for a NUL character.
    * getreg() does not distinguish between a NL used for a line break
      and a NL used for a NUL character.
    * Cannot use setreg() to add text that includes a NUL.
    * The smack feature causes stray error messages.
* Wed Apr 02 2014
  - Updated to revision 239, fixes the following problems
    * Compilation problems on HP_nonStop (Tandem).
    * Inconsistency: ":sp foo" does not reload "foo", unless "foo" is
      the current buffer. (Liang Li)
    * Compiler warnings. (Tony Mechelynck)
    * When src/auto/configure was updated, "make clean" would run
      configure pointlessly.
    * It's not easy to remove duplicates from a list.
    * When 'relativenumber' or 'cursorline' are set the window is
      redrawn much to often. (Patrick Hemmer, Dominique Pelle)
    * Test 105 does not work in a shadow dir. (James McCoy)
    * Quickfix doesn't resize on ":copen 20". (issue 199)
    * The Ruby directory is constructed from parts.
    * Still using an older autoconf version.
    * /usr/bin/grep on Solaris does not support -F.
    * Dynamic Ruby doesn't work on Solaris.
    * Cursurline highlighting not redrawn when scrolling. (John
    * Can't build with Ruby 1.8.
    * Compiler warnings when building with Python 3.2.
    * Using ":let" for listing variables and the second one is a curly
      braces expression may fail.
    * Error when using ":options".
    * An error in ":options" is not caught by the tests.
    * ":%s/\n//" uses a lot of memory. (Aidan Marlin)
    * Escaping special characters for using "%" with a shell command is
      inconsistant, parenthesis are escaped but spaces are not.
    * Can't get the command that was used to start Vim.
    * It is not easy to get the full path of a command.
    * It's not that easy to check the Vim patch version.
    * When some patches was not included has("patch-7.4.123") may return
      true falsely.
    * Vim does not support the smack library.
    * ":e +" does not position cursor at end of the file.
* Mon Mar 24 2014
  - Updated to revision 213, fixes the following problems
    * The cursor report sequence is sometimes not recognized and results
      in entering replace mode.
    * Mercurial picks up some files that are not distributed.
    * When repeating a filter command "%" and "#" are expanded.
    * Visual block mode plus virtual edit doesn't work well with tabs.
      (Liang Li)
    * ":lu" is an abbreviation for ":lua", but it should be ":lunmap".
    * Now that the +visual feature is always enabled the #ifdefs for it
      are not useful.
    * It's not possible to open a new buffer without creating a swap
* Sun Mar 23 2014
  - Clean up after the testsuite
* Thu Mar 13 2014
  - Updated to revision 205, fixes the following problems
    * Typos in messages.
    * Python tests fail.
    * Can't build Vim with Perl when -Dusethreads is not specified for
      building Perl, and building Vim with --enable-perlinterp=dynamic.
    * (issue 197) ]P doesn't paste over Visual selection.
    * Too many #ifdefs in the code.
    * 'lispwords' is a global option.
    * Parsing 'errorformat' is not correct.
    * A mapping where the second byte is 0x80 doesn't work.
    * ":mksession" writes command to move to second argument while it
      does not exist.  When it does exist the order might be wrong.
* Thu Mar 06 2014
  - Now that python3 is fixed, reenable test87
* Wed Feb 26 2014
  - Updated apparmor.vim (taken from AppArmor 2.8.3)
    * Fixes the attach_disconnected flag
* Tue Feb 25 2014
  - Updated to revision 192, fixes the following problems
    * Warning for type-punned pointer. (Tony Mechelynck)
    * Older Python versions don't support %ld.
    * When using 'pastetoggle' the status lines are not updated. (Samuel
      Ferencik, Jan Christoph Ebersbach)
    * Building with mzscheme and racket does not work. (David Chimay)
    * match() does not work properly with a {count} argument.
    * Clang gives warnings.
    * Insert in Visual mode sometimes gives incorrect results. (Dominique Pelle)
    * Delete that crosses line break splits multi-byte character.
    * SIZEOF_LONG clashes with similar defines in header files.
    * Compiler warning for unused argument.
    * Compiler warning for using %lld for off_t.
    * Escaping a file name for shell commands can't be done without a function.
    * Memory leak when giving E853.
  - Disable test87 until python 3.4 is fixed (
* Thu Feb 20 2014
  - enable xterm_clipboard again, restoring features present in openSuSE 12.3
* Wed Feb 12 2014
  - Updated to revision 178, fixes the following problems
    * Some help tags don't work with ":help". (Tim Chase)
    * Redo does not set v:count and v:count1.
    * The blowfish code mentions output feedback, but the code is
      actually doing cipher feedback.
    * When using scrollbind the cursor can end up below the last line.
    * Compiler warnings for Python interface. (Tony Mechelynck)
    * When a wide library function fails, falling back to the non-wide
      function may do the wrong thing.
    * Dictionary.update() thows an error when used without arguments.
      Python programmers don't expect that.
    * Compiler warning for unused variable. (Tony Mechelynck)
    * The J command does not update '[ and '] marks. (William Gardner)
* Fri Feb 07 2014
  - Updated to revision 169, fixes the following problems
    * Running tests in shadow dir doesn't work.
    * By default, after closing a buffer changes can't be undone.
    * Auto-loading a function for code that won't be executed.
    * Fixes are not tested.
    * Can't compile with Ruby 2.1.0.
    * ":sleep" puts cursor in the wrong column. (Liang Li)
  - Dropped vim-7.4-ruby21.patch, fixed upstream
* Tue Feb 04 2014
  - Updated to revision 161, fixes the following problems
    * Crash in Python exception handling.
* Tue Jan 28 2014
  - Updated to revision 160, fixes the following problems
    * TextChangedI is not triggered.
    * getregtype() does not return zero for unknown register.
    * When starting Vim with "-u NONE" v:oldfiles is NULL.
    * Get E685 error when assigning a function to an autoload variable.
      (Yukihiro Nakadaira)
    * :keeppatterns is not respected for :s.
    * Python: slices with steps are not supported.
    * Python: Cannot iterate over options.
    * Compiler warning for pointer type.
    * Still a problem with auto-loading.
    * ":keeppatterns /pat" does not keep search pattern offset.
    * Error number used twice. (Yukihiro Nakadaira)
    * Pattern containing \zs is not handled correctly by substitute().
    * Completion hangs when scanning the current buffer after doing
      keywords. (Christian Brabandt)
* Tue Jan 14 2014
  - Use Unix line endings in vim-7.3-filetype_ftl.patch (bnc#815840)
* Mon Jan 13 2014
  - Updated to revision 142, fixes the following problems
    * Clang warns for using NUL.
    * Spurious space in MingW Makefile.
    * Directory change messages are not recognized.
    * Crash when using :cd in autocommand. (François Ingelrest)
    * Crash when wiping out buffer triggers autocommand that wipes out
      only other buffer.
    * Problems when building with Borland: st_mode is signed short;
      can't build with Python; temp files not ignored by Mercurial;
      building with DEBUG doesn't define _DEBUG.
* Fri Jan 10 2014
  - Fix dynamic loading of Ruby for Ruby 2.1
    Add patch vim-7.4-ruby21.patch
* Tue Dec 17 2013
  - Updated to revision 131, fixes the following problems
    * ":help s/\_" reports an internal error. (John Beckett)
    * Completing a tag pattern may give an error for invalid pattern.
    * Python: When vim.eval() encounters a Vim error, a try/catch in the
      Python code doesn't catch it. (Yggdroot Chen)
    * "zG" and "zW" leave temp files around on MS-Windows.
    * ColorScheme autocommand matches with the current buffer name.
    * "gUgn" cannot be repeeated. (Dimitar Dimitrov)
    * Memory leak in Python OptionsAssItem. (Ken Takata)
    * New GNU make outputs messages about changing directory in another
    * When using Zsh expanding ~abc doesn't work when the result
      contains a space.
    * When a mapping starts with a space, the typed space does not show
      up for 'showcmd'.
    * It's possible that redrawing the status lines causes
      win_redr_custom() to be called recursively.
    * Can't build with Perl 5.18 on Linux. (Lcd 47)
    * Completion doesn't work for ":py3d" and ":py3f". (Bohr Shaw)
    * Compiler warnings for "const" and incompatible types.
    * getline(-1) returns zero. (mvxxc)
    * Relative line numbers mix up windows when using folds.
    * Syncbind causes E315 errors in some situations. (Liang Li)
* Fri Nov 22 2013
  - Updated to revision 103, fixes the following problems
    * Unexpected behavior change related to 'virtualedit'. (Ingo Karkat)
    * When using ":'<,'>del" errors may be given for the visual line numbers being out of range.
    * Append in blockwise Visual mode with "$" is wrong.
    * NFA regexp doesn't handle backreference correctly.
    * Using \1 in pattern goes one line too far. (Bohr Shaw, John Little)
    * Crash when interrupting "z=".
* Thu Nov 14 2013
  - Updated to revision 092, fixes the following problems
    * Reading past end of the 'stl' string.
    * byteidx() does not work for composing characters.
    * set_last_cursor() may encounter w_buffer being NULL.  (Matt Mkaniaris)
    * Declaration has wrong return type for PyObject_SetAttrString().
    * Crash when using invalid key in Python dictionary.
    * When replacing a character in Visual block mode, entering a CR does not cause a repeated line break.
    * When recording, the character typed at the hit-enter prompt is recorded twice. (Urtica Dioica)
    * After inserting comment leader, CTRL-\ CTRL-O does move the cursor. (Wiktor Ruben)
    * Cannot right shift lines starting with #.
    * Passing limits around too often.
    * Crash when using Insert mode completion.
    * Setting undolevels for one buffer changes undo in another.
    * When undo'ing all changes and creating a new change the undo structure is incorrect. (Christian Brabandt)
    * Locally setting 'undolevels' is not tested.
    * "cgn" does not wrap around the end of the file. (Dimitrov Dimitrov)
    * A script cannot detect whether 'hlsearch' highlighting is actually displayed.
    * Missing documentation for v:hlsearch.
    * Wrong logic when ANALYZE is "yes".
    * Using "gf" in a changed buffer suggests adding "!", which is not possible. (Tim Chase)
    * It's hard to avoid adding a used pattern to the search history.
    * Python: interrupt not being properly discarded. (Yggdroot Chen)
    * When inserting text in Visual block mode and moving the cursor the wrong text gets repeated in other lines.
    * Skipping over an expression when not evaluating it does not work properly for dict members.
    * When spell checking is enabled Asian characters are always marked as error.
    * When editing a file in a directory mounted through sshfs Vim doesn't set the security context on a renamed file.
  - Drop vim-7.4-python-decl.patch, patch upstream now.
* Mon Oct 28 2013
  - vim-7.4-python-decl.patch: Use correct return type of
* Mon Oct 21 2013
  - Updated to revision 052, fixes the following problems
    * Can't use Tcl 8.6.
    * When using input() in a function invoked by a mapping it doesn't
    * Recent clang version complains about -fno-strength-reduce.
    * In Ex mode, when line numbers are enabled the substitute prompt is
    * "gn" selects too much for the pattern "\d" when there are two
      lines with a single digit. (Ryan Carney)
    * Syntax highlighting a Yaml file causes a crash. (Blake Preston)
    * With 'fo' set to "a2" inserting a space in the first column may
      cause the cursor to jump to the previous line.
* Mon Sep 30 2013
  - Updated to revision 045, fixes the following problems
    * NFA engine does not capture group correctly when using \@>. (ZyX)
    * Using "\ze" in a sub-pattern does not result in the end of the
      match to be set. (Axel Bender)
    * Using "zw" and "zg" when 'spell' is off give a confusing error
      message. (Gary Johnson)
    * Valgrind error on exit when a script-local variable holds a
      reference to the scope of another script.
    * Visual selection does not remain after being copied over. (Axel
    * When using ":setlocal" for 'spell' and 'spellang' then :spelldump
      doesn't work. (Dimitar Dimitrov)
    * substitute() does not work properly when the pattern starts with
* Mon Sep 23 2013
  - Remove unused buildrequires on systemd
* Mon Sep 23 2013
  - Updated to revision 035, fixes the following problems
    * Equivalence classes are not working for multi-byte characters.
    * An error in a pattern is reported twice.
    * The -mno-cygwin argument is no longer supported by Cygwin.
    * ":diffoff!" resets options even when 'diff' is not set. (Charles
    * NFA engine does not match the NUL character. (Jonathon Merz)
    * When the terminal has only 20 lines test 92 and 93 overwrite the
      input file.
    * Using "p" in Visual block mode only changes the first line.
* Mon Sep 09 2013
  -Updated to revision 027, fixes the following problems
    * Crash with invalid argument to mkdir().
    * Cannot find out if "acl" and "xpm" features are supported.
      multi-byte characters.
    * File name buffer too small for utf-8.
    * ":help !!" does not find the "!!" tag in the help file. (Ben
    * When completing item becomes unselected. (Shougo Matsu)
    * NFA engine matches too much with \@>. (John McGowan)
    * NFA regexp: Using \ze in one branch which doesn't match may cause
      end of another branch to be wrong. (William Fugh)
    * Deadlock while exiting, because of allocating memory.
    * When root edits a file the undo file is owned by root while the
      edited file may be owned by another user, which is not allowed.
    * Reading before start of a string.
    * Clang warning for int shift overflow.
    * Another valgrind error when using CTRL-X CTRL-F at the start of
      the line. (Dominique Pelle)
* Thu Sep 05 2013
  - add libperl_requires, as we link against libperl and thus
    need a specific version of perl
* Mon Aug 26 2013
  - Updated to revision 009, fixes the following problems
    * Character classes such as [a-z] to not react to 'ignorecase'.
      Breaks man page highlighting. (Mario Grgic)
    * Pattern with two alternative look-behind matches does not match.
      (Amadeus Demarzi)
    * Memory access error in Ruby syntax highlighting. (Christopher Chow)
    * When closing a window fails ":bwipe" may hang.
    * Using "vaB" while 'virtualedit' is set selects the wrong area.
      (Dimitar Dimitrov)
    * mkdir("foo/bar/", "p") gives an error message. (David Barnett)
    * Creating a preview window on startup leaves the screen layout in a
      messed up state. (Marius Gedminas)
    * New regexp engine can't be interrupted.
    * When a file was not decrypted (yet), writing it may destroy the
* Sat Aug 24 2013
  - update apparmor.vim (taken from AppArmor 2.8.2)
    * add network vsock
* Fri Aug 16 2013
  - Overhaul vim.spec
    * Remove (g)vim-{base, enchanced} subpackages
    * Dynamically load Python, Ruby so we can support
      all of them without different subpackages.
    * Python3 support (bnc#817774).
    * LUA support.
    * Disable TCL as it cannot be linked dynamically.
* Mon Aug 12 2013
  - Update to version 7.4
    * A new, faster regular expression engine.
    * More than a thousand fixes and small improvements.
  - Drop vim-7.3-grub.patch, applied upstream
  - Refresh the following patches
    * vim-7.4-disable_lang_no.patch
    * vim-7.4-filetype_apparmor.patch
    * vim-7.4-filetype_mine.patch
    * vim-7.4-highlight_fstab.patch
* Mon Jun 17 2013
  - add explicit buildrequire on krb5-mini to avoid cycles
* Fri May 17 2013
  - Updated to revision 962, fixes the following problems
    * No completion for :xmap and :smap. (Yukihiro Nakadaira)
    * Compiler warning for uninitialized variable. (Tony Mechelynck)
    * E381 and E380 make the user think nothing happened.
    * Init stack works differently on 64 bit systems.
    * Ruby 1.8: Missing piece for static linking on 64 bit systems.
    * More can be shared between Python 2 and 3.
    * Python: not easy to get to window number.
    * Using Py_BuildValue is inefficient sometimes.
    * Python: Can't get position of window.
    * Stuff in if_py_both.h is ordered badly.
    * Python: SEGV in Buffer functions.
    * Python: Negative indices were failing.
    * External program receives the termrespone.
    * Python: List of buffers is not very useful.
    * Sometimes get stuck in waiting for cursor position report,
      resulting in keys starting with <Esc>[ not working.
    * Python: No iterator for vim.list and vim.bufferlist.
    * Python: no easy access to tabpages.
    * Python: Stack trace printer can't handle messages.
    * Python exceptions have problems.
    * Python: It's not easy to change window/buffer/tabpage.
    * Python: string exceptions are deprecated.
    * No check if PyObject_IsTrue fails.
    * Python: Not enough tests.
    * Python vim.bindeval() causes SIGABRT.
    * Python does not have a "do" command like Perl or Lua.
    * Python: Iteration destructor not set.
    * Missing error number.
    * Compiler warning for unused variable.
    * Tests 86 and 87 fail when using another language than English.
    * Python tests are not portable.
* Mon May 06 2013
  - Updated to revision 929, fixes the following problems
    * An empty nl.po file does not work with an old msgfmt.
    * Compiler warning for size_t to int.
    * Trying to create a fontset handle when 'guifontset' is not set.
    * No test for what 7.3.918 fixes.
    * Check for X11 header files fails on Solaris.
    * Python interface can't easily access options.
    * Typos in source files.
    * Autocommands are triggered by setwinvar() et al. Missing BufEnter
      on :tabclose. Duplicate WinEnter on :tabclose. Wrong order of
      events for :tablose and :tabnew.
    * Missing combining characters when putting text in a register.
    * Can't build with strict C compiler.
    * Compiler warning for unused variable. Not freeing unused string.
* Thu Apr 25 2013
  - Updated to revision 918, fixes the following problems
    * The "sleep .2" for running tests does not work on Solaris.
    * Python uses IndexError when a dict key is not found.
    * Possible crash when using a list in Python.
    * Duplicate Python code.
    * Python code in #ifdef branches with only minor differences.
    * Python: Access to Vim variables is not so easy.
    * Typing a ":" command at the hit-enter dialog does not work if the
      "file changed" dialog happens next.
    * Still a crash when writing viminfo.
    * ~/.viminfo is messed up when running tests.
    * When reading a file with encoding conversion fails at the end the
      next encoding in 'fencs' is not used.
    * Using freed memory when pasting with the mouse (Issue 130).
    * When a path ends in a backslash appending a comma has the wrong
    * Repeating an Ex command after using a Visual motion does not work.
* Tue Apr 16 2013
  - Updated to revision 905, fixes the following problems
    * Can't build with Ruby 2.0 on a 64 bit system.
    * Test 79 fails on Windows. (Michael Soyka)
    * Merging viminfo history doesn't work well.
    * Still merging problems for viminfo history.
    * Crash when using b:, w: or t: after closing the buffer, window or
    * Using wrong RUBY_VER causing Ruby build to break.
    * Valgrind error in test 91. (Issue 128)
    * Memory leaks in Lua interface.
    * Configure doesn't always find the shared library.
    * Memory leak reported by valgrind in test 91.
    * #if indents are off.
    * Not obvious that some mouse features are mutual-exclusive.
    * Outdated comment, ugly condition.
    * When deleting last buffer in other tab the tabline is not updated.
    * Crash on exit writing viminfo. (Ron Aaron)
    * Using memory freed by the garbage collector.
    * Crash when writing viminfo. (Ron Aaron)
* Sat Apr 13 2013
  - Updated to revision 888, fixes the following problems
    * Double free for list and dict in Lua. (Shougo Matsu)
    * Can't build with multi-byte on Solaris 10.
    * No tests for Visual mode operators, what 7.3.879 fixes.
    * Filename completion with 'fileignorecase' does not work for
      multi-byte characters.
* Tue Apr 09 2013
  - Updated to revision 884, fixes the following problems
    * Build problem with some combination of features.
    * #if indents are off.
    * Forward searching with search() is broken.
    * 'fileignorecase' is missing in options window and quickref.
    * When using an ex command in operator pending mode, using Esc to
      abort the command still executes the operator. (David Bürgin)
    * When writing viminfo, old history lines may replace lines written
      more recently by another Vim instance.
    * Python list does not work correctly.
    * CursorHold may trigger after receiving the termresponse.
    * Can't build with some combination of features.
    * Compiler warning for variable shadowing another. (John Little)
* Wed Mar 20 2013
  - Updated to revision 874, fixes the following problems
    * Mouse position may be wrong.
    * Not serving the X selection during system() isn't nice.
    * Matchparen does not update match when using auto-indenting.
      (Marc Aldorasi)
    * When at the hit-return prompt and using "k" while no text has
      scrolled off screen, then using "j", an empty line is displayed.
    * bufwinnr() matches buffers in other tabs.
    * Compiler warnings when using MingW 4.5.3.
    * search('^$', 'c') does not use the empty match under the cursor.
    * On some systems case of file names is always ignored, on others
    * Comparing file names does not handle multi-byte characters
* Mon Mar 18 2013
  - Updated to revision 865, fixes the following problems
    * Compiler warnings.
    * When calling system() multi-byte clipboard contents is garbled.
    * The QuitPre autocommand event does not trigger for :qa and :wq.
    * "gv" selects the wrong area after some operators.
    * 'ambiwidth' must be set by the user.
    * When using --remote-expr try/catch does not work. (Andrey Radev)
    * ":setlocal number" clears global value of 'relativenumber'.
    * Dragging the status line can be slow.
    * Problem with 'ambiwidth' detection for ANSI terminal.
    * Can't build without the mouse feature.
    * Mouse position may be wrong.
* Fri Mar 08 2013
  - Updated to revision 854, fixes the following problems
    * Compiler warning.
    * In the terminal the scroll wheel always scrolls the active window.
    * Ruby 2.0 has a few API changes.
    * "xxd -i" fails on an empty file.
    * Clipboard does not work on Win32 when compiled with Cygwin.
    * Empty lines in :version output when 'columns' is 320.
    * Insufficient testing for mksession.
    * Some files missing in the list of distributed files.
    * "\@<!" in regexp does not work correctly with multi-byte
      characters, especially cp932.
    * When a "cond ? one : two" expression has a subscript it is not
      parsed correctly. (Andy Wokula)
    * Compiler warning for signed/unsigned pointer.
    * Missing test file changes.
    * Enum is not indented correctly with "public" etc.
    * Enum indenting is not tested.
    * Missing proto file, listing a non-existing proto file.
    * Test 55 fails when messages are translated.
    * Can't build with Ruby 2.0 when using MinGW x64 or MSVC10.
    * ":g//" gives "Pattern not found error" with E486.  Should not use
      the error number, it's not a regular error message.
    * ":vimgrep //" matches everywhere.
    * Using an empty pattern with :sort silently continues when there is
      no previous search pattern.
    * system() breaks clipboard text. (Yukihiro Nakadaira)
    * Using "ra" in multiple lines on multi-byte characters leaves a few
      characters not replaced.
    * After using backspace in insert mode completion, CTRL-N and CTRL-P
      do not highlight the right entry. (Olivier Teuliere)
* Tue Feb 26 2013
  - Add Categories to the gvim.desktop file, part of bnc#804930
* Thu Feb 21 2013
  - Updated to revision 831, fixes the following problems
    * Python threads don't run in the background (issue 103).
    * "\k" in regexp does not work in other window.
    * After reloading a buffer the modelines are not processed.
    * MzScheme interface doesn't work propely.
    * ":substitute" works differently without confirmation.
    * New interactive :substutite behavior is not tested.
    * Tiny build fails. (Tony Mechelynck)
    * MzScheme does not build with tiny features.
    * Compiler warning for size_t to int conversion. (Skeept)
    * MzScheme: circular list does not work correctly.
    * The color column is not correct when entering a buffer.
    * The " mark is not adjusted when inserting lines. (Roland Eggner)
    * ":window set nu?" displays the cursor line. (Nazri Ramliy)
    * Compiler warning for tiny build. (Tony Mechelynck)
    * Python threads still do not work properly.
    * The dosinst.c program has a buffer overflow. (Thomas Gwae)
    * 'relativenumber is reset unexpectedly.
    * Useless termresponse parsing for SGR mouse.
    * When 'indentexpr' moves the cursor "curswant" not restored.
    * Can't compute a hash.
    * Test 89 fails with tiny and small features.
    * Compiling without +eval and with Python isn't working.
    * Crash when accessing freed buffer.
    * Can redefine builtin functions.  (ZyX)
    * With Python errors are not always clear.
    * List of features in :version output is hard to read.
    * Python tests fail.
    * Mappings are not aware of wildmenu mode.
    * Clumsy to handle the situation that a variable does not exist.
  - Refresh vim-7.1.314-CVE-2009-0316-debian.patch
* Tue Feb 12 2013
  - Reenable ACL support-
* Mon Jan 28 2013
  - Updated to revision 785, fixes the following problems
    * Jumping to a mark does not open a fold if it is in the same line.
    * Not all message translation files are installed.
    * Segfault when doing "cclose" on BufUnload in a python function.
    * ":help cpo-*" jumps to the wrong place.
    * settabvar() and setwinvar() may move the cursor.
    * 'matchpairs' does not work with multi-byte characters.
    * Vim.h indentation is inconsistent.
    * Uninitialized variable. (Yasuhiro Matsumoto)
    * Cursor is at the wrong location and below the end of the file
    * Crash when OriginalFirstThunk is zero.
    * Tiny GUI version misses console dialog feature.
    * ml_get error when searching, caused by curwin not matching curbuf.
    * When building with Gnome locale gets reset.
    * Compiler error for adding up two pointers. (Titov Anatoly)
    * Backwards search lands in wrong place when started on a multibyte
    * char2nr() and nr2char() always use 'encoding'.
    * Drawing with 'guifontwide' can be slow.
    * Crash when mark is not set. (Dominique Pelle)
    * Error when 'guifontwide' has a comma.
    * Crash with specific use of search pattern.
* Thu Jan 03 2013
  - update apparmor.vim (taken from AppArmor 2.8)
    * add capability block_suspend
* Tue Jan 01 2013
  - Updated to revision 762, fixes the following problems
    * Automatically setting 'ttymouse' doesn't work.
    * Memory leaks when using location lists.
    * Cannot properly test conceal mode.
    * Python interface doesn't build without the multi-byte feature.
    * The justify macro does not always work correctly.
    * Test 61 is flaky, it fails once in a while.
    * Test 49 script file doesn't fold properly.
    * When there is a QuitPre autocommand using ":q" twice does not work
    * Autoconf doesn't find Python 3 if it's called "python".
    * A location list can get a wrong count in :lvimgrep.
    * Issue 96: May access freed memory when a put command triggers
    * Matchit plugin does not handle space in #ifdef.
    * dv_ deletes the white space before the line.
    * In Visual mode a "-p does not work. (Marcin Szamotulski)
    * On some systems the tabline is not redrawn.
* Tue Dec 18 2012
  - gvim should require vim-data package, bnc#793311
* Sat Dec 01 2012
  - Updated to revision 744, fixes the following problems
    * printf() can only align to bytes, not characters.
    * Inconsistency: :set can be used in the sandbox, but :setlocal and
    * Crash when calling setloclist() in BufUnload autocmd. (Marcin
    * Error on exit when using Python 3.
    * When changing the font size, only MS-Windows limits the window
    * When re-using the current buffer the buffer-local options stay.
    * Cannot run new version of cproto, it fails on missing include
    * Proto files are outdated.
    * Ruby interface defines local functions globally.
    * Perl flags may contain "-g", which breaks "make proto".
    * Building with Ruby and Tcl on MS-Windows 64 bit does not work.
    * :aboveleft and :belowright have no effect on :copen.
    * Typos and duplicate info in README.
    * Building with Ruby fails on some systems.
    * Crash in PHP file when using syntastic.
    * Py3Init_vim() is exported uneccessarily.
    * Compiler warnings for function arguments.
    * Tests fail when including MzScheme.
    * Cannot put help files in a sub-directory.
    * File name completion in input() escapes white space.
    * Unused function argument.
    * Computing number of lines may have an integer overflow.
    * IOC tool complains about undefined behavior for int.
    * Tiny build fails.
    * Leaking memory when :vimgrep restores the directory.
    * Tiny build still fails.
    * 64 bit compiler warning.
* Fri Nov 02 2012
  - Update to patchlevel 712, fixes the following problems
    * Can't build Ruby interface with Ruby 1.9.3.
    * End of color scheme name not clear in E185. (Aaron Lewis)
    * Buffer overflow in unescaping text. (Raymond Ko)
    * MSVC 11 is not supported.
    * Unused variables in Perl interface.
    * Building with Perl loaded dynamically  still uses static library.
    * When building with Cygwin loading Python dynamically fails.
    * Python: memory leaks when there are exceptions.
    * More Python code can be shared between Python 2 and 3.
    * Not possible to lock/unlock lists in Python interface.
    * Using "gN" while 'selection' is "exclusive" misses one character.
    * Using uninitialized memory with very long file name.
    * buf_spname() is used inconsistently.
    * Ruby .so name may not be correct.
    * Ruby detection uses Config, newer Ruby versions use RbConfig.
    * Some files missing in the list of distributed files.
    * List of distributed files picks up backup files.
    * Compiler complains about incompatible types.
    * ":python" may crash when vimbindeval() returns None.
    * "make test" does not delete lua.vim.
    * Using CTRL-\ e mappings is useful also when entering an
    * Test 16 fails when $DISPLAY is not set.
    * Python 3.3 is not supported.
    * MzScheme and Lua may use a NULL string.
    * When the current directory name is exactly the maximum path length
    * State specific to the Python thread is discarded.
    * Can't build GTK version with GTK 2.0.
    * Can't make 'softtabstop' follow 'shiftwidth'.
    * Now that 'shiftwidth' may use the value of 'tabstop' it is not so
    * Balloon cannot show multi-byte text.
    * Message about added spell language can be wrong.
    * Leaking resources when setting GUI font.
    * Python 3 does not preserve state beween commands.
    * When 'ttymouse' is set to "sgr" manually, it is overruled by
    * Cannot detect URXVT and SGR mouse support.
    * When 'undofile' is reset the hash is computed unnecessarily.
    * Repeating "cgn" does not always work correctly.
    * Mouse features are not sorted properly. (Tony Mechelynck)
    * Problems loading a library for a file name with non-latin
    * Filler lines above the first line may be hidden when opening Vim.
    * Compiler warning for unused argument.
    * vim.current.buffer is not available. (lilydjwg)
  - Drop vim-7.3-ruby_ldflags_configure.patch, unneeded now
* Tue Oct 02 2012
  - Add Obsoletes/Provides for vim-plugin-matchit package
* Wed Sep 12 2012
  - Update to patchlevel 661, fixes the following problems
    * "gnd" doesn't work correctly in Visual mode.
    * Crash when using a very long file name. (ZyX)
    * When 'clipboard' is set to "unnamed" small deletes end up in the
    * Completion after ":help \{-" gives an error message and messes up
    * Completion after ":help \{-" gives an error message.
    * Workaround for Python crash isn't perfect.
    * MingW needs build rule for included XPM files.  Object directory
    * When creating a Vim dictionary from Python objects an empty key
    * Internal error in :pyeval.
    * Python bindings silently truncate string values containing NUL.
    * NUL bytes truncate strings when converted from Python.
    * Recent Python changes are not tested.
    * ":help !" jumps to help for ":!".
    * SEGV in Python code.
* Sat Sep 01 2012
  - Update to patchlevel 646, fixes the following problems
    * Segfault with specific autocommands.
    * Not all zero-width matches handled correctly for "gn".
    * Cannot select beyond 222 columns with the mouse in xterm.
    * "|" does not behave correctly when 'virtualedit' is set.
    * There is no way to make 'shiftwidth' follow 'tabstop'.
    * "gn" does not handle zero-width matches correctly.
    * Completion for a user command does not recognize backslash before
      a space.
    * Auto formatting messes up text when 'fo' contains "2".
    * Cannot operate on the text that a search pattern matches.
    * File names in :checkpath! output are garbled.
    * winrestview() does not always restore the view correctly.
    * CTRL-P completion has a problem with multi-byte characters.
    * inputdialog() doesn't use the cancel argument in the console.
    * <f-args> is not expanded properly with DBCS encoding.
    * Can only move to a tab by absolute number.
    * Crash when $HOME is not set
    * "ygt" tries to yank instead of giving an error.
    * ":vimgrep" does not obey 'wildignore'.
* Fri Jul 06 2012
  - don't package /var/run/vi.recover anymore (bnc#765288)
* Tue Jun 26 2012
  - Update to patchlevel 566, fixes the following problems
    * Redo after completion does not work correctly when refresh.
    * ":profdel" should not work when the +profile feature is disabled.
    * Crash when an autocommand wipes out a buffer when it is hidden.
    * The cursor is in the wrong line after using ":copen".
    * 'efm' does not handle Tabs in pointer lines.
    * When spell checking the German sharp s is not seen as a word
    * When using an InsertCharPre autocommand autoindent fails.
    * Gvim does not work when 'guioptions' includes "f".
    * Using a count before "v" and "V" does not work.
    * ":diffupdate" doesn't check for files changed elsewhere.
    * Using "z=" on a multi-byte character may cause a crash.
    * 'wildignorecase' only applies to the last part of the path.
    * No completion for :history command.
    * Cannot use CTRL-E and CTRL-Y with "r".
    * ":vimgrep" fails when 'autochdir' is set.
* Mon Jun 25 2012
  - license update: SUSE-Vim
    Choose a license from the list at or from
    the list linked at
* Sun Jun 17 2012
  - update apparmor.vim (taken from AppArmor 2.8)
    * update list of capabilities and network protocols
* Mon Jun 04 2012
  - specfile hack to fix build with newer perl(?) on Factory
* Wed Apr 25 2012
  - Add a vim-python subpackage that only enables Python interpreter support
    (and X11 clibboard, too), for users that don't want the extra dependencies
    of vim-enhanced (basically the perl, ruby and tcl base packages)
* Sat Mar 24 2012
  - Try to fix bnc#753907
* Fri Mar 23 2012
  - add patchlevel to package version.  This makes it easier for proper version
    to be determined, and to let other repos properly handle "which version is
    newer than the other" without having to rely on the Release number, which osc
    does not keep track of cross-repos.  Side effect, openSUSE:Tumbleweed can
    properly include vim now.
* Wed Feb 29 2012
  - remove pointless systemd dependency and run the tmpfiles binary
    only in case it exists
* Tue Feb 28 2012
  - Update to patchlevel 456, fixes the following problems
    * Using many continuation lines can be slow.
    * Pasting in the command line is slow.
    * Undo broken when pasting close to the last line.
    * Crash when a BufWinLeave autocommand closes
      the only other window.
    * ":all!" and ":sall!" give error E477, even though the
      documentation says these are valid commands.
    * Vim does not support UTF8_STRING for the X selection.
    * Compiler warnings to size casts in Perl interface.
    * Search history lines are duplicated.
    * "it" and "at" don't work properly
      with a dash in the tag name.
    * DBCS encoding in a user command does not always work.
    * When a user complete function returns -1 an error message
      is given.
    * Completion of functions stops once a dictionary is encountered.
    * Storing a float in a session file has an additional '&'.
    * Pasting in Visual mode using the "" register does not work.
    * Multi-byte characters in b:browsefilter are not handled correctly.
    * ":helpgrep" does not trigger QuickFixCmd* autocommands.
    * ":cd" doesn't work when the path contains wildcards.
    * When placing a mark while starting up a screen redraw messes up
      the screen.
    * Mapping CTRL-K in Insert mode breaks CTRL-X CTRL-K for dictionary
* Sun Feb 19 2012
  - vim needs more than what gtk requires - so buildrequire pkgconfig(xt)
* Fri Dec 23 2011
  - Update to patchlevel 382, fixes the following problems
    * IME characters are inserted twice.
    * C-indenting wrong for a function header.
    * C-indenting wrong for static enum.
    * No support for bitwise AND, OR, XOR and invert.
    * A tags file with an extremely long name may cause
      an infinite loop.
* Wed Dec 21 2011
  - add autoconf as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
* Fri Dec 09 2011
  - Update to patchlevel 372, fixes the following problems
    * Crash when using a large Unicode character in a file that has
      syntax highlighting.
    * :wundo and :rundo use a wrong checksum.
    * When using a command line mapping to <Up> with file name
      completion to go one directory up, 'wildchar' is inserted.
* Wed Dec 07 2011
  - Move require of systemd to base package since the base postinstall
    needs it.
* Mon Dec 05 2011
  - Update to patchlevel 364, fixes the following problems
    * C indenting is wrong after #endif followed by a semicolon.
    * ml_get error when using ":g" with folded lines.
    * Accessing memory after it is freed when EXITFREE is defined.
    * Interrupting the load of an autoload function may cause a crash.
    * Command line completion shows dict functions.
    * Using "o" with 'cindent' set may freeze Vim.
    * ":set backspace+=eol" doesn't work when 'backspace' has a
      backwards compatible value of 2.
    * When completing methods dict functions and script-local functions
      get in the way.
    * Text formatting uses start of insert position when it should not.
    * Block of code after ":lua << EOF" may not work.
    * When running out of memory during startup trying to open a
      swapfile will loop forever.
    * "call range(1, 947948399)" causes a crash
    * When dropping text from a browser on Vim it receives HTML even
      though "html" is excluded from 'clipboard'
    * When switching language with ":lang" the window title doesn't
      change until later.
    * Problem with GUI startup related to XInitThreads.
    * No mouse support for urxvt.
    * Using getchar() in an expression mapping doesn't work well.
    * Screen doesn't update after resizing the xterm until a character
      is typed.
    * When a tags file specifies an encoding different from 'enc' it
      may hang and using a pattern doesn't work.
    * When 'imdisable' is reset from an autocommand in Insert mode it
      doesn't take effect.
    * Using "." to repeat a Visual delete counts the size in bytes, not
    * Indent after "public:" is not increased in C++ code.
    * "vit" selects wrong text when a tag name starts with the same text
      as an outer tag name.
    * When longjmp() is invoked if the X server gives an error the state
      is not properly restored.
    * When skipping over code from ":for" to ":endfor" get an error for
      calling a dict function.
    * When command line wraps the cursor may be displayed wrong when
      there are multi-byte characters.
    * When jumping to a help tag a closed fold doesn't open.
    * A duplicated function argument gives an internal error.
    * Completion for ":compiler" shows color scheme names.
    * The default 'errorformat' does not ignore some "included from"
* Fri Dec 02 2011
  - vim doesn't support -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 , we must use level 1,
    see for details.
* Tue Nov 29 2011
  - Use Requires instead of Requires(post).
* Wed Nov 23 2011
  - Create tmpfiles during install
  - Fix tmpfiles handling
  - Own directory /var/run/vi.recover
* Tue Nov 22 2011
  - Set tinfo as the terminal library for openSUSE > 12.1 since it
    has been splitted from ncurses
* Mon Nov 07 2011
  - Move spec skeleton functionality into /etc/vimrc (bnc#720898)
* Sun Nov 06 2011
  - vim-enhanced,gvim: Never ever link against static libpython
    this happends because %{_libdir}/python$vesion/config is
    searched first and picks libpython.a instead of .so ...
* Tue Oct 18 2011
  - fix detection of email addresses in .changes files
* Thu Sep 22 2011
  - Update to official patchlevel 322
    Following bugs are fixed:
    * Redobuff doesn't always include changes of the completion leader.
    * "C" on the last line deletes that line if it's blank.
    * Calling debug.debug() in Lua may cause Vim to hang.
    * Crash when 'colorcolumn' is set and closing buffer.
    * Opening a window before forking causes problems for GTK.
    * Complete function isn't called when the leader changed.
    * Writing to 'verbosefile' has problems, e.g. for :highlight.
    * Python 3 doesn't support slice assignment.
    * When closing a window there is a chance that deleting a scrollbar
      triggers a GUI resize, which uses the window while it is not in a
      valid state.
    * Auto-loading a function while editing the command line causes
      scrolling up the display.
    * Python doesn't parse multi-byte argument correctly.
    * Built-in colors are different from rgb.txt.
    * Can't load Perl 5.14 dynamically.
    * When writing to an external command a zombie process may be left
    * When filtering text with an external command Vim may not read all
      the output.
    * Crash when using fold markers and selecting a visual block that
      includes a folded line and goes to end of line. (Sam Lidder)
    * Configure doesn't work properly with Python3.
    * When a BufWriteCmd autocommand resets 'modified' this doesn't
      change older buffer states to be marked as 'modified' like
      ":write" does.  (Yukihiro Nakadaira)
* Fri Sep 16 2011
  - apparmor.vim update
    - support "deny $filename x" rules
    - apparmor.vim generated from AppArmor 2.7 beta2
* Wed Aug 31 2011
  - Update to official patchlevel 289
    * python3 fixes
    * Fix: Crash when using "zd" on a large number of folds.
    * Fix: Mapping <Char-123> no longer works.
    * Fix: After using "expand('%:8')" the buffer name is changed.
    * Fix: With GTK, when gvim is full-screen and a tab is opened and
      using a specific monitor configuration the window is too big.
    * Fix: Passing the file name to open in VisVim doesn't work.
    * Fix: A BOM in an error file is seen as text.
    * Fix: ":put =list" does not add an empty line for a trailing
      empty item.
    * Fix: 'shellcmdflag' only works with one flag.
    * Fix: Vim freezes when executing an external command with zsh.
* Thu Aug 18 2011
  - apparmor.vim update
    - allow pux and PUx rules
    - add some new capabilities
    - fix pattern for variable names (allow numbers, except for first char)
    - apparmor.vim generated from AppArmor trunk aka 2.7 beta
* Thu Aug 04 2011
  - Update to official patchlevel 266
    * Fix python 3.2 detection
    * Python: Errors in Unicode characters not handled nicely.
    * "gH<Del>" deletes the current line, except when it's the last
    * "echo 'abc' > ''" returns 0 or 1, depending on 'ignorecase'.
    * The coladd field is not reset when setting the line number for a
      ":call" command.
    * When editing a file such as "File[2010-08-15].vim" an E16 error is
    * Equivalence classes only work for latin characters.
    * CursorHold triggers on an incomplete mapping.
    * G++ error message errornously recognized as error.
    * When the current directory name contains wildcard characters, such
      as "foo[with]bar", the tags file can't be found.
    * When storing a pattern in search history there is no proper check
      for the separator character.
    * In Gvim with iBus typing space in Insert mode doesn't work.
* Mon Jul 11 2011
  - Update to official patchlevel 243
    * Fix multiple illegal memory accesses
    * Fix: Using CTRL-R CTRL-W on the command line may insert only
      part of the word.
    * Fix: Python corrects the cursor column without taking
      'virtualedit' into account.
    * Fix: Python 3 doesn't compile without +multi_byte
    * Fix: ";" gets stuck on a "t" command, it's not useful.
    * Fix: ":scriptnames" and ":breaklist" show long file names.
    * Fix: ":wundo" and ":rundo" don't unescape their argument
    * Fix: "2gj" does not always move to the correct position.
    * Fix: On a 64 bit system "syn sync fromstart" is very slow.
    * Fix: Can't pass dict to sort function.
    * Fix: Text from the clipboard is sometimes handled as linewise,
      but not consistently.
    * Fix: Inside an "if" a ":wincmd" causes problems.
* Wed Jul 06 2011
  - Use /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d instead of /etc/tmpfiles.d.
* Tue May 17 2011
  - Update to official patchlevel 189
  - Drop outdated README.SUSE
* Mon Apr 18 2011
  - Run spec-cleaner and fix build on SLE 10
* Mon Feb 28 2011
  - add vim-7.3-filetype_mine.patch to enable syntax highlighting in
    .mine files. E.g. %{name}.spec.mine files generated by "osc pull"
* Mon Jan 31 2011
  - update apparmor.vim to better match the syntax of AppArmor 2.5
    - support audit and deny for capability, network, link
    - fixed rlimit syntax
    - various small fixes
* Sun Jan 09 2011
  - update apparmor.vim to match (most of) the AppArmor 2.5 syntax
  - package apparmor.vim as separate source file, no longer as part of
* Mon Nov 22 2010
  - add disable_gcc_warning_eval_c.patch
  - add disable_lang_no.patch
  - update spec file
* Sun Nov 21 2010
  - update to version 7.3
  - clean up the additional vim patches and files
    - remove vim-7.2-lang.tar.bz2 (obsolete)
    - remove vim-7.2-extra.tar.bz2 (obsolete)
    - remove ANNOUNCEMENT.vim-7.2 (obsolete)
    - remove vim-7.0-no_nb.patch (obsolete)
    - remove remove-terrible-hack.patch (obsolete)
    - remove php.patch (obsolete)
    - remove lib64.patch (obsolete)
    - remove vim-7.2.257.patch (obsolete)
    - remove flex-array.patch (responsible for broken build)
    - disable lzma.patch (partly supported)
    - add ANNOUNCEMENT.vim-7.3
    - renew official patches from upstream
    - renew gvimrc_fontset.patch
    - renew highlight_fstab.patch
    - renew sh_is_bash.patch
    - renew filetype_ftl.patch
    - renew help_tags.patch
    - renew use_awk.patch
    - renew name_vimrc.patch
    - renew mktemp_tutor.patch
    - renew ruby_ldflags_configure.patch
    - renew grub.patch
    - renew filetype_apparmor.patch
    - renew diff_check.patch
    - renew filetype_changes.patch
  - update spec file
* Wed Nov 17 2010
  - Update spec.skeleton
* Fri Nov 05 2010
  - Add vim.conf for tmpfs mounting via systemd.
* Tue Sep 07 2010
  - BuildRequire gpm-devel
* Fri Aug 27 2010
  - Fix rpmlint warnings about duplicate files.
  - Remove now obsolete option --with-xusetheXWindowSystem.
  - Do not record build time in binary
* Tue Apr 27 2010
  - Add screen control sequences to inputrc (bnc#598903)
* Sat Mar 27 2010
  - Use the icon from the tarball instead of our custom icon. It
    looks much better.
  - Drop gvim.png from the source package.
* Tue Feb 09 2010
  - build data subpackage as noarch
* Tue Nov 03 2009
  - updated patches to apply with fuzz=0
* Tue Oct 13 2009
  - add patch vim-7.2.257.patch to hide gtk assertions (bnc#536535).
* Mon Sep 28 2009
  - Avoid network based systems calls during ~/.vimrc (bnc#538768)
* Wed May 13 2009
  - added Recommends, Suggests, Freshens, EssentialFor, Supplements
    and Enhances to .spec preamble keywords (added to filetype_spec.patch)



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