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libmodplug1- RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 42.3 updates for armv7hl

Name: libmodplug1 Distribution: openSUSE Leap 42.3
Version: Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 8.3.1 Build date: Tue Mar 20 18:20:46 2018
Group: Development/Libraries/C and C++ Build host: armbuild25
Size: 281117 Source RPM: libmodplug-
Summary: Development files for libmodplug
Modplug library based on the ModPlug sound engine.
- plays 22 different mod formats.
- plays zip, rar, gzip, and bzip2 compressed mods.
- plays timidity's GUS patch files (*.pat).
- plays all types of MIDI files (*.mid).
- plays textfiles written in the ABC music notation (*.abc).






* Mon Mar 19 2018
  - Update to version bsc#1022032:
    * PSM: add missing line to commit
    * ABC: prevent possible increment of p past end
    * ABC: ensure read pointer is valid before incrementing
    * ABC: terminate early when things don't work in substitute
    * OKT: add one more bound check
    * FAR: out by one on check
    * ABC: 10 digit ints require null termination
    * PSM: make sure reads occur of only valid ins
    * ABC: cleanup tracks correctly.
    * WAV: check that there is space for both headers
    * OKT: ensure file size is enough to contain data
    * ABC: initialize earlier
    * ABC: ensure array access is bounded correctly.
    * ABC: clean up loop exiting code
    * ABC: avoid possibility of incrementing *p
    * ABC: abort early if macro would be blank
    * ABC: Use blankline more often
    * ABC: Ensure for loop does not increment past end of loop
    * Initialize nPatterns to 0 earlier
    * Check memory position isn't over the memory length
    * ABC: transpose only needs to look at notes (<26)
* Mon Mar 19 2018
  - Update to version
    * Spelling fixes
    * Bump version number to
    * MMCMP: Check that end pointer is within the file size
    * WAV: ensure integer doesn't overflow
    * XM: additional mempos check
    * sndmix: Don't process row if its empty.
    * snd_fx: dont include patterns of zero size in length calc
    * MT2,AMF: prevent OOB reads
* Thu Mar 27 2014
  - Add patch for broken pc file where quite some upstream refer to
    modplug directly without specifying the subdir it is in.
    * libmodplug-
* Thu Mar 13 2014
  - Update to version
    * Some security patches: CVE-2013-4233, CVE-2013-4234, as well as
      many fixes suggested by static analyzers: clang build-scan, and coverity.
  - Remove CVE-2013-4233.patch, CVE-2013-4234.patch and libmodplug-overflow.patch
  - Stop using dos2unix
  - Run through spec-cleaner
  - Use full URL in Source tag
* Tue Oct 22 2013
  - Two security fixes (bnc#834483):
    * Fix integer overflow (CVE-2013-4233, CVE-2013-4233.patch).
    * Fix heap overflows (CVE-2013-4234, CVE-2013-4234.patch).
* Thu Mar 15 2012
  - Fix buffer overflow.
* Fri Aug 12 2011
  - Stop using source services.
* Mon Aug 08 2011
  - Update to version (bnc#710726):
    * Improve timidity.cfg parsing capability
    * Add source command capability in timidity.cfg
      (useful for debian default)
    * Fix integer overflow in WAV reader (SA45131/A)
    * Fix S3M stack overflow possibility (SA45131/B)
    * Bound seeking and reading in PAT files
    * Fix AMS/AMSv2 and DSM too large by one (SA45131/C)
    * Use bmpvalues in Octamed files when calcuting default tempo
* Wed May 25 2011
  - Updated to version
    * Several security fixes (including CVE-2011-1761, bnc#691137).
    * Improve compatibility with MSVC 2010
    * Improve PTM playback (Fix byteswapping)
    * Improve S3M support (ignore corrupted data, bnc#686624)
    * Improve AMF support (bounds checking)
* Sun May 22 2011
  - Fixed ChangeLog eol encoding with dos2unix.
* Mon Apr 18 2011
  - fix baselibs.conf file
* Sun Apr 03 2011
  - Updated to version
    * Improve compatibility with MSVC 2010
    * Improve PTM playback (Fix byteswapping)
    * Improve S3M support (ignore corrupted data)
    * Improve AMF support (bounds checking)
  - Added pkg-config BuildRequire
  - Make build verbose
  - Remove execution permission from shared library
* Sat Jul 17 2010
  - Updated to version
* Tue Feb 16 2010
  - added a baselibs.conf (for libxine1 baselibs)
* Wed May 06 2009
  - Changes reviewed and signed-off.
* Wed Apr 29 2009
  - Updated to version 0.8.7.
    * small fixes contributed since last release
    * buffer overflow fix (already fixed in openSUSE)
* Tue Apr 21 2009
  - Package added to openSUSE Factory - gstreamer-0_10-plugins-bad
    now depend on external libmodplug. Source: OBS home:RedDwarf.
  - Rename and split according to shared library policy.
  - Updated to version 0.8.6:
    * small fixes contributed since last release
    * fixed libmodplug s3m boundary check overflow vulnerability in
      Amiga MED and OctaMED files (bnc#496541, securityfocus#30801)
  - Fixed invalid delete (bnc#443444).
  - Fixed timidity.cfg path.
* Mon Mar 23 2009
  - First OBS version, from Packman



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