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gzip-1.10-lp152.2.6.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.2 updates for armv7hl

Name: gzip Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 1.10 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.2.6.1 Build date: Tue Apr 6 16:14:27 2021
Group: Productivity/Archiving/Compression Build host: obs-arm-5
Size: 315922 Source RPM: gzip-1.10-lp152.2.6.1.src.rpm
Summary: GNU Zip Compression Utilities
Gzip reduces the size of the named files using Lempel-Ziv coding LZ77.
Whenever possible, each file is replaced by one with the extension .gz,
while keeping the same ownership modes and access and modification






* Thu Mar 04 2021 Kristyna Streitova <>
  - gzip.spec: move %patch10 from the ifarch condition (mistake)
* Wed Jan 27 2021 Kristyna Streitova <>
  - add gzip-1.10-fix_count_of_lines_to_skip.patch to fix count
    of lines to skip [bsc#1180713]
* Wed Sep 02 2020 Kristyna Streitova <>
  - Enable DFLTCC compression for s390x for levels 1-6 (i. e. to make
    it used by default) by adding -DDFLTCC_LEVEL_MASK=0x7e to CLFAGS.
* Tue Aug 27 2019 Kristyna Streitova <>
  - refresh gzip-1.10-ibm_dfltcc_support.patch to fix three data
    corruption issues [bsc#1145276] [jsc#SLE-5818] [jsc#SLE-8914]
* Thu Jun 06 2019 Kristýna Streitová <>
  - add gzip-1.10-ibm_dfltcc_support.patch [jsc#SLE-5818] [jsc#SLE-8914]
    * it adds support for DFLTCC (hardware-accelerated deflation)
      for s390x arch
    * enable it via "--enable-dfltcc" option
* Sun Dec 30 2018
  - gzip 1.10:
    * Compressed gzip output no longer contains the current time as
      a timestamp when the input is not a regular file.  Instead, the
      output contains a null (zero) timestamp.  This makes gzip's
      behavior more reproducible when used as part of a pipeline.
    * A use of uninitialized memory on some malformed inputs has been
    * A few theoretical race conditions in signal handers have been
  - drop upstreamed patches:
    * gnulib-libio.patch
    * gzip-1.8-deprecate_netstat.patch
* Wed Aug 01 2018
  - gnulib-libio.patch: Update gnulib for libio.h removal
* Thu Feb 22 2018
  - Use %license (boo#1082318)
* Fri Jan 12 2018
  - license is GPL-3.0+
* Thu Jan 11 2018
  - Update to 1.9
    * Fix suffix handling
    * Fix bug when handling pack format while decompressing
    * Fix time handling bug
    * Improve exit code handling for shell scripts
  - remove gzip-1.8-fix_unpack_EOB_check.patch as it is included
    upstream now
  - refresh manpage-no-date.patch
  - spec file cleanups
* Tue Jan 02 2018
  - add gzip-1.8-deprecate_netstat.patch to get rid of deprecated
    'netstat -n' command in tests/ script
* Fri Dec 01 2017
  - add gzip-1.8-fix_unpack_EOB_check.patch to fix mishandling of
    leading zeros in the end-of-block code [bsc#1067891]
* Wed May 31 2017
  - Make build reproducible in spite of gcc profile based optimizations
* Tue May 30 2017
  - changing the way how gcc profiling is generating to have a reproducible
* Tue Apr 11 2017
  - define %{_buildshell} to /bin/bash as we newly rely on bash
    features like {1..9}
* Thu Mar 23 2017
  - cleanup with spec-cleaner
  - use loop with a range instead of a number list
* Wed Apr 27 2016
  - Update to 1.8
    * gzip -l no longer falsely reports a write error when writing to
      a pipe.
    * Port to Oracle Solaris Studio 12 on x86-64.
    * When configuring gzip, ./configure DEFS='...-DNO_ASM...' now
      suppresses assembler again.
  - Small spec file cleanup
* Tue Mar 29 2016
  - Version update to release 1.7:
    * gzip now accepts the --synchronous option
    * gzip now accepts the --rsyncable option
    * The GZIP environment variable is now obsolescent
    * Installed programs like 'zgrep' now use the PATH environment variable as
      usual to find subsidiary programs like 'gzip' and 'grep'
  - Remove obsolete patch tempfile.diff
  - Remove upstreamed patch gzip-rsyncable.diff
  - Rebase manpage-no-date.patch to apply to 1.7 version
* Tue Mar 29 2016
  - Rename reproducible.patch to something actually explanatory:
    * manpage-no-date.patch
* Sun Mar 20 2016
  - Add reproducible.patch to fix build-compare
* Fri Dec 19 2014
  - build with PIE



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