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libgjs-devel-1.50.4-lp150.3.3.1 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 updates for ppc64le

Name: libgjs-devel Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 1.50.4 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.3.3.1 Build date: Mon Jul 22 10:05:27 2019
Group: Development/Libraries/GNOME Build host: obs-power8-03
Size: 11481 Source RPM: gjs-1.50.4-lp150.3.3.1.src.rpm
Summary: Development files for the GJS library
This module contains JavaScript bindings based on gobject-introspection and the
Mozilla SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine.






* Tue Jun 11 2019
  - Add gjs-aggressive-gc.patch (bsc#1093541). This ensures the GC
    runs repeatedly until there are no more objects to be destroyed.
* Thu Jun 06 2019 Chingkai <>
  - Add gjs-disable-destroyed-object-criticals.patch: We have a bunch of
    corruption right now spamming the log. This commit gets rid of the
    spam unless G_MESSAGES_DEBUG is set (glgo#GNOME/gjs!71, boo#1117221).
* Mon Feb 19 2018
  - Do not try to build against s390 anymore, since it doesn't build
    with mozjs54 and s390 is only for compability with old
    applications (gjs doesn't qualifies).
* Tue Jan 30 2018
  - Update to version 1.50.4:
    + Gnome Shell crash with places-status extension when you plug an
      USB device (glgo#gjs#33 and glgo#gjs#38).
  - Changes from version 1.50.3:
    + GJS will now log a warning when a GObject is accessed in
      Javascript code after the underlying object has been freed in
      C. (This used to work most of the time, but crash
      unpredictably.) We now prevent this situation which, is usually
      by caused a memory management bug in the underlying C library.
    + Closed bugs and merge requests:
    - Add checks for GObjects that have been finalized
      (glgo#gjs#21, glgo#gjs#23, glgo#gjs#25, glgo#gjs#28,
    - Test "Cairo context has methods when created from a C
      function" fails (glgo#gjs#27, glgo#gjs#35).
    - Various fixes from the master branch for rare crashes.
* Tue Oct 31 2017
  - Update to version 1.50.2:
    + Closed bugs and merge requests:
    - tweener: Fix a couple of warnings.
    - legacy: Allow ES6 classes to inherit from abstract Lang.Class
    + Minor bugfixes.
  - Update Url to current Gjs'
    project web page.
  - Alignment BuildRequires with configure:
    + Add pkgconfig(*): cairo-gobject, gio-2.0, gobject-2.0 and
    + Drop pkgconfig(libmozjs-52) and libxml2-tools.
* Tue Oct 03 2017
  - Update to version 1.50.1:
    + As a debugging aid, gjs_dumpstack() now works even during
      garbage collection.
    + Code coverage tools did not work so well in the last few 1.49
      releases. The worst problems are now fixed, although even more
      improvements will be released in the next unstable version.
      Fixes include:
    - Specifing prefixes for code coverage files now works again.
    - Code coverage now works on lines inside ES6 class
    - The detection of which lines are executable has been improved
      a bit.
* Mon Sep 11 2017
  - Rectify summaries.
* Mon Sep 11 2017
  - Update to version 1.50.0:
    + Relicense coverage.cpp and coverage.h to the same license as
      the rest of GJS (bgo#787263).
  - Change license back to MIT.
* Tue Sep 05 2017
  - Update to version 1.49.92:
    + It's now possible to build GJS with sanitizers (ASan and
      UBSan) enabled; add "--enable-asan" and "--enable-ubsan" to
      your configure flags.
    + There's also a "make check-valgrind" target which will run
      GJS's test suite under Valgrind to catch memory leaks and
      threading races.
    + Many of the crashes in GNOME 3.24 were caused by GJS's closure
      invalidation code which had to change from the known-working
      state in 1.46 because of changes to SpiderMonkey's garbage
      collector. This code has been refactored to be less
      complicated, which will hopefully improve stability and
    + Docs tweaks.
    + Bugs fixed: bgo#783220, bgo#786668, bgo#786995, bgo#787113.
* Mon Sep 04 2017
  - Temporariliy change license to GPL-2.0+: there are a couple files
    in the source tree, that link into libgjs and bring the code to
    GPL-2.0+ level; upstream is working on relicensing them
* Tue Aug 22 2017
  - Update to version 1.49.91:
    + Deprecation: The private "__name__" property on Lang.Class
      instances is now discouraged. Code should not have been using
      this anyway, but if it did then it should use the "name"
      property on the class (this.__name__ should become, which is compatible with ES6 classes.
    + Closed bugs:
    - Use ES6 classes (bgo#785652).
    - A few fixes for stack traces and error reporting
    - /proc/self/stat is read for every frame if GC was not needed
    + Build fix.
* Mon Aug 21 2017
  - Update to version 1.49.90:
    + New API: GObject.registerClass(), intended for use with ES6
    + Misc 1.49 and mozjs52 enhancements (bgo#785040).
    + Switch to native promises (bgo#784713).
    + Can't call exports using top-level variable toString
    + Properties no longer recognized when shadowed by a method
    + Backport of changes required for use with mozjs-55.
  - Changes from version 1.49.6:
    + GJS crash in needsPostBarrier, possible access from wrong
      thread (bgo#783935).
  - Changes from version 1.49.4:
    + This version of GJS is based on SpiderMonkey 52.
    + New language features
    - ES6 classes.
    - Async functions and await operator.
    - Reflect - built-in object with methods for interceptable
    + Backwards-incompatible changes
    - Non-standard "let expressions" and "let blocks" (e.g.,
      `let (x = 5) { use(x) }`) are not supported any longer
    - Non-standard flags argument to String.match(),
      String.replace(), and (e.g.
      `str.replace('foo', 'bar', 'g')`) is now ignored.
    - Non-standard WeakSet.clear() method has been removed.
    - Variables declared with let and const are now 'global lexical
      bindings', as per the ES6 standard, meaning that they will
      not be exported in modules.
    + Closed bugs:
    - Prepare for SpiderMonkey 45 and 52 (bgo#781429).
    - Add a static analysis tool as a make target (bgo#783214).
    - Fix the build with debug logs enabled (bgo#784469).
    - Switch to SpiderMonkey 52 (bgo#784196).
    - Test suite fails when run with JIT enabled (bgo#616193).
  - Replace pkgconfig(mozjs-38) BuildRequires for
    pkgconfig(mozjs-52), following upstreams port.
  - Add libxml2-tools BuildRequires: new dependency.
* Wed Aug 16 2017
  - Update to version 1.49.3:
    + Fixes in preparation for SpiderMonkey 52.
    + Use the Centricular fork of libffi to build on Windows.
    + Use a C++ auto pointer instead of g_autofree (bgo#777597).
    + Build failure in GNOME Continuous (bgo#783031).
* Wed Aug 16 2017
  - Update to version 1.49.2:
    + New feature: When building an app with the Package module,
      using the Meson build system, you can now run the app with
      "ninja run" and all the paths will be set up correctly.
    + New feature: Gio.ListStore is now iterable.
    + New API: Package.requireSymbol(), a companion for the already
      existing Package.require(), that not only checks for a GIR
      library but also for a symbol defined in that library.
    + New API: Package.checkSymbol(), similar to
      Package.requireSymbol() but does not exit if the symbol was not
      found. Use this to support older versions of a GIR library with
      fallback functionality.
    + New API: System.dumpHeap(), for debugging only. Prints the
      state of the JS engine's heap to standard output. Takes an
      optional filename parameter which will dump to a file instead
      if given.
    + Fixes in preparation for SpiderMonkey 52.
    + Misc fixes.
    + Bugs fixed: bgo#775868, bgo#781882, bgo#781882, bgo#782065,
      bgo#782069, bgo#779593, bgo#782310, bgo#781219, bgo#780106.
* Wed Aug 16 2017
  - Update to version 1.49.1:
    + test GObject Class failure (bgo#693676).
    + Enable incremental GCs (bgo#724797).
    + Don't silently accept extra arguments to C functions
    + Special case GValues in signals and properties (bgo#688128).
    + [cairo]: Instantiate wrappers properly (bgo#614413).
    + Warn if we're importing an unversioned namespace (bgo#689654).
    + Fixes in preparation for SpiderMonkey 45.
* Wed Aug 16 2017
  - Update to version 1.48.6:
    + GJS crash in needsPostBarrier, possible access from wrong
      thread - more fixes for bgo#783935.
* Wed Jun 21 2017
  - Update to version 1.48.5:
    + GJS crash in needsPostBarrier, possible access from wrong
      thread (bgo#783935).
    + Fix format string, caught by static analysis.
    + Fixes for regression in 1.48.4.
* Fri Jun 16 2017
  - Update to version 1.48.4:
    + gnome-shell 3.24.1 crash on wayland (bgo#781799).
* Sun May 07 2017
  - Update to version 1.48.3:
    + arg: don't crash when asked to convert a null strv to an array
    + gjs 1.48.0: does not compile on macOS with clang (bgo#780350).
    + Modernize shell scripts (bgo#781806).
  - Changes from version 1.48.2:
    + Intermittent crash in gnome-shell, probably in weak pointer
      updating code (bgo#781194).
    + Add contributor's guide (bgo#781297).
    + Misc fixes.
* Mon Apr 10 2017
  - Update to version 1.48.1:
    + gjs crashed with SIGSEGV in gjs_object_from_g_object
    + Misc bug fixes.
* Thu Mar 23 2017
  - Drop redundant %clean section.
* Mon Mar 20 2017
  - Update to version 1.48.0:
    + Memory leak in object_instance_resolve() (bgo#780171).
  - Drop gjs-object-Fix-memory-leak-in-resolve.patch: fixed upstream.
* Thu Mar 16 2017
  - Add patch gjs-object-Fix-memory-leak-in-resolve.patch: The "name"
    string, allocated in gjs_get_string_id(), wasn't getting freed at
    every exit point of the function (bgo#780171).
* Tue Mar 14 2017
  - Update to version 1.47.92:
    + gjs 1.47.91 configure fails with Fedora's mozjs38 (bgo#779412).
    + tests: Don't fail when Gtk+-4.0 is available (bgo#779594).
    + gjs 1.47.91 test failures on non-amd64 (bgo#779399).
    + gjs_eval_thread should always be set (bgo#779693).
    + System.exit() should exit even across main loop iterations
    + Fix a typo in (bgo#779772).
    + arg: Fix accidental fallthrough (bgo#779838).
    + jsUnit: Explicitly check if tempTop.parent is defined
    + Misc bug fixes.
  - Drop mozjs38 BuildRequires and stop passing JS_INTERP=/usr/bin/js
    to configure: No longer needed after upstream fixes.
* Tue Feb 28 2017
  - Update to version 1.47.91:
    + overrides/Gio: Provide an empty array on error, rather than
      null (bgo#677513).
    + WithSignals parameter for Lang.Class (bgo#664897).
    + Add API to better support asynchronous code (bgo#608450).
    + Fix 1.47.90 tests are failing (bgo#778780).
    + boxed: Plug a memory leak (bgo#779036).
    + Don't crash when marshalling an unsafe integer from
      introspection (bgo#778705).
    + Lang.Class should include symbol properties (bgo#778718).
    + Console output of arrays should be UTF-8 aware (bgo#778729).
    + Various fixes for 1.47.91 (bgo#779293).
    + Progress towards a Visual Studio build of GJS on Windows.
    + Misc bug fixes.
  - Pass JS_INTERP=/usr/bin/js to configure in order to help it find
    the default, unversioned js binary.
  - Add moyjs38 BuildRequires: the mozjs interpreter is not installed
    per default together with mozjs-devel.
* Wed Feb 15 2017
  - Update to version 1.47.90:
    + This version of GJS is based on SpiderMonkey 38.
    + Syntax enhancements.
    + Various API additions.
    + Backwards-incompatible changes:
    - It is now a syntax error to declare the same variable twice
      with "let" or "const" in the same scope. Existing code may
      need to be fixed, but the fix is trivial.
      + SpiderMonkey is now extra vocal about warning when you access
      an undefined property, and this causes some false positives.
      You can turn this warning off by setting
      + When enumerating the importer object (i.e.,
      "for (let i in imports) {...}") you will now get the names of
      any built-in modules that have previously been imported.
    + Bugs fixed: bgo#776966, bgo#777205, bgo#642506, bgo#776549,
  - Replace pkgconfig(mozjs-31) BuildRequires with
    pkgconfig(mozjs-38), following upstreams port.
* Fri Jan 20 2017
  - Update to version 1.47.4:
    + News for GJS embedders such as gnome-shell:
    - New API: The GjsCoverage type and its methods are now
      exposed. Use this if you are embedding GJS and need to output
      code coverage statistics.
    + Bugs fixed: bgo#563391, bgo#619710, bgo#636283, bgo#697020,
      bgo#730101, bgo#737607, bgo#742852, bgo#751146, bgo#760057,
      bgo#775444, bgo#775776, bgo#776193, bgo#776938.
* Tue Dec 13 2016
  - Update to version 1.47.3:
    + New JavaScript features! This version of GJS is based on
      SpiderMonkey 31, an upgrade from the previous ESR (Extended
      Support Release) of SpiderMonkey 24.
    + New syntax:
    - Spread operator in function calls: someFunction(arg1, arg2,
    - Generator functions: yield, function*, yield*.
    - Binary and octal numeric literals: 0b10011100, 0o377.
    - Function arguments without defaults can now come after those
      with defaults: function f(x=1, y) {}.
    + New standard library module: Intl - Locale-sensitive formatting
      and string comparison.
    + New behaviour:
    - -0 and +0 are now considered equal as Map keys and Set
    - On typed arrays, numerical indexed properties ignore the
      prototype object:
      Int8Array.prototype[20] = 'foo';(new Int8Array(32))[20] == 0.
    + New non-standard Mozilla extensions:
    - Array comprehensions.
    - Generator comprehensions; both were originally proposed for
      ES6 but removed.
    + Bugs fixed: bgo#573335, bgo#595439, bgo#605972, bgo#742249,
      bgo#751252, bgo#770244, bgo#771598, bgo#771745, bgo#772027,
      bgo#772033, bgo#772386, bgo#772790, bgo#773297, bgo#773335,
  - Replace pkgconfig(mozjs-24) BuildRequires with
    pkgconfig(mozjs-31), following upstreams port.
* Thu Nov 10 2016
  - Update to version 1.47.0:
    + Backwards-incompatible change: we have changed the way certain
      JavaScript values are marshalled into GObject introspection 32
      or 64-bit signed integer values, to match the ECMA standard.
    + Backwards-incompatible change: we have changed the way
      gjs-console interprets command-line arguments.
  - Add pkgconfig(gtk+-3.0) BuildRequires: enable GTK+ support.
* Tue Sep 20 2016
  - Update to version 1.46.0:
    + Be future proof against Format fixes in SpiderMonkey
* Tue Jul 19 2016
  - Update to version 1.45.4:
    + Release out args before freeing caller-allocated structs
    + Marshal variable array-typed signal arguments (bgo#761659).
    + Marshal all structs in out arrays correctly (bgo#761658).
    + Call setlocale() before processing arguments (bgo#760424).
    + Build fixes and improvements: bgo#737702, bgo#761072,
      bgo#761366, bgo#765905, bgo#767368.
* Fri Apr 15 2016
  - Update to GNOME 3.20  Fate#318572
* Fri Dec 18 2015
  - Update to version 1.45.3:
    + Support external construction of gjs-defined GObjects
    + Add new format.printf() API (bgo#689664).
    + Add new API to get the name of a repository (bgo#685413).
    + Add C to JS support for arrays of flat structures (bgo#704842).
    + Add API to specify CSS node name (bgo#758349).
    + Return value of default signal handler for "on_signal_name"
    + Fix multiple emissions of onOverwrite in Tweener (bgo#597927).
    + Misc bug fixes: bgo#727370, bgo#623330, bgo#667908,
* Mon Nov 02 2015
  - Update to version 1.44.0:
    + Add Lang.Interface and GObject.Interface (bgo#751343,
    + Support callbacks with (transfer full) return types
    + Add binding for setlocale() (bgo#753072).
    + Improve support to generate code coverage reports (bgo#743009,
      bgo#743007, bgo#742362, bgo#742535, bgo#742797, bgo#742466,
    + Report errors from JS property getters/setters (bgo#730101).
    + Fix crash when garbage collection triggers while inside an init
      function (bgo#742517).
    + Port to CallReceiver/CallArgs (bgo#742249).
    + Misc bug fixes (bgo#736979, bgo#753072, bgo#750688).
* Wed Feb 04 2015
  - Require gjs by the devel package: a user installing the -devel
    package expects the interpreter to also be present.
* Sun Dec 21 2014
  - Update to version 1.43.3:
    + GTypeClass and GTypeInterface methods, such as
      g_object_class_list_properties(), are now available
    + Added full automatic support for GTK widget templates
      (bgo#700347, bgo#737661, bgo##739739).
    + Added control of JS Date caches to system module (bgo#739790).
    + Misc bug fixes and memory leak fixes (bgo#738122, bgo#740696,



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