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mutt-1.10.1-lp150.2.3.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 updates for armv7hl

Name: mutt Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 1.10.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.2.3.1 Build date: Fri Jul 27 14:15:41 2018
Group: Productivity/Networking/Email/Clients Build host: armbuild21
Size: 1462829 Source RPM: mutt-1.10.1-lp150.2.3.1.src.rpm
Summary: Mail Program
A very powerful mail user agent. It supports (among other nice things)
highlighting, threading, and PGP. It takes some time to get used to,
however. This version is based on NeoMutt, that is it includes many






* Tue Jul 17 2018
  - Update to mutt 1.10.1 (boo#1101428)
    This is an important bug-fix release, fixing a code injection
    and a couple path traversal vulnerabilities.
    This also covers
    * CVE-2018-14363 bnc#1101566
    * CVE-2018-14362 bnc#1101567
    * CVE-2018-14361 bnc#1101568
    * CVE-2018-14360 bnc#1101569
    * CVE-2018-14359 bnc#1101570
    * CVE-2018-14358 bnc#1101571
    * CVE-2018-14357 bnc#1101573
    * CVE-2018-14356 bnc#1101576
    * CVE-2018-14355 bnc#1101577
    * CVE-2018-14354 bnc#1101578
    * CVE-2018-14353 bnc#1101581
    * CVE-2018-14352 bnc#1101582
    * CVE-2018-14351 bnc#1101583
    * CVE-2018-14350 bnc#1101588
    * CVE-2018-14349 bnc#1101589
  - Modified patches
    * bug-676388-largefile.patch
    * mutt-1.5.15-wrapcolumn.diff
    * mutt-1.5.20-sendgroupreplyto.diff
    * mutt-1.5.23-carriage-return.path
    * mutt-1.6.1-opennfs.dif
    * patch-1.5.24.vk.pgp_verbose_mime
    * truncate.patch
* Thu Jul 05 2018
  - Skip neomutt now (boo#1094717)
    * There exists a package neomutt
    * mutt-1.10.0 uses a lot of extensions now like compessed folders
      and header caching, but still misses things like notmuch
  - Modified patches
    * aw.listreply.diff
    * bsc907453-CVE-2014-9116-jessie.patch
    * bug-676388-largefile.patch
    * mutt-1.5.15-wrapcolumn.diff
    * mutt-1.5.20-sendgroupreplyto.diff
    * mutt-1.5.21-mailcap.diff
    * mutt-1.5.23-carriage-return.path
    * mutt-1.5.9i-pgpewrap.diff
    * mutt-1.6.1-opennfs.dif
    * patch-1.5.24.vk.pgp_verbose_mime
    * widechar.sidebar.dif
  - Renamed patch: mutt-1.9.1.dif becomes mutt-1.10.0.dif
  - Deleted patches mutt-1.9.0-1.9.1.patch neomutt-c030a8b.patch
  - Add patch truncate.patch to avoid truncated buffers due snprintf
* Tue Oct 24 2017
  - Add patch mutt-1.9.0-1.9.1.patch which is a backport of the
    mutt upstream patch diff-1.9.0-1.9.1 to neomutt 20170912
  - Rename patch mutt-1.9.0.dif which now becomes mutt-1.9.1.dif
* Wed Oct 04 2017
  - Add patch neomutt-c030a8b.patch from upstream commit to fix
* Fri Sep 15 2017
  - Update to neomutt 20170912 which updates to mutt 1.9.0
      Add guix build support
      Only match real mailboxes when looking for new mail
      Fix the printing of ncurses version in -v output
      Bind editor <delete> to delete-char
      Fix overflowing colours
      Fix empty In-Reply-To generation
      Trim trailing slash from completed dirs
      Add guix-neomutt.scm
      Fix setting custom query_type in notmuch query
      Better curses identification
      Use the system's wchar_t support
      Use the system's md5 tool (or equivalent)
      Clean up
      Teach gen-map-doc about the new opcode header
      Rename functions (snake_case)
      Rename constants/defines (UPPER_CASE)
      Create library of shared functions
      Much tidying
      Rename globals to match user config
      Drop unnecessary functions/macros
      Use a standard list implementation
      Coverity fixes
      Use explicit NUL for string terminators
      Drop OPS* in favour of opcodes.h
      Fix menu color calls to occur before positioning the cursor
      When guessing an attachment type, don't allow text/plain if there is a null character
      Add $imap_poll_timeout to allow mailbox polling to time out
      Handle error if REGCOMP in pager fails when resizing
      Change recvattach to allow nested encryption
      Fix attachment check_traditional and extract_keys operations
      Add edit-content-type helper and warning for decrypted attachments
      Add option to run command to query attachment mime type
      Add warning about using inline pgp with format=flowed
  - Rename patch mutt-1.8.3.dif which becomes now mutt-1.9.0.dif
  - Modify the patches
    * aw.listreply.diff
    * bsc907453-CVE-2014-9116-jessie.patch
    * bug-676388-largefile.patch
    * mutt-1.5.15-wrapcolumn.diff
    * mutt-1.5.20-sendgroupreplyto.diff
    * mutt-1.5.21-mailcap.diff
    * mutt-1.5.23-carriage-return.path
    * mutt-1.5.9i-pgpewrap.diff
    * mutt-1.6.1-opennfs.dif
    * patch-1.5.24.vk.pgp_verbose_mime
    * widechar.sidebar.dif
* Thu Aug 10 2017
  - Switch to hunspell as default spell-checking software wrt
  - Write SUSE in the skel.muttrc instead of SuSE
  - Use the right folder for unpacking instead of symlink
    * fixes quilt setup
* Thu Jul 13 2017
  - If built with gnutls, set ssl_ca_certificates_file to avoid
    warning about "server cert signed using an insecure algorithm"
* Wed Jul 12 2017
  - Add buildconditional for openssl/gnutls
    Disable gnutls, there can be only one of them and openssl was used
  - Use pkgconfig to refer to openssl/gnutls
  - Remove uneeded builddeps and recommends for smtp_daemon by
    specifying the path to sendmail
  - Remove uneeded builddep for ispell by specifying the path to it
  - Update doc builddeps: add opensp, libxslt-tools, w3m
    drop docbook_4,libxml2,libxslt,lynx,sgml-skel,xli
  - Remove unneeded builddeps: fdupes,glibc-i18ndata,libassuan,
  - Wrap desktop files handing in suse_version
  - Remove included krb5-config, the copy in the devel pkg is good enough
  - Use configure macro for ordinary autoconf result
  - Build manual.txt with w3m to properly dump tables
  - Move Requires perl-Expect to doc pkg, make it a Recommends
  - Consistent suse_version for shared-mime-info usage
  - Unconditional libgpgme usage
  - Unconditional autoreconf
* Tue Jun 13 2017
  - Update to neomutt 20170609 which updates to mutt 1.8.3
    + Warn on bindkey aliasing
    + Drop PATCHES, tidy 'mutt -v' output
    + Add %z format strings to index_format
    + Add debug_level/debug_file options
    + Fix nntp group selection
    + Fix status color
    + Tidy up S/MIME contrib
    + Do not try to create Maildir if it is an NNTP URI
    + Fix missing NONULL for mutt.set() in Lua
    + Fix German PGP shortkeys
    + Remove feature muttrc files
    + Merge README.notmuch into manual
    + Remove unneded scripts
    + Remove BEWARE and devel-notes.txt
    + Update Makefiles
    + Delete TODO files
    + Remove legacy files
    + Don't generate vim-neomutt syntax file
    + Remove LaTeX/pdf manual generation
    + Add missing docs for expandos
    + Fix sidebar howto examples
    + Remove some upstream references
    + Drop refs to patches
    + Improve PR template and
    + Fix list items in newbie-tutorial's Mailing List Guidelines
    + Remove configure options that no longer exist
    + fix newbie tutorial
    + document signing tags / releases
    + config: drop unused paginate command
    + script: split tests up into several
    + convert credits page to markdown
    + simpify 404 page
    + improve newbie tutorial
    + remove help.html and integrate its content elsewhere
    + make: "graphviz" program is needed for generating diagram
    + improve getting started guide // include legacy files
    + dev: add list of architectures/operating systems
    + numerous small fixes
    + Remove typedefs and rename ~130 structs
    + Add separate hcache dir
    + Move crypto files to ncrypt dir
    + Split up mutt.h, protos.h
    + Always build: sidebar, imap, pop, smtp, compressed, nntp
    + Remove --enable-mailtool configure option
    + Make dotlock optional
    + Change gpgme requirement back to 1.1.0
    + Remove
    + Fix safe_calloc args
    + Remove unused macros
    + Remove unused option: SmimeSignOpaqueCommand
    + Move configure-generated files
    + Update distcheck build flags
    + Drop obsolete iconv check
    + Unused prototypes - unsupported systems
    + Drop many configure tests for things defined in POSIX:2001
    + Kill useless crypthash.h file
    + Run clang-format on the code
    + Fail early if ncursesw cannot be found
    + Add names prototype arguments
    + Abbreviate pointer tests against NULL
    + Initialise pointers to NULL
    + Reduce the scope of for loop variables
    + Coverity: fix defects
    + Convert all exec calls to use mutt_envlist(), remove setenv function
    + Note that mbox-hooks are dependent on $move
    + Refresh header color when updating label
    + Remove glibc-specific execvpe() call in sendlib.c
    + Add color commands for the compose menu headers and security status
    + Fix sidebar count updates when closing mailbox
    + Don't modify LastFolder/CurrentFolder upon aborting a change folder operation
    + Change message modifying operations to additively set redraw flags
    + Improve maildir and mh to report flag changes in mx_check_mailbox()
    + Add $header_color_partial to allow partial coloring of headers
    + Create R_PAGER_FLOW config variable flag
    + Turn IMAP_EXPUNGE_EXPECTED back off when syncing
    + Add $history_remove_dups option to remove dups from history ring
    + Also remove duplicates from the history file
    + Don't filter new entries when compacting history save file
    + Move the IMAP msn field to IMAP_HEADER_DATA
    + Fix imap expunge to match msn and fix index
    + Fix cmd_parse_fetch() to match against MSN
    + Start fixing imap_read_headers() to account for MSN gaps
    + Add msn_index and max_msn to find and check boundaries by MSN
    + Properly adjust fetch ranges when handling new mail
    + Small imap fetch fixes
    + Don't abort header cache evaluation when there is a hole
    + Fix mfc overflow check and uninitialized variable
    + Fix potential segv if mx_open_mailbox is passed an empty string
    + Don't clean up idata when closing an open-append mailbox
    + Don't clean up msn idata when closing an open-append mailbox
    + Fix memory leak when closing mailbox and using the sidebar
    + Change imap body cache cleanup to use the uid_hash
    + Convert classic s/mime to space delimit findKeys output
    + Add self-encrypt options for PGP and S/MIME
    + Change $postpone_encrypt to use self-encrypt variables first
    + Automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.8.3
    + Add note about message scoring and thread patterns
    + unbind mappings before overwriting in vim-keys
    + latest coverity issues (#624)
    + don't pass colour-codes to filters
    + Don't set a colour unless it's been defined.
    + crash if no from is set or founds
    + ifdef command
    + fix translations
    + fix some remaining translation problems
    + explain binding warnings
    + don't document unsupported arches
    + fix make git_ver.h
    + allow xsltproc and w3m calls to fail
    + fix make dist
    + Add a mutt_endwin() before invoking $sendmail
    + Restore setenv function
    + Fix tag-prefix to not abort on $timeout
    + Change km_dokey() to return -2 on a timeout/sigwinch
    + Enable TEXTDOMAINDIR override to make translation testing easier
    + Fix "format string is not a string literal" warnings
  - Modifyed and ported patches
    * aw.listreply.diff
    * bsc907453-CVE-2014-9116-jessie.patch
    * bug-676388-largefile.patch
    * mutt-1.5.15-wrapcolumn.diff
    * mutt-1.5.20-sendgroupreplyto.diff
    * mutt-1.5.21-mailcap.diff
    * mutt-1.5.23-carriage-return.path
    * mutt-1.6.1-opennfs.dif
    * patch-1.5.24.vk.pgp_verbose_mime
    * widechar.sidebar.dif
  - Delete patch mutt-1.8.2-from4crypt.diff now upstream
  - Renamed patch mutt-1.8.2.dif which becomes mutt-1.8.3.dif
* Wed May 10 2017
  - Add patch mutt-1.8.2-from4crypt.diff
    to fix crash in crypt.c if no From is found or set
* Mon May 01 2017
  - Switch form TokyoCabinet over to KyotoCabinet
* Sun Apr 30 2017
  - Remove warning
* Sun Apr 30 2017
  - Make header cache work again, using TokyoCabinet as backend
  - Remove now-obsolete configure parameters
* Sun Apr 30 2017
  - call gzip -n to make build more reproducible
* Sat Apr 29 2017
  - Yet an other package split: now there is a mutt-lang
* Sat Apr 29 2017
  - Provide a hint on the package split
* Fri Apr 28 2017
  - Move some extend documentation about mutt in a seperate package
  - Remove as mutt now have a de.po as well
* Fri Apr 28 2017
  - Update to neomutt 20170421 which updates to mutt 1.8.2
    1.8.2 Bug fix release.
    1.8.1 Bug fix release.
    - $locale has been removed.  Mutt now respects the LC_TIME setting
      instead.  See also $attribution_locale.
    + $attribution_locale can be used to override the date formatting in
      attribution strings.  When unset, Mutt will use the locale
      environment, but note the default value of $date_format has a
      leading '!' which says to use the C-locale.
    ! Message-id and mail-followup-to headers are now preserved for recalled
    + <unsidebar_whitelist> added to complement <sidebar_whitelist>.
    ! The pager position is reset to the top when toggling header-weed.
    ! IMAP messages moved to $trash via server-side copy are marked as read.
    + <root-message> jumps to the root message of a thread.
    ! Piped text attachments are charset converted.
    + Added %F to $attach_format, to show the content-disposition filename.
      %d will fall back to %F which will fall back to %f.
    + <rename-attachment> allows an attachment name to be changed, without
      modifying the underlying file's name.
    ! Mutt will look for the user's muttrc additionally in
    + Compressed mbox and mmdf files are now supported via open-hook,
      close-hook, and append-hook.  See contrib/sample.muttrc-compress
      for suggested settings.  Note this is a compile-time option:
    - -enable-compressed.
    + When $flag_safe is set, flagged messages cannot be deleted.
    + The '@' pattern modifier can be used to limit matches to known aliases.
    + <mark-message> creates a hotkey binding to a specific message.  The hotkey
      prefix is specified via $mark_macro_prefix.
    + <setenv> and <unsetenv> can be used to add/remove environment variables
      passed to children.
    ! Mutt will now use the built-in OpenSSL SSL_set_verify() callback
      to verify certificates.  This allows better support for verifying
      chains, including alternative chain support.
    + $uncollapse_new controls whether a thread will be uncollapsed when a new
      message arrives.
    ! $to_chars and $status_chars now accept multibyte characters.
    + <subjectrx> allows replacing matching subjects with something else.
      This can be used to declutter subject lines in the index.
    + <edit-label> can be used to add, change, or delete a message's X-Label.
    ! Pattern expressions with ~y support label tab completion.
    + The header cache now also supports Kyoto Cabinet and LMDB as
      backend databases.
    1.7.2 (2016-12-04):
    ! Bug fix release.  No features were modified or added.
    ! Fixes for OpenSSL 1.1.  Versions less than 0.9.6 are no longer supported.
    1.7.1 (2016-10-08):
    ! Bug fix release.  No features were modified or added.
    1.7.0 (2016-08-18):
    ! Improved alignment when using multi-column characters with
      soft-fill (%*X) and right-justified (%>X) format strings.
    + The COLUMNS environment variable will be set to the width of the
      pager when invoking display filters.  This can be used in
      copiousoutput mailcap entries to allow their output to match the
      pager width.
    + The sidebar patch has been merged.  Please watch for airborne
      bovine.  See the documentation for all the options, or simply
      enable it with 'set sidebar_visible'.
    + $mail_check_stats and $mail_check_stats_interval control whether,
      and how often, to scan for unread, flagged, and total message
      counts when checking for new mail in mailboxes.  These statistics
      can be displayed in the sidebar and browser.
    + $trash, when set, specifies the path of the folder where mails
      marked for deletion will be moved, instead of being irremediably
    + The <purge-message> function can be used to delete an entry and
      bypass the trash folder.
    + $folder_format has new format strings %m and %n, to display
      total and unread message counts for mailboxes.  Note that
      $mail_check_stats should be enabled to use these.
    ! When browsing IMAP, %N will now display 'N', instead of the unread
      message count.  Please use %n to display unread messages.
  - Removed obsolete patches
    * COLS-workaround.dif
    * mutt-1.6.2-gpgme_set_sender.patch
  - Modifyed and ported patches
    * aw.listreply.diff
    * bsc907453-CVE-2014-9116-jessie.patch
    * bug-676388-largefile.patch
    * mutt-1.5.15-wrapcolumn.diff
    * mutt-1.5.20-sendgroupreplyto.diff
    * mutt-1.5.21-mailcap.diff
    * mutt-1.5.23-carriage-return.path
    * mutt-1.5.9i-pgpewrap.diff
    * mutt-1.6.1-opennfs.dif
    * patch-1.5.24.vk.pgp_verbose_mime
    * widechar.sidebar.dif
  - Renamed patch
    * mutt-1.6.2.dif becomes mutt-1.8.2.dif
* Mon Mar 06 2017
  - Explicite add package documentation directory to file list
* Thu Mar 02 2017
  - Also now recommend urlscan
* Wed Nov 23 2016
  - Add patch mutt-1.6.2-gpgme_set_sender.patch
    that is avoid name space clash with gpgme_set_sender() from gpgme
* Wed Nov 23 2016
  - Rename patch mutt-1.5.23-cariage-return.path to
  - Extend patch mutt-1.5.23-carriage-return.path
    Be sure that also signed messages from Android can be verified
    by gpgme interface of mutt
* Tue Sep 13 2016
  - Update to neomutt 20160826
      Disable fmemopen until bug is fixed
      Keybase portability improvements Joshua Jordi (@JakkinStewart)
      Keybase Integration - Joshua Jordi (@JakkinStewart)
    Bug Fixes:
      Fix notmuch crash toggling virtual folders
      Fix display of pager index when sidebar toggled
      Sidebar's inbox occasionally shows zero/wrong value
      Fix crash opening a second compressed mailbox
      Look for /etc/NeoMuttrc and ~/.neomuttrc
      Fix broken links, typos
      Update project link
      Fix version string in the manual
* Tue Jul 26 2016
  - Update to mutt version 1.6.2 (2016-07-01):
    * send.c: Check $pgp_autoinline and $pgp_replyinline if oppenc is set.
      (closes #3846)
    * The first oppenc call takes place after the initial checks of
      $pgp_autoline and $pgp_replyinline, and doesn't go through the pgp
    * Therefore, check for $pgp_autoline and $pgp_replyinline if oppenc is
      set too, to avoid oppenc enabling encryption without INLINE being
      set in those cases.
    * a6a4d6ed0f19 previously cleaned things up so that it is safe to set
      INLINE even if encryption isn't enabled.
    * keymap.c: Fix infinite loop when help is bound to a named key
    * Commit a07e8215a0ef introduced a bug in km_error_key, which is
      called when an unbound key is pressed.
    * If help is bound to a sequence containing named keys (e.g. <esc>),
      the raw (untokenized) string would be pushed back into the unget
      buffer. This could lead to an infinite loop of unbound key presses
      triggering more unbound keys being put into the unget buffer.
    * Change km_error_key to tokenize the string before putting it in the
      unget buffer.
    * Much thanks to Jiri Bohac for his bug report, analysis, and initial
  - Update to neomutt 20160723
    New Features
      New Mail Command - Execute a command on receipt of new mail
      vim-keybindings - Mutt config for vim users
      LMDB - In-memory header caching database
      SMIME Encrypt to Self - Secure storage of sensitive email
    Bug Fixes
      rework mutt_draw_statusline()
      fix cursor position after sidebar redraw
      Add sidebar_format flag ‘%n’ to display ‘N’ on new mail.
      fix index_format truncation problem
      Fix compiler warnings due to always true condition
      Change sidebar next/prev-new to look at buffy->new too.
      Change the default for sidebar_format to use %n.
      sidebar “unsorted” order to match Buffy list order.
      Include ncurses tinfo library if found.
      Sidebar width problem
      sidebar crash for non-existent mailbox
      Temporary compatibility workaround
      Reset buffy->new for the current mailbox in IMAP. regression
      crash when notmuch tries to read a message (boo#986534)
      status line wrapping
  - Modify patches
    * COLS-workaround.dif
    * aw.listreply.diff
    * bug-676388-largefile.patch
    * mutt-1.5.15-wrapcolumn.diff
    * mutt-1.5.20-sendgroupreplyto.diff
    * mutt-1.5.21-mailcap.diff
    * mutt-1.6.1-opennfs.dif
    * patch-1.5.24.vk.pgp_verbose_mime
    * widechar.sidebar.dif
  - Rename patch mutt-1.6.1.dif to mutt-1.6.2.dif
  - Delete patch mutt-1.5.21-tinfo.dif
* Mon Jun 13 2016
  - Update to neomutt 20160611
    - Temporarily disable $sidebar_refresh_time
      Unfortunately, this was causing too many problems.
      It will be fixed and re-enabled as soon as possible.
    - Fix several crashes, on startup, in Keywords
    - Reflow text now works as it should
    - Lots of typos fixed
    - Compress config bug prevented it working
    - Some minor bug-fixes from mutt/default
    - Single quote at line beginning misinterpreted by groff
    - Setting $sidebar_width to more than 128 would cause bad things to happen.
    - Fix alignment in the compose menu.
    - Fix sidebar buffy stats updating on mailbox close.
  - Modify patch mutt-1.6.1.dif, that is skip upstream of neo as now
    part of neo
  - Adopt patches COLS-workaround.dif, aw.listreply.diff,
    bug-676388-largefile.patch, mutt-1.5.21-tinfo.dif,
    mutt-1.6.1-opennfs.dif, and patch-1.5.24.vk.pgp_verbose_mime
* Thu Jun 02 2016
  - Yet an other crash due keywords.patch (boo#982129)
* Wed Jun 01 2016
  - Fix crash due keywords.patch which stumble over not existing
    standard mailbox (boo#982129)
* Tue May 31 2016
  - Update to neomutt 20160530
  - Avoid sidebar patch from bother other users (boo#982129)
  - Remove patch patch-1.6.1.rr.compressed.bz2 as now part of neumutt
* Fri May 20 2016
  - Enable some of the new patches like sidebar (boo#980830)
  - Add patch COLS-workaround.dif which should become removed once
    the sidebar patch does not modify COLS anymore
* Thu May 12 2016
  - Update to mutt version 1.6.1 (2016-05-01):
    ! Bug fix release.  No features were modified or added.
  - Add and use neomutt-patches-20160502.tar.gz from
  - Modify the patches
  - Modify and rename the patches
    mutt-1.6.0-opennfs.dif becomes mutt-1.6.1-opennfs.dif
    mutt-1.6.0.dif becomes mutt-1.6.1.dif
    patch-1.6.0.rr.compressed.bz2 becomes patch-1.6.1.rr.compressed.bz2
  - Remove the patches
    now upstream or part of neomutt patch collection
* Mon Apr 11 2016
  - Update to mutt version 1.6.0 (2016-04-04):
    + Enabled utf-8 mailbox support for IMAP.
    + New expandos %r and %R for comma separated list of To: and Cc:
      recipients respectively.
    + Improved support for internationalized email and SMTPUTF8 (RFC653[0-3]).
    ! $use_idn has been renamed to $idn_decode.
    + $idn_encode controls whether outgoing email address domains will
      be IDNA encoded.  If your MTA supports it, unset to use utf-8
      email address domains.
    + The S/MIME message digest algorithm is now specified using the
      option $smime_sign_digest_alg.  Note that $smime_sign_command
      should be modified to include "-md %d".  Please see
    + $reflow_space_quotes allows format=flowed email quotes to be
      displayed with spacing between them.
    ! multipart draft files are now supported.
    + The "-E" command line argument causes mutt to edit draft or include files.
      All changes made in mutt will be saved back out to those files.
    + $resume_draft_files and $resume_edited_draft_files control how
      mutt processes draft files.
    + For classic gpg mode, $pgp_decryption_okay should be set to verify
      multipart/encrypted are actually encrypted.  Please see
      contrib/gpg.rc for the suggested value.
    ! mailto URL header parameters by default are now restricted to
      'body' and 'subject'.
    + mailto_allow and unmailto_allow can be used to add or remove
      allowed mailto header parameters.
    ! The method of setting $hostname has been changed.  Rather than
      scanning /etc/resolv.conf, the domain will now be determined using
      DNS calls.
  - Modfied patches
  - Ported patches
    mutt-1.5.24.dif becomes mutt-1.6.0.dif
    mutt-1.5.24-opennfs.dif becomes mutt-1.6.0-opennfs.dif
    patch-1.5.24.rr.compressed.bz2 becomes patch-1.6.0.rr.compressed.bz2
    patch-1.5.24.sidebar.20151111.patch becomes patch-1.6.0.sidebar.20160411.patch
* Mon Feb 29 2016
  - Add perl(Expect) as requirement for mutt due to the fact that a
    useful helper script below the samples depends on this (boo#968699)
* Tue Jan 12 2016
  - Fix patch-1.5.24.sidebar.20151111.patch to shorten
    imaps:// correctly to INBOX, not to NBOX. (boo#961470)
* Tue Dec 22 2015
  - Update patch-1.5.24.sidebar.20140412.patch to
    + Updated patch for pristine mutt-1.5.24 source package.
    + Corrected the version info in PATCHES for mutt-1.5.24 and added two small
      patches courtesy of mutt user flatcap. The patch makes %S optional in
      sidebar_format_str and the other patch fixes a problem with viewing an imap
      folder that gets deleted by another user which causes a mutt crash.
  - Modified patches
    + aw.listreply.diff
    + nion.sidebar-color.diff
    + patch-1.5.24.vk.pgp_verbose_mime
    + widechar.sidebar.dif
* Fri Sep 11 2015
  - Update to mutt version 1.5.24
    + terminal status-line (TS) support, a.k.a. xterm title. see the
    following variables: $ts_enabled, $ts_icon_format, $ts_status_format
    ! $ssl_use_sslv3 is disabled by default.
    ! command-line arguments: -H now combines template and command-line
    address arguments.
    ! GnuPG signature name is set to signature.asc
    + New color object "prompt" added.
    + Ability to encrypt postponed messages.  See $postpone_encrypt and
    ! History ring now has a scratch buffer.
    ! mail-key is implemented for GPGME.  (Requires a recent GPGME).
    ! Removed GPG_AGENT_INFO check for GnuPG 2.1 compatibility.  Please
    set pgp_use_gpg_agent if using GnuPG 2.1 or later.
    ! $smime_encrypt_with now defaults to aes256.
    ! GnuPG fingerprints are used internally when possible.
    "--with-fingerprint" should be added to $pgp_list_pubring_command and
    $pgp_list_secring_command to enable this.  Please see contrib/gpg.rc.
    Fingerprints may also be used at the prompts for key selection.
    + $crypt_opportunistic_encrypt automatically enables/disables encryption
    based on message recipients.
    ! Attachments for signed, unencrypted emails may be deleted.
    ! Multiple crypt-hooks may be defined for the same regexp.
    This means multiple keys may be used for a recipient.
    + $crypt_confirmhook allows the confirmation prompt for crypt-hooks to
    be disabled.
    + $ssl_ciphers allows the SSL ciphers to be directly set.
    ! sime_keys better handles importing certificate chains.
    ! sime_keys now records certificate purposes (sign/encrypt).  Run
    "sime_keys refresh" to update smime index files.
    + $maildir_check_cur polls the maildir "cur" directory for new mail.
  - Ported patches
    patch-1.5.21.vk.pgp_verbose_mime becomes patch-1.5.24.vk.pgp_verbose_mime
    patch-1.5.23.rr.compressed.bz2 becomes patch-1.5.24.rr.compressed.bz2
    patch-1.5.23.sidebar.20140412.patch becomes patch-1.5.24.sidebar.20140412.patch
    mutt-1.5.21-opennfs.dif becomes mutt-1.5.24-opennfs.dif
    mutt-1.5.23.dif becomes mutt-1.5.24.dif
  - Modfied patches
  - Removed patch
* Mon Jan 26 2015
  - Update to mutt version 1.5.23 which is a security bugfix release
    as well as add support for TLS 1.1/1.2
  - Remove the patches automake-1.12.patch,
    mutt-1.5.20-gpgme_set_locale.patch, and mutt-CVE-2014-0467.patch
  - Replace the patches
    patch-1.5.23.rr.compressed.bz2 with patch-1.5.21.rr.compressed.1.bz2
    mutt-1.5.21.sidebar.20120829.patch with patch-1.5.23.sidebar.20140412.patch
    patch- with patch-1.5.23.xtitles.patch
    mutt-1.5.21.dif with mutt-1.5.23.dif
  - Modify the patches aw.listreply.diff, bug-676388-largefile.patch,
    and bsc907453-CVE-2014-9116-jessie.patch
  - Build with PIE
* Thu Dec 04 2014
  - Add patch bsc907453-CVE-2014-9116-jessie.patch to fix bsc#907453
    CVE-2014-9116: heap-based buffer overflow in mutt_substrdup()
* Tue Nov 18 2014
  - handle text/html by default (bnc#899712)
    that is add patch mutt-1.5.21-mailcap.diff
* Mon Mar 17 2014
  - mutt-CVE-2014-0467.patch: fixed a buffer overflow during header display.
    CVE-2014-0467 / bnc#868115
* Mon Aug 05 2013
  - BuildRequire libgcrpyt-devel instead of libgcrypt for > 12.3
* Wed May 29 2013
  - Enable mutt to parse e.g. PGP markers with CRLF
* Thu Apr 18 2013
  - Add widechar.sidebar.dif as workaround: bnc#813498 - mutt crashes
    in fgetwc in text_enriched_handler
* Mon Jan 14 2013
  - Remove spurious blank line from new patch to make older patch(1)
    also work with this
  - Make it build with older products
* Tue Dec 18 2012
  - update sidebar to version 20120829
* Tue Sep 18 2012
  - Add back lost sidebar color patch.
* Thu Jun 21 2012
  - Update sidebar patch.
* Tue May 29 2012
  - fix build with automake-1.12
    - add: automake-1.12.patch
* Fri Apr 13 2012
  - Added patch automatically add a filename and description to PGP/MIME attachments.
* Thu Dec 01 2011
  - add automake as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
* Thu Nov 24 2011
  - Add patch to introduce a new (optional) check when
    replying to messages originating from a mailing list
* Tue Nov 22 2011
  - Add patch to use libtinfo if available
* Tue Oct 25 2011
  - Add patch to be able to specify the color of the sidebar
* Thu Jul 07 2011
  - Update patch for Mutt Ticket #3288 and check for empty headers
    in mx_update_context() (bnx#704359)
* Mon Jun 20 2011
  - Add patches for the following Mutt Tickets:
    [#1771]: pipe-mime
    [#2179]: score-match
    [#3240]: imapuser
    [#3261]: readonly-open
    [#3288]: mx_update_context-segfault
    [#3293]: dont-recode-saved-attachments
    [#3300]: gpgme-1.2
    [#3324]: smimekeys-tmpdir
    [#3326]: emptycharset
    [#3335]: thread-segfault
    [#3339]: smime_keys-chaining
    [#3371]: ansi-escape-segfault
    [#3378]: references
    [#3457]: pop3-segfault
    [#3459]: split-fetches
    [#3483]: header-strchr
    [#3496]: no-implicit_autoview-for-text-html
    [#3506]: gnutls-CN-validation
    [#3515]: gnutls-deprecated-set-priority
    [#3516]: gnutls-deprecated-verify-peers
    with ticket #3506 bnc#700648 becomes fixed, with ticket #3496
    the autoview regression for text/html should be fixed.
  - Add one line more for sidebar if displayed on top
* Fri Apr 15 2011
  - Support offsets in 2gig mbox files even on 32bit architectures (bnc#676388)
* Thu Feb 03 2011
  - buildrequire gdbm-devel also on 11.4 to fix build
* Wed Feb 02 2011
  - Switch from buildrequires gpgme-devel to libgpgme-devel for 11.4
  - Work around missing buildrequires of libgpgme-devel by adding
    libassuan-devel for 11.4
* Mon Jan 31 2011
  - recommend smtp_daemon since mutt has builtin SMTP support
* Mon Jan 31 2011
  - Fix the orther sidebar patch as it is broken with MALLOC_CHECK=1
    now static buffers are used instead (re)alloced arrays.
* Wed Jan 26 2011
  - fix build by removing Makefiles from contrib
  - added missing %mime_database_post/%mime_database_postun
* Wed Jan 26 2011
  - modified desktop file so mutt can be used as the default mailto
* Fri Nov 26 2010
  - Update and fix the german translation.
  - Update all translations so that the user edits the right translation.
* Thu Nov 04 2010
  - Update to mutt version 1.5.21 which include last three fixes
    * Beside this better support of S/MIME certificates
  - Use an other sidebar patch found for OpenBSD
  - Update our patches
* Mon May 10 2010
  - add proper category to desktop file
* Mon Apr 19 2010
  - fix build against openssl 1.0
* Wed Dec 02 2009
  - Do not fold From lines into wrong format (bnc#559525)
* Wed Nov 25 2009
  - Update for bnc#537141: do not add certificates with wrong hosts
* Tue Nov 03 2009
  - updated patches to apply with fuzz=0
* Wed Sep 09 2009
  - Fix incorrectly handling of \0 character in SSL certificate (bnc#537141)
* Wed Jul 15 2009
  - Make gpgme work even with locale, patch from Evan McClain
* Fri Jun 26 2009
  - Update to mutt version 1.5.20 which include last fix
* Tue Apr 21 2009
  - Upstream fix to make mutt showing new message count (bnc#487718)
* Tue Mar 03 2009
  - updated to mutt version 1.5.19 mostly a bugfix release
  - updated sidebar patch to 1.5.18.sidebar.20080611
    * make it work with 1.5.19
    * make sidebar-fix also work
  - updated compression patch to patch-1.5.19.rr.compressed
  - enable smtp support
  - enable mixmaster support
  - use regex(7) of glibc



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