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gobject-introspection-1.80.1-3.1 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for s390x

Name: gobject-introspection Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 1.80.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 3.1 Build date: Mon Apr 29 13:46:08 2024
Group: Development/Libraries/GNOME Build host: reproducible
Size: 2010115 Source RPM: gobject-introspection-1.80.1-3.1.src.rpm
Summary: GObject Introspection Tools
The goal of the project is to describe the APIs and collect them in
a uniform, machine readable format.




GPL-2.0-or-later AND LGPL-2.1-or-later


* Mon Apr 29 2024
  - remove dependency on /usr/bin/python3 using
    %python3_fix_shebang macro, [bsc#1212476]
* Mon Apr 08 2024 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - further expand on the java script scanner.
* Thu Apr 04 2024 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Update to version 1.80.1:
    + Require Python 3.8 when running mypy.
    + Ensure that POSIX types follow the target architecture.
    + Look for finish functions inside the list of constructors.
* Sat Mar 09 2024 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Update to version 1.80.0:
    + Allow using `transfer none` with GClosure.
    + Only allow loading GIRepository-2.0.
    + Add marshalling tests for uninitialized and NaN arguments.
    + Check for setuptools when building with Python >= 3.12.
    + Add fallback doc elements for virtual functions.
    + Add doc elements for callback fields.
    + Support static inline declarations in the GIR.
    + Add annotations for sync, async, and async-finish functions in
      the GIR.
    + Simplify the giscanner module build with Python >= 3.12.
    + Allow passing full shared library paths on Windows.
* Wed Mar 06 2024 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - BuildRequire glib2-stage1-devel to break a build cycle.
  - Explcitly BuildIgnore glib2-devel (pulled in by gtk-doc).
* Tue Jan 16 2024 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Update to version 1.79.1:
    + Build fixes
    + Require Meson ≥ 1.2
    + Avoid test failures with Python ≥ 3.12
    + Update the GIR schema, and validate GIR files as part of the
      test suite
    + Support (not optional) annotation
    + Allow ownership transfer of structure types with copy/free
  - Changes from version 1.79.0:
    + Require GLib >= 2.79
    + Require Python >= 3.8
    + Simplify libtool use with wrappers
    + Drop GIO dependency from libgirepository
    + Do not install the GLib introspection data
  - Convert to source service for easier updating.
* Wed Nov 29 2023 Frederic Crozat <>
  - Drop BuildRequires on pkgconfig(cairo)/pkgconfig(cairo-gobject),
    cairo is only needed for some tests.
* Sat Sep 16 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.78.1:
    + Avoid undefined behaviour in the Regress test suite
* Fri Sep 08 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.78.0:
    + Update the GIR data for GLib, GObject, and GIO
    + Add GObject as a dependency for the Cairo GIR
    + Add more tests for GI marshalling
    + Update regression test suite
    + Fix build on Windows for paths using '\' as a separator
    + Support different prefix for finding GIR data
    + Add GI_GIR_PATH environment variable for controlling GIR paths
* Mon May 29 2023 Luciano Santos <>
  - Adapt split_name_version2 function to deal with possible argument
    containing "pkg.require({" string before the wanted module name
    (a case from a JS script from gnome-weather). This is a side
    effect from the previous change to the pcre2grep regex in the
    javascript_pkg_requires function. Now, AWK should strip this
    string with the help of a sub() function call with the ^.*{
* Sun May 21 2023 Luciano Santos <>
  - Amend's javascript_pkg_requires function to
    extend GREP's filtering by passing the extended regex option flag
    (-E) and appending ? to the first two single quotes, accounting
    for quoted AND unquoted names before the colon. This should
    ensure that typelib() symbols provisioning are versioned where in
    some previous cases they weren't, but should've, causing a
    different version than the needed to be pulled. Those changes
    address the case where Sushi was requiring only
    typelib(GtkSource), rather than typelib(GtkSource) = 4. And
    without something else, in a default installation of openSUSE
    Tumbleweed, pulling in typelib-1_0-GtkSource-4, Sushi would fail
    to present previews in Nautilus (boo#1211546).
* Thu Mar 30 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Run meson_test only on x86(_64) arches until upstream issue is
* Wed Mar 22 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.76.1:
    + Handle null default values.
    + Documentation fixes.
* Wed Mar 15 2023 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Update path regex used in gobjectintrospection.attr: the old one
    was not sufficiently escaped, which resulted in many more files
    being scanned than needed.
* Tue Mar 14 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.76.0:
    + Update the GIR data for GLib.
    + Documentation fixes.
* Mon Feb 27 2023 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Update to version 1.75.6:
    + Documentation fixes.
    + Fix build when using GLib as a subproject.
    + Update the GIR data for GLib.
* Fri Feb 17 2023 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Update to version 1.75.4:
    + Brown-paper bag release to fix the GLib dependency.
  - Changes from version 1.75.2:
    + Split 'disguised' attribute into two separate attributes.
    + Add copy/free function annotations for plain-old data types.
    + Include the default value of GObject properties in the GIR
    + Drop wrap files for recursive dependencies.
    + Add more marshalling tests.
    + Update the GIR data for GLib, GObject, GModule, and GIO.
* Thu Sep 22 2022 Stephan Kulow <>
  - Switch to pcre2grep (pcre is dead upstream)
* Sun Sep 18 2022 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.74.0:
    + Update the GIR data for GLib, GObject, GModule, and GIO.
* Sat Sep 03 2022 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.73.1:
    + Update the GIR data for GLib, GObject, GModule, and GIO
    + Disable rpath on Windows
    + Add llvm/mingw support on Windows
    + Fix annotations in libgirepository
    + Support C99 designated initializers when parsing C declarations
    + Add some more types to win32 GIR
    + Let doctool prepend emitting objects in GJS signals
    + Require a C99 toolchain like GLib
* Thu Sep 01 2022 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - extend js script parser to detect imports in the
    form import 'gi://GeocodeGlib?version=2.0'.
* Thu Jul 21 2022 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.73.0:
    + Update the GIR data for GLib, GObject, GModule, and GIO.
    + scanner:
    - Support pre-processor macros with zero arguments.
    - Support ISO C varargs in macros.
    + Fix subproject build.
* Fri Mar 18 2022 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.72.0:
    + Add new utility API to libgirepository for bindings
      implementing an argument cache.
    + Update the GIR data for GLib, GObject, GModule, and GIO.
* Mon Feb 14 2022 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.71.0:
    + Create new API for libffi closures
    + Treat @-prefixed shlib paths as absolute on macOS
    + Add new `forever` scope
    + Build fixes with newer Meson
    + Improve regression test suite
    + Avoid a segfault when using an invalid GType
    + Build fixes on Windows when using g-i as a subproject
    + Warn about property name collisions
    + Add "strict" warnings to g-ir-scanner
    + Add the "emitter" annotation for signal emitters
    + Add a command line option to g-ir-scanner to specify the
    + Add new convenience API to libgirepository
    + Build fixes on Windows when using MSVC
    + Documentation fixes
    + Update the GIR data for GLib, GObject, and GIO
  - Drop patches fixed upstream:
    + 7c1178069f1c58a05ec56a94ca6ba124215a947b.patch
    + effb1e09dee263cdac4ec593e8caf316e6f01fe2.patch
    + 827494d6415b696a98fa195cbd883b50cc893bfc.patch
* Thu Feb 10 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - use bash for bash scripts (bsc#1195391)
* Tue Feb 01 2022 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Add upstream patches to fix build with meson 0.61.0 and newer:
    + 7c1178069f1c58a05ec56a94ca6ba124215a947b.patch
    + effb1e09dee263cdac4ec593e8caf316e6f01fe2.patch
    + 827494d6415b696a98fa195cbd883b50cc893bfc.patch
* Sat Nov 06 2021 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Add explicit libgirepository-1_0-1 Requires to devel subpackage,
    it was already pulled in via the main package, so no real change.
  - Use ldconfig_scriptlets macro for post(un) handling.
* Fri Sep 17 2021 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.70.0:
    + Update the GIR data for GLib, GObject, and GIO.
* Wed Aug 25 2021 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Update to version 1.69.0:
    + Fix build when gobject-introspection is a subproject,
    + Add more float types,
    + Make test suite work with cross-related options,
    + Fix several leaks found by Coverity,
    + Fix enum member,
    + Add g-ir-doc-tool man page,
    + Export warnlib sources as variables,
    + Update the GLib annotations,
    + Add "final" class attribute,
    + Add option to make .gir files installation paths configurable,
    + Handle constructors with mismatched GTypes,
    + Add property accessors annotations,
* Mon Jun 28 2021 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Revert back o HOSTTYPE: RPM_ARCH is not available to the dep
* Tue Jun 08 2021 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Don't use HOSTTYPE, use RPM_ARCH.
  - ia64 never used ()(64bit) markers, do drop that from gi-find-deps.
* Tue Jun 08 2021 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - on Tumbleweed, HOSTTYPE on ppc64/ppc64le reports
    powerpc64 and powerpc64le: accept those strings as 64bit archs.
* Sat Mar 20 2021 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Update to version 1.68.0:
    + Update GLib annotations.
    + docs: cleanup.
    + Fix syntax errors in gir-1.2.rnc.
* Thu Mar 18 2021 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Update to version 1.67.1:
    + Requires Python 3.6+.
    + Update GLib annotations.
    + Fix compatibility with Python 3.10.
    + Fix build with GIR data disabled.
    + Add test object for signal marshallers.



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