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Packages beginning with letter S

s390-tools-2.15.1-5.1 S/390 tools like zipl and dasdfmt linux/s390x
s390-tools-hmcdrvfs-2.15.1-5.1 HMC drive file system based on FUSE linux/s390x
s390-tools-zdsfs-2.15.1-5.1 QSAM access to z/OS data linux/s390x
s3backer-1.6.2-1.1 FUSE-based single file backing store via Amazon S3 linux/s390x
s3fs-1.90-1.1 FUSE file system backed by Amazon S3 bucket linux/s390x
sablot-1.0.3-130.60 XSL Processor linux/s390x
sablot-devel-1.0.3-130.60 Header Files and Libraries for Sablot Development linux/s390x
saidar-0.92-1.4 Portable System Statistics Tools linux/s390x
sakura-3.8.2-1.2 Terminal Emulator based on the VTE Library linux/s390x
salt-3002.2-5.2 A parallel remote execution system linux/s390x
salt-api-3002.2-5.2 The api for Salt a parallel remote execution system linux/s390x
salt-cloud-3002.2-5.2 Generic cloud provisioning tool for Saltstack linux/s390x
salt-doc-3002.2-5.2 Documentation for salt, a parallel remote execution system linux/s390x
salt-master-3002.2-5.2 The management component of Saltstack with zmq protocol supported linux/s390x
salt-minion-3002.2-5.2 The client component for Saltstack linux/s390x
salt-proxy-3002.2-5.2 Component for salt that enables controlling arbitrary devices linux/s390x
salt-ssh-3002.2-5.2 Management component for Saltstack with ssh protocol linux/s390x
salt-standalone-formulas-configuration-3002.2-5.2 Standalone Salt configuration to make the packaged formulas available for the Salt master linux/s390x
salt-syndic-3002.2-5.2 The syndic component for saltstack linux/s390x
samba-4.14.6+git.168.6a9fc8a1ddd-1.2 A SMB/CIFS File, Print, and Authentication Server linux/s390x
samba-ad-dc-4.14.6+git.168.6a9fc8a1ddd-1.2 Samba Active Directory-compatible Domain Controller linux/s390x
samba-client-4.14.6+git.168.6a9fc8a1ddd-1.2 Samba Client Utilities linux/s390x
samba-core-devel-4.14.6+git.168.6a9fc8a1ddd-1.2 Development files shared by Samba subpackages linux/s390x
samba-dsdb-modules-4.14.6+git.168.6a9fc8a1ddd-1.2 Samba LDB modules linux/s390x
samba-krb-printing-3.7.0-1.37 Wrapper binary for kerberized printing linux/s390x
samba-libs-4.14.6+git.168.6a9fc8a1ddd-1.2 Samba libraries linux/s390x
samba-libs-python3-4.14.6+git.168.6a9fc8a1ddd-1.2 Python3 dependencies of samba-libs linux/s390x
samba-python3-4.14.6+git.168.6a9fc8a1ddd-1.2 Samba Python3 libraries linux/s390x
samba-test-4.14.6+git.168.6a9fc8a1ddd-1.2 Testing tools for Samba servers and clients linux/s390x
samba-winbind-4.14.6+git.168.6a9fc8a1ddd-1.2 Winbind Daemon and Tool linux/s390x
sampler-1.1.0-2.5 A tool for shell commands execution, visualization and alerting linux/s390x
samplicator-1.3.8rc1+git.20171112-2.16 Tool to send copies of (UDP) datagrams to multiple receivers linux/s390x
samtools-1.12-1.2 Tools for manipulating next-generation sequencing data linux/s390x
sane-backends-1.0.32-1.3 SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) Scanner Drivers linux/s390x
sane-backends-autoconfig-1.0.32-1.3 USB Scanner Autoconfiguration linux/s390x
sane-backends-devel-1.0.32-1.3 Development files for sane-backends linux/s390x
sane-saned-1.0.32-1.3 Sane network server linux/s390x
sanlk-reset-3.8.4-1.1 Host reset daemon and client using sanlock linux/s390x
sanlock-3.8.4-1.1 A shared disk lock manager linux/s390x
sanlock-devel-3.8.4-1.1 Development files for sanlock linux/s390x
sar2-2.5.0-1.8 Rescue Helicopter Simulator linux/s390x
sarg-2.4.0-3.37 Squid Analysis Report Generator linux/s390x
sassc-3.6.2-1.1 Libsass command line driver linux/s390x
sax3-0.1.2-6.55 A Graphical Configuration Tool for X linux/s390x
sbc-1.5-2.3 Bluetooth Low-Complexity, Sub-Band Codec Utilities linux/s390x
sbc-devel-1.5-2.3 Development files for libsbc1 linux/s390x
sbd-1.4.2+20210305.926b554-2.2 Storage-based death linux/s390x
sbd-devel-1.4.2+20210305.926b554-2.2 Storage-based death environment for regression tests linux/s390x
sbiload-0.4.0-23.1 OPL2/3 FM instrument loader linux/s390x
sbl- Screen reader for the Linux console linux/s390x
sbl-orca- brld-orca brlapi linux/s390x
sblim-cmpi-base-1.6.4-7.10 SBLIM Base Instrumentation linux/s390x
sblim-cmpi-base-devel-1.6.4-7.10 SBLIM Base Instrumentation Header Development Files linux/s390x
sblim-cmpi-base-testsuite-1.6.4-7.10 SBLIM Base Instrumentation (test suite) linux/s390x
sblim-cmpi-c++-devel-2.0.3-8.46 SBLIM CMPI Provider Development Support linux/s390x
sblim-cmpi-devel-2.0.3-8.46 SBLIM CMPI Provider Development Support linux/s390x
sblim-cmpi-ssh_service_profile-1.0.0-60.7 Instrumentation for DMTF SSH Service Profile. linux/s390x
sblim-cmpiutil-devel-1.0.1-24.34 Utility library for cmpi development linux/s390x
sblim-indication_helper-0.5.0-1.21 Toolkit for CMPI Indication Providers linux/s390x
sblim-indication_helper-devel-0.5.0-1.21 Toolkit for CMPI indication providers (Development Files) linux/s390x
sblim-sfcCommon-devel-1.0.1-3.41 Library of utility functions shared between sfcb and sfcc linux/s390x
sblim-sfcb-1.4.9-13.11 Small Footprint CIM Broker linux/s390x
sblim-sfcc-devel-2.2.8-1.38 Development files for the Small Footprint CIM Client Library linux/s390x
sblim-tools-libra-devel-1.0-20.5 Development files for libRaTools linux/s390x
sblim-wbemcli-1.6.3-2.52 SBLIM WBEM Command Line Interface linux/s390x
sc-7.16-13.58 Spreadsheet Calculator linux/s390x
sc-controller- User-mode driver and GTK3-based GUI for the Steam Controller linux/s390x
scala-pickling-0.10.1-1.154 Scala Pickling linux/s390x
scalapack-mvapich2-test-2.1.0-9.3 Test programs for ScaLAPACK (mvapich2) linux/s390x
scalapack-openmpi1-test-2.1.0-9.3 Test programs for ScaLAPACK (openmpi1) linux/s390x
scalapack-openmpi2-test-2.1.0-9.3 Test programs for ScaLAPACK (openmpi2) linux/s390x
scalapack-openmpi3-test-2.1.0-9.3 Test programs for ScaLAPACK (openmpi3) linux/s390x
scalapack-openmpi4-test-2.1.0-9.3 Test programs for ScaLAPACK (openmpi4) linux/s390x
scalapack_2_1_0-gnu-mpich-hpc-module-2.1.0-9.3 Module files for scalapack_2_1_0-gnu-mpich-hpc linux/s390x
scalapack_2_1_0-gnu-mpich-hpc-test-2.1.0-9.3 Test programs for ScaLAPACK (mpich) linux/s390x
scalapack_2_1_0-gnu-mvapich2-hpc-module-2.1.0-9.5 Module files for scalapack_2_1_0-gnu-mvapich2-hpc linux/s390x
scalapack_2_1_0-gnu-mvapich2-hpc-test-2.1.0-9.5 Test programs for ScaLAPACK (mvapich2) linux/s390x
scalapack_2_1_0-gnu-openmpi1-hpc-module-2.1.0-9.5 Module files for scalapack_2_1_0-gnu-openmpi1-hpc linux/s390x
scalapack_2_1_0-gnu-openmpi1-hpc-test-2.1.0-9.5 Test programs for ScaLAPACK (openmpi1) linux/s390x
scalapack_2_1_0-gnu-openmpi2-hpc-module-2.1.0-9.5 Module files for scalapack_2_1_0-gnu-openmpi2-hpc linux/s390x
scalapack_2_1_0-gnu-openmpi2-hpc-test-2.1.0-9.5 Test programs for ScaLAPACK (openmpi2) linux/s390x
scalapack_2_1_0-gnu-openmpi3-hpc-module-2.1.0-9.5 Module files for scalapack_2_1_0-gnu-openmpi3-hpc linux/s390x
scalapack_2_1_0-gnu-openmpi3-hpc-test-2.1.0-9.5 Test programs for ScaLAPACK (openmpi3) linux/s390x
scalapack_2_1_0-gnu-openmpi4-hpc-module-2.1.0-9.5 Module files for scalapack_2_1_0-gnu-openmpi4-hpc linux/s390x
scalapack_2_1_0-gnu-openmpi4-hpc-test-2.1.0-9.5 Test programs for ScaLAPACK (openmpi4) linux/s390x
scalpel-2.0-7.45 Fast, filesystem-independent file carver linux/s390x
scamper-20210324-1.3 Parallel Internet measurement utility linux/s390x
scanmem-0.17-2.9 Interactive debugging utility linux/s390x
scantailor-1.0.16-2.12 Interactive post-processing tool for scanned pages linux/s390x
scap-workbench-1.2.1+git20210604.1fc6def-1.1 A SCAP scanner and SCAP content editor linux/s390x
scap-workbench-doc-1.2.1+git20210604.1fc6def-1.1 Documentation for scap-workbench linux/s390x
sccs-2021.08.14-43.1 Source Code Control System linux/s390x
scdoc-1.11.1-1.4 A man page generator written in C99 linux/s390x
schedtool-1.3.0-14.71 Query and set CPU scheduling parameters linux/s390x
schedtop-1.1-30.20 Displays Scheduler Statistics linux/s390x
scheme48-1.9.2-2.174 An implementation of Scheme written by Richard Kelsey and Jonathan Rees linux/s390x
scheme48-devel-1.9.2-2.174 Virtual Machine for Scheme48 linux/s390x
scheme48-doc-1.9.2-2.174 Documentation for Scheme48 linux/s390x
scheme48-prescheme-1.9.2-2.174 PreScheme compiler linux/s390x
scheme48-vm-1.9.2-2.174 Virtual Machine for Scheme48 linux/s390x
schily-ctags-2021.08.14-43.1 A program to generate tag files for ex/vi linux/s390x
schily-mt-2021.08.14-43.1 Magnetic tape control linux/s390x
schily-rmt-2021.08.14-43.1 Remote magnetic tape protocol server linux/s390x
schismtracker-20210525-1.1 Music editor that matches the look and feel of Impulse Tracker linux/s390x
schroedinger-devel-1.0.11-11.18 Library for decoding and encoding video in the Dirac format linux/s390x
schroedinger-doc-1.0.11-11.18 Library for decoding and encoding video in the Dirac format linux/s390x
scidavis-2.3.0-2.3 An application for Scientific Data Analysis and Visualization linux/s390x
scim-1.4.18-5.1 Smart Chinese/Common Input Method platform linux/s390x
scim-anthy-1.3.2-1.38 Anthy Input Method Engine for SCIM linux/s390x
scim-canna-1.0.1-7.9 Canna Input Method Engine for SCIM linux/s390x
scim-chewing-0.3.6+git20150821.5df4075-1.40 Chewing IM engine for SCIM platform linux/s390x
scim-devel-1.4.18-5.1 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/s390x
scim-gtk-1.4.18-5.1 SCIM im module for gtk2 linux/s390x
scim-gtk3-1.4.18-5.1 SCIM im module for gtk3 linux/s390x
scim-hangul-0.4.0+git20140408.ee1d084-1.42 Hangul Input Method Engine for SCIM linux/s390x
scim-input-pad- An onscreen input pad to easily input symbols linux/s390x
scim-m17n-0.2.3-6.36 M17N Input Method Engine for SCIM linux/s390x
scim-pinyin-0.5.92-8.46 Smart pinyin IM engine for SCIM platform linux/s390x
scim-skk-0.5.2-318.41 SKK Input Method Engine for SCIM linux/s390x
scim-sunpinyin-2.0.3-10.24 Sunpinyin module for scim linux/s390x
scim-tables- Data Files for SCIM Generic Table Input Method Module linux/s390x
scim-tables-additional- Input Method data for non-CJK languages, including Russian etc linux/s390x
scim-tables-ja- SCIM Japanese Data Files linux/s390x
scim-tables-ko- SCIM Korean Data Files linux/s390x
scim-tables-zh- SCIM Chinese Data Files linux/s390x
scim-tomoe-0.6.0-42.10 Tomoe Input Method Engine for SCIM linux/s390x
scim-uim-0.2.0-225.36 UIM Input Method Engine for SCIM linux/s390x
scim-unikey-0.3.2-1.41 Vietnamese Input Method Engine for SCIM using Unikey IME linux/s390x
scite-5.1.1-1.1 Source Code Editor based on Scintilla linux/s390x
scmon-0.4-10.19 Smartcard hardware event monitor linux/s390x
scons-3.1.2-2.36 Replacement for Make linux/s390x
scotch-6.1.0-2.1 Graph, mesh and hypergraph partitioning library linux/s390x
scotch-devel-6.1.0-2.1 Development libraries for scotch linux/s390x
scotch-devel-static-6.1.0-2.1 Development libraries for scotch linux/s390x
scotch-metis-devel-6.1.0-2.1 Development libraries for scotch linux/s390x
scotch_6_1_0-gnu-hpc-6.1.0-2.1 Graph, mesh and hypergraph partitioning library linux/s390x
scotch_6_1_0-gnu-hpc-devel-6.1.0-2.1 Development libraries for scotch linux/s390x
scotch_6_1_0-gnu-hpc-devel-static-6.1.0-2.1 Development libraries for scotch linux/s390x
screen-4.8.0-3.3 A program to allow multiple screens on a VT100/ANSI Terminal linux/s390x
screen-message-0.26-1.2 Program to display a short text fullscreen linux/s390x
screencast-1.0.0-1.29 A screencasting application linux/s390x
screengrab-2.2.0-1.3 Qt tool for creating screenshots linux/s390x
scribus-1.5.7-1.6 Page Layout and Desktop Publishing (DTP) linux/s390x
scribus-doc-1.5.7-1.6 Documentation for Scribus linux/s390x
scrot-1.6-1.1 Screenshot Capture Utility linux/s390x
scrub-2.6.1-1.50 Disk scrubbing program linux/s390x
scrypt-1.3.1-1.5 Password-based encryption utility using the scrypt key derivation function linux/s390x
scs-devel-2.1.3-1.2 Development files for scs linux/s390x
scsirastools-1.6.4-27.17 Serviceability for SCSI Disks and Arrays linux/s390x
scsires-0.7-24.24 A SCSI reservation tool linux/s390x
scummvm-2.2.0-3.2 Interpreter for several adventure games linux/s390x
scummvm-extra-2.2.0-3.2 Extra engines for ScummVM linux/s390x
scummvm-tools-2.2.0-1.4 ScummVM-related tools linux/s390x
sd-mux-ctrl-0.0~git20200217.9dd189d-1.6 Control software for sd-mux devices linux/s390x
sdbus-cpp-devel-0.8.3-1.2 Development files for sdbus-cpp linux/s390x
sdbus-cpp-xml2cpp-0.8.3-1.2 Stub code generator for sdbus-c++ linux/s390x
sdcc-4.1.0-1.2 Small Device C Compiler linux/s390x
sdcc-libc-sources-4.1.0-1.2 Small Device C Compiler linux/s390x
sdcv-0.5.3-1.2 Console version of the Stardict program linux/s390x
sddm-0.19.0-4.1 QML-based display manager linux/s390x
sddm-branding-openSUSE-0.19.0-4.1 openSUSE branding for SDDM, a QML-based display manager linux/s390x
sddm-branding-upstream-0.19.0-4.1 Upstream branding for SDDM, a QML-based display manager linux/s390x
sdl-asylum-0.3.2-3.42 Asylum like game linux/s390x
sdl-ball-1.04-1.2 A Free/OpenSource brick-breaking game with pretty graphics linux/s390x
sdl_bomber-1.0.4-1.48 SDL Bomberman clone linux/s390x
sdparm-1.12-1.1 List or change SCSI disk parameters linux/s390x
seadrive-fuse-2.0.10-1.5 SeaDrive daemon with FUSE interface linux/s390x
seafile-8.0.3-1.1 Cloud storage client linux/s390x
seafile-client-7.0.8-1.1 Cloud storage client linux/s390x
seafile-devel-8.0.3-1.1 Development files for seafile linux/s390x
seahorse-40.0-1.2 GNOME interface for gnupg linux/s390x
seahorse-daemon-3.12.2-7.14 Daemon for PGP prompting by libcryptui linux/s390x
seahorse-sharing-3.8.0-9.13 Sharing of PGP public keys via DNS-SD and HKP linux/s390x
seatd-0.5.0-2.2 Seat management daemon linux/s390x
seatd-devel-0.5.0-2.2 Development files for seatd linux/s390x
secret-tool-0.20.4-1.10 Store and retrieve passwords linux/s390x
sed-4.8-3.6 A Stream-Oriented Non-Interactive Text Editor linux/s390x
selinux-tools-3.2-3.1 SELinux command-line utilities linux/s390x
semantik-0.9.4-3.7 A mindmapping-like tool linux/s390x
sendfax-1.2.1-6.1 A Tool for Sending Fax Documents linux/s390x
sendmail- BSD Sendmail linux/s390x
sendmail-devel- BSD Sendmail Development Kit linux/s390x
sensord-3.6.0-5.1 Hardware health monitoring daemon linux/s390x
sensors-3.6.0-5.1 Hardware health monitoring for Linux linux/s390x
seq24-0.9.3-1.48 A Small, Real-Time MIDI Sequencer linux/s390x
ser2net-4.3.3-1.3 Serial port to network proxy linux/s390x
serd-devel-0.30.10-1.1 Development files for libserd linux/s390x
serdi-0.30.10-1.1 Read and write RDF syntax linux/s390x
serialdv-devel-1.1.4-1.1 Development files for libserialdv linux/s390x
sersniff-0.0.5-1.9 A simple program to tunnel/sniff between 2 serial ports linux/s390x
sessreg-1.1.2-1.11 Utility to manage utmp/wtmp entries for X sessions linux/s390x
sethdlc-1.18-1.4 Utility for the Generic HDLC layer linux/s390x
setools-console-4.4.0-2.1 Policy analysis command-line tools for SELinux linux/s390x
setools-gui-4.4.0-2.1 Policy analysis graphical tools for SELinux linux/s390x
setserial-2.17-743.38 A utility for configuring serial ports linux/s390x
setxkbmap-1.3.2-2.2 Utility to change the keyboard layout in X linux/s390x
sev-tool-0.17-3.9 A tool for interacting with AMD SEV linux/s390x
sfftobmp-3.1.4-8.3 Tool to convert Structured Fax Files (.sff) to other image formats linux/s390x
sffview-0.5-2.34 Simple viewer for Structured Fax Files (.sff) used by ISDN applications linux/s390x
sfml2-devel-2.5.1-1.38 SFML development files linux/s390x
sg3_utils-1.46-1.2 A collection of tools that send SCSI commands to devices linux/s390x
sgmltool-1.0.9-1077.13 SGML-Tools - a Text-Formatting Package linux/s390x
sgmltool-latex-1.0.9-1077.13 SGML-Tools - LaTeX generator linux/s390x
sgpio-1.2.1-25.36 SGPIO captive backplane tool linux/s390x
sgrep-1.94a-1.6 Searching for Structured Patterns linux/s390x
sgtk-menu-1.4.1-1.1 GTK menu for sway and i3 linux/s390x
sha1collisiondetection-1.0.3-4.26 Detection of SHA-1 collisions linux/s390x
sha3sum-1.2.1-1.2 SHA-3 and Keccak checksum utility linux/s390x
shaderc-2021.1-1.1 A collection of tools, libraries and tests for shader compilation linux/s390x
shaderc-devel-2021.1-1.1 Header files for the shaderc library linux/s390x
shadow-4.8.1-7.1 Utilities to Manage User and Group Accounts linux/s390x
shadowdive-devel-0.6.5+git.20190205-3.5 Header files for libShadowDive linux/s390x
shadowsocks-libev-3.3.5-1.10 Libev port of Shadowsocks linux/s390x
shadowsocks-libev-devel-3.3.5-1.10 Development headers for shadowsocks-libev linux/s390x
shadowsocks-v2ray-plugin-1.3.1+git20210506.ddd7ab4-1.2 SIP003 plugin for shadowsocks linux/s390x
shairport-sync-3.3.8-1.1 An AirPlay audio player linux/s390x
shake-0.19.5-1.1 Build system library, like Make, but more accurate dependencies linux/s390x
shapelib-1.5.0-1.17 Library for ESRI Shapefile Handling linux/s390x
shared-mime-info-2.1-2.3 Shared MIME Database linux/s390x
sharutils-4.15.2-6.12 GNU shar utilities linux/s390x
shells-cli-0~20210507-1.1 command line interface linux/s390x
shelltestrunner-1.9-2.6 Easy, repeatable testing of CLI programs/commands linux/s390x
shepherd-0.8.1-1.4 Init and service manager linux/s390x
shepherd-bins-0.8.1-1.4 Shepherd's init binaries linux/s390x
shibboleth-sp-3.2.3-1.1 System for attribute-based Web Single Sign On linux/s390x
shibboleth-sp-devel-3.2.3-1.1 Shibboleth Development Headers linux/s390x
shigofumi-0.9-1.1 Command line client for accessing the Czech Data Boxes linux/s390x
shntool-3.0.10-2.23 Multi-purpose WAVE data processing and reporting utility linux/s390x
shotcut-21.06.29-1.1 Video and audio editor and creator linux/s390x
shotwell-0.30.14-1.1 Photo Manager for GNOME linux/s390x
showfont-1.0.5-1.39 Font dumper for X font server linux/s390x
siege-4.0.9-1.2 HTTP Regression Testing/Benchmarking Utility linux/s390x
signify-30-1.1 OpenBSD tool to sign and verify signatures on files (portable version) linux/s390x
signing-party-2.11-1.2 GPG Tools linux/s390x
signon-kwallet-extension-21.08.0-1.1 KWallet integration for signon framework linux/s390x
signon-plugin-oauth2-0.25-1.2 Oauth2 plugin for the Single Sign On Framework linux/s390x
signon-plugin-oauth2-devel-0.25-1.2 Development files for signon-plugin-oauth2 linux/s390x
signon-plugins-8.60-2.18 Plugins for the Single Sign On Framework linux/s390x
signon-plugins-devel-8.60-2.18 Development files for the Single Sign On Framework's plugins linux/s390x
signon-ui-0.15-1.23 Single Sign On UI linux/s390x
signond-8.60-2.18 Single Sign On Framework linux/s390x
signond-libs-8.60-2.18 Single Sign On Framework linux/s390x
signond-libs-devel-8.60-2.18 Development files for signond-libs linux/s390x
sigrok-cli-0.7.2-1.3 Logic Analyzer Command Line Tool linux/s390x
silan-0.4.0-1.7 CLI tool to detect silence in audio-files linux/s390x
simh-3.11_0-1.8 A collection of simulators of historically significant data processing systems linux/s390x
simple-mtpfs-0.4.0-1.5 Simple MTP fuse filesystem driver linux/s390x
simple-multicast-0.2.4-1.4 Multicast Server and Client application linux/s390x
simple-obfs-0.0.5-4.14 A simple obfusacting tool linux/s390x
simple-scan-40.1-1.1 Simple Scanning Utility linux/s390x
simplescreenrecorder-0.4.3-1.4 A feature-rich screen recorder that supports X11 and OpenGL linux/s390x
simtrace2-0.7.1-1.10 Osmocom SIMtrace host utility linux/s390x
simutrans-122.0-2.5 Transport and Economic Simulation Game linux/s390x
simutrans-makeobj-122.0-2.5 Tool for compiling simutrans data packages linux/s390x
singularity-3.7.4-1.1 Application and environment virtualization linux/s390x
sipcalc-1.1.6-2.35 Console based ip subnet calculator with IPv4 and IPv6 support linux/s390x
sipp-3.6.1-1.5 A SIP protocol testing tool linux/s390x
siproxd-0.8.3-1.1 A SIP masquerading proxy with RTP support linux/s390x
siproxd-doc-0.8.3-1.1 Documentation for siproxd linux/s390x
sipsak- SIP Swiss Army Knife linux/s390x
siril- An astronomical image processing software for Linux. (IRIS clone) linux/s390x
sirocco-devel-2.1.0-1.1 Development files for sirocco, a math library linux/s390x
sisctrl-0.0.20051202-246.3 SiS Display Control Panel linux/s390x
sispmctl-4.9-1.2 SIS-PM Control for Linux linux/s390x
sispmctl-devel-4.9-1.2 Development files for sispmctl linux/s390x
site-config-0.2-13.1 Site Paths Configuration for autoconf Based configure Scripts linux/s390x
sitecopy-0.16.6-42.4 Local to Remote Website Synchronizer linux/s390x
skanlite-21.08.0-1.1 Image Scanner Application linux/s390x
skelcd-control-Kubic-20210531-1.1 The Kubic control file needed for installation linux/s390x
skelcd-control-MicroOS-20210628-1.1 The MicroOS control file needed for installation linux/s390x
skelcd-control-openSUSE-20210507-1.1 The openSUSE Installation Control file linux/s390x
skelcd-control-openSUSE-promo-20210507-1.1 The openSUSE Installation Control file linux/s390x
skelcd-fallbackrepo-openSUSE-1.1-4.517 Packages for openSUSE to include in fallback repository linux/s390x
skelcd-installer-Kubic-17.13-1.3 installer and related files needed on dvd1 linux/s390x
skelcd-installer-MicroOS-17.13-1.3 installer and related files needed on dvd1 linux/s390x
skelcd-installer-net-Kubic-17.13-1.3 installer and related files needed on network medium linux/s390x
skelcd-installer-net-MicroOS-17.13-1.3 installer and related files needed on network medium linux/s390x
skelcd-installer-net-openSUSE-17.13-1.3 installer and related files needed on network medium linux/s390x
skelcd-installer-openSUSE-17.13-1.3 installer and related files needed on dvd1 linux/s390x
skelcd-openSUSE-84.87.20210413.ec9aed1-1.2 Skeleton for openSUSE OSS Media Sets linux/s390x
skopeo-1.2.3-1.1 Container image repository tool linux/s390x
skopeo-bash-completion-1.2.3-1.1 Bash completion for skopeo linux/s390x
skrooge-2.26.1-2.1 A Personal Finance Management Tool linux/s390x
sl-5.02-2.11 Steam Locomotive in ASCII art linux/s390x
slade-3.1.13-2.1 An editor for DOOM maps and WAD/PK3 archives linux/s390x
slang-devel-2.3.2-1.8 Programming Library and Embeddable Extension Language - Development Package linux/s390x
slang-slsh-2.3.2-1.8 Interpreter for S-Lang Scripts linux/s390x
sleuthkit-4.10.2-1.1 Tools for file system and volume forensic analysis linux/s390x
sleuthkit-devel-4.10.2-1.1 Development files for sleuthkit linux/s390x
slirp4netns-1.1.11-1.1 User-mode networking for unprivileged network namespaces linux/s390x
slop-7.5-1.7 Tool to query for a screen region selection linux/s390x
slop-devel-7.5-1.7 Development files for the slop library linux/s390x
slrn-1.0.3-3.31 Threaded Newsreader linux/s390x
sluice-0.02.13-1.2 Rate limiting data piping tool linux/s390x
slurm-20.11.8-1.1 Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management linux/s390x
slurm-auth-none-20.11.8-1.1 SLURM auth NULL implementation (no authentication) linux/s390x
slurm-config-20.11.8-1.1 Config files and directories for slurm services linux/s390x
slurm-config-man-20.11.8-1.1 Config files and directories for slurm services linux/s390x
slurm-cray-20.11.8-1.1 Cray specific plugins linux/s390x
slurm-devel-20.11.8-1.1 Development package for SLURM linux/s390x
slurm-doc-20.11.8-1.1 Documentation for SLURM linux/s390x
slurm-hdf5-20.11.8-1.1 Store accounting data in hdf5 linux/s390x
slurm-lua-20.11.8-1.1 Lua API for SLURM linux/s390x
slurm-munge-20.11.8-1.1 SLURM authentication and crypto implementation using Munge linux/s390x
slurm-node-20.11.8-1.1 Minimal slurm node linux/s390x
slurm-openlava-20.11.8-1.1 Wrappers for transitition from OpenLava/LSF to Slurm linux/s390x
slurm-pam_slurm-20.11.8-1.1 PAM module for restricting access to compute nodes via SLURM linux/s390x
slurm-plugins-20.11.8-1.1 SLURM plugins (loadable shared objects) linux/s390x
slurm-rest-20.11.8-1.1 Slurm REST API Interface linux/s390x
slurm-seff-20.11.8-1.1 Mail tool that includes job statistics in user notification email linux/s390x
slurm-sjstat-20.11.8-1.1 Perl tool to print SLURM job state information linux/s390x
slurm-slurmdbd-20.11.8-1.1 SLURM database daemon linux/s390x
slurm-sql-20.11.8-1.1 Slurm SQL support linux/s390x
slurm-sview-20.11.8-1.1 SLURM graphical interface linux/s390x
slurm-torque-20.11.8-1.1 Wrappers for transitition from Torque/PBS to SLURM linux/s390x
slurm-webdoc-20.11.8-1.1 Set up SLURM Documentation Server linux/s390x
slurp-1.3.2-1.2 Wayland region selector linux/s390x
smake-2021.08.14-43.1 The Schily "make" program linux/s390x
smartmontools-7.2-3.1 Monitor for SMART devices linux/s390x
smatch-20200608+git.e92d9e00-1.6 Static analysis tool for C linux/s390x
smc-tools-1.5.0-1.2 Shared Memory Communication via RDMA linux/s390x
smc-tools-completion-1.5.0-1.2 Bash completion for smc-tools linux/s390x
smcroute-2.5.1-1.1 Static multicast routing for UNIX linux/s390x
smem-1.5-1.5 Application memory usage report tool linux/s390x
smemstat-0.02.10-1.1 Memory usage monitoring tool linux/s390x
smenu-0.9.18-1.1 A standard input word picker linux/s390x
smenu-tests-0.9.18-1.1 Testing system for smenu linux/s390x
smillaenlarger-0.9.0+git.2017.11.21-1.33 A graphical tool to resize bitmaps in high quality linux/s390x
smilutils-0.3.2+cvs20070731-22.9 Tools for converting and editing digital video (DV) data linux/s390x
smooth-0.9.7-1.3 C++ class library for widgets, IO, XML and more linux/s390x
smooth-devel-0.9.7-1.3 Development files for smooth linux/s390x
smp_utils-0.99-2.5 Utilities for the SAS Management Protocol (SMP) linux/s390x
smpeg-devel-0.4.5-2.2 Development files for libsmpeg linux/s390x
smplayer-21.1.0-3.1 Complete frontend for MPV linux/s390x
smproxy-1.0.6-1.44 X Session Manager Proxy linux/s390x
smssend-3.4-179.50 interface to internet SMS forwarding services linux/s390x
smtpping-1.1.3-1.34 A tool for measuring SMTP server delay, delay variation and throughput linux/s390x
smtube-20.6.0-1.7 Small YouTube Browser linux/s390x
snack-2.2.10-215.1 Sound Extension for Tcl/Tk linux/s390x
snapper-0.9.0-6.1 Tool for filesystem snapshot management linux/s390x
snapper-testsuite-0.9.0-6.1 Integration tests for snapper linux/s390x
snapper-zypp-plugin-0.9.0-6.1 A zypp commit plugin for calling snapper linux/s390x
snappy-devel-1.1.9-1.1 Development files for snappy linux/s390x
snd-20.6-2.16 Sound File Editor linux/s390x
sndio-1.7.0-1.3 Small audio and MIDI framework linux/s390x
sndio-devel-1.7.0-1.3 Library Developer Files for sndio linux/s390x
sndioctl-1.7.0-1.3 Small audio and MIDI framework linux/s390x
sngrep-1.4.9-1.1 Ncurses SIP Messages flow viewer linux/s390x
snmp-mibs-5.9-2.2 MIB files from net-snmp linux/s390x
snorenotify-qt5-0.7.0-2.57 Snorenotify is a multi platform Qt based notification framework linux/s390x
snorenotify-qt5-devel-0.7.0-2.57 Snorenotify is a multi platform Qt based notification framework linux/s390x
snowball-2.1.0-1.2 Snowball compiler and stemming algorithms linux/s390x
snowball-devel-2.1.0-1.2 Development files libstemmer linux/s390x
soapy-osmo-devel-0.2.5-8.1 Development files for the SoapyOsmoSDR library linux/s390x
soapy-sdr-0.8.1-1.1 Vendor and platform neutral SDR support library linux/s390x
soapy-sdr-devel-0.8.1-1.1 Development files for the SoapySDR library linux/s390x
soapysdr0.7-module-remote-0.5.2-1.2 Remote device support for Soapy SDR linux/s390x
soapysdr0.7-module-uhd-0.3.6-1.9 Soapy SDR plugins for UHD supported SDR devices linux/s390x
soapysdr0.8-module-airspy-0.2.0-2.1 SoapySDR Airspy module linux/s390x
soapysdr0.8-module-bladerf-0.4.1-2.1 SoapySDR BladeRF module linux/s390x
soapysdr0.8-module-hackrf-0.3.3-3.1 SoapySDR HackRF module linux/s390x
soapysdr0.8-module-lms7-20.10.0-2.1 SoapySDR LMS7 support module linux/s390x
soapysdr0.8-module-mirisdr-0.2.5-8.1 SoapySDR mirisdr module linux/s390x
soapysdr0.8-module-osmosdr-0.2.5-8.1 SoapySDR osmosdr module linux/s390x
soapysdr0.8-module-rtlsdr-0.3.2-2.1 SoapySDR RTL-SDR support module linux/s390x
sobby-0.4.8-11.11 Stand-alone obby server linux/s390x
socat- Multipurpose relay for bidirectional data transfer linux/s390x
soci-devel-4.0.2-1.1 Development files for soci linux/s390x
soci-empty-devel-4.0.2-1.1 Development files for the soci empty back-end linux/s390x
soci-mysql-devel-4.0.2-1.1 Development files for the soci MariaDB back-end linux/s390x
soci-odbc-devel-4.0.2-1.1 Development files for the soci ODBC back-end linux/s390x
soci-postgresql-devel-4.0.2-1.1 Development files for the soci PostgreSQL back-end linux/s390x
soci-sqlite3-devel-4.0.2-1.1 Development files for the soci SQLite back-end linux/s390x
socket_wrapper-1.3.3-1.2 A library passing all socket communications through Unix sockets linux/s390x
sofia-sip-1.12.11+20110422-1.10 A RFC3261 compliant SIP User-Agent library linux/s390x
sofia-sip-devel-1.12.11+20110422-1.10 Development files for sofia-sip linux/s390x
softhsm-2.5.0-2.17 Software version of a PKCS#11 Hardware Security Module linux/s390x
softhsm-devel-2.5.0-2.17 Development package of softhsm that includes the header files linux/s390x
solanum-0~ch448-1.2 Scalable IRCv3.2 compliant chat daemon linux/s390x
solarus-1.6.0-1.15 Zelda-like game engine linux/s390x
solarus-devel-1.6.0-1.15 Development files for solarus linux/s390x
solarus-quest-editor-1.6.2-2.2 GUI to edit quests for the Solarus engine linux/s390x
solfege-3.23.4-3.32 An ear training program linux/s390x
solid-devel-5.85.0-1.1 KDE Desktop hardware abstraction: Build Environment linux/s390x
solid-imports-5.85.0-1.1 KDE Desktop hardware abstraction linux/s390x
solid-tools-5.85.0-1.1 KDE Desktop hardware abstraction linux/s390x
sonic-visualiser-4.3-1.4 A program for viewing and analysing contents of audio files linux/s390x
sonnet-5.85.0-1.1 KDE spell checking library linux/s390x
sonnet-devel-5.85.0-1.1 KDE spell checking library: Build Environment linux/s390x
sonnet-voikko-5.85.0-1.1 KDE spell checking library: Support for Voikko linux/s390x
sonobuoy-0.20.0-1.2 Conformance test suite for diagnosing a Kubernetes cluster linux/s390x
sopwith-1.8.4-1.49 SDL port of the sopwith game linux/s390x
sord-0.16.8-1.2 Utilities to work with RDF data linux/s390x
sord-devel-0.16.8-1.2 Development files for libsord linux/s390x
sound-juicer-3.38.0-1.4 Clean and Lean GNOME CD Ripper linux/s390x
soundconverter-4.0.1-1.1 Sound Converter Application for the GNOME Desktop linux/s390x
soundkonverter-3.0.1-1.5 Audio file converter, CD ripper and Replay Gain tool linux/s390x
soundtouch-2.2-1.2 Audio Processing Library linux/s390x
soundtouch-devel-2.2-1.2 Development files for the SoundTouch audio processing library linux/s390x
soup-sharp-2.42.2+git.20141217.4404312-1.12 Libsoup bindings for Mono linux/s390x
soup-sharp-devel-2.42.2+git.20141217.4404312-1.12 Libsoup bindings for Mono -- Development files linux/s390x
source-highlight-3.1.9-3.1 Source Code Highlighter with Support for Many Languages linux/s390x
source-highlight-cgi-3.1.9-3.1 Source Code Highlighting CGI linux/s390x
sox-14.4.2-5.51 Sound Conversion Tools linux/s390x
sox-devel-14.4.2-5.51 Sound Conversion Tools and Library linux/s390x
soxr-devel-0.1.3-2.11 Development files of soxr linux/s390x
spacefm-1.0.6-3.6 Multi-panel tabbed file and desktop manager linux/s390x
spacenavd-0.8-1.2 Daemon for 3Dconnexion devices linux/s390x
spamass-milter-0.4.0-1.5 Milter (mail filter) for spamassassin linux/s390x
spamassassin-3.4.6-70.2 Extensible email filter which is used to identify spam linux/s390x
spamassassin-spamc-3.4.6-70.2 Spammassassin Client linux/s390x
spandsp-devel-0.0.6-5.8 Development files for the SpanDSP library linux/s390x
sparse-0.6.3-1.3 A semantic parser of source files linux/s390x
sparse-inspect-0.6.3-1.3 Inspect binary from sparse linux/s390x
sparsehash-devel-2.0.4-1.4 Memory-efficient C++ hash_map implementation linux/s390x
spatialindex-devel-1.9.3-2.2 Development files for spatialindex linux/s390x
spawn-fcgi-1.6.4-1.42 Spawn FastCGI applications independent of the webserver linux/s390x
spax-1.6.1-43.1 Portable Archive Exchange linux/s390x
spdlog-devel-1.9.1-2.1 Development files for spdlog linux/s390x
spdylay-1.4.0-3.46 SPDY C Library linux/s390x
spdylay-devel-1.4.0-3.46 Development files for the SPDY C Library linux/s390x
spectacle-21.08.0-1.1 Screen Capture Program linux/s390x
spectacle-doc-21.08.0-1.1 Documentation for Spectacle linux/s390x
spectator-0.6+git74.9ef0de5-1.90 System tray that downloads and display info about the Turris router linux/s390x
speech-dispatcher-0.10.2-2.4 Device independent layer for speech synthesis linux/s390x
speech-dispatcher-configure-0.10.2-2.4 Configuration tool for Speech Dispatcher linux/s390x
speech-dispatcher-module-espeak-0.10.2-2.4 ESpeak module for Speech Dispatcher linux/s390x
speedcrunch-0.12-1.47 Calculator with history display, keyboard-oriented linux/s390x
speex-1.2-1.44 An Open Source, Patent Free Speech Codec linux/s390x
speex-devel-1.2-1.44 Development package for SpeeX linux/s390x
speexdsp-devel-1.2.0-2.2 Development package for SpeeX linux/s390x
spek-0.8.3-1.9 Tool for audio spectrum analysis and visualization linux/s390x
spew-1.0.8-5.5 An I/O performance measurement and load generation tool linux/s390x
spglib-devel-1.16.1-1.1 Development files for spglib/libsymspg linux/s390x
sphinx-2.2.11-5.13 SQL full-text search engine linux/s390x
sphinxbase-0.8-5.17 Support library required by Pocketsphinx linux/s390x
sphinxbase-devel-0.8-5.17 Headers for support library required by Pocketsphinx linux/s390x
spi-tools-0.8.7-1.2 A set of SPI tools for Linux linux/s390x
spice-gtk-0.39-1.7 Gtk client and libraries for SPICE remote desktop servers linux/s390x
spice-gtk-devel-0.39-1.7 Devel linux/s390x
spice-up-1.8.2-2.29 Desktop presentation application linux/s390x
spice-vdagent-0.21.0-1.4 Agent for Spice guests linux/s390x
spice-webdavd-2.5-1.10 Spice daemon for the DAV channel linux/s390x
spirv-cross-20210115-7.2 Tool and library for SPIR-V reflection and disassembly linux/s390x
spirv-tools-2021.1-1.2 API and commands for processing SPIR-V modules linux/s390x
spirv-tools-devel-2021.1-1.2 Development headers for the SPIR-V tool library linux/s390x
splint-3.1.2-102.25 A tool for statically checking C programs linux/s390x
splix- Driver for Samsung Printer Language printers linux/s390x
spotify-qt-3.7-1.1 Lightweight Spotify client using Qt linux/s390x
spotifyd-0.3.2-2.1 Spotify client running as a UNIX daemon linux/s390x
spread-sheet-widget-devel-0.8-1.2 Header files for GNU Gtk+ Spread Sheet Widget library linux/s390x
spu-tools-2.3.0-27.48 User space tools for Cell/B.E. linux/s390x
sql-parser-devel-1.5+git20181206-2.5 Development files for sql-parser linux/s390x
sqlcipher-4.4.3-1.2 SQLite database encryption linux/s390x
sqlcipher-devel-4.4.3-1.2 Development files for SQLCipher linux/s390x
sqlite3-3.36.0-1.1 Embeddable SQL Database Engine linux/s390x
sqlite3-devel-3.36.0-1.1 Embeddable SQL Database Engine linux/s390x
sqlitebrowser-3.12.2-1.1 Spreadsheet-like interface to SQLite databases linux/s390x
sqliteman-1.2.2-3.38 An Sqlite3 manager linux/s390x
sqliteodbc-0.9998-1.9 ODBC driver for SQLite linux/s390x
sqliteodbc-doc-0.9998-1.9 Documentation for sqliteodbc linux/s390x
sqtop-2015.02.08-1.36 'top' for Squid proxy process linux/s390x
squashfs-4.4-3.5 A Read-Only File System with Efficient Compression linux/s390x
squid-4.16-1.2 Caching and forwarding HTTP web proxy linux/s390x
squidGuard-1.6.0-1.1 Filter plugin for squid linux/s390x
squidGuard-doc-1.6.0-1.1 Documentation and examples for squidGuard linux/s390x
squidview-0.86-1.36 Interactive console program which monitors squid logs access linux/s390x
squirrel-3.0.7-3.20 A high level imperative/OO programming language linux/s390x
squirrel-devel-3.0.7-3.20 Development files for squirrel linux/s390x
squirrel-devel-static-3.0.7-3.20 Static squirrel libraries linux/s390x
sratom-devel-0.6.8-1.2 Development files for libsratom linux/s390x
src_vipa-2.1.0-3.32 Virtual Source IP address support for HA solutions linux/s390x
srecord-1.64-4.248 Hex/bin format conversion package linux/s390x
srecord-devel-1.64-4.248 Srecord development files linux/s390x
srm-1.2.15-1.44 A secure replacement for rm linux/s390x
srp_daemon-36.0-1.1 Tools for using the InfiniBand SRP protocol devices linux/s390x
srt-1.4.3-1.2 Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) linux/s390x
srt-devel-1.4.3-1.2 Development files for the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) library linux/s390x
sscep-0.9.1-1.1 A command line client for the SCEP protocol linux/s390x
ssdeep-2.14.1-1.34 Context Triggered Piecewise Hashing values linux/s390x
ssdp-responder-1.7-1.7 SSDP responder for Linux linux/s390x
ssh-contact-0.7-9.54 Tool to connect to telepathy IM contacts via SSH linux/s390x
ssh-contact-client-0.7-9.54 Tool to connect to telepathy IM contacts via SSH -- Client linux/s390x
ssh-contact-service-0.7-9.54 Tool to connect to telepathy IM contacts via SSH -- Server linux/s390x
sshfs-3.7.1-1.5 Filesystem client based on SSH file transfer protocol linux/s390x
sshguard-2.4.2-2.2 SSH brute force attack protector linux/s390x
sshpass-1.09-1.3 Non-interactive SSH authentication utility linux/s390x
ssldump-1.4-1.2 SSLv3/TLS Network Protocol Analyzer linux/s390x
sslh-1.22b-1.1 SSL/SSH multiplexer linux/s390x
sslscan-2.0.10-1.2 SSL cipher scanning tool linux/s390x
sssd-2.5.2-1.1 System Security Services Daemon linux/s390x
sssd-ad-2.5.2-1.1 The ActiveDirectory backend plugin for sssd linux/s390x
sssd-dbus-2.5.2-1.1 The D-Bus responder of sssd linux/s390x
sssd-ipa-2.5.2-1.1 FreeIPA backend plugin for sssd linux/s390x
sssd-kcm-2.5.2-1.1 SSSD's Kerberos cache manager linux/s390x
sssd-krb5-2.5.2-1.1 The Kerberos authentication backend plugin for sssd linux/s390x
sssd-krb5-common-2.5.2-1.1 SSSD helpers needed for Kerberos and GSSAPI authentication linux/s390x
sssd-ldap-2.5.2-1.1 The LDAP backend plugin for sssd linux/s390x
sssd-proxy-2.5.2-1.1 The proxy backend plugin for sssd linux/s390x
sssd-tools-2.5.2-1.1 Commandline tools for sssd linux/s390x
sssd-winbind-idmap-2.5.2-1.1 The sss idmap backend for Winbind linux/s390x
st-0.8.4-1.4 Simple Terminal Implementation for X linux/s390x
stalonetray-0.8.4-1.2 Stand-alone system tray linux/s390x
stan-0.4.1-10.39 Stream Analyzer linux/s390x
star-1.6.1-43.1 tar implementation compliant to POSIX.1-2001 linux/s390x
stardict-3.0.6-1.7 A powerful cross-platform dictionary written in GTK+3 linux/s390x
stardict-tools-3.0.1-84.31 StarDict Editor linux/s390x
starfighter-2.4-1.5 Liberate the universe from the evil company WEAPCO linux/s390x
startup-notification-devel-0.12-16.21 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/s390x
statgrab-0.92-1.4 Portable System Statistics Tools linux/s390x
statserial-1.1-742.38 Helps to Debug Serial Lines linux/s390x
stellarium-0.21.1-1.2 Astronomical Sky Simulator linux/s390x
stellarsolver-devel-1.5-2.1 Development files for stellarsolver linux/s390x
step-21.08.0-1.1 An interactive physics simulator linux/s390x
stlink-1.7.0-1.1 STM32 discovery line linux programmer linux/s390x
stlink-devel-1.7.0-1.1 Development files for stlink package linux/s390x
stlink-gui-1.7.0-1.1 GUI for STM32 discovery line linux programmer linux/s390x
stoken-0.92-1.21 Token code generator compatible with RSA SecurID 128-bit (AES) token linux/s390x
stoken-devel-0.92-1.21 Development files for stoken linux/s390x
stoken-gui-0.92-1.21 Graphical interface program for stoken linux/s390x
stp-2.3.3+20210104-1.3 Constraint Solver linux/s390x
stp-devel-2.3.3+20210104-1.3 Devel files for stp linux/s390x
strace-5.13-1.1 A utility to trace the system calls of a program linux/s390x
strawberry-0.9.3-1.4 A music player and music collection organizer linux/s390x
stress-ng-0.13.00-1.1 Tool to load and stress a computer linux/s390x
stressapptest-1.0.9-2.8 Stressful application test linux/s390x
strongswan-5.9.0-1.26 IPsec-based VPN solution linux/s390x
strongswan-hmac-5.9.0-1.26 HMAC files for FIPS-140-2 integrity in strongSwan linux/s390x
strongswan-ipsec-5.9.0-1.26 IPsec-based VPN solution linux/s390x
strongswan-libs0-5.9.0-1.26 strongSwan core libraries and basic plugins linux/s390x
strongswan-mysql-5.9.0-1.26 MySQL plugin for strongSwan linux/s390x
strongswan-nm-5.9.0-1.26 NetworkManager plugin for strongSwan linux/s390x
strongswan-sqlite-5.9.0-1.26 SQLite plugin for strongSwan linux/s390x
stunnel-5.60-1.1 Universal TLS Tunnel linux/s390x
stuntman-1.2.16-1.8 STUN server and client linux/s390x
su-wrapper-1.2.0-498.15 The su-wrapper Runs Programs as Another User and Group linux/s390x
subnetcalc-2.4.16-1.4 IPv4/IPv6 Subnet Calculator linux/s390x
subtitlecomposer-0.7.0-3.14 A text-based subtitle editor linux/s390x
subtitleeditor-0.54.0-4.18 A GTK+3 tool to edit subtitles linux/s390x
subunit-1.4.0+git.1584197985.0e9f67b-5.1 C library for the subunit testing protocol linux/s390x
subunit-devel-1.4.0+git.1584197985.0e9f67b-5.1 Header files for developing C applications that use subunit linux/s390x
subversion-1.14.1-1.4 Subversion version control system linux/s390x
subversion-devel-1.14.1-1.4 Development package for Subversion developers linux/s390x
subversion-perl-1.14.1-1.4 Allows Perl scripts to directly use Subversion repositories linux/s390x
subversion-python-1.14.1-1.4 Allows Python scripts to directly use Subversion repositories linux/s390x
subversion-ruby-1.14.1-1.4 Allows Ruby scripts to directly use Subversion repositories linux/s390x
subversion-server-1.14.1-1.4 Apache server module for Subversion server linux/s390x
subversion-tools-1.14.1-1.4 Tools for Subversion linux/s390x
suck-4.3.4-1.37 Reading News Offline linux/s390x
sudo-1.9.7p2-1.1 Execute some commands as root linux/s390x
sudo-devel-1.9.7p2-1.1 Header files needed for sudo plugin development linux/s390x
sudo-plugin-python-1.9.7p2-1.1 Plugin API for python linux/s390x
sudo-test-1.9.7p2-1.1 Tests for the package linux/s390x
sudoku-sensei-02_00-3.1 Enjoy playing with Sudoku boards designed by yourself linux/s390x
suil-devel-0.10.6-1.5 Development files for the suil library linux/s390x
suil-plugin-gtk2-in-qt5-0.10.6-1.5 Shared object for GTK2 hosts displaying Qt5 LV2 GUIs linux/s390x
suil-plugin-qt5-in-gtk2-0.10.6-1.5 Shared object for Qt5 hosts displaying GTK2 LV2 GUIs linux/s390x
suil-plugin-qt5-in-gtk3-0.10.6-1.5 Shared object for Qt5 hosts displaying GTK3 LV2 GUIs linux/s390x
suil-plugin-x11-0.10.6-1.5 Shared object for X11 LV2 GUIs linux/s390x
suil-plugin-x11-in-gtk2-0.10.6-1.5 Shared object for GTK2 hosts displaying X11 LV2 GUIs linux/s390x
suil-plugin-x11-in-gtk3-0.10.6-1.5 Shared object for GTK3 hosts displaying X11 LV2 GUIs linux/s390x
suil-plugin-x11-in-qt5-0.10.6-1.5 Shared object for Qt5 hosts displaying X11 LV2 GUIs linux/s390x
suitesparse-devel-5.10.1-43.1 Development headers for SuiteSparse linux/s390x
suitesparse-devel-static-5.10.1-43.1 Static version of SuiteSparse libraries linux/s390x
sundials-devel-5.7.0-1.2 Suite of nonlinear solvers (developer files) linux/s390x
sundials-doc-5.7.0-1.2 Suite of nonlinear solvers (documentation) linux/s390x
sundials-mvapich2-devel-5.7.0-1.1 Suite of nonlinear solvers (developer files) linux/s390x
sundials-openmpi1-devel-5.3.0-1.1 Suite of nonlinear solvers (developer files) linux/s390x
sundials-openmpi2-devel-5.3.0-1.1 Suite of nonlinear solvers (developer files) linux/s390x
sundials-openmpi3-devel-5.3.0-1.1 Suite of nonlinear solvers (developer files) linux/s390x
sunpinyin-data-2.0.99-3.27 Data files for Sunpinyin linux/s390x
sunpinyin-devel-2.0.99-3.27 Development Files for Sunpinyin linux/s390x
sunpinyin-tools-2.0.99-3.27 Dictionary tools for Sunpinyin linux/s390x
sunwait-20201026-1.3 Sunrise, sunset and twilight calculator linux/s390x
sunxi-tools-1.4.2+git20200914103652-1.4 Tools for Allwinner A10 devices linux/s390x
superlu-devel-5.2.2-3.2 Headers and development library for libsuperlu5 linux/s390x
superlu-doc-5.2.2-3.2 Documentation for superlu linux/s390x
superlu-examples-5.2.2-3.2 Examples for superlu linux/s390x
superlu_5_2_2-gnu-hpc-devel-5.2.2-3.5 Headers and development library for libsuperlu_5_2_2-gnu-hpc linux/s390x
superlu_5_2_2-gnu-hpc-doc-5.2.2-3.5 Documentation for superlu_5_2_2-gnu-hpc linux/s390x
superlu_5_2_2-gnu-hpc-examples-5.2.2-3.5 Examples for superlu_5_2_2-gnu-hpc linux/s390x
supermin-5.2.0-4.2 Bootstrapping tool for creating supermin appliances linux/s390x
supertux2-0.6.2-2.11 Jump'n run game linux/s390x
supertuxkart-1.2-2.3 A 3D kart racing game linux/s390x
surgescript-0.5.5-1.2 A scripting language for games linux/s390x
surgescript-devel-0.5.5-1.2 Files for developing applications using surgescript linux/s390x
suse-hpc-0.5-5.3 SUSE HPC Environment linux/s390x
suse-module-tools-16.0.8+1-1.1 Configuration for module loading and SUSE-specific utilities for KMPs linux/s390x
suse-module-tools-legacy-16.0.8+1-1.1 Legacy "weak-modules" script for Code10 linux/s390x
suseconnect-ng-0.0.3~git0.dacdd3b-1.1 Utility to register a system with the SUSE Customer Center linux/s390x
sushi-3.38.1-1.1 Quick Previewer for Nautilus linux/s390x
svgcleaner-0.9.5-2.204 A software to remove unnecessary data from SVG files linux/s390x
svgcleaner-gui-0.9.5-2.204 Graphical user interface to svgcleaner linux/s390x
svgpart-21.08.0-1.1 SVG viewer component linux/s390x
svm-tools-3.24-2.2 A set of tools to use with libsvm linux/s390x
svn2git-1.0.16-1.17 Importer for one time conversion from SVN to Git linux/s390x
svxlink-server-1.5.0-4.3 SvxLink - A general purpose voice services system linux/s390x
swappy-1.3.1-1.3 Wayland compositor screenshot editor linux/s390x
sway-1.6.1-1.1 Window manager for Wayland compatible with i3 linux/s390x
sway-contrib-1.6.1-1.1 Contributed scripts for sway linux/s390x
swaybg-1.1-1.1 Wallpaper tool for Wayland compositors linux/s390x
swayidle-1.7-1.1 Idle management daemon for Wayland linux/s390x
swaylock-1.5-1.16 Screen locker for Wayland linux/s390x
sweeper-21.08.0-1.1 KDE Privacy Utility linux/s390x
swell-foop-40.1-1.2 Same Game for GNOME linux/s390x
swig-4.0.2-4.1 Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator linux/s390x
swig-examples-4.0.2-4.1 SWIG example files linux/s390x
switchboard-2.3.7-1.29 Modular Desktop Settings Hub linux/s390x
switchboard-devel-2.3.7-1.29 Development Files for switchboard linux/s390x
switcheroo-control-2.4-1.3 D-Bus service to check the availability of dual-GPU linux/s390x
sword-1.8.1-1.38 Framework for manipulating Bible texts linux/s390x
sword-devel-1.8.1-1.38 Include files and static libraries for developing sword applications linux/s390x
swtpm-0.5.2-2.2 Software TPM emulator linux/s390x
swtpm-devel-0.5.2-2.2 Development files for swtpm linux/s390x
sxhkd-0.6.2-1.2 Simple X hotkey daemon linux/s390x
sxiv-26-1.9 Simple X Image Viewer linux/s390x
symmetrica-devel-3.0.1-1.4 Header files for Symmetrica, a library for group theory linux/s390x
sympol-0.1.8-3.1 Tool to work with symmetric polyhedra linux/s390x
sympol-devel-0.1.8-3.1 Header files for the sympol library linux/s390x
sympow-2.023.6-1.4 Program to compute symmetric power elliptic curve L-functions linux/s390x
syncplay-client-1.6.8-1.1 Client to synchronize media playback on mpv/VLC on multiple computers linux/s390x
syncplay-common-1.6.8-1.1 The common files for the Syncplay client and server linux/s390x
syncplay-server-1.6.8-1.1 Server for the Syncplay media synchronizing application linux/s390x
syncthing-1.18.1-1.1 Continuous File Synchronisation linux/s390x
syncthing-relaysrv-1.18.1-1.1 Relay server for syncthing linux/s390x
syndication-devel-5.85.0-1.1 RSS/Atom parsing library - development headers linux/s390x
synergy-1.9.1-3.20 Mouse, keyboard and clipboard sharing utility linux/s390x
synnefo-1.1.0-3.26 Color Management Settings GUI linux/s390x
syntax-highlighting-5.85.0-1.1 Syntax highlighting engine and library linux/s390x
syntax-highlighting-devel-5.85.0-1.1 Syntax highlighting engine and library linux/s390x
sysbench-1.0.20-1.1 A MySQL benchmarking tool linux/s390x
sysconfig-0.85.7-2.1 The sysconfig scheme for traditional network scripts linux/s390x
sysconfig-netconfig-0.85.7-2.1 Script to apply network provided settings linux/s390x
sysdig-0.27.1-1.30 System-level exploration linux/s390x
sysdig-kmp-default-0.27.1_k5.13.12_2-1.30 System-level exploration linux/s390x
sysfsutils-2.1.1-1.1 System Utilities Package / Libsysfs linux/s390x
sysfsutils-devel-2.1.1-1.1 Development files for libsysfs linux/s390x
sysinfo-20210803-1.1 System diagnosis tools from hxtools linux/s390x
syslog-ng-3.33.2-1.1 Enhanced system logging daemon linux/s390x
syslog-ng-curl-3.33.2-1.1 HTTP destination support for syslog-ng linux/s390x
syslog-ng-devel-3.33.2-1.1 Development files for syslog-ng linux/s390x
syslog-ng-geoip-3.33.2-1.1 GeoIP (MaxMindDB) support for syslog-ng linux/s390x
syslog-ng-java-3.33.2-1.1 Java destination support for syslog-ng linux/s390x
syslog-ng-mqtt-3.33.2-1.1 MQTT support for syslog-ng linux/s390x
syslog-ng-python-3.33.2-1.1 Python destination support for syslog-ng linux/s390x
syslog-ng-redis-3.33.2-1.1 Redis destination support for syslog-ng linux/s390x
syslog-ng-smtp-3.33.2-1.1 SMTP output support for syslog-ng linux/s390x
syslog-ng-snmp-3.33.2-1.1 SNMP support for syslog-ng linux/s390x
syslog-ng-sql-3.33.2-1.1 SQL support using DBI for syslog-ng linux/s390x
syslogd-1.4.1-793.11 The Syslog daemon linux/s390x
sysprof-3.40.1-1.3 A system-wide Linux profiler linux/s390x
sysprof-capture-devel-static-3.40.1-1.3 Library to read and write syspref's capture format linux/s390x
sysprof-devel-3.40.1-1.3 Development files for sysprof linux/s390x
sysprof-ui-3.40.1-1.3 A system-wide Linux profiler linux/s390x
sysprof-ui-devel-3.40.1-1.3 Development files for sysprof-ui linux/s390x
sysstat-12.4.2-1.2 Sar and Iostat Commands for Linux linux/s390x
sysstat-isag-12.4.2-1.2 Interactive System Activity Grapher for sysstat linux/s390x
system-config-printer-1.5.15-1.2 A printer administration tool linux/s390x
system-group-audit-3.0.3-2.1 System group 'audit' linux/s390x
system-user-flatpak-1.11.2-2.1 System user for the flatpak system helper linux/s390x
system-user-libvirt-dbus-1.4.0-4.1 System user for libvirt-dbus linux/s390x
system-user-srvGeoClue-2.5.6-1.7 System user for the geoclue service linux/s390x
systemd-248.6-2.1 A System and Session Manager linux/s390x
systemd-container-248.6-2.1 Systemd tools for container management linux/s390x
systemd-coredump-248.6-2.1 Systemd tools for coredump management linux/s390x
systemd-devel-248.6-2.1 Development headers for systemd linux/s390x
systemd-doc-248.6-2.1 HTML documentation for systemd linux/s390x
systemd-experimental-248.6-2.1 Experimental systemd features linux/s390x
systemd-journal-remote-248.6-2.1 Gateway for serving journal events over the network using HTTP linux/s390x
systemd-logger-248.6-2.1 Journal only logging linux/s390x
systemd-mini-container-248.6-2.1 Systemd tools for container management linux/s390x
systemd-network-248.6-2.1 Systemd tools for networkd and resolved linux/s390x
systemd-portable-248.6-2.1 Systemd tools for portable services linux/s390x
systemd-sysvinit-248.6-2.1 System V init tools linux/s390x
systemd-tests-248.6-2.1 Unit tests for systemd linux/s390x
systemd-ui-3-1.66 Graphical front-end for systemd linux/s390x
systemsettings5-5.22.4-1.1 KDE's control center linux/s390x
systemtap-4.2-5.3 Instrumentation System linux/s390x
systemtap-headers-4.2-5.3 SystemTap headers linux/s390x
systemtap-runtime-4.2-5.3 Runtime environment for systemtap linux/s390x
systemtap-sdt-devel-4.2-5.3 Static probe support tools linux/s390x
systemtap-server-4.2-5.3 Systemtap server linux/s390x
sysvinit-tools-2.99-2.2 Tools for basic booting linux/s390x
sz2-devel-1.0.5-1.1 Development files for libsz2 linux/s390x

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