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Packages beginning with letter N

naev-0.8.2-1.2 2D action RPG space game linux/s390x
nagios-4.4.6-2.2 The Nagios Network Monitor linux/s390x
nagios-contrib-4.4.6-2.2 Files from the contrib directory linux/s390x
nagios-devel-4.4.6-2.2 Development files for Nagios linux/s390x
nagios-www-4.4.6-2.2 Provides the HTML and CGI files for the Nagios web interface linux/s390x
nagios-www-dch-4.4.6-2.2 HTML and CGI files that do not call home linux/s390x
nano-5.8-1.1 Pico editor clone with enhancements linux/s390x
nano-icinga2-2.13.1-1.1 Nano syntax highlighting for icinga2 linux/s390x
nano-plugin-conky-1.12.2-1.2 Conky Configuration File Support for nano linux/s390x
nanomsg-devel-1.1.5-1.11 Header files for nanomsg linux/s390x
nanopb-devel-0.4.5-1.2 Development files for nanopb linux/s390x
nasc-0.5.4-2.27 Do maths like a normal person linux/s390x
nasm-2.15.05-1.5 Netwide Assembler (An x86 Assembler) linux/s390x
native-platform-0.14-1.155 Java bindings for various native APIs linux/s390x
nautilus-40.2-1.1 File Manager for the GNOME Desktop linux/s390x
nautilus-devel-40.2-1.1 File Manager for the GNOME Desktop -- Development Files linux/s390x
nautilus-eiciel- Nautilus ACL viewer and editor extension linux/s390x
nautilus-evince-40.4-1.1 Evince Plugin for Nautilus linux/s390x
nautilus-extension-dropbox-2020.03.04-2.3 Dropbox client integrated into Nautilus linux/s390x
nautilus-extension-nitroshare-0.3.4-3.80 NitroShare integration for Nautilus linux/s390x
nautilus-extension-seahorse-3.11.92-8.15 Extension for nautilus which allows encryption and decryption of files linux/s390x
nautilus-extension-terminal-3.40.3-1.1 Nautilus Extension to Open Terminal in Folders linux/s390x
nautilus-file-roller-3.40.0-3.1 File-roller extension for Nautilus linux/s390x
nautilus-font-manager-0.8.7-1.1 Nautilus extension for Font Manager linux/s390x
nautilus-image-converter-0.3.0-11.13 Nautilus Image Converter linux/s390x
nautilus-plugin-easytag-2.4.3-5.11 Nautilus extension for opening in EasyTAG linux/s390x
nautilus-sendto-3.8.6-4.11 Integrate Nautilus and E-Mail clients linux/s390x
nautilus-share-0.7.3-17.3 Nautilus plugin for sharing directories over SMB linux/s390x
nauty-2.7.1-2.5 Tools for computing automorphism groups of graphs linux/s390x
nauty-devel-2.7.1-2.5 Development files for nauty, a math library linux/s390x
nbd-3.21-1.4 Network Block Device Server and Client Utilities linux/s390x
nbdfuse-1.9.3-1.1 FUSE support for libnbd linux/s390x
nbdkit-1.27.8-1.1 Network Block Device server linux/s390x
nbdkit-basic-filters-1.27.8-1.1 Basic filters for nbdkit linux/s390x
nbdkit-basic-plugins-1.27.8-1.1 Basic plugins for nbdkit linux/s390x
nbdkit-curl-plugin-1.27.8-1.1 HTTP/FTP (cURL) plugin for nbdkit linux/s390x
nbdkit-devel-1.27.8-1.1 Development files and documentation for nbdkit linux/s390x
nbdkit-example-plugins-1.27.8-1.1 Example plugins for nbdkit linux/s390x
nbdkit-gzip-filter-1.27.8-1.1 GZip filter for nbdkit linux/s390x
nbdkit-nbd-plugin-1.27.8-1.1 NBD proxy / forward plugin for nbdkit linux/s390x
nbdkit-python-plugin-1.27.8-1.1 Python 3 plugin for nbdkit linux/s390x
nbdkit-server-1.27.8-1.1 Network Block Device server linux/s390x
nbdkit-ssh-plugin-1.27.8-1.1 SSH plugin for nbdkit linux/s390x
nbdkit-tar-filter-1.27.8-1.1 Tar archive filter for nbdkit linux/s390x
nbdkit-tmpdisk-plugin-1.27.8-1.1 Remote temporary filesystem disk plugin for nbdkit linux/s390x
nbdkit-xz-filter-1.27.8-1.1 XZ filter for nbdkit linux/s390x
ncat-7.91-2.1 Network tool to concatenate and redirect sockets linux/s390x
ncdu-1.15.1-1.6 NCurses Disk Usage linux/s390x
ncftp-3.2.6-3.7 A Comfortable FTP Program linux/s390x
ncmpcpp-0.9.2-1.4 Music Player Daemon Client linux/s390x
ncompress-5.0-1.2 LZW compression and decompression utilities linux/s390x
ncurses-devel-6.2.20210814-25.1 Development files for the ncurses6 terminal control library linux/s390x
ncurses-devel-static-6.2.20210814-25.1 Static libraries for the ncurses6 terminal control library linux/s390x
ncurses-tests-6.2.20210814-25.1 Tools using the new curses libraries linux/s390x
ncurses-utils-6.2.20210814-25.1 Tools using the new curses libraries linux/s390x
ncurses5-devel-6.2.20210814-25.1 Development files for the ncurses5 terminal control library linux/s390x
ncurses5-devel-static-6.2.20210814-25.1 Static libraries for the ncurses5 terminal control library linux/s390x
ndpi-common-4.0-1.1 Common files used by nDPI linux/s390x
ndpi-tools-4.0-1.1 Tools for nNDPI linux/s390x
ndppd- Neighbor Discovery Protocol Proxy Daemon linux/s390x
neard-0.16-1.8 NFC for Linux linux/s390x
neard-devel-0.16-1.8 Files needed for NFC development linux/s390x
neard-test-0.16-1.8 Files needed for NFC development linux/s390x
neatvnc-devel-0.4.0-1.2 Development files for neatvnc linux/s390x
nedit-5.7-2.66 A GUI text editor linux/s390x
neix-0.1.5-1.2 News Reader for Text Terminals linux/s390x
neko-2.3.0-1.24 A cross-platform lightweight virtual machine and language linux/s390x
neko-devel-2.3.0-1.24 Development files for the Neko virtual machine linux/s390x
neko-mysql-2.3.0-1.24 Neko virtual machine MySQL library linux/s390x
nemesis-1.8-1.1 TCP/IP Packet Injection Suite linux/s390x
nemiver-0.9.6-7.14 Nemiver graphical debugger linux/s390x
nemiver-devel-0.9.6-7.14 Nemiver graphical debugger - Development files linux/s390x
nemo-5.0.3-1.1 File browser for Cinnamon linux/s390x
nemo-devel-5.0.3-1.1 Development files for Nemo linux/s390x
nemo-extension-dropbox-5.0.0-2.1 DropBox support for the Nemo Filemanager linux/s390x
nemo-extension-fileroller-5.0.0-2.1 Fileroller support for the Nemo Filemanager linux/s390x
nemo-extension-image-converter-5.0.0-2.1 Nemo extension to mass resize or rotate images linux/s390x
nemo-extension-nitroshare-0.3.4-3.80 NitroShare integration for Nemo linux/s390x
nemo-extension-preview-5.0.0-2.1 A quick previewer for Nemo file manager linux/s390x
nemo-extension-repairer-5.0.0-2.1 Nemo extension for filename encoding repair linux/s390x
nemo-extension-seahorse-5.0.0-2.1 OpenPGP encryption/decryption extension for Nemo file manager linux/s390x
nemo-extension-share-5.0.0-2.1 Samba share extension for Nemo file manager linux/s390x
nemo-font-manager-0.8.7-1.1 Nemo extension for Font Manager linux/s390x
neochat-1.2.0-2.1 A chat client for Matrix, the decentralized communication protocol linux/s390x
neomutt-20210205-3.2 A command line mail reader (or MUA), a fork of Mutt with added features linux/s390x
neovim-0.4.4-4.1 Vim-fork focused on extensibility and agility linux/s390x
neovim-gtk-0.2.0+git.1609586374.c036492-1.3 GTK UI for Neovim linux/s390x
nestopia-1.51.0-1.1 Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom emulator linux/s390x
net-snmp-5.9-2.2 SNMP Daemon linux/s390x
net-snmp-devel-5.9-2.2 Development files from net-snmp linux/s390x
net-tools-2.10-1.4 Important Programs for Networking linux/s390x
net-tools-deprecated-2.10-1.4 Deprecated Networking Utilities linux/s390x
net6-1.3.14-12.42 Network access framework for IPv4/IPv6 linux/s390x
net6-devel-1.3.14-12.42 Network access framework for IPv4/IPv6 linux/s390x
netcalc-2.1.6-2.2 IP subnet calculator linux/s390x
netcat-openbsd-1.203-3.3 TCP/IP swiss army knife linux/s390x
netcdf-4.8.0-1.1 Command-line programs for the NetCDF scientific data format linux/s390x
netcdf-devel-4.8.0-1.1 Development files for netcdf linux/s390x
netcdf-devel-data-4.8.0-1.1 Development data files for netcdf linux/s390x
netcdf-devel-static-4.8.0-1.1 Static development files for netcdf linux/s390x
netcdf-openmpi1-4.8.0-1.1 Command-line programs for the NetCDF scientific data format linux/s390x
netcdf-openmpi1-devel-4.8.0-1.1 Development files for netcdf-openmpi1 linux/s390x
netcdf-openmpi1-devel-static-4.8.0-1.1 Static development files for netcdf-openmpi1 linux/s390x
netcdf-openmpi2-4.8.0-1.1 Command-line programs for the NetCDF scientific data format linux/s390x
netcdf-openmpi2-devel-4.8.0-1.1 Development files for netcdf-openmpi2 linux/s390x
netcdf-openmpi2-devel-static-4.8.0-1.1 Static development files for netcdf-openmpi2 linux/s390x
netcdf-openmpi3-4.8.0-1.1 Command-line programs for the NetCDF scientific data format linux/s390x
netcdf-openmpi3-devel-4.8.0-1.1 Development files for netcdf-openmpi3 linux/s390x
netcdf-openmpi3-devel-static-4.8.0-1.1 Static development files for netcdf-openmpi3 linux/s390x
netcdf-openmpi4-4.8.0-1.1 Command-line programs for the NetCDF scientific data format linux/s390x
netcdf-openmpi4-devel-4.8.0-1.1 Development files for netcdf-openmpi4 linux/s390x
netcdf-openmpi4-devel-static-4.8.0-1.1 Static development files for netcdf-openmpi4 linux/s390x
netcdf_4_7_4-gnu-mpich-hpc-4.7.4-3.2 Command-line programs for the NetCDF scientific data format linux/s390x
netcdf_4_7_4-gnu-mpich-hpc-devel-4.7.4-3.2 Development files for netcdf_4_7_4-gnu-mpich-hpc linux/s390x
netcdf_4_7_4-gnu-mpich-hpc-devel-static-4.7.4-3.2 Static development files for netcdf_4_7_4-gnu-mpich-hpc linux/s390x
netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-hpc-4.8.0-1.1 Command-line programs for the NetCDF scientific data format linux/s390x
netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-hpc-devel-4.8.0-1.1 Development files for netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-hpc linux/s390x
netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-hpc-devel-static-4.8.0-1.1 Static development files for netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-hpc linux/s390x
netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-mvapich2-hpc-4.8.0-1.1 Command-line programs for the NetCDF scientific data format linux/s390x
netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-mvapich2-hpc-devel-4.8.0-1.1 Development files for netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-mvapich2-hpc linux/s390x
netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-mvapich2-hpc-devel-static-4.8.0-1.1 Static development files for netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-mvapich2-hpc linux/s390x
netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-openmpi1-hpc-4.8.0-1.1 Command-line programs for the NetCDF scientific data format linux/s390x
netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-openmpi1-hpc-devel-4.8.0-1.1 Development files for netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-openmpi1-hpc linux/s390x
netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-openmpi1-hpc-devel-static-4.8.0-1.1 Static development files for netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-openmpi1-hpc linux/s390x
netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-openmpi2-hpc-4.8.0-1.1 Command-line programs for the NetCDF scientific data format linux/s390x
netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-openmpi2-hpc-devel-4.8.0-1.1 Development files for netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-openmpi2-hpc linux/s390x
netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-openmpi2-hpc-devel-static-4.8.0-1.1 Static development files for netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-openmpi2-hpc linux/s390x
netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-openmpi3-hpc-4.8.0-1.1 Command-line programs for the NetCDF scientific data format linux/s390x
netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-openmpi3-hpc-devel-4.8.0-1.1 Development files for netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-openmpi3-hpc linux/s390x
netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-openmpi3-hpc-devel-static-4.8.0-1.1 Static development files for netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-openmpi3-hpc linux/s390x
netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-openmpi4-hpc-4.8.0-1.1 Command-line programs for the NetCDF scientific data format linux/s390x
netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-openmpi4-hpc-devel-4.8.0-1.1 Development files for netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-openmpi4-hpc linux/s390x
netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-openmpi4-hpc-devel-static-4.8.0-1.1 Static development files for netcdf_4_8_0-gnu-openmpi4-hpc linux/s390x
netdata-1.26.0-2.2 A system for distributed real-time performance and health monitoring linux/s390x
netdate-1.2-736.10 Set Date and Time by ARPA Internet RFC 868 linux/s390x
netdiscover-0.7-2.8 A network address discovering/monitoring tool linux/s390x
netease-cloud-music-gtk-1.2.1-1.3 Linux 平台下基于 Rust + GTK 开发的网易云音乐播放器 linux/s390x
netgen-6.2.2101-2.2 Automatic 3D tetrahedral mesh generator linux/s390x
netgen-devel-6.2.2101-2.2 Development files for netgen linux/s390x
netgen-libs-6.2.2101-2.2 NETGEN mesher libraries linux/s390x
nethogs-0.8.6-1.4 Network Bandwidth Usage Monitor linux/s390x
netlabel-tools-0.21-2.38 Control utility for explicit labeled networking for Linux linux/s390x
netpbm-10.86.3-4.5 A Graphics Conversion Package linux/s390x
netperfmeter-1.9.0-1.1 Network performance meter for the UDP, TCP, SCTP and DCCP protocols linux/s390x
netsniff-ng-0.6.8-1.3 Network Sniffer for Packet Inspection linux/s390x
nettle-3.7.3-1.1 Cryptographic Tools linux/s390x
netty-4.1.60-1.2 An asynchronous event-driven network application framework and tools for Java linux/s390x
netty-jni-util-0.0.2-2.1 Helper functions used by netty linux/s390x
netty-tcnative-2.0.36-1.2 Fork of Tomcat Native with improved OpenSSL and mavenized build linux/s390x
newsboat-2.24-1.1 RSS/Atom Feed Reader for Text Terminals linux/s390x
newt-0.52.21-2.13 A library for text mode user interfaces linux/s390x
newt-devel-0.52.21-2.13 Development files for the Newt windowing toolkit linux/s390x
newt-static-0.52.21-2.13 Static libraries of Nifty Erik's Windowing Toolkit linux/s390x
nfacct-1.0.2-2.3 Netfilter Extended Accounting utility linux/s390x
nfc-eventd-0.1.7-5.41 NFC event daemon linux/s390x
nfcutils-0.3.2-5.36 Near Field Communication (NFC) utilities linux/s390x
nfdump-1.6.23-1.2 CLI tools to collect and process netflow data linux/s390x
nfs-client-2.5.4-25.1 Support Utilities for NFS linux/s390x
nfs-client-provisioner-4.0.0+git20210204.23ecb30-1.2 Automatic provisioner using an existing and already configured NFS server linux/s390x
nfs-client-provisioner-k8s-yaml-4.0.0+git20210204.23ecb30-1.2 Yaml file to deploy nfs-client-provisioner linux/s390x
nfs-kernel-server-2.5.4-25.1 Support Utilities for Kernel nfsd linux/s390x
nfs4-acl-tools-0.3.7-1.1 Command line tools for managing ACLs over NFSv4 linux/s390x
nfsidmap-devel-1.0-25.1 NFSv4 ID Mapping Library development libraries linux/s390x
nfswatch-4.99.11-2.18 An NFS traffic monitoring tool linux/s390x
nftables-1.0.0-1.1 Userspace utility to access the nf_tables packet filter linux/s390x
nftables-devel-1.0.0-1.1 Development files for the nftables command line interface linux/s390x
nftlb-0.6-1.9 nftables load balancer linux/s390x
nghttp2-1.43.0-1.2 Implementation of Hypertext Transfer Protocol version 2 in C linux/s390x
nginx-1.21.1-1.3 A HTTP server and IMAP/POP3 proxy server linux/s390x
ngrep-1.47-1.33 Network grep linux/s390x
ngspice-34-1.2 Mixed-level, Mixed-signal Circuit Simulator Based on spice3f5 linux/s390x
ngspice-doc-34-1.2 Documentation for ngspice linux/s390x
ngspice-scripts-34-1.2 Ngspice init scripts linux/s390x
ngspice-xspice-cm-34-1.2 Xspice code model Plugins linux/s390x
nh2ps-2.3.1-676.46 Hangul Text to Postscript Converter linux/s390x
nilfs-utils-2.2.8-1.2 Utilities for NILFS linux/s390x
nilfs-utils-devel-2.2.8-1.2 Development package for the libnilfs library linux/s390x
ninja-1.10.2-2.3 A small build system closest in spirit to Make linux/s390x
ninvaders-0.1.1-2.5 A space invaders-like game using ncurses linux/s390x
nitrogen-1.6.1-1.29 A background browser and setter for X windows linux/s390x
nitroshare-0.3.4-3.80 Network file transfer application linux/s390x
nitroshare-kde-0.3.4-3.80 NitroShare integration into KDE linux/s390x
nkf-2.1.5-1.12 Network Kanji Code Conversion Filter linux/s390x
nload-0.7.4-1.66 Monitors network traffic and bandwidth usage linux/s390x
nlohmann_json-devel-3.9.1-1.3 JSON for Modern C++ linux/s390x
nlopt-devel-2.7.0-1.5 Development files for nlopt linux/s390x
nm-tray-0.4.3-2.15 NetworkManager Tray applet linux/s390x
nmap-7.91-2.1 Network exploration tool and security scanner linux/s390x
nmh-1.7.1-1.28 Unix Mail Handler linux/s390x
nml-0.5.3-2.2 NewGRF Meta Language linux/s390x
nmon-16m-1.12 Performance Monitor linux/s390x
nmtree-1.0.0-1.5 Utility for mapping directory hierarchies linux/s390x
nng-devel-1.5.2-1.1 Header files for nng linux/s390x
nnn-4.2-1.1 Terminal based file browser linux/s390x
no-more-secrets-0.3.3-1.25 A recreation of the "decrypting text" effect from the 1992 movie Sneakers linux/s390x
nodejs-common-5.0-2.1 Common files for the NodeJS ecosystem linux/s390x
nodejs-default-5.0-2.1 Default version of nodejs linux/s390x
nodejs-devel-default-5.0-2.1 Headers for default version of nodejs linux/s390x
nodejs14-14.17.1-1.1 Evented I/O for V8 JavaScript linux/s390x
nodejs14-devel-14.17.1-1.1 Development headers for NodeJS 14.x linux/s390x
nodejs16-16.6.2-2.1 Evented I/O for V8 JavaScript linux/s390x
nodejs16-devel-16.6.2-2.1 Development headers for NodeJS 16.x linux/s390x
noisetorch-0.11.2-3.1 Real-time microphone noise suppression on Linux linux/s390x
nomacs-3.16.224-2.7 Lightweight image viewer linux/s390x
non-ntk-1.3.1000-2.3 A fork of FLTK for the non audio suite linux/s390x
non-ntk-devel-1.3.1000-2.3 Development files for non-ntk linux/s390x
non-ntk-fluid-1.3.1000-2.3 Fast Light User Interface Designer linux/s390x
noping-1.10.0-1.11 Multiple Host Ping that supports ICMPv4 and ICMPv6 linux/s390x
normaliz-3.9.0-1.1 Tools for computations in affine monoids and rational cones linux/s390x
normaliz-devel-3.9.0-1.1 Development files for Normaliz, a tool for computation of rotational cones linux/s390x
noson-app-4.4.9-1.3 SONOS device controller linux/s390x
noson-devel-2.4.1-1.3 Development files for noson library linux/s390x
notary-0.7.0-1.1 Trusted collections handling: server and signer linux/s390x
notcurses++-devel-2.3.16-1.1 Development files for notcurses++ linux/s390x
notcurses-core-devel-2.3.16-1.1 Development files for notcursescore linux/s390x
notcurses-demos-2.3.16-1.1 Character graphics and TUI library demos linux/s390x
notcurses-devel-2.3.16-1.1 Development files for notcurses linux/s390x
notejot-3.0.4-1.1 A Sticky Note App linux/s390x
notepadqq-1.4.8-2.6 Notepad++-like editor linux/s390x
notification-daemon-3.20.0-5.12 Notification Daemon linux/s390x
notify-osd-0.9.35~bzr20191129-1.11 Streamlined Notification Daemon linux/s390x
notmuch-0.32.3-1.1 The mail indexer linux/s390x
notmuch-devel-0.32.3-1.1 Development files for notmuch linux/s390x
notmuch-doc-0.32.3-1.1 Documentation for notmuch linux/s390x
notmuch-emacs-0.32.3-1.1 Emacs lisp email client based on notmuch linux/s390x
novprog-3.1.7-1.9 Wordcount graphing program linux/s390x
nping-7.91-2.1 Packet generator linux/s390x
npm-default-5.0-2.1 Default version of npm linux/s390x
npm14-14.17.1-1.1 Package manager for Node.js linux/s390x
npm16-16.6.2-2.1 Package manager for Node.js linux/s390x
npth-devel-1.6-2.5 Development files for the GNU New Portable Threads library linux/s390x
nrpe-4.0.3-3.2 Nagios Remote Plug-In Executor linux/s390x
nscd-2.33-9.1 Name Service Caching Daemon linux/s390x
nsd-4.3.7-1.1 An authoritative-only domain name server linux/s390x
nsnake-3.0.1-2.16 Classic snake game on the terminal linux/s390x
nss-mdns-0.14.1-2.5 Host Name Resolution Via Multicast DNS (Zeroconf) for glibc linux/s390x
nss-myhostname-248.6-2.1 Plugin for local system host name resolution linux/s390x
nss-mymachines-248.6-2.1 Plugin for local virtual host name resolution linux/s390x
nss-pam-ldapd-0.9.11-1.16 NSS module and daemon for using LDAP as a naming service linux/s390x
nss-resolve-248.6-2.1 Plugin for local hostname resolution via systemd-resolved linux/s390x
nss-shared-helper-devel-1.0.10-9.37 Development libraries for nss-shared-helper linux/s390x
nss-systemd-248.6-2.1 Plugin for local virtual host name resolution linux/s390x
nss_wrapper-1.1.11-2.2 A wrapper for the user, group and hosts NSS API linux/s390x
ntfs-3g-2017.3.23-2.2 NTFS Support in Userspace linux/s390x
ntfsprogs-2017.3.23-2.2 NTFS Utilities linux/s390x
ntfsprogs-extra-2017.3.23-2.2 NTFS Utilities which can damage your filesystem such that Windows can't read it linux/s390x
ntl-devel-11.5.1-1.1 Development files for libntl linux/s390x
ntp-4.2.8p15-7.1 Network Time Protocol daemon (version 4) linux/s390x
ntp-dcf77-tools-4.2.8p15-7.1 DCF77 related tools linux/s390x
ntp-doc-4.2.8p15-7.1 Additional Package Documentation for ntp linux/s390x
ntpsec-1.2.1-1.1 Improved implementation of Network Time Protocol linux/s390x
ntpsec-devel-1.2.1-1.1 Development files for ntpsec linux/s390x
ntpsec-doc-1.2.1-1.1 Documentation for ntpsec linux/s390x
ntpsec-utils-1.2.1-1.1 Utilities and commands for ntp linux/s390x
nudoku-2.1.0-1.4 Ncurses based sudoku game linux/s390x
nulloy-0.8.2.pre61qt5.9b036e-1.10 Music player with a Waveform Progress Bar linux/s390x
nulloy-gstreamer-0.8.2.pre61qt5.9b036e-1.10 Gstreamer plugin for nulloy linux/s390x
nulloy-phonon-0.8.2.pre61qt5.9b036e-1.10 Phonon plugin for nulloy linux/s390x
nulloy-taglib-0.8.2.pre61qt5.9b036e-1.10 Taglib plugin for nulloy linux/s390x
nulloy-vlc-0.8.2.pre61qt5.9b036e-1.10 VLC plugin for nulloy linux/s390x
numactl- NUMA Policy Control linux/s390x
numad-0.5.20130522-7.12 Userspace daemon that automatically binds workloads to NUMA nodes linux/s390x
numlockx-1.2-181.25 Switch on/off or toggle numlock linux/s390x
nuntius-0.2.0-3.14 Get notifications from the phone or tablet linux/s390x
nuspell-5.0.0-1.1 A spell checker library and command-line tool linux/s390x
nuspell-devel-5.0.0-1.1 Files for developing with Nuspell linux/s390x
nut-2.7.4-16.1 Network UPS Tools Core (Uninterruptible Power Supply Monitoring) linux/s390x
nut-cgi-2.7.4-16.1 Network UPS Tools Web Server Support (UPS Status Pages) linux/s390x
nut-devel-2.7.4-16.1 Network UPS Tools (Uninterruptible Power Supply Monitoring) linux/s390x
nut-drivers-net-2.7.4-16.1 Network UPS Tools - Extra Networking Drivers (for Network Monitoring) linux/s390x
nvdock-1.02-14.5 Tray icon for launching NVIDIA Settings linux/s390x
nvme-cli-1.15-1.1 NVM Express user space tools linux/s390x
nvme-cli-bash-completion-1.15-1.1 NVM Express user space tools bash completion linux/s390x
nvme-cli-regress-script-1.15-1.1 A small script to test the nvme binary for regressions linux/s390x
nwg-launchers-0.5.0-1.1 GTK launchers and menu for sway and i3 linux/s390x
nxtvepg-2.8.1-25.10 Nextview EPG Decoder and Browser linux/s390x
nyancat-1.5.2-2.1 The flying rainbow cat rendered in a terminal linux/s390x

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