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plymouth-plugin-script-22.02.122+94.4bd41a3-10.1 RPM for riscv64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for riscv64

Name: plymouth-plugin-script Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 22.02.122+94.4bd41a3 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 10.1 Build date: Fri Sep 1 14:51:35 2023
Group: System/Base Build host: h02-ch2b
Size: 77472 Source RPM: plymouth-22.02.122+94.4bd41a3-10.1.src.rpm
Summary: Plymouth "script" plugin
This package contains the "script" boot splash plugin for
Plymouth. It features an extensible, scriptable boot splash
language that simplifies the process of designing custom
boot splash themes.






* Mon Aug 28 2023 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Remove plymouth-runstatedir-revert.patch: Tumbleweed following
    upstream, which already support "--runstatedir", don't need this
    modification anymore(jsc#PED-5841).
* Mon Aug 28 2023 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Add plymouth-runstatedir-revert.patch: For plymouth update
    successfully build in SLE-15-SP6:GA. The current edition of
    autoconf on SLE-15-SP6:GA don't support "--runstatedir" yet, so
    reverse plymouth compile option to the old "--withruntimedir"
* Mon May 22 2023 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Properly list services as parameters to
    %service_del_postun_without_restart: new versions mandate the
    parameters to further down the line eliminate errors. For the
    time being, the code does not care for the parameters.
* Tue Apr 18 2023 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Update plymouth.spec: Change bootup terminal to default to satisfy
    Nvidia proprietary driver (bsc#1208726).
* Wed Oct 26 2022 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Update to version 22.02.122+94.4bd41a3:
    * plugins: label-freetype: Fixes calculation of line width.
    * plugins: label-freetype: Fix font alignment.
    * populate-initrd: Install label-freetype plugin into initrd if
    * plugins: Add FreeType-based label plugin.
    * ply-label: Don't crash if label plugin fails.
    * details: Don't replay boot buffer on serial consoles.
    * main: Add "reload" command.
    * ply-device-manager: Add plymouth.force-frame-buffer-on-boot
      parameter, allow to choose force framebuffer mode.
    * systemd: Add mkinitcpio support to
    * Rebase plymouth-only_use_fb_for_cirrus_bochs.patch;
      for build success.
    * Rebase plymouth-watermark-config.patch;
      for build success.
    * Drop 0001-Add-label-ft-plugin.patch;
      for already merged by upstream.
    * Drop 0002-Install-label-ft-plugin-into-initrd-if-available.patch
      for already merged by upstream.
    * Drop 0003-fix_null_deref.patch
      for already merged by upstream.
    * Drop 0004-label-ft-fix-alignment.patch
      for already merged by upstream.
* Thu Oct 06 2022 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Update to version 22.02.122+77.c09c651:
    * ply-device-manager: Move verify_drm_device() higher up in the
    * ply-device-manager: Also ignore SimpleDRM devs in coldplug
      enumeration path
    * Rebase plymouth-only_use_fb_for_cirrus_bochs.patch.
* Fri Sep 16 2022 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Stop providing version-release for the upstream-branding
    sub-package. It leads to publishing of every new rebuild, goes
    against the goal of reproducible builds/packages.
  - Update Supplements to current standard.
* Tue Sep 13 2022 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Update plymouth-install-label-library-and-font-file-to-initrd.patch:
    avoid invalid script commands failure(bsc#1203147).
* Tue Sep 13 2022 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Update to version 22.02.122+75.6f5dc63:
    * Fix build after README changes
* Thu Sep 08 2022 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Update to version 22.02.122+73.9826df5:
    * Update
    * Add README in .md format.
* Wed Aug 31 2022 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Update to version 22.02.122+70.614d2db:
    drm: ignore non-desktop outputs
    It doesn't make sense to display a boot screen on virtual reality
* Fri Aug 12 2022 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Update to version 22.02.122+64.0b0e93c:
    plugins: splash: two-step: Secure boot check and a warning image;
    libply: ply-utils: Add ply_is_secure_boot_enabled () helper;
    * This work can be used to check the secure boot configuration and put a red
    warning image on the screen if the secure boot is disabled. Also, this
    check can be utterly disabled through the kernel parameter for testing.
    If the parameter "secure_boot.warn_if_disabled=false" appears in the
    kernel parameter, the secure boot check will be disabled.
  - Rebase plymouth-watermark-config.patch;
* Thu Aug 04 2022 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Update to version 22.02.122+60.52b0494:
    src: Run through uncrustify.
    scripts: Diff less.
    scripts: Update uncrustify config.
    src: Drop vim: lines.
    ply-utils: Drop linux/fs.h include.
    scripts: Add -B to interdiff in check-format.
  - Rebase plymouth-log-on-default.patch;
  - Rebase plymouth-screen-twice-scale-on-160DPI-higher.patch;
* Wed Jul 20 2022 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Update to version 0.9.5~git20220719.9e72df3:
    Make use of standard --runstatedir flag vs custom --with-runtimedir
* Mon Jul 11 2022 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Add 0004-label-ft-fix-alignment.patch: to fix alignment with
    label-ft in some cases (boo#959986).
* Wed Jun 29 2022 Stefan Schubert <>
  - Update plymouth.spec: Moved logrotate files from user specific
    directory /etc/logrotate.d to vendor specific directory
* Sun May 15 2022 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Add plymouth-crash-avoid-on-keyboard-remove-input-handler.patch:
    Confirm keyboard handler list not NULL before release memory
    to avoid crash(bsc#1193736).
* Sun May 15 2022 Hans-Peter Jansen <>
  - Update plymouth-watermark-config.patch: in order to install
    the Watermark image file to initrd
  - Refresh patches to apply cleanly
* Fri May 13 2022 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Add plymouth-screen-twice-scale-on-160DPI-higher.patch:
    When screen DPI > 160, display will scale output twice
    (boo#1183425 boo#1184309).
* Mon May 09 2022 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Update plymouth.spec: change configure options --with-shutdown-tty
    from 1 to 7: Make sure shutdown display could show out
* Sat Apr 30 2022 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Add plymouth-log-on-default.patch: Enable plymouth log by default,
    help to resolve random appear problems (bsc#1193736).
* Tue Apr 05 2022 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Update to version 0.9.5~git20210406.e554475:
    * client: Free command parser after event loop
    * script: Don't crash for scripts without input validation
    * script: Enforce separate lines for function parameters
    * configure: Fix help string for --with-background-end-color-stop
    * two-step: Make SHOW_ANIMATION_FRACTION configurable
    * plugin: animation should transition to the end animation
    * theme: Allow themes to configure at which percentage
    * scripts: support populating from configurable theme dir
    * main: refactor code for searching the theme path
    * main: add ThemeDir configuration option
    * Fix crash when hiding message in details splash mode
    * drm: Honour screen rotation when detecting HiDPI
    * main: add --ignore-serial-consoles option so we can ignore
      serial consoles
  - Update SPEC file:
    A few minor tweaks to fix part of rpmlint error reporting.
  - Drop plymouth-no-longer-modify-conf-to-drop-isopensuse-macro.patch:
    Upstream accompish this requirement in 11b0ce0: Look for config
    in runtime dir first(jsc#SLE-11637).
  - Drop source boot-duration: The source is an empty file, ghost
    macro in %files section is enough to work.
* Thu Feb 10 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update plymouth-install-label-library-and-font-file-to-initrd.patch:
    avoid aborting on multiple font path match, pick the first one
    (boo#1183425, boo#1195600).
* Sun Jan 30 2022 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Add plymouth-watermark-config.patch:
    Add two-step theme watermark configuration support, make the
    tumbleweed watermark could show in the boot splash (bsc#1189613).
* Sun Jan 30 2022 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Add plymouth-quiet-dracut-build-info.patch: Avoid the dracut
    building info which is useless for plymouth(bsc#1189613).
* Sun Jan 30 2022 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Add plymouth-install-label-library-and-font-file-to-initrd.patch:
    Compress and current theme's font into initrd to avoid
    prompt disappear when the folder in which has been encrypt
* Thu Jan 13 2022 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Update SPEC file:
      Remove usermerged macro and script:
      1, currently, it blocks the building in SLE-15-SP4;
      2, plymouth already build with "without-system-root-install",
      make all binary install to /usr/bin and /usr/sbin; which
      fit for /user merge target.
      3, plymouth is not launched by user. and all system intergration
      point are called from /usr.
      4, So no change need to do, everything already works.
      Remove rm rhgb-client:
      plymouth already build with "without-rhgb-compat-link",
      rhgb doesn't generated from beginning.
      Remove "disable-libkms":
      SUSE support kms and drm very well now, plymouth works
      fine with them.
  - Remove plymouth-correct-runtime-dir.patch:
      Use upstream build param "with-runtimedir=/run" to instead.
  - Change plymouth-dracut build arch to noarch:
      It only contain a script.
    Change libply, libply-boot-client, libply-splash-core,
    libply-splash-graphics group from Development/Libraries/C and
    C++ to System/Libraries:
      They are plymouth and plymouthd runtime library, which install
      together with plymouth.
  - Resort rpm file list.
* Tue Aug 31 2021 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Add plymouth-keep-KillMode-none.patch: Keep the plymouth-start.service
    KillMode=none. The new mothod of "mixed" KillMode could not work
    with current edition of systemd and will block system boot
    (bsc#1177082 bsc#1184087 boo#1182145).
  - Update plymouth-dracut-path.patch: Make it could apply to prior
    update edition.
* Wed Aug 18 2021
  - Update to version 0.9.5~git20210406.e554475:
    * systemd: Add plymouth-switch-root-initramfs.service to switch back to initramfs on shutdown
    * main: Add a plymouthd-fd-escrow helper
    * main: Dump debug log to plymouth-shutdown-debug.log on shutdown/reboot
    * main: Cleanly quit on SIGTERM
    * main: Only mark plymouthd as unkillable when running from the initrd
    * ply-device-manager: Don't deactivate renderers from ply_device_manager_free ()
    * details: Clear newly added text-display before replaying log messages
    * text/tribar: Fix ply_boot_splash_hide () not clearing the terminal
    * ply-text-display: Fix bottom pixels of fbcon not getting cleared
    * ply-text-display: Only skip clearing the screen when tracing to a terminal
    * main: Redirect stdio/stderr to null when tracing to a file
    * ply-logger: Add a ply_is_tracing_to_terminal () helper
    * main: Retain splash on on_show_splash() and on_hide_splash()
    * ply-device-manager: Fix bad assertion
    * two-step: Links against if LNS
    * The use of AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION in instructs autopoint to copy po/ from the exact gettext version. It is fine if the version of gettext installed on the system has the same minor version number with the requested version, but it fails if you have a newer version of gettext because of the mismatch between autoconf macros and
    * ply-device-manager: Speed up DRM-connector probing
    * ply-device-manager: add a verify_add_or_change() helper
    * ply-device-manager: push udev_device_get_devnode call up into on_udev_event
    * two-step: Fix unused variable compiler warning
    * scripts: Remove
    * two-step: Only create background_bgrt_fallback_image if use_firmware_background is set
    * two-step: Always load the BGRT fallback image
    * Fix BGRT fallback rendering
    * systemd: switch to KillMode=mixed
    * Use fallback image if BGRT is not supported
    * client: Don't wait forever for a ping reply
    * Revert "Don't wait forever for a ping reply."
    * Don't wait forever for a ping reply.
    * boot-server: Handle client disconnecting while trigger pending
    * boot-server: Ref count the connections
    * drm: Honor modes selected by the user through video= kernel cmdline argument
    * use resolution of higher res monitor for window size
    * Initialize the translations on start if they are available
    * Use the correct key name for title and subtitle
    * autogoo: use /proc/self/fd/0 instead of /dev/stdin
    * configure: bump to 0.9.6
    * Apply suggestion to .gitlab-ci.yml
    * ci: Add a `distcheck` step
    * Add CI pipeline for Plymouth
    * configure: quiet a warning
    * po: drop intltool usage
    * docs: fix man page cross-reference
    * Rename 'percent_done' to 'fraction_done'
    * main: Don't bail out of load_settings if "Theme" is missing
    * main: fix mode changing before splash is shown
    * main: switch log file when switching mode
    * two-step: Center message text within labels if labels are centered
    * drm: Do not unnecessarily get output info twice
    * ply-device-manager: Only consume one udev event at a time
    * two-step: Do not jump to end-animation on halt/reboot if it is disabled
    * Add RemainAfterExit=yes to plymouth's systemd service files
    * two-step: Add UseEndAnimation setting
    * script: add Image.Crop(x, y, width, height)
    * ply-throbber: Do not redraw when we need to stop throbbing on free
    * ply-keymap-icon: Do not draw on free
    * ply-capslock-icon: Do not draw on free
    * script: add missing unref() for system update func
    * themes: Drop UseFirmwareBackground=true from spinner/bgrt firmware-upgrade settings
    * Fix SetSystemUpdateFunction
    * event-loop: Remove ply_trace calls around the disconnect handler
    * event-loop: Fix debug-log "failed to delete fd # from epoll watch list" spam
    * terminal-session: Drop unnecessary grantpt() call.
    * build-goo: Remove vestigial remnants of old GDM integration code.
    * main: Add state variable splash_is_becoming_idle
    * configure: Update bug report URL.
    * drm: Remove reset_scan_out_buffer_if_needed() prototype declaration
    * drm: Remove unnecessary next_node helper variable
    * two-step: Remove unnecessary next_node helper variable
    * Allow running plymouth-populate-initrd in a cross-compiler environment
    * throbgress: Remove the throbgress plugin
    * drm: Remove explicit set_scan_out_buffer() from activate()
    * drm: Mark buffer as clean in ply_renderer_head_new()
    * two-step: Fix wrong horizontal position of bgrt logo on left-side-up LCD panels
    * two-step: Change keyboard-indicator positioning to fixed offset below dialog
    * themes: spinner/bgrt: Modify password dialog to match gnome 3.34 changes
    * two-step: Remove workaround for upside-down panels
    * drm: Keep hw-rotation on devices with upside down LCD panels
    * drm: Add get_primary_plane_rotation() helper function
    * Do not hardcode /run path to pid file
    * scripts: Add a logrotate file for /var/log/boot.log
    * drm: Install our fb after drawing to it
    * drm: Delay installing our framebuffer until the first draw
    * configure: Make runtimedir configurable
    * ply-pixel-buffer: Fix bottom edge rendering of scaled buffers
    * themes: Add images for keyboard indicator support to spinner and spinfinity
    * two-step: Add Keyboard layout indicator support
    * capslock-icon: Draw the icon on show
    * libply-splash-graphics: Add new keymap-icon control
    * scripts: Add script
    * renderer: Add ply_renderer_get_keymap function
    * terminal: add ply_terminal_get_keymap function
    * key-file: Add support for non ini style config files
    * x11-render-plugin: Use GTK 3.22's method to get screen size to avoid deprecate warning in compile.
    * space-flares: Fix compiler warning
    * ply-utils: Drop unused ply_string_has_prefix helper
    * main: Use ply_kernel_command_line_get_key_value where appropriate
    * ply-utils: Add ply_kernel_command_line_get_key_value helper
    * two-step: Merge show_password_prompt and show_prompt into 1 function
    * twp-step: Remove superflous is_hidden / is_stopped checks from on_draw
    * two-step: Cleanup stop_animation function
    * two-step: Group progress_animaton init together with creation
    * themes: Move spinifity from the throbgress splash to the two-step splash
    * two-step: Add new UseAnimation setting
    * two-step: Make progress-bar location and size configurable
    * two-step: Fix progress-bar not hiding when it should
    * two-step: Fix progress-bar not updating on normal boot
    * two-step: Fold ply_progress_animation_hide call into view_start_end_animation
    * two-step: Add a capslock indicator
    * two-step: Use new ply_key_file_get_* helpers to read theme file
    * libply: Add ply_key_file_get_long() function
    * libply: Add ply_key_file_get_double() function
    * libply: Add ply_key_file_get_raw_value() helper
    * libply-splash-graphics: Add new capslock-icon control
    * ply-renderer: Add ply_renderer_get_capslock_state function
    * terminal: add ply_terminal_get_capslock_state function
    * label: Properly deal with pixel-buffers with non-upright device_rotation
    * ply-device-manager: De-activate and close renderer on device hot unplug
    * script: Add image tile support.
    * plymouthd.defaults: Bump default DeviceTimeout to 8 seconds
    * Update tr.po
    * two-step: bgrt: Add workaround for desktops which do not use the golden ratio
    * Revert "Merge branch 'avoid_shutdown_failure_v2' into 'master'"
    * ply-utils: Drop ply_fd_can_take_data and ply_fd_may_block function Since it is from a bygone time which is no longer in use.
    * ply-utils: Get rid of unused old code, drop function ply_get_max_open_fds, ply_close_open_fds, ply_close_all_fds.
    * scripts: update file plymouth.spec to integrate recent fixes.
    * ply-systemd-units: Drop attach-session in systemd-units to avoid the failure of unmounting separate /var during poweroff.
    * two-step: Deal with buggy firmware which does not pre-rotate the bgrt image
    * Revert "Merge branch 'bugfix' into 'master'"
    * ply-utils: Drop ply_fd_can_take_data and ply_fd_may_block function Since it is from a bygone time which is no longer in use.
    * configure: bump so name
    * ply terminal session: Drop function ply_terminal_session_execute and ply_terminal_session_open_console, Since this is a feature from a bygone time which is no longer in use without ply_terminal_session_run.
    * ply terminal session: Drop ply_terminal_session_run, this is a feature from a bygone time which is no longer in use
    * Regenerate plymouth.pot
    * two-step: Add support for firmware-splashes with rotation status bits set
    * Unify all code's vi format control. Update several file's vi format control line to make it easy to maintain.
    * ply-text-display.c: Correct vi format line make vi can directly edit this file without errors and make it use 8 space tabs etc.
    * Add a new firmware-upgrade mode for use by fwupd
    * drm: Fix tiled mode detection
    * main.c: Deprecate gdm transition signal
    * themes: Update spinner and bgrt background settings
    * ply-pixel-buffer: Fix right and bottom edge rendering of scaled buffers
    * Add support for translating the user visible strings in some themes
    * Prefix Title and Subtitle theme config keywords with an underscore
    * Add new reboot and system-upgrade modes
    * main: Remove private ply_mode_t
    * two-step: Make ProgressBarShowPercentComplete a per mode setting
    * plymouthd.defaults: Change default ShowDelay to 0
    * ply-boot-splash: Do not add ply_boot_splash_update_progress timeout multiple times
    * logging: Minor log-message fixes
    * logging: Improve logging format
    * themes: Update spinner and bgrt theme offline updates mode
    * two-step: Add a per mode setting to suppress messages
    * two-step: Add progress-bar support
    * two-step: Add MessageBelowAnimation option
    * two-step: Add support for specifying a title and sub-title in the theme file
    * two-step: Add per mode settings
    * two-step: Drop background_is_bgrt view_t member
    * ply-progress-bar: Allow caller to specify the widgets width and height
    * ply-progress-bar: Allow choosing fore- and back-ground color
    * ply-progress-bar: Redraw on percentage update
    * ply-label: Make sure get_width_of_control / get_height_of_control return correct values
    * boot-server: fix type confusion when allocating connection object
    * ply-device-manager: Handle change events for monitor hotplugging
    * ply-device-manager: Consume all events in one go
    * drm: Stop limiting preferred-mode picking to UEFI systems
    * drm: Reset mode on display-port connected outputs with a bad link-status
    * drm: Implement handle_change_event
    * drm: Ensure heads are mapped before flushing them
    * drm: Allow calling create_heads_for_active_connectors multiple times
    * drm: Allow calling ply_renderer_head_add_connector with existing connector_id
    * drm: Limit backend->resources lifetime to within query_device
    * drm: Store and keep all the outputs in the backend
    * drm: Add get_output_info helper function
    * drm: Stop storing a pointer to drmModeConnector in ply_output_t
    * drm: Stop keeing a drmModeConnector instance around
    * drm: Refactor ply_renderer_head_add_connector and ply_renderer_head_new
    * ply-renderer: Add ply_renderer_handle_change_event function
    * ply-array: Add ply_array_contains_uint32_element function
    * themes: Update spinner and bgrt diskcrypt dialog
    * themes: spinner: Add watermark alignment settings
    * themes: bgrt: Remove duplicate images
    * plymouth-populate-initrd: Don't assume the ImageDir is the theme-dir
    * two-step: Make clearing the dialog-background when using the firmware background optional
    * two-step: Add support for non center alignment of the (diskcrypt) dialog
    * two-step: Make the box image surrounding the unlock dialog optional
    * two-step: Rename UseBGRT to UseFirmwareBackground
    * libply: Add ply_key_file_get_bool function
    * two-step: Use plymouth_strtod
    * libply: Add ply_strtod helper
    * ply-keyboard: Fix compiler warning
    * device-manager: free keyboards when deactivating a renderer
    * keyboard: add helper to get the keyboard's renderer, if applicable
    * drm: Pick a controller for unconfigured connectors
    * drm: Drop crtcs for clones for which we've picked different modes
    * drm: More connector enumeration refactoring
    * drm: Store tiled and rotation in ply_output_t
    * drm: Refactor create_heads_for_active_connectors
    * drm: Directly store the mode instead of the mode_index
    * drm: Drop unused encoder_id
    * two-step: Do not rotate bgrt background image for upside-down panels
    * themes: Add new BGRT theme, using the firmware boot splash as background
    * two-step: bgrt: Deal with quirky firmwares
    * two-step: Add ACPI BGRT extension support
    * two-step: Speed up background-tile drawing on HiDPI screens
    * two-step: Use a pixel-buffer instead of an image for the view's background
    * ply-pixel-display: Add ply_pixel_display_get_device_scale() function
    * ply-pixel-buffer: Add ply_pixel_buffer_rotate_upright helper
    * ply-pixel-buffer: Add ply_pixel_buffer_get/set_device_rotation helpers
    * ply-pixel-buffer: Fix marking buffers as opaque when doing a solid fill
    * ply-pixel-buffer: Fix fill_with_buffer fastpath when device_scale != 1
    * drm: Implement ply_renderer_get_panel_properties
    * ply-renderer: Add ply_renderer_get_panel_properties function
    * ply-image: Add support for loading BMPs
    * ply-image: Do not assume all files are PNGs
    * two-step: Fix crash asking for password with multiple heads
    * spinner theme: update
    * two-step: Fix animation not starting on later added heads
    * ply-device-manager: Fix race causing undesired creation of non-gfx devs
    * logger: Add a separator between different boot logs
    * systemd-units: Also add "ConditionVirtualization=!container" in
    * configure: bump to 0.9.5
    * drm: Use preferred mode for outputs instead of current mode
    * drm: Refactor ply_renderer_connector_get_rotation
    * drm: Reset LUT/gamma table before the first drmModeSetCrtc call
    * libply: Move kernel commandline parsing functions to libply/ply-utils
    * throbber: Don't skip last frame when waiting for end.
    * boot-server: free the argument and triggers
    * script: fix various memory leaks
    * key-file: ply_key_file_get_value returns duplicated memory, don't leak
    * event-loop: fix leak in error path
    * boot-splash: fix memory leak in error path
    * populate-initrd: drop unused local variable
    * device-manager: don't watch for udev events when deactivated
    * main: ensure tty is closed on deactivate
* Fri May 14 2021 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Update plymouth.spec: Do not own /usr/share/locale (owned by filesystem):
    + Split out -lang package
    + Use find_lang macro to create file list for -lang package
* Wed Feb 24 2021 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Pickup plymouth-only_use_fb_for_cirrus_bochs.patch: Currently our
    kernel hardware support need this fix, and boo#1172028 will be
    fix seperately (bnc#888590 boo#1172028 bsc#1181913).
* Sat Feb 20 2021 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Disable plymouth-systemd-KillMode-mixed.patch: Temporary disable
    it, because aarch64 and ppc64le system could not booting in
    release period, and this is only a enhancement with no harm to
    rollback (bnc#1177082, bnc#1182145, bnc#1184087).
* Sat Feb 13 2021 Arjen de Korte <>
  - Fix broken use of %service_add_post and %service_del_postun. Without
    any services specified, the first is a no-op, the latter will only
    execute systemctl daemon-reload (boo#1179849).
  - Use %ldconfig_scriptlets macro in Tumbleweed
* Mon Feb 01 2021 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Disable plymouth-ignore-serial-console.patch:
    We could not totally disable serial, because S390 and some customer
    are still rely on it (bnc#1180973, bnc#1181216).
* Tue Dec 08 2020 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Update to version: 0.9.5+git20201026:
    Don't wait forever for a ping reply.
* Sat Nov 21 2020 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Add plymouth-disable-fedora-logo.patch:
    Disable the image link which point to the fedora logo. this
    modification will also avoid the failure report from build
* Tue Oct 27 2020 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Add plymouth-ignore-serial-console.patch:
    Don't output in serial console for openQA need to take serial in
    the test, and yast-installation prgram has a feature to install
    system through it (bnc#1051692 bnc#1164123 bnc#1170906).
* Fri Oct 16 2020 Ludwig Nussel <>
  - Update plymouth.spec: prepare usrmerge (boo#1029961)
* Wed Oct 07 2020 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Update to version: 0.9.5+git20200921+20778f2:
    * boot-server: Handle client disconnecting while trigger pending.
    * boot-server: Ref count the connections.
    * drm: Honor modes selected by the user through video= kernel
      cmdline argument.
    * use resolution of higher res monitor for window size.
    * autogoo: use /proc/self/fd/0 instead of /dev/stdin.
    * main: Don't bail out of load_settings if "Theme" is missing.
    * main: switch log file when switching mode.
    * main: fix mode changing before splash is shown.
    * two-step: Center message text within labels if labels are
    * drm/kms probe speedups.
    * drm: Do not unnecessarily get output info twice.
    * ply-device-manager: Only consume one udev event at a time.
    * two-step: Do not jump to end-animation on halt/reboot if it is
    * two-step: Add UseEndAnimation setting.
    * script: add Image.Crop(x, y, width, height).
    * ply-throbber: Do not redraw when we need to stop throbbing on
    * ply-keymap-icon: Do not draw on free.
    * ply-capslock-icon: Do not draw on free.
    * script: add missing unref() for system update func.
    * themes: Drop UseFirmwareBackground=true from spinner/bgrt
      firmware-upgrade settings.
    * Fix SetSystemUpdateFunction.
    * event-loop: Remove ply_trace calls around the disconnect handler.
    * ply-terminal-session: Not use grantpt when the system shut down.
      to avoid sytem hung up.
    * build-goo: Remove vestigial remnants of old GDM integration code.
  - Drop plymouth-avoid-umount-hanging-shutdown.patch: because has
    been merged to upstream.
* Mon Sep 28 2020 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Remove gnu-unifont-bitmap-fonts runtime dependency, it is not
    used anywhere.
  - Remove unused kernel-headers and module-init-tools build deps.
  - Make plymouth-scripts noarch, correct its runtime dependencies.
  - Clean up spec file.
* Sat Aug 29 2020 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Add plymouth-no-longer-modify-conf-to-drop-isopensuse-macro.patch:
    plymouth will use plymouthd.defaults instead of plymouth.conf and
    packge plymouthd.defaults in a seperet RPM. this can avoid change
    SUSE or openSUSE branding section with is_opensuse macro in the
    config file. means this modification can close the leaps gap
* Fri Aug 28 2020 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Update plymouth.spec: Dropping gdm transition because it has
    alreay deprecated by upstream. Removing git build dependency.
* Mon Jun 15 2020 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Drop plymouth-only_use_fb_for_cirrus_bochs.patch: openSUSE user
    are using emu-5.0.0 on MacOS-X with HVF acceleration, the
    Plymouth theme with script module fails to go to graphic mode
    with this patch(boo#1172028).



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