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terminology-1.8.1-2.7 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for ppc64le

Name: terminology Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.8.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.7 Build date: Thu Jan 13 04:57:16 2022
Group: System/X11/Terminals Build host: obs-power9-11
Size: 5160860 Source RPM: terminology-1.8.1-2.7.src.rpm
Summary: EFL based terminal emulator
Fast and lightweight terminal emulator using EFL libraries.




BSD-2-Clause AND OFL-1.1


* Tue Nov 17 2020 Simon Lees <>
  - Add fix-desktop.patch to fix issues with desktop file
* Wed Aug 12 2020 Simon Lees <>
  - Update to 1.8.1
    * Be stricter on which characters can be considered wide or not
    * Apply change about hiding mouse pointer after idle timeout on all terminals
* Tue Aug 04 2020 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to 1.8.0
    * Small framework to add unit tests
    * Display tooltips on when hovering color descriptions
    * Handle OSC 10/11 to change/get background and foreground colors
    * Reworked build system for testing and fuzzing
    * Use of switch-case constructs when home-made binary search was not
    * Support EFL 1-22 or newer only
    * Larger list of word separators when doing word-selection
    * Reworked the Settings panel to add one panel on Mouse interactions
    * Handle Emoji characters as double-width, following Unicode 13.0
    * Fix issues detected by UndefinedBehavior Sanitizer
* Thu May 14 2020 Simon Lees <>
  - Update to 1.7.0
    * Terminology is packaged on the `snapstore` at
    * Add, a documentation file on theming Terminology
    * Drag tabs to reorder them
    * Dragging tabs outside the tab bar can be used to create new splits
      or tabs
    * Add Croatian translation
    * Handle escape code used to display terminal program and version
    * Set environment variables TERM_PROGRAM and TERM_PROGRAM_VERSION
    * Memory accounting of the backlogs. Seen under the Behavior tab on
      the Settings panel
    * Handle escape codes to stack titles
    * ''tyls'': add icon for ''flac'' files
    * Update the mild-based themes to be on-par feature-wise with the
      default theme
    * Tab selector shows background color
    * Controls panel is hidden when creating new tab or split
    * Enable Grouped Input from the Controls panel
    * Show special icon on tab when using Grouped Input
    * Add option to decide whether Grouped input goes to all tabs or only
      visible ones
    * Improve email/links detection when surrounded with special
    * Remove link underline when the link disappears
    * Share translucent/opacity setting across all instances
    * Use a default icon of each tab on the Settings toolbar
    * Update French, German, Italian and Serbian translations
    * Removed video settings
    * Handle invalid values on OSC escape codes
    * Better handle reads and writes on EINTR/EAGAIN
* Fri Jan 31 2020 Tomas Cech <>
  - Update to 1.6.0
    * Show title tab on splits, depending on configuration
    * Show tabs that had a bell rang and had not been focused
    * Add wizard on new configuration to set scaling
    * Add scale configuration in the Settings panel
    * Add Polish translation
    * Themes: make tab title readable based on theme default colors
    * Move the tab selector on the tab line
    * Be able to select and copy tabs
    * Better handle stalled unix socket when using one terminology with
      multiple instances
    * Change typop behavior to queue files in case there are multiple files to
      look at
    * Update Italian translation
    * Fix live selections in the scrollback
    * Fix unchecking "auto-hide cursor" not working
    * Fix memory leaks related to looking for links under the mouse
    * Ensure Terminology compiles with EFL-1.20
    * Fix link detection over spaces
    * Fix tab selector no longer taking into account the new destination
    * Fix crash when using typop with multiple files
    * No longer set environment variable DESKTOP_STARTUP_ID as it may no
      longer be accurate
    * Allow tabs to be pasted
* Thu Aug 22 2019 Aaron Stern <>
  - Update to 1.5.0
    * Handle emoji has double-width character, introduced in Unicode 9.0.
    * Add option "Treat Emojis as double-width characters", on by default.
    * Hide cursor when idle, with parameter to set idle time
    * Add papercolor theme
    * Themes can now set background color through a color-class
    * Handle OSC-11 to report background color
    * Update Italian and French translations
    * Fix initial window size hints
    * Fix focus issues
* Tue May 28 2019 Tomas Cech <>
  - Update to 1.4.1:
    * Decode pasted string as UTF-8, fixing some characters being skipped
    * Fix theme to ensure default size is 80x24
    * Fix focus disappearing after going to Settings and back
    * Release v1.4.0
    * Add Continuous Integration on every push to the git repository
    * Add a test framework on escape code parsing and interpreting
    * Add more than 120 test files
    * Add support, along with tests, for the following escape codes: DSR-DIR,
    * Add finer configuration on whether to activate links
    * Set environment variable WINDOWID
    * Selections only disappear if the underlaying content changes
    * When pasting a buffer, skip control characters as a security measure
    * Fixes, along with tests, on handling the following escape codes: VPR,
    * Fixes, along with tests, on mouse reporting
    * Fixes on issues spotted by Coverity
    * Release v1.3.2
    * Clicking on links works again
    * Release v1.3.1
    * Add manpages on Terminology's helpers
    * Do not popup unknown media types (security issue)
    * Right-click on hyperlinks no longer crashes
    * Release v1.3.0
    * Hyperlink escape code support
    * Optimize escape code parsing by improving cell copies
    * Fix issues about settings panel
    * Do not pass input when tab selector is up
    * Escape code fixes
* Thu May 17 2018
  - Update to 1.2.1:
    * Fix focus issues when input was not registering
    * User-defined tab titles stay even when terminal wants change it
    * Themes no longer have glow effect when unfocused
  - Change in 1.2.0:
    * New build system based on Meson
    * Add Nord theme
    * Add tysend tool and support escapes for sending single files
    * Grouped input support with Alt+g and Alt+Shift+g
    * Different cursor shapes: block (default), underline and bar
    * Support REP (Repeat preceding character) escape code
    * Support HPA (Horizontal Position Absolute) escape code
    * Support encircled escape code (SGR 52)
    * Support DECSCUSR (changing cursor shape)
    * When grabbing images through gravatar, use https
    * Shine level is configurable
    * Support EFL 1.20 or newer only
    * Approximate true-colors
  - Swith to meson
  - Replace category defined in the .desktop file
  - Spec file cleanup
* Mon Oct 02 2017
  - Update to 1.1.1:
    * Fix issues with bottom margins
    * No longer add spurious newlines in selections in the backlog
    * No longer add space when running command from -e option
    * Fix -T option to set the title of the window
* Fri Sep 22 2017
  - Fix empty debug files on Mageia (add the -g flag)



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