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libgeos_c1-3.11.0-1.2 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for ppc64le

Name: libgeos_c1 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 3.11.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.2 Build date: Wed Aug 31 16:36:07 2022
Group: System/Libraries Build host: obs-power8-05
Size: 356397 Source RPM: geos-3.11.0-1.2.src.rpm
Summary: C language interface for the GEOS library
This subpackage contains a shared library providing a C linkage
interface for the (C++) GEOS library.






* Mon Jul 18 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 3.11.0:
    - OffsetCurve
    - ConcaveHull
    - PolygonHull
    - LineMerger directed option
    - CAPI: GEOSHilbertCode
    - CAPI: GEOSGeom_createRectangle
    - CAPI: GEOSGeom_transformXY
    - CAPI: GEOSRemoveRepeatedPoints
    - CAPI: GEOSLineMergeDirected
    - CAPI: setFixStructure for WKB/WKT readers to automatically repair
      structural errors in the input
    - Fix unaryUnion to avoid segfault with empty polygon
    - Fix SnapRoundingNoder to use tolerance in noding; also fixes GeometryPrecisionReducer
    - Allow direct setting of grid size
    - Allow GEOS to be used as a CMake subproject
    - Remove .inl inline files in favour of header declaration
    - Add SnappingNoder seeding
    - Add OverlayNG area check heuristic
    - Fix RelateOp
    - Fix IsValidOp to handle repeated node points
    - Fix IsSimpleOp to handle closed LineStrings with repeated endpoints
    - Fix LengthIndexedLine
    - Fix PolygonHoleJoiner
    - Improve `test_geos_unit` application error checking and reporting
    - Fix MinimumDiameter getMinimumRectangle for flat input
    - Fix BufferOp inverted ring check
    - Fix OverlayNG geomunion to avoid lines in result
* Fri Jun 17 2022 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Rectify conflict dependencies (shlib transition from Nov 9 2015)
    against old geos.
  - Update to release 3.10.3
    * VoronoiDiagramBuilder::setSites(const CoordinateSequence&)
      returns sorted output now
    * Add SnappingNoder seeding
    * Fix segfault in Hausdorff distance with empty geometries
    * Fix inf loop in PolygonTriangulator
    * Fix IsValidOp to handle repeated node points
    * Fix IsSimpleOp to handle closed LineStrings with repeated
    * Fix crash in GeometryNoder on empty input
* Mon Mar 28 2022 Martin Pluskal <>
  - Update to version 3.10.2:
    * Fix crash in MonotoneChain with empty CoordinateSequence (GH-539, Sandro Santilli)
    * Fix crash in GeoJSONWriter in case of empty points (TRAC-1139, Paul Ramsey)
    * Improve BuildArea performance (TRAC-1122, Sandro Santilli)
    * Fix unaryUnion to avoid segfault with empty polygon (GH-501, Mike Taves)
    * Fix memory leak on exception in prepared geometry (GH-506, Dan Baston)
    * Iterator invalidation in rare cases (GH-508, Momtchil Momtchev)
    * Infinite loop on collapsed input to MaximumInscribedCircle (Paul Ramsey)
    * Write LinearRing to GeoJSON as LineString (TRAC-1140, Paul Ramsey)
    * Fix PolygonEarClipper to handle collapsed corners (GH-526, Martin Davis)
    * Fix GEOSSTRtree_remove for empty tree (GH-544, Dan Baston)
    * Fix crash on query of STRtree with removed items (GH-545, Dan Baston)
* Tue Dec 28 2021 Martin Pluskal <>
  - Update to version 3.10.1:
    * Fix mistake in constants used to select WKB flavor in C API (GH489, Paul Ramsey)
    * Fix crash when reducing precision on a LinearRing (#1135, Paul Ramsey)
    * Fix GeoJSON crash on invalid input (GH498, Even Rouault)
    * Use std::sqrt exclusively for Solaris build (Paul Ramsey)
    * Fix mistaken version numbers in some parts of 3.10.0 (Paul Ramsey)
  - Changes for version 3.10.0:
    * Preserve ordering of lines in overlay results (Martin Davis)
    * Check for invalid geometry before fixing polygonal result in Densifier
      and DPSimplifier (Martin Davis)
    * Fix overlay handling of flat interior lines (JTS-685, Martin Davis)
    * Fix IsValidOp to correctly report invalid nested MultiPolygons (#1112, Martin Davis)
    * Fix BufferOp to avoid artifacts in certain polygon buffers (#1101, Martin Davis)
    * Fix IsValidOp to correctly report certain kinds of invalid LinearRings (Martin Davis)
    * Improve STRtree performance through TemplateSTRtree implementation (Daniel Baston)
    * Fix DiscreteFrechetDistance to use initial points of input lines (#1128, Martin Davis)
    * Autoconf build system is dropped in favour of CMake
      See and for examples of usage
    * Libtool is no longer used for in favour of CMake
      Therefor is no longer built/installed
    * #1094, #1090: Drop inlines.cpp to address duplicate symbols on many platforms
      (Regina Obe)
    * GH475: Do not return NaN from GEOSProjectNormalized_r (Paul Ramsey)
    * GH442: BufferOp now returns unique_ptr<Geometry> result (Paul Ramsey)
  - Drop geos-config.1
  - Update project and download URL
* Tue Nov 16 2021 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Disable inline to fix build on armv6/7
* Tue Feb 23 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 3.9.1:
    - Windows memory management quirk in createPolygon CAPI (#1050, Paul Ramsey)
    - Allow build on Apple ARM64 (Taras Zakharko)
    - Fix buffer to use largest enclosed area for invalid rings (#732, Paul Ramsey)
    - Preserve ordering of lines in overlay results (Martin Davis)
    - Fix overlay handling of flat interior lines (JTS-685, Martin Davis)
* Thu Jan 07 2021 Bruno Friedmann <>
  - Update to version 3.9.0
    + New things
    - OverlayNG engine from JTS, now the default (Martin Davis, Paul Ramsey)
    - MaximumInscribedCircle and LargestEmptyCircle (JTS-530, Paul Ramsey)
    - CAPI: Fixed precision overlay operations (Sandro Santilli)
    - CAPI: GEOSPreparedNearestPoints (#1007, Sandro Santilli)
    - CAPI: GEOSPreparedDistance (#1066, Sandro Santilli)
    - CAPI: GEOSGeom_setPrecision uses OverlayNG (Paul Ramsey)
    - SimpleSTRTree spatial index implementation (Paul Ramsey)
    - Add support for pkg-config for GEOS C API (#1073, Mike Taves)
    + Improvements:
    - Stack allocate segments in OverlapUnion (Paul Ramsey)
    - Improve performance of GEOSisValid (Dan Baston)
    - Update geos-config tool for consistency
      and escape paths (
      changes mostly affect CMake MSVC builds (#1015, Mike Taves)
    - Testing on Rasberry Pi 32-bit (berrie) (#1017, Bruce Rindahl, Regina Obe)
    - Replace ttmath with JTS DD double-double implementation (Paul Ramsey)
    - Fix bug in DistanceOp for geometries with empty components (#1026, Paul Ramsey)
    - Remove undefined behaviour in CAPI (#1021, Greg Troxel)
    - Fix buffering issue (#1022, JTS-525, Paul Ramsey)
    - MinimumBoundingCircle.getMaximumDiameter fix (JTS-533, Paul Ramsey)
    + Changes:
    - Drop SWIG bindings, including for Ruby and Python (#1076, Mike Taves)
  - Packaging:
    + Remove ruby related package and related patch libruby.patch
    + spec-clean mini (copyright year)
* Sat May 09 2020 Bruno Friedmann <>
  - Update to version 3.8.1 Bug fixes / improvements
    + Stack allocate line segments in OverlapUnion (Paul Ramsey)
    + Avoid returning non-empty CoordinateSequence from empty Point
      (#1001, Dan Baston)
    + Avoid assertion failure with MSVC 2017 / 2019 (#1002, Dan Baston)
    + Remove whitespace from end of GEOSversion() output (azhi)
    + Improve performance of GEOSisValid (#1008, Dan Baston)
    + Avoid changing MultiLineString component order in GEOSReverse
      (#1013, Dan Baston)
    + Fix missing vtable for LineString and CoordinateArraySequenceFactory
      (#299 and #1016, Evgen Bodunov)
    + Reduce performance regression in GEOSBuffer (#1020)
  - Use https for URL and Source
* Sat Feb 01 2020 Bruno Friedmann <>
  - Update to version 3.8.0
    + New things:
    - CAPI: GEOSBuildArea (#952, Even Rouault)
    - CAPI: GEOSMakeValid (#952, Even Rouault)
    - CAPI: GEOSPolygonize_valid (#727, Dan Baston)
    - CAPI: GEOSCoverageUnion (Dan Baston)
    - CAPI: GEOSCoordSeq_setXY, GEOSCoordSeq_setXYZ,
      GEOSCoordSeq_getXY, GEOSCoordSeq_getXYZ (Dan Baston)
    - CAPI: GEOSMinimumBoundingCircle (#735)
    - CAPI: GEOSGeom_createPointFromXY (Dan Baston)
    + Improvements:
    - Improve overall performance by reducing of heap allocations (Dan Baston)
    - Improve performance and robustness of GEOSPointOnSurface (Martin Davis)
    - Improve performance of GEOSPolygonize for cases with many potential
      holes (#748, Dan Baston)
    - Support extended precision calculations (ttmath) and port JTS
      improvements related to extended precision (Paul Ramsey, Mateusz Loskot)
    - Improve performance of GEOSPolygonize for cases with many or complex
      shells (Dan Baston, Martin Davis)
    - Improve performance of Delaunay triangulations / Voronoi Diagrams
      (Dan Baston)
    - Improve performance of prepared geometry operations (Dan Baston)
    - Improve robustness of Delaunay triangulations (Paul Ramsey, Martin Davis)
    - Improve performance of unary union for lines (Dan Baston)
    - Improve general predicate, overlay, and buffer performance (Dan
      Baston, Paul Ramsey)
    - Improve cascaded union performance (Paul Ramsey, Martin Davis)
    - Allocate default GeometryFactory singleton on the stack (Sandro Mani)
    - Harmonize XML tests with JTS and harmonize cmake/autoconf
      test running (Paul Ramsey)
    - CMake modernization (Mateusz Loskot, Paul Ramsey, Dan Baston)
    - Return unique_ptr from most methods that produce a new geometry (Dan Baston)
    + Changes:
    - Constructive geometry functions in CAPI now preserve SRID
      of input arguments in output (#896)
  - Packaging modernize a bit the spec (minimal)
* Wed Jun 12 2019 Martin Pluskal <>
  - Update to version 3.7.2
    * Envelope constructor using strtod (#875 Paul Ramsey)
    * Failure in CMake for OSX Framework (#936 Paul Ramsey)
    * Polygon build failure in Overlay difference (#789 Paul Ramsey)
    * Invalid union result from valid polygon inputs (#838)
* Mon Feb 18 2019 Bruno Friedmann <>
  - Packaging:
    + refresh patch libruby with upstream debian for 3.7.1
    + remove python as state upstream this not supported since
      version 3 (use Shapely or libgeos_c)
  - Update to version 3.7.1
    + Bug fixes / improvements
    * Fix crash in GEOSCoordSeq_isCCW with empty coordseq
      (#927, Sergey Fedoseev)
    * Fix crash in GEOSInterpolate with empty LineString
      (#926, Sergey Fedoseev)
    * Fix crash in GEOSUnaryUnion with empty LineString
      (#928, Sergey Fedoseev)
    * Fix memory leak in SIRtree::insert (#919, Dan Baston)
    * Reduce required autoconf to 2.63
      (#56, John Harvey)
    * Fix incorrect return values on error from GEOSLength
      GEOSisValidDetail (#941, Dan Baston)
  - Changes in 3.7.0
    + New things:
    * CAPI: GEOSDistanceIndexed (#795, Dan Baston)
    * CAPI: GEOSCoordSeq_isCCW (#870, Dan Baston)
    * CAPI: GEOSGeom_getXMin, GEOSGeom_getXMax,
      GEOSGeom_getYMin, GEOSGeom_getYMax (#871, Dan Baston)
    * CAPI: GEOSFrechetDistance (#797, Shinichi SUGIYAMA)
    * CAPI: GEOSReverse (#872, Dan Baston)
    * CAPI: GEOSGeomGetZ (#581, J Smith)
    + Improvements
    * Interruptible snap operation (Paul Ramsey)
    * Numerous packaging, doc, and build changes
      (Debian group: Bas Couwenberg, Francesco Paolo Lovergine)
      (NetBSD: Greg Troxel)
    * Allow static library with C API for CMake builds (#878, Dakota Hawkins)
    + C++ API changes:
    * Require defining USE_UNSTABLE_GEOS_CPP_API for use without
    * Make C++11 required (Mateusz Loskot)
    * Use C++11 unique_ptr, nullptr, and override constructs
      (Mateusz Loskot)
    * C++11 standard delete on noncopyable
      (#851, Vicky Vergara)
    * Fix CommonBits::getBit to correctly handle i >= 32
      (#834, Kurt Schwehr)
  - Changes in 3.7.0rc2
    + Fixes / enhancements since 3.7.0rc1
    * Drop ? from extended regular expression,
      so that the expression strictly conforms to the POSIX ERE rules.
      (#917, Greg Troxel, Bas Couwenberg)
    * include .editorconfig in tar ball,
      fixes Cmake on VS (#920, Jeff Mckenna, Regina Obe)
    * Ignore error in CoordinateArraySequenceFactoryTest
      failing on FreeBSD/macOS Clang (#894)
  - Changes in 3.7.0rc1
    + Fixes / enhancements since 3.7.0beta2
    * Avoid segfault when querying empty tree (#730, framm)
    * Collection with Empty components crashes overlay (#782, Dan Baston)
    * Allow static library with C API for CMake builds (#878, Dakota Hawkins)
  - Changes in 3.7.0beta2
    + Fixes since 3.7.0beta1
    * Fix infinite loop in GEOSClipByRect (#865, Dan Baston)
    * Make GEOSException inherit from std::runtime_error
      to address clang warnings (Dan Baston)
    * Add missing CMake files to tarball (#895, Regina Obe)



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