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wicked-0.6.68-2.1 RPM for ppc64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for ppc64

Name: wicked Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 0.6.68 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Fri Jan 21 01:40:13 2022
Group: System/Management Build host: obs-power8-05
Size: 4986582 Source RPM: wicked-0.6.68-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: Network configuration infrastructure
Wicked is a network configuration infrastructure incorporating a number
of existing frameworks into a unified architecture, providing a DBUS
interface to network configuration.






* Wed Jan 19 2022 Marius Tomaschewski <>
  - fsm: fix device rename via yast (bsc#1194392)
    Reset worker config instead to reject a NULL/empty config
    xml node -- introduced in wicked 0.6.67 by commit c2a0385.
    [+ 0001-fsm-fix-device-rename-via-yast-bsc-1194392.patch]
* Tue Dec 21 2021 Clemens Famulla-Conrad <>
  - version 0.6.68
  - sysctl: process sysctl.d directories as in sysctl --system
  - sysctl: fix sysctl values for loopback device (bsc#1181163, bsc#1178357)
  - dhcp4: add option to set route pref-src to dhcp IP (bsc#1192353)
  - cleanup: warnings, time calculations and dhcp fixes (bsc#1188019)
  - wireless: reconnect on unexpected wpa_supplicant restart (bsc#1183495)
  - tuntap: avoid sysfs attr read error (bsc#1192311)
  - ifstatus: fix warning of unexpected interface flag combination (bsc#1192164)
* Thu Nov 04 2021 Marius Tomaschewski <>
  - dbus: config files in /usr shouldn't be marked as config in spec
* Fri Oct 01 2021 Marius Tomaschewski <>
  - version 0.6.67
  - dbus: install bus config in /usr (bsc#1183407,jsc#SLE-9750)
  - logging: log reaped sub-process command and as debug, not error
  - ifstatus: Don't show link as "up" without RUNNING flag set
  - firewalld: Make the zone assignment permanent (boo#1189560)
  - fsm: cleanup and improve ifconfig and ifpolicy access utils
  - dbus: cleanup the dbus-service.h file and unused property makros
  - cleanup: applied code-spell run typo corrections
  - dracut: initial fixes and improved option handling (boo#1182227)
* Tue Jun 15 2021 Marius Tomaschewski <>
  - version 0.6.66
  - wireless: migrate to wpa-supplicant v1 DBus interface (bsc#1156920)
    - support multiple networks configurations per interface
    - show connection status and scan-results (bsc#1160654)
    - corrected eap-tls,ttls cetificate handling and open vs. shared
      wep,open,psk,eap-tls,ttls,peap parsing from ifcfg (bsc#1057592)
    - cleanups and several other improvements, see changes
    - updated man ifcfg-wireless manual pages
  - nanny: fix identify node owner exit condition
  - schema: several xml-schema and dbus/property improvements
  - utils: format/parse bitmap to array and string alternatives
  - client: expose ethtool --get-permanent-address option
  - removed sle15-sp3 patches included in the master sources (bsc#1181812)
    [- 0001-dhcp4-discover-on-reboot-timeout-after-start-delay.1181812.patch]
    [- 0002-dhcp6-request-nis-options-on-sle15-by-default.1181812.patch]
* Wed Apr 07 2021
  - dhcp4: discover on reboot timeout after start-delay (bsc#1181812)
    [+ 0001-dhcp4-discover-on-reboot-timeout-after-start-delay.1181812.patch]
  - dhcp6: request nis options on sle15 by default (bsc#1181812)
    [+ 0002-dhcp6-request-nis-options-on-sle15-by-default.1181812.patch]
* Thu Mar 04 2021
  - version 0.6.65
  - ifconfig: differentiate if to re-trigger dad on address updates (bsc#1177215)
  - client: parse sysctl files in the correct order (bsc#1181186)
  - ifup: fix for set up with unenslave from unconfigured master (boo#954329)
  - rpm: prepare for new builds using usrmerged rpm macro (boo#1029961)
  - rpm: Let wicked-service also provide service(network)
  - cleanup: remove obsolete use-nanny=false (gh#openSUSE/wicked#815)
  - dbus: add variant container, generic object-path and uint32 array macros
* Wed Sep 30 2020
  - version 0.6.64
  - avoid incomplete ifdown/timeout on route deletion error (bsc#1174099)
  - dhcp4: add DHCLIENT_CREATE_CID to ifcfg (jsc#SLE-15770)
  - wicked: fixes to ifreload on port changes (bsc#1168155,bsc#1172082)
  - team: fix schema to use correct hwaddr_policy property (boo#1171234)
  - team: enable ipv6 on ports when nsna_ping linkwatch is used (bsc#959556)
* Wed Mar 04 2020
  - version 0.6.63
  - spec: fix old libwicked package provides/obsoletes (bsc#1165180)
  - ipv6: support to apply stable secret ifsysctl (jsc#SLE-6960)
* Wed Feb 26 2020
  - version 0.6.62
  - dhcp4: discard lease on client-id mismatch (CVE-2020-7217,bsc#1160906)
  - dhcp4: free lease on response without message type (CVE-2020-7216,bsc#1160905)
  - dhcp6: don't add free'd IA to ia_pd_list on T1>T2 (CVE-2019-18903,bsc#1160904)
  - dhcp6: fix use-after-free on option parsing failure (CVE-2019-18902,bsc#1160903)
  - utils: don't reject NULL var array names/keys breaking wicked duid dump
  - routes: schema fix to avoid not applying rto_min incl. new time format (bsc#1160939)
  - systemd: order start wicked after and openvswitch.service start
  - packaging: use pkgconfig(libsystemd) instead of systemd-devel
  - misc bug fixes by Malte Kraus including undefined behaviour, memory access alignment
  - corrections, use-after-free, missed initialization and format errors
* Wed Dec 11 2019
  - version 0.6.61
  - dracut: add initial cmdline parsing as a config source
  - address: don't check hwaddr length if parsing as ARPHRD_VOID
  - utils: added find and insert var array utils, cleanup
  - client: add show-policy command calling policy generation
  - client: initial support to generate a basic policy directly
  - client: cleanup convert and show-config commands
* Fri Oct 04 2019
  - version 0.6.60
  - libwicked: fix versioning and packaging (bsc#1143182,bsc#1132977)
    shipping the internal helper library inside of the wicked package.
* Thu Sep 19 2019
  - version 0.6.57
  - dhcp6: omit noprefixroute with address-length (bsc#1150972)
    Permit to assume that the address prefix-length override specified
    in the config is a valid on-link prefix length, to let the kernel
    create a route for this prefix.
  - dhcp6: differentiated mode=auto resolving from RA (bsc#1150183)
    Fixed to not trigger to report an error when ipv6 RA is not
    available or the received RA disables dhcp while mode is set to
    auto, but to deliver a 'deferred' results.
* Fri Sep 06 2019
  - version 0.6.56
  - dhcp6: initial support to request prefix for delegations (jsc#SLE-5936)
  - dhcp6: set the noprefixroute address option (bsc#1132280)
* Wed Aug 14 2019
  - version 0.6.55
  - dhcp6: do not default to a /64 address prefix-length (bsc#1132280)
    Add an address-length aka DHCLIENT6_ADDRESS_LENGTH ifcfg option, which
    permits to specify explicit prefix-length to use for the DHCPv6 address
    and override detection using RA prefix info and a default to /128.
  - time: use boot time for timer instead of real time (bsc#1129986)
  - dhcp: Consistently log dhcp xid and enabled to log dhcp6 timings line.
  - dhcp6: lower unexpected xid messages to debug level
  - systemd: change to depend on udev settle service (bsc#1136034,bsc#1132774)
    Calling udevadm settle directly caused systemd to kill wicked services.
  - bridge: honour ifcfg LLADDR and set link address (bsc#1042123,boo#1142670)
  - rfkill: fix switch statement to check enum variable not a constant (bsc#1140117)
  - man: ifcfg-ovs-bridge(5): recommend STARTMODE=nfsroot
  - dhcp4: nullify defer timer pointer when timeout (openSUSE/wicked#798,bsc#1142214)
  - dhcp4: fix to request routing options when custom options are used (bsc#1132326)
  - testing: add helper script allowing to test hotplugging
* Fri Apr 05 2019
  - version 0.6.54
  - switch to use systemd notify and prevent event backlog at start
    by calling udevadm settle before starting wickedd (bsc#1118206)
  - dhcp6: don't discard confirm reply without status (bsc#1127340)
  - ethtool: set lro legacy flag and not txvlan (bsc#1123555)
  - init memory before use in ioctl
  - fsm: fix find pending worker loop segfault (boo#1106809)
* Thu Jan 24 2019
  - version 0.6.53
  - dhcp: request hostname/fqdn option in the tester (bsc#1118378)
  - build: link with relro by default for binary hardening
* Fri Nov 16 2018
  - version 0.6.52
  - wickedd: fix netdev detection bootstrap race (bsc#1107579)
  - compat: fix ifcfg parsing crash if network/config is missed
* Fri Oct 26 2018
  - version 0.6.51
  - wireless: fix eap peap auth mapping for wpa-supplicant (bsc#1026807)
  - vxlan: fix to convert dst_port to network byte order
* Fri Oct 05 2018
  - version 0.6.50
  - firewall: do not assign default zone, but pass as is (bsc#1109147)
  - nanny: fix memory leaks on fast create-delete calls (bsc#1095818)
    + fsm: cleanup worker reset (reinit) vs. free
    + fsm: do not process or pass pending workers to nanny
    + nanny: catch init failures in device registration
    + netdev: allow NULL in get and put functions
    + model: fix to call (netif) dbus object destructors
    + model: removed server specific call in netif destroy
    + fsm: handle NULL in worker get and release calls
    + fsm: process device delete event separately
    + calls: split get netif service and netif list utils
    + xml-schema: fix range constraint values parsing
    + xml-schema: remove underscores from ni_xs_type_new
    + xml-schema: fix type leak around ni_xs_build_one_type
    + fsm: free worker control mode on worker free
    + xpath: trace and free complete xpath expression tree
    + nanny: fix config leak in ni_nanny_recheck_policy
    + dbus: free pending call in ni_dbus_connection_call
    + dbus: free dbus_message_iter_get_signature result
* Fri Sep 21 2018
  - version 0.6.49
  - dhcp6: fix to properly decline dynamic addresses
  - extensions: do not use /etc/HOSTNAME artifact (bsc#972463)
  - ethtool: call offload ioctl if requested by offload name,
    e.g. tso has been splitted into several features and the
    old STSO offload ioctl sets multiple features at once.
  - ethtool: add missing pause support (bsc#1102871)
  - dhcp6: refresh info using rfc4242 info-refresh-time
  - dhcp6: add ia and ia addr list search utilities, improve
    status utils and use timeval struct in ia acquired times
  - dhcp6: restart on NotOnLink status request reply
  - ifcfg: show unknown/invalid bootproto as error
  - dhcp6: Fix server preference and weight option behaviour
  - dhcp6: retrigger duplicate detection on all address updates
  - man: add ifcfg-lo.5 manual page
  - man: add missing documentation for DHCLIENT6_CLIENT_ID
  - man: improved create-cid docs in wicked-config(5) (bsc#1084527)
* Fri Jun 01 2018
  - version 0.6.48
  - address cache-info and lease acquisition time fixes and cleanups
  - ethtool: streamline options available on all devices (bsc#1085786)
  - dhcp4: expose broadcast response as DHCLIENT_BROADCAST in ifcfg
* Fri Mar 23 2018
  - version-0.6.47
  - ipoib: do not fail setup on mode or umcast set failure (bsc#1084462)
  - bond: avoid reenslave failure in fail_over_mac mode (bsc#1083670)
  - Fix show-xml filtering by interface name (issue #735,bsc#954758)
* Fri Mar 16 2018
  - version-0.6.46
  - ifconfig: refresh state before link reenslave hotfix (bsc#1061051
  - ethtool: query priv-flags bitmap first (bsc#1085020)
  - util: fix a memory leak in ni_var_array_free
  - client: refactor arp utility to add missed arp ping (bsc#1078245)
  - dbus: omit zero-length hwaddr data properties
* Mon Feb 26 2018
  - version 0.6.45
  - ibft: no IP setup on bnx2x storage-only interfaces (bsc#1072343)
  - fixed format, self compare and always true issues
* Fri Feb 02 2018
  - version 0.6.44
  - dhcp4: use rfc4361 client-id as new default for ethernet on sle15
    (fate#323576). It can be also enabled/disabled in wicked-config(5).
  - client: fixed broken wicked arp utility command (bsc#1078245)
  - cleanup: add mising/explicit designated field initializers
  - pkgconfig: fix to request libnl3 instead of libnl1
  - dbus: add missing DBUS_ERROR_FAILED type to a dbus_set_error call
    and enforce formatting input as string when an extension did not
    returned any error message.
  - Removed patch included in the source archive
    [- 0001-wickedd-explicitly-unbind-slaves-on-deletion.patch]



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