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scamper-20211026-1.2 RPM for ppc64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for ppc64

Name: scamper Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 20211026 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.2 Build date: Tue Jan 11 14:14:34 2022
Group: Productivity/Networking/Diagnostic Build host: obs-power8-03
Size: 3446291 Source RPM: scamper-20211026-1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Parallel Internet measurement utility
Scamper is a program that is able to conduct Internet measurement
tasks to large numbers of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, in parallel, to
fill a specified packets-per-second rate. Currently, it supports the
well-known ping and traceroute techniques, as well as MDA traceroute,
alias resolution, some parts of tbit, sting, and neighbour discovery.

Scamper can do ICMP-based Path MTU discovery. scamper starts with the
outgoing interface's MTU and discovers the location of Path MTU
bottlenecks. scamper performs a PMTUD search when an ICMP
fragmentation required message is not returned to establish the PMTU
to the next point in the network, followed by a TTL limited search to
infer where the failure appears to occur.






* Wed Oct 27 2021 Sebastian Wagner <>
  - update to 20211026:
    * in trace, allow probes to multiple consecutive hops to be
    outstanding in the network without having to stop and wait,
    using the -N parameter documented in scamper's man page.
    * in trace, do optional PTR lookups using the option documented
    in scamper's man page.  output these hostnames into warts and
    json outputs.
    * bump libscamperfile version for the above changes.
    * document that scamper's control socket can be told to return
    JSON through an option now documented in scamper's man page.
    * improvements to reading warts files via fuzzing.
    * other man page tidy ups.
    * add the ability to adjust the probe list at run time through a
    unix domain socket, documented in the sc_erosprober man page.
    * add the ability to learn regular expressions that extract
    geographic hints from router hostnames, documented in the
    sc_hoiho man page
* Mon Apr 05 2021 Sebastian Wagner <>
  - update to version 20210324:
    * speed up speedtrap's runtime
* Wed Sep 23 2020 Sebastian Wagner <>
  - update to version 20200923:
    - scamper:
    * integrate some fixes for compiling scamper on windows
    - sc_erosprober:
    * allow larger probe intervals
    - sc_hoiho:
    * add support for learning regexes that extract ASNs in hostnames
* Sat Jul 18 2020 Sebastian Wagner <>
  - update to version 20200717:
    - scamper:
    - update remote control protocol to support session resumption
      if the underlying TCP connection is interrupted.
    - if remote controller is specified with a domain name, use TLS.
    - fix -p pidfile when starting scamper as a daemon
    - expire entries in the ARP cache periodically
    - add -r support to ping and tracelb, and record router addresses
      in warts output.
    - autoconf work to build on linux without sys/socketvar.h or
    - allow scamper to do IPv4 ICMP echo and IPv6 UDP traceroute
      without requiring root on linux.
    - libscamperfile version 1.0.0
    - sc_remoted:
    - update remote control protocol to support session resumption
      if the underlying TCP connection is interrupted.
    - use HUP signal to reload TLS certificate and private key chain
    - add -e pidfile to write PID to file, to make HUP easy
    - sc_pinger:
    - add utility to ping a set of addresses with ICMP echo, UDP, and
      TCP-ack probes
    - throughout:
    - reduce number of warnings when compiling with -Wextra
    - remove rcsid from all files
* Sat Mar 14 2020 Sebastian Wagner <>
  - update to version 20191102b:
    - scamper:
    * do not dereference a null pointer when converting a tracelb node
      with no IP address to a string, when generating json output.
    - sc_bdrmap:
    * allow the source IP address to be specified when probing with the
    - S parameter.
    - sc_wartsfilter:
    * a new utility to select specific records from a warts file
* Mon Jan 06 2020 Sebastian Wagner <>
  -update to version 20191102:
    * scamper
    * escape hostname in json output for tracelb
    * use length parameters when parsing hostname responses, from
      Marianne Fletcher
    * sc_bdrmap
    * add a -O noalias option to tell bdrmap to not do alias resolution.
    * update -C documentation in the sc_bdrmap.1 man page
    * fix a memory leak of trace objects in -d traces
    * print RTT in -d traces
    * add an -M option to help corner cases with private and IXP addresses
    * relax heuristics to allow VPs to claim routers with IP2AS when no
      other router assignments can take place
    * turn off analytical interface alias resolution heuristics by default
    * sc_hoiho
    * change -O verbose to -O debug to better reflect what it does.
    * change tpa to atp to be consistent with language in paper
    * free a malloc, pointed out by clang static analysis
    * add support for reading -d 3 output, which is the format of
      regular expressions provided in the data supplement:
    * sc_uptime
    * add a metadata table to be able to track metadata across sc_uptime
      invocations, from Marianne Fletcher
    * fix an error message when trying to create a database that
      already exists.
* Wed Sep 18 2019 Sebastian Wagner <>
  - remove SIOCGSTAMP.patch
  - update to version 20190916:
    * scamper
    * add a host implementation for looking up DNS records.  it uses
    the first nameserver it finds in /etc/resolv.conf by default.
    * add an -O ptr option to tracelb.
    * bugfix json output for tracelb.
    * integrate patricia trie implementation into scamper hotspot
    * use HAVE_SYSCTL macro to solve a compile issue on android
    * include <linux/sockios.h> to get SIOCGSTAMP in Linux kernel > 5.2
    * add -A option to ping code to set the ack number to use in tcp
    probes (or sequence number in SYN packets).  do not randomly
    generate sequence and ack values for each TCP ping.
    * rework options handling to allow for long long values.
    * set the window size in TCP probes to 65535, instead of advertising a
    zero receive window.
    * update configure scripts around the use of --with-privsep-dir-owner
    * sc_ally:
    * when outputting alias sets, conduct a canonical sort to allow for
    easy diffs
    * update man page because sc_ally can take more than two addresses per
    * sc_erosprober:
    * new driver to periodically probe addresses and rotate output files.
    * sc_hoiho:
    * new utility for holistic orthography of Internet hostname
    observations.  this utility is only built if --with-sc_hoiho is
    passed to configure.  sc_hoiho requires pcre or pcre2, which can be
    controlled by passing --with-pcre or --with-pcre2 to configure.
    * sc_uptime:
    * add a last_tx column to state_dsts to allow for simple monitoring of
    when each destination address was last probed.
    * various drivers:
    * handle scamper disconnections gracefully in sc_ally,
    sc_filterpolicy, sc_prefixscan, sc_radargun, sc_speedtrap,
    sc_tbitblind, sc_tbitpmtud, and sc_uptime
* Tue Aug 20 2019 Sebastian Wagner <>
  - add SIOCGSTAMP.patch for recent changes in socket.h/socketios.h
* Sat Dec 22 2018 Sebastian Wagner <>
  - update to version 20181219:
    * scamper:
    * json output format for tracelb (MDA traceroute)
    * print an error message if an output file cannot be opened
    * document (in warts.5) the offset variable in a warts traceroute record,
      and scamper_trace_dtree_t
    * use autoconf to check if X509_VERIFY_PARAM_set1_host is available,
      rather than OpenSSL #defines that are not used consistently among
      OpenSSL-like libraries.
    * libscamperfile:
    * don't crash on a zero length file, or other conditions where sf->type
    * fix example in manual page
    * dump 3: when merging routers in a transitive closure, remove the
      obsolete router from the dump list.
    * if an address is repeated in the input file then complain
    * sc_bdrmap:
    * document -C csum in sc_bdrmap.1
    * allow duplicate prefixes in the IXP file
    * add initial support for UDP paris traceroute, as an alternative
      to the ICMP paris traceroute bdrmap uses by default.
    * document updates in sc_bdrmap.1
    * sc_ttlexp:
    * add -O noreserved
    * bugfix reading from stdin, file handling
    * document updates in sc_ttlexp.1
    * sc_uptime:
    * add an optional -I interval parameter which controls how frequently
      we want an address to be probed.  add logic to exit early if we are
      probing on with -I and there is a list of low-priority probing
      that is not empty, so that sc_uptime can meet the probe interval.
    * add the ability to expire addresses out of the database after they
      have not been seen in traceroute for a while, and they do not
      respond with an incrementing IPID value, with optional -E expiry
    * loading addresses into the state database is now a separate step (-a)
    * add a -c option to create and initialise a database file
    * add do-not-probe support
    * replace import code that used a row for each sample with a blob that
      stores multiple samples per blob.
    * report some measure of progress on import
    * build monotonic sequences which allow patterns in responses to be
      more easily identified, so that reboots are not falsely inferred
      in the cases of multiple counters, 16 bit counters, and routers
      that start each sequence after a PTB with a new IPID.
    * add an -O verbose to dump IPID sequences
    * document updates in sc_uptime.1
* Sun May 06 2018
  - update to version 20180504:
    * scamper:
    * increase the size of a buffer in scamper's traceroute json
      creation to reduce chance of truncation.
    * print the number of probes sent by traceroute in the json
    * enforce a minimum firsthop value of 1 when reading a warts
      traceroute object.
    * sc_bdrmap:
    * choose a static ICMP checksum value when using Paris traceroute
      to reduce churn in observed topology in bdrmap output.
    * add ability to pass list of ASes to -d traces to see
      traceroutes towards specific ASes, useful for understanding
      bdrmap inferences.
* Thu Mar 08 2018
  - update to version 20180309:
    * sc_*:
    * For the utilities (sc_*) that read input files, do not allocate
      memory to hold the entire input file in memory before parsing
      the file.  This improvement affects sc_ally, sc_attach,
      sc_bdrmap, sc_filterpolicy, sc_radargun, sc_speedtrap,
      sc_tbitblind, sc_tbitpmtud, sc_uptime, sc_warts2text.
    * sc_tbitpmtud:
    * add scamper driver from IMC2010 paper to collect data on webserver
      responsiveness to ICMP packet too big messages, and perform
      rudimentary analysis of collected data.
    * sc_ttlexp:
    * new utility to dump source addresses from ICMP TTL expired
      messages in warts files.
    * sc_wartsfix:
    * add a manual page
    * sc_warts2csv:
    * add a manual page



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