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t-prot-3.4-1.19 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for noarch

Name: t-prot Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 3.4 Vendor: obs://
Release: 1.19 Build date: Wed May 26 12:07:36 2021
Group: Productivity/Networking/Email/Utilities Build host: s390zp21
Size: 129904 Source RPM: t-prot-3.4-1.19.src.rpm
Summary: A Display Filter for RFC822 Messages
t-prot detects and, when demanded, hides annoying parts in rfc822
messages: TOFU (see below), huge quoted blocks, signatures (especially
when they are too long), excessive punctuation, blocks of empty lines,
and trailing spaces and tabs. For use inside of MTAs or MDAs, it may
exit with appropriate libc exit codes, so annoying messages may be
bounced easily.

TOFU is an abbreviation that mixes German and English words. It expands
to "text oben, full-quote unten" that means "text above - full quote
below" and describes the style of many users who let their mailer or
newsreader quote everything of the previous message and just add some
text at the top.






* Fri Mar 27 2015
  - Update to version 3.4
    * t-prot, t-prot.1: Make documentation match Getopt::Long syntax:
    e.g. -c=1 is not supported, use -c1 instead.
  - Changes from version 3.3
    * t-prot: Removed trailing whitespace.
    * t-prot: Small speedup: Run --pgp-short specific code only with
    - -pgp-short.
    * t-prot: Fixed a bug with -Mmutt and pgp signed and encrypted
      MIME/Multipart messages.
  - Changes from version 3.2
    * t-prot: Make bigq work when MS Tofu is detected with no text
      above the quote, as with ZimbraWebClient.
    * t-prot.1: Fix spelling error.
    * t-prot.1: Update date string.
  - Changes from version 3.1
    * t-prot, t-prot.1: Support mutt-kz
      ( using -Mmutt-kz.
    * t-prot: Unicode fix for MS Outlook.
  - Use download Url as source
* Wed Feb 26 2014
  - fix requires and install section
* Tue Jan 14 2014
  - update to 3.0
    * t-prot: Umlauts always are so wrong. Hopefully Outlook mails in
      German are handled fine now.
    * t-prot.1: Make clear that --pgp-move and --pgp-move-vrf also work
      on SSL output.
    * t-prot: Coding style cleanup in pgp().
    * t-prot: Fix detection of unified diffs in the message body when
      using --diff.
    * t-prot.1: Update year.
    * contrib/ Reflect transition to slang2 in comments.
    * contrib/ Drop support for slang-1, default to slang-2.
    * t-prot, contrib/muttrc.t-prot: Drop support for mutt-1.4. Default
      to mutt-1.5.x strings.
    * t-prot: Fix eYou Webmail Tofu.
    * t-prot: Fix text/plain content-type detection with several user
* Tue Mar 27 2012
  - license update: BSD-4-Clause
    BSD with advertising - use SPDX format
* Mon Nov 01 2010
  - update to 2.101
    * t-prot: Add line to make -m filter Lotus Domino Webserver
      produced TOFU.
    * t-prot: Use uniform syntax notation for parameters in command
      line options.
    * t-prot, t-prot.1: New command line option --fixind to fix broken
      quoting (regarding to RFC 3676).
* Fri Apr 09 2010
  - update to 2.98
    * Clarify --lax-security description.
    * Use descriptive temp variable names when parsing command line.
* Mon Mar 15 2010
  - update to 2.97.1
    * Mention configuration files for Heirloom mailx and
      metamail. Avoid false impression with --lax-security.
    * Another Typo.
    * Fix spelling error. Thanks to Gerfried Fuchs!
    * Standard diff(1) output now is protected by --diff, too.
* Fri Mar 05 2010
  - update to 2.96
    * Man page update.
    * Several small fixes and cleanups.
* Thu Mar 04 2010
  - update to 2.95
    * Use Getopt::Long.
    * The command line option -c now accepts an optional parameter
      specifying the number of empty lines to remain. Thanks to Simon
* Fri Feb 19 2010
  - update to 2.15
    * Fine-tune some regex.
    * Fix merging of multiple blank lines within pgp output
      using -Mmutt.
    * Add --reply and --sani for fixing annoying headers. Add
      documentation for both.  Many thanks to Matthias Kilian and
      Martin Neitzel for suggesting and providing some script invoked
      by procmail rules.
    * Code cleanup for --pgp-short. Should get better performance now.
    * By now, --bigq is pretty much standard and
      extremely well-tested, so we include it into default configuration.



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