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python38-setuptools-wheel-65.6.3-1.2 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for noarch

Name: python38-setuptools-wheel Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 65.6.3 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.2 Build date: Wed Mar 8 01:03:02 2023
Group: Unspecified Build host: s390zl27
Size: 1234001 Source RPM: python-setuptools-wheel-65.6.3-1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Download, build, install, upgrade, and uninstall Python packages
setuptools is a collection of enhancements to the Python distutils that
allow you to build and distribute Python packages,
especially ones that have dependencies on other packages.




Apache-2.0 AND MIT AND BSD-2-Clause AND Python-2.0


* Thu Nov 24 2022 Daniel Garcia <>
  - Update to 65.6.3:
    * #3709: Fix condition to patch distutils.dist.log to only apply when using
      distutils from the stdlib.
  - v65.6.2
    * No significant changes.
* Wed Nov 23 2022 Daniel Garcia <>
  - Update to 65.6.1:
    * #3689: Document that distutils.cfg might be ignored unless
    * #3678: Improve clib builds reproducibility by sorting sources -- by
      :user:`danigm`, fixing bsc#1201127
    * #3684: Improved exception/traceback when invalid entry-points are
    * #3690: Fixed logging errors: 'underlying buffer has been detached' (issue
    * #3693: Merge pypa/distutils@3e9d47e with compatibility fix for
    * #3704: Fix temporary build directories interference with auto-discovery.
  - v65.6.0:
    * #3674: Sync with pypa/distutils@e0787fa, including pypa/distutils#183
      updating distutils to use the Python logging framework.
* Mon Nov 14 2022 Daniel Garcia <>
  - Delete remove_mock.patch, that's not needed anymore, it's upstreamed
  - Update to 65.5.1:
    * #3638: Drop a test dependency on the mock package, always use
      :external+python:py:mod:`unittest.mock` -- by :user:`hroncok`
    * #3659: Fixed REDoS vector in package_index.
* Wed Oct 19 2022 Daniel Garcia <>
  - Skip test_pbr_integration because it tries to install pbr using pip from
* Wed Oct 19 2022 Daniel Garcia <>
  - Add fix-get-python-lib-python38.patch to fix get_python_lib() method in
    python3.8 bsc#1204395
  - Update to version 65.5.0:
    * #3624: Fixed editable install for multi-module/no-package src-layout
    * #3626: Minor refactorings to support distutils using stdlib logging module.
    * #3419: Updated the example version numbers to be compliant with PEP-440 on
      the "Specifying Your Project’s Version" page of the user guide.
    * #3569: Improved information about conflicting entries in the current
      working directory and editable install (in documentation and as an
      informational warning).
    * #3576: Updated version of validate_pyproject.
  - v65.4.1
    * #3613: Fixed encoding errors in expand.StaticModule when system default
      encoding doesn't match expectations for source files.
    * #3617: Merge with pypa/distutils@6852b20 including fix for
  - v65.4.0
    * #3609: Merge with pypa/distutils@d82d926 including support for
      DIST_EXTRA_CONFIG in pypa/distutils#177.
  - v65.3.0
    * #3547: Stop ConfigDiscovery.analyse_name from splatting the attribute -- by :user:`jeamland`
    * #3554: Changed requires to requests in the pyproject.toml example in the
      :doc:`Dependency management section of the Quickstart guide
      <userguide/quickstart>` -- by :user:`mfbutner`
    * #3561: Fixed accidental name matching in editable hooks.
  - v65.2.0
    * #3553: Sync with pypa/distutils@22b9bcf, including fixed cross-compiling
      support and removing deprecation warning per pypa/distutils#169.
  - v65.1.1
    * #3551: Avoided circular imports in meta path finder for editable installs
      when a missing module has the same name as its parent.
  - v65.1.0
    * #3536: Remove monkeypatching of msvc9compiler.
    * #3538: Corrected documentation on how to use the legacy-editable mode.
  - v65.0.2
    * #3505: Restored distutils msvccompiler and msvc9compiler modules and marked
      as deprecated (pypa/distutils@c802880).
  - v65.0.1
    * #3529: Added clarification to :doc:`/userguide/quickstart` about support to
    * #3526: Fixed backward compatibility of editable installs and custom
      build_ext commands inheriting directly from distutils.
    * #3528: Fixed buid_meta.prepare_metadata_for_build_wheel when given
      metadata_directory is ".".
  - v65.0.0
    * #3505: Removed 'msvccompiler' and 'msvc9compiler' modules from distutils.
    * #3521: Remove bdist_msi and bdist_wininst commands, which have been
      deprecated since Python 3.9. Use older Setuptools for these behaviors if
    * #3519: Changed the note in keywords documentation regarding editable
      installations to specify which setuptools version require a minimal file or not.
  - v64.0.3
    * #3515: Fixed "inline" file copying for editable installations and optional
    * #3517: Fixed editable_wheel to ensure other commands are finalized before
      using them. This should prevent errors with plugins trying to use different
      commands or reinitializing them.
    * #3517: Augmented filter to prevent transient/temporary source files from
      being considered package_data or data_files.
  - v64.0.2
    * #3506: Suppress errors in custom build_py implementations when running
      editable installs in favor of a warning indicating what is the most
      appropriate migration path. This is a transitional measure. Errors might be
      raised in future versions of setuptools.
    * #3512: Added capability of handling namespace packages created
      accidentally/purposefully via discovery configuration during editable
      installs. This should emulate the behaviour of a non-editable installation.
  - v64.0.1
    * #3497: Fixed editable_wheel for legacy namespaces.
    * #3502: Fixed issue with editable install and single module distributions.
    * #3503: Added filter to ignore external .egg-info files in manifest.
    * Some plugins might rely on the fact that the .egg-info directory is
      produced inside the project dir, which may not be the case in editable
      installs (the .egg-info directory is produced inside the metadata directory
      given by the build frontend via PEP 660 hooks).
  - v64.0.0
    * #3380: Passing some types of parameters via --global-option to setuptools
      PEP 517/PEP 660 backend is now considered deprecated. The user can pass the
      same arbitrary parameter via --build-option (--global-option is now
      reserved for flags like --verbose or --quiet).
    * Both --build-option and --global-option are supported as a transitional
      effort (a.k.a. "escape hatch"). In the future a proper list of allowed
      config_settings may be created.
    * #3265: Added implementation for editable install hooks (PEP 660).
    * #3380: Improved the handling of the config_settings parameter in both PEP
      517 and PEP 660 interfaces:
    * #3392: Exposed get_output_mapping() from build_py and build_ext
      subcommands. This interface is reserved for the use of setuptools
      Extensions and third part packages are explicitly disallowed to calling it.
      However, any implementation overwriting build_py or build_ext are required
      to honour this interface.
    * #3412: Added ability of collecting source files from custom build
      sub-commands to sdist. This allows plugins and customization scripts to
      automatically add required source files in the source distribution.
    * #3414: Users can temporarily specify an environment variable
      SETUPTOOLS_ENABLE_FEATURES=legacy-editable as a escape hatch for the PEP
      660 behavior. This setting is transitional and may be removed in the
    * #3484: Added transient compat mode to editable installs. This more will be
      temporarily available (to facilitate the transition period) for those that
      want to emulate the behavior of the develop command (in terms of what is
      added to sys.path). This mode is provided "as is", with limited support,
      and will be removed in future versions of setuptools.
    * #3414: Updated :doc:`Development Mode </userguide/development_mode>` to
      reflect on the implementation of PEP 660.
  - v63.4.3
    * #3496: Update to pypa/distutils@b65aa40 including more robust support for
      library/include dir handling in msvccompiler (pypa/distutils#153) and test
      suite improvements.
  - v63.4.2
    * #3453: Bump vendored version of :pypi:`pyparsing` to 3.0.9.
    * #3481: Add warning for potential install_requires and extras_require
      misconfiguration in setup.cfg
    * #3487: Modified pyproject.toml validation exception handling to make
      relevant debugging information easier to spot.
  - v63.4.1
    * #3482: Sync with pypa/distutils@274758f1c02048d295efdbc13d2f88d9923547f8,
      restoring compatibility shim in bdist.format_commands.
  - v63.4.0
    * #2971: upload_docs command is deprecated once again.
    * #3443: Installed sphinx-hoverxref extension to show tooltips on internal an
      external references. -- by :user:`humitos`
    * #3444: Installed sphinx-notfound-page extension to generate nice 404 pages.
    - - by :user:`humitos`
    * #3480: Merge with pypa/distutils@c397f4c
  - v63.3.0
    * #3475: Merge with pypa/distutils@129480b, including substantial delinting
      and cleanup, some refactoring around compiler logic, better messaging in
      cygwincompiler (pypa/distutils#161).
* Sat Jul 16 2022 Arun Persaud <>
  - update to version 63.2.0:
    * Changes
      + #3395: Included a performance optimization:
      setuptools.build_meta no longer tries to :func:`compile` the
      setup script code before :func:`exec`-ing it.
    * Misc
      + #3435: Corrected issue in macOS framework builds on Python 3.9
      not installed by homebrew (pypa/distutils#158).
* Thu Jul 14 2022 Ben Greiner <>
  - Remove dependency on packaging -- boo#1178257
  - Enable ini2toml[lite] tests
* Wed Jul 13 2022 Ben Greiner <>
  - Update to version 63.1.0
    * #3430: Merge with pypa/distutils@152c13d including
      pypa/distutils#155 (improved compatibility for editable
      installs on homebrew Python 3.9), pypa/distutils#150 (better
      handling of runtime_library_dirs on cygwin), and
      pypa/distutils#151 (remove warnings for namespace packages).
  - v63.0.0
    * #3421: Drop setuptools' support for installing an entrypoint
      extra requirements at load time:
    - the functionality has been broken since v60.8.0.
    - the mechanism to do so is deprecated (fetch_build_eggs).
    - that use case (e.g. a custom command class entrypoint) is
      covered by making sure the necessary build requirements are
      declared. Documentation changes
    * #3397: Fix reference for keywords to point to the Core Metadata
      Specification instead of PEP 314 (the live standard is kept
      always up-to-date and consolidates several PEPs together in a
      single document).
  - v62.6.0
    * #3253: Enabled using file: for requirements in setup.cfg -- by
      :user:`akx` (this feature is currently considered to be in beta
    * #3255: Enabled using file: for dependencies and
      optional-dependencies in pyproject.toml -- by :user:`akx` (this
      feature is currently considered to be in beta stage).
    * #3391: Updated attr: to also extract simple constants with type
      annotations -- by :user:`karlotness`
  - v62.5.0
    * #3347: Changed warnings and documentation notes about
      experimental aspect of pyproject.toml configuration: now
      [project] is a fully supported configuration interface, but the
      [tool.setuptools] table and sub-tables are still considered to
      be in beta stage.
    * #3383: In _distutils_hack, suppress/undo the use of local
      distutils when select tests are imported in CPython.
    * #3385: Modules used to parse and evaluate configuration from
      pyproject.toml files are intended for internal use only and
      that not part of the public API.
  - v62.4.0
    * #3256: Added command to match -- by :user:`isuruf`
    * #3366: Merge with pypa/distutils@75ed79d including reformat
      using black, fix for Cygwin support (pypa/distutils#139), and
      improved support for cross compiling (pypa/distutils#144 and
  - v62.3.4
    * #3354: Improve clarity in warning about unlisted namespace
  - v62.3.3
    * #3336: Modified test_setup_install_includes_dependencies to
      work with custom PYTHONPATH –- by :user:`hroncok`
  - v62.3.2
    * #3328: Include a first line summary to some of the existing
      multi-line warnings.
  - v62.3.1
    * #3320: Fixed typo which causes namespace_packages to raise an
      error instead of warning.
  - v62.3.0
    * #3262: Formally added deprecation messages for
      namespace_packages. The methodology that uses pkg_resources and
      namespace_packages for creating namespaces was already
      discouraged by the :doc:`setuptools docs
      </userguide/package_discovery>` and the :doc:`Python Packaging
      User Guide <PyPUG:guides/packaging-namespace-packages>`,
      therefore this change just make the deprecation more official.
      Users can consider migrating to native/implicit namespaces (as
      introduced in PEP 420).
    * #3308: Relying on include_package_data to ensure sub-packages
      are automatically added to the build wheel distribution (as
      "data") is now considered a deprecated practice. This behaviour
      was controversial and caused inconsistencies (#3260). Instead,
      projects are encouraged to properly configure packages or use
      discovery tools. General information can be found in
    * #1806: Allowed recursive globs (**) in package_data. -- by
    * #3206: Fixed behaviour when both install_requires (in
      and dependencies (in pyproject.toml) are specified. The
      configuration in pyproject.toml will take precedence over (in accordance with PEP 621). A warning was added to
      inform users.
    * #3274: Updated version of vendored pyparsing to 3.0.8 to avoid
      problems with upcoming deprecation in Python 3.11.
    * #3292: Added warning about incompatibility with old versions of
  - v62.2.0
    * #3299: Optional metadata fields are now truly optional.
      Includes merge with pypa/distutils@a7cfb56 per
    * #3282: Added CI cache for setup.cfg examples used when testing
  - v62.1.0
    * #3249: Simplified package_dir obtained via auto-discovery.
  - v62.0.0
    * #3151: Made develop --user install to the user site
      packages directory even if it is disabled in the current
    * #3153: When resolving requirements use both canonical and
      normalized names -- by :user:`ldaniluk`
    * #3167: Honor unix file mode in ZipFile when installing wheel
      via install_as_egg -- by :user:`delijati`
    * #3088: Fixed duplicated tag with the dist-info command.
    * #3247: Fixed problem preventing readme specified as dynamic in
      pyproject.toml from being dynamically specified in
  - v61.3.1
    * #3233: Included missing test file setupcfg_examples.txt in
    * #3233: Added script that allows developers to download
      setupcfg_examples.txt prior to running tests. By caching these
      files it should be possible to run the test suite offline.
  - v61.3.0
    * #3229: Disabled automatic download of trove-classifiers to
      facilitate reproducibility.
    * #3229: Updated pyproject.toml validation via validate-pyproject
    * #3229: New internal tool made available for updating the code
      responsible for the validation of pyproject.toml. This tool can
      be executed via tox -e generate-validation-code.
  - v61.2.0
    * #3215: Ignored a subgroup of invalid pyproject.toml files that
      use the [project] table to specify only requires-python
    * Warning: Please note that future releases of setuptools will
      halt the build process if a pyproject.toml file that does not
      match the PyPA Specification
      <PyPUG:specifications/declaring-project-metadata> is given.
    * #3215: Updated pyproject.toml validation, as generated by
    * #3218: Prevented builds from erroring if the project specifies
      metadata via pyproject.toml, but uses other files (e.g. to complement it, without setting dynamic properly.
    * Important: This is a transitional behaviour. Future releases of
      setuptools may simply ignore externally set metadata not backed
      by dynamic or even halt the build with an error.
    * #3224: Merge changes from pypa/distutils@e1d5c9b1f6
    + #3223: Fixed missing requirements with environment markers when
      optional-dependencies is set in pyproject.toml.
  - v61.1.1
    * #3212: Fixed missing dependencies when running
      install. Note that calling install directly is still
      deprecated and will be removed in future versions of
      setuptools. Please check the release notes for
  - v61.1.0
    * #3206: Changed setuptools.convert_path to an internal function
      that is not exposed as part of setuptools API. Future releases
      of setuptools are likely to remove this function.
    * #3202: Changed behaviour of auto-discovery to not explicitly
      expand package_dir for flat-layouts and to not use relative
      paths starting with ./.
    * #3203: Prevented pyproject.toml parsing from overwriting
      dist.include_package_data explicitly set in with
      default value.
    * #3208: Added a warning for non existing files listed with the
      file directive in setup.cfg and pyproject.toml.
    * #3208: Added a default value for dynamic classifiers in
      pyproject.toml when files are missing and errors being ignored.
    * #3211: Disabled auto-discovery when distribution class has a
      configuration attribute (e.g. when the script contains
      setup(..., configuration=...)). This is done to ensure
      extension-only packages created with
      numpy.distutils.misc_util.Configuration are not broken by the
      safe guard behaviour to avoid accidental multiple top-level
      packages in a flat-layout.
    * Note Users that don't set packages, py_modules, or
      configuration are still likely to observe the auto-discovery
      behavior, which may halt the build if the project contains
      multiple directories and/or multiple Python files directly
      under the project root. To disable auto-discovery please
      explicitly set either packages or py_modules. Alternatively you
      can also configure :ref:`custom-discovery`.
  - v61.0.0
    * #3068: Deprecated setuptools.config.read_configuration,
      setuptools.config.parse_configuration and other functions or
      classes from setuptools.config.
    * Users that still need to parse and process configuration from
      setup.cfg can import a direct replacement from
      setuptools.config.setupcfg, however this module is transitional
      and might be removed in the future (the setup.cfg configuration
      format itself is likely to be deprecated in the future).
    * #2894: If you purposefully want to create an "empty
      distribution", please be aware that some Python files (or
      general folders) might be automatically detected and included.
    * Projects that currently don't specify both packages and
      py_modules in their configuration and contain extra folders or
      Python files (not meant for distribution), might see these
      files being included in the wheel archive or even experience
      the build to fail.
    * You can check details about the automatic discovery (and how to
      configure a different behaviour) in
    * #3067: If the file pyproject.toml exists and it includes
      project metadata/config (via [project] table or
      [tool.setuptools]), a series of new behaviors that are not
      backward compatible may take place:
    - The default value of include_package_data will be considered
      to be True.
    - Setuptools will attempt to validate the pyproject.toml file
      according to PEP 621 specification.
    - The values specified in pyproject.toml will take precedence
      over those specified in setup.cfg or
    * #2887: [EXPERIMENTAL] Added automatic discovery for py_modules
      and packages -- by :user:`abravalheri`.
    - Setuptools will try to find these values assuming that the
      package uses either the src-layout (a src directory
      containing all the packages or modules), the flat-layout
      (package directories directly under the project root), or the
      single-module approach (an isolated Python file, directly
      under the project root).
    - The automatic discovery will also respect layouts that are
      explicitly configured using the package_dir option.
    - For backward-compatibility, this behavior will be observed
      only if both py_modules and packages are not set. (Note:
      specifying ext_modules might also prevent auto-discover from
      taking place)
    - If setuptools detects modules or packages that are not
      supposed to be in the distribution, please manually set
      py_modules and packages in your setup.cfg or file.
      If you are using a flat-layout, you can also consider
      switching to src-layout.
    * #2887: [EXPERIMENTAL] Added automatic configuration for the
      name metadata -- by :user:`abravalheri`.
    - Setuptools will adopt the name of the top-level package (or
      module in the case of single-module distributions), only when
      name is not explicitly provided.
    - Please note that it is not possible to automatically derive a
      single name when the distribution consists of multiple
      top-level packages or modules.
    * #3066: Added vendored dependencies for :pypi:`tomli`,
    - These dependencies are used to read pyproject.toml files and
      validate them.
    * #3067: [EXPERIMENTAL] When using pyproject.toml metadata, the
      default value of include_package_data is changed to True.
    * #3068: [EXPERIMENTAL] Add support for pyproject.toml
      configuration (as introduced by PEP 621). Configuration
      parameters not covered by standards are handled in the
      [tool.setuptools] sub-table.
    - In the future, existing setup.cfg configuration may be
      automatically converted into the pyproject.toml equivalent
      before taking effect (as proposed in #1688). Meanwhile users
      can use automated tools like :pypi:`ini2toml` to help in the
    - Please note that the legacy backend is not guaranteed to work
      with pyproject.toml configuration.
    * #3125: Implicit namespaces (as introduced in PEP 420) are now
      considered by default during :doc:`package discovery
      </userguide/package_discovery>`, when setuptools configuration
      and project metadata are added to the pyproject.toml file.
    - To disable this behaviour, use namespaces = False when
      explicitly setting the [tool.setuptools.packages.find]
      section in pyproject.toml.
    - This change is backwards compatible and does not affect the
      behaviour of configuration done in setup.cfg or
    * #3152: [EXPERIMENTAL] Added support for attr: and cmdclass
      configurations in setup.cfg and pyproject.toml when package_dir
      is implicitly found via auto-discovery.
    * #3178: Postponed importing ctypes when hiding files on Windows.
      This helps to prevent errors in systems that might not have
      libffi installed.
    * #3179: Merge with pypa/distutils@267dbd25ac
  - v60.10.0
    * #2971: Deprecated upload_docs command, to be removed in the
    * #3137: Use samefile from stdlib, supported on Windows since
      Python 3.2.
    * #3170: Adopt nspektr (vendored) to implement
    * #3120: Added workaround for intermittent failures of backend
      tests on PyPy. These tests now are marked with XFAIL, instead
      of erroring out directly.
    * #3124: Improved configuration for :pypi:`rst-linker` (extension
      used to build the changelog).
    * #3133: Enhanced isolation of tests using virtual environments -
      PYTHONPATH is not leaking to spawned subprocesses -- by
    * #3147: Added options to provide a pre-built setuptools wheel or
      sdist for being used during tests with virtual environments.
      Paths for these pre-built distribution files can now be set via
      the environment variables: PRE_BUILT_SETUPTOOLS_SDIST and
  - v60.9.2
    * #3035: When loading distutils from the vendored copy, rewrite
      __name__ to ensure consistent importing from inside and out.
  - v60.9.1
    * #3102: Prevent vendored importlib_metadata from loading
      distributions from older importlib_metadata.
    * #3103: Fixed issue where string-based entry points would be
    * #3107: Bump importlib_metadata to 4.11.1 addressing issue with
      parsing requirements in egg-info as found in PyPy.
  - v60.9.0
    * #2876: In the build backend, allow single config settings to be
    * #2993: Removed workaround in distutils hack for get-pip now
      that pypa/get-pip#137 is closed.
    * #3085: Setuptools no longer relies on pkg_resources for entry
      point handling.
    * #3098: Bump vendored packaging to 21.3.
    * Removed bootstrap script.
    * Warning: Users trying to install the unmaintained
      :pypi:`pathlib` backport from PyPI/sdist/source code may find
      problems when using setuptools >= 60.9.0. This happens because
      during the installation, the unmaintained implementation of
      pathlib is loaded and may cause compatibility problems (it does
      not expose the same public API defined in the Python standard
      library). Whenever possible users should avoid declaring
      pathlib as a dependency. An alternative is to pre-build a wheel
      for pathlib using a separated virtual environment with an older
      version of setuptools and install the library directly from the
      pre-built wheel.
  - v60.8.2
    * #3091: Make concurrent.futures import lazy in vendored
      more_itertools package to a avoid importing threading as a side
      effect (which caused gevent/gevent#1865). -- by
  - v60.8.1
    * #3084: When vendoring jaraco packages, ensure the namespace
      package is converted to a simple package to support zip
  - v60.8.0
    * #3085: Setuptools now vendors importlib_resources and
      importlib_metadata and jaraco.text. Setuptools no longer relies
      on pkg_resources for ensure_directory nor parse_requirements.
  - v60.7.1
    * #3072: Remove lorem_ipsum from jaraco.text when vendored.
  - v60.7.0
    * #3061: Vendored jaraco.text and use line processing from that
      library in pkg_resources.
    * #3070: Avoid AttributeError in easy_install.create_home_path
      when sysconfig.get_config_vars values are not strings.
  - v60.6.0
    * #3043: Merge with pypa/distutils@bb018f1ac3 including
      consolidated behavior in sysconfig.get_platform
    * #3057: Don't include optional Home-page in metadata if no url
      is specified. -- by :user:`cdce8p`
    * #3062: Merge with pypa/distutils@b53a824ec3 including improved
      support for lib directories on non-x64 Windows builds.
    * #3054: Used Py3 syntax super().__init__() -- by
  - v60.5.4
    * #3009: Remove filtering of distutils warnings.
    * #3031: Suppress distutils replacement when building or testing
  - v60.5.3
    * #3026: Honor sysconfig variables in easy_install.
  - v60.5.2
    * #2993: In _distutils_hack, for get-pip, simulate existence of
  - v60.5.1
    * #2918: Correct support for Python 3 native loaders.
  - v60.5.0
    * #2990: Set the .origin attribute of the distutils module to the
      module's __file__.
  - v60.4.0
    * #2839: Removed requires sorting when installing wheels as an
      egg dir.
    * #2953: Fixed a bug that easy install incorrectly parsed Python
      3.10 version string.
    * #3006: Fixed startup performance issue of Python interpreter
      due to imports of costly modules in _distutils_hack -- by
    * #2862: Added integration tests that focus on building and
      installing some packages in the Python ecosystem via pip -- by
    * #2952: Modified "vendoring" logic to keep license files.
    * #2968: Improved isolation for some tests that where
      inadvertently using the project root for builds, and therefore
      creating directories (e.g. build, dist, *.egg-info) that could
      interfere with the outcome of other tests -- by
    * #2968: Introduced new test fixtures venv,
      venv_without_setuptools, bare_venv that rely on the jaraco.envs
      package. These new test fixtures were also used to remove the
      (currently problematic) dependency on the pytest_virtualenv
    * #2968: Removed tmp_src test fixture. Previously this fixture
      was copying all the files and folders under the project root,
      including the .git directory, which is error prone and
      increases testing time. Since tmp_src was used to populate
      virtual environments (installing the version of setuptools
      under test via the source tree), it was replaced by the new
      setuptools_sdist and setuptools_wheel fixtures (that are build
      only once per session testing and can be shared between all the
      workers for read-only usage).
  - v60.3.1
    * #3002: Suppress AttributeError when detecting get-pip.
  - v60.3.0
    * #2993: In _distutils_hack, bypass the distutils exception for
      pip when get-pip is being invoked, because it imports
    * #2989: Merge with pypa/distutils@788cc159. Includes fix for
      config vars missing from sysconfig.
  - v60.2.0
    * #2974: Setuptools now relies on the Python logging
      infrastructure to log messages. Instead of using
      distutils.log.*, use logging.getLogger(name).*.
    * #2987: Sync with
      including fix for missing get_versions attribute (#2969), more
      reliance on sysconfig from stdlib.
    * #2962: Avoid attempting to use local distutils when the
      presiding version of Setuptools on the path doesn't have one.
    * #2983: Restore 'add_shim' as the way to invoke the hook. Avoids
      compatibility issues between different versions of Setuptools
      with the distutils local implementation.
  - v60.1.1
    * #2980: Bypass distutils loader when setuptools module is no
      longer available on sys.path.
  - v60.1.0
    * #2958: In distutils_hack, only add the metadata finder once. In
      ensure_local_distutils, rely on a context manager for reliable
    * #2963: Merge with pypa/distutils@a5af364910. Includes revisited
      fix for pypa/distutils#15 and improved MinGW/Cygwin support
      from pypa/distutils#77.
  - v60.0.5
    * #2960: Install schemes fall back to default scheme for headers.
  - v60.0.4
    * #2954: Merge with pypa/distutils@eba2bcd310. Adds platsubdir to
      config vars available for substitution.
  - v60.0.3
    * #2940: Avoid KeyError in distutils hack when pip is imported
      during ensurepip.
  - v60.0.2
    * #2938: Select 'posix_user' for the scheme unless falling back
      to stdlib, then use 'unix_user'.
  - v60.0.1
    * #2944: Add support for extended install schemes in
  - v60.0.0
    * #2896: Setuptools once again makes its local copy of distutils
      the default. To override, set SETUPTOOLS_USE_DISTUTILS=stdlib.
  - v59.8.0
    * #2935: Merge
  - v59.7.0
    * #2930: Require Python 3.7
  - v59.6.0
    * #2925: Merge with pypa/distutils@92082ee42c including
      introduction of deprecation warning on Version classes.
  - v59.4.0
    * #2893: Restore deprecated support for newlines in the Summary
  - v59.3.0
    * #2906: In ensure_local_distutils, re-use DistutilsMetaFinder to
      load the module. Avoids race conditions when
      _distutils_system_mod is employed.
  - v59.2.0
    * #2875: Introduce changes from pypa/distutils@514e9d0, including
      support for overrides from Debian and pkgsrc, unlocking the
      possibility of making SETUPTOOLS_USE_DISTUTILS=local the
      default again.
  - v59.1.1
    + #2885: Fixed errors when encountering LegacyVersions.
  - v59.1.0
    * #2497: Update packaging to 21.2.
    * #2877: Back out deprecation of setup_requires and replace
      instead by a deprecation of setuptools.installer and
      fetch_build_egg. Now setup_requires is still supported when
      installed as part of a PEP 517 build, but is deprecated when an
      unsatisfied requirement is encountered.
  - v59.0.1
    * #2880: Removed URL requirement for pytest-virtualenv in
      setup.cfg. PyPI rejects packages with dependencies external to
      itself. Instead the test dependency was overwritten via tox.ini
  - v59.0.0
    * #2856: Support for custom commands that inherit directly from
      distutils is deprecated. Users should extend classes provided
      by setuptools instead.
    * #2870: Started failing on invalid inline description with line
      breaks :class:`ValueError` -- by :user:`webknjaz`
    * #2698: Exposed exception classes from distutils.errors via
    * #2866: Incorporate changes from pypa/distutils@f1b0a2b.
  - v58.5.3
    * #2849: Add fallback for custom build_py commands inheriting
      directly from :mod:`distutils`, while still handling
      include_package_data=True for sdist.
  - v58.5.2
    * #2847: Suppress ' install' warning under bdist_wheel.
  - v58.5.1
    * #2846: Move PkgResourcesDeprecationWarning above
      implicitly-called function so that it's in the namespace when
      version warnings are generated in an environment that contains
  - v58.5.0
    * #1461: Fix inconsistency with include_package_data and
      packages_data in sdist by replacing the loop breaking mechanism
      between the sdist and egg_info commands -- by
  - v58.4.0
    * #2497: Officially deprecated PEP 440 non-compliant versions.
  - Refresh patches
    * sort-for-reproducibility.patch
    * remove_mock.patch
  - Do not replace the vendored imports from .extern anymore
    * Upstream vendors more packages than before and we need to avoid
      buildcycles, too.
    * The vendored stuff was packaged all the time.
    * Update License tag for vendored stuff.
    * Drop remove-more-itertools-dependency-cycle.patch
* Fri Mar 25 2022 Steve Kowalik <>
  - Refresh remove_mock.patch to add a missing file to it.
* Mon Feb 07 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 58.3.0:
    * `` install`` and ``easy_install`` commands are now officially
      deprecated. Use other standards-based installers (like pip) and builders (like
      build). Workloads reliant on this behavior should pin to this major version of
    * #1988: Deprecated the ``bdist_rpm`` command.
    * #2785: Replace confirparser's readfp with read_file, deprecated since Python 3.2.
    * #2823: Officially deprecated support for ``setup_requires``. Users are
      encouraged instead to migrate to PEP 518 ``build-system.requires`` in
      ``pyproject.toml``. Users reliant on ``setup_requires`` should consider
      pinning to this major version to avoid disruption.
    * #2762: Changed codecov.yml to configure the threshold to be lower
    * #2757: Add windows arm64 launchers for scripts generated by easy_install.
    * #2800: Added ``--owner`` and ``--group`` options to the ``sdist`` command,
      for specifying file ownership within the produced tarball (similarly
      to the corresponding distutils ``sdist`` options).
    * #2792: Document how the legacy and non-legacy versions are compared, and
      reference to the `PEP 440 <>`_
    * #2773: Retain case in setup.cfg during sdist.
    * #2777: Build does not fail fast when ``use_2to3`` is supplied but set to a
      false value.
    * #2769: Build now fails fast when ``use_2to3`` is supplied.
    * #2765: In Distribution.finalize_options, suppress known removed entry points
      to avoid issues with older Setuptools.
    * #2086: Removed support for 2to3 during builds. Projects should port to a
      unified codebase or pin to an older version of Setuptools using PEP 518
    * #2712: Added implicit globbing support for `[options.data_files]` values.
    * #2737: fix various syntax and style errors in code snippets in docs
* Thu Dec 23 2021 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Remove unzip BuildRequires: the tarball is proper gz compressed,
    no zip files to decompress here.
* Thu Jul 22 2021 Arun Persaud <>
  - update to version 57.4.0:
    * Changes
      + #2722: Added support for SETUPTOOLS_EXT_SUFFIX environment
      variable to override the suffix normally detected from the
      sysconfig module.
  - changes from version 57.3.0:
    * Changes
      + #2465: Documentation is now published using the Furo theme.
  - changes from version 57.2.0:
    * Changes
      + #2724: Added detection of Windows ARM64 build environments using
      the VSCMD_ARG_TGT_ARCH environment variable.
  - changes from version 57.1.0:
    * Changes
      + #2692: Globs are now sorted in 'license_files' restoring
      reproducibility by eliminating variance from disk order.
      + #2714: Update to distutils at pypa/distutils@e2627b7.
      + #2715: Removed reliance on deprecated ssl.match_hostname by
      removing the ssl support. Now any index operations rely on the
      native SSL implementation.
    * Documentation changes
      + #2604: Revamped the backward/cross tool compatibility section to
      remove some confusion. Add some examples and the version since
      when entry_points are supported in declarative
      configuration. Tried to make the reading flow a bit leaner,
      gather some informations that were a bit dispersed.
* Mon Jul 05 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add patch to remove a dependency cycle between
    python-more-itertools and python-setuptools (which requires the
    former just for one simple function):
    * remove-more-itertools-dependency-cycle.patch
* Fri Jun 25 2021 Ben Greiner <>
  - Update to 57.0.0
    * big changelog since 44.1, see CHANGES.rst.
  - No python2 support anymore.
  - Refresh sort-for-reproducibility.patch and remove_mock.patch.
  - Drop importlib.patch, fixed upstream.
  - Remove testdata.tar.gz, packaged upstream.
  - Update requirements.
    * New Ring-1 dep: python-jaraco.path <-- python-singledispatch
* Thu Jun 17 2021 Ben Greiner <>
  - Add python dist provides for setuptools, pkg_resources and
    easy_install: work around boo#1186870
  - Dont create a package for -test flavor
* Fri Jan 22 2021 Matej Cepl <>
  - We cannot remove vendored packages when generating setuptools
    wheel (bsc#1177127).
* Tue Dec 08 2020 Matej Cepl <>
  - Add remove_mock.patch to remove dependency on the external mock
* Mon Nov 16 2020 Matej Cepl <>
  - Avoid duplicite wheel name in the generated package, and we actually
    don't need a subpackage at all.
* Thu Nov 12 2020 Matej Cepl <>
  - Make wheel a separate build run to avoid the setuptools/wheel build
* Tue Nov 10 2020 Matej Cepl <>
  - Add wheel subpackage with the generated wheel for this package
    (bsc#1176262, CVE-2019-20916).
* Thu Aug 13 2020 Ondřej Súkup <>
  - update to 44.1.0
    * Set sys.argv[0] in setup script run by build_meta.__legacy__
    * Fix for Python 4: replace unsafe six.PY3 with six.PY2
    * Fixed a bug in the “setuptools.finalize_distribution_options” hook
      that lead to ignoring the order attribute of entry points managed
      by this hook.
    * Avoid loading working set during Distribution.finalize_options prior
      to invoking _install_setup_requires, broken since v42.0.0.
* Tue Jun 23 2020 Benjamin Greiner <>
  - use local source dir for pytest imports
* Mon Apr 06 2020 Matej Cepl <>
  - Fix License to the correct MIT
* Fri Mar 13 2020 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Fix build without python2
* Tue Feb 04 2020 Ondřej Súkup <>
  - update to 44.0.0
  - last version with python2 support
  - add testdata.tar.gz -> missing data for testsuite
    * Drop support for Python 3.4.
    * include pyproject.toml in source distribution by default.
      Projects relying on the previous behavior where pyproject.toml
    * Setuptools once again declares 'setuptools' in the build-system.requires
      and adds PEP 517 build support by declaring itself as the build-backend
    * Fix support for easy_install's find-links option in setup.cfg
    * Build dependencies (setup_requires and tests_require) now install transitive
      dependencies indicated by extras.
    * Mark the easy_install script and setuptools command as deprecated, and use
      pip when available to fetch/build wheels for missing setup_requires/tests_require
      requirements, with the following differences in behavior:
      + support for python_requires
      + better support for wheels (proper handling of priority with respect to PEP 425 tags)
      + PEP 517/518 support
      + eggs are not supported
      + no support for the allow_hosts easy_install option (index_url/find_links are still honored)
      + pip environment variables are honored (and take precedence over easy_install options)
    * Removed the "upload" and "register" commands in favor of twine.
    * Add support for the license_files option in setup.cfg to automatically
      include multiple license files in a source distribution.
    * Update handling of wheels compatibility tags: * add support for manylinux2010
    * fix use of removed 'm' ABI flag in Python 3.8 on Windows
    * Fix empty namespace package installation from wheel.
    * Setuptools now exposes a new entry point hook "setuptools.finalize_distribution_options",
      enabling plugins like setuptools_scm to configure options on the distribution
      at finalization time.



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