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exiftool-12.30-2.2 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for noarch

Name: exiftool Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 12.30 Vendor: obs://
Release: 2.2 Build date: Sun Oct 17 21:43:15 2021
Group: Productivity/Graphics/Other Build host: s390zp24
Size: 386351 Source RPM: perl-Image-ExifTool-12.30-2.2.src.rpm
Summary: Customisable application to read and write meta information in files
ExifTool is a a full-featured application for reading and writing
meta information in a wide variety of files, including the maker
note information of many digital cameras by various manufacturers
such as Canon, Casio, FujiFilm, GE, HP, JVC/Victor, Kodak, Leaf,
Minolta/Konica-Minolta, Nikon, Olympus/Epson, Panasonic/Leica,
Pentax/Asahi, Reconyx, Ricoh, Samsung, Sanyo, Sigma/Foveon and Sony.




Artistic-1.0 OR GPL-1.0-or-later


* Fri Sep 17 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - require File::RandomAccess otherwise exiftool(1) won't start
* Mon Aug 23 2021 Dirk Stoecker <>
  - updated to 12.30
    see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Image-ExifTool/Changes
* Tue Aug 03 2021 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to version 12.29:
    * Added a few new Nikon and Olympus lenses (thanks LibRaw)
    * Improved a QuickTime "File format error" message to be more
    meaningful, and made it a minor error
    * Changed PNG writer to add EXIF before IDAT
    * Some changes the way JUMBF metadata is handled
    * Patched to read timed GPS from a different type of INSV videos
    * Patched a security issue
    * Fixed problem where ExifTool could hang when processing mebx
    timed metadata
    * Added read support for Leica Image File (LIF) images
    * Added a new Olympus LensType (thanks LibRaw)
    * Decode another Panasonic tag (thanks LibRaw)
    * Decode more timed metadata from Sony MP4 videos
    * Attempt to shorten tag names for metadata in CZI files
    * Allow full QuickTime Keys tag ID's in UserDefined tags
    * Patched to handle special characters in Torrent tag values
    * Added two new Nikon LensID values (thanks Daniel)
    * Added a new Pentax RawDevelopmentProcess value
    * Added a few new Sony LensType values (thanks Jos Roost)
    * Added warning if IPTCDigest is not current
    * Decode a couple more Pentax tags (thanks LibRaw)
    * Decode streaming GPS from Novatek INNOVV MP4 and TS videos
    * Improved tag names in confi_files/covert_regions.config
    * Changed MIME types for MS Office macro-enabled formats
    to add the .12
    * Patched Canon LensID logic to properly identify the
    Canon RF 24-105mm F4 L IS USM lens
    * Patched decoding of camm6 GPSDateTime to use a flexible epoch
    because other apps don't seem to use a consistent time zero
    * Fixed family 7 group names for QuickTime Keys tags
    * Fixed problem reading BeatsPerMinute from some MP4 files
    * Fixed hemisphere problem when extracting GPS from 70mai
    dashcam videos
    * Added support for JPEG Stereo (JPS) images
    * Added a new Sony LensType (thanks LibRaw)
    * Added a new PentaxModelID (thanks LibRaw)
    * Changed ExifTool namespace URI to use
    instead of in the -X option output (
    is still recognized when reading XML)
    * Improved handling of large-array warnings in -htmldump output
    * Changed handling of escaped characters in #[CSTR] lines
    of -@ argfile
    * Patched security vulnerability in argument of -lang option
    * Fixed problem which could cause a "Wide character" warning
    and generate a corrupted output file when writing
    some illegal values
* Mon May 03 2021 Luigi Baldoni <>
  - Update to version 12.25 fixes (boo#1185547)
    * JPEG XL support is now official
    * Added read support for Medical Research Council (MRC) image
    * Added ability to write a number of 3gp tags in video files
    * Added a new Sony PictureProfile value (thanks Jos Roost)
    * Added a new Sony LensType (thanks LibRaw)
    * Added a new Nikon LensID (thanks Niels Kristian Bech Jensen)
    * Added a new Canon LensType
    * Decode more GPS information from Blackvue dashcam videos
    * Decode a couple of new NikonSettings tags (thanks Warren
    * Decode a few new RIFF tags
    * Improved Validate option to add minor warning if standard
      XMP is missing xpacket wrapper
    * Avoid decoding some large arrays in DNG images to improve
      performance unless the -m option is used
    * Patched bug that could give runtime warning when trying to
      write an empty XMP structure
    * Fixed decoding of ImageWidth/Height for JPEG XL images
    * Fixed problem were Microsoft Xtra tags couldn't be deleted
    version 12.24:
    * Added a new PhaseOne RawFormat value (thanks LibRaw)
    * Decode a new Sony tag (thanks Jos Roost)
    * Decode a few new Panasonic and FujiFilm tags (thanks LibRaw
      and Greybeard)
    * Patched security vulnerability in DjVu reader
    * Updated acdsee.config in distribution (thanks StarGeek)
    * Recognize AutoCAD DXF files
    * More work on experimental JUMBF read support
    * More work on experimental JPEG XL read/write support
    version 12.23:
    * Added support for Olympus ORI files
    * Added experimental read/write support for JPEG XL images
    * Added experimental read support for JUMBF metadata in JPEG
      and Jpeg2000 images
    * Added built-in support for parsing GPS track from Denver
      ACG-8050 videos
      with the -ee option
    * Added a some new Sony lenses (thanks Jos Roost and LibRaw)
    * Changed priority of Samsung trailer tags so the first
      DepthMapImage takes
      precedence when -a is not used
    * Improved identification of M4A audio files
    * Patched to avoid escaping ',' in "Binary data" message when
    - struct is used
    * Removed Unknown flag from MXF VideoCodingSchemeID tag
    * Fixed -forcewrite=EXIF to apply to EXIF in binary header of
      EPS files
    * API Changes:
      + Added BlockExtract option
    version 12.22:
    * Added a few new Sony LensTypes and a new SonyModelID (thanks
      Jos Roost and LibRaw)
    * Added Extra BaseName tag
    * Added a new CanonModelID (thanks LibRaw)
    * Decode timed GPS from unlisted programs in M2TS videos with
      the -ee3 option
    * Decode more Sony rtmd tags
    * Decode some tags for the Sony ILME-FX3 (thanks Jos Roost)
    * Allow negative values to be written to XMP-aux:LensID
    * Recognize HEVC video program in M2TS files
    * Enhanced -b option so --b suppresses tags with binary data
    * Improved flexibility when writing GPS coordinates:
      + Now pulls latitude and longitude from a combined
      GPSCoordinates string
      + Recognizes the full word "South" and "West" to write
      negative coordinates
    * Improved warning when trying to write an integer QuickTime
      date/time tag and Time::Local is not available
    * Convert GPSSpeed from mph to km/h in timed GPS from Garmin
      MP4 videos
    version 12.21:
    * Added a few new iOS QuickTime tags
    * Decode a couple more Sony rtmd tags
    * Patch to avoid possible "Use of uninitialized value" warning
      when attempting to write QuickTime date/time tags with an
      invalid value
    * Fixed problem writing Microsoft Xtra tags
    * Fixed Windows daylight savings time patch for file times
      that was broken in 12.19 (however directory times will not
      yet handle DST properly)
    version 12.20:
    * Added ability to write some Microsoft Xtra tags in MOV/MP4
    * Added two new Canon LensType values (thanks Norbert Wasser)
    * Added a new Nikon LensID
    * Fixed problem reading FITS comments that start before column
    version 12.19:
    * Added -list_dir option
    * Added the "ls-l" Shortcut tag
    * Extract Comment and History from FITS files
    * Enhanced FilePermissions to include device type (similar to
      "ls -l")
    * Changed the name of Apple ContentIdentifier tag to
      MediaGroupUUID (thanks Neal Krawetz)
    * Fixed a potential "substr outside of string" runtime error
      when reading corrupted EXIF
    * Fixed edge case where NikonScanIFD may not be copied
      properly when copying MakerNotes to another file
    * API Changes:
      + Added ability to read/write System tags of directories
      + Enhanced GetAllGroups() to support family 7 and take
      optional ExifTool reference
      + Changed QuickTimeHandler option default to 1
    version 12.18:
    * Added a new SonyModelID
    * Decode a number of Sony tags for the ILCE-1 (thanks Jos
    * Decode a couple of new Canon tags (thanks LibRaw)
    * Patched to read differently formatted UserData:Keywords as
      written by iPhone
    * Patched to tolerate out-of-order Nikon MakerNote IFD entries
      when obtaining tags necessary for decryption
    * Fixed a few possible Condition warnings for some
      NikonSettings tags
    version 12.17:
    * Added a new Canon FocusMode value
    * Added a new FujiFilm FilmMode value
    * Added a number of new XMP-crs tags (thanks Herb)
    * Decode a new H264 MDPM tag
    * Allow non-conforming lower-case XMP boolean "true" and
      "false" values to be written, but only when print conversion
      is disabled
    * Improved Validate option to warn about non-capitalized
      boolean XMP values
    * Improved logic for setting GPSLatitude/LongitudeRef values
      when writing
    * Changed -json and -php options so the -a option is implied
      even without the -g option
    * Avoid extracting audio/video data from AVI videos when -ee
    - u is used
    * Patched decoding of Canon ContinuousShootingSpeed for newer
      firmware versions of the EOS-1DXmkIII
    * Re-worked LensID patch of version 12.00 (github issue #51)
    * Fixed a few typos in newly-added NikonSettings tags (thanks
    * Fixed problem where group could not be specified for
      PNG-pHYs tags when writing
    version 12.16:
    * Extract another form of video subtitle text
    * Enhanced -ee option with -ee2 and -ee3 to allow parsing of
      the H264 video stream in MP4 files
    * Changed a Nikon FlashMode value
    * Fixed problem that caused a failed DPX test on Strawberry
    * API Changes:
      + Enhanced ExtractEmbedded option
    version 12.15:
    * Added a couple of new Sony LensType values (thanks LibRaw
      and Jos Roost)
    * Added a new Nikon FlashMode value (thanks Mike)
    * Decode NikonSettings (thanks Warren Hatch)
    * Decode thermal information from DJI RJPEG images
    * Fixed extra newline in -echo3 and -echo4 outputs added in
      version 12.10
    * Fixed out-of-memory problem when writing some very large PNG
      files under Windows
    version 12.14:
    * Added support for 2 more types of timed GPS in video files
      (that makes 49 different formats now supported)
    * Added validity check for PDF trailer dictionary Size
    * Added a new Pentax LensType
    * Extract metadata from Jpeg2000 Association box
    * Changed -g:XX:YY and -G:XX:YY options to show empty strings
      for non-existent groups
    * Patched to issue warning and avoid writing date/time values
      with a zero month or day number
    * Patched to avoid runtime warnings if trying to set FileName
      to an empty string
    * Fixed issue that could cause GPS test number 12 to fail on
      some systems
    * Fixed problem extracting XML as a block from Jpeg2000
      images, and extract XML tags in the XML group instead of XMP
  - Update URL
* Tue Dec 29 2020 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 12.13:
    - Add time zone automatically to most string-based QuickTime date/time tags
      when writing unless the PrintConv option is disabled
    - Added -i HIDDEN option to ignore files with names that start with "."
    - Added a few new Nikon ShutterMode values (thanks Jan Skoda)
    - Added ability to write Google GCamera MicroVideo XMP tags
    - Decode a new Sony tag (thanks LibRaw)
    - Changed behaviour when writing only pseudo tags to return an error and avoid
      writing any other tags if writing FileName fails
    - Print "X image files read" message even if only 1 file is read when at least
      one other file has failed the -if condition
    - Added ability to geotag from DJI CSV log files
    - Added a new CanonModelID
    - Added a couple of new Sony LensType values (thanks LibRaw)
    - Enhanced -csvDelim option to allow "\t", "\n", "\r" and "\\"
    - Unescape "\b" and "\f" in imported JSON values
    - Fixed bug introduced in 12.10 which generated a "Not an integer" warning
      when attempting to shift some QuickTime date/time tags
    - Fixed shared-write permission problem with -@ argfile when using -stay_open
      and a filename containing special characters on Windows
    - Added -csvDelim option
    - Added new Canon and Olympus LensType values (thanks LibRaw)
    - Added a warning if ICC_Profile is deleted from an image (github issue #63)
    - EndDir() function for -if option now works when -fileOrder is used
    - Changed FileSize conversion to use binary prefixes since that is how the
      conversion is currently done (eg. MiB instead of MB)
    - Patched -csv option so columns aren't resorted when using -G option and one
      of the tags is missing from a file
    - Fixed incompatiblity with Google Photos when writing UserData:GPSCoordinates
      to MP4 videos
    - Fixed problem where the tags available in a -p format string were limited to
      the same as the -if[NUM] option when NUM was specified
    - Fixed incorrect decoding of SourceFileIndex/SourceDirectoryIndex for Ricoh
* Mon Nov 16 2020 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to 12.10
    * Added -validate test for proper TIFF magic number in
      JPEG EXIF header
    * Added support for Nikon Z7 LensData version 0801
    * Added a new XMP-GPano tag
    * Decode ColorData for the Canon EOS 1DXmkIII
    * Decode more tags for the Sony ILCE-7SM3
    * Automatically apply QuickTimeUTC option for CR3 files
    * Improved decoding of XAttrMDLabel from MacOS files
    * Ignore time zones when writing date/time values and
      using the -d option
    * Enhanced -echo3 and -echo4 options to allow exit status
      to be returned
    * Changed -execute so the -q option no longer suppresses
      the "{ready}" message when a synchronization number is used
    * Added ability to copy CanonMakerNotes from CR3 images
      to other file types
    * Added read support for ON1 presets file (.ONP)
    * Added two new CanonModelID values
    * Added trailing "/" when writing QuickTime:GPSCoordinates
    * Added a number of new XMP-crs tags
    * Added a new Sony LensType (thanks Jos Roost)
    * Added a new Nikon Z lens (thanks LibRaw)
    * Added a new Canon LensType
    * Decode ColorData for Canon EOS R5/R6
    * Decode a couple of new HEIF tags
    * Decode FirmwareVersion for Canon M50
    * Improved decoding of Sony CreativeStyle tags
    * Improved parsing of Radiance files to recognize comments
    * Renamed GIF AspectRatio tag to PixelAspectRatio
    * Patched EndDir() feature so subdirectories are always
      processed when -r is used (previously, EndDir() would
      end processing of a directory completely)
    * Avoid loading GoPro module unnecessarily when reading MP4 videos
      from some other cameras
    * Fixed problem with an incorrect naming of CodecID tags in some
      MKV videos
    * Fixed verbose output to avoid "adding" messages for
      existing flattened XMP tags
    * Added a new Sony LensType
    * Recognize Mac OS X xattr files
    * Extract ThumbnailImage from MP4 videos of more dashcam models
    * Improved decoding of a number of Sony tags
    * Fixed problem where the special -if EndDir() function didn't
      work properly for directories after the one in which
      it was initially called
    * Patched to read DLL files which don't have a .rsrc section
    * Patched to support new IGC date format when geotagging
    * Patched to read DLL files with an invalid size in the header
    * Added support for GoPro .360 videos
    * Added some new Canon RF and Nikkor Z lenses
    * Added some new Sony LensType and CreativeStyle values
      and decode some ILCE-7C tags
    * Added a number of new Olympus SceneMode values
    * Added a new Nikon LensID
    * Decode more timed metadata from Insta360 videos
    * Decode timed GPS from videos of more Garmin dashcam models
    * Decode a new GoPro video tag
    * Reformat time-only EventTime values when writing and prevent
      arbitrary strings from being written
    * Patched to accept backslashes in SourceFile entries for -csv option
* Wed Sep 16 2020 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - update to 12.06
    - Added read support for Lyrics3 metadata (and fixed problem
      where APE metadata may be ignored if Lyrics3 exists)
    - Added a new Panasonic VideoBurstMode value
    - Added a new Olympus MultipleExposureMode value
    - Added a new Nikon LensID
    - Added back conversions for XMP-dwc EventTime that were removed
      in 12.04 with a patch to allow time-only values
    - Decode GIF AspectRatio
    - Decode Olympus FocusBracketStepSize
    - Extract PNG iDOT chunk in Binary format with the
      name AppleDataOffsets
    - Process PNG images which do not start with mandatory
      IHDR chunk
    - Added a new Panasonic SelfTimer value
    - Decode a few more DPX tags
    - Extract AIFF APPL tag as ApplicationData
    - Fixed bug writing QuickTime ItemList 'gnre' Genre values
    - Fixed an incorrect value for Panasonic VideoBurstResolution
    - Fixed problem when applying a time shift to some invalid
      makernote date/time values
* Mon Aug 17 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - update to 12.04:
    * See /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Image-ExifTool/Change
* Wed Jun 12 2019 Dirk Stoecker <>
  - update to 11.50, see Image-ExifTool-11.50.tar.gz for details
* Wed Mar 06 2019 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 11.30:
    * Add a new Sony/Minolta LensType.
    * Decode streaming metadata from TomTom Bandit Action Cam MP4
    * Decode Reconyx HF2 PRO maker notes.
    * Decode ColorData for some new Canon models.
    * Enhanced -geotag feature to set AmbientTemperature if
    * Remove non-significant spaces from some DICOM values.
    * Fix possible "'x' outside of string" error when reading
      corrupted EXIF.
    * Fix incorrect write group for GeoTIFF tags.
* Sat Mar 02 2019
  - Update to version 11.29
    * See /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Image-ExifTool/Changes
* Mon Feb 18 2019
  - Update to version 11.27
    * See /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Image-ExifTool/Changes
* Fri Jan 11 2019
  - Update to version 11.24
    * See /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Image-ExifTool/Changes
* Fri Sep 28 2018
  - Update to version 11.11 (changes since 11.01):
    * See /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Image-ExifTool/Changes
* Tue Jun 12 2018
  - Update to 11.01:
    * Added a new ProfileCMMType
    * Added a Validate warning about non-standard EXIF or XMP in
      PNG images
    * Added a new Canon LensType
    * Decode a couple more PanasonicRaw tags
    * Patched to avoid adding tags to QuickTime videos with multiple
      'mdat' atoms --> avoids potential corruption of these videos!
* Thu Jun 07 2018
  - Update to 11.00:
    * Added read support for WTV and DVR-MS videos
    * Added print conversions for some ASF date/time tags
    * Added a new SonyModelID
    * Decode a new PanasonicRaw tag
    * Decode some new Sony RX100 VI tags
    * Made Padding and OffsetSchema tags "unsafe" so they
      aren't copied by default
* Fri Feb 23 2018
  - Update to version 10.80 (changes since 10.55):
    * See /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Image-ExifTool/Changes
* Fri Jun 09 2017
  - Update to version 10.55 (changes since 10.50):
    * Add a "NoDups" utility function for use in advanced formatting
    * Add a new Pentax LensType.
    * Add some new Pentax DriveMode values.
    * Enhance the -ver option to report Perl include directories with
    - v2.
    * Improve a warning message when advanced formatting expression
      returns undef.
    * A minor change to a few FujiFilm print conversion strings.
    * Change behaviour when interpolating Shortcut tags in a string
      (the values are now separated according to the -sep option
      setting instead of simply being concatenated).
    * Allow file times to be set on systems where futimes is not
    * Add some new values to a number of FujiFilm tags and change
      some others.
    * Decode a number of new Sony tags for the ILCE-9.
    * Make SonyISO writable.
    * Change behaviour of advanced formatting expression for
      Shortcut tags so it now applies to the combined value rather
      than individual constituent values.
    * Minor changes to some Pentax print conversions.
    * Fix a problem using new NoDups utility with Shortcut tags.
    * Add support for the "MeSa" Photoshop IRB resource.
    * Make XMP-GSpherical tags writable.
    * Improve German translations.
    * Add support for Google XMP GImage and GAudio tags.
    * Add a new Olympus CameraType.
    * Add a two new Sony lenses and decode more ILCE-9 tags.
    * Add new values to some Pentax tags.
    * Add a new Canon LensType.
    * Add an additional checks to the experimental -validate feature.
    * Improve user-defined FileTypes feature to provide more
    * Enhance the -ext option to allow specific files extensions to
      be processed along with supported files.
    * Add support for GIF multimedia extensions.
    * Add a couple of new Sony/Minolta lenses.
    * Add a new Nikon LensID.
    * Add a new Composite TotalPathPoints tag to
    * Decode a number of new Sony tags and updated some others.
    * Decode a new Pentax tag and fix decoding of another.
    * Update iptcCore.args for new IPTC specification.
    * Change description of a couple of AVI Model tags to match EXIF.
    * Patch tests to avoid failures with Perl 5.25.11 due to missing
      "." in @INC.
    * Fix an incorrect warning from the experimental Validate feature.
    * API Changes:
      + add ListJoin option to replace List and ListSep options.
* Fri Apr 21 2017
  - Update to version 10.50 (changes since 10.40):
    * Add an experimental metadata validation feature (invoked either
      by requesting the new Extra Validate tag or by setting the
      API Validate option).
    * Add support for the PSDT file extension.
    * Add age.config to the distribution.
    * Add a new Sony lens.
    * Add a new PentaxModelID.
    * Enhance the -p option to allow files to be grouped in sections.
    * Made the makernote offset warning minor.
    * Relaxe parsing of NMEA GGA sentence so comma after the geoid
      units is now optional.
    * Patch the problem extracting value of an unsafe binary tag with
      the -b option when specified using -TAG# instead of -TAG with -n.
    * Add an ability to read/write PNG eXIF and zXIF chunks, and make
      these the place where new EXIF is created in PNG images (zXIF
      if the -z option is used, or eXIF otherwise).
    * Add an ability to copy Photoshop OriginPathInfo with
    * Make FileUserID and FileGroupID writable.
    * Change format for the Sony ImageCount tag.
    * Improvements to the experimental Validate feature.
    * Fix an incorrect XMP swf namespace URI.
    * Fix a problem using new -p section feature when combined with
    - w or -ee.
    * Fix a formatting problem in -listx output when the -lang option
      was used.
    * Fix a problem where UserComment wasn't removed if found in IFD0
      when writing it to the correct IFD.
    * Restrict writing of EXIF:FlashEnergy to a single value as per
      EXIF spec.
    * Revert format change of the Sony ImageCount tag.
    * Change PNG new eXIF/zXIF chunk names to "exIf" and "zxIf" until
      the proposed chunks are accepted (of course, while maintaining
      backward compatibility for reading/updating the other chunks).
    * Lower priority of XMP-pdf:Keywords so it doesn't take
      precedence over PDF:Keywords when the Duplicates option is not
    * Improve config_files/convert_regions.config to handle the case
      where the RegionInfoMP is missing a Rectangle.
    * Add a few new CanonModelID values and a new Canon LensType.
    * Add two new Nikon lenses.
    * Add a few new Sony/Minolta lenses.
    * Add two new Sony MeteringMode values.
    * Improve verbose dump of Photoshop Layer information.
    * Patch to allow "FileName encoding not specified" warnings to be
      avoided by setting -charset filename="".
    * Fix a problem in photoshop_paths.config printing some paths.
    * Add an ability to write a number of macOS system tags (including
      the file creation date!).
    * Add an ability to extract macOS extended attributes
      ("XAttr" tags).
    * Move macOS System tags from the Extra table into a new macOS
      group and add an ability to extract them by requesting the
      macOS group.
    * Update QuickTime GenreID list.
    * Fix the "Invalid xref" problem when reading some PDF files.
    * Fix an error in Minolta lens list.
    * Fix a minor problem with the -U option generating Unknown tags
      for some known bytes in variable-sized strings.
    * Add read support for JSON-format files.
    * Add two new Sony/Minolta lenses.
    * Add a number of new Pentax tag values.
    * Decode a new Canon CR2 tag.
    * Decode WB information for Canon 800D.
    * Improve config_files/photoshop_paths.config to indicate start
      of paths.
    * Experimental Validate feature no longer warns about Windows XP
    * Fix a problem extracting layer information from very large
      PSD/PSB files.
    * Add some new FujiFlashMode values.
    * Add a new Sony LensType.
    * Add a new Canon LensType.
    * Add a new CanonModelID and minor changes to some others.
    * Decode two Pentax tags and add a number of new values for other
      Pentax tags.
    * Decode a new Sony tag.
    * Improvements to the experimental Validate feature.
    * Fix a problem which could cause hang when reading bad PPT
    * Add a "DateFmt" utility function for use in advanced formatting
    * Add a new Sony/Minolta LensType.
    * Decode a new Panasonic tag.
    * Fix a problem decoding Sony VariableLowPassFilter values.
    * Fix a problem setting XMP:About when creating new XMP in a file.
    * Fix an incorect Pentax DriveMode value.
    * Decode a new Pentax tag.
    * Improve decoding of Olympus DriveMode.
    * Improve handling of errors from utime when setting file times.
    * Fix a potential hang problem when reading corrupted QuickTime
    * Fix a problem deleting duplicate EXIF tags when writing other
      tags at the same time.
    * API Changes:
      + add an experimental Validate option;
      + add an XAttrTags option;
      + enhance the RequestAll option;
      + enhance the RequestTags option to allow groups to be requested;
      + allow access to the advanced formatting expression via a new ExifTool
      "FMT_EXPR" member variable.
* Tue Feb 14 2017
  - Update to version 10.40 (changes since 10.36):
    * Decode more information from BMP V4 and V5 images.
    * Add a few new FujiFlashMode values.
    * Change the -geotime default to use an unconverted value of
    * Changed a couple of Sony Voigtlander LensType strings.
    * Warn about invalid tag names used on the command line.
    * Generate a default-language version of QuickTime tags even if
      the same-named tag already exists in an another group.
    * Fix a bug reading some Photoshop layer information.
    * Fix problems in the sample config file time_zone.config.
    * Add a couple of new XMP-ics tags.
    * Add a new Nikon LensID.
    * Decode a couple more PhaseOne tags.
    * Increase priority of Sony 0x0115 WhiteBalance when reading.
    * Range check QuickTime date/time values when writing.
    * Apply CharsetPhotoshop setting to decoding of Photoshop
    * Improve identification of Nikon NRW images.
    * Minor improvements to verbose dump of FLIR information.
    * Improvements to the sample time_zone.config file.
    * Remove the trailing null in the -b output for GPSDateStamp.
    * Change the "TAG is not supported" warning when writing to
      "TAG is not defined".
    * Change groups of Composite Preview/Thumbnail/JpgFromRaw/etc
      images to match he tags from which they are derived.
    * Change a description of Composite Nikon LensSpec tag to match
      the tag name.
    * Fix problems reading/writing PreviewImage from some DNG files.
    * Add the Perl version and Unicode settings to -ver -v output.
    * Add a new Sony LensType2 value.
    * Fix a problem with MWG date/time tags.
    * Fix a problem setting the value of a tag from a binary file
      when the PERL_UNICODE environment or the perl -C option is used
      to force UTF-8 treatment of @ARGV elements.
    * Fix tests that were failing on some platforms.
* Tue Jun 14 2016
  - Update to version 10.36 (changes since 10.20):
    * Add a new Minolta/Sony LensType.
    * Add a new element to the XMP Colorant structure.
    * Add a new Pentax lens.
    * Decode Nikon D5/D500 AF information.
    * Decode a number of new Olympus tags.
    * Decode a number of new Nikon tags.
    * Decode Pentax K-1 AF points.
    * Extract a new DPX tag.
    * Patch to avoid writing an empty structure field for an
      undefined value.
    * Add read support for BPG images.
    * Minor changes to a few of the new Nikon tags.
    * Add read support for Ogg Opus audio files.
    * Add ability to geotag only GPS date/time if no position
      information is available by setting Geotag to 'DATETIMEONLY'
      (all caps).
    * Add a '-charset RIFF' option.
    * Add a new Sony LensType.
    * Decode a number of new Canon tags.
    * Change handling of special characters in RIFF-format files
      (e.g. AVI, WAV).
    * Change MIME type of OGG files to audio/ogg (was audio/x-ogg).
    * Minor change to wording of new Nikon D80 Rotation tag for
    * Add support for DJI Phantom maker notes.
    * Add a few more XMP-crs tags.
    * Add an ability to write DNG OpcodeList tags.
    * Add a new Sony/Minolta LensType.
    * Add a few new FujiFilm Saturation values.
    * Add a new FujiFlashMode value.
    * Fix an incorrect Italian translation.
    * Decode more Pentax tags.
    * Change print conversion of ProcessingTime to show 3 significant
    * Fix bug decoding PanasonicRaw DistortionInfo in DNG images.
    * Add a new Pentax PictureMode.
    * Add a new Nikon LensID.
    * Decode a new Samsung tag.
    * Decode a few more Canon tags.
    * Remove an 'Avoid' flag for XMP-crs:ColorTemperature.
    * Change the format of a number of XMP-GPano tags from integer
      to real.
    * Fix incorrect tag ID's for some obscure Island Graphics EXIF
    * Fix decoding of some UTF-8 DNG tags which may be stored in BYTE
    * Add read support for GSpherical metadata in MP4 videos.
    * Add a few new XMP-xmpMM tags and a new XMP-crs tag.
    * Add some new Minolta/Sony lenses.
    * Add two new CanonModelID's.
    * Add two new Canon LensType's.
    * Decode a number of Nikon D610 custom settings.
    * Remove a questionable Samsung tag.
    * Mark TestName tag as 'Unsafe' for writing.
    * Enhance a -progress option with ability to set a console
      window title.
    * Change behaviour of %C to increment for each processed file as
      documented (was incrementing for each output file created).
    * Patch to recreate XMP in the standard location of PNG images
      when deleting certain non-standard XMP as a group and
      recreating in one step.
    * Fix runtime warning when writing 0 to MinoltaRaw ISOSetting.
    * Fix a problem writing SRW images from some newer Samsung models.
    * Add a new CanonModelID.
    * Add a new Sony LensType.
    * Add a few new NikonLensID's.
    * Add a couple of new Olympus LensType values.
    * Add a new Olympus CameraType.
    * Decode some Canon 80D, 750D, 760D and 1200D CameraInfo tags.
    * Change writing of some ExposureTime and ExposureCompensation
      tags to allow the exact numerator and denominator of the stored
      rational value to be specified.
    * Fix Timecode printout in -v3 output for M2TS videos.
    * Fix some problems with the new '-progress:TITLE'.
    * Fix a problem where '_exiftool_tmp' file could be left around
      after a failed write attempt
    * Fix a potential 'isn't numeric' runtime error when reading a
      PDF file with the -ee option.
    * Add support for new EXIF 2.31 tags.
    * Add some new Canon LensType values.
    * Add a new Olympus LensType.
    * Add the new Sony LensType and SonyModelID.
    * Add a new Pentax LensType.
    * Add fotoware.config and bibble.config files to the distribution.
    * Made Composite SubSecDateTimeOriginal, SubSecCreateDate and
      SubSecModifyDate tags writable, and expanded to include new
      EXIF 2.31 time zone tags.
    * Fix a problem writing user-defined structured tag elements
      with a dot (.) in their tag ID.
    * Add a couple of new Sony LensType values.
    * Decode a few new Sony tags.
    * Decode a few new FLIR tags.
    * Decode some new Nikon D5 tags.
    * Decode a new Apple tag.
    * Enhance -geotag option to allow tagging from KML placemarks
      with a TimeSpan.
    * Enhance the -d option (and an API DateFormat option) to perform
      inverse date/time conversion when writing if the
      POSIX::strptime module is available. If POSIX::strptime is not
      available then the behaviour is like in older versions (i.e.
      the date/time is not converted) unless the API StrictDate
      option is set in which case a warning is issued and the tag is
      not written.
    * Add a read support for FLIF images.
    * Add a couple of new Minolta/Sony LensType values.
    * Add a new SonyModelID.
    * Add a new digiKam XMP tag.
    * Decode a new Apple tag.
    * Decode a few new FujiFilm tags.
    * Decode more Nikon D5 custom settings.
    * Decode a couple more Samsung tags.
    * Improve decoding of the Nikon D500/D5 ShotInfo information.
    * Enhance a -ver option to output system information when -v is
    * A minor change to parsing of the -@ argfile (comment lines may
      no longer have spaces before the '#').
    * Patch the Jpeg2000 reader to read bad UUID-EXIF boxes.
    * Lower priority of unknown XMP tags when reading.
    * Fix a potential 'Use of uninitialized value' warning when
      decoding compressed a PNG iTXt chunk.
    * Add a write support for FLIF images.
    * Add a support for animated PNG images.
    * Add a few new SamsungModelID values.
    * Add a new Canon LensType.
    * Add a new Sony/Minolta LensType.
    * Decode more Samsung tags.
    * Decode more Nikon tags.
    * Change the 'TAG does not exist' warning when writing to
      'TAG is not supported'.
    * Fix a problem importing information from CSV or JSON databases
      for files with special characters in their name.
    * Time::Piece may now be used as an alternative to
      POSIX::strptime for parsing date/time values when writing.
    * Add a number of new XMP tags.
    * Add a support for a few new Sony cameras.
    * Add a new Nikon LensID.
    * Decode a new Nikon tag.
    * Decode the FLIF encoding type.
    * Decode a new Samsung tag.
    * Ignore a -filter option for a tag if it returns an undefined
    * Fix an encoding problem with EXIF:Copyright when writing MWG
      tags using an alternate EXIF charset.
    * Add a support for new IPTC Extension version 1.3 + video
      metadata XMP tags.
    * Add a missing print conversion for PreviewDateTime.
    * Decode a few new FujiFilm tags.
    * Enhance MWG date/time tags to support new EXIF time offsets.
    * Patch a loophole in WriteMode which would allow creation of new
      metadata files when creation of new groups was disallowed.
    * Fix a problem where some EXIF date/time tags may not shifted
      when shifting all date/time tags with '-time:all-=VAL' when the
      MWG feature was used.
    * Add 3D Studio MAX files to the list of supported file types.
    * Decode more Sony tags.
    * Decode a couple more FlashPix tags.
    * Minor changes to some of the new IPTC Extension tags.
    * Fix a problem reading some FlashPix (Windows Compound Binary
      Format) files.
    * API Changes:
      + add a CharsetRIFF option.
* Tue Jun 14 2016
  - Update to version 10.20 (changes since 10.15):
    * Add %D, %F and %E filename format codes.
    * Add a new Minolta lens.
    * Decode Photoshop Compression mode.
    * Decode Nikon MultiExposure information for the D5.
    * Update decoding of Sony tags for ILCA-68.
    * Fix bug adding back XMP tags after deleting all XMP from
      MOV/MP4 files.
    * Fix problem using -o option when reading from stdin (ie. FILE
      is "-").
    * Fix problem where user-defined Composite tags may not always
      override pre-defined Composite tags with the same name, and
      added feature to allow the user to specify whether they should
      override existing tags or not.
    * Add support for Leica X-U (Typ 113) maker notes.
    * Add a new Pentax LensType.
    * Add a number of new Sony lenses.
    * Add a new Canon LensType.
    * Extract TIFF-format thumbnails and previews.
    * Patch to ignore XML entities inside comments.
    * Fix inconsistent conversion of PreviewColorSpace values.
    * Fix writing of TargetPrinter tag.
    * Fix bug introduced in 10.16 which which could cause a runtime
      warning when using the -o option and not writing any "real"
    * Add a number of new Sigma LensTypes.
    * Add a few new Sony/Minolta lenses.
    * Add ability to write FilePermissions.
    * Decode NikonCustom settings for the D500.
    * Decode PLUS MediaSummaryCode values.
    * Use hexadecimal for Sigma LensType values.
    * Change -fileOrder option to sort numbers in strings numerically.
    * Fix typo in Samsung lens name.
    * Add a few new Sony and Sigma LensType values.
    * Decode more Nikon tags.
    * Fix an incorrect Sigma LensType.
    * Fix decoding of D500 custom settings for NEF images.
    * Add a few new Sigma LensTypes.
    * Add a new Sony LensType.
    * Add two new Canon LensTypes.
    * Add a couple of new PentaxModelID's.
    * Add a new Pentax LensType.
    * Add a few new Olympus PictureMode values.
    * Add a few more XMP tags.
    * Decode a new Nikon video tag.
    * Patch to allow protected binary data tags to be extracted when
    - b is combined with -php or -X if the tag is specifically
    * Fix bug introduced in version 9.96 where extended XMP is
      ignored if the MWG module is used
    * Fix problem where the MWG module wasn't loaded automatically
      if there were MWG tags in the argument to the -p option.
    * Fix column alignment of alternate-language output (requires
      Unicode::GCString to be installed).
    * Fix problem writing Sigma:LensFocalRange.
* Sat Apr 30 2016
  - Update to version 10.15 (changes since 10.10):
    * Add a couple of new Olympus CameraType values.
    * Add some new ACDSee XMP tags.
    * Add a few more XMP-crs tags.
    * Add a new CanonModelID.
    * Add a couple of new Sony LensType values.
    * Add support for PDF ASCII85Decode filter.
    * Decode a number of new Sony tags.
    * Decode a new Canon tag.
    * Decode a few more Photoshop tags.
    * Convert MDItem date/time values to local time.
    * Patch to read incorrectly written DJI GPSCoordinates in MOV
    * Add a new PentaxModelID and SonyModelID.
    * Add a number of new CanonModelID values.
    * Add a new Olypus LensType.
    * Add two new Pentax LensType values.
    * Add a few new Nikon LensID values and updated some others.
    * Add a new Canon LensType.
    * Decode a new Nikon tag.
    * Decode a new CanonCustom tag for the EOS 80D.
    * Improve decoding of SonyRawFileType.
    * Change "Optimised" to "Optimized" in a Photoshop tag value.
    * Fix warning that could be generated by the Canon FileNumber
    * Add a few new Canon LensType values.
    * Add a new CanonModelID.
    * Add a number of new Nikon RetouchHistory modes.
    * Decode a number of new Sony tags.
    * Change a couple of Sigma "| C" lens names for consistency.
    * Add read support for ISO 9660 disk images
    * Add a few new Nikon ISOExpansion values.
    * Add a few new Olympus LensType values.
    * Add a couple of new SonyModelID values.
    * Add a new Olympus CameraType.
    * Add config_files/gps2utm.config to distribution.
    * Decode Canon ColorData for the EOS 80D.
    * Decode a few new Samsung tags.
    * Decode a new Fuji tag.
    * Calculate Duration for APE audio files.
    * Tighten constraints on M2TS file recognition.
    * Improve verbose dump of ID3 information.
    * Change XMP-acdsee:Snapshots to a Binary data tag.
    * Fix bug which prevented writing of various Sony FocalLength
    * Add .a and .o to the list of supported file types.
    * Add a few new Sony/Minolta lenses.
    * Decode more Photoshop tags.
    * Decode more information from static library (.a) files.
    * Decode a few more tags from GoPro MP4 videos.
    * Decode ColorData for Canon EOS 1300D.
    * Update Sony decoding for newer models.
    * Fix bug where ScaleFactor35efl could be calculated incorrectly
      for Canon images from some models which have had their EXIF
    * API Changes:
      + fix bug which could cause the API Filter option to be
      ignored for some tags when copying tags with the Composite
      option set;
      + fix bug where FileModifyDate wasn't set properly when
      WriteInfo() was called without a destination file name and
      other "real" tags were written at the same time.
* Mon Jan 25 2016
  - Update to 10.10 (changes since 10.00):
    * Add a new Olympus CameraType.
    * Add a new Canon LensType.
    * Add a few new QuickTime GenreID values.
    * Decode a new Pentax tag.
    * Leica programmers should all be ashamed of the complete shambles
      of metadata they have created.
    * Minor change to the name of a Sigma lens for Canon.
    * Improve recognition of Pentax lens adapter.
    * Rename a few Sony tags and improved decoding of others.
    * Rename a few Pentax tags.
    * Fix problem importing structured information from -X option
    * Fix round-off errors in value and typo in name of
    * Fix test failures if Encode, POSIX or Time::Local modules are
    * Add ability to read PNG chunks after the normal PNG end of file
    * Add ability to delete a PNG trailer (with -trailer:all=).
    * Add some new Nikon LensID's.
    * Add a few new Canon LensType's.
    * Add a new Pentax LensType.
    * Decode some new PanasonicRaw tags.
    * Decode a new Pentax tag.
    * Enhance -m option to allow IPTC values which are too short to
      be written.
    * Add support for JPEG 2000 extended-length boxes.
    * Add a few new Canon LensType and CanonModelID values.
    * Add a new Nikon LensID.
    * Add ExifTool version number as a comment in -listx output.
    * Add support for Leica SL (Typ 601) maker notes.
    * Add a new Sony LensType.
    * Decode more Sony tags for some new models.
    * Decode a new Pentax tag.
    * Patch for invalid makernote entry written by
      Sony ILCE-7M2 v1.21.
    * Patch problem reading EXE resources with a missing null
    * Add a few new Microsoft XMP tags.
    * Enhance -r option to allow processing of directory names
      beginning with ".".
    * Avoid writing XMP-microsoft:LensModel unless specified
    * Limit precision of area size in picasa_faces config file.
    * Move Nikon NCDT GPS tags into the GPS group so they work with
      the Composite GPS tags.
    * Fix problem reading Ricoh RMETA information from some cameras.
    * Add new Canon and Sony LensType values.
    * Add some new Nikon LensID's.
    * Add a new PentaxModelID.
    * Add preliminary support for Motorola maker notes.
    * Change format of XMP-photoshop:DocumentAncestors to write a
      simple Bag of strings rather than structures (since this is
      what the Adobe software writes, contrary to their own XMP
    * Fix problem where HASH references may be exposed when copying a
      list of structures to a non-list-type tag.
    * Add a couple of new XMP-digiKam tags.
    * Add a new CanonModelID.
    * Add a new ACDSee XMP tag.
    * Decode a new Canon tag.
    * Improve a few lens names.
    * Patch to remove trailing null when reading improperly written
      QuickTime strings.
    * Fix bug where SystemTags weren't available for use with the -p
      and -if options.
    * Fix problem with warnings on some systems about unimplemented
      functions for FileGroupID and FileUserID when -p or -if were
    * Add ability to write empty XMP structures.
    * Add write support for PhaseOne MakerNotes tags in IIQ files.
    * Add a new Nikon LensID.
    * Decode a new Olympus tag and improved decoding of DriveMode.
    * Minor improvements to HtmlDump of PhaseOne IIQ and PDF files.
    * Patch to allow overwriting of empty XMP written by some
      PhaseOne cameras.
    * Fix bug in HtmlDump feature that could cause a
      "substr outside of string" error.
    * Add ability to extract OS X system metadata ("MDItem" tags).
    * Add a value conversion for GoogleTrackDuration.
    * Enchance the -i option to allow full path names to be specified.
    * Fix a potential runtime error when writing corrupted JPEG images.
    * Add a new Olympus LensType.
    * Add a couple of new Olympus FlashModel values.
    * Add a new Nikon LensID.
    * Add a new Pentax LensType.
    * Decode a number of new Sony tags.
    * Decode H264:DateTimeOriginal DST flag, and add " DST" to time
      string if set.
    * Decode a few more CanonCustom settings.
    * Fix problem creating user-defined XMP structure elements with
      names containing characters which are illegal in tag names.
    * Improve mechanism for generating tags which must be
      specifically requested when copying or used in -if or -p
    * Patch Composite:FileNumber to handle case where
      Canon:FileNumber is 10000.
    * Patch reading FujiFilm RawImageWidth/Height for new X-Pro2 RAF
    * Fix problem reading PDF objects which begin with a comment line.
    * Fix problem which could result in ExifTool corrupting a PDF file
      when writing.
    * API Changes:
      + add Filter option;
      + change GetNewValues method name to GetNewValue (GetNewValues
      still works for backward compatibility);
      + change QuickTimeUTC API option to also enforce proper time
      + add MDItemTags option;
      + add RequestTags option;
      + no longer generate MDItem tags when RequestAll option is set.
* Tue Aug 18 2015
  - Update to 10.00 (changes since 9.93):
    * Add Geotag support for Bramor gEO log files.
    * Add support for iCalendar ICS files.
    * Add support for Leica M Monochrom (Type 246) maker notes.
    * Add new "Preview" group for all embedded preview images.
    * Add a new PentaxModelID.
    * Add a new Canon LensType.
    * Add tag name to "Invalid EXIF text encoding" warning.
    * Decode ColorData for Canon EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R.
    * Change ListItem option so that it also applies when copying
    * Enhance FileTypeExtension to return an uppercase extension when
      the print conversion is disabled (eg. the -n option).
    * Fix incorrect FileTypeExtension for virtual device drivers.
    * Fix an improperly formatted warning for duplicate PDF entries.
    * Fix bug creating extended XMP in JPEG images when deleting all
      XMP and adding back in the same step.
    * Add a few new Minolta/Sony lenses.
    * Add config_files/photoshop_paths.config to the full
    * Avoid rebuilding maker notes when using -tagsFromFile with
    - fast2 option.
    * Validate tag names when redirecting (ie. "-DSTTAG<SRCTAG").
    * Add support for CanonVRD version 4 information and DR4 files.
    * Add two new Canon LensType values.
    * Add two new Olympus LensType values.
    * Add a new Minolta/Sony LensType and fixed another one.
    * Add a new Nikon LensID.
    * Add a few new QuickTime tags.
    * Add a new PentaxModelID and a new Pentax PictureMode.
    * Add a few new XMP-aux tags.
    * Decode a couple more DPX tags.
    * Decode NikonCustom tags for D810 firmware version 1.02.
    * Improve -htmlDump output for extended XMP and some other JPEG
    * Improve a Canon lens name.
    * Document the -userParam command-line option.
    * Change default behaviour to ignore extended XMP with an
      incorrect GUID (as per the XMP specification).
    * Change the case of a few tag names for consistency.
    * Patch problem with Sony cameras giving incorrect LensInfo for
      some third party lenses, leading to an incorrect LensID by
    * Patch problem where GPS minutes or seconds could round up to 60.
    * Fix picasa_faces.config to rotate regions if necessary for RAW
      file types.
    * Add a new Pentax Quality value.
    * Add a new Panasonic AdvancedSceneMode.
    * Minor improvement to lens identification logic based on XMP
    * Change a few DR4 tag names.
    * Fix improper scoping of XMP namespace prefixes (so conflicting
      prefixes are now properly resolved).
    * Add read support for DSS and DS2 file formats.
    * Add write support for XMP-mwg-rs:Rotation (seen in XMP from
    * Add a new Sigma LensType.
    * Decode Pentax DiffractionCorrection.
    * Decode Olympus ID3 XOLY frame.
    * Decode a few more Sony tags.
    * Improve reliability of decoding Nikon D810 ShotInfo and custom
    * Change name of Pentax VignettingCorrection to
    * Fix problem with user parameters in tag name expressions when
    * Add support for the Leica Q (Typ 116) maker notes.
    * Add two new SonyModelID's.
    * Add two new Sony LensType2.
    * Add a new Pentax LensType.
    * Extract a number of new File System tags when SystemTags API
      option is set.
    * Decode a new FujiFilm tag.
    * Decode a number of new Sony tags.
    * Disable writing of XMP to PostScript-format Adobe Illustrator
    * SourceFile values in -csv and -json input/output are now
      converted to/from filename character set (set by -charset
      filename option) when reading/writing.
    * Rename Flash:FileAttributes to FlashAttributes.
    * Rename FujiFilm:AFPointSet to AFMode and improved decoding.
    * Fix problem where a partial command could be executed if the
    - stay_open option was used and the command is aborted due to an
      error in arguments.
    * Add a few new CanonModelID's.
    * Add a few new Nikon LensID's.
    * Add a new Canon LensType.
    * Decode a number of new Sony tags.
    * Decode a couple more RIFF tags and extract Unknown RIFF tags.
    * Change -b option to avoid splitting PDF List-type tag values.
    * API Changes:
      + add ExtendedXMP option;
      + add SystemTags option;
      + add NoPDFList option.
* Sun Apr 26 2015
  - Update to 9.93:
    - Add FileTypeExtension tag.
    - Add a few new CanonModelID values.
    - Add a new Olympus CameraType.
    - Add a few new Minolta/Sony lenses.
    - Update arg_files/iptcCore.args for IPTC Extension version 1.2
    - Improve VCard parsing/decoding.
    - Improve -fast3 file identification logic.
    - Remove "px" string from SVG ImageWidth/Height tags.
    - Change DOF calculation to use ApproximateFocusDistance.
    - Fix missing FileType for MOI files.
    - Fix potential "Internal Error" bug when writing XMP structures.
* Sun Apr 12 2015
  - Update to 9.92:
    * Add support for PRISM pmi and prm tags and update to PRISM 3.0.
    * Add read support for Audible .AA files.
    * Add support for Adobe XMP-creatorAtom tags.
    * Add a couple of new XMP-xmpDM tags.
    * Add a new CanonModelID and a new Ricoh WhiteBalance.
    * Add a new Olympus CameraType.
    * Add a new Nikon LensID.
    * Update to XMP PLUS 1.2.1 specification.
    * Enhance DOF calculation to use AverageFocusDistance or
      FocusDistanceUpper/Lower if available.
    * Patch to tolerate different version numbers in XMP namespace
  - perl(Archive::Zip) is recommended by exiftool, not required.
* Thu Apr 09 2015
  - Update to 9.91 (changes since 9.70):
    * Added a couple of mew CanonModelID's
    * Added a couple of new Nikon LensID's
    * Added minor warning when deleting all PDF metadata (because
      it isn't really deleted)
    * Added a new Samsung LensType
    * Added a new Sony/Minolta LensType
    * Decode "Sound & Shot" trailer written by some Samsung Galaxy
    * Decode a number of new Sony tags including FocusDistance2
    * Decode a number of new Canon and Kodak tags
    * Decode a new EXIF tag
    * Decode a few new CanonCustom tags
    * Recognize the JPE file extension
    * Fixed swapped CanonCustom AEMicroadjustment/FEMicroadjustment
      tag names
    * Fixed bug in -listItem option which sometimes prevented it
      from working
    * Fixed interference by -sep option when writing structured tags
    * Added a few new Pentax ISO values
    * Added a new CanonModelID and SonyModelID
    * Added a new Canon LensType
    * Decode AF points for some newer Nikon 1 cameras
    * Improved verbose output for recently decoded Samsung trailer
    * Fixed Samsung trailer writer to properly update offsets in the QDIO block
    * Added a new CanonModelID
    * Added a few new Canon and Sony lenses
    * Delete unknown PNG TextualData tags when deleting all PNG tags
    * Decode AF points for Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II
    * Decode a number of Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic and Sony tags
    * Decode a few more Nikon NCTG tags in MOV videos
    * Decode Nikon D4S custom settings
    * Decode some makernote tags in Sony Xperia Z3 images
    * Make PhotoshopThumbnail and PhotoshopBGRThumbnail writable
      (but "unsafe")
    * Changed order of operations so flattened tags always take
      precedence over structured tags when writing a mix of both
      types of tags
    * Fixed potential bug decoding some Nikon 1 AF points
    * Added a number of new QuickTime GenreID values
    * Added support for some newer Sony cameras
    * Decode more Nikon D4S custom settings
    * Improved lens identification logic for XMP metadata
    * Fixed typo in Condition for a few D3 NikonCustom tags
    * Fixed bug which could cause a "Use of uninitialized value $val"
      runtime error when reading XML
    * Added support for FLIR version 101 metadata
    * Added a new Olympus LensType
    * Added a new Pentax LensType
    * Added a new Samsung LensType
    * Decode a few more Nikon D4S tags
    * Decode a few more Sony tags
    * Decode a new FujiFilm tag
    * Improved formula for calculating Sony:FocusDistance2
    * Changed XMP parsing to impose standard namespace prefixes,
      thus avoiding (some) problems reading the ugly XMP generated
      by Microsoft products
    * Fixed decoding of Nikon FileInfo tags for recent DSLR models
    * Added support for the LFR format (same as LFP)
    * Added support for Samsung models which write 2 values for
    * Added a new Samsung LensType
    * Added a few new Nikon LensID's
    * Added a new PentaxModelID
    * Added some new Olympus WhiteBalance2 values
    * Added a new EXIF:Compression value
    * Decode a new FujiFilm tag
    * Decode a few more private TIFF tags
    * Improved warning message if "DIR" or "FILE" is used literally
      on the command line
    * Improved "-j -b" output to encode any non-UTF8 values as
    * Enhanced -fast option (FastScan API option) to allow file
      processing to be bypassed entirely
    * Changed conversions for a couple of Nikon 1 AF tags for
    * Changed reported FileType for LNK, KEY, KTH, NUMBERS,
      NMBTEMPLATE and PAGES files to match extension
    * Fixed problems adding new XMP and deleting old XMP from MP4
    * Fixed problem writing FileModifyDate/FileCreateDate when
    - overwrite_original_in_place is used
    * Added FilePath tag (generated only if specified and Cwd is
    * Added a new Panasonic ShootingMode
    * Added a new FujiFilm WhiteBalance value
    * Added a new QuickTime vendor ID
    * Added a new Pentax RawDevelopmentProcess value
    * Decode a few new QuickTime tags
    * Decode some new tags in Kodak SP360 MP4 videos
    * Fixed bug that could cause a runtime error when parsing a
      Canon EOS 40D image which had been edited by Nikon Capture
    * Fixed bug which could produce invalid XML in the -X output when
    - struct was also used
    * Added a new Nikon LensID and a new Canon LensType
    * Decode a new unknown atom in Canon MOV videos
    * Decode a number of new Sony tags
    * Decode a number of new Samsung tags
    * Improved MakerNote compatibility when writing by adding the
      same amount of padding after the MakerNote IFD as that written
      by the specific camera model
    * Changed the DNG BaselineExposureOffset to a signed rational
      (contrary to the DNG 1.4 specification, which specifies an
      unsigned RATIONAL, but obviously Adobe meant for it to store
      negative values)
    * Changed name of new QuickTime Rating tag to RatingPercent
    * Fixed problem introduced in 9.64 where multiple list values
      from some tags in ZIP-based files were extracted as separate
      tags instead of as a list when the -struct option was used,
      and implemented a different patch to just suppress the
      structure warnings without changing the 9.63 behaviour
    * Fixed problem where some EXIF information in MOV videos could
      be corrupted when writing
    * Added read support for MOI files
    * Added a few more Canon LensType's
    * Added a new Nikon LensID
    * Added a couple of new Panasonic ImageQuality values
    * Decode a new FujiFilm tag and added a new FilmMode value
    * Allow zero-length group names to be specified (which provides a
      method to directly access the 0th copy of a duplicate tag using
      the empty family 4 group name by specifying "4:TAG")
    * Fixed invalid Samsung tag name
    * Fixed writing of XMP:ExposureCompensation with fractional
    * Added a few new Canon and Minolta/Sony LensType values
    * Added a few new CanonModelID's
    * Decode a few new Canon tags
    * Suppress warning for Canon 7DmkIII VignettingCorrUnknown2 data
    * Fixed runtime warning when piping an MOI file to exiftool
    * Added Composite:Megapixels tag
    * Added a few new Nikon LensID's
    * Decode a number of new Sony tags
    * Improved Polish translations
    * Changed exif2xmp.args and xmp2exif.args files (available in the
      full ExifTool distribution) to avoid using non-standard XMP
    * Added support for new IPTC Extension version 1.2 XMP tags
    * Added support for Leica X (Typ 113) maker notes
    * Added read support for ChartTIFF tags
    * Added a few new Canon LensType values
    * Added a few new Nikon LensID's
    * Added a number of new Olympus ArtFilterEffect values
    * Added some new Olympus AspectRatio values
    * Added a new PentaxModelID
    * Added a new Olympus CameraType
    * Added new values for various Canon tags
    * Decode a number of new Sony tags
    * Decode a couple more Nikon ShootingMode bits
    * Updated to Nov 2014 XMP specification
    * Added a new CanonModelID
    * Added a new Pentax LensType and PentaxModelID
    * Added support for Sigma X3F version 4.1 images
    * Added a number of new Sigma LensType values
    * Added a new Canon LensType
    * Added a new Leica LensType
    * Added a new Olympus CameraType
    * Decode a couple more FujiFilm RAF tags
    * Changed names of and properly decode new Olympus Pitch/Roll tags
    * Changed rounding method for rational values in an attempt to
      fix failed tests on FreeBSD 10.1 and Perl 5.20.1 with
      uselongdouble enabled
    * Resolved issue with duplicate SamsungModelID values
    * Added a number of new Sigma LensType values
    * Fixed problem extracting some Microsoft tags from MP4/MOV videos
    * Decode a few more ID3 tags
    * Improved decoding of some Pentax tags
    * Extended -list and -listw options to include flattened tags
    * Patched to recognize ID3v2.3 tags in ID3v2.4 metadata and visa
    * Patched byte ordering problems with Nikon FileInfo tags for the
    * Fixed bug where other groups were ignored when multiple groups
      were specified when writing and one of those groups was a
      specific EXIF IFD (eg. -ExifIFD:Time:all= ignored the Time
    * Added some new Minolta/Sony LensType values
    * Added config_files/picasa_faces.config to the distribution
    * Added a few new Minolta/Sony and Nikon lenses
    * Added new Canon and Sigma lenses
    * Decode Nikon D810 custom settings
    * Decode a few new Nikon tags
    * Fixed problem reading multi-valued Microsoft Xtra tags
    * Added read support for VCard files
    * Added support for AAX files
    * Added --sort option
    * Added a number of new QuickTime GenreID values
    * Added new Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Samsung lenses
    * Added a new Olympus CameraType
    * Added a new Sony FlashMode value
    * Decode a new Apple makernote tag
    * Decode a number of new QuickTime tags found in Audible audio
    * Improved the naming of a FujiFilm tag
    * Removed "not yet tested" warning when writing FujiFilm RAF
      version 0200
    * Renamed distribution file config_files/ExifTool_config to
    * Increased maximum metadata atom size for QuickTime files and
      added warning if an atom is larger than the limit
    * Changed writing of filesystem date/time tags to override the
    - P option
    * API Changes:
      + Added ListItem option
      + Added CharsetFileName option
      + Added UserParam option
  - Do not obsolete exiftool package within exiftool package.
  - Change homepage to project homepage.
  - Simplify %files.
  - Spec cleanup.
* Tue Sep 09 2014
  Update to Version 9.70 (production release)
    - Improved verbose dump for LFP images
    - Patched to repair incorrect list types in XMP structures when writing
    - Patched to avoid MPEG Layer 3 check for files with a "MUS" extension
    - Fixed incorrect behaviour of -addTagsFromFile when adding list items from
      multiple variable-named source files
    July 27, 2014 - Version 9.69
    - Added ability to write PNG PhysicalPixel (PNG-pHYs) tags
    - Added minor warning when creating EXIF or IPTC in PNG images
    - API Changes:
    - now autoloads when ShiftTime() is called
    - The 3rd argument to ShiftTime() is now optional
    July 19, 2014 - Version 9.68
    - Added read support for Lytro LFP files
    - Allow Composite tag to have no Require'd or Desire'd tags
    - Improved -geotag verbose output
    - Changed so XMP tags take priority when reading QuickTime-format files
    - Changed PSD file description to "Photoshop Document"
    - Fixed problem where -geotag option could fail if -v4 was used
    - Fixed problem writing SonyDateTime2
    July 6, 2014 - Version 9.67
    - Fixed inaccuracies in decoding some SigmaRaw tags from the X3F header
    July 1, 2014 - Version 9.66
    - Swap "GPS track start/end" labels in -geotag -v2 output if track is stored
      in reverse chronological order
    - Changed handling of IPTC groups so that standard IPTC always has a family 1
      group name of "IPTC", and takes priority over non-standard IPTC when
      duplicates are not allowed
    - Fixed problem parsing some NMEA sentences, and added support for GPZDA
    June 20, 2014 - Version 9.65
    - Added a print conversion for Unknown ICC_Profile MeasurementGeometry
    - Added LargeTags shortcut
    - Avoid loading data for some tags with large binary data values if they were
      specifically excluded by the command
    - Patched potential "subscript -1" runtime error when reading EPS files
    June 14, 2014 - Version 9.64
    - Added write-only TestName tag for dry-run tests of file renaming feature
    - Patched to avoid structure warnings when copying tags from ZIP-based files
    - Fixed problem using advanced formatting feature in a -if condition
    - Fixed problem parsing Canon VignettingCorr for some newer PowerShot models
    - API Changes:
    - Added 'Test' option to SetFileName()
    May 31, 2014 - Version 9.63
    - Added ability to combine -lang option with -listx to extract only one language
    - Remove leading XML comment from XMP if it exists when writing as a block
    - Another attempt to patch problem obtaining a consistent "full path" for
      source files when importing a CSV database in Windows
    May 24, 2014 - Version 9.62
    - Added message about SourceFile names to -v2 output when importing a database
      with -csv= or -json=
    - Changed -n option for GPSTimeStamp to return nanosecond precision
    May 18, 2014 - Version 9.61
    - Added ability to combine -l with -listf, -listr or -listwf to add
      descriptions of the file type
    - Fixed quirk where ExifTool could incorrectly report that a file was changed
      when conditionally deleting a non-existent tag as a block
    .... see Changes for more, especially all device specific release notes
* Fri Mar 07 2014
  - updated to 9.53
    - Added user-defined file types feature
    - Added support for a few more XMP-expressionmedia tags
    - Decode CameraTemperature from a few new Canon models
    - Decode another Sony tag (thanks Jos Roost)
    - Recognize the JXR extension
    - Changed wording of IPTC "Unrecognized data" warning
    - Patched round-off error problem in seconds of some date/time values
    - Fixed problem creating EXV files with the -o option
    - Fixed problem conditionally replacing Extra block-type tags
    Feb. 17, 2014 - Version 9.52
    - Fixed bug introduced in 9.44 which resulted in incorrect maker note offsets
      when copying maker notes from DNG images of some Pentax models
    Feb. 15, 2014 - Version 9.51
    - Added a number of new CanonModelID values
    - Added a new Sony/Minolta LensType (thanks Jos Roost)
    - Added a new Panasonic BurstMode
    - Added a new Pentax LensType
    - Added new ColorSpaceTags shortcut
    - Decode a number of new PanasonicRaw tags (thanks LibRaw)
    - Decode ColorData tags for the new Canon EOS 1200D
    - Improved Sony maker note decoding for some newer models (thanks Jos Roost)
    - Fixed conversion of XMP:LensID for Pentax lenses on Ricoh-branded cameras
    Feb. 8, 2014 - Version 9.50
    - Added support for Exiv2 EXV metadata files
    - Added ability to read/write/copy GeoTiff tags as a block
    - Added ability to combine -b with -j to write base64-encoded binary data in
      JSON output format
    - Added a new Nikon LensID
    - Added a new Sony/Minolta LensType (thanks Jos Roost)
    - Added new Extra ProcessingTime tag
    - Added a new Olympus CameraType
    - Added header signature to .EXIF files
    - Decode a new Olympus tag (thanks LibRaw)
    - Improved conversion of some Canon RecordMode values
    - Improved decoding of tags for Hasselblad Stellar (thanks Jos Roost)
    - Fixed -htmlDump offsets for information extracted from some embedded images
    - Fixed hemisphere problem in Composite GPS tags derived from
    - API Changes:
    - Option names are now case insensitive
    Feb. 1, 2014 - Version 9.49
    - Added new Olympus and Samsung LensType values, and fixed an Olympus lens
      name (thanks Niels Kristian Bech Jensen)
    - Added another Polish tag translation (thanks Kacper Perschke)
    - Added a new Panasonic ColorEffect value
    - Decode a new FujiFilm tag (thanks LibRaw)
    - Adjusted scaling factor for H264 ExposureTime values (thanks Francois)
    .... see Changes for more
* Mon Aug 05 2013
  - Update to new upstream release 9.34
    * Support for many new tag values and marker note formats
    * Added the ability to delete unknown JPEG APP segments by
    segment name
    * Added read support for FLIR FFF and FPF images and decode more
    FLIR tags
    * Added write support for DNG version 1.4 images
    * Added append feature to -w (-w+) and ability to overwrite plus
    append output files (-w+!)
    * Added support for Sigma X3F version 3.0 images
    * Added -W (-tagOut) and -Wext (-tagOutExt) options to allow
    multiple tags to be extracted to separate output files from a
    single source file
  - Trim excessive description; remove redundant %clean section
* Mon Mar 25 2013
  - Update to Version 9.13 (production release)
    - Added ability to read FileInodeChangeDate (non-Windows only)
    - API Changes:
    - Enhanced SetFileModifyDate() to write FileCreateDate (Windows only)
    - Added RequestAll option
    - Fixed problem in SetNewValue when setting the Raw value of some tags
    - Enhanced GetValue() to allow return of 'Rational' value
    - Numerous device support and other improvements - see Changes file
* Sat Sep 29 2012
  - add perl-File-RandomAccess sub-package to match package in graphics
  - remove stale comments about doc files
* Mon Sep 24 2012
  - Ran spec-cleaner
  - Added conflicts: exiftool < %{version} to perl-Image-ExifTool so that if the module is upgraded, the app will be too
  - Upgrade to v9.01  (Production Release)
    - Numerous new metadata fields added
    - see
    - Changed -restore_original and -delete_original options to scan directories only for writable file types
    - Enhanced -srcfile option to allow multiple source files to be specified
    - API Changes:
    Added GlobalTimeShift option
    Added NoFlat option to SetNewValues()
    Changed Struct option to allow copying of both structured and flattened tags at the same time
    Added XMPAutoConv option
* Tue Mar 06 2012
  - Upgrade to v8.77
    Added *.args and *.fmt convenience files to the %doc section.  These files have apparently been
    in the tarball for a while, but not in the %doc section as they should have been.
    This package has been rapidly seeing small releases.  There have been 12 releases since it was last updated
    for openSUSE12.1 in Sept. 2011.  Afew of the key updates are below.  See the Changes file in doc directory,
    * Highlights of Changes for Versions 8.66 to 8.77
    - IMPORTANT: Fixed bug which could corrupt GIF images when writing a Comment
    to a GIF image containing XMP metadata
    API Changes:
    Added Sort2 option and 'Descr' setting for Sort option
    Added secondary sort option to GetFoundTags() and GetTagList()
    Changed name of Sort 'Alpha' setting to 'Tag' (but 'Alpha' still works for backward compatibility)
    - Enhanced SetNewValue() AddValue option to allow this option to be ignored for non-list tags
    - Added ProtectSaved option to SetNewValue() and return save count from SaveNewValues()
    - Added CharsetEXIF and CharsetQuickTime options
* Mon Dec 12 2011
  - clean up requires around perl(IO::Compress).  It was previously wrong.
* Mon Sep 26 2011
  - update to 8.65
    * /usr/bin/exiftool was previously packaged as only an application and the perl(Image::ExifTool) module was not available for use.
    * Thus the standalone exiftool package has now been obsoleted
    * And /usr/bin/exiftool is now included in this package as a sub-package in addition to the perl library modules
    * A significant number of new file formats, etc. are now supported, see
* Mon Feb 21 2011
  - initial package 8.40
    * created by cpanspec 1.78.03



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