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amavisd-new-2.12.1-3.1 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for noarch

Name: amavisd-new Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 2.12.1 Vendor: obs://
Release: 3.1 Build date: Thu Jul 29 22:01:31 2021
Group: Productivity/Networking/Security Build host: s390zp28
Size: 1775204 Source RPM: amavisd-new-2.12.1-3.1.src.rpm
Summary: High-Performance E-Mail Virus Scanner
Amavisd-new is a high-performance interface between mailer (MTA) and
content checkers: virus scanners or SpamAssassin. It talks to the MTA
via (E)SMTP, LMTP. It works with the
following MTAs:

- postfix
- sendmail (sendmail-milter)
- exim






* Wed Jul 28 2021 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Added hardening to systemd service(s). Modified:
    * amavis.service
* Wed Feb 24 2021 Arjen de Korte <>
  - Package amavisd-milter in a separate package
  - Add perl(Convert::BinHex) to required packages
  - Disable BerkeleyDB in configuration
    + amavisd-new-no-berkeleydb.patch
* Wed Dec 30 2020 Arjen de Korte <>
  - update to version 2.12.1
    * Generate DKIM record comment line including the 's=' (selector) tag
      instead of an 'i=' (identifier) tag when using "amavisd showkeys".
    * Make sure generated Authentication-Results follow RFC specification.
    * Prevent re-encoding of notification templates.
    * Compare inode numbers as strings.
    * Resolve MySQL invalid utf8mb4 clause.
  - cleanup spec
    * align (Build)Requires and Recommends with upstream
    * rework creating vscan user (new system-user in Tumbleweed)
* Mon Oct 26 2020 Arjen de Korte <>
  - update to version 2.12.0
    * Upstream changed to GitLab
    * Introduce Rspamd client extension
      With this extension, Amavis can use Rspamd either running on the same
      server or remotely. Connections are made using HTTP/HTTPS depending on
      configuration, the latter requiring a HTTPS-capable proxy (like NGINX or
      Apache) for Rspamd, which does not natively support HTTPS. Basic
      authentication with name/password pairs is also available.
    * Treat "not an OLE file" as a successful result
      Amavis supports calling the ripOLE program to extract embedded objects
      from Microsoft OLE documents. However, not all Microsoft documents
      contain said objects, and the underlying file format changes when they
      do. Since Amavis can't tell the difference, it passes everything to
      ripOLE unconditionally.  Amavis now treats the "not an OLE file" error
      code of ripOLE as a successful result, proceeds normally and scans the
      file as a whole.
    * Fix unix socket path extraction that has prevented a socket based
      policy bank to be loaded;
    * Fix DKIM signing for outbound messages (remove dkim-signing.diff)
    * Fix unescaped left brace regex warning in run_av() subroutine.
    * Mention default value for $myprogram_name in minimal amavisd.conf.
  - cleanup spec
    * remove unused rc.amavis SysV initscript
    * remove unused /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d
* Sun Feb 02 2020 Thorsten Kukuk <>
  - pwdutils is gone since ages
* Sun Mar 17 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Mark build recipe as bash-specific.
  - Do not hide errors from useradd.
  - Remove pre-openSUSE-12.3 logic.
  - Convert PreReq and rebuild Requires(pre/post) lists.
  - Remove hard scriptlet dependency on systemd.
* Sun Oct 14 2018
  - update to version 2.11.1
    * removed a trailing dot element from @INC, as a workaround for a perl
      vulnerability CVE-2016-1238
    * amavis-services: bumping up syslog level from LOG_NOTICE to LOG_ERR
      for a message "PID <pid> went away", and removed redundant newlines
      from some log messages
    * safe_decode() and safe_decode_utf8(): avoid warning messages
      "Use of uninitialized value in subroutine entry"
      in Encode::MIME::Header when the $check argument is undefined
    * @sa_userconf_maps has been extended to allow loading of per-recipient
      (or per-policy bank, or global) SpamAssassin configuration set from
      LDAP. For consistency with SQL a @sa_userconf_maps entry prefixed with
      'ldap:' will load SpamAssassin configuration set using the
      load_scoreonly_ldap() method;  a patch by Atanas Karashenski
    * add some Sanesecurity.Foxhole false positives to the default
      list @virus_name_to_spam_score_maps
    * updated some comments
  - update amavis-milter to version 2.6.1
    * Fixed bug when creating amavisd-new policy bank names
* Thu Mar 15 2018
  - bsc#1072122 amavisd-new should use unar instead of unrar
* Wed Mar 14 2018
  - bsc#1071932 - YaST2 Mail Server Configuration - throws Error for
    starting service amavis.
    amavisd-new should require spamassassin
* Sun Jan 14 2018
  - bnc#1007149 Amavisd-milter fails to start when started via systemd
    Use fillup_only with -n amavis



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