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RPM of Group System/Management

ServiceReport-2.2.3-2.1 A tool to validate and repair First Failure Data Capture (FFDC) configuration linux/noarch
aws-cli-1.20.7-1.1 Amazon Web Services Command Line Interface linux/noarch
aws-efs-utils-1.17-3.5 Utilities for using the EFS file systems linux/noarch
azure-cli-2.27.0-1.1 Microsoft Azure CLI 2.0 linux/noarch
azure-cli-command-modules-nspkg-2.0.3-1.7 Microsoft Azure CLI Command modules Namespace Package linux/noarch
azure-cli-core-2.27.0-1.1 Microsoft Azure CLI Core Module linux/noarch
azure-cli-nspkg-3.0.4-1.7 Microsoft Azure CLI Namespace Package linux/noarch
azure-cli-telemetry-1.0.6-1.3 Microsoft Azure CLI Telemetry Package linux/noarch
changelog-generator-data-1.0.0-1.12 Data to be consumed by containement-rpm-docker linux/noarch
cim-schema-2.53.0-1.3 Common Information Model (CIM) Schema linux/noarch
clone-master-clean-up-1.6-1.4 Tool to clean up a system for cloning preparation linux/noarch
cloud-init-config-MicroOS-1.1-2.6 openSUSE MicroOS configuration file for could-init linux/noarch
cloud-init-vmware-guestinfo-1.1.0-1.7 A cloud-init datasource that uses VMware GuestInfo linux/noarch
cloud-netconfig-azure-1.5-1.5 Network configuration scripts for Microsoft Azure linux/noarch
cloud-netconfig-ec2-1.5-1.5 Network configuration scripts for Amazon EC2 linux/noarch
cloud-netconfig-gce-1.5-1.5 Network configuration scripts for Google Compute Engine linux/noarch
cmpi-provider-register-1.1.0-2.9 CIMOM neutral provider registration utility linux/noarch
combustion-0.2-8.1 System for initial configuration of appliances linux/noarch
containment-rpm-docker-1.4.0+git20180612.c577fec-1.5 Wraps OBS/kiwi-built images in rpms linux/noarch
cpuset-1.6-2.11 Cpuset manipulation tool linux/noarch
cscreen-1.1-1.1 Console screen linux/noarch
data-partition-service-0.1-2.14 A service that creates a data partition linux/noarch
etckeeper-1.18.14-1.7 Store /etc under Version Control linux/noarch
etckeeper-zypp-plugin-1.18.14-1.7 The etckeeper integration function with ZYpp linux/noarch
flannel-k8s-yaml-0.14.0-1.1 Kubernetes yaml file to run flannel container linux/noarch
growpart-0.30-6.6 Grow a partition linux/noarch
growpart-generator-0.8-2.6 Grow a partition automatically linux/noarch
hello-kubic-k8s-yaml-1.4-1.2 Kubernetes yaml file to run hello-kubic container linux/noarch
infos-creator-rpm-0.3-2.8 Creates virt-builder index file part from kiwi job linux/noarch
instsource-susedata-0.3.7-1.1 Utility to add susedata to repomd metadata linux/noarch
ipmitool-bmc-snmp-proxy- SNMP configuration to include the BMC's SNMP agent linux/noarch
kiwi-templates-JeOS-84.87-25.2 KIWI - openSUSE Tumbleweed JeOS image templates linux/noarch
kubernetes-salt-4.0.0+git_r1024_6af85a7-1.7 Production-Grade Container Scheduling and Management linux/noarch
kured-k8s-yaml-1.6.1-1.3 Kubernetes yaml file to run kured container linux/noarch
libcontainers-common-20210626-2.1 Configuration files common to linux/noarch
lifecycle-data-openSUSE-1-5.9 End of life dates for specific packages linux/noarch
lxc-bash-completion-4.0.9-1.1 Bash Completion for lxc linux/noarch
lxcfs-hooks-lxc-4.0.8-1.1 LXC hooks for lxcfs linux/noarch
lxd-bash-completion-4.17-1.1 Bash Completion for lxd linux/noarch
metallb-k8s-yaml-0.9.5-1.9 Kubernetes yaml file to run MetalLB container linux/noarch
multus-k8s-yaml-3.6-1.4 Kubernetes yaml file to run Multus containers linux/noarch
nvmetcli-0.7-1.6 Command line interface for the kernel NVMe nvmet linux/noarch
osinfo-db-20210621-3.1 Osinfo database files linux/noarch
podman-cni-config-3.2.3-1.1 Basic CNI configuration for podman linux/noarch
podman-docker-3.2.3-1.1 Emulate Docker CLI using podman linux/noarch
product-builder-plugin-Tumbleweed-1.3.1-1.2 openSUSE - KIWI Image System linux/noarch
prometheus-webhook-snmp-1.4-1.6 Prometheus Alertmanager receiver for SNMP traps linux/noarch
python3-azuremetadata-5.1.2-2.3 Python module for collecting instance metadata from Azure linux/noarch
python3-ec2imgutils-9.0.1-1.3 Image management utilities for AWS EC2 linux/noarch
python3-ec2metadata-3.0.3-1.4 Collect instance metadata in EC2 linux/noarch
python3-gcemetadata-1.0.4-1.4 Python module for collecting instance metadata from GCE linux/noarch
python3-susepubliccloudinfo-1.2.2-1.3 Query SUSE Public Cloud Info Service linux/noarch
python36-docker-4.4.4-1.2 Docker API Client linux/noarch
python36-docker-compose-1.28.5-1.2 Tool to define and run complex applications using Docker linux/noarch
python36-dockerpty-0.4.1-4.16 Docker API Client linux/noarch
python36-etcd-0.4.5-4.4 A python client for etcd linux/noarch
python36-pywbem-1.1.1-2.5 Python module for making CIM operation calls using the WBEM protocol linux/noarch
python36-targetcli-fb-2.1.54-1.1 A command shell for managing the Linux LIO kernel target linux/noarch
python38-docker-4.4.4-1.2 Docker API Client linux/noarch
python38-docker-compose-1.28.5-1.2 Tool to define and run complex applications using Docker linux/noarch
python38-dockerpty-0.4.1-4.16 Docker API Client linux/noarch
python38-etcd-0.4.5-4.4 A python client for etcd linux/noarch
python38-pywbem-1.1.1-2.5 Python module for making CIM operation calls using the WBEM protocol linux/noarch
python38-targetcli-fb-2.1.54-1.1 A command shell for managing the Linux LIO kernel target linux/noarch
python39-docker-4.4.4-1.2 Docker API Client linux/noarch
python39-docker-compose-1.28.5-1.2 Tool to define and run complex applications using Docker linux/noarch
python39-dockerpty-0.4.1-4.16 Docker API Client linux/noarch
python39-etcd-0.4.5-4.4 A python client for etcd linux/noarch
python39-targetcli-fb-2.1.54-1.1 A command shell for managing the Linux LIO kernel target linux/noarch
qos-1.0.1-8.14 Simple traffic shaping utility for fighting bufferbloat linux/noarch
rbac-manager-k8s-yaml-0.10.0-1.2 Kubernetes yaml file to run rbac-manager linux/noarch
rpi-eeprom-config-0.0.20200625~9342fdb-1.3 Raspberry Pi 4 eeprom firmware configuration tool linux/noarch
rpm-repo-keys-openSUSE-0-6.1 openSUSE repository GPG keys linux/noarch
salt-bash-completion-3002.2-5.2 Bash Completion for salt linux/noarch
salt-fish-completion-3002.2-5.2 Fish Completion for salt linux/noarch
salt-zsh-completion-3002.2-5.2 Zsh Completion for salt linux/noarch
selinux-policy-20210716-2.1 SELinux policy configuration linux/noarch
selinux-policy-devel-20210716-2.1 SELinux policy devel linux/noarch
selinux-policy-doc-20210716-2.1 SELinux policy documentation linux/noarch
selinux-policy-minimum-20210716-2.1 SELinux minimum base policy linux/noarch
selinux-policy-mls-20210716-2.1 SELinux mls base policy linux/noarch
selinux-policy-sandbox-20210716-2.1 SELinux policy sandbox linux/noarch
selinux-policy-targeted-20210716-2.1 SELinux targeted base policy linux/noarch
selinux-targeted-setup-20201215-2.2 Metapackage that enables a targeted SELinux policy linux/noarch
switch_sles_sle-hpc-0.2-3.7 Utility to switch between SLES and SLE-HPC on SLE-12 linux/noarch
targetcli-fb-common-2.1.54-1.1 Common targetcli-fb subpackage for either flavor of Python linux/noarch
tftpboot-installation-openSUSE-Kubic-s390x-17.13-1.3 tftp installation tree linux/noarch
tftpboot-installation-openSUSE-MicroOS-s390x-17.13-1.3 tftp installation tree linux/noarch
tftpboot-installation-openSUSE-Tumbleweed-s390x-17.13-1.3 tftp installation tree linux/noarch
toolbox-2.2+git20210823.dd0fff8-1.1 Script to start a toolbox container for system debugging linux/noarch
tpm2.0-abrmd-selinux-2.4.0-1.1 SELinux module for the Access Broker & Resource Manager for TPM 2.0 chips linux/noarch
vcsh-1.20151229-3.10 Config manager for $HOME based on git linux/noarch
vcsh-zsh-completion-1.20151229-3.10 ZSH Completion for vcsh linux/noarch
virt-v2v-bash-completion-1.43.5-1.1 Bash tab-completion for virt-v2v linux/noarch
virt-v2v-man-pages-ja-1.43.5-1.1 Japanese (ja) man pages for virt-v2v linux/noarch
virt-v2v-man-pages-uk-1.43.5-1.1 Ukrainian (uk) man pages for virt-v2v linux/noarch
weave-k8s-yaml-2.8.1-1.2 Kubernetes yaml file to run weave container linux/noarch
withlock-0.5-1.3 A locking wrapper script linux/noarch

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