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Packages beginning with letter S

s-tui-1.1.3-1.1 Terminal based CPU stress and monitoring utility linux/noarch
sac-1.3-10.5 Java standard interface for CSS parser linux/noarch
sac-javadoc-1.3-10.5 Javadoc for sac linux/noarch
sacad-2.4.0-1.1 Search and download music album covers linux/noarch
safeeyes-2.1.3-1.1 Tool for reminding the user to take breaks linux/noarch
safeeyes-lang-2.1.3-1.1 Translations for package safeeyes linux/noarch
saja-cascadia-code-fonts-2102.25-1.2 Monospace terminal fonts from Microsoft linux/noarch
sakura-lang-3.8.2-1.2 Translations for package sakura linux/noarch
salt-bash-completion-3002.2-5.2 Bash Completion for salt linux/noarch
salt-fish-completion-3002.2-5.2 Fish Completion for salt linux/noarch
salt-shaptools-0.3.11+git.1622732434.835d199-1.1 Salt modules and states for SAP Applications and SLE-HA components management linux/noarch
salt-zsh-completion-3002.2-5.2 Zsh Completion for salt linux/noarch
samba-doc-4.14.6+git.168.6a9fc8a1ddd-1.2 Samba Documentation linux/noarch
saphanabootstrap-formula-0.7.2+git.1624949405.ab53030-1.1 SAP HANA platform deployment formula linux/noarch
sapnwbootstrap-formula-0.6.6+git.1625824616.eb6e12c-1.1 SAP Netweaver platform deployment formula linux/noarch
sapstartsrv-resource-agents-0.9.0+git.1619681975.ad20a04-1.1 Resource agent for SAP instance specific sapstartsrv service linux/noarch
sar2-data-2.5.0-1.8 Data files for sar2 linux/noarch
sat4j-2.3.5-1.19 A library of SAT solvers written in Java linux/noarch
saweri-fonts-2.0-1.21 Buginese Unicode fonts linux/noarch
saxon6-6.5.5-15.4 The SAXON XSLT Processor from Michael Kay linux/noarch
saxon6-aelfred-6.5.5-15.4 Java XML parser linux/noarch
saxon6-demo-6.5.5-15.4 Demos for saxon6 linux/noarch
saxon6-javadoc-6.5.5-15.4 Javadoc for saxon6 linux/noarch
saxon6-jdom-6.5.5-15.4 JDOM support for saxon6 linux/noarch
saxon6-manual-6.5.5-15.4 Manual for saxon6 linux/noarch
saxon6-scripts-6.5.5-15.4 Utility scripts for saxon6 linux/noarch
saxon8-B.8.8-132.79 Java Basic XPath 2.0, XSLT 2.0, and XQuery 1.0 implementation linux/noarch
saxon8-demo-B.8.8-132.79 Demos for saxon8 linux/noarch
saxon8-dom-B.8.8-132.79 DOM support for saxon8 linux/noarch
saxon8-javadoc-B.8.8-132.79 Javadoc for saxon8 linux/noarch
saxon8-jdom-B.8.8-132.79 JDOM support for saxon8 linux/noarch
saxon8-manual-B.8.8-132.79 Manual for saxon8 linux/noarch
saxon8-scripts-B.8.8-132.79 Utility scripts for saxon8 linux/noarch
saxon8-sql-B.8.8-132.79 SQL support for saxon8 linux/noarch
saxon8-xom-B.8.8-132.79 XOM support for saxon8 linux/noarch
saxon8-xpath-B.8.8-132.79 XPATH support for saxon8 linux/noarch
saxon9- The SAXON XSLT Processor from Michael Kay linux/noarch
saxon9-demo- Demos for saxon9 linux/noarch
saxon9-javadoc- Javadoc for saxon9 linux/noarch
saxon9-manual- Manual for saxon9 linux/noarch
saxon9-scripts- Utility scripts for saxon9 linux/noarch
saxpath-1.0_FCS-35.2 SAXPath is an event-based API for XPath parsers linux/noarch
sazanami-fonts-20040629-212.104 Japanese "Sazanami" TrueType Fonts linux/noarch
sbinary-0.4.2-3.11 Library for describing binary formats for Scala types linux/noarch
sbinary-javadoc-0.4.2-3.11 Javadoc for sbinary linux/noarch
sblim-cim-client2-2.2.5-6.81 Java CIM Client library linux/noarch
sblim-cim-client2-javadoc-2.2.5-6.81 Javadoc for sblim-cim-client2 linux/noarch
sblim-cim-client2-manual-2.2.5-6.81 Manual and sample code for sblim-cim-client2 linux/noarch
sblim-testsuite-1.3.0-6.15 SBLIM Testsuite linux/noarch
sbt-0.13.18-6.1 The simple build tool for Scala and Java projects linux/noarch
sbt-launcher-1.1.2-1.154 Launcher Implementation linux/noarch
sbt-launcher-interface-1.1.2-1.154 Launcher Interface linux/noarch
sbt-launcher-javadoc-1.1.2-1.154 API Documentation for sbt-launcher linux/noarch
sca-appliance-agent-1.3.1-1.2 Supportconfig Analysis Appliance Agent linux/noarch
sca-appliance-broker-1.3.1-2.2 Supportconfig Analysis Appliance Broker linux/noarch
sca-appliance-common-1.3-2.2 Supportconfig Analysis Appliance Common Files linux/noarch
sca-appliance-patdev-1.3.1-1.2 Supportconfig Analysis Appliance Pattern Development linux/noarch
sca-patterns-base-1.3.3-2.1 Supportconfig Analysis Pattern Base Libraries linux/noarch
sca-patterns-hae-1.3.1-1.3 Supportconfig Analysis Patterns for HAE linux/noarch
sca-patterns-sle11-1.3.5-1.1 Supportconfig Analysis Patterns for SLE11 linux/noarch
sca-patterns-sle12-1.0.7-2.1 Supportconfig Analysis Patterns for SLE12 linux/noarch
sca-patterns-sle15-1.0.7-2.1 Supportconfig Analysis Patterns for SLE15 linux/noarch
sca-patterns-suma-1.0-1.11 Supportconfig Analysis Patterns for SUSE Manager linux/noarch
sca-server-report-1.0.1-2.1 Supportconfig Analysis Server Report linux/noarch
scala-2.10.7-6.1 A hybrid functional/object-oriented language for the JVM linux/noarch
scala-apidoc-2.10.7-6.1 Documentation for the Scala programming language linux/noarch
scala-maven-plugin-3.4.6-1.133 Scala Maven Plugin linux/noarch
scala-maven-plugin-javadoc-3.4.6-1.133 Javadoc for scala-maven-plugin linux/noarch
scala-stm-0.7-1.132 Software Transactional Memory for Scala linux/noarch
scala-stm-javadoc-0.7-1.132 Javadoc for scala-stm linux/noarch
scala-swing-2.10.7-6.1 The swing library for the Scala programming languages linux/noarch
scap-security-guide-0.1.57-1.1 XCCDF files for SUSE Linux and openSUSE linux/noarch
scap-security-guide-debian-0.1.57-1.1 XCCDF files for Debian linux/noarch
scap-security-guide-redhat-0.1.57-1.1 XCCDF files for RHEL, CentOS, Fedora and ScientificLinux linux/noarch
scap-security-guide-ubuntu-0.1.57-1.1 XCCDF files for Ubuntu linux/noarch
scat-0.0.1-2.4 Syntax highlight for terminal linux/noarch
scdl-1.6.12-1.11 Souncloud Music Downloader linux/noarch
schemaspy-5.0.0-6.1 Tool for analyzing and graphing database schemas linux/noarch
scidavis-lang-2.3.0-2.3 Translations for package scidavis linux/noarch
scikit-hep-testdata-files-0.4.6-1.1 Example HEP files for testing and demonstrating - common file package linux/noarch
scim-lang-1.4.18-5.1 Translations for package scim linux/noarch
scim-tables-lang- Translations for package scim-tables linux/noarch
scirenderer-1.1.0-5.12 A Java rendering library based on JoGL linux/noarch
scirenderer-javadoc-1.1.0-5.12 Javadoc for scirenderer linux/noarch
scotch-gnu-hpc-6.1.0-2.1 Dependency package for scotch_6_1_0-gnu-hpc linux/noarch
scotch-gnu-hpc-devel-6.1.0-2.1 Dependency package for scotch_6_1_0-gnu-hpc-devel linux/noarch
scout-0.2.5+20210424.3bff388-1.1 Indexing Package Properties linux/noarch
scout-command-not-found-0.2.5+20210424.3bff388-1.1 Command Not Found extension for shell linux/noarch
screencast-lang-1.0.0-1.29 Translations for package screencast linux/noarch
screenfetch-3.9.1-1.6 Fetches system/theme information in terminal for Linux desktop screenshots linux/noarch
screengrab-lang-2.2.0-1.3 Translations for package screengrab linux/noarch
screenkey-1.4-1.2 A screen-cast tool to show keys linux/noarch
sdbus-cpp-devel-doc-0.8.3-1.2 Developer documentation for sdbus-cpp linux/noarch
sdcc-doc-4.1.0-1.2 Documentation for the SDCC C compiler linux/noarch
sddm-theme-openSUSE-84.87~git20190606T185118~3d37a0c-41.1 SDDM theme for openSUSE linux/noarch
seahorse-lang-40.0-1.2 Translations for package seahorse linux/noarch
seahorse-nautilus-lang-3.11.92-8.15 Translations for package seahorse-nautilus linux/noarch
seahorse-sharing-lang-3.8.0-9.13 Translations for package seahorse-sharing linux/noarch
seccheck-3.0-18.3 Security-Check Scripts linux/noarch
sed-lang-4.8-3.6 Translations for package sed linux/noarch
segment-2.0.1-1.125 Split text into segments linux/noarch
segment-javadoc-2.0.1-1.125 API documentation for segment linux/noarch
selinux-autorelabel-3.1-3.2 Systemd services to relabel SELinux labels linux/noarch
selinux-policy-20210716-2.1 SELinux policy configuration linux/noarch
selinux-policy-devel-20210716-2.1 SELinux policy devel linux/noarch
selinux-policy-doc-20210716-2.1 SELinux policy documentation linux/noarch
selinux-policy-minimum-20210716-2.1 SELinux minimum base policy linux/noarch
selinux-policy-mls-20210716-2.1 SELinux mls base policy linux/noarch
selinux-policy-sandbox-20210716-2.1 SELinux policy sandbox linux/noarch
selinux-policy-targeted-20210716-2.1 SELinux targeted base policy linux/noarch
selinux-targeted-setup-20201215-2.2 Metapackage that enables a targeted SELinux policy linux/noarch
sendmail-starttls- BSD Sendmail Starttls helper scripts linux/noarch
sendxmpp-1.24-2.4 A perl-script to send xmpp, similar to what mail does for mail linux/noarch
serialization-0.1.2-1.153 Sbt wrapper around Scala pickling linux/noarch
servletapi4-4.0.4-299.81 Java servlet and JSP implementation classes linux/noarch
servletapi4-javadoc-4.0.4-299.81 Javadoc for servletapi4 linux/noarch
servletapi5-5.0.18-286.25 Java servlet and JSP implementation classes linux/noarch
sesdev-1.12.1+1619444076.g04475be-1.1 CLI tool to deploy and manage SES clusters linux/noarch
sesdev-qa-1.12.1+1619444076.g04475be-1.1 Integration test script for validating Ceph deployments linux/noarch
setconf-0.7.7-1.2 Utility to easily change settings in configuration files linux/noarch
sfml2-doc-2.5.1-1.38 SFML developer documentation linux/noarch
sgi-bitmap-fonts-1.0-946.8 Very Nice Bitmapped Fonts from SGI linux/noarch
sgml-skel-0.7.1-2.1 Helper Scripts for the SGML System linux/noarch
sgmltools-lite-3.0.2-1322.16 SGML Converter Suite linux/noarch
shadowsocks-libev-doc-3.3.5-1.10 Documents for shadowsocks-libev linux/noarch
shared-color-targets-0.1.7-1.8 Color targets for creating color profiles linux/noarch
shared-mime-info-lang-2.1-2.3 Translations for package shared-mime-info linux/noarch
shared-python-startup-0.1-6.4 Startup script shared by all Python interpreters linux/noarch
sharpfont-4.0.1-1.3 Cross-platform FreeType bindings for .NET linux/noarch
sharpfont-devel-4.0.1-1.3 Cross-platform FreeType bindings for .NET linux/noarch
sharutils-lang-4.15.2-6.12 Translations for package sharutils linux/noarch
shlomif-cmake-modules-8f5acb6450c1-1.8 Shlomi Fish's CMake Modules linux/noarch
shorewall-5.2.8-2.15 An iptables-based firewall for Linux systems linux/noarch
shorewall-core-5.2.8-2.15 Core libraries for Shorewall linux/noarch
shorewall-docs-5.2.8-2.15 HTML documentation for shorewall configuration linux/noarch
shorewall-init-5.2.8-2.15 Adds functionality during boot to Shoreline Firewall (Shorewall) linux/noarch
shorewall-lite-5.2.8-2.15 Shoreline Firewall Lite is an iptables-based firewall for Linux systems linux/noarch
shorewall6-5.2.8-2.15 Shoreline Firewall 6 is an ip6tables-based firewall for Linux systems linux/noarch
shorewall6-lite-5.2.8-2.15 Shoreline Firewall 6 Lite is an ip6tables-based firewall for Linux systems linux/noarch
shotcut-lang-21.06.29-1.1 Translations for package shotcut linux/noarch
shotwell-lang-0.30.14-1.1 Translations for package shotwell linux/noarch
shp-1.0.2-5.19 Like PHP except you write your script in shell script linux/noarch
shunit2-2.1.6-6.19 Test Framework for Bourne Based Shell Scripts linux/noarch
sierra-gtk-theme-20191216-1.22 MacOS High Sierra like theme for GTK 3, Gnome-Shell and more linux/noarch
siga-12.101-9.19 System Information GAthering linux/noarch
signon-plugins-docs-8.60-2.18 Documentation for the Single Sign On Framework's plugins linux/noarch
signond-docs-8.60-2.18 Single Sign On Framework - Documentation linux/noarch
signpost-commonshttp4- Signpost Apache HttpClient Supports linux/noarch
signpost-core- A simple, light-weight, and modular OAuth client library for the Java platform linux/noarch
signpost-core-javadoc- Javadoc for signpost-core linux/noarch
sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw-0.1.7-1.7 Firmware for Logic Analyzers based on the Cypress EZ-USB FX2(LP) Chip linux/noarch
sil-abyssinica-fonts-1.0-167.22 Smart Unicode Font for the Ethiopic Script (Amharic) linux/noarch
sil-andika-fonts-6.001-1.1 Sans serif, Unicode-compliant Font For Literacy Use linux/noarch
sil-charis-fonts-6.001-1.1 Smart Unicode Font for Latin and Cyrillic Scripts linux/noarch
sil-doulos-fonts-5.000-1.21 Doulos SIL Fonts Similar to Times linux/noarch
sil-gentium-fonts-6.001-1.1 A International Typeface for Languages Using the Latin Script linux/noarch
sil-mondulkiri-fonts-7.100-1.9 The Mondulkiri Font Family linux/noarch
sil-padauk-fonts-2.2-84.22 Smart Unicode Font for the Myanmar Script linux/noarch
simple-obfs-doc-0.0.5-4.14 Documents for simple-obfs linux/noarch
simple-scan-lang-40.1-1.1 Translations for package simple-scan linux/noarch
sisu-inject-0.3.3-1.246 Sisu inject linux/noarch
sisu-javadoc-0.3.3-1.246 API documentation for Sisu linux/noarch
sisu-plexus-0.3.3-1.246 Sisu Plexus linux/noarch
sitar-1.0.6-154.17 System InformaTion at Runtime linux/noarch
sitecopy-lang-0.16.6-42.4 Translations for package sitecopy linux/noarch
skanlite-lang-21.08.0-1.1 Translations for package skanlite linux/noarch
ski-6.13-1.4 Skiing simulation with curses interface in python linux/noarch
skinlf-6.7-7.54 Allows developers to write skinnable application using the Swing toolkit linux/noarch
skinlf-demo-6.7-7.54 Examples for skinlf linux/noarch
skinlf-javadoc-6.7-7.54 Javadoc for skinlf linux/noarch
skkdic-20160304-3.5 Main Dictionary for SKK linux/noarch
skkdic-extra-20160304-3.5 Optional, additional dictionaries for SKK linux/noarch
skrooge-lang-2.26.1-2.1 Translations for package skrooge linux/noarch
sleuth-1.4.4-61.3 Perl script for easy checking (DNS, common errors and etc.) linux/noarch
slf4j-1.7.30-2.9 Simple Logging Facade for Java linux/noarch
slf4j-ext-1.7.30-2.9 SLF4J Extensions Module linux/noarch
slf4j-javadoc-1.7.30-2.9 Javadoc for slf4j linux/noarch
slf4j-jcl-1.7.30-2.9 SLF4J JCL Binding linux/noarch
slf4j-jdk14-1.7.30-2.9 SLF4J JDK14 Binding linux/noarch
slf4j-log4j12-1.7.30-2.9 SLF4J LOG4J-12 Binding linux/noarch
slf4j-manual-1.7.30-2.9 Documents for slf4j linux/noarch
slf4j-sources-1.7.30-2.9 SLF4J Source JARs linux/noarch
slib-3b6-1.2 Portable Scheme Library linux/noarch
slrn-lang-1.0.3-3.31 Translations for package slrn linux/noarch
sluice-bash-completion-0.02.13-1.2 Bash Completion for sluice linux/noarch
smemstat-bash-completion-0.02.10-1.1 Bash Completion for smemstat linux/noarch
smplayer-lang-21.1.0-3.1 Translations for package smplayer linux/noarch
smtube-lang-20.6.0-1.7 Translations for package smtube linux/noarch
smuxi-1.0.7-2.57 Smart MUltipleXed Irc linux/noarch
smuxi-engine-1.0.7-2.57 Smart MUltipleXed Irc - Engine Library linux/noarch
smuxi-engine-campfire-1.0.7-2.57 Smart MUltipleXed Irc - Campfire Engine linux/noarch
smuxi-engine-campfire-lang-1.0.7-2.57 Translations for package smuxi linux/noarch
smuxi-engine-irc-1.0.7-2.57 Smart MUltipleXed Irc - IRC Engine linux/noarch
smuxi-engine-irc-lang-1.0.7-2.57 Translations for package smuxi linux/noarch
smuxi-engine-jabbr-1.0.7-2.57 Smart MUltipleXed Irc - Jabber Engine linux/noarch
smuxi-engine-jabbr-lang-1.0.7-2.57 Translations for package smuxi linux/noarch
smuxi-engine-lang-1.0.7-2.57 Translations for package smuxi linux/noarch
smuxi-engine-twitter-1.0.7-2.57 Smart MUltipleXed Irc - Twitter Engine linux/noarch
smuxi-engine-twitter-lang-1.0.7-2.57 Translations for package smuxi linux/noarch
smuxi-engine-xmpp-1.0.7-2.57 Smart MUltipleXed Irc - XMPP Engine linux/noarch
smuxi-engine-xmpp-lang-1.0.7-2.57 Translations for package smuxi linux/noarch
smuxi-frontend-1.0.7-2.57 Smart MUltipleXed Irc - Frontend Library linux/noarch
smuxi-frontend-gnome-1.0.7-2.57 Smart MUltipleXed Irc - GNOME Frontend linux/noarch
smuxi-frontend-gnome-irc-1.0.7-2.57 Smart MUltipleXed Irc - IRC Library for GNOME Frontend linux/noarch
smuxi-frontend-gnome-irc-lang-1.0.7-2.57 Translations for package smuxi linux/noarch
smuxi-frontend-gnome-lang-1.0.7-2.57 Translations for package smuxi linux/noarch
smuxi-frontend-gnome-twitter-1.0.7-2.57 Smart MUltipleXed Irc - TWITTER Library for GNOME Frontend linux/noarch
smuxi-frontend-gnome-twitter-lang-1.0.7-2.57 Translations for package smuxi linux/noarch
smuxi-frontend-gnome-xmpp-1.0.7-2.57 Smart MUltipleXed Irc - XMPP Library for GNOME Frontend linux/noarch
smuxi-frontend-gnome-xmpp-lang-1.0.7-2.57 Translations for package smuxi linux/noarch
smuxi-frontend-lang-1.0.7-2.57 Translations for package smuxi linux/noarch
smuxi-frontend-stfl-1.0.7-2.57 Smart MUltipleXed Irc - Structured Terminal Form Frontend linux/noarch
smuxi-message-buffer-1.0.7-2.57 Smart MUltipleXed Irc - Structured Terminal Form Frontend linux/noarch
smuxi-message-buffer-lang-1.0.7-2.57 Translations for package smuxi linux/noarch
smuxi-server-1.0.7-2.57 Smart MUltipleXed Irc - Server linux/noarch
smuxi-server-lang-1.0.7-2.57 Translations for package smuxi linux/noarch
snakeyaml-1.28-2.1 YAML parser and emitter for the Java programming language linux/noarch
snakeyaml-javadoc-1.28-2.1 API documentation for snakeyaml linux/noarch
snallygaster-0.0.10-1.1 Tool to scan for hidden files on HTTP servers linux/noarch
snd_sf2-0.1.2-681.13 Soundfont and MIDI Sample linux/noarch
snmpsim-0.4.7-1.13 SNMP Agents simulator linux/noarch
sof-firmware-1.7-2.1 Firmware Data Files for SOF Drivers linux/noarch
solaar-1.0.6-1.1 Linux devices manager for the Logitech Unifying Receiver linux/noarch
solaar-doc-1.0.6-1.1 Documentation for solaar linux/noarch
solaar-udev-1.0.6-1.1 Udev rules for accessing Logitech Unifying Receiver linux/noarch
solarus-quest-editor-assets-1.6.2-2.2 Assets for the Solarus Quest Editor linux/noarch
solarus-quest-editor-lang-1.6.2-2.2 Translations for package solarus-quest-editor linux/noarch
solo-udev-4.1.2-1.1 Udev rules for Solo and Solo Tap security keys linux/noarch
something-for-reddit-0.2-2.19 Browse Reddit from GNOME linux/noarch
sonar-icon-theme-11.3.1-30.17 Sonar Icon Theme linux/noarch
sonatype-oss-parent-7-2.8 Sonatype OSS Parent linux/noarch
sonatype-plugins-parent-8-1.173 Sonatype Plugins Parent POM linux/noarch
sound-juicer-lang-3.38.0-1.4 Translations for package sound-juicer linux/noarch
sound-theme-freedesktop-0.8-9.10 sound theme linux/noarch
sound-theme-yaru- Yaru sound theme linux/noarch
soundconverter-lang-4.0.1-1.1 Translations for package soundconverter linux/noarch
spacefm-lang-1.0.6-3.6 Translations for package spacefm linux/noarch
spack-0.16.2-5.1 Package manager for HPC systems linux/noarch
spack-info-0.16.2-5.1 Info Page for Spack - Package manager for HPC systems linux/noarch
spack-man-0.16.2-5.1 Man Page for Spack - Package manager for HPC systems linux/noarch
spack-recipes-0.16.2-5.1 Spack built-in package recipes linux/noarch
spandsp-doc-0.0.6-5.8 Documentation for the libspandsp API linux/noarch
spec-cleaner-1.2.1-3.1 .spec file cleaner linux/noarch
spec-cleaner-format_spec_file-1.2.1-3.1 Binding replacing OBS service format_spec_file linux/noarch
spec-version-maven-plugin-1.2-1.168 Spec Version Maven Plugin linux/noarch
spec-version-maven-plugin-javadoc-1.2-1.168 Javadoc for spec-version-maven-plugin linux/noarch
spectacle-lang-21.08.0-1.1 Translations for package spectacle linux/noarch
spectcl- Interface Builder for Tcl/Tk and Java linux/noarch
speedtest-cli-2.1.3-1.2 Command line interface for testing internet bandwidth linux/noarch
spice-gtk-lang-0.39-1.7 Translations for package spice-gtk linux/noarch
spice-html5-0.2.2-1.4 Pure Javascript SPICE client linux/noarch
spice-parent-26-1.8 Sonatype Spice Components linux/noarch
spice-protocol-devel-0.14.3-1.3 SPICE-protocol definitions linux/noarch
spice-up-lang-1.8.2-2.29 Translations for package spice-up linux/noarch
spirv-headers-1.5.4.g57-1.1 Machine-readable files from the SPIR-V registry linux/noarch
spotify-easyrpm-3.0.1-1.2 Tool to download, convert and install the Spotify for Linux package linux/noarch
spyder-4.1.5-1.2 The Scientific Python Development Environment linux/noarch
spyder-dicom-4.1.5-1.2 DICOM I/O plugin for the Spyder IDE linux/noarch
spyder-hdf5-4.1.5-1.2 HDF5 I/O plugin for the Spyder IDE linux/noarch
spyder-lang-4.1.5-1.2 Translations for package spyder linux/noarch
spyder3-terminal-0.3.0-1.1 Operating system virtual terminal plugin for the Spyder IDE linux/noarch
sqlite3-doc-3.36.0-1.1 Documentation for sqlite3 linux/noarch
sqlmap-1.5.7-1.1 Automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool linux/noarch
squirrel-doc-3.0.7-3.20 Documentation for squirrel linux/noarch
squirrel-examples-3.0.7-3.20 Example scripts for squirrel linux/noarch
srecord-doc-1.64-4.248 Srecord PDF documentation linux/noarch
ssh-audit-2.4.0-1.2 SSH server auditing linux/noarch
ssh-tools-1.6-1.5 A collection of various tools using ssh linux/noarch
sshuttle-1.0.5-3.1 VPN over an SSH tunnel linux/noarch
ssl-cert-check-4.11git.1556282902.f3fc941-1.6 Shell script to send notifications when SSL certificates are about to expire linux/noarch
staging-build-key-12.0-1.19 The public gpg key for rpm package signature verification linux/noarch
stardict-dic-enru-engcom-1.36-20.19 English-Russian dictionary of computer terms linux/noarch
stardict-dic-enru-mueller7-1.2-19.19 English-Russian dictionary by professor V. K. Mueller linux/noarch
stardict-sounds-wyabdcrealpeopletts-2.1.0-15.20 Wyabdc RealPeople TTS audio collection of english words linux/noarch
starfighter-lang-2.4-1.5 Translations for package starfighter linux/noarch
stax-ex-1.8-1.125 StAX API extensions linux/noarch
stax-ex-javadoc-1.8-1.125 Javadoc for stax-ex linux/noarch
stax2-api-4.0.0-2.168 Experimental API extending basic StAX implementation linux/noarch
stax2-api-javadoc-4.0.0-2.168 API documentation for stax2-api linux/noarch
stdman-2020.11.17-1.3 C++ stdlib man pages linux/noarch
steamtricks-0.3.1-1.3 Workarounds for problems with Steam on Linux linux/noarch
steamtricks-data-20180128.f77bb8e-1.10 Steamtricks companion data repository linux/noarch
steinberg-bravura-fonts-1.276-1.5 A complete, SMuFL compliant music font linux/noarch
step-lang-21.08.0-1.1 Translations for package step linux/noarch
stgit-0.23-1.8 Stacked GIT - Source Code Management Tool linux/noarch
stix-fonts-1.1.0-12.35 STIX scientific and engineering fonts linux/noarch
stix-integrals-fonts-1.1.0-12.35 STIX scientific and engineering fonts, additional integral glyphs linux/noarch
stix-pua-fonts-1.1.0-12.35 STIX scientific and engineering fonts, PUA glyphs linux/noarch
stix-sizes-fonts-1.1.0-12.35 STIX scientific and engineering fonts, additional glyph sizes linux/noarch
stix-variants-fonts-1.1.0-12.35 STIX scientific and engineering fonts, additional glyph variants linux/noarch
storage-fixup-0.2-50.6 Storage Fixup Script linux/noarch
storeBackup-3.5-13.1 A disk-to-disk backup tool for Linux linux/noarch
stow-2.3.1-1.2 Manage the installation of software packages from source linux/noarch
stow-doc-2.3.1-1.2 Documentation for GNU Stow linux/noarch
streamlink-2.3.0-1.1 Program to pipe streams from services into a video player linux/noarch
stress-ng-bash-completion-0.13.00-1.1 Bash Completion for stress-ng linux/noarch
string-template-maven-plugin-1.1-1.165 StringTemplate Maven Plugin linux/noarch
string-template-maven-plugin-javadoc-1.1-1.165 Javadoc for string-template-maven-plugin linux/noarch
stringtemplate-3.2.1-1.17 A Java template engine linux/noarch
stringtemplate-javadoc-3.2.1-1.17 API documentation for stringtemplate linux/noarch
stringtemplate4-4.3-1.25 A Java template engine linux/noarch
stringtemplate4-javadoc-4.3-1.25 Javadoc for stringtemplate4 linux/noarch
strip-nondeterminism-1.12.0-1.1 A tool for stripping non-deterministic information linux/noarch
strongswan-doc-5.9.0-1.26 Documentation for strongSwan linux/noarch
stunnel-doc-5.60-1.1 Documentation for the universal TLS Tunnel linux/noarch
subtitlecomposer-lang-0.7.0-3.14 Translations for package subtitlecomposer linux/noarch
subtitleeditor-lang-0.54.0-4.18 Translations for package subtitleeditor linux/noarch
subunit-filters-1.4.0+git.1584197985.0e9f67b-5.1 Command line filters for processing subunit streams linux/noarch
subunit-shell-1.4.0+git.1584197985.0e9f67b-5.1 Shell bindings for subunit linux/noarch
subversion-bash-completion-1.14.1-1.4 Bash Completion for subversion linux/noarch
subversion-doc-1.8.r5043-1.21 Documentation files for Subversion linux/noarch
sundanese-unicode-fonts-1.0.5-3.21 Sundanese Unicode Font linux/noarch
super-csv-2.4.0-3.1 A CSV library for Java linux/noarch
super-csv-javadoc-2.4.0-3.1 Javadoc for super-csv linux/noarch
superlu-gnu-hpc-devel-5.2.2-3.5 Dependency package for superlu_5_2_2-gnu-hpc-devel linux/noarch
superlu-gnu-hpc-doc-5.2.2-3.5 Dependency package for superlu_5_2_2-gnu-hpc-doc linux/noarch
superlu-gnu-hpc-examples-5.2.2-3.5 Dependency package for superlu_5_2_2-gnu-hpc-examples linux/noarch
superpaper-2.1.0-3.1 An advanced multi monitor wallpaper manager linux/noarch
supertuxkart-data-1.2-2.3 Data files for SuperTuxKart linux/noarch
supervisor-4.1.0-1.42 A system for controlling process state under UNIX linux/noarch
supportutils-3.1.17-2.1 Support Troubleshooting Tools linux/noarch
surfraw-2.3.0-3.1 Command Line Interface to WWW Search Engines linux/noarch
suru-plus-dark-icon-theme-25.1-1.9 Suru Plus Dark icon theme linux/noarch
suse-build-key-12.0-10.1 The public gpg key for rpm package signature verification linux/noarch
suse-prime-0.7.17-1.2 GPU (nvidia/intel) selection for NVIDIA optimus laptops linux/noarch
suse-prime-bbswitch-0.7.17-1.2 GPU (nvidia/intel) selection for NVIDIA optimus laptops with bbswitch support linux/noarch
suse-xsl-stylesheets-2.81.0-1.1 SUSE-Branded Stylesheets for DocBook linux/noarch
susefirewall2-to-firewalld-0.0.4-2.4 Basic SuSEfirewall2 to FirewallD migration script linux/noarch
susepaste-0.6-4.2 Script for using openSUSE paste linux/noarch
susepaste-screenshot-0.6-4.2 Script for pasting screenshots linux/noarch
suseprime-appindicator-0.1.0-3.2 SUSE Prime appindicator for switching between GPUs linux/noarch
sushi-lang-3.38.1-1.1 Translations for package sushi linux/noarch
svg-schema-20030114-123.10 SVG DTD and RELAX NG Schema linux/noarch
svg-schema-doc-20030114-123.10 Documentation of SVG Schemas linux/noarch
svgpart-lang-21.08.0-1.1 Translations for package svgpart linux/noarch
swaks-20201014.0-2.2 Swiss Army Knife for SMTP linux/noarch
swappy-lang-1.3.1-1.3 Translations for package swappy linux/noarch
sway-branding-openSUSE-0.13-3.1 openSUSE branding of sway linux/noarch
sway-branding-upstream-1.6.1-1.1 Upstream branding of sway linux/noarch
swayidle-bash-completion-1.7-1.1 Bash completion for swayidle linux/noarch
swayidle-fish-completion-1.7-1.1 Fish completion for swayidle linux/noarch
swayidle-zsh-completion-1.7-1.1 Zsh completion for swayidle linux/noarch
swaylock-bash-completion-1.5-1.16 Bash completion for swaylock linux/noarch
swaylock-fish-completion-1.5-1.16 Fish completion for swaylock linux/noarch
swaylock-zsh-completion-1.5-1.16 Zsh completion for swaylock linux/noarch
sweeper-lang-21.08.0-1.1 Translations for package sweeper linux/noarch
swell-foop-lang-40.1-1.2 Translations for package swell-foop linux/noarch
swig-doc-4.0.2-4.1 SWIG Manual linux/noarch
swing-layout-1.0.3-36.80 Natural layout for Swing panels linux/noarch
swing-layout-javadoc-1.0.3-36.80 Natural layout for Swing panels linux/noarch
swing-worker-1.2-25.79 UI updates support for long running tasks linux/noarch
swing-worker-demo-1.2-25.79 UI updates support for long running tasks linux/noarch
swing-worker-javadoc-1.2-25.79 UI updates support for long running tasks linux/noarch
swingx-0.9.4-24.65 A collection of Swing components linux/noarch
swingx-javadoc-0.9.4-24.65 Javadoc for swingx linux/noarch
switch_sles_sle-hpc-0.2-3.7 Utility to switch between SLES and SLE-HPC on SLE-12 linux/noarch
switchboard-lang-2.3.7-1.29 Translations for package switchboard linux/noarch
switcheroo-control-doc-2.4-1.3 Documentation for switcheroo-control linux/noarch
swtcalendar-0.5-2.24 GUI date picker for Java using SWT linux/noarch
swtchart-0.10.0-4.10 Chart component based on SWT linux/noarch
swtchart-javadoc-0.10.0-4.10 Javadoc for swtchart linux/noarch
syslog-service-2.0-793.11 Syslog service files & scripts linux/noarch
sysprof-lang-3.40.1-1.3 Translations for package sysprof linux/noarch
system-config-printer-applet-1.5.15-1.2 Notification icon for printing via system-config-printer linux/noarch
system-config-printer-common-1.5.15-1.2 Common files for GNOME's printer administration tool linux/noarch
system-config-printer-common-lang-1.5.15-1.2 Translations for package system-config-printer linux/noarch
system-config-printer-dbus-service-1.5.15-1.2 D-Bus service to configure printing via system-config-printer linux/noarch
system-group-hardware-20170617-22.1 Hardware related system groups linux/noarch
system-group-kvm-20170617-22.1 System group kvm linux/noarch
system-group-libvirt-20170617-22.1 System group libvirt linux/noarch
system-group-obsolete-20170617-22.1 Obsolete system groups linux/noarch
system-group-wheel-20170617-22.1 System group 'wheel' linux/noarch
system-tuning-common-SUSE-0.1-7.3 SUSE specific udev tuning rules linux/noarch
system-user-bin-20170617-22.1 System user and group 'bin' linux/noarch
system-user-daemon-20170617-22.1 System user and group 'daemon' linux/noarch
system-user-ftp-20170617-22.1 System user and group ftp linux/noarch
system-user-games-20170617-22.1 System user and group games linux/noarch
system-user-grafana-1.0.0-1.6 System user and group 'grafana' linux/noarch
system-user-loki-1.0.0-1.6 System user and group 'loki' linux/noarch
system-user-lp-20170617-22.1 System user lp linux/noarch
system-user-mail-20170617-22.1 System user and group mail linux/noarch
system-user-man-20170617-22.1 System user and group 'man' linux/noarch
system-user-mktex-1.0.0-2.1 System user and group 'mktex' linux/noarch
system-user-news-20170617-22.1 System user and group 'news' linux/noarch
system-user-nobody-20170617-22.1 System user and group nobody linux/noarch
system-user-ntp-20170617-22.1 System user ntp and group linux/noarch
system-user-osc-collab-0.104+14-1.1 System user for the osc-collab server component linux/noarch
system-user-prometheus-1.0.0-1.6 System user and group 'prometheus' linux/noarch
system-user-qemu-20170617-22.1 System user and group qemu linux/noarch
system-user-root-20190513-1.163 System user and group root linux/noarch
system-user-tftp-20170617-22.1 System user and group tftp linux/noarch
system-user-tss-20170617-22.1 System user and group tss linux/noarch
system-user-upsd-20170617-22.1 System user upsd linux/noarch
system-user-uucp-20170617-22.1 System user and group uucp linux/noarch
system-user-uuidd-20170617-22.1 System user and group uuidd linux/noarch
system-user-vscan-20170617-22.1 System user vscan linux/noarch
system-user-wwwrun-20170617-22.1 System user wwwrun and group www linux/noarch
systemd-default-settings-0.7-1.2 Customization of systemd default settings for SUSE distributions linux/noarch
systemd-default-settings-branding-SLE-0.7-1.2 Specific customization of systemd defaults settings for SLE linux/noarch
systemd-default-settings-branding-SLE-Micro-0.7-1.2 Specific customization of systemd defaults settings for SLE-Micro linux/noarch
systemd-default-settings-branding-openSUSE-0.7-1.2 Specific customization of systemd defaults settings for openSUSE linux/noarch
systemd-default-settings-branding-upstream-0.7-1.2 Restore upstream systemd defaults settings linux/noarch
systemd-icon-branding-openSUSE-84.87.20200106-4.1 openSUSE Tumbleweed icons for systemd linux/noarch
systemd-lang-248.6-2.1 Translations for package systemd linux/noarch
systemd-presets-branding-MicroOS-20200323-2.5 Systemd default presets for openSUSE MicroOS linux/noarch
systemd-presets-branding-openSUSE-12.2-18.1 Systemd default presets for openSUSE linux/noarch
systemd-presets-branding-transactional-server-15.0-4.6 Systemd presets for Transactional Server System Role linux/noarch
systemd-presets-common-SUSE-15-19.1 Systemd default presets for SUSE distributions linux/noarch
systemd-rpm-macros-13-1.1 RPM macros for systemd linux/noarch
systemd-zram-service-0.2.1-1.12 Systemd service for zram linux/noarch
systemsettings5-lang-5.22.4-1.1 Translations for package systemsettings5 linux/noarch
systemtap-docs-4.2-5.1 Documents and examples for systemtap linux/noarch
systemtap-dtrace-4.2-5.3 SystemTap dtrace utility linux/noarch
sysuser-shadow-3.1-2.1 Tool to execute sysusers.d with shadow utilities linux/noarch
sysuser-tools-3.1-2.1 Auto provides for system users linux/noarch

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