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RPM of Group Productivity/Scientific/Math

jeuclid-cli-3.1.3-11.14 Command line interface for JEuclid linux/noarch
jeuclid-fop-3.1.3-11.14 JEuclid plug-in for FOP linux/noarch
jeuclid-mathviewer-3.1.3-11.14 Viewer for MathML files linux/noarch
metamath-book-20190602-5.2 The Metamath book linux/noarch
metamath-data-0.196-5.2 Data base files for metamath linux/noarch
octave-forge-bim-1.1.5-1.14 PDE Solver using a Finite Element/Finite Volume approach linux/noarch
octave-forge-cgi-0.1.2-1.14 Common Gataway Interface for Octave linux/noarch
octave-forge-data-smoothing-1.3.0-1.19 Algorithms for smoothing noisy data linux/noarch
octave-forge-dataframe-1.2.0-1.14 Data manipulation toolbox similar to R data.frame linux/noarch
octave-forge-divand-1.1.2-1.18 N-dimensional variational analysis for Octave linux/noarch
octave-forge-doctest-0.7.0-1.7 Octave-Forge documentation tests linux/noarch
octave-forge-financial-0.5.3-1.10 Financial instruments for Octave linux/noarch
octave-forge-fpl-1.3.5-1.19 Fem PLotting for Octave linux/noarch
octave-forge-fuzzy-logic-toolkit-0.4.6-1.2 Fuzzy logic toolkit for Octave linux/noarch
octave-forge-ga-0.10.2-1.2 Genetic optimization code for Octave linux/noarch
octave-forge-generate_html-0.3.2-1.4 Generate HTML web page from help texts linux/noarch
octave-forge-level-set-0.3.1-1.2 Level-Set functions for Octave linux/noarch
octave-forge-linear-algebra-2.2.3-1.7 Linear algebra package for Octave linux/noarch
octave-forge-matgeom-1.2.2-1.4 Geometry toolbox for Octave linux/noarch
octave-forge-mvn-1.1.0-1.18 Multivariate normal distribution clustering and utility functions for Octave linux/noarch
octave-forge-ncarray-1.0.4-1.7 Access to NetCDF files as a multi-dimensional array from Octave linux/noarch
octave-forge-optics-0.1.4-1.7 Functions covering various aspects of optics for Octave linux/noarch
octave-forge-queueing-1.2.7-1.4 Queueing Networks and Markov chains analysis for Octave linux/noarch
octave-forge-secs1d-0.0.9-1.16 SEmi Conductor Simulator in 1D for Octave linux/noarch
octave-forge-secs3d-0.0.1-1.16 SEmi Conductor Simulator in 3D for Octave linux/noarch
octave-forge-splines-1.3.4-1.2 Additional spline functions for Octave linux/noarch
octave-forge-statistics-1.4.2-1.4 Additional statistics functions for Octave linux/noarch
octave-forge-symbolic-2.9.0-1.4 Octave Symbolic Package using SymPy linux/noarch
octave-forge-tsa-4.6.2-1.7 Time Series Analysis Toolbox for Octave linux/noarch
pari-elldata-20190912-2.4 Elliptic Curve Data for the PARI CAS linux/noarch
pari-galdata-20080411-9.4 Galois Groups 8-11 for the PARI CAS linux/noarch
pari-galpol-20180625-2.4 GALPOL polynomial database for the PARI CAS linux/noarch
pari-nftables-20080929-8.10 Megrez Number Field tables for the PARI CAS linux/noarch
pari-seadata-20090618-9.4 Polynomial and Elliptic Curve Data for the PARI CAS linux/noarch
qalculate-data-3.20.1-1.1 Additional data for the qalculator calulator library linux/noarch

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