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RPM of Group Productivity/Networking/Other

asciinema-2.0.2-2.10 Terminal session recorder linux/noarch
chrony-pool-empty-4.1-4.1 Empty pool preconfiguration for chrony linux/noarch
chrony-pool-openSUSE-4.1-4.1 Chrony preconfiguration for openSUSE linux/noarch
chrony-pool-suse-4.1-4.1 Chrony preconfiguration for SUSE linux/noarch
flickrnet-3.5-8.15 Flickr linux/noarch
gns3-gui-2.2.24-1.1 GNS3 graphical interface for the GNS3 server linux/noarch
gns3-server-2.2.24-1.1 A graphical network simulator linux/noarch
jeos-firstboot-rpiwifi- jeos-firstboot module for WiFi configuration for RaspberryPi systems linux/noarch
leechcraft-fenet-awesome-0.6.70+git.14675.g3f93af1b45-1.1 Awesome Window Manager integration for LeechCraft linux/noarch
leechcraft-fenet-kwin-0.6.70+git.14675.g3f93af1b45-1.1 Kwin integration for LeechCraft linux/noarch
leechcraft-fenet-openbox-0.6.70+git.14675.g3f93af1b45-1.1 OpenBox Window Manager integration for LeechCraft linux/noarch
nmcli-dmenu-1.0.0-1.20 Control NetworkManager via dmenu linux/noarch
poezio-doc-0.11-2.84 Documentation for poezio linux/noarch
redfishtool-1.1.5-1.2 A CLI tool for accessing the Redfish API linux/noarch
smuxi-engine-twitter-1.0.7-2.57 Smart MUltipleXed Irc - Twitter Engine linux/noarch
smuxi-engine-xmpp-1.0.7-2.57 Smart MUltipleXed Irc - XMPP Engine linux/noarch
susefirewall2-to-firewalld-0.0.4-2.4 Basic SuSEfirewall2 to FirewallD migration script linux/noarch
torrentinfo-1.8.6-3.2 Displays information contained in .torrent Files linux/noarch
transmission-common-3.00-2.8 Common data for the "transmission" BitTorrent client linux/noarch
xlogin-0.2-221.21 xlogin, xtelnet linux/noarch

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