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libspnav0-1.1-1.7 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for i586

Name: libspnav0 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.7 Build date: Fri Dec 23 21:04:26 2022
Group: Hardware/Other Build host: reproducible
Size: 60721 Source RPM: libspnav-1.1-1.7.src.rpm
Summary: Library for accessing 3D connexion devices
The libspnav library is provided as a replacement of the magellan library.
It provides a cleaner, and more orthogonal interface. libspnav supports
both the original X11 protocol for communicating with the driver, and the
new alternative non-X protocol. Programs that choose to use the X11
protocol, are automatically compatible with either the free spacenavd
driver or the official 3dxserv, as if they were using the magellan SDK.

Also, libspnav provides a magellan API wrapper on top of the new API. So,
any applications that were using the magellan library, can switch to
libspnav without any changes. And programmers that are familliar with the
magellan API can continue using it with a free library without the
restrictions of the official SDK.






* Fri Dec 23 2022 Herbert Graeber <>
  - Update to 1.1:
    * Fixed non-x11 build which was broken in v1.0.
    * Fixed out-of-source build regression.
    * Fixed potential crash in spnav_send_str: made it accept null pointers and send empty strings.
* Tue Apr 05 2022 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Update to 1.0:
    * Added support for spacenav protocol v1.
    * Added new API entry points, for the new capabilities
      introduced with protocol v1, including device queries,
      configuration management, new events, device identifier
      enumeration, etc.
    * Added utility functions for processing spacenav motion inputs
      and computing transformation matrices for object or view
    * Added pkg-config file.
    * Added new example program, showing how to use 6dof input to
      control the view for flying in a 3D scene. This complements
      the cube example which shows how to manipulate 3D objects.
      Ported both examples to use the new helper functions.
    * Added API documentation under doc/
  - Drop obsolete patch:
    * libspnav-0.2.3-lib_links.patch
* Tue Aug 28 2018 Herbert Graeber <> 0.2.3
  - The project moved its official repository to github
  - Add separate LICENSE file (formerly only available as part of the
    README file
* Sat Feb 14 2015
  - Update to version 0.2.3
    * fixed invalid quaternion bug in cube example, when receiving
      zero-angle rotations.
    * fixed memory leak in spnav_remove_events.
    * makefile improvements (MacOS X build, DESTDIR, shared library
      symlinks, create missing install paths).
    * fixed bug when closing and reopening the connection to spacenavd.
  - Add libspnav-0.2.3-lib_links.patch; fix libraries link against
* Wed Oct 01 2014
  - Only use pkgconfig(x11) not xorg-x11-devel
* Thu Jan 12 2012
  - change license to be in format
* Tue Aug 09 2011
  - Corrected license to BSD
* Wed Aug 03 2011
  - Add a Url tag.
* Mon Jan 24 2011
  - update to version 0.2.2
  - use separate changes file
* Sun Mar 22 2009
  - Initial package



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