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libbluetooth3-5.71-4.1 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for i586

Name: libbluetooth3 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 5.71 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 4.1 Build date: Tue Jun 11 11:15:31 2024
Group: System/Libraries Build host: reproducible
Size: 313221 Source RPM: bluez-5.71-4.1.src.rpm
Summary: Bluetooth Libraries
BlueZ provides support for the core Bluetooth layers and protocols.
It is uses a modular implementation. It has many interesting features:

* Multithreaded data processing
* Support for multiple Bluetooth devices
* Real hardware abstraction
* Standard socket interface to all layers
* Device and service level security support






* Tue Jun 11 2024 Daniel Garcia <>
  - Fix python3 shebang from test files (bsc#1212476)
* Wed Feb 28 2024 Yifan Jiang <>
  - Add necessary Supplements (gnome-bluetooth, blueman, bluedevil5)
    to bluez-obexd, so that file transfer features of the applications
    can be used by default (bsc#1209153).
  - Update the description of bluez-obexd.
* Wed Jan 03 2024 Dirk Müller <>
  - add fix-link-key-address-type.patch - thanks to
    pallaswept for identifying the right patch for the pairing
* Wed Dec 20 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 5.71:
    * Fix issue with not registering CSIS service.
    * Fix issue with registering pairing callbacks.
    * Fix issue with corruption during discovery filter parsing.
  - drop CVE-2023-45866.patch,
    Fix-.device_probe-failing-if-SDP-record-is-not.patch: upstream
  - update bluez-disable-broken-tests.diff: disable failing vcp test
* Wed Dec 13 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - add CVE-2023-45866.patch (CVE-2023-45866, bsc#1217877)
* Mon Nov 06 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 5.70:
    * Fix issue with not sending GATT confirmations.
    * Fix issue with not handling initiator properly.
    * Fix issue with not checking PBAP counter length.
    * Add support for MICP profile and MICS service.
  - add Fix-.device_probe-failing-if-SDP-record-is-not.patch to fix
    regression when pairing game controllers
* Wed Oct 04 2023 Joey Lee <>
  - Moved btmgmt to main rpm of bluez. (jsc#PED-6216)
* Tue Aug 29 2023 Timo Jyrinki <>
  - update to 5.69
    * Fix issue with BAP enabling state correctly when resuming.
    * Fix issue with detaching source ASEs only after Stop Ready.
    * Fix issue with handling VCP audio location and descriptor.
    * Fix issue with generating IRK for adapter with privacy enabled.
    * Add support for BAP broadcast sink.
  - Add three new man pages
* Sat Aug 19 2023 Callum Farmer <>
  - Use %_firmwaredir
* Wed Aug 16 2023 Joey Lee <>
  - For pushing bluez 5.68 to 15-SP6 (bluez-5.65), sync change log:
    - RPi-Move-the-43xx-firmware-into-lib-firmware.patch be removed
      by Stefan Seyfried since updating to bluez-5.66. (bsc#995059)(bsc#1094902)
      Because the header file has "#ifndef FIRMWARE_DIR...#define FIRMWARE_DIR /etc/firmare"
      instead of patching. So we just supply FIRMWARE_DIR on compiler's
      command line in bluez.spec:
      export CPPFLAGS="$CPPFLAGS -DFIRMWARE_DIR='\"/lib/firmware\"'
* Tue Aug 15 2023 Joey Lee <>
  - For pushing bluez 5.68 to 15-SP6 (bluez-5.65), sync change log:
    - The avrcp-Fix-crash-while-handling-unsupported-events.patch
      be merged to bluez-5.67 since 2023. (bsc#1210398)(CVE-2023-27349)
* Fri Aug 11 2023 Joey Lee <>
  - 0001-obex-Use-GLib-helper-function-to-manipulate-paths.patch be
    removed by Timo Jyrinki when updating to 5.68. I saw some reasons:
    - Upstream didn't take this patch:
    - Fedora also marked this patch in bluez.spec since bluez-5.68-2.fc39
    We didn't put any bug number of this patch when it be introduced
    to bluez.spec since Nov 23, 2021. So, let's remove this patch unless
    upstream or Fedora add it back.
* Thu Aug 10 2023 Timo Jyrinki <>
  - update to 5.68
    * Fix issue with A2DP and handling of Transport.Acquire.
    * Fix issue with BAP and initiating QoS and Enable procedures.
    * Fix issue with BAP and detaching streams when PAC is removed.
    * Fix issue with BAP and reading all instances of PAC.
    * Fix issue with BAP and not being able to reconfigure.
    * Fix issue with BAP and transport configuration changes.
    * Fix issue with BAP and handling unexpected disconnect.
    * Fix issue with GATT and not removing pending services.
    * Fix issue with GATT and client ready handling.
    * Fix issue with handling fallback to transient hostname.
    * Add support for SecureConnections configuration option.
    * Add support for Mesh Remove Provisioning.
    * Add support for Mesh Private Beacons.
  - Remove patches that are not needed with the new upstream.
* Wed Nov 16 2022 Stefan Seyfried <>
  - update to 5.66:
    * Fix issue with A2DP and transport connection collisions.
    * Fix issue with allowing application specific error codes.
    * Fix issue with not setting initiator flag correctly.
    * Fix issue with HoG Report MAP size handling.
    * Add initial support for Basic Audio Profile.
    * Add initial support for Volume Control Profile.
  - remove RPi-Move-the-43xx-firmware-into-lib-firmware.patch (does
    not apply anymore), replace with CPPFLAGS define
* Wed Oct 26 2022 Joey Lee <>
  - For pushing bluez 5.65 to 15-SP5 (bluez-5.62), sync more change log:
    - The hcidump-Fix-set_ext_ctrl-global-buffer-overflow.patch
      be merged to bluez-5.51 in 2018. (bsc#1013732)(CVE-2016-9801)
    - The following btmon patches are merged to bluez-5.51 and later:
    - The shared-gatt-server-Fix-not-properly-checking-for-sec.patch
      be merged to bluez-5.57 in 2021.
      (bsc#1186463 CVE-2021-0129 CVE-2020-26558)
    - The gatt-Fix-potential-buffer-out-of-bound.patch be merged to
      bluez-5.56 in 2021. (bsc#1187165 CVE-2021-3588)
    - The shared-gatt-db-Introduce-gatt_db_attribute_set_fixed.patch
      be merged to bluez-5.56 in 2021. (bsc#1187165 CVE-2021-3588)
    - The gatt-Make-use-of-gatt_db_attribute_set_fixed_length.patch
      be merged to bluez-5.56 in 2021. (bsc#1187165 CVE-2021-3588)
    - Add JIRA-SLE-18497 number to 5.60, 5.61 and 5.62 update log
      to sync with bluez.changes in SLE15-SP5.
    - Install modprobe.conf files to %_modprobedir
      This change already in bluez.sepc in openSUSE:Factory/bluez.
      Sync the change log here. (bsc#1196275, jsc#SLE-20639)
* Tue Oct 04 2022 Joey Lee <>
  - For pushing bluez 5.65 to 15-SP5 (bluez-5.62), sync the spec file and
    log: (jsc#PED-1407)
    - SLE15-SP5 will direct use bluez.changes for openSUSE TW.
      So keep the contents of SLE bluez.changes to bluez.changes.sle file.
    - Put to /usr/share/doc/packages/bluez/bluez.changes.sle in package.
* Mon Oct 03 2022 Joey Lee <>
  - For pushing bluez 5.65 to 15-SP5 (bluez-5.62), sync the spec file and
    log: (jsc#PED-1407)
    - SLE15-SP5 will use the bluez.spec from openSUSE TW. The following
      are changes in bluez.spec of SLE15-SP5:
    - Obsoletes:      bluez-utils <= 3.36
    Obsoletes:      bluez-utils < 3.36
    - Obsoletes:      bluez-audio <= 3.36
      Obsoletes:      bluez-audio < 3.36
    - In %package -n libbluetooth3:
    Obsoletes:      bluez-libs <= 3.36
    Obsoletes:      bluez-libs < 3.36
    - In %package cups, add the following statements
    Requires:       %{name}
    Requires:       cups
    Supplements:    (%{name} and cups)
    - In %package test
    Requires:       python3-gobject2
    Requires:       python3-gobject
    - In %package auto-enable-devices package, add
    Requires(post): systemd
    - Add %package obexd and %package zsh-completion
    and their %description
    - In %prep
    - Removed
    %setup -q
    - Removed
    [#] FIXME: Change the dbus service to be a real service, not systemd launched
    sed -i "s:Exec=/bin/false:Exec=%{_libexecdir}/bluetooth/obexd:g" obexd/src/org.bluez.obex.service
    sed -i "/SystemdService=.*/d" obexd/src/org.bluez.obex.service
    [#] END FIXME
    - In %build, add
    - -with-dbusconfdir=%{_datadir}  \
    - In %install
    - Removed
    [#] FIXME: Do not delete the systemd service once we support systemd user/session services
    rm %{buildroot}%{_userunitdir}/obex.service
    [#] end FIXME
    - org.bluez.mesh.service to %{_sysconfdir}/dbus-1/system-services/,
    org.bluez.mesh.service to %{_datadir}/dbus-1/system-services/,
    - In %files
    - Add
    - %config %{_sysconfdir}/dbus-1/system.d/bluetooth.conf
    - Removed
    - Removed
    - Add %files zsh-completion
    - SLE15-SP5 will direct use bluez.changes for openSUSE TW.
      So keep the contents of SLE bluez.changes to bluez.changes.sle file.
    - Removed shared-gatt-server-Fix-heap-overflow-when-appending-.patch in
      SLE15-SP5 bluez because 5.65 bluez already includes it.
    - The code shall check if the prepare writes would append more the
      allowed maximum attribute length. (bsc#1194704 CVE-2022-0204)
* Wed Sep 14 2022 Joey Lee <>
  - For pushing bluez 5.65 to 15-SP5 (bluez-5.62), sync the patches and
    log: (jsc#PED-1407)
    - hcidump-fixed-hci-frame-dump-stack-buffer-overflow.patch patch
      be merged to 5.51 mainline. So 5.65 bluez already includes it.
    - Add the following patches from the bluez-5.62 of 15-SP5:
    - disable_some_obex_tests.patch
    - disable tests for bypass boo#1078285
    - hcidump-Add-assoc-dump-function-assoc-date-length-ch.patch
    - bsc#1013708 CVE-2016-9797
    - Al Cho has sent it to upstream but it not be merged:
    - hcidump-Fix-memory-leak-with-malformed-packet.patch
    - bsc#1015171 CVE-2016-9917
    - Al Cho has sent it to upstream but it not be merged:
    - hcidump-Fixed-malformed-segment-frame-length.patch
    - bsc#1013712 CVE-2016-9798
    - Did not send to upstream.
    - 0001-rpi3-bcm43xx-The-UART-speed-must-be-reset-after-the-firmw.patch
    - Move 43xx firmware path for RPi3 bluetooth support bsc#1140688 bsc#995059 bsc#1094902
    - From
    - Respin the following patches
    - bluez-test-2to3.diff
    - Removed some parts of patch because those codes be included
      in a1939bd51e0faba9a8550eea2590d99cb63a33c1 since 5.65.
    - The following patches are the same between SLE15-SP5 with openSUSE TW:
    - bluez-5.45-disable-broken-tests.diff in 15-SP5 matchs with
      bluez-disable-broken-tests.diff in openSUSE TW.
    - 0002-rpi3-Move-the-43xx-firmware-into-lib-firmware.patch in 15-SP5
      matchs with RPi-Move-the-43xx-firmware-into-lib-firmware.patch in
      openSUSE TW. (bsc#995059)(bsc#1094902)
* Wed Aug 17 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 5.65:
    * Fix issue with A2DP cache invalidation handling.
    * Fix issue with A2DP and not initialized SEP codec.
    * Fix issue with A2DP and multiple SetConfiguration to same SEP
    * Fix issue with AVRCP and not properly initialized volume.
    * Fix issue with SDP records when operating in LE only mode.
    * Fix issue with HoG and not reading report map of instances.
    * Fix issue with GATT server crashing while disconnecting.
    * Fix issue with not removing connected devices.
    * Fix issue with enabling wake support without RPA Resolution.
    * Fix issue with pairing failed due to the error of Already Paired.
    * Add support for CONFIGURATION_DIRECTORY environment variable.
    * Add support for STATE_DIRECTORY environment variable.
    * Add support for "Bonded" property with Device API.
    * Add experimental support for ISO socket.
  - drop bluez-test-2to3.diff (obsolete/upstream)
* Sun May 08 2022 Ben Greiner <>
  - Upgrade bluez-test requirement of PyGObject from ancient version
    2 to current version. (bluez/test is at least able to use it
    since 2014)
* Wed May 04 2022 Callum Farmer <>
  - Move the dbus-1 system.d file to /usr (bsc#1199207)
  - Fix self-obsoletion issues
  - Add supplements to cups subpackage
  - Split zsh completion into subpackage
  - Don't tell the user to write to /usr (in README-mesh.SUSE)
* Tue Apr 26 2022 Giacomo Comes <>
  - add Requires(post): systemd for bluez-auto-enable-devices
    * fixes boo#1198906
* Sun Mar 20 2022 Stefan Seyfried <>
  - update to version 5.64:
    This is another release mostly with bug fixes on HOG, GATT, A2DP,
    Media, AVDTP, AVRCP, and scanning failure.
    This release includes a fix for building with old glibc (< 2.25)
    and other minor issues found with the static code analyzing tool.
    ISO packet support is added to the emulator as a part of LE Audio
  - removed obsoleted 0002-Use-g_memdup2-everywhere.patch
* Sun Mar 06 2022 Martin Wilck <>
  - Add code to restore user modifications for modprobe.d %config files
    after moving the files to %_modprobedir
  - Use %_modprobedir (jsc#SLE-20639)
* Sat Mar 05 2022 Stefan Seyfried <>
  - update to version 5.63:
    * Fix issue with storing IRK causing invalid read access.
    * Fix issue with disconnecting due to GattCharacteristic1.MTU.
    * Add support for Device{Found,Lost} of advertising monitoring.
* Sat Feb 26 2022 Callum Farmer <>
  - Fixes for %_libexecdir changing to /usr/libexec (bsc#1174075)
* Tue Nov 23 2021 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Stop nuking the obex service, we support user systemd services
    just fine now. Following this, no longer hack the dbus service,
    leave it as a systemd service as upstream intended.
  - Split out obex in own package with it's needed enabledment as a
    systemd user service.
  - Add 0001-obex-Use-GLib-helper-function-to-manipulate-paths.patch:
    obex: Use GLib helper function to manipulate paths. Instead of
    trying to do it by hand. This also makes sure that relative paths
    aren't used by the agent. Patch from fedora.
* Sun Oct 17 2021 Stefan Seyfried <>
  - update to version 5.62 (JIRA-SLE-18497):
    * Fix issue with handling truncation when loading LTKs.
    * Fix issue with accepting Exchange MTU on EATT bearer.
    * Fix issue with clearing DeviceLost timers on power down.
    * Fix issue with AVCTP browsing channel and missing ERTM.
    * Fix issue with AVDTP and local SEID pool for each adapter.
    * Add support for BR/EDR and LE connection failure reasons.
  - drop obsoleted patch
* Tue Aug 24 2021 Stefan Seyfried <>
  - update to version 5.61 (JIRA-SLE-18497):
    * Fix issue with A2DP while waiting for command response.
    * Fix issue with A2DP when SetConfiguration fails.
    * Fix issue with device removal handling.
    * Fix issue with storing discoverable setting.
    * Add support for Central Address Resolution characteristic.
    * Add support for admin policy plugin.
* Tue Aug 10 2021 Stefan Seyfried <>
  - add fedora's patches 0002-Use-g_memdup2-everywhere.patch and
    to fix compatibility problems with newer glib and glibc
* Mon Aug 02 2021 Stefan Seyfried <>
  - fix bluez-auto-enable-devices subpackage (boo#1177845)
* Mon Jul 12 2021 Stefan Seyfried <>
  - remove notification message from bluez-deprecated package.
    I'm not going to remove it, and another maintainer can still
    restart the removal process :-)
    also boo#1188660
* Thu Jul 08 2021 Stefan Seyfried <>
  - update to 5.60 (JIRA-SLE-18497):
    * Fix issue with reading from RFKILL device node.
    * Fix issue with AVDTP and parsing capabilities.
    * Fix issue with UnregisterApplication handling.
    * Fix issue with RegisterProfile if UUID already exists.
    * Fix issue with GATT client attribute read with offset.
    * Fix issue with non-discoverable device and advertising monitor.
  - remove bluez-5.59-0388794dc5fdb73a4ea.diff (included upstream)
* Sun Jul 04 2021 Stefan Seyfried <>
  - add bluez-5.59-0388794dc5fdb73a4ea.diff, fixes a2dp on newly
    paired devices,
* Thu Jun 17 2021 Stefan Seyfried <>
  - update to 5.59:
    * Fix issue with string to UUID-32 conversion.
    * Fix issue with connect request if SDP search failed.
    * Fix issue with accepting invalid AVDTP capabilities.
    * Fix issue with unregister handling of AVRCP player.
  - new tool: mesh-cfgtest
  - new manpages: btmon.1, bluetooth-meshd.8
  - rebased bluez-test-2to3.diff
* Wed Apr 07 2021 Stefan Seyfried <>
  - update to 5.58:
    * Fix issue with usage of deprecated GLib functions.
  - version 5.57:
    * Fix issue with handling GATT notification PDU parsing.
    * Fix issue with registering DIS without a valid source.
    * Fix issue with removing remote SEPs when loading from cache.
  - remove upstreamed
* Thu Apr 01 2021 Al Cho <>
  - add bluez-avdtp-Fix-removing-all-remote-SEPs-when-loading-from.patch
    Fix Bluetooth headphones disconnect periodically(bsc#1183821)
* Wed Feb 24 2021 Stefan Seyfried <>
  - update to 5.56:
    * Fix issue with setting AVDTP disconnect timer.
    * Fix issue with AVDTP not sending GetCapabilities.
    * Fix issue with AVDTP connecting using streaming mode.
    * Fix issue with handling A2DP and remote SEP disappearing.
    * Fix issue with handling session of A2DP channels.
    * Fix issue with GATT and handling device removal.
    * Fix issue with GATT not accepting multiple requests.
    * Fix issue with HID report value callback registration.
    * Add support for new advertising management command.
    * Add support for battery D-Bus interface.
    * removed obsolete bccmd
* Wed Jan 27 2021 Stefan Seyfried <>
  - add bluez-test-2to3.diff to get rid of python2 dependency



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