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telepathy-sipe-1.25.0-2.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: telepathy-sipe Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.25.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Tue Sep 21 22:37:35 2021
Group: Productivity/Networking/Instant Messenger Build host: obs-arm-10
Size: 537889 Source RPM: pidgin-sipe-1.25.0-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: MS Skype for Business connection manager for Telepathy
A third-party connection manager for the telepathy multi-protocol
instant messaging core. It implements the extended version of
SIP/SIMPLE used by various products:
 * Skype for Business.
 * Microsoft Office 365.
 * Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS).
 * Microsoft Lync Server.
 * Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS 2007/2007 R2).
 * Microsoft Live Communications Server (LCS 2003/2005).
 * Reuters Messaging.






* Mon Sep 20 2021 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - Remove obsolete translation-update-upstream support
* Tue Dec 10 2019 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 1.25.0:
    * Provide idle start time for a buddy.
    * RTF support (incoming)
      + the code only extracts plain text from incoming RTF.
    * Fix build with glib-2.0 >= 2.62.0.
    * Inconsistent parsing of From:/To: headers.
    * Raise BR telepathy-glib >= 0.24.0.
    * Switch from GPLv2+ to SPDX identifier GPL-2.0-or-later.
  - Drop openSUSE Leap 42.x support.
* Fri Nov 23 2018
  - Update to 1.24.0 (Application Sharing II):
    + Feature #104: Use user agent also for HTTP
    + Feature #6: Application Sharing Server (requires
    + add timeout handling for media streams
    + update AppStream handling
    + fix missing localisation in some code modules
    + debug log improvements
  - Add BR pkgconfig(freerdp-shadow2) and AppStream for SLE15/Leap 15
    or later.
* Thu Oct 18 2018
  - Update to 1.23.3:
    + appshare: fix black screen with Remmina v1.2.0-rcgit.27
    + various minor fixes
    + fix compilation errors with libpurple 2.14.0 & GCC 8.0
  - raise BR pkgconfig(nice) >= 0.1.13
  - raise BR pkgconfig(purple) >= 2.0.12
* Tue Mar 13 2018
  - Update to 1.23.2:
    + fix some HTTP requests that were not sent
  - Changes from version 1.23.1:
    + Fixed #337: Duplicate candidates in SDP
    + Fixed #336: Lync autodiscover does not follow user redirect
    + media: unconditionally ignore multichannel codecs
    + Updated translations.
  - Changes from version 1.23.0:
    + Feature #100: Extend libpurple D-Bus interface
    + Feature #99: IPv6 addresses in SIP & SDP messages
    + don't load buddy photos from unknown sites by default
    * custom web URIs pose a security risk as they may be abused
    * users can override this behaviour in the account settings
    * Office365 accounts should not be affected by this change
    + add support for GMime 3.0 API
    + raise BR glib-2.0 >= 2.18.0
    + raise BR purple >= 2.7.0
    + drop support for GMime 2.4
    + drop support for gstreamer-0.10
* Tue Sep 12 2017
  - Update to 1.22.1:
    + Fixed #320: Multiple client detection broken
    + speed up Lync Autodiscover by using AccessLocation
    + purple: avoid rare SSL read deadlock
    + various minor fixes
    + crypto: make code compile with OpenSSL 1.1.0
    + drop references to Reuters Messaging
    - updated translations: Lithuanian (lt), Russian (ru), Swedish
      (sv), Turkish (tr)
* Wed Feb 15 2017
  - Conditionalise video/audio to fix build on SLE 12 SP1.
* Wed Feb 15 2017
  - update to 1.22.0
    - Feature #93: Support for Lync Autodiscover (Stefan Becker)
    - Feature #6: Application Sharing Viewer (Jakub Adam)
    * requires libpurple >= 2.12.0
    * needs an external RDP client - remmina and xfreerdp are supported
    - Fixed #315: Crash when contact list is empty (Stefan Becker)
    - Fixed #314: sipe login problems with long pw (Stefan Becker)
    - separate logging and debugging output (Stefan Becker)
    * logging is always shown, e.g. in the Pidgin debug window
    * full message debugging now requires PURPLE_UNSAFE_DEBUG=1
    - new translations: Greek (el), Lithuanian (lt)
  - drop pidgin-sipe-gstreamer-1.0.patch: no longer needed
  - add recommends for remmina and freerdp so the desktop sharing
    stuff would work out of the box
  - add BR for gstreamer-rtp-1.0 and farstream-0.2 to keep the
    video/audio feature working
* Fri Dec 16 2016
  - Rename the pidgin-sipe package to pidgin-plugin-sipe.
  - Rename the telepathy-plugin-sipe package to telepathy-sipe.
  - Require Pidgin of the exact or greater version.
  - Make pidgin-plugin-sipe noarch.
  - Separate locales to libpurple-plugin-sipe-lang.
  - Update description.
* Fri Jul 08 2016
  - Version update to 1.21.1:
    * various bug fixes in media support
    * configure no longer ignores CFLAGS/LDFLAGS/LIBS
  - Drop telepathy conditionals as we don't build on sle11 anyway
  - Move the docs from library to main package to allow multiple versions
    at once as SLP wants
* Fri Feb 12 2016
  - Pass --disable-quality-check to configure: the 'quality' checks
    are a bunch of compiler flags like Werror and more warning. This
    is more important for development versions than for released
* Wed Jan 13 2016
  - Update to version 1.20.1:
    + Add support for another type of ADFS response.
    + Improve configure check for back-ported features.
    + Updated translations.
  - Changes from version 1.20.0:
    + Parse HTML from Lync conference URL (Stefan Becker)
    + SRTP Support.
    + Office365 rejects RC4 in TLS-DSK: added support for
  - Drop patch: 0001-Fix-285-backport-for-1.18.x-1.19.x.patch
    Fixed upstream (bnc#965323).
* Tue Jun 30 2015
  - Port to GStreamer 1.0 (follow pidin's port):
    + Add pidgin-sipe-gstreamer-1.0.patch
    + Replace pkgconfig(gstreamer-0.10) BuildRequires with
    + Add autoreconf call, as the patch touches the buildsystem.
    + Pass --with-vv to configure, to ensure we do not lose Voice &
      Video support.
* Wed Apr 08 2015
  - Add patch: 0001-Fix-285-backport-for-1.18.x-1.19.x.patch
    Fixed both upstream and sled:
    sf#285: Office365 rejects RC4 in TLS-DSK.
    bnc#965323:Pidgin-sipe no longer works with Office 365 of
    skype for Business.
* Tue Apr 07 2015
  - Update to version 1.19.1:
    + Fixed sf#278: 488 error after libnice upgrade.
    + Fix SIP re-authentication timeout to be max. 8 hours.
* Fri Feb 13 2015
  - Update to version 1.19.0:
    + Move parsing of login name.
    + Support for Adium group chat bookmarks.
    + Support searching for SIP ID.
    + ADFS can't always be used for accounts that have Multi-Factor
      Authentication (MFA) enabled.
    + Support buddy photos from contactCard.
    + Fall back from Kerberos to NTLM.
    + Raised contact names.
    + Corrupted HTTP response crashes SIPE.
    + Fix calendar state machine when EWS URL is set.
    + Fall back to [MS-DLX] BasicSearch to improve search experience.
    + Implement search functionality for UCS.
    + adium:
    - Add chat room list UI.
    - Fix duplicate debug log messages.
    + Support for libnice TCP mode.
    + Refactor CCCP request code.
* Wed Dec 31 2014
  - Update to version 1.18.5:
    + Redundant "const" breaks build with clang.
    + Purple idle-away converted to Away.
    + Svc: use authuser for RealmInfo request.
    + Adium: add release checking script.
    + Mingw: update fetch script to Pidgin 2.10.11.
    + Bugs fixed: sf#269, sf#276.
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Nov 11 2014
  - Update to version 1.18.4:
    + ADFS fails when user and login name differ.
    + Adium: SIPE doesn't auto- or re-connect.
    + Fixed memory leaks.
    + Fixed processing of presence publish event response.
    + Fixed a longstanding issue that the Pidgin user status
      sometimes didn't switch back to "Available" after the end of a
    + Bugs fixed: sf#263, sf#264.
* Sat Aug 16 2014
  - Update to version 1.18.3:
    + HTML response to EWS autodiscover triggers libxml2 assert.
    + V&V call gets rejected when IPv6 is enabled.
    + Windows 7: SIPE crashes after a minute.
    + mingw: improve crash information reporting.
    + Bugs fixed: sf#257, sf#258, sf#259.
* Sat Jul 12 2014
  - Update to version 1.18.2:
    + ews: extract settings also from type EXPR.
    + ucs: honor user specified email URL.
    + adium: fix compilation on OS X 10.7.
    + Updated Transifex URLs.
    + Bugs fixed: sf#210, sf#241, sf#245, sf#248, sf#255.
    + Updated translations.
* Sun Apr 13 2014
  - Update to version 1.18.1:
    + sf#238: Fixed false "not delivered" in conference.
    + sf#237: HTML escaping not removed from URL.
    + sf#210: Conference call ends with error message.
    + Fix endless loop with failed HTTP Basic authentication.
    + Fix crash when gstreamer nice plugin is missing.
    + Fix EWS autodiscover for some Office 365 users.
    + purple: fix missing "Copy to" in buddy menu.
    + purple/adium: ignore empty search values.
    + adium:
    - Fix group chat UI.
    - Implement BEAST mitigations for 10.8.5.
    + Add indication when user is connected from a mobile device.
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Jan 20 2014
  - Update to version 1.18.0:
    + sf#71: Add support for EWS Autodiscover redirection.
    + sf#69: Add UI support for (group) chats. NOTE: Adium does not
      have an UI to fetch the room list.
    + sf#64: Add support for GSS-NTLMSSP.
    + sip-sec-krb5.c module has been renamed to sip-sec-gssapi.c if
      gssapi/gssapi_ntlmssp.h is detected then sip-sec-ntlm.c will be
      disabled and NTLM will be handled by sip-sec-gssapi.c instead.
      NOTE: at the time of this writing the user has to set up
      GSS-NTLMSSP by hand on his system, i.e. /etc/gss/mech.
    + Fixed sf#227: Adium client doesn't save email option settings.
    + Fixed sf#216: SIPE stops working on Mavericks.
    + Add an UI option to disable SSL BEAST mitigations NOTE:
      requires Adium 1.5.10.
    + Fixed sf#197: Account stays in connecting stage.
    + Cleanup for sip-sec Kerberos & SSPI modules.
    + Replace old TGT hack with gss_acquire_cred_with_password().
    + Clean up Kerberos detection in configure.
    + Remove special case handling; code is more straight-forward
    + Implement internal keepalive handling.
    + Implement crypto backend based on OpenSSL.
    + adium:
    - Xcode project files update.
    - Replace NSS crypto backend with OpenSSL.
* Mon Dec 23 2013
  - Update to version 1.17.3:
    + Fixed sf#222: SIPE crashes when groupchat session expires.
    + Fixed sf#225: HTTP re-authentication with NTLM fails.
    + Fix UCS Persona key extraction.
* Sun Dec 08 2013
  - Update to version 1.17.2:
    + Fixed sf#214: Typing notification does not always work.
    + Reverted one change which caused problems for some users.
    + Fixed sf#222: SIPE crashes when groupchat session expires.
    + Updated translations.
  - Changes from version 1.17.1:
    + Fixed sf#215: Password not entity encoded in WSSE element.
    + Fixed sf#214: Typing notification does not always work.
    + Accept alternatives for webticket timestamp/keydata.
    + Adium: add "don't publish calendar" to account UI.
    + Contrib: add SSL BEAST mitigation patch for Adium.
    + Updated translations.
* Sun Sep 22 2013
  - Update to version 1.17.0:
    + Feature sf#62: Support for Lync 2013 Unified Contact Store.
    + Feature sf#59: Support for Lync 2013 Persistent Chats
    + Fixed sf#211: Status "away" or "busy" incorrectly mapped to
    + Fixed sf#209: group chat doesn't like HTML.
    + Fixed sf#200: OCS archiving system blocks audio/video
    + Fixed sf#187: Duplicate messages in group chat.
    + Fixed sf#184: Duplicate users showing in Group Chat.
    + Fix EWS autodiscover for Office 365.
    + Add support for group chat history.
    + Add support for buddy photos on Lync 2013.
* Tue Jul 16 2013
  - Update to version 1.16.1:
    + sf#66: Windows DLL version information.
    + Fix call failure when host has multiple IP addresses.
    + Fix buddy list handling after moving to Lync 2013. Lync 2013
      migrates buddy list to Unified Contact Store (UCS). Note:
      modifying the buddy list is *NOT* supported yet!
    + Crash fixes for new HTTP stack.
* Sat Jun 22 2013
  - Update to version 1.16.0:
    + sf#58: Implement Digest authentication scheme for SIP Proxy
    + sf#196: Useragent value not forwarded to core.
    + sf#193: Pidgin Status changes stop working.
    + sf#186: Users appear offline when they are not.
    + Fix kinit-less use case with krb5 >= 1.11.
    + Rewritten HTTP stack from scratch:
    - cleaner, layered and hopefully less error-prone
    - HTTP stack internals no longer exposed to user code.
    - Reduced network traffic and less SSL handshakes by utilizing
      HTTP/1.1 connection keep alive for multiple HTTP requests to
      the same host.
    + Switch purple backend to deferred destruction approach:
    - Pidgin should no longer crash at connection close, even in
      corner cases.
    + Add menu entry to make a call with a phone number.
    + Some progress on telepathy backend.
    - Add TLS certificate accept/reject user interaction.
    - Add "Single Sign-On" & "Don't Publish Calendar" account
* Sat Apr 13 2013
  - Update to version 1.15.1:
    + NOTE: SIPE SourceForge project got updated. Because of this all
      bug and feature request numbers have changed.
    + sf#190: SIP 407 response rejected with invalid message
    + sf#189: Adium SIPE plugin vs. libpurple linking issues.
    + Fixed free-after-use issue that caused crashes for some users.
    + Fixed broken NTLM fallback in Negotiate.
    + Fixed subscriptions expiration by subscribing again after
    + Allow different user name and login for Office 365
    + Add SIPE version & git commit ID to debug log.
    + Added valgrind log analyzer script.
    + Added NTLM message anaylzer.
    + Updated Adium port.
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Mar 19 2013
  - Update to version 1.15.0:
    + Support Kerberos for HTTP(S) authentication w/o SSPI
    + Add HTTPS to autodiscover probe (sf#3594094).
    + Simple button to disable calendar integration (sf#3607040).
    + Crash on 1.14.1 when connecting to server (sf#3603228).
    + sip uri with apostrophe is not valid (sf#3604671).
    + Fixed HTTP redirect crash.
    + Unified Single Sign-On handling in all places.
    + Added implementation for HTTP "WWW-Authenticate: Negotiate"
    + Enabled TLS-DSK support in Windows SSPI version.
    + TLS-DSK: don't ask for password if SSPI or Kerberos are
      compiled in.
    + Farstream 0.1.1 compatibility fix.
    + Support conf:sip: meeting URIs.
    + Updated Adium port.
* Tue Feb 05 2013
  - Update to version 1.14.1:
    + Kerberos configuration should be passwordless (sf#3578132).
    - purple: non Single Sign-on users are asked for the password
    + Bug & memory leak fixes in sipe-buddy.c.
* Mon Dec 17 2012
  - Update to version 1.14.0:
    + Add support for Web Ticket authentication using ADFS
    + Kerberos configuration should be passwordless (sf#3578132).
    + Connection drops after a few hours (sf#3580212)
    + Add support for buddy photos.
    + Add support for call to Audio Test Service.
    + Initial implementation for telepathy backend.
    + Reduce Web Ticket traffic by queueing requests & caching
    + Update OBS packaging information for Debian.
    + Various minor bug & build fixes.
* Sun Sep 16 2012
  - Update to version 1.13.3:
    + Fixed OpenBSD build issue.
    + Support Lync 2010 meet URLs.
    + Revert to legacy MSOC protocol on Lync FT invitation.
    + Fix broken busy->available status switch.
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Apr 09 2012
  - Update to version 1.13.1:
    + Detect incompatible encryption level with Lync
    + purple: add URI validity check to Add Buddy callback
    + Various build fixes
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop pidgin-sipe-gcc47.patch: fixed upstream.
* Sat Mar 24 2012
  - Add pidgin-sipe-gcc47.patch: Fix build with gcc 4.7; taken from
* Thu Mar 15 2012
  - Update to version 1.13.0:
    + Added [MS-SIPAE] TLS-DSK authentication scheme:
    - TLS-DSK has been introduced in Lync
    - mandatory for Office365 accounts
    - also works for non-public Lync installations
    - does not work yet with SSPI on Windows
    + Added [MS-DLX] based Get Info/Contact Search:
    - [MS-PRES] SIP-Based Active Directory Search is disabled in
    + Added experimental media TCP transport
    + Make it compile against the latest purple 3.0.x API
    + Make it compile against the latest glib2 2.31.x API
    + Completed cleanup: core no longer requires libpurple
    + Refactored crypto code, ie. NSS can replaced if necessary
    + Removed kopete backend: KDE is moving to telepathy
    + Build-related changes
  - Drop pidgin-sipe-no-deprecated.patch: fixed upstream.
* Thu Jan 12 2012
  - Change gmime-2_4-devel BuildRequires to gmime-devel. This rename
    happened long ago and was just a virtual provides by now.
  - Drop checks for openSUSE 11.1.
* Mon Jan 09 2012
  - Add pidgin-sipe-no-deprecated.patch: do not use deprecated glib
    API, to fix build on Factory.
* Fri Sep 02 2011
  - Update to version 1.12.0:
    + Add support for OCS2007R2 Group Chat (sf#3064877)
    + Support for HTTP/1.1 Transfer-Encoding: chunked (sf##3311026)
    + Added MS TURN support
    + Implement timeouts for SIP request. Used for REGISTER
    + More work on Voice & Video call support
    + Add random Ms-Conversation-ID to INVITE
    + Fix parsing of P-Asserted-Identity header
    + Fix several crashes (including sf#3082602, sf#3148124,
    + Fix several authenticfation issues (inclusing sf#2834758,
      sf#3090663, sf#3130915)
    + Make it compile against the purple 2.8.x & 3.0.x APIs
    + More internal changes to prepare for non-purple backends
    + Updated/add Adium and Miranda ports
    + Several build system fixes and improvements (including
      sf#3092324, sf#3150482, sf#3091490, sf#3108246)
    + Other bugs fixed: sf#3156430, sf#3161273, sf#3198585,
  - Drop pidgin-sipe-1.11.2-gcc46.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Add pkgconfig(gstreamer-0.10) and pkgconfig(nice) BuildRequires
    on 12.1 and later (since 11.4 and earlier have a too old version
    of libnice), to build Voice & Video call support.
* Mon May 23 2011
  - Add pidgin-sipe-1.11.2-gcc46.patch: remove write-only variables
    to fix compilation with gcc 4.6
* Thu Nov 18 2010
  - Update to version 1.11.2:
    + Sipe-sign: fix parsing of P-Asserted-Identity header
    + Fixed memory leaks
    + sf#3090663: Re-authentication fails
    + sf#3091490: Make 1.11.0 Compile on FreeBSD
    + sf#3092324: Core dump in "make check"
  - Changes from version 1.11.1:
    + sf#2834758: First NTLM signature check after startup fails
    + purple: fix memory leak in sipe_backend_transport_connect()
      error path
    + sf#3082602: Crash on Autodiscover
    + Build fixes.
* Sun Oct 17 2010
  - Some simple preparations to enable telepathy plugin once it
    becomes available.
* Wed Oct 06 2010
  - Update to version 1.11.0.
    + Feature sf#2945346 - added Lotus Notes/Domino Calendar
    + Fixed sf#2971422: idle check for OCS2005 presence case (Stefan
    + Fixed sf#2982424: krb5 build errors on FreeBSD (Stefan Becker)
    + Fixed sf#2997639: pidgin crash after accepting cert (Stefan
    + Fixed sf#3001523: Cancelling a long pending file transfer
      crashes Pidgin (Jakub Adam)
    + Fixed sf#3002993: Group Name issues with ampersand (Stefan
    + Fixed sf#3029228: Calendar published at/with incorrect time
      (Stefan Becker)
    + Fixed sf#3029929: Crash with outlook 2k3 Calendar (Stefan
    + Fix logout from OCS (Jakub Adam)
    + Implement workaround for buddy list menu memory leaks
      (Stefan Becker)
    + Dropped UDP transport support (Stefan Becker)
    + Rewrote TCP & TLS transport support (Stefan Becker)
    + HTTP improvements: GET, cookies (pier11)
    + Alternative crypt/digest implementation based on NSS (pier11)
    + Rewrote message debug log and implemented an analyzer script
      for it (Stefan Becker)
    + More internal changes to prepare for non-purple backends
      (Stefan Becker)
    + New translation: Dutch (Flemish) 'nl' (fieona, ridiekel)
    + New translation: Swedish 'sv' (Rijad)
    + Added translations 'ar' 'hu' 'ja' 'ko' 'sv' 'zh_TW' submitted
      by Novell
    + New build option: nss/mozilla-nss/microb-engine-nss for
      non-purple backends
    + Add build option for kopete backend (Stefan Becker)
    + Updated Adium port (Emanuele Zattin)
* Tue Jun 29 2010
  - Update to version 1.10.1
    + Fixed bug in the SIPE buddy list hash table functionality
      reported by a RHEL5 user.
    + Fixed Pidgin 2.7.0 API compatibility.
* Tue Jun 15 2010
  - Fix openSUSE 11.1 build by removing unnecessary BuildRequires.
* Fri Jun 04 2010
  - Added support for translation-update-upstream (FATE#301344).
* Sun Apr 04 2010
  - Update to version 1.10.0:
    + Feature sf#2823160: Access Levels (2007+ environment)
    + Feature sf#2957811: add support for "automaton" class
    + Feature sf#2972823: fail on in-line variable declarations
    + Fixed sf#2971422: handle OCS 2005 idiosyncrasy of varying SIP
      URI case
    + Fixed sf#2981563: Authentication protocol v4 - invalid
      signature of some incoming messages containing
      P-Asserted-Identity or P-Preferred-Identity with uppercased SIP
      or TEL in URI.
    + Fixed publication/"409 Conflict" endless looping
    + Prepare for Pidgin 2.7.0
    + Added SVG icon artwork
    + Many changes to configure script. Be sure to look at "configure
    - -help"
    + Many internal changes to prepare for non-purple backends
    + New build requirements: libxml2, glib-2.0 >= 2.12.0
    + New build option: gmime-2.4 >= 2.4.16 or gmime-2.6 >= 2.5.2 for
      non-purple backends
  - Add BuildRequires: glib2-devel >= 2.12.0
  - Add --enable-purple --disable-telepathy to configure
  - Add %check section.
  - Add %{_datadir}/pixmaps/pidgin/protocols/*/sipe.svg with
    workarounds for SLE11, openSUSE 11.0/1 don't have
    pidgin/protocols/scalable directory.
* Wed Mar 17 2010
  - Update to version 1.9.1:
    + sf#2969327: Kerberos authentication always fails on *nix
    + sf#2968287: Authentication failure in scenario when director
      server is Office Communications Server 2007 or above and home
      server is Live Communications Server 2005
    + Send BYE when response to IM message is 408/480/481
    + Re-enable offline status to be user settable.
* Wed Mar 10 2010
  - Update to version 1.9.0:
    + Contributed File transfer functionality. File encryption is
    + NTLMv2 and NTLMv2 Session Security support
    + Implemented SIP Authentication Extensions protocol version 4
      and 3
    + Adoption for commercial UNIX - HP/UX, Irix, Solaris - big
      endian fixes and build improvements
    + Packaged for Maemo platform (Nokia N900, etc.) at
      Works with Pidgin from the same site.
    + Adoption of file transfer for Windows build
    + Official Debian package files in contrib
    + another shot at presence update problems
    + fix crash caused by uninitialized security contexts
    + Code analysis with Coverity Prevent.
    + Fix for "SIP/2.0 481 Call leg unavailable" error
    + Increased libpurple build requisite to >= 2.4.0
    + Updated translations.
* Thu Feb 18 2010
  - Update to version 1.8.1:
    + Many crash fixes for error or corner cases in calendar
    + More detailed code analysis with Coverity Prevent
    + OpenSUSE Build Service configuration files
    + Fix NTLM crash if login setting is undefined
    + Use of g_str_has_prefix() available since glib 2.2 and
    + Build fixes for older OS releases.
* Thu Feb 11 2010
  - Update to version 1.8.0:
    + Added integration with Exchange 2007/2010.
    + Added Calendar information to contact's tooltip.
    + 2005 presence engine has been completely rewritten, with new
      supported status.
    + Added "Accounts->{SIPE_ACCOUNT}->Status Reset" menu option to
      clean User Status set manually.
    + Added "Find on LinkedIn" link on contact's User Info screen.
    + Enhanced custom NTLM security provider to pass
      connection-oriented authentication.
    + Added Negotiate authentication scheme (Windows only).
    + Contributed code for Adium port.
    + Added Windows Messenger 5.0 (RTC/1.2) compatibility.
    + New BusyIdle status.
    + Fix memory leaks.
    + Fixed localization on Windows platform.
    + Fix bad rendering with html markup.
    + Fix broken federated contacts.
    + Fix for server auto-discovery
    + Fix for xdg-email invocation.
    + Fix for User Agent string.
    + Code: Take PURPLE_INIT_PLUGIN into use.
    + Various other fixes, including crashes and build fixes.
    + Updated translations.
* Sat Dec 26 2009
  - Clean up packaging.
  - Remove gconf_schemas_prereq macro, since there's nothing
    involving gconf.
  - Rename purple-sipe subpackage to libpurple-plugin-sipe.
  - Add pidgin BuildRequires for directory ownership.
  - Add pidgin Requires for pidgin-sipe.
  - Add libpurple Enhances for libpurple-plugin-sipe.
* Thu Nov 26 2009
  - Update to version 1.7.1:
    + See ChangeLog for the full list of changes since version 1.3.3.
    + Support for Reuters Messaging environment.
    + Support for message formatting.
    + Invisible mode.
    + Full support for presence.
    + Better support of protocol.
    + New security framework.
    + Multi-party conversation.
    + Add telepathy-haze support.
    + Add integration with PBX (external phones).
    + New Idle status.
    + Many improvements and bug fixes.
    + Fix crashes.
    + Build fixes.
    + Updated translations.
  - Split the package into pidgin-sipe and purple-sipe packages.
  - Add gettext-devel, libtool BuildRequires.
  - Remove pidgin, pidgin-devel, zlib-devel BuildRequires.
  - Pass --with-krb5 to configure.
  - Enable parallel build.
* Wed Sep 16 2009
  - use find_lang macro
* Mon Feb 02 2009
  - Fix total loss of functionality if user was logged on in more than
    one location (bnc#459117)
* Thu Jan 22 2009
  - Patch fixing support for LCS 2005 buddy auth/blocking
  - Fix logging in with TCP when no SRV records found
  - Fix several crasher bugs
* Mon Jan 05 2009
  - Update to 1.3.3 which includes fixes for translation support,
    typos, crashes, and error handling.
* Tue Dec 09 2008
  - Remove -lang package, too late for package splits
* Sun Dec 07 2008
  - Create -lang package
* Sun Dec 07 2008
  - Fix a segfault, fix compatibility bug with OCS 2005 (not handling
    180 Ringing responses properly).
* Fri Dec 05 2008
  - Fix automatic support (redirecting) for LCS/OCS proxy servers,
    and show the user the error when 403 forbidden is received.
* Thu Dec 04 2008
  - Fix bugs with ability to set status, add support for setting a
    note (at least against some servers), fix OCS 2005 support, and
    improve account editing dialog to be more friendly, and improve
    error messages.
* Thu Dec 04 2008
  - Fix bugs with ability to add, modify, and remove contacts and
    groups.  Fix support for detecting contacts' away status, and
    to send them ours.  Fix support for saving and reading buddy
    aliases to/from the server.  Fix many crashes.
* Fri Nov 21 2008
  - Fix compatibility with Microsoft OCS 2007; 2-way IMing working
* Fri Nov 07 2008
  - Replace gz with bz2
* Fri Nov 07 2008
  - Update tarball with latest code from git plus a patch to get
      NTLM signing of messages working (eco#5322)
* Tue Sep 02 2008
  - Clarify and simplify the package description
* Mon Aug 11 2008
  - Initial package for pidgin-sipe
  - SIPE 1.2



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