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system-user-srvGeoClue-2.5.7-1.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: system-user-srvGeoClue Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 2.5.7 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Tue Sep 7 21:17:34 2021
Group: System/Base Build host: obs-arm-11
Size: 96 Source RPM: geoclue2-2.5.7-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: System user for the geoclue service
System user for use by the geoclue service






* Thu Dec 31 2020 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 2.5.7:
    + A bug fix release, mainly fixing a bunch of memory leaks.
  - Add geoclue2-revert-2-faulty.patch: Revert two broken commits.
* Sun Dec 13 2020 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 2.5.6:
    + Fix crashes in WiFi handling code.
    + Plug a leak.
  - Changes from version 2.5.5:
    + Plug another leak.
    + Fix another buffer overflow.
    + Fix WiFi-geolocation that got broken in 2.5.4.
    + Put freequently used small strings on the stack to avoid
      excessive memory usage.
* Tue Dec 10 2019 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 2.5.4:
    + Plug a leak that becomes pretty huge after a while of running
    + Fix a buffer-overflow.
* Tue May 28 2019 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 2.5.3:
    + Fix a crash.
    + Support for GGA messages from more NMEA sources.
    + New API to allow automatic server side deletion of client.
    + Automatically delete client on server when using GClueSimple.
    + Avoid linking to system-installed library.
    + Fix library-only build.
    + Add manpage for geoclue.conf file.
    + Document usage and building of the project.
    + Other fixes and improvements.
* Tue Jan 08 2019
  - Update to version 2.5.2:
    + Scan for WiFi networks, greatly improving accuracy of WiFi
    + Allow multiple clients on the same D-Bus connection and add API
      for it. This is mainly targetted for Flatpak location portal.
    + Add API for apps to explicitly delete their client objects.
      Long running apps, like gnome-settings-daemon and Flatpak
      location portal, should use that to ensure Geoclue knows when
      these apps are not actually using it and hence it doesn't need
      to keep running needlessly.
    + Restore accidently removed, build of modem sources.
    + Update location on connectivity actually changing.
    + Try not spamming Mozilla Location Service.
    + Fix unexpected exit when non-active clients are connected.
    + Fix a check for system apps.
    + Use absolute paths for sysconfdir.
    + Fix links in docs.
    + More debug log.
    + A bunch of internal and/or non-functional fixes & improvements.
  - Drop geoclue2-Fix-duplicate-decl-specifier.patch: The entire code
    was removed from geoclue.
* Sun Dec 02 2018
  - Update to version 2.5.1:
    + Fix libgeoclue ABI break in 2.5.0.
    + Use absolute paths for libexecdir.
  - Changes from version 2.5.0:
    + Drop authorization for system (non-flatpak) apps.
    + Switch from autotools to meson build system.
    + Use WiFi-based geolocation for city level accuracy.
    + Provide Vala API.
    + Don't enable all warnings from C compiler by default.
    + No need to mark translatable strings in desktop files.
  - Changes from version 2.4.13:
    + Configuration file related changes:
    - Allow absence of agent if agent white-list is empty.
    - Add elementary-desktop-agent to whitelist.
    - Allow disabling of all sources.
    - Warn about use of Google's services.
    - Document that all settings are mandatory.
    + Increase default inactivity timeout to 60s.
    + Increase agent timeout from 100ms to 20s.
    + Console message on inactivity timeout.
  - Switch to meson buildsystem, add meson BuildRequires and macros.
* Tue Aug 14 2018
  - Update to version 2.4.12:
    + Provide a work-around for documentation build issue.
    + Fix library .pc file to respect the includedir option.
* Thu Jul 26 2018
  - Update to version 2.4.11:
    + Don't crash on invalid accuracy level request.
    + The demo agent now watches for geoclue on D-Bus if it's not
      running already, instead of giving up. This solves a
      race-condition, which makes geoclue completely unusable.
    + Provide Vala bindings for libgeoclue.
    + Add gclue_client_get/set_time_threshold() to docs.
  - Drop geoclue2-Fix-safety-header-name.patch and
    geoclue2-Fix-potentially-unused-variable.patch: Fixed upstream.
  - Add vala BuildRequires: New optional dependency, build vala
  - No longer nuke during build geoclue-demo-agent.desktop files,
    upstream wants us to package them.
* Tue May 08 2018
  - Add geoclue2-Fix-safety-header-name.patch: public-api: Fix safety
    header name. It should be based on the filename.
  - Add geoclue2-Fix-potentially-unused-variable.patch: locator: Fix
    a potentially unused variable declaration.
  - Add geoclue2-Fix-duplicate-decl-specifier.patch:Fix compiler
    warning about duplicate decl specifier.
* Thu May 03 2018
  - Update to version 2.4.10:
    + Fix issues introduced by last release 2.4.9:
    - A crash on startup.
    - Revert the new desktop ID detection code as that turned out
      to not work for non-root user that geoclue is supposed to be
      run as.
    + Use systemd's service file to lockdown the geoclue daemon to
      stop eventual security problems.
* Wed May 02 2018
  - Update to version 2.4.9:
    + Modem GPS refresh rate is now based on the location refresh
      rate of apps.
    + Refuse location access if no app-auth agent is registered. This
      fixes a security hole where an app requests location access
      before the agent gets to register itself and we end up giving
      out location access even though user has disabled it.
    + Port desktop ID detection to Flatpak >= 0.6.10.
    + The default timeout on the service binary is now the same as
      the service itself: 5 seconds.
    + Demo applications:
    - where-am-i now allows setting location refresh-rate.
    - Only install demo agent's desktop file if it's enabled.
    - Build and install demo agent unless disabled explicitly.
    - Autostart the demo agent by default on non-GNOME platforms,
      since an agent is required now and no one other than GNOME
      yet provides one.
  - Add pkgconfig(libnotify) BuildRequires: New dependency.
* Thu Apr 12 2018
  - Update to version 2.4.8:
    + Fix threshold for detecting too old location update.
    + Explain in the configuration what the applications white-list
      is meant for.
    + Allow instant location updates from modem-based GPS.
    + Fix a deadlock case in the helper library.
* Wed Feb 28 2018
  - Modernize spec-file by calling spec-cleaner
* Mon May 29 2017
  - Update to version 2.4.7:
    + Fix a potential crash.
    + More verbose warning on invalid accuracy from NMEA source.
* Fri Apr 07 2017
  - Drop practically empty %pre section (because of the shell comment,
    it was non empty and would needlessy spawn /bin/sh).
  - RPM group corrections.
* Tue Mar 28 2017
  - Update to version 2.4.6:
    + Add to white-list:
    - gnome-color-panel for "Night Light" functionality.
    - gnome-shell for new weather view in the calendar.
    + Other minor fixes.
  - Drop geoclue2-permit-Night-Light.patch: Fixed upstream.
  - Drop geoclue2-permit-gnome-maps.patch: No longer needed due to
    changes in location settings in gnome.
* Wed Mar 15 2017
  - Split out new package system-user-srvGeoClue: create a user that
    can be required by different package (e.g. NetworkManager has a
    rule based on the user account. With the user created separately,
    NM can now require the user even without geoclue2 being
* Wed Mar 01 2017
  - Add geoclue2-permit-Night-Light.patch: Add "Night Light"
    functionality to the whitelist (bgo#779343, fdo#100008).
* Thu Feb 02 2017
  - Drop convenience shortcut for rcgeoclue, as this is a dbus
    activated service, there is no point in that shortcut, no human
    should ever manually call it. Following this, filter warning now
    produced via rpmlintrc.
* Fri Jan 27 2017
  - Update to version 2.4.4:
    + Fix a potential crash.
* Wed Sep 07 2016
  - Update to version 2.4.4:
    + Expose location timestamp over D-Bus.
    + Add a TimeThreshold property that allows clients to limit
      location updates by time.
    + Annotate default value of DistanceThreshold property.
    + Check for full internet availability before declaring ourselves
      online (boo#1051612, fdo#95493).
    + Fix against builddir ≠ srcdir.
    + Fix a bunch of memory leaks.
    + Fix a bunch of build issues.
    + Other minor fixes.
* Mon May 30 2016
  - Add geoclue2-rpmlintrc to sources to filter out bogus rpmlint
    warning about missing systemd-service and nonstandard user.
  - Add missing post/postun handling of library.
  - Remove useless desktop file for demos, we do not build the demos.
* Mon May 30 2016
  - Do not use systemd macros for geoclue2.service, they are not
    designed for dbus systemd unit file [bsc#982216].
* Wed Apr 13 2016
  - Update to GNOME 3.20  Fate#318572
* Thu Mar 03 2016
  - Update to version 2.4.3:
    + Fix a crash in the helper library.
* Sat Feb 27 2016
  - Update to version 2.4.2:
    + Reliable desktop ID detection for xdg-app. This together with
      latest gnome-shell and gnome-control-center, allows for
      per-application geolocation access controls.
    + Don't require xdg-app applications to pass a valid desktop ID
      since Geoclue can automatically detect it.
    + Don't allow xdg-app application to become user-authorization
    + Correct introspection namespace version for libgeoclue.
    + Option to disable the backend build.
    + Demo: Provide reason to access location data.
    + Demo agent:
    - Critical log message on failing to show notification.
    - If app provides a reason string in it's desktop file, show
      that to the user.
* Wed Dec 23 2015
  - Enable GObject introspection (required by gnome-weather 3.19+):
    + Pass --enable-introspection to configure.
    + Add pkgconfig(gobject-introspection-1.0) BuildRequires.
    + Split typelib-1_0-Geoclue-2_0 subpackage.
* Tue Nov 24 2015
  - Update to version 2.4.0:
    + Add a convenience library to make interacting with Geoclue very
    + Put each D-Bus interface description in it's own file. Unified
      interface file still provided for backwards compatibility.
* Thu Nov 05 2015
  - Correct geoclue2-permit-gnome-maps.patch to include system=false,
    all services are supposed to have a system section. Fixes
* Mon Sep 28 2015
  - Update to 2.3.0
    * Add a network NMEA source, which together with this application: allows you to use the
      GPS of your Android device on your geoclue-enabled machine.
    * Allow root to own the name on the bus, i-e run the service.
    * Make use of compass device if available, through iio-proxy.
    * Fix a hang on client starting twice.
    * More helpful error on agent rejection.
    * Improved documentation.
    * Do not ship generated D-Bus service files in the tarball.
    * Only allow the geoclue user and root to call methods on agents.
    * Fix ignoring of valid location updates due to comparison of
      stances in different units.
    * Correctly handle two consecutive location updates with same
      mestamp on them.
    * Correctly handle late location update.
    * Build system fixes:
      + Fix detection of gdbus-codegen tool.
      + Workaround an intltool issue.
  - Update dependencies
  - Make build more verbose
* Sat Apr 11 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.0:
    + Report 'Speed' and 'Heading' on location updates.
    + Try to provide the most accurate location first.
    + Avoid a crash by ensuring requested max accuracy is within
    + Fix GPS coordinates parsing.
    + Fix GeoIP on machines without WiFi hardware.
    + Gracefully handle inexistent agent.
    + Stop sources whose accuracy level becomes higher, rather than
      lower, than the requested level.
    + Keep old location object alive on D-Bus for a bit longer to
      ensure applications are not accessing it still after it is
    + Don't enable the modem. Seems at least GNOME takes care of
      modem enabling for us and besides this shouldn't be done by
      geoclue anyway (fdo#85040).
    + Wait for modem to be enabled before checking availability of
      location capabilities and using them. This is particularly
      important for pin-enabled modems.
    + Ignore redundant GPS location updates.
    + Fix some potential crashes.
    + Some improvements to output of where-am-i demo application.
* Thu Feb 12 2015
  - Cleanup spec file with spec-cleaner
  - Update dependencies
  - Do not try to remove .la files
* Sat Oct 04 2014
  - Update to version 2.1.10:
    + Disallow application if disabled explicitly in the
    + Make it easy to add alternative modem source(s), e.g
    + Map:
    - country-level accuracy to city-level since no source provides
      country-level accuracy.
    - neighborhood-level accuracy to city-level in WiFi source
      (only) so applications requesting neighborhood-level accuracy
      still get a location even if there is no modem available.
    + Fixes to WiFi source.
    + For easier debugging, add:
    - more debug prints.
    - commandline options to where-am-i demo application to specify
      timeout and requested accuracy level.
    + Fix a potential build failure.
* Thu Aug 07 2014
  - Update to version 2.1.9:
    + Move from NetworkManager to direct use of wpa_supplicant to
      retreive WiFI data, for greater portability.
    + Port from to Mozilla Location Service for
    + Network data submission
    - Explicit option in config to enable submission.
    - Commandline options to enable network data submission and set
    - Submit 3G data.
    - Submit under 'geoclue' nick by default.
    + Fix a few crashes.
    + Drop now redundant workaround for pure geoip queries.
    + Ability to mark an app as system component in the config so
    - Agent can't decide its accuracy level nor agent is asked to
      authorize it. This mean automatic timezone in GNOME will
      continue working even if you disable geolocation.
    - App is not taken into account for 'InUse' property. That
      means you will no longer have to see location crosshair in
      gnome-shell's topbar forever just because you have automatic
      timezone enabled.
    + Exit demo app if geoclue deactivates it.
    + Improved debug log.
    + Many other internal changes and minor improvements.
  - Changes from version 2.1.8:
    + Switch to Mozilla Location Service for geoip as well.
    + Allow specifying nickname to submit network data with.
    + Report actual available accuracy level and keep it up2date.
    + Add 'Active' property to indicate client state.
    + Expose altitude info (if known).
    + Timeout on inactivity, rather than no clients.
    + Automatically:
    - stop the client if max accuracy level is set to 0.
    - start the client if max accuracy level is set to non-0 and it
      was automatically stopped.
    + Don't disable modem after using it. Disabling the modem,
      disables it for everyone so if there was an active connection
      going on through the modem, geoclue will cause it to
      disconnect. While we need to have some centralized means to
      enable/disable modem and ideally geoclue shouldn't do any
      enabling/disabling of modems at all, for now lets just only
      enable the modem.
    + Fix issue of missed location updates.
    + Whitelist correct ID for gnome-settings-daemon in default
    + Replace '--disable-wifi-source' configure option with
      '--disable-network-manager'. i-e now you disable usage of
      NetworkManger explicitly rather than wifi source, which is now
      always built and enabled.
    + Drop now redundant geoip server.
    + Don't distribute files for demos.
    + Plug some leaks.
    + More debug log.
    + Other minor fixes.
  - Changes from version 2.1.7:
    + 'InUse' property now only affected by active clients. This
      fixes the issue of gnome-shell incorrectly showing 'geolocation
      in use' icon.
    + Move DBus interface files to their canonical location:
    + Drop redundant check for the C++ compiler in configure script.
    + Demo agent now prints 'geolocation in use' info.
  - Drop pkgconfig(libnm-glib) and pkgconfig(libxml-2.0)
    BuildRequires: no longer needed.
  - Add geoclue2-permit-gnome-maps.patch: Allow gnome-maps to access
  - Also drop the invalid rpmlintrc variant geoclue2.rpmlintrc.
* Sat Apr 05 2014
  - Actually drop the rpmlintrc: the dbus service has been
* Fri Apr 04 2014
  - use addFilter instead of setBadness
* Thu Mar 13 2014
  - Update to version 2.1.6:
    + Correct binary path is demo's desktop file.
    + Move demo apps from /usr/share to /usr/libexec.
  - Changes from version 2.1.5:
    + Add a NULL check to fix a crasher.
    + Setup D-Bus policy to be able to access NetworManager API.
    + Expected agent object path now static. This breaks agent
      interface but it was needed to fix the D-Bus policy.
    + Fix issue of us giving every connection access to every
      property on the system bus.
  - Changes from version 2.1.4:
    + Don't depend on unreleased libnm-glib.
  - No longer use sed to lower libnm-glib requirement, fixed
* Sun Feb 23 2014
  - Add pkgconfig(systemd) BuildRequires and add relevant
    systemdmacros to pre/post/preun/postun.
  - Create softlink /usr/sbin/rcgeoclue to /usr/sbin/service.
* Fri Feb 21 2014
  - Update to version 2.1.3:
    + Agents can now dictate maximum accuracy level allowed for all
      clients through a D-Bus property. The next version of
      gnome-shell will make use of that and provide an option to
      enable/disable geolocation in topbar menu.
    + Add D-Bus property to specify available accuracy level. For now
      we just hardcode it to report that we can provide exact
    + Give agents time to register themselves on startup before
      processing client requests.
    + Move configuration file under geoclue subdir so that in future
      we can easily add more configuration files if needed.
    + Fixes to build.
    + Some internal clean-ups.
* Tue Feb 04 2014
  - Update to version 2.1.2:
    + Fix some crashing bugs.
    + Ignore WiFis with '_nomap' suffix.
    + Configure options for disabling WiFi, 3G and GPS modem sources.
    + Avoid spaming the network resources for ignorable changes to
      network setup.
    + Add some required files to distribution that we forgot in last
  - Changes from version 2.1.1:
    + 3GPP-based geolocation source.
    + Uses ModemManager to get cell tower info from 3GPP modem and
      uses's public API to translate that into a
    + GPS modem-based geolocation source: If your 3GPP modem has a
      GPS, geoclue can now make use of it.
    + WiFi-based geolocation source.
    + Uses Mozilla Location Service to find location based on nearby
      WiFi networks.
    + Refresh location on changes in WiFi networks.
    + Option in configuration file to make geoclue use Google Maps
      Geolocation API rather than Mozilla Location Service.
    + Option in configuration file to enable submission of wifi data
      to Mozilla Location Service. If this option is enabled, the
      data is submitted each time geoclue gets a GPS lock. That
      means, its not completely autonomous and data is only
      submitted if an application, e.g gnome-maps requests current
      location with exact accuracy.
    + API for clients to specify what level of geolocation accuracy
      they need, e.g city-level, street-level or exact etc.
    + API to check if geolocation service is in use. Next version of
      gnome-shell will make use of that to show an icon in the panel
      to indicate to user that their location is being accessed.
    + Application authorization agent.
    + Make agent completely optional. We will revert this once we
      have a reliable mechanism to identify applications.
    + Identify agent and client applications by their desktop IDs
      rather than paths of their binaries.
    + Ability for agents to dictate the accuracy level allowed for
    + Maintain a whitelist of clients in configuration that do not
      need agent authorization.
    + Avoid redundant queries to web services.
    + Install demo applications and provide a desktop file for them.
    + Many more internal fixes and clean-ups.
  - Add pkgconfig(libnm-glib), pkgconfig(mm-glib) and
    pkgconfig(libxml-2.0) BuildRequires: new dependencies.
  - Lower NetworkManager dependency to 0.9.8 in configure.
* Sun Jan 19 2014
  - Update to version 2.1.0:
    + Application authentication agents support:
    - API for agents to register themselves.
    - API that agents need to implement.
    - Configure option to enable requirement of authorization from
      agent. Until there is at least one agent out there, this
      requirement is disabled by default.
    - A demo agent.
    - Option in ${sysconfdir}/geoclue.conf containing whitelist of
      all our agents.
    + Don't use proxy. Seems proxy settings are per-user and system
      users (which geoclue is supposed to run as) do not have access
      to them.
    + Add support for bus-activation via systemd service unit.
    + Add mandatory 'DesktopId' property to Client interface.
    + Use HTTPS to connect to The actual
      resource is behind HTTPS so using HTTP leads to redirections
      and thefore redundant TCP packets.
    + Fixes to build system.
* Mon Oct 07 2013
  - Create and package %{_localstatedir}/lib/%{dbus_user} (the dbus
    user's home directory).
* Tue Sep 24 2013
  - Update to version 2.0.0:
    + Generate docs for D-Bus interface.
    + Fix build against Automake 1.13.
    + Two minor fixes/cleanups.
  - Changes from version 1.99.4:
    + Correct check for whether db needs update in geoip-update.
    + Fix geoip-update by direct usage of libsoup for HTTP GET.
    + Don't inhibit compiler warnings in build.
    + Fix various potential crashers.
    + Take 'DistanceThreshold' property into account.
    + Watch for and signal out location changes.
    + Add configure option to specify service user.
    + Add documentation comments to D-Bus interface XML.
    + Fix various compiler warnings.
    + Switch to Fedora's geoip server until we've our server setup.
    + Minor fixes to pkgconfig file.
    + Setup a glib log domain.
    + Some optimizations.
    + More debug logging.
  - Drop geoclue2-no-root.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Drop libtool BuildRequires and call to autoreconf, as we do no
    longer carry any patch requiring to bootstrap.
* Sun Sep 15 2013
  - Provide dbus(org.freedesktop.GeoClue2) instead of dbus(GeoClue2),
    as this is much closer to reality.
* Wed Sep 11 2013
  - Re-enable the D-Bus service, as the services have been white-
    listed for Factory.
* Tue Sep 10 2013
  - Add COPYING to the package as %doc.
* Mon Sep 09 2013
  - Do not package the D-Bus service for now. This makes the package
    'broken', but allows us to build against the D-Bus interface and
    not block inclusion of other packages any furhter (bnc#838360).
* Tue Sep 03 2013
  - Update to version 1.99.3:
    + All D-Bus prop names capitalized as per general conventions.
    + Expose D-Bus specification XML file in pkg-config file.
    + Fix some potential crashes in error handling code.
    + Remove unused build-time yelp dependency.
    + Correct the libsoup dependency in pkg-config (although it
      doesn't affect any applications at the moment).
    + Fix some compiler warnings.
  - Changes from version 1.99.2:
    + Drop client-side library.
    + Add COPYING file.
    + Install geoip-lookup with make install. This makes life easier
      for binary distributions that can then ship geoip-lookup in a
    + Distribute server documentation.
    + Distribute & install interface XML file.
    + Add/update forgotten copyright headers.
  - Changes from version 1.99.1:
    + Move to system D-Bus.
    + Import geoip code from geocode-glib.
    + Add option to automatically exit on inactivity. By default it:
    - Runs indefinitely when launched manually.
    - Exits after 5 seconds of inactivity when (auto)launched by
    + Relicense from LGPLv2+ to GPLv2+.
    + Some build/installation related fixes.
    + Correctly version pkg-config file.
    + Fix crash on error.
    + Add --version cmdline option.
  - Changes from version 1.99.0:
    + Bump the version number.
  - Drop typelib-1_0-GeoClue-1_0 and libgeoclue-1_0-0 subpackages:
    the client-side library was dropped with version 1.99.2.
  - Add geoclue2-no-root.patch: Add configure option to specify
    service user.
  - Add call to autoreconf in build phase, as above patch touches
    the buildsystem.
  - Define dbus_user: srvGeoClue.
  - Pass --with-dbus-service-user=%{dbus_user} to configure.
  - Create %dbus_user during pre phase if the user does not yet
* Mon Aug 05 2013
  - Add ldconfig call to post/postun.
* Mon Aug 05 2013
  - Initial package, version 0.0.1.



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