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squidview-0.86-1.15 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: squidview Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 0.86 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.15 Build date: Thu May 27 14:19:55 2021
Group: Productivity/Networking/Web/Proxy Build host: armbuild17
Size: 194099 Source RPM: squidview-0.86-1.15.src.rpm
Summary: Interactive console program which monitors squid logs access
Squidview is an interactive console program which monitors
and displays squid logs in a nice fashion, and may then go
deeper with searching and reporting functions.

If you don't know what squid is or does this program is probably not for you.

To use squidview you must at least have read access to squid's
access.log file. You may need to see your administrator for this.
Squidview uses this text log file for all operations.
It does not generate its own database for tasks






* Mon Sep 11 2017
  - New upstream bugfix release 0.86
    + 0.86 February 2017
    + fix clang compiler warning, thanks
    + 0.85 Janurary 2017
    + another result code, thanks Yuri Voinov
    + 0.84 December 2016
    + INM result code as 'U' - unmodified thanks Yuri Voinov
    + 0.82-0.83: May 2016
    + add more squid result codes
    thanks to Yuri Voinov for the suggestions, corrections
  - Packaging
    + Fix boo#1057981 : don't remove file under /usr/share/squidview
    + spec_cleaner
    + Use URL as source now
    + Refresh patch ac_new-autoconf.patch for version 0.86
    + Remove _service file, no need
* Thu Jan 01 2015
  - New upstream release 0.81 January 2015
    - squid result code update
    thanks to Yuri Voinov for the suggestion
  - Redone patch ac_new_autoconf.patch
* Thu Oct 02 2014
  - Added patch ac_new-autoconf.patch for fixing build on factory
* Thu Feb 13 2014
  - update to upstream 0.8 version
    compatability with syslog
  - cleanup service to localrun mode
  - added autoreconf
* Wed Feb 15 2012
  - put service source_validator in localonly mode
* Mon Feb 13 2012
  - patch license to follow standard
* Tue Nov 22 2011
  -- Rename the COPYING patch
  - Added patch the support and detect -ltinfo (post 12.1)
* Sun Jul 17 2011
  - Comment service download, and put directly the source tar.gz
* Sat Jul 09 2011
  - Fix somes path, build ok for SLES11_SP1-
* Mon Jun 06 2011
  - First packaging of squidview 0.79
  - Ask upstream to give a recent COPYING licence file
  - Ask to fill AUTHORS file with contact



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