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simh-3.11_0-1.5 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: simh Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 3.11_0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.5 Build date: Fri May 28 00:51:38 2021
Group: System/Emulators/Other Build host: armbuild16
Size: 6429712 Source RPM: simh-3.11_0-1.5.src.rpm
Summary: A collection of simulators of historically significant data processing systems
This package contains simulators of the following systems:
Data General Nova
Data General Eclipse
Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-1
Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-4
Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-7
Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-8
Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-9
Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-10
Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-11
Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-15
Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-18B
IBM 1401
IBM System 3
Hewlett-Packard HP 2100
Honeywell H316
MITS Altair 8800

A disk image with UNIX V7 for the PDP-11 is included, instructions on
how to make it work can be found in the file
/usr/share/doc/packages/simh/simh_swre.txt in chapter 2.1.3.

A selection of software for other systems can be found at The Computer
History Simulation Project at






* Sun Jun 07 2020 Klaus Kämpf <>
  - Update to 3.11
    V3.11 incorporates SCP additions and extensions by Dave Bryan to
    support his HP simulators.
    * added simh-sigma and simh-uc15
  - dropped Unix v7 image, get it from
  - add 0001-declare-don-t-define-uc15_memsize-in-include-file.patch
  - dropped interim-20130422.tar.gz and interim-20130422.patch
    (removed simh-altairz80, simh-hp2100, simh-swtp6800mp-a, simh-swtp6800mp-a2)
  - dropped (unused) simhv37-3.dif
  - Update to 3.10
    V3.10 backports an significant number of modules and features from
    the SimH 4.x branch, as well as some unique new features.
* Mon Apr 22 2013
  - Updated to latest upstream 39_0 version
    a lot of changes please look at CHANGELOG_simh_rev_h.txt in
  - Interim source fixes attached ( interim-20130422.patch )
  - Use source url for zip
* Mon Apr 22 2013
  - Rename binary "nova" to "simh.nova" to avoid file conflict with
    python-novaclient (from OpenStack)
* Sun Aug 23 2009
  - make it build with --as-needed
* Tue Apr 15 2008
  - update to v37-3
    bugfix update, see
    for details.
* Thu Aug 02 2007
  - update to v37-2
    bugfix update, see
    for details.
  - enable network support.
* Thu Mar 29 2007
  - unzip is required during build.
* Tue Feb 06 2007
  - update to 3.7
    added VAX780 emulation.
    for the complete list of changes since 3.3
* Thu Apr 06 2006
  - define operation on "i" [#160437]
* Wed Jan 25 2006
  - converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires



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